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Virgin boys. Ashkrath found them was one of the greatest pleasures. Right now, she was smacking her lips with their spunk.

Drunk off of the innocent boys cum, who were now becoming infected with demonic taint. Two days in the mortal realm and Ashkrath had taken over the church which had taken her in. The cop had brought her here when she was discovered after transporting to the human realm.

Ashkrath revealed she was a wolf in sheep's clothing. It had only taken a few hours feed and consume the adults in the church. All that was left of the people here where the choir boys. The succubus had found it surprising how easy it was to feed on the boys who were in fact, all eighteen. Such an action would have been punishable because they were all virgins.

Easily corruptible and never having known the pleasures of a human female's flesh made them taboo. The succubus quickly figured out that unless there was someone who out ranked her in the mortal realm, there wasn't going to be any judgment. Her superior could not take any action against her for violating the sanctity of the demonic codes and Ashkrath knew that her master used all the energy she had to send her here. Basking in the moonlight while her vision swirled, the succubus tried to think about how to finish her mission, though at this point, there wasn't a real need to anymore.

What did she care about her sisters succubi still in Hell? The only reason Ashkrath could fathom to finish the mission was to take out the rival demon. Nothing personal in taking out the rival, just business. There were never going to be enough souls to share. Naked, and her pussy began to throb in need and the stupor was wearing off already.


She called one of the choir boys over. Since they had become slaves, the demon kept the males close by and at all times. Thought there were only eleven, their virility was something of legend. The boy shuddered in appreciation when Ashkrath got on her knees and began sucking him off. Sucking spiring energy and cum through her mouth is how the demon preferred to feed.

Even though her body was always screaming for release, a feat that could only happen with direct stimulation of her sex, the demon felt is necessary to deny herself to create loyal minions out of the boys. Puberty was an incredible Achilles heel to a growing boy. Even though she couldn't suck his soul out, she could corrupt his entire being until he was almost a full demon. The group of boys would worship her, and they were fast recharging conduits to feed on.

The one she was currently feeding upon, his name lost to her, had just released not even an hour ago, and he was shaking in an imminent release. When the load surged forth from his body, Ashkrath moan in appreciation as she absorbed it into the sucking maw of her mouth. He fell back, too weak to stand and his mistress got up before heading to deal with another issue; a demon she had summoned named Farvish. The holy father of the church had exchanged his soul for the pleasure of Ashkrath's body.

She remembered him not even begging as he threw his soul into her. His body proved to be an issue, and so did his rank. To offset the risk of discovery, Ashkrath had taken an even more extreme risk.

She summoned a demon named Farvish into the priest's body. Honestly summoning another demon wasn't the issue, but who it was, well her master would be upset at the discovery. Farvish was a pet to her, well to anyone, but a male lust demon was rare and so the few that existed tended to be a solitary creatures or kept hidden away in dungeons; saved for baby-making. The theft then would cause her master to take action, but without a source of souls, Ashkrath had plenty of time to gather power.

Taking out the rival demon and absorbing it would probably be enough to do it. Ashkrath found Farvish in the priest's study, reading a book. "There are better things to do with your time Farvish." He flipped a page before looking up at her. The priest's body had held up well when Ashkrath summoned Farvish into it, but the eyes had sunken in, as well as the cheeks. "I disagree. Knowledge is a powerful tool and I have never been to a mortal plane before." "Yes, but you're supposed to be gathering strength." "I am." "Reading?

Better hurry up. Those choir boys are starting to become stronger with my corruption. Might take an opportunity to become a full Incubus by killing the weaker." Farvish put his book down and glared at Ashkrath. He was stronger than she was, but only because he willed himself to be. They both knew it, but Farvish was too calculating to reveal that he knew that even he could prove his strength, Ashkrath had a leash on him.

A seal tattooed on his back that would shackle him once more into a dark cell. That was why he was reading, figuring out how to loosen the leash. He needed to find something, but she was right too. The longer he took in gathering strength, the more her prediction would come true. The mortal realm was a confusing one, but with the imminent threat of eleven other male demons, completely loyal to her, time was running out.

