Hot Teens Dancing At Home

Hot Teens Dancing At Home
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As Christmas grows closer the sexual tension between the two of us only rises.

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Every day I'll coax you on a little bit, but then stop myself and return to business. I can see in your eyes how badly you would like to start round 1. What can I say, I'm a tease. Of course I knew what I was doing, knew what it was causing, but where was the fun in just letting you have your way?

About three days before Christmas eve I leave an invitation on your desk. Later on in the day you find the invitation, accepting the invite to my Christmas party.

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"Jerry," I lean over and whisper in your ear late that same day, while you are working at your desk, "meet me in my office." You catch a glimpse of that familiar twinkle in my eye and follow me to my office locking the door behind you. "Yes?" You simply smile. "You are coming to my party right? I'd hate to be alone after the party." I purr seductively in your ear, my hands lingering on your chest and then your abdomen and stopping at your upper thighs. Obviously excited-considering the growing bulge in your pants- you just nod.

But I wouldn't give up that quickly.


I continued to rub my hands up and down your thighs, later on moving to your bulge and massaging your hardening cock. My tongue slips out of my mouth and glides across my lips before I kiss you gently, pulling away before you can kiss me back. "The party starts at 8." I say as I turn on my heels and sit at my desk, playfully shooing you away.

The disappointment is obvious on your face and the pleasure is obvious on mine. Reluctantly you leave my office and go to get your things together before you leave. The part arrives quickly and just the thought of having one round with you- seeing you in your most vulnerable state and pleasuring you-makes me moan in anticipation.

My spacious apartment is decorated with festive lights and cute Christmas ornaments, all accenting the large tree that was set up. Hours go by and the guests start to trickle in, you coming in on time. I greet you at the door in my very short red dress laced with white and red high heels to match.

"Glad you came." I tease with a wink, my breasts peaking partially out of the top of the dress. I talk with you and some of my friends for most of the party until everything winds to an end and everyone leaves.well not everyone. I walk over to you and sit in your lap, my back against you, smiling back at you. "Enjoy the party?" I question, slowly beginning to raise my dress and reveal red see-through lace panties. "The party is just starting Amanda." You answer, knowing exactly how to turn me on."Then let's not hold the party up." I grind in your lap while slipping out of my silk dress, letting it cascade to the floor.

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Your strong hands grasp at my bare breasts, fondling them. "Yeah," I moan softly closing my eyes and leaning more against you.

"You like when I play with your nice tits, Amanda?" You ask, giving my breasts a squeeze before focusing more on my nipples. "Yessss." I purr loudly, slipping out of my panties to give you access to my already wet pussy. "Oh look at that pink pussy of yours." You drum your fingers over my clit, making my muscles tense and then run one finger up and down my pussy. "Fuck yes." I spread my legs for you and you chuckle, slipping one finger into my pussy and moving it in large circles.

"Jerry." I moan as you slip another finger into my tight pussy and fuck me faster."You think this nice pussy is ready for some cock?" You whisper in my ear but I don't even have the chance to reply before to take off your shirt, pants and boxers and run your hands down my naked body. Your finger caressing my smooth skin. I look back at you, smirk, and then slide off your lap and onto the couch, laying back. I hope the view for you was as amazing as it was for me, watching you tug on your cock and then position yourself between my legs.

As you massage the head of your cock against my excited pussy I finally realize why you hate being teased so much.

"Fuck me." I whine softly, and then gasp as you slowly slide your cock into my pussy. Inch by inch you go deeper, my pussy clenching around your cock.

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"" You breath out between groans as you lead your cock deeper and deeper into my pussy, soon completely disappearing. A moan escapes my lips and, as if it were a signal, you begin to steadily work my pussy. First slow, disappearing in my pussy and then coming out until just the head was inside, and again.

"Oh yes! Fuck me." I beg, sinking back into the couch as you begin to pick up both speed and power. After awhile you can hear your balls slapping against my asshole, soaked with a mixture of my pussy juices and your precum.

I open my eyes to stare up at your face as you fuck me vigorously, wildly. Your hands grasp again on my breasts and you pull and tug on them, forcing me back to meet your thrusts. "Oh god." I can feel myself slipping over the edge and then you hook your arm under my waist and lift me up just slightly, your cock now massaging my g-spot.


That was it, I was over the edge and couldn't get back. I moaned and shook as ripples went through my body, like being shocked by electricity. My pussy clenched and then released and repeated over and over.

Your mouth gaped open and I could tell you were exactly where I was, about to peak.

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I squealed softly as the pussy contractions worsened and I could feel my juices squirting out. The sensation of me squirting while you were fucking me must have did the trick and in a few more seconds you filled my pussy with your warm cum. You slipped out of my pussy and sat back down on the couch, wrapping your strong arms around me as I snuggled up to you. Both of us were breathing hardsmall beads of sweat running down my chest.

"Round 2 is up to you." I say looking up at you.