Loiro safado mamando e tomando leite do casado

Loiro safado mamando e tomando leite do casado
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I hope you enjoy the story. Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better! --------------- The slender brunette licked her lips, her eyes going wide as she watched her Mistress clasp the strap-on dildo around her waist.

Mistress Ashley was tall, with reddish-brown hair, ample breasts, and curvaceous hips perfect for bearing children. She looked down at her lithe and helpless slave.

Caela's 18-year-old body was laid bare, her wrists chained to the headboard. A chain hung around her neck with a tiny nameplate which read 'slave bitch.' Ashley leaned over her slave girl, the shiny dark dildo now within tantalizing inches of the girl's opening.

"So? I haven't yet heard your answer, bitch. You have two choices. Which cock will it be?" Mistress Ashley looked back at Dominic, the large African male slave who stood in the corner, his wrists cuffed behind him. His cock was a tall spike of flesh, eager and pulsing, and he stared with unconcealed desire at Caela's exposed pussy. Caela gazed at her Mistress' long, ribbed shaft, imagining that enormous dildo-penis ramming through her tight cunt.

Just the thought made her wet, her sex creaming up with anticipation. With her heart slamming like a jackhammer in her ribcage, the girl almost whimpered. "Please Mistress. Take me with your cock." A devilish grin morphed Ashley's lips as she shook her head.

"Wrong answer, bitch." She went over to her male slave, Dominic, yanking hard on the leash attached to his collar. "Come here, man-slut.

Kneel between this sex kitten's legs and fuck her pussy HARD. I want a good show." Dominic grunted. His mouth was taped shut, his nipples were clamped, and a pair of cuffs chafed his wrists as Mistress Ashley thrust him onto the bed. Helpless with his wrists bound behind him, Dominic had to let his generous Mistress grasp the base of his cock and guide it toward Caela's weeping slit.

The sexy young brunette looked down at Dominic's invading cock and groaned as he pushed it in, inch by inch, relishing the feel of her delicate labia squeezing his glans in welcome before the rest of his shaft fit into her warm wetness like a perfect sword slammed home into its proper sheath. "UHhhhmmm!!!" was all Dominic could say, brutally gagged with duct tape over his lips.

Mistress Ashley reached behind Dominic, gently caressing his testicles. "What's that, man-slut? Do you like your fellow slave's CUNT hugging your cock nice and tightly? Is her pussy wet for your worthless cock, hmm? Perhaps if you behave and gush her pussy full, maybe I won't cut your prick off and add it to my collection. So, are you grateful, boy?

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Hmm? Tell me!" Ashley grasped Dominic's testicles and squeezed - not hard enough to cause real pain, but firm enough to stimulate Dominic's loins and shoot a tiny spark of fear through his body. The man shuddered and kept plunging into Caela's wetness, his shaft sliding in and out of her like a raping juggernaut.

The slurpy-wet sounds of her pussy accepting him filled the dungeon bedroom. Caela's legs were unbound, and she spread them wide to accept the obscenely long and vein-covered ebony phallus. Mistress Ashley glanced up at the camera as it recorded every single depraved second of what was happening.

Meanwhile Dominic was frantically bobbing his head as a 'yes' to his Mistress's recent question. He had learned the hard way that to even delay an answer to his Mistress, to be anything other than completely attentive, brought only one thing.

Punishment. Pain. The red-haired Mistress had one hand around Dominic's neck, holding him up to give him the leverage he needed to thrust his hips forward without falling forward flat on his face. His grunts echoed off the harsh concrete walls as his cock slammed between Caela's legs, and the female slave's tempo of moans answered each pulverizing thrust. "OOoohhh…god!" Caela crooned. "Did I say you could speak, slave?" Ashley retrieved a riding crop, slapping the end of it just above Caela's sensitive clit as she squirmed and yelped in surprise.

"OW! Forgive me, Mistress! This slave will say nothing more until spoken to…Uuhhh!!" Caela's delicate, innocent-looking face was such a turn-on, especially when contorted into that agonized expression of someone enthralled under the spell of lust.

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The naked slave girl's breasts were topped with beaded nipples which Ashley felt the sudden urge to suck on like gum drops. She finally yielded to her desires, suckling on one breast and then the other while Dominic's pelvis thrust forward again and again to join his body to Caela's in the ecstasy of full penetration.

"MMMmmm!! UHHH!!!!" Dominic groaned, and Mistress Ashley looked down at the African male's flopping testicles, seeing that each time his shaft slid out of Caela's pussy, it was glistening with their mingling juices.

"Hold, slave!" Dominic froze, his face crumpling in anguish. He was panting and sweating, staying still with reluctant discipline as his Mistress licked the side of his shaft before smothering it with her mouth. "Mmmm…" The red-haired woman licked and slurped, her mouth suctioning with expert skill as she tasted the combined juices of her sex slaves like an enticing delicacy.

"Aahhh, damn. You two little fuck-toys were made for each other. Okay, get your shaft back in her tight little pussy, man-slut. Let me see you fuck Caela's brains out," she growled. The young slave girl was panting now, her pussy drooling on the shaft that was now plunging back in to fill her silken heat. "Uuuhhhh! Please Mistress! Please may I come?" Caela knew better than to orgasm without her Mistress's permission.

Yet she had spoken out of turn, and that deserved punishment. "No!" Ashley hissed. She squeezed Dominic's neck and barked in his ear.

