Micheal Mclees loves dicks and balls

Micheal Mclees loves dicks and balls
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SUCH GOOD FRIENDS Chapter eight—Mothers and Fathers Jen's mom, Jean, and Beth's mom, Molly, got to know each other as a result of the friendship of their daughters.

They became fast friends and met at least once a week for lunch and to catch up on the latest gossip. "You seem a little down lately," said Jean.

"Everything alright at Home?" "Frankly, no. My husband seems to have lost interest in having sex—at least with me. When I asked him about it, he said I was getting fat. When he does get around to fucking me, it's slam, bam, thank you ma'am. I haven't had an orgasm in months. So of course, I need lots of comfort food." "Well, you still look good to me, although you could stand to lose a few pounds.

For that matter, I could lose a few myself. And besides, your boobs look terrific. I wish I had tits like yours." "What about you?" Molly asked. "You seem very content today. In fact you seem to have become much mellower over the past few months. Got a new man in your life?

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You've got that 'just laid' look about you today. Did some handsome hunk fuck your brains out this morning?" "As a matter of fact," Jean replied with a wicked grin. "I've taken a young lover and this morning he made me cum three times before he finally shot his load into me and made me cum again.

He's terrific. His stamina and energy are amazing and he never cums before me." "Lucky you. Lucky, lucky. Is this something serious or are you in it just to get laid?" "For some very good reasons, this relationship will never go beyond sex, although I have no intention to give it up. It is very, very good sex and I don't really want it to end. It will end though, and probably sometime soon and I will mourn that day when it comes.

I will especially miss his beautiful cock. He does things with it that you can't believe, even as it's happening." "Wow.

He sounds like every woman's dream," Molly replied with a wistful look. "Can I borrow him sometime?" She asked, only partially facetiously. "Well, I'm already sharing him with someone else. I'll have to check with them both. There may be a small chance that he would be willing.

Won't hurt to ask. You know how men are. They'll fuck anybody with tits—especially if they have tits as big as yours." "Oh that would be wonderful. When will you see him again?" "Tonight. We're having a threesome." "Tell him I'll do anything! Tell him I will even try to bring my daughter Beth and he can fuck both of us—that is if she is willing to give up her virginity.

I'll talk to her. I'll tell her that she will lose her cherry sooner or later and she will enjoy it more if she gives up her cherry to a great lover. She will be doing me a huge favor. I'm pretty sure she will agree." "In that case," Jean replied, "there's something that you need to know. The person I'm sharing him with is my own daughter, Jen. We have no secrets from each other and she told me when she lost her virginity to Mark, who as you know is also very close to Beth and that hot little red head, Megan.

She was so ecstatic that she positively glowed when he brought her home after he fucked her. When we talked about it, she raved so much about how great it was that I decided then and there that I would try to get him to fuck me too.

That happened the very next day and he fucked us both, over and over. He even fucked us both at the same time." "Do you think he's screwing Beth too?" "I know he is. Jen told me that he's been making love to Beth and Megan too. In fact, Mark took the virginity of all three girls, starting with Beth, and it was Beth's idea for the three girls to share him as their lover. Mark has been their friend and lover since school started.

If you look closely at them, you will see that they all have the look you get when you have been fucked hard and good by an expert lover." What Jean and Molly did not know was that Beth's father discovered that Beth was sexually active when he came across her birth control pills. When he confronted her, she refused to reveal her lover's identity.

Angered, he turned Beth over his knees, pulled up her skirt and started to spank her ass. Two things happened. First Beth quickly became aroused and her yelps of pain turned to moans of pleasure. Second, her father pulled her panties down so he could spank her bare ass. When he saw her reddened ass cheeks he caressed them instead.


"Ohhh Daddy. Don't stop," she moaned as she kicked her panties off. He caressed her instead of swatting her because he suddenly became aware that she had a gorgeous ass. She moved her legs apart, exposing her platinum blond bush and her pink slit which was already leaking moisture.

Unable to stop himself and overcome with lust and desire, he moved his hand down her leg, than back up to her pussy. When he reached his goal, he squeezed her mound with his hand and because she was so wet, his middle finger slipped into her cunt. Beth stood up and frantically pulled her cheer leader sweater off, then unsnapped her bra.

Slipping it off, she stood naked in front of him, shoulders back, and tits standing proud on her chest. "Please fuck me, Daddy. Take your clothes off and do it to me. Kiss my tits. Suck my nipples. I want your cock. I want you to stick your cock into my cunt and fuck me hard.

You can spank me again if you want. I loved it." Beth undid his pants as her father removed his shirt. When they were both naked, Beth dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock and took it in her mouth and started to suck. After a few minutes of sucking his cock, Beth looked up at her father and asked, "Do you like my naked body, Daddy? Do you want to fuck me? You have a beautiful, big cock and I want to feel it inside me." "Oh, Beth. You have a lovely, sexy body that any man, including me, would love to fuck.

But I can't. You're my daughter and it isn't right." Beth lay back on her bed, spread her legs and said, "Eat my pussy Daddy. Lick and suck my clit." His self control nearly gone, he dropped to his knees and licked her from her asshole to her clitoris. He grabbed and mauled both tits while he sucked and nipped her clit. Beth thrust her hips up against his mouth trying to get more sexual pleasure. "Ohhh, Daddy. I want you. I'm ready. Please fuck me.

Stick that gorgeous cock in my cunt and fuck my brains out. Please. I need it. I need it now." Beth grabbed his rock hard cock and pulled to her opening. With the last of his resistance, he tried to pull away, but when he felt the head of his cock touch her hot, wet entrance, he lost all control and thrust his hips and slammed his cock all the way into her tight young cunt. Her cunt muscles rippled up and down his cock, trying to pull him deeper.

The sensation was amazing. He stroked his cock hard and deep into her body, slowly at first then faster and faster, spurred on by her moans and sexual chatter.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels wonderful. I love your cock. I love your fucking. Shove it in deeper. Ohmigawd. Uh, uh, uh, fuck, fuck, faster, faster, harder, fuck me, fuck me," she chanted in time with his strokes. "Come in me. I want to feel your hot cum fill up my cunt." When she felt his hot seed spurting deep inside her cunt, she reached her own orgasm with a loud wail of pleasure. Afterwards, they lay quietly in each other's arms. His free hand gently caressed her breasts and her abdomen down to her bush and then slowly back to her tits.

Repeating the cycle over and over was very relaxing but also very arousing. Beth could feel his cock hardening and pushed back against it.

"I want to fuck you again," he whispered. "Do you want to?" she replied. "Daddy, you can fuck me any time you want me. I'll always be ready. I love the way your big cock fills me up. Tonight when Mom is asleep, come to my bedroom. I'll be naked and waiting for you." "OK. I'll be there. But right now I want to fuck you again," he said as he pushed her on to her back, then rolled his own body over hers. Reaching down between them, she grabbed his cock and guided it to her cunt entrance, which was still wet and well lubricated with their juices.

His cock slid easily into her and this time they made love slowly and gently until they both reached a satisfactory orgasm." After supper, the three watched a movie on television until Molly dozed off. Beth slid closer to her father so he could put his arm around her neck. When Molly didn't wake, he unbuttoned Beth's pajamas and fondled her tits and nipples.

After a few minutes, he slid his other hand inside her pajama pants and slipped his finger into her slit, searching for and finding her clitoris. Beth leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Why don't you take her to bed, then when you're sure she's fast asleep you can come to me—and cum in me," she said with a devilish smile. Her father woke Molly and helped her to their bedroom and then anxiously waited for her to fall asleep.

Although it was only a few minutes before she started to quietly snore, it felt like hours. He turned out the lights then gave her an additional five minutes before he slowly and quietly slipped out of bed. He watched her for a minute to be sure she didn't awaken, then tip-toed to Beth's bedroom.

He opened the door to find her standing next to her bed. She was completely naked and was a vision of young sexy womanhood. His cock instantly swelled and rose as he admired her beauty.

"Fuck me, Daddy," she whispered. So he did. Fucking Molly could in no way compete with fucking Beth and eventually Molly began to suffer—and to gain weight. Beth, however, was in heaven. She was getting laid almost every day by men she loved. Meanwhile, at Jean's and Jen's house, Mark had finished servicing both women and the three were catching their breath in Jean's king-size bed.

"Mark?" Jean asked. "I need you to do me and my best friend a big big favor." "I'll help you if I can. What do you need?" "I need you to arrange to meet with Beth's mother, Molly, and to seduce her. She is being ignored by her husband and is very, very horny. Because she is so sexually deprived, she is over eating and her weight gain apparently is off-putting to her husband.

If you agree, Molly will try to get Beth to come along with her. Molly's idea is that letting you take Beth's virginity will be enough to induce you to fuck Molly. You are certainly capable of fucking them both. I know you've already taken her cherry and I'm sure that Beth will come along to help her mother and to get laid herself." A few phone calls later, the tryst was arranged for the next morning after Molly's husband left for work.

They were to meet at Molly's house. After a bit of pleading, Beth agreed to let Mark fuck her after he fucks her mother. Shortly after Molly's husband left for work, Mark arrived at their house.

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Beth let him in and took him to the living room and introduced him to her mother. "You already know why you're here," Molly told him. "I need you to fuck me to orgasm. If it's satisfactory, then you can do my daughter too. First let Beth show you what you will be getting if you make me happy." Beth stood up in front of Mark and slowly removed her clothes until she was totally naked. She stepped closer to where he sat and put her breast to his mouth and let him kiss and suck her nipple.

Stepping back, she watched as Molly undressed until she too was naked. She and Beth then quickly stripped Mark until he too was naked.

His cock was stiff and angled up toward the two naked women. Beth of course was a picture of desirable, young sexy womanhood and Mark never tired of seeing her naked, nor did he tire of seeing her panting under him as he thrust his cock vigorously into her hot twat. Molly's body had its own form of sexual attraction, a body type much desired in previous centuries.

Her curves were oversized but well defined. Her breasts were very large but had only slight sagging. Her areolas were large, and her nipples grew stiff and hard as Mark admired them. "Do you want to fuck me?" Molly asked, breathless with desire and anticipation. "Or, do you want to fuck Beth first?" "I want to fuck both of you," Mark replied. "You are both very sexually attractive and any man would be proud and happy to have this opportunity." With that he took them both by the arm and led them back to the master bedroom.

He pulled Beth against his hard body and pulled her ass so that his cock was trapped between their bodies. "Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked.

"Always," she replied. "In all ways." He released Beth then wrapped his arms around Molly. "I want you," he whispered. Molly was panting heavily as she responded. "Put this in me," she said as she grasped his cock. "I want to fuck. I need to cum." Mark lay her down on the bed then got on the bed between her legs which she spread wide to accommodate him. He kissed and sucked her nipple and pushed two fingers into her pussy, lightly caressing her clitoris.

When his finger reached her clit, her entire body twitched and she moaned heavily. Beth crawled on the bed next to her mother and started to suck on her other nipple. Mark was able to reach Beth's pussy with his other hand and stuck a finger into her cunt, pushing it in until he reached her g-spot, causing her to moan as well. "Fuck me now," Molly gasped. "I need your cock. Please put it in me," she begged as she raised her knees.

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Mark reached for his cock and guided it to her cunt and thrust it into her cunt. He started slowly, thrusting the entire length into her. He gradually increased the speed and power of his strokes as she responded with soft cries of enjoyment.

Soon his strokes were such that his cock was coming completely out of her cunt before plunging back into the depths of her sex. He and Beth continued to suck her nipples and Mark continued to stimulate Beth's cunt with his finger.

When Beth got wet enough, he was able to slip two, then three fingers into her twat. To help Molly along, Mark reached down between their bodies and pushed down on her clitoris with his thumb.

Molly came immediately with a loud wail of pleasure. Still hard, Mark continued to pound into Molly, whose sexual parts had increased in sensitivity following her orgasm. Mark's thumb remained busy and a few seconds later, Molly came again. At her side, Beth reached her own orgasm from the stimulation of Mark's three fingers.

Molly quickly came for a third time and still Mark continued to pound into her body. Molly came again, then again.

Finally, with a loud scream, she passed out, overcome with sexual stimulation and pleasure. When she regained consciousness, she saw that Mark was pounding his cock into Beth just as Beth achieved her own orgasm. "Ohmigawd Mark! That was incredible. When will you be able to fuck us again?" "Well, you should know," Mark replied, "that Beth and I have been making love for quite some time and we want to continue.

As for you, I'll make a deal with you. Each time you lose two pounds, we will fuck and I guarantee you orgasm." "Done!" Molly replied. Meanwhile, Megan's mother, Dana, was fuming. She had been suspicious for some time that her husband was having an affair and recently confirmed it was true, although she did not know with whom.

She did not want to confront him because she could not afford a divorce, nor did she have the skills or training to support her and Megan. As for her husband, Bill, he was enjoying the company and sexual favors of his own daughter Megan. It started innocently enough. Megan walked into the bathroom and surprised her naked father as he was shaving after his shower and hadn't bothered to get dressed first. "Whoops. Sorry," Megan said as she backed out of the room.

When Bill got dressed, he knocked on Megan's door intending to apologize.

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"Come in Dad," she called. Entering her room, Bill saw that she was wearing a skimpy bikini that she was going to wear at a pool party at Jen's house. "Megan, I'm sorry. I should be more careful with locks and stuff. Are you OK? I know that a surprise like that could cause some problems." "Not a problem, Daddy. I'll be OK. By the way, you have a handsome sexy body." Teasingly, Bill replied, "Well, I guess you could pay me back by showing me your naked body." "O Daddy," she answered with a twinkle in her eye.

"You don't really want to see me. Mom's body is much more attractive than mine. I'm too short and Mom's running everyday has given her a fabulous body, and you see hers nearly every day." "Don't sell yourself short," he replied.

"You are a very attractive, beautiful and sexy woman that I know is admired by everyone that I know. I'm sure that the boys in school agree with me." "Do you really think that I have a sexy body?" "Of all the women I have known you are at the top in terms of beauty and sexiness." "In that case…" Megan said as she undid her bikini top and slid her bikini bottom off.

Standing naked and proud in front of her Daddy, she said, "OK, now we are even. Do you still think I'm sexy?" Overcome by the sight of her nakedness, he strode forward and took her in his arms and kissed her, pressing her body against his by pulling on her ass. "Take your clothes off Daddy," she said quietly. "I want you to make love to me." Bill threw is clothes off, and then got on the bed with Megan.

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She grasped his cock and said, "Put this in me." She straddled him and guided the tip of his cock to her entrance. Slowly, at first, since she was still a little dry, she started to hump her little body on his. As she got wetter, she increased the speed and depth of her humping until his cock was buried to the hilt in her little cunt. She kept it up until she came and he unleashed a flood of his sperm inside her sex.

Thus started Bill's affair. He and Megan fucked every chance they could safely do it without getting caught by Dana. Dana suspected Bill was having an affair but never dreamed that it was Megan who was screwing her own Dad.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she discovered cum stains on her sheets. Fuming, she started to try and form plans to put a stop to his affair without forcing a divorce.

Dana still ran everyday on a familiar five-mile course. That day however, she decided to tackle the eight-mile course because she needed to do some heavy thinking, and running always helped her to clear her mind.

Near the end of her run, she saw what looked like Mark's truck pulling into an abandoned farm. She thought she saw a glimpse of red in the passenger seat. "That looked like Megan's hair," she thought to herself. Curious, she stopped and quietly crept up the driveway, then moved into a cover of brush where she could see both the truck and the barn without herself being seen. She could see a little movement in the truck but could not make out what was happening. There was no way she could get closer without being seen.

The truck doors opened and Dana was surprised to see Mark and Megan walk hand in hand to the barn. Both were naked and they were obviously going to have sex, since Mark was carrying a blanket. Dana took the opportunity to sneak up to the barn where she could see them through one of the cracked wall boards. Mark had spread the blanket on a hay pile and they were busy making out, stimulating each other's bodies. When Mark took one of Megan's tits in his mouth, sucking and licking her nipples, Dana began to get aroused and started to squeeze her own tits.

Mark's hand moved to Megan's pussy, causing her to writhe and moan as he found her clitoris. Dana's pussy started a familiar tingle which she increased by rubbing her cunt through her running shorts. As Megan became more and more sexually aroused, so did Dana. Not satisfied with her masturbation, Dana pulled her sports bra off and rubbed her tits.


When Mark's fingers disappeared inside her daughters cunt, Dana pushed her running shorts down to allow her own fingers easy access to her cunt. Finally, she kicked her running shoes and socks off. Now naked, Dana masturbated furiously, trying to cum. "Wait a minute," she thought to herself. If Bill can have an affair, why can't I?" She stood up and walked into the barn to join the naked couple. Straddling Mark's body, Megan was first to see her mother entering the barn.

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"Mom! What in the world are you doing here? And where are your clothes?" "And where are yours, my dear? It should be obvious that I'm going to fuck your boy friend. If your father can have an affair with some woman, then I should be able to have one too." As Dana approached the couple, Megan stood up and stepped back.

Dana, without hesitation stepped over Mark, squatted down and forced his cock deep into her cunt. "There! You don't mind, do you Mark? When you make me cum, I'll finish my run and you two can continue what you started and what I so rudely interrupted. I prefer to be on the bottom," she said to Mark as she rolled him over her body, keeping his cock buried in her pussy.

He looked at Megan, who nodded her assent, then began to vigorously thrust his shaft in her willing cunt, keeping it up until Dana cried out as she came. As she got dressed, Dana told Mark that she would not tell Megan's father that Megan was fucking Mark so long as she could fuck Mark now and then. Mark was now in the middle of a very busy summer and was having sex almost every day, most times more than once with more than one partner.

…To be continued.