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Very verbal jerk off gay porn full length Two Hot Guys Like To Fuck
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Jaime Regan felt pretty good about himself, but then again, when didn't he? He was healthy, goddamned attractive, he was hung, and his boring day-to-day job as an intern in a big corporate building had suddenly got a little more interesting. It was an interesting day indeed when Jaime had entered the bathroom and found naughty little Levon Cole shooting his load all over the place. Levon was cute.


Not only was he hot and sexy, but he also tried so hard to be the alpha male. Jamie liked a guy in charge. And so did Levon, apparently.

Jaime couldn't help but notice the way Levon looked at their boss, Jim Scott. Sure, the guy was a gorgeous beast, but Jaime always thought he was too old for him. Levon, however, was impressed, and had happily done every assignment Jim had thrown at him. Maybe this could be used to his advantage, Jamie had figured. And Jaime also liked having the advantage. In fact, Jaime had the advantage right now, as he sat in his parked car across the street from Levon's house, masturbating himself in the darkness of the night.

"I love you, Levon," Jaime whispered as he came all over his steering wheel. "Morning, Levon," Jim Scott said as he emerged from his car in the parking lot. Levon strode through the lot, bundled against the winter chill. "Hey, Jim," he replied. Jim caught up with Levon as they entered the building.

"Where's your mom?" "She's taking a sick day." "Ah, that's too bad," Jim said with a strange grin on his face. They waited in silence in the lobby for an elevator to come. Levon couldn't help but feel awkward. An elevator came and they both entered. God, twelve floors up in awkward silence? Levon thought. But as they hit the sixth floor, the elevator came to a sudden stop. The small room lurched and the lights dimmed. Levon went to push the emergency call button when Jim placed a hand on his arm.

"Don't." he said, looking at Levon with steely eyes. "What do we do?" Levon asked. Without a word, Jim leaned in and kissed Levon on the lips. Surprised, Levon backed into the wall, but didn't refuse. Jim reached down and grabbed Levon by the crotch as his tongue explored his employee's mouth.

Jim broke away from the kiss and got down on his knees.

He unzipped Levon's pants and reached in to find an already hard cock. Levon leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes and let Jim take over as his boss stroked his cock. Pure pleasure jolted up his body as he felt a mouth close around his dick. Suddenly, Levon felt the all too familiar feeling of cum rising in his shaft, and without time to control himself, Levon began shooting hot semen down Jim's throat.

No, no, no! Levon screamed in his mind. Not now! He looked down to see Jim smiling up at him, cum dribbling out of his mouth.

"A quick-shooter, huh?" he chuckled. Levon jumped awake, a feeling of both subsiding pleasure and pure embarrassment washing over him. He was in a cold sweat, and looked down and saw his boxers were wet with ejaculate.

He sat up in his bed, panting from the incredibly vivid wet dream. He looked over at his alarm clock. 2:30am. His eyes then moved to his bedroom window, which faced the street in front of his house. In the moonlight, he thought he saw the taillights of a car pulling away into the night. At work that morning, Levon tried to avoid Jim as best he could, even going so far as to hitting the close door button on the lobby elevator as he saw Jim enter the building. Hopefully Jim hadn't noticed.

He could not avoid Jaime, however, as the boy say next to him in the cubicle, pretending to be interested in his current task of filling out supply forms. "Have a good night last night, Levon?" Jaime asked. "Yeah, sure. How about you?" "Pretty swell, I say. Just hung around… had a nice jack-off session." "Fantastic," Levon said sarcastically.

"Just thought you'd like to know, babe. I thought about you… you know… as I did it." "That's great." "What do you think about when you do it? Twinks? Studs? Bondage?" "Mainly twinks, I guess." "Jim Scott, perhaps?" "What?" Levon's voice rose, but he tried to hide any insecurities.

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"You know, Jim. Our boss." "Um… no, not really." "Really? How could you not? He's pretty damn hot. A little old for my tastes, but… mmm." "He's only 25." "Oh, I see." "What are you getting at?" Levon was getting annoyed with Jaime's taunts.

Jaime laughed. "I see the way you look at him, it's cute. I remember my first crush." "It's not a crush. And even if it was, it definitely wouldn't be my first." "Oh yeah? What's the name of your last boyfriend?" "Derek." "Ooh, tell me about him." Just then, Jim appeared at their cubicle. "Hey guys," he said, "what's new?" "Not much," Jaime replied. "Yeah? Nothing exciting?" "Is there something either of us can do for you, Jim?" Levon said coldly. "Um… no, not really," Jim replied, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"I was just making small talk. I guess you guys are busy. I'll see you later." Jim turned and went to his office. Jaime waited until Jim was out of earshot. "Jeez, that's no way to treat a crush." "I told you, he's not my crush." "Well I certainly wouldn't want to be your crush if you shooed me off like that." Levon tried to ignore the comment and went back to his work.

