Blondine im Schlafzimmer gefickt

Blondine im Schlafzimmer gefickt
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AUTHORS NOTE: first off i just want to say that to those of you who didn't like the story, don't read it. for those of you who started bitching on how it was: go look at someone else's stories. to those of you who commented correcting my grammar: again look at other stories. this is not a site to become a real author this is a site where people post sexual stories.

I didn't write the story on my Iphone but my computer fucks up and spell checks everything that way. thank you for your feedback but if all your going to do is bitch then don't read the fucking story. and if you don't like it, go fuck yourself. oh wait. you already did >:) It has been 2 months since Catherine's son's made her their bitch. she had enjoyed having sex with them. she knew it was sick and wrong.

but sex was sex. she didn't care. the boy's had started to make more and more rules to get their mother to become more and more submissive. Catherine walked into her home from a long day work and began removing her clothes. one of the rules made by her teenagers was that she was never to wear clothes when it was just them in the house.

the boys had grown tired of being called 'master' so they made their mom call them by their real names. "David, Jack! i'm home." she called into the house. Jack came out of the living room and walked over to his mom. "hi mom." Jack kissed his mother. she got on her knee's and removed her youngest son's cock.


"mm have you saved mommy a nice pile of cum today?" she asked him before she took her son's cock into her mouth "oh mom. I've been waiting all day to do this." Jack grabbed the back of his mother's head and started thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Catherine had stopped complaining about having her throat expanded because she had grown used to the feeling now. Jack started to moan more and more until he blew his load deep into her throat. Catherine swallowed all of her son's cum. "mm. its tasting better and better every day." she smiled.

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"mom! get in here!" David called from his room. "be right there honey." she called back to him. Catherine stood up and kissed her youngest one more time before going to see her oldest. "come her and put this on." David gave his mom a tight little sexy see-through dress. "are you sure baby? your just going to rip it off anyway?" she looked at David with a naughty smile "your right. come here." he directed his mother to stand by him.

he got off the bed and got behind her. he forced her to bend over as he shove his dick strait into his mothers loosened snatch. "oh baby.

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that's so nice! keep going. faster. oh yea oh!" she moaned as her oldest son drove his cock in and out of her. Jack walked in and saw the scene. "can i join?" "come here baby and let me suck on your cock again." Catherine motioned her son to get on the bed and face fuck her. she grabbed Jacks cock and started to suck on it. she was moaning into it and made Jack cum faster then usual. he got up and walked out of the room. David was still taking his mother to town.

"please hurry baby? I've got to start dinner." she asked her son "sorry but you've gotten so loose i cant do it as fast as i used to." he informed her. "maybe this will help." she grabbed her son's cock and pulled him out of her pussy "spit on my asshole?" she asked him.

he obeyed and then Catherine aligned his cock with her ass. "shove it in there and don't hold back." she asked him. she was tired and sore from all the fucking but she tried her best to keep the house running.

David shoved his cock in her asshole and started ramming in and out. he came inside her ass in a matter of minutes. Catherine hopped up and let the cum leak out of her gaping asshole while she walked down the hall to the kitchen. she walked in to see Jack on the computer watching porn "i don't see why you watch this. you have me and your girlfriend to fuck you whenever you want to." she commented.

"i have my reasons for watching this." he replied then shut down the computer and went to his room. "David can you help with dinner?!" Catherine called to David "sure just give me a minute!" he replied. Catherine started making dinner until David walked in. "what do you need my help with?" "i need to add some special juice into the broth but i cant do that on my own." she winked. David nodded and lifted his mom onto the counter.

he bent down and started licking her pussy. she was cumming in a cup to pour into the broth in a few minutes. "whats for dinner?" David asked as he shoved his dick into her pussy on last time before walking out of the kitchen "chicken soup and stir fry." she hopped of the counter and poured the juice into the broth. she finished dinner and set the table. she bent over onto the table and waited. Jack walked in and shoved his cock into her pussy and started to shake the table.

"oh Jack not so hard you'll tip the soup and make a mess." she told him. Jack ignored her and pulled out and masturbated into his mother's soup. "your special sauce." he told her as they both sat down.

David walked into the room and started eating. "thank you Jack, it gave the soup a bit more spice to it" Catherine winked at him. Cyrus walked into the kitchen and looked at his bitch. he crawled under the table and started lapping his tongue at Catherine's pussy. the unexpected licking made Catherine jump. David looked under the table and saw what was happening. "looks like the dog wants another go too." he chuckled.

"mom go into the living room and let him fuck you." "NO! i never intended on him doing it the first time and he wont do it again" she replied to her son trying to sound stern. David got up and grabbed his other by the hair.

"i don;'t care! the dog wants to fuck let the dog fuck!" he threw her onto the floor and called the dog over. Cyrus mounted Catherine and instantly started to fuck her senseless. "NO BAD DOG!!!

GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!" Catherine started screaming and crying. she started to get loose but David held her down and Jack snapped a picture without David or himself in it. Cyrus's knot was inside Catherine and he blew his doggy load inside her.

after the knot was down Catherine got up and ran for her room. she locked the door and hid in the shower for a few hours.

