Brooke haven and stormy daniels

Brooke haven and stormy daniels
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''Ugh,Ugh''. I woke up to something banging on my body. ''Fuck'' I look down to see Tony getting IT IN ! It takes minutes for my hips to get in - tune w/ the beating they're getting. I finally get the swing and jump up and down on the penis that's being handed to me. I look directly in his eyes, give him that look to let him know I can play hard ball too. He rolls over and now he's on top.

He grabs my throat and squeezes. He knows I like that ROUGH shit. What the hell is that feeling !?!? ''Rub that clit and you can't take it, huh ?'' ''Fuck To - Ny, Awwwww !'' His dick is going in out and the sheets are even wetter, the juices from last night mixed w/ the ones today; It's a fucking puddle.

I arch my back so I can feel all the dick, It must be hitting my cervix. I show him some cheerleading skills and turn around w/ the dick still inside. ''Now you can't take it'' I say looking back at it. I bring that shit back everytime to meet his furious thrusts. He grabs a hand of my hair so my face can meet his lips. He starts kissing me all the way to my neck.

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This fine speciman of a man sent shivers down my spine. Oh, My God ! He pounded my pussy, I could feel it swelling.

Damn, why does he do this to me ? I swear you couldn't hear anything over our harmonious moans.


I kept cumming and cumming and he liked the wetness down his legs. ''Fuck !'' He pulled out quickly only to nut on my ass.

''Now that's a pretty picture, Aha !'' I turned around to match him. ''So you hungry'' he said putting on his boxers. ''Starving'' I said, ''I'm hopping in the shower''.

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I ran into the bathroom. About 30 minutes later I revealed out the bathroom smelling like Irish Springs, I also smelled the breakfast Tony was cooking.

I put on Tony's dress shirt from the night before. ''Is that Emeril I see'' I twirled to show of my ensemble for the moment. ''Damn, you look good in anything'', he said grabbing me closer. he kissed me on my forehead. He flipped a pancake. ''Bay, there's your plate .'' He pointed to the island. I sat down and looked at my feast, it had eggs, pancakes, and sausage. I started to pour the syrup when Tony sat down next to me. I started to dig in. ''Damn, 10:30 already ?! Babe I have to go .'' I kissed him on the lips and ran out.

''Breakfast was great'' I yelled and slammed the door. I ran to my room and got my things situate.


To my suprise Kayla was still sleep with Mr.Big Fella. I tapped her on her shoulder, ''Kayla it's time to go'', I said. Big Fella and Kayla woke up at the same time, he rolled out of bed and see why Kayla spent all her time with him. ''DAMN'' !!!! I gasped. He looked me up and down, ''May I help you shawty,''. ''N-n-not at all'', I hurried up and gather my things. I watched as Mr. Big Fella put on his boxers and he I swear his dick almost touched his knees.

I listened as Kayla was showering. I picked thru my clothes to see what ensemble I was going to wear; I finally decided on wearing Tony's shirt with dark brown leggins and some cute suede flats with a hug flower rhinestone on the toes, I finished the look by putting on a waist belt with a huge buckle.

30 minutes later Kayla and I walked to the lobby to meet up with Tony.

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''Well, didin't you have fun'', Kayla said getting in the limo. ''Baby, fun ain't even the word'' I watched as Tony got into the limo behind us. ''So it was that good?'' ''It was awesome'', I turned my head and looked out the window and put my earbuds in. About an hour later we were boarding the plane and settling in. looked out the window as I was playing my neo soul playlist on my iPhone. ''Touch down in New York in 15 minutes'', I heard the intercom say. I tapped Kayla who was sleep.

Around the estimated time we were back in New York. I went and picked up my things from check - out. ''Bye, girl'', kayla said as we departed ways. ''You gon' have to tell me about Mr.

Big Fella sometime soon'', I chuckled and waited for my cab at the main gate. I suddenly saw Tony I waved 'hi' but he walked by like he didn't even know me. While on the way home in the cab. I got a text from him saying: Missing you already. I blushed. I arrived at home and was greeted by Darnell.

''Hey, bae'', he kissed me on the cheek. ''Hey, I have some business to attend to i'll be in the office''. I left my phone on the table and ran upstairs. 10 minutes later Darnell stormed upstairs mad as HELL ! ''Who the fuck is this named nigga Tony telling you to meet him at his place''. I jumped up out of my office chair, ''Bae, that's a colleague''. ''Don't no muthafuckin' colleague call the my fiance' like this''. ''Well, bae that's my job; Your just gonna have to get just gonna have to get used to it'', I kissed him on the lips gathered my things and stuffed them in my briefcase.

''And who god-damn shirt you got on, smelling like colagne and shit''. ''It's mine, bae''.