Levon sat alone in the breakroom, drinking fresh coffee a coworker had made. He was about to leave when Jim entered. "Hey, Levon," he said. "Hey, Jim… look I'm sorry about snapping at you earlier. I was frustrated with some stuff…" "Oh, no, that's ok. I understand what you're going though." "You do?" Jim grabbed a mug of coffee and sat down across from Levon.

They sat at the infamous table that he and Jaime had shared that night. "I've had the chance of talking with your mom a lot," Jim said.

"She talks a lot about you. I hope you don't mind…" Jim looked down at his coffee, "but she told me about you being gay." Levon was at a loss for words. He wasn't mad about his mom telling him, but he was surprised at how casual Jim seemed about it. Maybe he wasn't used to a male figure such as Jim in his life that appeared accepting of him. Not since his dad… "She… did?" Levon said quietly. "Yeah, and believe me, I'm ok with it. I'm open to all people… of all lifestyles.

And I know how hard it could be, trying to fit in and whatnot." "Yeah… it can be." Jim placed a hand on Levon's. Levon looked from Jim's hand, up to a kind smile on his face. "If you need anything," Jim said, "you can come to me." Before Levon could respond, Jim got up and left the room. Levon looked back down at his hand and sighed.

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Jaime stood just outside of the breakroom, eavesdropping on Jim and Levon's conversation. As he heard Jim get out of his chair, he moved back down the hall so he wouldn't be seen. When Jim left the room, Jaime took his chance. "Jim!" Jaime called, catching up to his boss as he walked to his office. "What's up, Jaime?" "Oh, not much. I was just wondering what you had planned after work." "Um, not sure.

Why do you ask?" "Well, I was planning on inviting some guys from work to go get some drinks." "Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" "I'm 18 sir, I'm legal in this state. In fact, 17 is legal age for sexual consent, you know." "Um… right?" Jaime laughed.

"I'm just spitting out facts. I'm kind of a bookworm." "I see.

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Who all's going?" "Oh, just a couple of guys from sales. Levon might go." "We'll have to see, Jaime. Sure sounds fun though." "Ok, you let me know. I'll email you the address of this really hip bar I know." "Sounds good, Jaime. I'll think about it." After work, Jaime sat alone at the bar, drinking a fruity beverage and eyeing the front door. It was a pretty happening place, with music loud enough to enjoy but not so loud that you had to yell over.

The prices were fare, too. He'd been there for half an hour. Jim Scott walked through the entrance. Jaime called to him from his stool and Jim walked over to him. "Glad you could make it, boss!" "Hey Jaime," Jim said as looked around. "Where is everybody?" "I guess everyone else had other plans. Levon should be coming soon, though." "Ok…" Jim ordered a stiff drink and continued looking around. "Is this… a gay bar?" "Whoops, you caught me." Jaime laughed.

"Does it bother you?" "No, not at all. I'm open to it." "Open to it, you say?" Jim chuckled, and Jaime thought he saw him blush. "No, not like that." "Ok, Jim. Whatever you say." "So, what do you want to talk about?" "I'm open to anything," Jaime teased, "What's on your mind, boss?" "Hey, I'm not your boss here," Jim replied pleasantly.

"Good… good." "Are you sure you want to go?" Stacey Cole asked as she and Levon left the building. "Yeah, I feel like taking a walk, maybe getting a drink somewhere." "You?

A drinker now? Sheesh, my boy's all grown up!" "I'll take a cab home, mom." "Ok, go have some fun." Levon walked away from the parking lot and into the city, making his way into downtown. He really wanted to take a walk to clear his mind after such a long day. He spent the next two hours wandering the city, smoking and pondering.

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He passed by several clubs and restaurants until he noticed a bar he had heard about from somewhere he couldn't remember. The pink neon sign of "Dix Bar" glowed to Levon as he walked towards the homosexual watering hole.

Two hours and two drinks later, Jim Scott was a little tipsy. "What's it like?" Jim asked. "What's what like?" Jaime responded. "Being gay…" "Honesty, Jim… it's fun. Being with another guy is great because it's practically like doing yourself. You're a guy, and he's a guy, so you know what turns him on, what feels good… it's easy." "Really?