"Come in the slut's pussy.

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I want it messy and OOZING your worthless, nasty fucking CUM. Do you hear me, slave?" Dominic grunted and bobbed his head with frantic 'yeses' as his cock strained, pummeling Caela's sensitive young pussy.

Caela's pale nakedness writhed, her small breasts topped with puckered nipples which Ashley happily pinched with her free hand, enjoying the extra squirming as the lancing sparks of pain seemed to electrify the slave girl's entire body. Dominic's groans deepened, and then the orgasm surged through him like a tsunami.

He grunted like a crazed beast, like a lion or something even more ferocious, and he shuddered from head to toes as his cock plunged so deeply into Caela's pussy, vanishing into her squelchy-moist snatch as his testicles tightened to pump their mighty load. "AaaaahhhH!!! UUhhh!!!" Caela wailed, feeling his scalding seed coating her insides. "Uuhhh fuck!" "Did I say you could TALK?

Disobedient little cunt!" Ashley slapped the crop across the girl's cream-pie cunt, soiling the end of her crop with the male slave's cum as it smacked Caela's labia and clit. Caela groaned, her fists clenching in response to the sudden pain which sent little thrills of pleasure through her aroused loins, a contradiction steeped in its own mysteries.

"Oh please, I'm sorry, Mistress. I can't help myself," Caela groaned, whimpering again as Ashley pushed Dominic's head between Caela's ruined pussy and ordered him to clean up his own jism. In the background the sound of Dominic lapping up his own cum from Caela's ravaged pussy pleased his Mistress greatly, and Ashley looked down to see that her own cunt was trickling with the juices as a result of her gathering arousal.

"Aahhh. Now look what you slaves have done to me!" It took an effort of sheer willpower to hold herself back, but she managed to scoot off the bed and stride over to recline on the plush leather sofa, considering the night which lay ahead. She sat back and watched the muscular African male slave tenderly lick, suck, and nip at Caela's well-fucked pussy for what seemed like hours, thinking back to the day she had first kidnapped both of them.

Caela and Dominic had once been boyfriend and girlfriend. As soon-to-be college freshmen they had been on a 'see the world' backpacking trip, Dominic looking forward to his football scholarship and Caela getting a full ride after having relatives with the right connections.

All of that had changed though when they had hiked through the remote mountains where Ashley's dungeon lay. The dominatrix had captured them, and from that point on the brain-washing and the degradation had continued non-stop.

That had been six months ago, and now Ashley was tiring a little of her latest toys. It was time to add something new to her collection. The question was - what? The red-haired beauty stood up, stretching her arms as she thrust her gorgeous tits outward, a glorious sight which the video feed caught for posterity. "Keep licking out her pussy until she gushes in your mouth, Dominic! Then I want you to fuck her again, and make it rough." That would be interesting to see, when she looked at the archive footage from her DVR later tonight.

He'd have some difficulty doing as she asked, with his hands cuffed behind his back, but Ashley was sure that the horny man-slave would be more than up to the task. She turned to go as Caela's moans sailed higher and higher, the wet sounds of Dominic feasting on her pussy creating riveting images in Ashley's head as she walked out.

Tonight Ashley had a plan to capture herself some new prey. Tonight would be a night she would NOT soon forget… She showered, got dressed in black jeans and a white tee, fastening on the silver sterling locket that brought her good luck.

Then she pulled out her cell and called her partner in kidnapping and sex slavery. Her husband, Jake McCall. He answered on the first ring. "Hey, Baby. What's up?" "Caela is as stubborn as ever. I want you to ass-fuck her later. She still doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut unless spoken to!" Jake chuckled, and the sound warmed Ashley's heart. "Only too happy to comply, my love. What's the plan for the evening?" "Meet me at Pedro's." The bar was seedy, in an old part of Barsilino, but it was just close enough to the tourist district that the occasional young couple wanted to check it out for the so-called 'adventure' of experiencing a more 'authentic' local experience.

Ashley had a good feeling about tonight. It was Friday during the height of tourist season, and she knew one thing for sure. Tonight she and Jake would bring home some new pets, and the surprises they had in store for them…ohhh yes.

The sexy dominatrix shivered with the thrill of anticipation. She never felt so alive as she did just now, right before the hunt. ********** Derek and Miranda were high school sweethearts, now in their first year of college. Both were young, naïve, and full of confidence that they would somehow make their mark on the world - not that they knew what that mark would be at this point.

The beautiful mountains tucked into this foreign country seemed to beckon to the two lovers when they'd looked at some of the tourism websites. Their arrival in the town of San Brehona began on a gorgeous spring morning. They had purchased a ticket on the diesel-chugging bus and held on for dear life as it wound up the switchbacks. They'd spent that first day rock climbing and getting to know the small, sleepy town, the perfect get-away from their cares.

The two young lovers were physically tired by nightfall, but that didn't mean their curiosity was satisfied. Wanting to explore the town, Derek asked Miranda about checking out an interesting bar he'd seen in the local guide book. Strange, that it hadn't been mentioned on any of the tourism sites. It looked charming and exotic, if a little run-down.

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Barsilino's dim lights greeted the young couple when they walked in. They'd immediately hit it off with an older couple who introduced themselves as Ashley and Jake. The four proceeded to talk and laugh long into the night. Eventually Miranda began to feel drowsy, inexplicably so.

