Kinky Yanks Latina Patricia Valenzuela

Kinky Yanks Latina Patricia Valenzuela
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Amy saw the way the college boys had been looking at her that day. They were young, dumb and full of cum. Amy was filling in at the phys ed class for the afternoon as the regular teacher had called in sick. She had only been out of teachers college for a year and was barely older than some of the males she was teaching today.

She had just turned 19. Amy was 4'11 and 100 pounds, she was tight and lean and you could bounce a quarter off her stomach. Her tits were large for her small frame, but proportioned very nicely. She had an ass when showed off that made you want to bite it. Firm hard and round. It was shapely and sexy. She had that wiggle when she walked. When you looked at her from behind she had that nice area below her ass crack and crotch that a cock could fit in nicely.

Just a bit of space between her legs. Built for fucking. She kept herself waxed and hairless down there. The 18-20 year old college boys undressed her with their eyes as they saw her walk into the class. Several sprouted instant erections and some even unknowingly masturbated. Already dressed in her small sexy loose fitting black lulu running shorts with double white side stripes, runners with little socks with pom poms and an overly tight t shirt she was something to fantasize about.

She was the kind of girl you saw running around in the summer that needed to be fucked. Many a guy indeed fantasized about catching her on a running path and having their way with her in the bush. She could be a model. Perfection. Amy looked like she was 16.

Her long light brown straight hair fell just above her ass. Her tanned skin was smooth and flawless. She had the biggest green eyes you had ever seen. Her teeth were perfect and white. A good blow job mouth. The boys got on her right from the start. They whistled and cat called her right when she entered the room.

Amy blushed and introduced herself. The chit chat did not stop.

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Boys talked to one another about how sexy she was and what they would like to do to her. Amy heard some of them talk about wanting to fuck her.

She got mad and told them to be silent. The plan today was to take them on a 10 mile run. They would not even get outside. Amy told the boys to go change and meet her in the field. The boys had other plans. Amy waited outside for ten minutes in the blistering sun. It must have been 100 degrees that day. She started to glisten with sweat.

Not seeing anyone come outside she went in looking for them. She knocked at the door to the change room. There was complete silence. When she propped open the door, it was yanked open.

A hand grabbed her right arm and pulled her inside. The door slammed shut loudly behind her.

All 40 of the boys were completely naked. Almost all had rock hard cocks. They almost all towered over her small frame. Any one of them could easily over power her. Amy told the boys to let her out of the change room. They did not. A few blocked her way. Amy had fantasized about group sex but never thought it would happen.

She was a bit scared and did not want any part of this right away. She had no choice. The horny boys were each going to have a turn on some part of her body. Amy knew she could not get out of this predicament so she participated. She thought protesting would get her no where. Over the next 2 hours she was fucked, poked or prodded in any way possible.


Some boys were gentle while others were a little rough. They fucked her in the shower on the gym floor and even suspended her by a rope. She came at least 10 times and her legs were a jello e mess when they were done with her. Litres of cum were pumped into and onto her.

The first wave of boys easily picked her up and carried her squirming little body to the shower area. Her futile resistance probably turned the boys on more. She tried to kick and squirm. She made little grunting sounds and screams as they carried her off to her first fuck area. Her light cotton clothes would easily be peeled or ripped off.

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Amy was groped by many hands gently and roughly. A rather large boy in the group kissed her which started to turn her on. As she stood kissing the boy hands grabbed and slipped her shorts off, making them drop down to her ankles. As they fell around her ankles the large boy grabbed her and lifted her up into the air by her armpits. The shorts fell from her ankles to the ground. A group of at least 8 highly excited boys surrounded her. Some rubbed her luscious tight round ass while others jerked their rock hard cocks.

Fingers explored every inch of her body. Hands cupped her breasts and ass cheeks. Fingers gave her reach arounds under her crotch. Amy could feel warm cum from some of them spurting against her firm runners legs and slowly drip down them.

Her thin panties stopped the cum from contacted her privates. Her hands were grabbed and manipulated onto one hard cock each. She instinctively stroked them. All the attention made her start to get wet by now. One boy had gotten up close behind her and pressed his cock against her panties. With his hands he reached around the front of her and rubbed her tight little pussy. He started on top of her panties but them slipped his hands under them.