"Well, I'll leave you to it. I have things to do." "If you feed too much, you'll become too addicted, even for a demon," Farvish said. It was his only way to refute her. Right now, her power less, but it was growing and he was shackled. "That won't happen." "Oh? What about church services?" She stopped in the doorway. "That's up to you. I'll be busy with duties that day." He knew those duties meant feeding on the congregation.

Men who came would be weak to her charm. There were plenty of opportunities to feed, but she was dumb. Way too short-sighted. There was doubt in her ability to refrain from killing. Sadly, it was up to him to obey and he would, biding his time until he could surely escape.

The night was long, but Farvish needed no sleep. He spent the whole night reading, learning about philosophy and how to be a priest. There were books on demons but nothing to help him. Checking the time, it was time for the service. Mortals were something entirely new to the devil. Once he was born, Farvish had been shackled in a dungeon.A lonely life, only to be brought out for sex.

He bided his time, learning about life slowly in conversation. It was a wonder that one succubus had even taught him to read. Knowledge was power and Farvish stood in front of the congregation, delivering the sermon. Up there, he felt powerful; that was until he spied Ashkrath in the background. Dressed as a nun, she grabbed some chubby schmuck, and the two disappeared.

Farvish lent his help to his master by having a surge of passion in his speech. The crowd, his congregation, seemed to lean forward in their seats, hanging on every word. He threw in a hallelujah or two and the mass loved it. Dressed in their best, Farvish was pretty happy about his job as a priest. It was a beautiful front for the demons within, but there was something here that had given this beast a pause. What did he want?

Sure, he could give the answers to the congregation about the goal of life was seeking salvation, happiness, and even forgiveness. Only happiness could be his, but what did that look like? As Farvish wrapped up his speech and the choir took over in leading song, the demon realized that as long as he could remember, he had been a prisoner.

Never the one in charge of his life and that is what he wanted, freedom. What would he do with it, though? The thoughts confused him, and he almost missed when the Sunday service was over. It was amazing to him how he could fulfill the role of a priest, the little bit of soul energy that Ashkrath was willing to give him gave him the skills. So now he was at the front doors, bidding goodbyes to congregation members.

He knew them or rather the priest had, and as the goodbye ceremony commenced, Ashkrath was busy with feeding. The succubus was currently getting fucked by one of the male parishioners, bent over one of the many small desks in a side hallway.

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So far Ashkrath had fed upon seven or eight different men, but it was getting difficult for her keep quiet and to keep from feeding on any of the men entirely. Killing with so many so close was something to be avoided. Most of the wet puddle soaking into the rug beneath the pair was from her. The chosen man expended himself into her once more, and it took everything she had not to suck him completely out. His body would be too difficult to hide with everyone around, but he would be skinnier.

Sex was a risk, but a dead, shriveled body was too far across the line. Pulling out, he mumbled a "thank you" and left her for other things. She cast a sealing spell on him, keeping him from telling anybody about the nun who liked to fuck in the church.

Ashkrath didn't care that the human had left her. The only thing that mattered was finding something to sate her appetite. The hunger was unbearable. Shaking while she adjusted her clothing, an actual nun outfit that was unaltered, she headed to find Farvish. She spotted him by the door, surrounded by the congregation below and she growled in frustration. It seemed the only way to get the relief she needed; the solution was to feed on one of the choir boys.

Most of the church was gone, and so when the demon ran into another member, the parishioner stammered a sorry. It was too bad for him at that moment. There was a room right next to them and grabbing without a word; she threw in a chair before lifting up her nun skirt. "Look boy; you fucked up. I'm too horny. Eat me out." He did without complaint whatsoever. As his tongue slathered between her lips, Ashkrath couldn't control her form anymore.

The tearing of fabric never even alarmed her new victim. Apparently, he needed her as much as she needed him.

When she came, which was an earth shattering orgasm that pushed the temperature in the room up more than a few degrees. her legs weak she collapsed and tried to recover her wits. The man followed her and spread her legs. Being raped was nothing knew for a succubus. Male demons would rape a female one when they could. It was rare for demons to be in a mutual relationship. Raping must be a fantasy for the human male and Ashkrath didn't mind at all. The human's cock was small, but to Ashkrath, like any other dick was, it was the greatest thing to slide into her vagina pussy.

