Jeder Mann würde zweimal cum

Jeder Mann würde zweimal cum
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I wanted to fuck my mother-in-law the day I saw her. She is 50 and I am 30. Let me describe her a bit.

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She is 5'3" with 40DD breast, and a well round ass, with a thin waist. She looks very similar to my wife and many times when my wife gave me a blowjob or rode me I used to imagine it was my mother-in-law that was giving me the blowjob or riding me. So one day I went to her house with the idea of fucking her, my wife was working a full shift and I new she would not come back till next morning.

I got there but my mother-in-law had not got back from work and there was no one at home, so I waited out, then I saw her walking down the road, the sight of her started to make my dick hard, by the time she reached me my dick was fully erect. She the kissed me on the cheek I kissed her back but actually wanted to kiss her lips, any way I resisted it and then got my hand to lightly touch her ass it felt soft.

She then opened the door and we went in. So to find out things I asked her when my father-in-law would be back she told me he would be coming only in the morning, then I new today was the day I have to make my move, now I have been married for five years and when I spend time in my wife's house my mother-in-law and father-in-law slept in different rooms so I knew she was not getting any sex.

She made some tea then we sat down and started to chat, I kept looking at her tits, after having her tea she went to open the balcony door, she was wearing a red skirt and white shirt when she opened the door the sunlight came rushing in and I could see her thighs and the v between her leg, my dick was pulsating like mad I had to have her, then she walked to her room and told me that she was going to change into something more comfortable.

She did not lock her door and it was slightly open, as soon as she went in I went to the door and looked in and in spite standing with her back to me I could see her front in the mirror, it was the most beautiful sight she was taking of her shirt standing in front of the mirror after the last button she removed her shirt and put it on the bed she then looked at her tits and slowly rubbed then I was happy to see that sight because I new now that she was horny.

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She then removed her skirt and she bent over to pick up the skirt from the floor I did not know where to look, should I look at her ass or should I look at her tits anyway she stayed in the bend position for a while inspecting her toes so I was able to see her tits and her panty covered ass, her tits looked as if the would spill out from her bra.

I wanted to hold them and suck on them so badly. I waited to see what she would do next, I thought to my self if she was going to wear something then this would be the time to go in, but she was not going to the cupboard to get any outfit, she stood in front of the mirror and then undid her bra it was a front open bra, as soon as she undid the bra her tits burst out and what a sight it was, my dick was getting painful, her nipples were standing erect and she slowly pinched both her nipples and they became even bigger and she let out a soft moan she then lifted one of her breast to her mouth and began to suck on it she sucked for almost a minute the took the other nipple and sucked it to.

I would see her panty getting wet in the front I was praying that she would take them off, and it happened she removed her panties and what I saw was a clean shaven crotch, I like clean shaved pussies, she the threw the panty on to the bed and now was admiring her self in front of the mirror.

I had to go in now so I began to take of all my dress, soon I was out of all my clothes and I looked in again and now my mother-in-law was lying on the bed and rubbing her clit. I walked into her room my dick leading the way her eyes were closed I just stood there admiring her naked form.

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I wanted to jump and put my dick in her pussy. Anyway I moved to her head and my dick was inches away from her mouth. She finally opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was my dick. Then she tried to cover up her naked form. I said "Mom I thought you could use a little help with what you are doing, can I help you please".

I said to her "don't feel shy I saw everything anyway so please don't cover your self" I them took her hand away from her bald pussy and massive tits. I then told her that I had wanted to fuck her the day I laid my eyes on her. I also asked her if she liked what she saw, now my dick is almost 8inches and quite thick, she just nodded her head, and finally she spoke out saying that she has never seen anything as big or thick as mine and I told her "thank you", "Would you like to play with it" she answered yes.

So I got into the bed with her, she was staring at my penis all the time.

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I kissed her on the lip and she responded by opening her mouth and letting my tongue into her mouth, now we were kissing like some newly wed. Finally I broke of and looked at her tits she asked me if I wanted to suck them and I did not wait to answer her but put my head on her lap and told her to feed me she lifted her breast and guided her nipple into my mouth and I started sucking like a baby with the intend of drawing milk from it.

With both my hands I started playing with her other tit, she then held my dick and squeezed it.


I felt great it is always good to feel a hand other than your own around your dick is it not. She was pumping my dick while I was sucking her tits like no tomorrow. I moved to the other tit and sucked on it for a while.