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''Betta be''. ''Bae I gotta go'', I left with briefcase in tote,''Give me my phone'', I snatched it, kissed him and ran out the door. I hopped in my car and road to the alleyway, and called Tony up.

''Just the who I wanted to hear from'', Tony said picking up the phone. ''Why and the fuck would you do that''. ''Do what'', he said sounding puzzled. ''You know damn well I was with my fiance', oh fuck ass'', I started tapping my feet because I was really getting hair.

''Shit, that nigga is a non - factor in my life, how in the hell is he going to let a female like you out the house with no leash''. ''Maybe 'cause I'm not a dog''.

''You're to pretty for that'' He really knew how to make me feel good. ''Fuck you, just tell me where you stay''. ''The Wave Tower in the penthouse suit''. ''Ok, Bye bitch'' I hung up the phone and rode up to 'The Wave Towers'.

It was about 15 minutes from where I stayed. I grabbed my things and parked my car at the valet station. I arrived at his room, and the lovely Tony greeted me with a towel wrapped around his waist and a glistening glow on that WONDERFUL body. I looked him up and down, ''Umm, what is it that needs to be done''. ''He moved his towel and pointed to his dick,''This''. I swallowed HARD. He bent me over and smacked my ass. I grabbed his arm and stood up.

''NO ! The only thing we're doing is this paperwork''. I walked to his office and sat at his desk. I opened up my briefcase and pulled out a stack of papers. He walked up me behind and started kissing on my neck, he started unbuttoning 'his' blouse. ''Tony, STOP! Do you have the approvals layouts'', I moved his hand and started typing. He spun me around in the chair and opened up my legs, he placed himself in between my legs.

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He placed a train of kisses to my lips down to my breasts. I pushed him away. ''Why you gotta be like that'', he said grabbing my arms. ''Because my fiance' suspects something already and 'this' just started'' I said pointing to him and then to me. ''It ain't my fault you wanna walk around in another nigga clothing''. 'Knock,Knock' ''Who is that'', I said standing up.

I walked to the door and opened it, to my suprise it was 'Mr.Big Fella'. I stumbled back. ''What up Marcus'', Tony said while giving him a handshake. ''I gotta holla at you about the New Jersey estate''. ''I guess that's my que to leave'', I went and grabbed my things. ''This only gonna take a minute'', Tony said throwing his hands up.

I gave Marcus a seductive look, ''Hope to see you soon''. He waved and said ''Me too''. ''And Tony I have to get home to my fiance' '', I flashed my ring and headed out the door. Tony smacked my ass hard, I felt as it jiggled. I was back at my place and Darnell was already done with dinner. I went to the table and sat down. ''So'', he said putting a plate in front of me.

' ''So what'', I said picking up a fork. I said my grace quietly. ''What did 'Tony' want ''.

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''I just had to finish some aprovals for our sponsors''. ''Oh''. We chit-chatted about our high-school days, and 45 minutes later the food was eaten, the kitchen was clean,and I was sleepy. I went upstairs and got ready to go to bed. Feeling this warm water hitting up against my most sensitives areas made me HORNY.

I leaned up against the wall in the shower and I inserted two fingers into my moistened fuck hole. I was in and out and my breathing began to deepen. While I was finger fucking myself I began to rub my clit for extra pleasure. I rolled my head back in exctasy. I grabbed the thick handle of my Shower Poof and inserted that, it felt much better than my fingers.

The shaking in my legs started to come back and I refused to come so quickly. I started rubbing on my nipples as the handle replaced the dick that I longed for. I was disturbed by the door opening up. ''Babe'', Darnell said.

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''Y-y-yesss'', I still didn't stop. The glass were fogged so I knew he couldn't see what was going on.

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I kept going in and out and know I had popped one of my breast in my mouth. I was sucking as if I was trying to get the last drop of milk from a cow. ''You alright'', Darnell said said starting to pee in the toilet. ''J-j-just F-fine'', I was trying my hardest not to moan.

I was breathing harder and harder, I was on the verge of cumming HARD. I started back ruing at my clit but this time I was furious with it. My legs began to shake and I had finally came. My 'fuck juice' I splattered all over the walls. I quickly rinsed off, I began to hear the water running from the sink. I opened the shower door and grabbed my robe. ''What's wrong bae'', I said joining Darnell at the sink. ''I have to go someone stole a few copper pieces from the property in Staten Island, I should be home in the morning'', he said drying off his hands.

''I guess'', i walked towards the bed. ''What's that I guess for'', he said sitting next to me. ''You know I hate sleeping alone'', I started rubbing his inner thigh. ''I know, J-just know i'll be home in the morning'' I knew he was lying, somethings up! He kissed me on the lips, ''I love you''.

And like that he was gone. I heard him start his truck and at that instant I got a text from Tony. ''I'm outside'' WTF ?!

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