What disturbed her was how powerful the orgasm was when he entered her. Humans shouldn't be able to make a demon finish that hard and fast. Such a thing set a dangerous precedent. Having an orgasm with a human wasn't a bad thing, and even incorrigible.

As he drove himself into her more and more, a second finish was building for her. Two orgasms wasn't even bad either, but once you reached a third, something started happening with the chemistry between a succubus and her partner. It created a link. The more orgasms, the harder it became for a succubus to maintain control. The first orgasm created a contract. Sex with the succubus for a soul.

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With each orgasm though, the contract was changed to the succubus wishing for more of the pleasure with her partner. To keep her partner, the contract price was changed so that the succubus would have sex for the pleasure.

The result is that a succubus ended up shackling herself willingly for pleasure. The second orgasm hit her, and Ashkrath sprayed more cum onto him than him into her. In fact, the human hadn't even released into her yet, and she was alarmed. Trying to gather her thoughts to stop him was proving difficult. "No, stop," she said. A clawed hand reached up and pressed against his chest.

It was a weak attempt to stop him, probably because she wanted it so badly. Such were the problems of being a succubus. Lust demons were slaves to lust and the more she didn't sate the need for souls, the more power it gave to the next one she decided to feed on.

It was a revelation that Ashkrath was failing at stopping. His dick, as little as it was, became her whole world quickly. No longer dressed as a nun, the clothes had ripped from her body as her demonic form took over. "Don't I scare you?" "No, need more. So good." His words flattered her. She always received praise, but his words, she was beginning to lose herself to pleasing him.

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The man was a maniac, not that she could blame him. Each thrust wore her resolve down and just when a third orgasm was going to hit, words stopped the whole thing. "That's about enough of this isn't it?" Farvish's words were like wall to the finish.

A disconnect briefly in the pleasure to her almost newly acquired master and she was able to pull off his god-like rod. Heck, Ashkrath hadn't even looked at the man before slamming her pussy into his face. This whole situation was her fault, but no matter how hard she tried, looking at him dazed and confused, she couldn't bring herself to kill the human. Instead, black tentacles snaked past her and Farvish laughed before the man was engulfed in the mass of swirling creepiness.

Then they were gone and so was the human. "Told you you'd regret some of your actions," Farvish said. He held a hand out which she took. Standing she willed back into a human. "Thank God that is over." "I'd say, but God hath abandoned these halls.

Thank me" "Don't you get spiffy with me Farvish. I own you, and you will give me respect." "As you say, mistress," he said with a nod of his head. "So what now?" "Well, I was sent here to take care of a soul stealing demon. It's somewhere, and NOW I fear it is more of a rival than anything else. I want to find it and kill it." "I don't think the form you summoned me into is capable of such a feat." "I know Farvish.

Seeing you preach to those mortal down there was something to witness. You're a natural at it, which is weird, but enough for me to see the worth of keeping you around.

When you give confessions, I'd like you to feed on the "sinners." The last word she spoke was dripping with malice. "As you wish. So what are you going to do about tracking down the rival?" "I'm glad you asked. It's funny, most of the congregation I fed upon were not sinners in the sense of lust but gluttony." "So now you hunger for food?" "No, I have kept the mass separate from my being, but I'm not sure how to get it out." "Infuse it into one of your choir boys.

I'm sure they have about reached the end of their usefulness." "You forget Farvish, without them, no one will lead your flock in song." The look on his face caused Ashkrath to laugh loudly. "I don't see what's so funny," he said. He meant it, but his thoughts were upon the human he had within himself.

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The man was in a hell, but when the time came, he would toss the man back at Ashkrath. A tool to distract her for his freedom. Like any demon; Farvish saw no real need to kill a potential slave, especially one that would be easily controlled. She had given him her weakness; she just didn't know it yet. "Of course not. I have an idea about this." At that, Ashkrath spit. She spits out a glob of gelatinous black ooze that grew from a small point and into a huge puddle.