Derek wobbled, his legs no longer able to hold him upright. The last thing both boy and girl remembered was the other American couple kindly keeping them from falling and promising to put them up for the night. Then…blackness.

********** Miranda slowly opened her eyes. Why did it feel so cold in here? She frantically squirmed when she realized that she was completely naked! The girl's wrists were tied to a chair and some maniac had chained both her ankles to iron pegs in the concrete floor. A cool breeze drifted in from between the small slits between the iron bars which blocked off the only window. Jake turned to Miranda, his nakedness as appalling and obscene to her as her own.

The girl shouted through her gag as she realized that the nice American couple from last night had kidnapped them. A red-haired beauty walked in and gave Miranda a knowing look. "Early morning, little cunt. Did you sleep well?" Ashley was naked as well, and carrying what looked like a huge toolbox.

"We're going to break you in this morning, well before dawn. Welcome to the McCalls' Dungeon. We call it a bed and breakfast online, but in reality, well, we like to keep our own special collection.

Guess who just got added to it?" Ashley leaned over to lick Miranda's nipples, making the girl squirm and scream still louder through her gag. "STPP!!! FKK UUU!!" Ashley saw the fury in the girl's eyes, and it sent a thrill of satisfaction through her sadistic heart. "Oh, Jake. I think we have a stubborn bitch on our hands." Jake grunted, his stubble-covered jaw turning up into a chilling grin. "That's good to hear, sweetheart. I'll warm up her tits while you decide how you want to break her in." Jake took a four-tailed whip from the toolbox and slowly uncoiled it.

Miranda's eyes suddenly fastened onto the beaded tips of those four tendrils, her body trembling as she shouted more strident demands through her gag. Jake slowly walked in a circle around his alluring captive. She had pale skin, beautiful young tits and a fine ass, her belly smooth and flat, her face sculpted into perfection with a small nose and mouth.

The girl's rich chestnut hair fell down to the tops of her tits, its luster shining even in the dappled starlight from the barred window. "I bet you're wondering what we're going to do with you and your boyfriend," Jake said casually as he slowly swung the whip from side to side. Miranda's gaze stayed locked onto that motion as the whip moved back and forth, this way and that, a tantalizing and brutal promise.

Jake looked at the fuzz of pubic hair between the girl's legs, that sexy slit calling to his hard, elongated cock like a siren from a Greek myth. "Would you like to see him?" The brunette's eyes blazed with hatred and frustration. She nodded. "Too damn bad.

You have to earn it first, bitch. And this is how you earn it." SMACK. The whip flew, four tongues lapping against Miranda's supple cones. The girl writhed and cried out. SMACK! Another lashing, just as hard, creating tears down the girl's face. Then a third swat, the whip striking the girl's sensitive breasts as she flailed helplessly in her bonds, tied securely to her chair.

Tears and hatred burned in the girl's eyes as she gazed defiantly up at her captors. That was when Ashley raised her hand. "That's enough, lover. Look at the poor girl. You've made her cry. Tsk tsk." The redhead walked behind Miranda, slowly massaging the girl's shoulders as she whispered in the captive's ear.

"SSSHHH. Don't cry, baby. We just want to add you to our sex-slave harem. If you behave, this doesn't have to be so bad, I promise. Who knows…your boyfriend might even come around too.

You two might even learn to ENJOY it. Anything's possible, am I right?" The busty redhead strode around and knelt at the foot of the heavy chair, forcing Miranda's creamy thighs apart. She slowly licked at the girl's soft folds, teasing the girl's clit with flicks of her tongue. Meanwhile her hands stroked and caressed up and down Miranda's body. The sexy brunette moaned and shook her head back and forth in a silent plea to stop, even as Ashley's expert tongue went to work, sucking and battering the girl's exquisitely sensitive nerve bundle with tender zeal.

A recurring pattern developed where Ashley's tongue ran along the girl's labia and swirled inside her sex, sliding along her soft inner-folds before rubbing up and down her clitoris. Then she grazed her nose against Miranda's sex before nipping at the girl's clit in playful mischief. Ashley spit between the captive's legs to provide extra lubrication before beginning the process anew.

At the same time Ashley's hands began to lightly caress the tips of Miranda's breasts, the skin there so sensitive and responsive thanks to the whipping. The young brunette began to moan as Ashley's tongue laved, sucked, and darted into her silken opening more furiously. The redhead began to taste the girl, to really taste her captive's intimate juices, a flavor which danced delightfully on the Mistress' palate.

"Mmmm…Now this is special, you little whore. You're getting wet for me." Ashley sat back abruptly on her haunches, frowning as she licked her chops to remove the evidence of Miranda's lust. "I think she's having too much fun, Jake. What do you think? Has she earned the privilege of seeing her boyfriend yet?" Jake chuckled. "I think she has. Let's give her a good look." The male Master of the dungeon left briefly, wheeling in a monitor hooked up to the video feed which was practically omnipresent throughout the dungeon.

Miranda's eyes were shining with outrage and shock as she saw what was happening on the screen, heard through the speakers every awful moment of it. Poor Derek was stretched naked and spread-eagled on a bed, his wrists and ankles tied with barbed wire.

He groaned loudly as a young, lithe slave girl rode his cock, slamming her pussy down on his prick again and again as the mattress shook. Caela crooned as her pussy engulfed the helpless male captive's penis, cocooning him in her wetness. "Oooohhh! Yes, you're my boy-toy now.

Mmm. Mistress wants me to break you in, bad boy. AaaahhH!! Your pathetic cock feels good stuffed up my pussy, even if it isn't anything comparable to Master's magnificence." Caela's long, braided hair swung back and forth as her buttocks bounced up and down, her cunt making squelchy lunges onto Derek's clearly aroused manhood.

The camera angle moved, showing Derek's eyes screwed shut and his face contorted as he groaned and begged. "Please stop it! AHH!

My wrists and ankles must be bleeding. Take the wires off, please!" But the barbed wire had been modified so that it wasn't as vicious as real barbed wire. The metal did bite into the skin and leave superficial cuts, yet it looked far deadlier than it actually was.

The wire restraints weren't created to permanently injure, just to be rough enough to provide discomfort as, all the while, the helpless young male could do nothing except lie there, watching his unwilling cock aroused and pleased by the pussy bottoming out on his hard length, milking his young testicles toward a yearned-for release. Caela looked down at Derek, the sympathy in her eyes soon swamped by lust.

She reached a hand to rub her clit as her pussy pumped his shaft. Her other hand clasped him by the neck, using his helpless body for leverage as she impaled her warmth on his cock with a savage rhythm.

"Uuhh! UHH!! Try to enjoy what you can, boy-toy. Mmm. I have to do what pleases my Master and Mistress. Ooohh…I wonder if they're watching us even now, seeing my pussy clench and hug your totally helpless dick. That makes me so hot, thinking about it." The slender brunette cooed and fucked, plunging her heat to encase her fellow captive's cock again and again as Ashley, Jake, and Miranda stayed glued to the monitor - the first two with lustful satisfaction, and Miranda in fascinated horror.

"NNN!!! STP!" Miranda shouted through her gag. "LTTTMMMGO!" "Sorry, sweetie. We can't hear you," Ashley said. She nodded at Jake, who sent the four-tailed whip slamming into the girl's supple tits for a fourth strike. The girl's breasts jiggled nicely as she writhed, receiving the pain. Now Ashley put on her favorite strap-on dildo and walked forward. "You see, sweetie? Your boyfriend is WELL taken care of.

Caela has instructions to fuck that boy all morning until every last drop of cum is wrung from his pathetic excuse for a prick. Then we'll have the real fun when I get to shove this black strap-on cock into your boyfriend's tight ass…and all while you get to watch." Miranda paled at the sadistic woman's promise, shaking her head frantically as Ashley ripped off the girl's gag and tossed it away.

"Do you want to say anything before I fuck your tight pussy?" Miranda gave her female captor another defiant look. "Get away from me, you sick freaks! Let us go! Stop it!" Miranda's protests died though as Ashley positioned her strap-on between the girl's sex lips, thrusting her hips forward as she plunged inside the captured girl's still-aroused heat, right into Miranda's depths. Miranda stiffened, her nipples hardening as Ashley's shaft began driving into her core.

"OOOoohh fuck. You're wet, you little slut. You're horny from me feasting on your pussy. Admit it." The surprised girl moaned as Jake snuck some fingers in to rub furiously at the girl's clit, helping his wife bring her toward ecstasy. Meanwhile Ashley took the opportunity which Miranda's moan offered, leaning forward to give the girl a sloppy kiss, stifling the sound coming between her lips.

The shocked girl had no time to respond at first. Her moan only deepened as Jake's probing fingers toyed with her joy nub, pummeling and rubbing with devastating precision. "Please…oohhh…oohHHHH god. No…you're going to…" Miranda wailed, her body betraying her in the worst way possible.

Her slickening sex coated Ashley's strap-on shaft with her juices, so fragrant in the air. Meanwhile Jake cupped the girl's hair at the nape of her neck and turned her lost face so that he could look into her eyes. "CUM on my wife's strap-on, little cunt. I want to see the look in your eyes as you CUM." He rubbed furiously on the girl's clit, rolling the hardened bud between his fingers as Ashley's ten-inch dildo slid free of the girl's soft folds.

Then, before Ashley could plunge the ribbed cock back into Miranda's exposed slit, Jake pinched the girl's swollen clit just so, assaulting her with ricochets of pleasure which soon burst into full-out orgasm. Miranda moaned, her pussy convulsing on Ashley's invading shaft. The Mistress may not have been able to feel the girl's convulsions like a man with a real cock inside a woman's warmth, but the Mistress noted the way juices ran down her shiny black phallus when she finally withdrew it from Miranda's gaping love-hole.

The young brunette looked down in shocked dismay at the evidence of her body's betrayal. The strap-on dildo glistened in the dim light and starlight like an accusation.

She shook her head. "No…this is wrong. You, you have to let us go…" The redhead frowned, unbuckling the strap-on cock. "Now why would we do that, sweetie, when clearly we're all having so much fun? See, your lessons have already begun, and I do believe that I like the way you COME." Jake grinned, nodding his agreement.

Miranda was suddenly aware of the tall man's cock saluting her, a rigid, vein-pulsating pole of flesh. He approached and moved Ashley out of the way. "My turn, love?" Ashley nodded. "No.

Wait!" Miranda struggled as she watched Jake push between her legs. Simultaneously Miranda could hear the plaintive groan of Derek's unwilling orgasm. Miranda could imagine all that sticky, viscous seed shooting up into Caela's pussy as Derek's loins surrendered to the humiliation, a humiliation which dovetailed with lust and depravity. In the background Miranda even heard Caela's croons.

"Oohh yes, naughty boy! You gushed your first load of cum in my slick little pussy! Mmm! It feels so nice and warm." The pale, big-breasted captive moaned as she realized that these sadistic people had just forced her boyfriend to come against his will.

But she had more pressing problems - including long, hard, rod of flesh which intimidated her almost like a spear of folded steel. She squirmed and groaned as Jake's cock-head grazed her labia, heading for her welcoming, wet depths. He growled a primal sound of satisfaction as he felt his shaft slide home into her love-hole. The adjustable chair reclined a little as he covered Miranda with his body, pumping fiercely and fast. Yet even as he fucked Miranda furiously, he spoke to his wife.

"Aaahhh…she's still so tight, love. Such a good fit for my cock, even after you fucked her with your strap-on. Ooohh, I love stretching her pussy," he groaned. Ashley stood behind the chair, massaging Miranda's shoulders as the girl begged. "Please, take your cock out of me. Please Sir! Let me and Derek go. We won't tell anyone. Oh god…!" Ashley licked the side of the girl's face, murmuring in her ear.

"You're not going anywhere, slut. Now take that pounding cock in your horny snatch until he GUSHES in you, fills that pussy and maybe, just maybe, gets you pregnant." Miranda's babbled pleas joined the sound of brutal fucking as Jake's testicles flopped back and forth with the constant lunges of his hardened shaft ramming so swiftly between the girl's legs. "No…please." Panic set in. Miranda had planned for Derek to use protection.

She wasn't on the pill. The slender, gorgeous brunette cried out for mercy even as her warming pussy sucked in Jake's cock, milking him toward a furious finish. Jake pumped with cruelly thorough penetrations, his hands gripping tightly around Miranda's arms as he looked down and watched his length vanish inside her intimate folds, one powerful fuck after another.

"Aahhh…look at it, bitch, look at my cock bury balls-deep in your sweet pussy. Tell me how much you love my cock parting those sexy cunt lips unless you want this in your ass next!" Miranda looked down, momentarily mesmerized by the sight of the shaft stuffing her hard, that friction and fullness making her pussy moist with arousal. "I…I love your cock tearing through my pussy, Sir. UUUHHH!" Soon enough, the squelchy-wet sounds of fucking culminated in a masculine yell.

Jake's body tensed, his testicles stiffening as his seed spurted, powerful jets of cum coating the inside of Miranda's helpless cunt. She groaned, her head sagging back. "Oh god. You came inside me." Deep down her instincts felt the satisfaction of being a well-fucked female…but she had yet to be broken.

The young woman sighed, confused and terrified, her journey into sexual slavery only just beginning…awakening things she couldn't reconcile and didn't understand. She looked down as Jake withdrew, his cock covered with a sheen of their combined juices, proof of her degradation and the forbidden pleasure she'd just shared with her captor. ***** "Let me clean her nasty fluids off your cock, my love." Jake sighed as his busty wife knelt before him and began slurping on his cock, vacuuming up his shaft right into her throat.

"Mmmm!!! UUHMMMM!!" she groaned, swallowing that cock with gusto and licking the underside of the shaft before planting a wet kiss on the bulbous head.

"OOoooh, her pussy juices and your cum make such a good pairing, my love," Ashley purred. "What shall we do with her next? Should we let her rest, do you think?" Jake eyed the exhausted girl still tied helpless to the chair.

The naked brunette looked away, trying to forget the cum seeping from her pulverized pussy and the latent ache of arousal in her breasts. "Please…let us go…you've already had your way with us.

Please, please, no more," Miranda begged. Jake looked down at his cock, rock-hard and pulsating again. He shared a devilish grin with Ashley. "You've got an idea. I know that look," Ashley said, pouting. "Are you going to let me in on the secret?" Jake's rugged face betrayed nothing now, except for the gleam in his eyes.

"Oh, believe me…we are going to take this to a new level of fun. It's time to begin the next part of the training. I wonder if these two will survive longer than the last couple." Jake's dark reference had Miranda's veins filling with ice.

'Oh god,' she thought. 'What is the maniac talking about?' Jake chuckled and beckoned to his wife. "Come on, love. Let's go find our girl a nice playmate." The two left the cell walking hand-in-hand, leaving the teenage captive to wonder how long she would be left alone, and what she could possibly do to escape.

The gorgeous naked girl struggled to free her wrists from the chair's armrests, but Ashley had bound them too securely. Miranda knew it was useless to tug or pull with her ankles. They were cuffed soundly to the iron ringlets anchored in solid cement.

Despair and anxiety spiked and dovetailed, feeding off of one another. Each minute seemed an hour, and her heartrate sped up as she wondered what they were doing to her poor boyfriend. She looked in disbelief at the monitor, hearing through the speakers as the door to Derek's cell creaked open. There was a momentary rush of hope. Was it possible someone was going to free her boyfriend?

Two seconds later and the hope got snuffed out. Caela shifted off of the bed as Mistress Ashley and Master Jake strode in. "You will stay here, Caela. We need to borrow this man slut for a few hours. Don't worry, we'll let you drain his balls dry later…if there is a later." The young brunette named Caela, slightly lither than Miranda if lacking the same impressive set of tits, knelt meekly and said "Yes Master.

Yes Mistress." 'What are they doing? Where are they taking Derek?' Pressing questions rushed through Miranda's mind until she heard her own cell door swinging open. The presentiment of fear left her mouth drier than the Gobi Desert. The inward swing of the door had this heavier sound, something more solid than the rusty creak of Derek's cell.

Wherever they were keeping them, it seemed to be far out in the middle of nowhere. Miranda strained to hear the sounds of animals in the early morning hours and try as she might, she could see nothing but treetops through the thin slits of the window's bars. Movement brought her attention away from the window and to an awful scene which had her heart nearly breaking. "What are you freaks doing? Derek? Derek!" Miranda said.

She watched as Jake manhandled Derek to his knees. The young man was breathing hard, his wiry young physique no match for the rippling muscles of Jake's. The male captor had Derek's hands cuffed behind his back. He shoved the younger man onto his stomach and barked at him to stay there. Ashley had a gun in one hand and a long three-tailed whip in the other.

She flounced her way over to Miranda and gently pressed the barrel of the gun to Miranda's pubic muff. "Better behave, slugger, or this gets a little more violent. You wouldn't want your hot girlfriend becoming a hot mess, now would you?" Mistress Ashley laughed, Jake joining in to appreciate her sadistic joke. "Oh god. What do you want with us?" Miranda said, her terror ramping up several levels.

"Please don't point that gun at me." Ashley gave Miranda a pouting frown. "Poor raped slut doesn't like a gun pointed at her? Okay." She swung the gun away, aiming it directly at Derek, who had finally gotten back to his knees.

"Fine, then listen up. You two are going to give us an amazing show this morning. We're going to unstrap your girlfriend from the chair, slugger. Then we're going to throw her the keys to your cuffs.

THEN we're going to watch you two lovebirds have some really hot sex right in front of us, and for the cameras of course! Oh, and if you try anything, and I do mean ANYTHING…" Ashley waved her gun in one hand while twirling the handle of the whip in her other fist. "Can I spell it out for you any more obviously?

Say 'Yes Mistress' if you understand, boy toy." Derek slowly met her gaze, grinding his teeth as he replied. "Yes Mistress. We'll do what you want. Please just don't hurt Miranda." "Miranda?" Ashley quipped. "Oh, so the cute slut has a name. I almost forgot." Ashley waved the gun as Jake walked over to the backpack in the corner and went through several unzipped pouches, finally fishing out a pair of handcuff keys and another key for Miranda's ankle bracelets. Jake walked over and freed Miranda's ankles first, then her arms, stepping back carefully as he tossed her the handcuff key.

"Go ahead now. Free your boyfriend." Miranda wobbled on her feet, barely steady for a few seconds. Then she lurched over to Derek. "I'm so sorry," she whispered.

"This isn't your fault!" he said, cringing as his wrists, still the worse for wear thanks to the 'gentler' form of barbed wired restraints from earlier, felt the graze of Miranda's arm.

Miranda took off the cuffs and then gave Derek a hug. "I love you, Der." "I love you too, Miranda. We'll get through this, baby." He was hugging her back now, his comparatively stronger arms squeezing tight and never wanting to let go. The moment was there…and then it was gone when a jeering voice intruded. "How touching," Jake shouted. "Now get busy, lovebirds. I want to see some seriously horny coupling RIGHT NOW. And guess what? Mistress Ashley and I are going to be directing the show.

You do what we tell you to…", and now he took the whip from Ashley's hand, and left her with the gun… "or else." The big-breasted brunette gave Derek a kiss, her tongue sliding into his mouth as she groaned, just happy to be reunited with Derek even under these hellish circumstances. Derek growled with a sort of relief that she was still okay, that they hadn't hurt her any worse. He was aware of her slight shudder as he embraced her, rubbing up against her breasts, which were still sensitive from being whipped.

He tried to be gentle. The girl and her boyfriend kept kissing passionately for over a minute, their bodies responding to each other. Derek's cock grew, expanding into a tall, phallic masterpiece. Meanwhile Miranda had to admit, her pussy was getting wet…thinking about Derek inside her, even with these sick freaks watching them.

How wrong was that? Their lips were still pressing against one another, Miranda's hands cupping Derek's face as they kissed while his hands reached down to cup her shapely ass. "Okay, kiddies.

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Enough of the kissy softcore crap. Let's see some real action," Jake growled. The whip snaked out, smacking soundly across Miranda's buttocks. "OW!" the girl yelped. "Okay, okay. Please don't do that!" Miranda grasped the base of Derek's cock, giving him a smoldering look. "Let me suck you, baby." The sexy teenage girl knelt and licked from the base of Derek's penis to the tip, swirling her tongue around the glans with tantalizing strokes while she gently massaged his pubic hair and testicles.

Derek looked down at his beautiful girlfriend, feeling for just a second like the luckiest man alive despite the horror which surrounded them and almost certainly lay ahead. He gently gathered the hair away from Miranda's pretty face as she impaled her mouth around his lengthening shaft, pumping her face as she pressed her lips in a tightly sealed 'o' shape to worship his manhood.

Derek groaned as she slurped with dedicated zeal, her mouth taking him in nearly balls-deep. She relaxed her throat more, preventing herself from gagging as the cock went deeper down her throat, then deeper still. Soon her gurgling, jaw-rippling display had progressed even further. Her nose was now pressed against Derek's pubic hair just above his swinging testicles, and he was gently pushing his cock forward into her face. "Oooohhh god, baby. You have one hell of a mouth," he sighed. "Please, you have to stop…you'll make me come too soon!" he begged.

Suddenly the whip came out of nowhere again, lashing Derek across the back. The young man cried out in surprise, and Jake shouted back. "You don't get to come yet, idiot. You and your girlfriend are nowhere near done giving us a good show." Ashley nodded. "You know what to do next, stud. Give your girlfriend a nice, rough fucking. That's what she needs, isn't that right Miranda?" Miranda looked down at Derek's excited penis, a long slab of flesh ready to plunge deep inside her.

She licked her lips and grasped his cock with one hand, pumping her fingers up and down its silky-smooth, vein-lined surface. "She's right…I…I want you inside me," Miranda said. "That's right!" Jake called, chuckling. "You better fuck her good and CUM inside your bitch, and do it quickly! I came in her not long ago…and I might even have gotten her pregnant. You give her a sound fucking and gush a load of your nasty cum in her, maybe one of your tadpoles gets to her first, boy." That awful reminder made Miranda cringe, but their male captor had a point, in his own sordid, sadistic way.

"Lie down, man-slut. She gets to mount that cock of yours. After all, she put forth all the effort to make it so nice and hard again!" Ashley ordered. Derek did as he was told, pulling the lithesome brunette down on top of him.

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Miranda lined up his eager penis between her creamy thighs, slowly positioning him until his cock-head lanced between her delicate labia. Then she eased herself down him, relishing the feel of his girth as he settled deep between her legs. The sense of fullness sent her horniness into overdrive, and Miranda found herself fondling her own tits as she began to grind atop Derek's penis.

"OOoohh baby. This cock is so fun to ride," she purred.

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"I love you, Derek." She would remind him of that throughout this ordeal if she had to. She would do it as long as she could, until these sick freaks who'd kidnapped them took that away too.

Derek responded, his body writhing underneath her as he thrust his crotch upward to deepen the penetrations.


His hands reached up to pinch her nipples just so, how he knew she liked it, not too hard, and she threw her head back, moaning as their bodies joined again and again each time she slammed her cunt down to experience the glorious friction of his fleshy spear. "I love you too, Miranda. UuuhhH!!!" Derek's hands slid around to her ass, cupping her bouncing buttocks as she began to lunge harder onto his cock, her moans rising.

"Yes, fuck my pussy. Impale my wet pussy. I love how you feel inside me," she purred, encouraging him, slurping up his shaft between her wet folds.

Her pussy was dripping now. Her cunt was so aroused, she couldn't believe it - and somehow the knowledge that this might be their last fuck, their very last coupling, created a desperation that made her feel truly alive. She fucked him like a sex-crazed female, letting her instincts take control.

Her nipples puckered up as he cupped her tits again, his breath coming in rasps as her pussy made a squelchy-wet echo each time she bottomed out on his penis. "Uhh!! UHH! You need to come inside me, baby. I want all your cum in my pussy. Every last drop, Derek. Please!" Derek looked up into his girlfriend's desperate eyes. He knew he wanted to get her pregnant before their monstrous male captor could.

That was what drove him as he thrust his cock upward, ramming toward Miranda's cervix as he clenched his hands around both her ass cheeks and stiffened, crying out like a dying man. "AAAHHH!! UuuuHHH!!! I'm going to…AAHHH! Miranda!" He was running on instinct, his mouth capturing his gorgeous girlfriend's lips in the moment of his erotic pinnacle. His loins burst, cum spewing through Miranda's impaled snatch, filling it with sticky-warm seed.

"AAaahhh!! So much cum in my pussy, oh fuck. Yes, Derek. I love how your cum feels inside my warm pussy," Miranda purred, grinding on top of him to wrest out the last few spurts into her wetness. When his cock finally stopped twitching inside her moist heat, Miranda collapsed on top of him, moaning and whispering in his ear. "Don't move.


I don't want them to hurt you." Miranda rolled off of her boyfriend and crawled on all fours over to Jake. The man's cock was as solid as granite, saluting her nakedness at full attention. Clearly he was enjoying the show more than a little, just as Miranda had hoped. The big-breasted brunette now sat back on her knees and looked up at her captor with beseeching eyes. "What do you want, bitch? Applause? Is that all you and your boyfriend can give us for a fuck-show?

One measly orgasm?" When Miranda realized that the man-and-wife team of captors was going to think of more sadistic things to make her and Derek do to each other, she decided to head off their creativity before it was too late and play the willing participant.

So instead the young brunette dared to lean forward, tonguing Jake's testicles. "Mmm! No, Master, no Mistress. The show isn't over…I just thought you might want to join in. I'll…Mmm…why don't you fuck my ass while Derek watches, Sir? Or perhaps you could fuck my pussy and make Derek lick out your cum? Please Master, let me please you." Jake gave Miranda a skeptical look, his face darkening. He shot a glance at Ashley. "I think the bitch is just trying to distract and appease us.

What do you think, love?" Ashley was playing with her long red hair. She laughed, a sultry sound. "Oh, I think you're absolutely right, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't reward her a little for taking the initiative.

Let's be a little merciful this once, okay hubbie?" Jake glowered. "I suppose." His face suddenly brightened. "Fine. I have an idea." He laid Miranda on her back, her legs spread wide to reveal her cum-soaked snatch. Then he proceeded to plunge his angry cock right between her cunt lips, establishing a firm rhythm right away as he lay on top of her.

He kissed Miranda ferociously, his cock sliding so quickly into her it was like a machine gun of firing sensations, her pussy clenching uncontrollably on his cock when he reached down to tweak her clitoris with an unexpected tug. He felt the slender girl convulsing on his still swiftly-pumping prick, and he just kept fucking her like a brute. "Okay…time for your boyfriend to join in on the fun.

Tell him to kneel between my legs and lick my testicles while I fuck you." Miranda paled at those words, well aware of what that appalling request would sound like to poor Derek.


But she also knew that Derek loved her and would worry that they might hurt her if he didn't do exactly as they said. So, within seconds, the young brunette said the words Jake commanded. "Please, Derek…lick Jake's balls. I want you to lick and suck Master's balls." Soon enough the teenage girl captive began to hear the sound of Derek slurping and licking on Jake's testicles. Jake groaned with contentment, his shaft vanishing into Miranda's raw-rubbed cunt faster and faster, a blur of thrusting flesh.

"Uh! Uh!! Uuuhhh!!!" Miranda was grunting now, her arousal building again. She didn't want to voice it though, not when it was bad enough that poor Derek had to lick their captors' balls. Meanwhile Ashley had the gun trained on Derek, watching for even the slightest sign of anything other than total submission. Miranda could feel Jake's shaft straining in her slimy, cum-coated channel as he plunged harder and harder into her silken sheath.

He was grunting as ferociously as an animal in heat, his body spearing into her like a jackhammer. "Ooohh god," Miranda sighed, biting her lip to keep from moaning. "Now tell your boyfriend how much you love having another man's cock slamming up your worthless twat, bitch.

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Do it or I'm going to get angry," Mistress Ashley warned. Suddenly the young brunette moaned loudly, her hands cupping Jake's ass as he drilled her cunt full. "Yes, Sir. Oooohh fuck…FUCK my pussy with your raging cock, you bastard.

I love it plowing my tight, wet fuck-hole, Sir! Please fill me…plunge your magnificent cock into my wet cunt until you burst inside me. I love it…I love your cock fucking me over and over. Please. More! Harder!! Ohhh god…!!!" Miranda almost didn't mean a word of it, except a part of her actually DID, and it had something to do with the lust rising through her loins, with the constant friction and the occasional tweaks of her clitoris thanks to Jake's roaming fingers.

More than that, there was this sickening yet oddly redemptive truth that Miranda couldn't deny. A small, barely accessible darker side within her was incredibly aroused, horny as hell to have this potent male plunging his nasty cock deep into her sex while her helpless boyfriend could do nothing but lick and fondle the powerful male's scrotum.

The beautiful young woman's pale hands stroked Jake's shoulders, her pussy clenching tightly around his pumping prick as she wiggled her ass and thrust her hips downward to meet his pulverizing fucks. "Ooooohh!! Fuck me, Master. Fuck me and stretch my tight wet pussy until I gush on your enormous cock!" "Tell me you like it more than your boyfriend's, little cunt. Tell me you know my big, hard COCK is twice the dick your boyfriend's will ever be." Miranda licked her lips, dying a little inside that she had to say this, but part of it was true - Jake's cock was longer, thicker, and more effective as it pumped furiously between her cunt lips like a godlike fuck machine.

She rolled her hips to meet the man's brutal thrusts, moaning as the words finally spilled out of her. "I…I'm sorry Derek. I love you, Derek, but Jake's cock is so good. I…" She cringed inside even as part of her knew that what she was about to say was absolutely true.

"I love Jake's cock fucking me more than yours, Derek. His shaft's so big, it's hitting me so DEEP, baby…so much deeper than yours. I love the way he fucks me like a monster, like you never will," she cried, her breasts aching with arousal as her dripping pussy hugged snugly to Jake's furiously thrusting penis.

Then the moment came, a climax to end all climaxes. Ecstasy beyond anticipation. Jake grunted and Miranda screamed as their twin orgasms exploded through their loins, sending each of them into their own version of sweet oblivion, one masculine, one feminine. Miranda's pussy coated Jake copiously in her pungent juices, her sex fluids claiming her captor's cock with her scent.

Simultaneously Jake groaned a long, primal surrender to pleasure, his cock spurting heavy jets of cum which totally filled the girl's young pussy and came flowing back out in excess, darkening the floor with oozing wetness. "AhhhH!! You little SLUT, you milked me completely dry. I've never gushed like that in any fuck-toy before! Mmmm!!!" he groaned, looking down as his cock's last spasm ended.

He kept his softening prick nestled in Miranda's warmth, relishing the soft, clinging feel of her cunt around every inch of his girth. 'Aaahhh' Jake thought, 'I never want this sensation to fucking end!' Behind Jake, Miranda's boyfriend was still slurping on Jake's testicles.

"That's enough, man-slut!" Derek hung his head in shame, his gaze glued to the floor as he tried to pretend he didn't notice the copious flow of jism that leaked from Miranda's sex the moment Jake withdrew from the tight seal of her cunt lips.

Jake grasped Derek by the throat and pointed at the ruined, cum-sheened mess that had once been a pristine and untainted young pussy. "See the mess me and your girlfriend just made, champ?

Guess what? It's your job to CLEAN her up." Jake thrust the young man's face into his girlfriend's thoroughly used pussy, and the young man's slurps filled the dungeon as the twittering of birds signaled the dawn's rising sun. ------------------------------------------------------- ~Gaggedkitty