Amateur Teen fuck in der Umkleidekabine

Amateur Teen fuck in der Umkleidekabine
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Toya was out with a few friends at a burger joint. It was her, with her best friend Cindy and Cindy's boyfriend Jeff, along with Jeff's best friend Conner and his girlfriend who's name Toya still couldn't remember.

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Toya felt out of place within the group, not only was she the 5th wheel but she was also the only ebony babe in the group amongst the 4 other friends she was with who were all white.

Their physical differences aside, Toya fit in well with the group, they laughed at all the same crummy teachers they hated from school, watching all the same television to the conversation came easily. After snacking on a few burgers. The group fractured off, Conner took his girlfriend home and Cindy had a curfew. Jeff was nice enough to say he'd take Toya home but he ended up staying at their table a little longer talking with Toya.

Jeff admired Toya's appearance and the outfit she decided to wear, it was like she was wearing it just for him. Toya had on a tight low cut blouse and even tighter jeans, her figure was something he didn't see to much on girls his own race. The complete hourglass with an ass and big tits to match. They set up pretty perky as well since by the hardness of her nipples piercing through her tight top, he could tell she was bra-less.

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The two sat very closely together and Jeff even had his arm around Toya, and Toya had her hand on his thigh. He thought she was so much sexier then his girlfriend Cindy and Toya was something different but still so sexy. "I hope you don't slap me for this but I'd really love to see those breasts" he whispered into her hear feeling they were friendly enough at the moment for him to attempt to ask the question.

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When Toya nodded her head Jeff took her to his car and got into the back seat with her. She removed her top and her tits bounced free.

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Jeff groped her breasts then sucked back and forth between her nipples as he unbuckled his belt and pulled his cock out jerking it back and forth. Toya was moaning softly then felt Jeff's moth kissing her, she kissed him back before pulling away shaking her head.

"We shouldn't. Your girlfriend is my best friend." Jeff looked as if he didn't care and just groped her left breast aggressively. "Just suck my dick and i'll take you home" he said licking his lips at her. Toya bent over pushing her mouth onto his cock and sucked it up and down. Jeff moaned feeling her squeeze her plump lips up and down his shaft sucking like she wanted to taste that cum sooner rather then later.


Dam she was even better at cock sucking this his girlfriend. He grabbed her head forcing her to deep throat his cock over and over again. After she swallowed his zizz she leaned up and he wiped some cum from her bottom lip.

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The next day at Jeff's house, Jeff invited Toya over and introduced her to Conner again and the three of them hung out in Jeff's living room, Jeff told her the girls were running a few hours late so they had a while to get to know one another better. Jeff handed Toya a bottom of water which she drank but it later had her feeling tired.

She rubbed her head sitting on the couch then closed her eyes drifting off. The two friends wasted no time stripping the ebony teen naked, exposing those giant tits again, Jeff licked his lips as Conner removed her pants and her ass exploded out of her tight jeans.

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Her body laid there limp like a corpse as her thighs were spread open and jeff eased his hard rod deep within her black cunt. He moaned from the impact and moved in and out of her holding onto that tiny waste. He pumped roughly stabbing into her cunt moving faster and faster until she was moist and he was fucking through her wetness, he watched those tits bounced before he grabbed her breasts hard fucking her into the couch. Conner sat back watching and jerking his own cock.

It was better this way, they could fuck her and no one would feel any guilt about cheating. "Don't fuck her to hard we don't want that slut's pussy to sore tomorrow." Jeff couldn't help how he was taring her black pussy up with his white shaft, "Jeff replied to Conner's remark, "I can't help it she wants it so bad." He jizzed inside her cunt and pulled out tapping his cock head on her clit, then rubbing his dripping cock head inside her hairless folds.

Conner stood up and got on top of her, Toya was sexy but he was more interested in raping her for fun unlike Jeff who really seamed to be into the dark skinned babe.

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Conner slipped his cock into her passed out cunt, cum oozing out around his shaft from Jeff coming inside her. He slapped her tits around as he pumped his cock non stop.


"She'll be out for a while we should invite a few more guys over to try her out." Conner said coldly as he drilled her pussy.

"No dude, its just gonna be us coming in her today. Our friends would tare her pussy to shreds man." Conner slammed his cock up her pussy over and over and hollered out as he came hard spraying rope after rope inside her cunt. Pulling out he got up looking down at her body and at the pussy the two came in.

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"the slut was tight, I'll give her that." Conner said getting dressed then sat down looking at her sleeping body.

Jeff nodded in response and took close up pictures of her pussy with all that cum in in, then a picture of her entire body. He needed something to jerk off to later. He cleaned up toya's pussy and dressed her with Conner then adjusted her body on the couch as she started to wake up.

"Did I fall asleep" Toya asked as the two friends smirked at each other. "Yea your cute when you're asleep" Jeff said smiling sweetly at her as she sat up and stretched her arms above her head smiling at the two boys.