"You'll work with it and make sure that it gets the information that is needed Farvish. You should it check the bell tower when you can. I think my rival has been there," she said. The memory of seeing another demon flutter into the storm of the night while she was feasting on the priest that Farvish inhabited. It was a start, maybe the wrong demon, but something was better than nothing. She brushed past him, naked and heading to the depths of the church. No doubt to spend hours playing with the choir boys.

Good for them of course but she was too short sighted. He turned his attention to the latex looking puddle on the floor. "So, you gonna wake up?" The puddle rippled as if his words alone had caused an effect like a stone being tossed into a pond.

Farvish closed the door to the room, which as he walked around the puddle, he inspected. It was a counseling room it looked like. There were comfy chairs in a circle and the place smelled nice. The carpet was probably ruined now, but it was the kind you'd buy to add decoration. "Anytime their um puddle." This time, there weren't ripples.

Instead, spikes shot up before melting away into a sexless figure. "My, pick a gender, female please." It did as commanded, though it chose to be very reserved in its sexuality. "Can you speak?" <No> "But you can communicate it seems." <What am I?> "You are a demon created by our master Ashkrath." <I'm hungry. Are you food?> The thing slid towards him, the effort looking horrific. "No, but we are working on finding you food." <I want to eat.


Where is food?> "First, you have to work; then I'll feed you." <You feed now, or I eat you.> "You have a lot to learn. I won't be an easy meal, and if you work well with me, I'll ensure your hunger is sated. Speaking of which, since you need to eat, let's do that." The church had a small courtyard, and that is where he led the impatient ooze demon. There, it devoured a few of the stray cats that called the yard home.

It was sickening to watch it stretch out and draw a screaming cat into it. That scream would be cut off suddenly, and then the ooze moved onto its next meal.

It took an hour, but Farvish couldn't leave the new demon alone. He didn't know how to break a new one in, but he assumed Ashkrath would keep it in check.

When it finished, it manifested into its feminine form. The whole thing looked like a human completely wrapped in latex. <I have fed. Now what?> "Now, I give you a mission.

We are looking for a demon." <A demon to eat?> "No, stop about food. We don't know much about the demon other than it's a succubus." <How do I track lust? Does it smell?> The thing was perceptive. "I am not sure. We don't have much to go on, but our master said to check the bell tower for a clue." The head swiveled to look towards the tower of the church. It had no eyes, but it slithered up the wall and disappeared into the shadows of the tower.

It returned shortly. "Really? Well, track it down. When you find the demon, return here and let us know." There was no response, which Farvish didn't mind. Instead, he went to a stone bench in the church courtyard and sat down. There, he enjoyed the sun and green grass for a few minutes. That is until he realized that it was time to man the confessional booth. Sighing, he got up and headed back into the church.

The confessionals were located off to the side of the rows of pews that were in the main chamber of the church. Feeling altogether bored, Farvish saw that the seats held few people, but some were no doubt there for confession.

Getting into the box designated for himself, Farvish waited for his first sinner. Oh, the sins. First, the anger outburst of a fat man. Seemed to Farvish food would have been more his sin, but it was anger. Fats were supposed to be jolly, jeez get with the stereotypes. The second was another man who was upset at his kids for their drug use. In desperation, he had kicked them out and was feeling guilty. The third was beating her husband, which was scandalous, but Farvish got little detail, and so he slumped back in indifference.

Minutes passed, and Farvish knew that he was back in hell. Trapped again, all he wanted was something interesting. Then the other side opened, and a young girl sat down. "Father?" "Yes, my child." "I don't know, um, where do I begin?" "How long has it been?" Farvish laughed at his private joke a little. It was meant for the double meaning, but she wouldn't get the joke unless he made it known.

He was weird, but he needed entertainment. "Honestly father, I can't stop. Anytime I see a man; I just need them. I think of sex all the time and I can't control myself." Farvish's day just got a ton better it seemed. What a tantalizing circumstance this sinner was giving him. "My daughter, surely you can think of other things," he said. He couldn't see the female human, but he could tell that she was young and at least pretty on the other side.

His words had a spell woven into them to up her desire for sex and to make her relax. Being an incubus was in some ways more dangerous than being a succubus.

