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"Ay girl Tony wanna talk to you" kayla said bumping into my desk. "Girl his name is Mr. Brown" I rose out of my seat while rolling my eyes at Kayla.

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"Don't hate" she responded back. I walked into Mr. Brown's office and sat. "Mrs. Riley just the person I wanted to see… I want you and Kayla to go on a business trip with me this weekend?" "Well, sir I except" "Good, we're leaving to tomorrow at 9 a.m and we're headed for New York meet us as LAX at 8:30" he said handing me a slip of paper.

"I guess that's it Mr. Brown" I said standing up. " I guess so" I swayed out of his office and I knew he was looking at me. I was what they call thick. I was 150 lbs. And had 44D breast. I had hips of a goddess and of course a fat ass.

My chocolate skin tone just set it off. For the remainder of work u fantasized about Mr. Brown's strong hands touching me. His skin was the color of coffee w/ too much creme.

His muscular frame and wavy hair turned me on. Before I knew it was time to go. I clocked out and ran to my car. I sat in my car and fumbled for my vibrator in the glove box.

Once it was retrieved I grabbed it. I slid my thong off. My wetness instantly started dripping down my thigh. I rammed the buzzing vibrator in my pussy making sure not to hit my hymen. I started rubbing my clit while doing it. After 5 min. I felt an orgasm coming.


I lifted one foot on the dashboard and rammed it in one last time. I let out a loud moan. I felt all of my cream seeping to the floor. After I cleaned myself off I started my car and drove off. Within 23 min. I was I was in front of my apartment. I ran upstairs and hopped on the shower. After my shower I dried off and got into my bed. I slept naked. My fiancé was at work.In the middle of the night I felt the bed shift. I knew it was my fiancé, he kissed my forehead and went to the bed.

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In the morning I was awaken by the smell of breakfast. I rushed into my closet and found everything I needed for the trip. I packed my things in a suitcase. I was walking into the kitchen. "Hey Bae" Darnell said giving me a kiss. "GoodMorning" u said taking a seat.

"Are we doing anything interesting this weekend" "well, I'm going to New York this weekend" "Oh. ok business trip I hope?" "Of course, which reminds me I have to leave" I raised out of my seat grabbing a piece of toast. I hugged and kissed Darnell and left. "Bae, love you call my cell if you need anything" as I said leaving the apartment I took a shuttle to the airport a and was there within 15 min. I was at LAX carry-on in hand. I walked into the lobby and immediately saw Mr.

Brown. He had this natural glow about himself. "Mr. Brown" I yelled. "Mrs. Riley, Kayla is at the port. Let's go!" We walked to port. We boarded and flew first class. The trip to New York from L.A.

was 8 hours so when we landed it was sunset. The pilot announced the plane was landing. We gathered our carry-on and scurried off. "How about you guys go to the hoteland freshen up, I'll see you in the morning." Mr. Brown said walking away. "Bye Mr. Brown" I said walking to the exit.

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He turned around and waved. Those bug pink lips turned me on. "Girl the cab here" Kayla said snapping me out of my daze. We climbed into the cab and rode to the hotel. I was stunned by the elegance of the hotel.

"Always top notch" I said to Kayla. "Of course" she responded while checking into the hotel. We went to our room and I was stunned again.

It's first class everything. We settled in the luxury room. "I'm 'bout to hop in the shower" I told Kayla while grabbing my toiletries and robe out of my suitcase. "Aight, I'll be sitting on the balcony" she said grabbing some wine. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water.

I slid in and let the warm water trickle down my back.

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I grabbed my soap and washcloth and lathered up my body up my body. The smell of peaches filled the air. I rinsed off and grabbed a towel I was near drying when I heard the door opening. "Mr. Brown!" I yelled.

"Shhhh" he started kissing me passionately. I pushed him off of me and tried to run to the door but he closed it. "No" I yelled. But he just chuckled and started kissing my neck. He went lower till he reached my breast. He kissed my nipples and went to my navel.


What was so wrong felt so right. He made his way to my pussy. He kissed both of my pussy lips. He slid his tong up and down my slit. He brushed his tongue against my clit and my knees gave out. He caught me. "Nasir come in" I saw a tall black man about 6'3 and muscular body. His facial features reminded me of Tyrese.

"Grab her" he said lifting up my leg and putting it on her shoulder. Tyrese grabbed me by the sides and started sucking my breast.


He started with the left one while pinching the right one. He rolled my nipple in his finger. He sucked and flipped his tongue over my nipple.

"NO NO NO" I yelled. "Shhh, daddy don't bite" Nasir said. He kept sucking my nipples switching from breast to breast. Mr. Brown kept sucking on my clit. He had enters to fingers in my whole. "Oh, so you a virgin." Mr. Brown chuckled.

I kept moaning. "Nasir let's take it to the bed." Mr. Brown said grabbing my legs. Nasir grabbed my legs and they took me to the bed. They threw me.

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"Mr. Brown I'm engaged" I screamed. "Fuck him, and it's Tony Now suck daddy dick" he said gesturing to his hard 11 in. dick. I shook my head no and pushed myself against the headboard. "you should have listened, you can't handle simple directions, baby jus listen" Tony said. I shook my head no. "Nasir" Tony said grabbing my hair. He pulled me on my stomach. I felt something by my ass and started kicking and tugging. Tony grabbed my hands and held me down.

"This is what happens when you don't listen" Nasir said. Want more? Comment rate.!