I guess that makes sense." Jaime's attention went from his boss to the front door, as he saw Levon Cole enter. "Levon?" Jaime said aloud, forgetting to hide his surprise. He had really not told Levon about his after-work plans. "Levon!" Jim called as he followed Jaime's surprised gaze. "Come! Drink with us!" Levon saw Jaime first, which didn't surprise him to see him in a place like Dix.

But as he moved closer, he saw Jim sitting with him; a complete surprise. "Jim?" Levon said as he sat down with them. "What are you doing here?" "Jaime invited me." Levon shot his coworker a suspicious glance, and it was returned with a slight grin. "But I'm not gay," Jim almost chuckled, "although I've been talking with our buddy here, and I'm honestly getting curious.

He makes it sound pretty damn good. Levon could smell gin on his boss's breath. "You're drunk, Jim." "A little…" "Let him have a little fun, Levon," Jaime said.

"All I'm saying is that I hope he doesn't end up doing something he'll regret…" "Relax, Levon," Jaime said, patting Jim on the back. "Yeah, Levon, relax," chimed Jim, taking another drink of gin.

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Something seemed to have caught Jaime's eye. "Hey," he said, "I think I see someone I know. You mind if I go say hi?" The two didn't object and Jaime disappeared into the crowded bar.

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"Good kid, good kid," Jim said, his speech becoming slurred. "He's alright." Levon muttered, and called the bartender over for a drink.

He ordered a beer and looked back at Jim. "I need to take a leak," Jim almost stuttered. "Go for it." Jim got up and left, leaving Levon alone at the bar. Levon took a sip of his beer and thought for a long while. Something didn't sit right here, with Jaime brining Jim here, the way he acted so casually… …Jim has been gone for a long while… Levon looked at his watch. Jim had been in the bathroom for at least ten minutes. He was about to get up and look when Jim finally returned, taking the barstool next to Levon.

"What took you so long?" Levon asked. "I did something in there, Levon." Jim replied quietly. "What did you…" Levon stopped mid-sentence when he caught a look at Jim's face.

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On his chin, Levon could swear he saw a glob of what looked like cum. "What did you do?" Levon continued, concern growing in his voice. "I gave someone a blowjob." "No…" "I did… I was in the stall, and I looked down to see a hole between my stall and the next… now, I know what a 'glory hole' is… so I told whoever was next door that I'd do it… next thing I know… I'm sucking this dick… and I kinda liked it, you know?" "God, Jim…" Levon didn't know what else to say.

"I just did what Jaime had told me… to just do what I knew that other guy would like since I know what I'd like if a woman had done that to me…" "Jaime…?" A feeling of anger came over Levon.

He got up from his stool and walked over to the bathroom. He burst open the door and was not the least bit surprised to see Jaime emerging from the stall with the glory hole, zipping up his pants. "Hey, Levon," Jaime said. "Did you know this place had a glory hole?" "Fuck…" "Here? Right now? I kinda just busted a nut, but if you give me a few minutes I'm game." "No, no, no… you know what I mean…" "I don't, babe." "Jim just sucked your dick, damnit!" "Was that him?" Jaime looked back at the hole with a sinister smile.

"Not bad, boss…" Levon grabbed Jaime by the collar and shoved him against the wall. "You planned this! You knew it was him in the other side of that hole…" "Maybe I did… so what? I thought you didn't have a crush on him." Levon loosened his grip. "No… I… don't." "Even if you don't, you should have him suck you off.

He's pretty good." "Fuck you." Levon let Jaime go and stormed out of the bathroom. He found Jim where he had left him at the bar. "Let's go," Levon ordered. "I'm taking you home." "What's wrong?" Jim asked innocently. Levon tried to calm himself. "It's late… we've got work in the morning." "Shit! You're right. Let's go… wait, where's Jaime?" "He left already." "Oh, ok." Levon helped Jim with his jacket and walked him outside.

They hailed a cab and took it back to the parking lot at work. Jim gave Levon his keys and let him drive him home. As Levon walked Jim to his front door, Jim leaned over and awkwardly hugged his employee.


"You know… I'm still kinda horny…" As much as Levon truly wanted to take advantage of Jim's horniness, he did not want to take advantage of his inebriation. "You're drunk, Jim. Go get some sleep." "How you getting home?" "I'll call a cab. Go sleep. I'll see you in the morning, ok?" "Ok… you're a good guy, Levon. I think I'll promote you." "That's great, Jim." Jim fumbled with his keys and managed to open the door.

Levon made sure that his boss made his way to his couch. Jim flopped onto his sofa and quickly fell asleep. Levon called a cab, went home, masturbated, and drifted into a dreamless sleep.