Incubi were rare on any plain.

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If they weren't imprisoned, they quickly became powerful demons of lust. In fact, the struggle over power often caused many wars. With so few males, the sired offspring often fought for control. Wars were bloody, and only the pride type demons and the greed ones loved it. Lust demons preferred sex, and so Incubi were locked up as quickly as possible. What Farvish was doing was based on instinct and not experience.

"Oh father, I've tried. Even now, I would prefer not to talk and instead do such malicious things in the church with anybody; including you." The spell may have worked, but this girl was truthful.

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It made him smile lecherously. "It seems my daughter that we are faced with a problem that can't be fixed quickly. Our Lord forgives all that repent, but you, you need something more." "Something more?" She didn't ask a question, just a repeat of words. Farvish now knew she was under the spell. Now all he had to do is do what he did best. Unlike Succubi, Incubi were in control of sexual situations unless the relinquished it.

It was a part of their contracts, ingrained in the make-up of the male lust types. For Farvish, this meant that it was time for him to bust out his abilities. Farvish didn't feed like a standard incubus would with his cock plunging in and out of a female well, anything. Instead, black tendrils snaked from his body. He continued the conversation to keep the woman placate. "My daughter, I would like to help you, but you have to give yourself to me." "Give myself?" "Yes, take your clothes off." "Father?" "I will help you, but your clothes need to be off." Farvish heard rustling and a wicked smile spread across his face.

His back tendrils snaked their way through the mesh that separated the two in the confessional booth. "Father?" "Hush my child, and continue." The woman listened and obeyed his command. "I'm done, father." "Good. Now, be quite and allow me to help you." 
 Farvish spread the tentacles throughout her side of the confessional, cutting off any light.

He did this for two reasons. One being that in the dark, devious deeds were best conducted. The second was that as the black tendrils would block out and completely silence the inevitable screams of pleasure that were about to come from her.

Once complete, Farvish felt around for the warm skin of the girl. She jumped when one of the tentacles touched her. She called out for him in confusion, but he shushed her, telling her everything was not only going to be okay but that she would be feeling great in a few seconds. Another tentacle found her stomach before wrapping around it. She tensed up, but he only smiled, not worried about her uneasiness. Trapped, Farvish was in complete control. The first tentacle wrapped around and ankle.

Another grabbed her other foot before prying her legs apart. She screamed in fear, but it did not deter him from his mission of penetration. A fourth tentacle found her pussy and it snaked into it, probing through her wet lips.

The scream stopped, and she made a noise of surprise. Farvish was glad that she understood now what was going to happen, and as she relaxed, he rewarded her with the probing tentacle. The experience of having one of his tentacles in a wet vagina diminished. Farvish had only just begun the coupling, but he hadn't even surged a phallus from the tip of the tentacle.

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As much as he was an incubus, the fear went through him. He had never actually had sex with a mortal before and worse, the only sex he had was with a few different succubi, and the experience had left him exhausted. They fed upon him and as Farvish listened to the moans of pleasure from the girl.

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Heart racing he began to probe her body with various tentacles. One found another orifice just below her vagina. Farvish realized this was her anus, and he slipped a tentacle into it. The girl bucked before giving a major sign of enjoyment. Other found her nipples and wrapped around her breasts before trying to delve into the actual points of pleasure.

They couldn't, but it stimulated the pleasure points. A final one found her mouth, and it forced itself down her throat. Farvish twirled the probes around, even adding more tendrils to feel around her soft flesh. The experience was a unique one he surmised, and eventually, the girl moaned before shaking into an explosive orgasm. He pulled everything away from her leaving his tendrils to sound proofing. "My daughter, how do you feel?" "I-need-um-more.

Please-Father." The request astounded him. A succubus went until one released or at least until he did. There was never a request for more. Was this what it was to have sex? Farvish thought no if it were, he'd be in there instead of his tentacles. Sighing, he as an incubus had to give the lady what she wanted.

Though, without direct contact, he would not be able to feed upon her. No matter, at least he could practice with his appendages. Tentacles found their places within and on the girl. "Oh God Father, this is just amazing," she said. "Just wait for my daughter." With a push, the tentacles at the ends surged, and the girl screamed in release. Farvish had found something to entertain himself and so he tried various things on the girl. Next was bringing the tentacles back to their original small size, but getting the girth, he just added tentacles to her orifices.

It was unbelievable how much he could fit into the holes, and his subject never protested. Sucked not being able to see her, but at least he could tell when she was cumming. There was always a scream when she came and by the fourth, her pussy started pouring out juices in spraying gushes. Next, Farvish pulled all his tentacles out and just used one to probe as deep as he could into her pussy.

Eventually, he found that there was a limit to how deep he could go there. The girl shifted and moaned. "Father, please, don't tease. Make them bigger. More." Laughing, Farvish drove the tentacle into her anus and found that there didn't seem to be a limit at all to how far the snaking thing could go.

So he kept on until the girl started gagging. His tentacle erupted from her mouth, and he continued laughing. "Are you ready for the thickness?" There was a moan, and the tentacle grew in diameter. While that happened, a second thick one snaked into the human's pussy again. Farvish figured she would give up, or even beg for an end to this. Instead, she had another orgasm and continued to cover the floor of the confessional with her sex.

The whole thing was starting to get Farvish worked up and his fear of his pleasure dissipated. After her orgasm ended the tentacles retracted from her once more. She collapsed in a coughing fit. "Its time my child to show you a better way." "Yes, father. Please give me more. I wish I could have you in here." So did he, but he didn't tell her that. Instead, he brought three tentacles out of the mass inside the small room and willed three cocks out of the black tips.

Thick and long, the three snaked back into her. Farvish had felt the heat of a pussy before, but somehow she was better than a succubi's. Before succubus partners had berated him, told he was weaker, had his masculinity called into question, but the human, she screamed, begged for more and even began to take an interest in giving back.

Fingers wrapped around the tentacle in her mouth and Farvish worried that she was going to make him stop there. Instead, she pulled it out and began licking the tip. The effort made Farvish shake in his pleasure now, really feeling it for the first time. He was amazed and realized something important right then with the girl. She could be used to make himself stronger. All a succubus and incubus were in the grand scheme of things were batteries.

They stored energy within themselves and later used it to cast spells and for sustenance. The more energy stored, the more powerful the demon. Lust Demons used sexual energy for this purpose but to absorb; an incubus was at a disadvantage. They could take power from succubi with ease, being their purpose was to strengthen the male demons. Incubi, however, could not feed easily on an actual human, which is what gave Farvish an idea about how to go about getting energy.

Ashkrath had provided the solution in a way. All Farvish had to do was corrupt the girl, which was turning out to be an easy task. Then give her the ability to store energy like a succubus and he was set. She already craved sex, and so the girl was well on her way to already being succubus-like. All he had to do was infect her with demonic essence, which would be his cum, and make her addicted to him. She shook again in orgasm but continued to suck on his tentacle cock.

The other two tentacles that had his sex organ at their tips began to expand. One issue that Farvish found while he was ramming them in and out of her holes is that he found the orifices not as tight as he would have liked them. With a surge of power, the probing tools grew in diameter until he liked how they felt. His partner shook in yet another orgasm, and Farvish felt the stirrings of his end beginning. He had put the girl through a lot. Hopefully, no one in the church was concerned with how long this confessional was taking, but Farvish at this moment cared little about that.

The pace of his attacks increased until it was almost at a fevered pitch; Sweat began to roll off of Farvish's brow as he neared release. There was a need to finish that the incubus hadn't ever experienced before. No succubus had ever made him feel this way, and the poor human girl quickly became a thing for release over anything for mutual pleasure. Only he mattered now and the third cock, the one that she had been so lovingly teasing, surged back down her throat. Everything was building, and the climax hit.

Farvish's world went blank. Such pleasure had been denied him his entire life and like a king deserving, he shook in the priest's side as his darkness filled the girl. It took awhile for both of them to recover. The priest only regained awareness after he heard the girl moving around. The tentacles had returned of their accord and light again filtered to the girl. "Father?" She asked for him with a whisper. "Yes, my daughter?" "What was that?" "That was salvation coming to you." He could tell she was getting dressed now.

