Glamorous beauty displays massive fanny and gets anal nailed

Glamorous beauty displays massive fanny and gets anal nailed
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The Polish Girl -- Part 2 Saturday afternoon continues. Mariel and I made our way to my office and into my private bath and shower. I reached inside and turned the water on HOT with a needle spray, just the thing we needed to wash the sweat and cumm off our sticky bodies.

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"That was just WONDERFUL sex " she said, and as we stepped into the shower, Mariel fell to her knees and took my limp cock into her warm mouth. All I could do was lean back against the wall because my legs where still shaking from before.

The feeling of her tounge running around the head of my cock and her gentle tugging on my nuts was starting to get the old meat hard again. I reached down to pull her up so I could slip it in again, but she just shook her head "NO" and continued the oral assault on my cock and shaft.

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After a few minutes of this, she took it out of her mouth and said, " You know, it's been such a long time since I've had a cock, my pussy is sore from this afternoon. And besides, I really want to give you something to think about while we are apart." With that, Mariel slid my dick back in her mouth and pushed it in as far as it would fit.

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I could feel the knot at the back of her throat on the head of my cock and when I looked down, there was only about 4 inches inside. She had a hold of the base of my cock with one hand and then reached around behind me with the other.

I could feel her finger searching my ass crack and when she found my ass hole, she pushed her little finger right inside! This made me lurch forward, and my cock pushed right past her knot and slid all the way down her throat!

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Then she began slurping up and down the shaft a little at a time, each time, pausing just long enough to slide her tongue out and like my nut sack on the way down.

She would pull her finger out as she slid up my cock and then as she went down, she would slip that finger gently back in.

The feeling in the pit of my stomach told me I would not last long if she kept this up, and I tried again to pull her up so I could slip my throbbing hard cock into her incredible huge lipped pussy.

She just kind of mumbled " Uhhh-Uhhh" and kept on sliding my cock in and out of her throat. Pretty soon, She took her little finger from my ass and replaced it with the middle one.

All of a sudden, I had a feeling in my groin like I have never felt before! I knew right away that I was on the verge of cumming. " Mariel, You are making me CUMM,," and I tried to pull it out, but she just kept sucking my cock and fingering my ass like a woman posessed, I guess she wanted to taste my cumm, and I wasn't going to disappoint her!

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"MMMmmmm,, MMMMMMMmmmm,,OH yeah Baby", "Don't you wanna taste of my cumm?" I asked. All she could do was to bob her head up and down "YES" and this made my cock go even further down her throat as I could feel the first "Ropes" start to spurt from the eye of the cock.

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"OHHH YEAAAHHH ,, HERE IT IS BABY" She started to swallow some had then had a small cough and a gag in her throat and with that I grabbed my cock and yanked it out of her mouth, pointing it directly at her perky tits while shooting wad after wad all over them and finishing up with the last few right on her chin.

She just looked up at me with those brilliant blue eyes and smiled as she scooped up the cumm on her chin and licked her fingers. " Oh RICK, You taste Just HEAVENLY" she exclaimed as she finished cleaning her tits. "I can't wait for more of that sweet cumm" I slowly sank down to the floor of the shower and hugged her close to me as the hot water just washed over us, rinsing away the last of the sweat and sticky. I grabbed up a bar of soap and lathered up some in my hands and then started to slowly massage her perky nipples.

"Ummmm, Oh Yes Rick, My nipples get REALLY sensitive after sex, and that slippery soap makes them feel sooooooo NICE!" I was tugging and pulling on those pretty pink nipples, but the soap made them too slippery to really get a hold of, so I just started to make little circles around then and to my surprise, they seemed to get larger with each stroke. Mariel had her back to me and was sitting kind of crosslegged on the floor when she began to wiggle her ass a little and then she reached in between her legs and pulled those huge pussy lipps apart with her fingers.

"My GOD" I said, "Those are the BIGGEST Lipps I've ever seen!

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" They had to be almost 4 inches long when she streched them out. AND, in between them, was a clit so red and swollen, it almost looked like a small cock poking out!. I was still playing with her hard nipples when she started to stroke her own clit almost like she was jerking a little dick off. She had two fingers wrapped around the shaft and I swear I could see what looked like a dick head on the end of it!!!


"OOOOOOHHHHHhhhh,," Keep rubbing my nipples PLEASE,, "OOOOOHhhhhhhhh" