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Latino doctors physical gay twink tube and teen male doctor videos
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AUTHORS NOTE: Thanks for all the great feedback so far, I'm not sure how long this story will run for as it has changed quite a bit from my initial plans. We'll just have to see what happens. Enjoy Part 7: Caitlyn After school I went to my gymnastics class, I really enjoyed it but I was having a hard time concentrating.

I couldn't get what Lauren had done for me at lunch out of my head. The way she had slapped that bitch, made her cry and then forced her to apologize to me. I had gotten so wet watching her and then the kiss we'd shared afterwards. I just couldn't wait to get her alone tonight, I had special plans for her.

Once we had finished I met up with my best friend Sara in the locker room. We were undressing, getting ready to shower. I didn't usually pay much attention to the other girls, I was always lusting after Lauren with no room in my mind for any other girls. But today was different, after finally getting a taste of some sweet girl love my outlook towards other girls had definitely changed.

I couldn't help but admire Sara's bubble butt and C-cup breasts as she removed her leotard, pulling the strap out from between her butt cheeks. I shook my head, trying to get my focus back, I needed to ask her for a favor, not jump her bones right now. "Sara, can you do me a really big favor?" "Sure Cat, whatcha need?" she always called me cat, I wouldn't let anyone else get away with it, but she got special treatment.

I didn't quite know how to ask as it was kind of a weird request, but Sara knew all my secrets so I just blurted it out. "Can I borrow some of your toys?" I could feel myself blushing, but hoped no one else could notice, since I was still hot and sweaty after the hard work we'd just done.

Sara sat down, pulling her tights and panties off her feet, just wearing a sports bra now, "You want to borrow my 'toys'?

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Since when did you use dildos? I thought you preferred your fingers to hard rubber." Sara and I had spent many a sleepover talking about the boys and girls she liked and my lust for Lauren. Sara had shown me how to get myself off properly, sometimes we'd have little masturbation sessions and she showed me her sex toy collection.

Her mother kept buying her toys, I thought it was kind of weird, and she didn't have a dad but I liked her mum anyway. "Well&hellip.things have changed recently," I started pulling off my own tights, glad to finally get those tight clothes off, a bit of cool air on my hot skin.

Sara looked at me quizzically for a second, then a huge smile broke out across her face. "You did it didn't you!?! You fucked Lauren!" "Shhhhhh! Don't be so loud!" I looked around, but no one seemed to be paying attention to us, there was just the usual level of chatter and laughter of 20 teenage girls in a locker room.

"Yeah we did, twice last night" I could feel my nipples tingling and getting hard just thinking about it again. I don't think I was ever going to be able to stop thinking about it. "Well come on, tell me about it!" Sara grabbed her towel, shampoo etc. and headed for the showers. I quickly grabbed my gear and followed her, my gaze was drawn again to the flexing mounds of her buttocks and her long black hair that almost reached her ass.

"We don't have enough time to tell you all the details, but it was awesome, better than I ever could have dreamed. And I want to give her a special treat tonight and I thought about using something of yours" Sara turned on a shower and stepped under the spray, running her hands thru her hair, I couldn't help myself, I kept staring at her as I started my own shower.

Sara had such large breasts, it was almost funny sometimes watching her at gymnastics, and they would shake and lurch all over the place as she would tumble, flip and move around.

She would complain about them, but I know she loved them and the attention they got her. I just wished she went to my school so I could spend more time with her.

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"Sorry Cat, I can't get you anything tonight, Mum just got a promotion so we're going out for dinner tonight. We could try and meet tomorrow afternoon or something if you want?" Damn, I thought, what to do now I wondered?


Sara, didn't live very close and she was home schooled so we didn't get to see each other as often as I would have liked. One of us would usually spend Saturday night at the others place every weekend, otherwise it was just Monday nights at gymnastics right now. "How about I come over on Friday and spend the weekend, I could show you how to use them properly," Sara had a look in her eye that I'd never seen before.

Did she want to get a piece of Lauren too? When Sara and I played at our sleepovers we didn't usually get each other off, just lying side by side, legs and arms touching, as we brought ourselves off. Sara loved her toys, but I preferred to use my fingers on myself. "Do you think you'll be able to spend the whole weekend? It's Easter and mum and dad will be gone the whole time for their wedding anniversary" Just the thought of spending that much time alone with Lauren and Sara had my clit tingling, my pussy was getting wet and it wasn't the shower causing it.

"Of course she will, you know mum lets me do anything I want," Sara was soaping her pussy now, or at least that's how it looked, but I knew her and from the way her voice quavered I could tell she was really just rubbing her clit.

Sara loved to get herself off sneakily in the showers, surrounded by all these hot girls who had no idea what she was doing. "I'll get mum to call your parents, I'll make her come up with something to convince them to let me stay" Sara could always get her mum to do whatever she wanted, I wished I could.

Sara froze for a second, biting her lower lip, her eyes half closed, obviously cumming and trying hard not to show it. I just watched as I continued to shower in a more normal manner. After a few seconds her eyes opened and she grinned at me, "Mmmm I needed that, you should try it sometime, it's so intense trying not to let anyone else know." "I always know you little tramp!" I laughed at her as I began rinsing off.

"Yeah you know, but you're my special little Cat!" Sara let out her funny little purr that she would use when trying to con me into doing something stupid. "Let's get finished, we can't spend all afternoon in the shower together," then she leant toward me whispering, "not today anyway".

My heart gave a little lurch at the thought, what was going through Sara's mind right now? We finished showering, dried off and went to get dressed as we made plans for the weekend.


Mum and dad were already waiting in the parking lot for me, so I jumped in the car and immediately apologized for being so late, I needed to be a good girl if I wanted Sara to stay over. They continued on with their usual babble, hardly paying any attention to me on the drive home. We stopped at a pizza place and Dad went inside to pick up some dinner for us. Mum turned to me and asked, "How's Sara today sweety?" "She's good mum, she said to say hello" "I'm sorry you won't be able to go to her place this weekend, but with us going away I don't want to leave Lauren alone with Alex, they'd probably destroy the house fighting without you there to keep the peace" she laughed.

I couldn't believe mum had given me such an easy opportunity to bring up the subject, way to go mum I thought. "How about she come over to our place this time?

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Please mum, it would be great to have her keep us company and she gets on really well with Lauren and we'll be really good. Alex will probably be out with his friends anyway" I was starting to babble so I stopped talking.

"I don't know honey, the four of you in the house, you wouldn't be planning on having a party or something?" "Of course not mum, you know I don't have enough friends to have parties," I put a little quiver in my voice, putting my head down and letting my hair fall down around my face. I didn't have many friends and mum was always on at me to get out more often, but I liked the small circle I had and preferred to keep it that way.

But mum was a sucker for the guild trip so I went with it. "Oh I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean it like that, I know I can trust you, it's just that your only 15 and it's a big responsibility leaving the three of you alone for 4 days." "Well it would be four of us and Sara is 16 so it's even safer." I'm not sure if my argument actually made sense but it seemed to work. "OK, I'll talk to your father about it" "Thanks mum, it really means a lot to me that you trust me, I won't let you down, I promise!" YES, I thought, done deal.

Dad finally came out with the pizza and we headed home. We pulled into the driveway and I jumped out, eager to see Lauren. "Don't' forget your bag Caitlyn" Dad reminded me, I doubled back and grabbed it, so mum bet me to the door, opening it and calling out, "Lauren, we're home!" Mum headed for the bathroom and I walked into the kitchen, dropping my bag by the stairs. To say I was shocked by what I saw would be an understatement. Lauren was running across the lawn, holding a shirt in one hand and wearing a tiny skirt that was hiked up around her waist, grass stains on her legs and back and Dusty jumping at her heels.

What the hell had she been doing? She dove headlong into the pool just before Dad walked into the kitchen. "What is that girl doing now? Swimming at this time of day, go tell her to get cleaned up, it's time for dinner" Dad sounded like he was half annoyed and half trying not to laugh.

I guess he hadn't actually seen her half naked body, he'd just heard the splash. I quickly ran and grabbed a towel before heading outside. Lauren was holding onto the near side of the pool, so all you could see was her head and Dusty had wandered off down the yard, sniffing and licking at a spot on the ground. "Caitlyn, oh my god am I glad to see you, you've got to help me," she sounded close to panic.

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"What on earth were you doing? Dad almost saw you, but he sent me out here to get you out of the pool." As I got to the edge of the pool, I could see that she still didn't have her shirt on. She looked embarrassed, "I was playing with Dusty but Alex came home and caught me, he made me do things with him and then he ran off and left me when he heard the car in the driveway." I was stunned, "What did that bastard do to you?" "Later, just get me out of here, please!" she looked close to tears now.

"Come down to the other end," I led her to the other end of the pool, where we couldn't be seen from the kitchen and held up the towel for her.

Lauren climbed out, clothes dripping wet and stepped into my arms. I wrapped the towel around her, rubbing her back briskly, I could feel her shivering. "Take off that skirt, and wrap the towel around yourself, Dad won't be able to tell you're naked under it." I kept hold of the towel, shielding her from any possible view from inside the house as she stepped back before slipping the skirt down her thighs and dropping the shirt as well.

She was covered in goose bumps, and her nipples were sticking out at least a centimeter. I quickly wrapped the towel back around her, before bending down and grabbing her clothes, no panties as usual I thought. I didn't want to walk inside carrying her wet clothes, which might raise some questions, so I carried them around the corner and stashed them under some bushes. "Right, lets get you inside and warmed up" I grabbed Lauren by the arm and led her inside.

Dad was at the counter, getting some plates of a cupboard. "What on earth were you doing Lauren, you knew that it would be time for tea, not time for you go to off all hare brained and swimming, it's too damn cold for that" then he glanced up and looked at her. One look and you could tell that something wasn't right, she was shaking and a little too pale. "Lauren, are you alright?" he asked, concern obvious in his voice. "It's okay dad, Dusty and I were playing and he knocked me into the pool and I swallowed some water.

I didn't plan on going swimming today." I kept us moving towards the stairs, eager to get away before more questions could be asked. "Don't' worry dad, I'll take care of her, get her into the shower and warmed up" He was still frowning, but seemed to believe Laurens story, "alright, I'll put some pizza in the oven for you, keep it warm" I pushed Lauren up the stairs and into our room, I leaned back against the door, phew! We'd gotten away clean.

There might be more questions later, but we had time to think and I could find out the whole story now. Lauren was just sitting on her bed, she'd let go of the towel so now it was just covering her lap, her hard nipples pointing at me. I didn't quite know what to do, what had happened with Alex?

Had he raped her or was it something else? I went and sat down next to her, putting my arms around her, I hugged her to me. "Lauren, are you ok? What happened?" "I need a shower, I'm all sticky" she didn't look at me, she just got up and walked into the bathroom. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I didn't want to give Alex anything else to see, so I grabbed a chair from my desk and followed Lauren into the bathroom, then wedging the chair under the other door so it couldn't be opened.

"Lauren? Talk to me, tell me what happened?" I was getting quite concerned now, was she in shock or something? She turned on the shower, before turning to me and pulling me into another hug. "I'm fan-fucking-tastic! Just damn cold!" she whispered into my ear as she grabbed my t-shirt and pulling it up and over my head.

Her fingers started tracing along the edges of my bra, teasing me with her delicate touch as they lightly ran along the edges of my boobs. My back arched and I let out an involuntary gasp as she squeezed both of my breasts, rubbing her thumbs across my nipples.

Lauren bent down, kissing my neck, her hands running behind me, unclasping my bra and dragging the straps down my arms. My bra fell to the ground between us and Lauren continued kissing down from my neck, across my collar bone, and onto my left boob, before licking at my nipple.

She looked up into my eyes, just the tip of her tongue flicking my nipple as her hands ran down my back before cupping my ass and squeezing me. I moaned and grabbed her by the shoulders, pulling her up until I could kiss her, our lips mashing against each other. My tongue slipped between her lips, eagerly searching for hers, I tasted the inside of her mouth, and teasing her I pulled back as I felt her tongue pushing at me.

I eagerly sucked her tongue into my mouth as I ran my hands through her hair and she continued to squeeze and knead the cheeks of my butt. One of her hands moved between us, rubbing at the seam of my jeans, pushing hard against my pussy.

I ground my pussy into her hand, trying to direct the pressure towards my clit. Lauren pushed me back up against the sink, her beautiful blue eyes staring into mine as she undid the buttons on my jeans and started tugging the tight material down over my hips.

I wiggled my butt, helping her to slide them down, Lauren knelt down and grasped one calf and raised my foot, sliding my jeans off before repeating the process on the other leg. Keeping hold of my leg she raised my foot to her mouth, placing a light kiss on the top of my foot. "Your feet stink!" she giggled. "They do not!" I cried in indignation. She just laughed again, her breath warm on my toes as she again kissed my foot. A delicious shiver ran up my spine as she began sucking on my big toe, this was a new thing for me but I could feel myself getting wetter and warmth spreading out from my center.

My toe slipped from Lauren's mouth with a wet pop she began to lick and kiss her way up my calf, nibbling at the back of my knee, where she knew I had a sensitive spot. With both hands now grasping my thighs, she pushed me up until I was sitting on the bench.

"mmmmm, you smell so good and look at the mess you've made of your panties! They're all wet and you didn't even go swimming!" Her eyes were half closed as she looked up at me, a small smile playing on her face, her nose just inches away from my light pink panties, which I have to admit did have a very noticeable wet spot on them.

"Well at least I'm wearing some" was my witty comeback. "You'll regret it soon" was her unusual reply. Her tongue snaked out again, running along the wet spot before she pushed her mouth against me.

I could feel her breath against my pussy lips as she sucked on my panties, trying to get a better taste of me. "Take them off" I moaned in an urgent husky voice. Lauren just shook her head, continuing to nuzzle at my pussy through my panties which were now wet with her saliva and my juices. I reached down and grabbed my panties myself, I tried to wriggle them out from under my ass, but Lauren grabbed my hands, "Not yet" she whispered, then she slid my hands underneath my ass so I was sitting on them, before she returned her attention to my eager pussy.

Lauren was such a tease and it was driving me nuts, I wanted to give her something special tonight and here she was going down on me again! I couldn't complain though as I let out another moan when she pulled the crotch aside, baring my bald pussy to her gaze. My small lips were glistening with moisture and my clit stood out, craving her touch. She slipped a finger inside me, my tight pussy slowly giving way to the insistent pressure.

She soon reached my hymen, looking up at me she said, "We're going to have to get rid of that soon." "Not tonight, I want that to be something special for us later" I badly wanted Lauren to take my virginity but now wasn't the time, now I just wanted her to make me cum.

"Okay, but since I can't go any deeper in here," Lauren pumped her finger in and out my pussy a few times before pulling out. "Then I guess I'm going to have to put my finger somewhere else!" Lauren had an evil glint in her eye as her finger, now coated in my pussy juice slid down from my pussy to my little rosebud. She flicked her tongue across my clit, causing my hips to buck forward and her finger to push at my asshole. "Oh so you want my finger in your ass?" she flicked my clit again.

I groaned again in mix of pleasure and frustration as my hips involuntarily thrust forward again, this time Lauren pushed with her finger sending the tip into my ass. Damn my little sister, it had only been one day and already she could play me like a fiddle. "I knew that's what you wanted, since you're saving your pussy it must be your ass that you want to give me." Lauren pushed her finger steadily into my ass, I could feel each knuckle as it slid past my sphincter.

Lauren began wiggling her finger inside my butt, I could feel it moving around inside me as she again licked my clit, sending another shudder through my body and I clenched down on her finger.

"Your ass is so tight, I bet if you tried what I did today, you wouldn't be able to sit down for a week!" I was suddenly reminded of the state I had found her in, what did she do today? "What happened to your ass?" In any other situation a question like that would seem very weird I thought, but such ideas were quickly driven from my mind as Lauren sucked hard at my clit and began pumping her finger in and out of my ass.

"mmmph, later, mmmm" she gave out a muffled response as she licked, sucked and nibbled at my clit and pussy. Running her tongue up and down my lips, she would then suck my clit into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it before licking back down my lips and repeating the process.

I couldn't take it anymore and pulled my hands out from underneath me, they were kind of numb but I grabbed my tits anyway, pulling at nipples so my boobs extended out into cones before letting them go. I loved being rough with my nipples but tender with my pussy and Lauren had me so close to the edge, I was almost ready to come. "Hey, I didn't say you could use your hands!" Lauren sat back, looking at me as I pulled hard on my nipples and letting out another groan of frustration.


"Lauren!" my voice echoed around the room, shocking us both. I slapped a hand across my mouth, shit! If Alex is in his room he must have heard me and I didn't want that creep knowing what was going on in here. We both stared at his door for several moments before looking at each other. "Sorry" I whispered. "Since you like to shout my name all the time, I'm going to have to give your mouth something to keep it quiet," hmmm, I liked the sound of that idea.

I jumped down off the bench thinking I was going to get a chance to taste her sweet self again, when Lauren held up a hand, placing it on my stomach, "Don't move" she said. She then grabbed my panties and slowly slid them down my legs, I could feel her gaze on my hot pussy, my juices dribbling from between my lips.

"Lie down" she ordered me. I lay down on the cold floor, quivering in anticipation of Lauren's pussy in my mouth again. She leaned down, licking my lips before kissing me on the nose. I giggled at the weirdness of it, before Lauren muffled my giggles by stuffing my panties into my mouth. Lauren started laughing quietly at the look on my face, "Told you you'd regret wearing them, or maybe you don't, you do taste really good" I had to agree, I could taste myself on the cotton material and I could smell my own pussy as well.

Why had I never thought of doing this myself? With another kiss on the nose, Lauren pushed my panties completely into my mouth before she went back down between my legs. Pulling them apart and raising them up she exposed my nether regions to her lustful gaze. It wasn't long before I felt her tongue digging sliding between my lips, trying to force it into my pussy.

I went back to playing with my nipples, sucking on my panties as Lauren quickly got me back to the brink of orgasm. I could feel her fingers pushing at my butthole again, this girl really did have a fascination with trying to finger my ass, but I loved her and I was getting to like the ass fingering as well.

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I tried to relax my sphincter so she could push in more easily, I opened up and she pushed into me, oh wow, her finger felt much bigger this time. "Damn Caitlyn, you've got two of my fingers in your ass now!" Lauren slowly started to pump them in and out as she continued to tongue fuck my pussy. I began to feel it rising like a tidal wave, my toes curled and my stomach clenched. I tried to cry out, but my cries were muffled by my own cum drenched panties, still stuffed in my mouth.

With a rush I began cumming, spraying my pussy juice on Laurens face as my cunt and ass spasmed on her fingers and tongue. She pulled her fingers from my ass and lightly licked my pussy lips as I shook and moaned. The waves of bliss seemed to go on and on, every time I thought I was coming back down, Lauren would suck on my clit and jam a finger back in my ass. I don't know if I just had one massive long orgasm or lots of smaller ones, but eventually Lauren relented and let me come down completely.

I just lay there on the floor, basking in the afterglow as she got up and began showering. After a couple of minutes, Lauren got out and began toweling herself off, "Are you just going to lie there, sucking on your panties or are you going to get up so we can get something to eat?" I pulled the panties from my mouth, "I thought you did just eat?" I was proud of myself for that one.