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Bianca Pureheart kleine Brüste Nutte Knall
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Ariana arrived last. She was tied to board wild eyed. The girls unloaded her in my torture room and then left quickly. Clair's legs were tied together at the thighs and her ankles to her waist.

Her hands were twisted behind her.

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She was wincing from all the fresh bruises on her vagina and inner legs. Sarah was tied to a board against the wall. Her big belly jiggled a little when she would flinch every few seconds.

Her crotch was also covered In bruises and a dildo three inches across was delivering a shock now and again. She would go into labor soon. And then I would introduce her to butt rape. I took my beaded whip and gave Ariana the first of many painful jolts by driving the beads into her clit.

A few seconds later it began to swell. Her little brown eyes were so cute pleading with me from behind the gag in her mouth. I took a special device and attached the pointy ends to the lips and clitoris. As I tightened them on her swollen genitals she squealed. I moved back over to Clair.

Her hips were so much fun squeeze. I pulled out my cock and dangled it in front of her face. She immediately starter crying and twisting to get free. She knew what was next. She had been in my room for a couple days longer than Sarah and I had told her what would happen when ariana was here to see. I spun her around. Her purple inner thighs were soon invaded by the head if my dick. She tried so hard to stand up that the ropes around her thighs started leaving bruises of their own.

But it was no use. Her body was trapped, waiting for me. I pushed the head gently inside her ass hole. Her cries grew louder. They silenced for a second after what I did next. With one motion I grabbed her round hips and sunk my cock all the in to her. Then she caught her breath and screamed horribly. The pain she was in made me want to cum. So I started fucking her swollen ass with as much force as I could drive into her. I was almost done when another idea occurred. I went to her mouth and removed the gag.

She didn't say anything. Just stared at me with fear and obedience. I put my dick to her lips and she opened her mouth just a little.

With on hand I grabbed the back of her blond head and with the other I held her nose and then shoved my dick down the back of her throat. For next 45 seconds while I blew my load into her throat,she just twisted and cried for air. I caressed and squeezed her tits while I did. When I was done, I flipped off the light. And left them. Clair gasping, having been violated twice today in new ways.

Ariana was still in shock, trying to find out where she was or why I was causing her small vagina so much pain. Sarah got shocked all night, and went into labor after being awake for 110 hours.

She would never sleep again. I came back in the morning to find 2 surprises.


the first was that Sarah's legs and abdominal were raised and very tense from the labor contractions. The dildo had fallen out because of it too. The second was a puddle of liquid around Sarah's and Claire"s feet.

Sarah's was her water breaking, but the one around Claire legs was girl come. I took the gag out her mouth and she looked up at me and immediately said "Let me hurt the other two with you. Please?" I liked the idea. So I undid all her ties. She fell onto her side and gasped, Relaxing all the muscles she couldn't all night.

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I gave her a pack of cookies and a bowl of weed and poured her a cup if water. She gratefully took them and with a lot of difficulty sat up. She put as little weight as possible on her butt. I uncoupled Sarah's restraints, but kept her hands tied together. She fell forward onto her knees and i pulled her hands down behind her and tied them around her belly. The wailed through the gag but didn't have the energy to resist.

Clair had stood up and walked stiffly over to Ariana. She grabbed the device still clamped tightly on her clitoris and twisted to the left, then the right.

Ariana's body arched in pain while Clair laughed. Laughing must have hurt because she topped and sat down in a chair next to her. She gently started rubbing her clit while she twisted Ariana's with metal. I walked over to them and left Sarah to her contractions her simpered were loud.

So was Ariana's heart beat. I took her shirt off, which was the last thing covering her body. Her boobs were very large for such a small girl. I pinched both her nipples as hard as i could. She arched and whined again.

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I lowered her down so he was sitting on the concrete floor where Clair had knelt all night. I got two glass dildos from a drawer and told Clair to lift Ariana's legs. She struggled but the bigger girl held her butt in the air. Ariana shook her head and kept struggling. I knelt and jammed the wide glass up her butt. I used the other dildo to beat her thighs and vagina. I only stopped when her cunt was bleeding and the bruises started to show. I made Clair clean her up while i put the second dildo up her ass.

She flinched and reached down to pull it out. I caught her hand. "No hun. Your still my fuck toy. I'll tie you up again if you try to take it out. And I'll make you suffer even worse." She nodded and sat back on the plug.

She went back to cleaning and torturing her classmate. I went to check on Sarah. While her purple vagina dilated her ass got tighter from the pain. I looked her in the eyes and said, "you wont have this baby." Her expression of misery and terror was after that was too good to turn away from.

I pulled her head back by her hair so I could see her face while I put lube on her butt hole. She was young and her dark hair was soft. She had kids somewhere already. But her body was beautiful. I was going to use it up it one more day.

Clair crawled slowly over to me. I grabbed her by the shoulders and flipped her over onto her back and drove my fist into her chest and stomach five times.

It knocked the wind out her and she rolled and gasped for minute.

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When she could breath again she knelt quietly in front of me. I punched Ariana too. She continued to whimper and stare at me. I put me hands on Sarah's belly and felt her trying to push. She just kept screaming.


The room was sound proof so I let her. When her screams and twisting were the most violent I slid my dick in to her lubed butt hole. Her already tense leg muscles spasmed and pushed against my dick. She wailed as tendons in her pulled and ripped.

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I pushed down on her legs more, forcing her into doing the splits, her weight and mine resting on her giant bruised pussy lips. Now all of her 27 year old pregnant body was twisted in some painful way, except her toes and breasts. I told Clair to get up and get the clamps off of the wall and put them on Sarah. She obeyed. She put the first too clamps on her nipples and tightened them with shaky hands until the skin around the pregnant woman's nipples was turning so purple it looked black.

I took the gag out of Sarah's mouth and smacked her cheek. I fucked Sarah's anus harder and harder. I could feel the lube starting to dry out and her whole butt now flexed from the cramps and the friction.

Soon her rectum started to move independent of her pelvis while she just screamed. I could feel it getting tighter and almost tearing every time I drove my cock into her.

Clair continued to tighten the clamps while she contorted from the pain of having her insides so badly violated. Finally it tore and all the tension released slowly as tendons in her legs tore from the way I sat on top of her. Her butt was no longer any fun. I pulled out and went to her front. I shoved Clair aside and told her to fuck herself with the dildo in her ass. Again she obeyed, but she went very slowly from the pain of her injuries. I kicked Sarah in the belly, as hard as I could a dozen times or so.

I let her head fall forward, and then stuck my cock down her throat. She gagged and twisted more than Clair had, I just kept fucking her throat until I came, which took about 3 more minutes.

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She was dead when I took my cock out. Clair was crying and Ariana was still struggling to get free. I locked them in the room for another night and called Karly. She showed up early in the morning and took Sarahs body away. "How was she?" Karly asked.

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"She was weak, we had a good time." I said, "the other two I'm keeping for a long time." "Of course you are. You bought them, very expensive right?" "yep." "And I'll make sure this one disappears.

Tell me if you need any more girls." "Thanks Kar." then she left. For the rest of the day me and Clair beat Ariana in the cunt and took turns fucking her. I also ran Clair's face into the wood desk and made her bite it. Then I blew another load in her ass. All the swelling and fluid made it feel great. Then I took a piercing gun and pierced her clitoris with a tag. I did the same thing to Ariana and then untied her.

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I fed them and let hem smoke and went to bed. Nine months later Clair gave birth to a little girl and I set them both free. Ariana hasn't gotten pregnant yet. I sodomize her almost every night as she cries.