The movements became louder as the fabric was moved around. "Father, what now?" Her voice was still weak, and Farvish waited a few seconds. His essence should already be corrupting her.

He waited and then she started cooing. With a smile, he answered. "My daughter, now you seek salvation continually.

Go out, find men, do whatever you can with sex. Love them, need them, never feel guilty for what you have become. You will return here for confessions once a day and receive your salvation." "Yes, father." The door closed shut, probably harsher than it was meant to, but Farvish waited in the booth.

No one else came and so he after the time was up, he left to find Ashkrath. The church was empty and his steps echoed as he made his way though it. He knew where his master would be, but it took a few minutes to get there. In the basement of the church, there was an exceptionally large room.

Ashkrath, during her first night at the church, had taken all of the bedding she could find and had put it into this room. It was in this chamber that he found Ashkrath. Three blue bodies lay at the edge of the room while eight healthy looking boys were standing in a circle Ashkrath. She was currently sucking one of them off and was in her full demonic form.

Her red skin appeared in flashed between the limbs of the boys. Slurping filled the room, and Farvish continued to watch. If he remembered correctly, this boy's name that she was currently molesting was Peter. Probably named for the guy in the book he preached on.

Whatever the reason for his name, he was Ashkrath's favorite, something about a major endowment for such a young one. The kid shook, no doubt reaching the finish. He slumped a little, and Ashkrath moaned before laying down on her back. "You there, fuck me, the rest of you, keep going." One of the choir boys, a sandy-haired fellow, got on top of Ashkrath and proceeded to fuck her.

Her moans grew louder, and Farvish witnessed as the rest of the boys, besides Peter, continued to jack off. It didn't take long for the sandy-haired boy to cry out. He turned blue as he shook violently in raptured delight. Horns sprouted up, and he fell off of Ashkrath, who was screaming yes over and over and as loud as she could. The sandy haired boy stood up, walked over to the wall and collapsed.

Farvish realized he was witnessing Ashkrath converting the choir boys into a sizable incubus force. It was evident to him that she hadn't thought of the issue of what she was going do with eleven incubi. They had to be fed and taught. Worse, there were few days until they were needed to sing again. How she was even managing such demonic things in a church was also beyond him. He hadn't pondered this stuff, but the church must have been a center for sin long before the demons had shown up.

He wondered what it was that turned such a holy place dark. Thoughts were interrupted by watching Ashkrath crawl over to Peter to blow him again. Once completed another boy was fucking her, but there was a change. All as one the remaining boys ejaculated onto Ashkrath. The sight was weird, but Farvish watched as the cum disappeared into Ashkrath' skin. There was a strange sound and her appearance changed. Farvish hadn't noticed it before, or even as she had been feeding over the past couple of days, but the succubus was no longer the long-limbed and skinny.

There were curves now, and Farvish could see that she was oozing sexuality now, even as she fed upon the choir boys. The boy fucking came and turned into another blue incubus. Again, Ashkrath began the cycle again; but Farvish grew bored of watching. So he left and waited. It was hours before Ashkrath emerged from the room. She was licking her fingers as she walked past Farvish. The air sang with power as she passed and Farvish followed her. "What do you want?" she asked.

"Wanted to inform you that Alice has left and is on her way to tracking down your rival demon." She paused before heading into a room where the nun clothes were washed and kept. As she tried on various ones, most of which were now too small to fit across her bountiful chest. Sighing, she remembered that she was in her demonic form and became human. "Good then. Farvish, you are quickly becoming too weak to keep around.

I just created a fantastic group of horny incubi." "I know, which is why I need to tell you that we still have to maintain appearances until the confrontation." She got fully clothed and even dawned a headdress. "That is good Farvish." He nodded. "So what you can do now is go and get Peter out of the room of incubi. He is drained and needs to recover." "Couldn't bring yourself to do it huh?" She growled at him.

He looked at her, realizing that no matter how powerful she became, Farvish would always have his ace in the hole. Her days were numbered, and he whistled as he left to obey her command.