Then I lifted them by the nipple and sucked on the part were the tits meet the chest it is a very sensitive part I did the same on the other side and now she was mourning. Finally I sat up and she started kissing my chest sucking my nipples and before long she had reached my penis, she kissed it and looked up at me with total lust in her eyes, she kissed my dick again before taking the whole thing in her mouth boy was I in heaven she was rolling her tongue all around my dick while sucking at the same time, my wife never did that and it felt absolutely fucking great.

I kept pushing up while her head was coming down to the base of my shaft she didn't seem to mind that, given the length of my dick she was able to take the whole thing in her mouth with ease. She then took both my balls into her mouth and played with it while pumping my dick.

She returned her mouth to my dick and began to suck it again I knew I could still maintain my erection after I came in her mouth so I just enjoyed her sucking for almost five minutes before telling her that I was about to cum, she placed her mouth around my dick head and moved her tongue all around it while pumping my dick with her hand, and I was in heaven as I shoot my load into her mouth, she just pumped my dick faster and faster wanting to get all the cum I could offer her when she was sure there was nothing more left she removed her mouth very carefully from my dick I was wondering why, and I did not have to wait long to find out why she opened her mouth and showed me my cum in her mouth I liked that sight.

Then she swallowed all of it wow. My wife never liked to swallow cum. I was beginning to love my mother-in-law more and more with each passing moment. She told me that I tasted really good. I now wanted to return her favour so asked her to lie down and kissed her lips I could taste my self on her lips, I kissed all the way till I reached her bald pussy. What a sight her pussy lips were over flowing with her juices.

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I stuck my tongue out and tasted her it was really tasty, I then opened her pussy lips with one hand and saw her inner lips I kissed it and began to suck them, she was now pushing her cunt into my face, and I pushed my tongue into her pussy while still sucking her inner lips. She told me "Son want you please lick my clit" I obliged as soon as my tongue touched her clit she spasmed under me. I told my hand and lifted the skin around the clit so I could see it and suck the clit properly.

She screamed out loud that she was coming and did she come, the sheet under her was totally wet with her juices it was just pouring out so I left her clit and started lapping up her juices the more I lapped it up it just kept coming, she was now having her second orgasm. She locked my head with her legs and used her both her hands also to push my face into her cunt and she lifted her bottom of the bed and kept pushing her cunt into my face.

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I could not breath now but still kept licking her pussy. Finally she let go of my head, and said she never had anyone lick her so good. Finally the moment I was waiting for the past five years arrived to fuck my mother-in-law, suddenly an idea crossed my mind. I was really excited. I made her stand up and took of my wedding ring and told her to do the same and now I said her name and asked her if she would take me for her unlawfully wedded wife and she said yes so I put her ring back on, she asked me I would be her unlawfully wedded husband and she put my wedding ring back on.


I then said time to kiss the bride she was expecting me to kiss her lips so she put her lips forward and closed her eyes in anticipation of me kissing her but I bend down and kissed her pussy and she jumped.

She was not expecting that and she told me she also wants to kiss the bridegroom so we got into a 69 position on the bed and began to kiss each others privates, boy was I happy to get an unlawfully wedded wife. Finally I broke of and got between her legs.

She opened them wide for me and bent her knees, it was a beautiful sight.

I rubbed my dick on her shaven cunt and then finally asked her shall I and she said I cant wait any longer please fuck me, so I entered her really slowly and now she was no longer my mother-in-law she was my unlawful wife.

After I was fully in her I laid back on top of her enjoying the feeling of her hot and at the same time letting her get used to my member and I was sucking her tits at the same time. I could feel her pulsating.

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Then she told me "darling please fuck me" so I started to move my dick slowly at first I did not want to come I just wanted to be in her 24/7. She started to mourn and asked me to fuck her faster I obliged; I placed my hands on both her sides and liked my upper body of her and started to fuck her hard and deep. I could see her tits bouncing up and down with my each stroke. She was screaming now saying I am cumming love I am cumming are you about to come I told her to just go ahead and cum.

She pulled me back on top of her and kissed me feverishly, and the bit my shoulder. I kept fucking her real hard, when her orgasms subsided she looked at me and said "I love you" and I replied back "I love you too" and continued to fuck her and there she said she was cumming again and she also told me it feel like a multiple orgasm. I could not hold back any longer and emptied all my cum in her. I fell on top of her and we kissed again.

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We fell asleep in that position. Both of us woke up after half an hour and my dick was soft but still my dick head was in her pussy. She said we need to get a bath, so both of was walked into the bathroom. Now what happened in there is a different story.