His warm large smooth hands rubbed just right. Another horny boy ripped her panties off effortlessly. Amy let out a surprised little yelp.

The large boy that had been kissing her lifted her hands over her head. The boy behind her rolled her tight t shirt up and off her body over her head.

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The bra was snapped off as excited hands tried to undo the clasp. It was destroyed. Amy now only wore her little socks and runners.

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The boys were even more excited seeing her tight little naked hot body. She was picked up effortlessly and flipped over. A group of boys suspended her face down in the air holding her by her ankles and wrists spread eagle.

Her firm tits hardly moved from gravity. They begged to be played with. Hands from each side of her squeezed them causing her to cry out. Her nipples became erect and pointy. Fingers manipulated and pinched at them. The first large cock dripping with pre cum entered her pussy from behind.

The sheer size and force the boy jammed it in Amy caused her to moan out loud. The boys cheered. Amy was suspended in the air. To steady herself she grabbed two rock hard cocks as the boy behind her pumped her cunt like a piston with his 10 inch cock.

He relentlessly jammed it in once a second. Another boy took advantage of her face. He grabbed a large handful of her long brown hair and pulled her face towards his cock. Another cock beside that one fought for mouth space. A hand forced her mouth open like a gaff. The two cocks face fucked her simultaneously. She made gargling and choking sounds as the cocks took turns jamming down her throat. Her ripe little body went back and fourth like a piece of machinery.

Thrust ahead with every cock jam into her cunt then back onto that cock with the hard face fucking. This went on for 5 minutes when miraculously all three boys came around the same time.


They blew so much cum into her mouth she could not swallow it. Warm giz filled her mouth and dripped down the sides of her lips. The guy fucking her from behind must have blown his load for a good 10 seconds. She felt it being shot deep inside her. The male letting out a satisfied grunt.

When he was done she felt excess cum run down her inner legs. It was warm and wet. The next set of 10 boys carried her into the shower. Warm water cascaded over her body making her look even more sexy when wet.

Hair covered her face partially. She was pushed to her knees and a group of 5 circle jerked around her. Cum covered her face and spirted onto her hair. It only took 3 minutes for the last one to bow his load. The next 5 guys replaced those ones.

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Two lifted her and simultaneously entered her asshole and pussy. She was like a little sandwich stuffed between two guys well over 6 feet. They bounced her off their large cocks like she was a rag doll. She finally came from all the fucking and moaned quietly as if crying. As she moaned this excited the 2 guys and they slammed her down on their cocks penetrating her as far as they could.

This sexy little fuck doll was abused by the 2. When they came they were even rougher on her. The male fucking her from behind grabbed her around her tiny waist. His large hands totally encircled it. She knew he was about to cum because he dug his fingers into her hurting her sides. Cum spurted and made squishing sounds as it filled her cavities.

These guys wanted to jam their baby seeds deep inside her. A few guys held her against the shower wall and fucked her from behind. The odd guy came quickly and others took several minutes. She received so much cum it had no where to go. It cascaded down her legs. For the last bunch poor Amy became the spinner. They tied her to the overhead climbing rope around the waist and spun her counter clock wise on 10 different guys cocks who took turns laying down below her. The spinning made her cum repeatedly.

Her body was now a glistening sweat and cum covered mess. After two hours of non stop sex they were finally done. Some studs had fucked her 2 or even 3 times.

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Her tight little hairless pussy felt like it had been stretched to the breaking point. Her asshole throbbed and oozed. Amy lay on a change room bench physically spent. Her sexy little toned young looking body had been abused in every which way possible. She had enjoyed it though.

She had never felt such sheer ecstasy in her life and never would again. Amy was given back her shorts and shirt. She got dressed. In her report to the teacher she filled in for she wrote that she had an exciting day teaching the eager students. She never had the opportunity to fill in there again but she used the experience several times to masturbate when thinking about the pounding she had received. Shortly after she became pregnant. She wondered who the husband was out of the 40 odd boys that had abused her body.

It made her wet wondering.