Jack and David waited until she came back out. when she did they both grabbed her and tied her up. "what are you doing?!" she asked "you didn't obey. now your learning a lesson." David grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into his room. Jack grabbed his mom and helped David throw her into the wall. "you listen to us! you don't have a choice!" David slapped her again and again until both her cheeks were red.

Jack pulled her up and threw her on the bed and tied her so she couldn't move. "now you've got to learn a lesson!" David screamed at her. they both held her down and Jack shoved his cock into his mothers ass with no lube.

she screamed in pain. David started shoving his dick in and out of his mothers throat. she wasn't used to such a rough fuck. she was in pain and unable to breathe. Catherine started to sob and wait for it to end. Jack finished inside his mother's ass. David was thrusting in and out harder then he ever had. Catherine continued to sob and gag. David was enjoying the torture he was giving to his mother.

after about 3 minutes of this gruesome blowjob David went as deep as he could and blew up inside his mother's throat. he pulled out and Jack and David walked away. leaving Catherine to choke for air while puking out cum. she started to hate it again. she even considered turning herself in. then she thought of getting ride of the dog. after her throat and asshole were back to its normal size she got up and stumbled into the shower again.

she was in there for about 20 minutes before she got out and went to bed. her dreams were filled with those of her deceased husband and her. she woke up again in the middle of the night and looked around. the house was completely dark. she was walking through the living room when she slipped on the dog cum from earlier that day. "ow! what?" she whisper silently before realizing she had to clean it up. she was bent over cleaning the mess when she noticed a note on the table. she picked it up and read.

"dear mom, i went to my girlfriends house for the night. ill be home sometime tomorrow. Jack" Catherine put the note down. she didn't understand why her 14 year old son was sneaking out to go see his 13 year old girlfriend.

they were both to young for that stuff. she sighed and finished cleaning the room.


she went back to her room and attempted to sleep but she couldn't. she got up again and went to the living room. she started to watch TV and drifted off to sleep.

she awoke to David shaking her "wake up." he shook her. "i'm getting rid of that mutt!" Catherine told him "ok he's your dog i don't care." "well then its done." Catherine got up to call a friend over to get him.

after Cyrus was gone the very first thing that happened was David raping his mother again.

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he violently thrusted in and out of her. she was in a daze. "please David. honey? can you please stop?" she asked before having an orgasm. "but you love it so much mommy" David kissed his mother then went down and sucked on her tits. "i do. but not wh---en your so rou-----gh about it." she stuttered recovering from an orgasm. David thrusted in as far as he could and blew his load inside her womb. Catherine came again and then fainted. she awoke with Jack looking at her. "hey sweetie.

what is it?" Catherine asked "nothing. you just look so cute sleeping naked." jack answered "aw. do you want to sleep with me?" she asked "sure." jack slipped into the bed and shoved his cock into her pussy.

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he then wrapped his arm around her and fell asleep. Catherine awoke again with David and Jack both fucking her. "oh honey? why when i'm asleep?" she asked "because you looked so cute." Jack answered. they both finished and pulled out. Jack and David walked out of the room leaving Catherine alone. she started to think about how this all started and how she started enjoying the sex. then she thought about the dog and how she was raped by him.

she despised that dog. she started to think of Jack before they raped her that night. she loved her son's until then. she still hated them for doing all of this. she didn't understand why they even needed to blackmail her in the first place.

she didn't even understand why they wanted to have sex with their own mother. she started to think of how she could end this and then she decided that when David was asleep she would sneak in and erase the pictures. David never thought to hid the camera or even make copies. he never really thought things through like that.

that night when David was asleep she slowly walked into his room and grabbed the camera. she looked through the photo's and erased the ones she knew they would need to blackmail her.

she put the camera back and went to bed. she woke up the next morning to David calling her name from his room.

"where are they!?" he screamed at her "where are what sweetie?" she asked innocently "dont play dumb with me bitch! where are the photo's!?" he screamed again "i dont know." she smiled.

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David got up and slapped her. "ow! you cant do that to me! im your mother!" "aha so you did erase them. you think that because we dont have any dirt on you that you can stop us? well think again" David grabbed his mother and pinned her down "ah! get off of me!

get off!" she started screaming at him. David grabbed her hair and slammed the side of her head into the wall. "ow! get off of me!!!! now!!!" she stuttered then reached back and decked him. "ow! stupid bitch!" he grabbed her tits and started pulling her to his bed "your going to learn!" he slammed her against the bed frame. Catherine started crying and fighting with her oldest son. she punched him until his nose was bleeding. David grabbed her and threw her against the wall, leaving a hole in it.

Catherine grew tired of getting beat. she was enraged. she grabbed her son's cock and squeezed until David was crying. "ow! dumb bitch!!!" he fell to the ground holding his balls.

"i'm not your bitch anymore!" she slapped him then exited the room smiling. ~~ i know that's not much of an ending but i couldn't really think of anything else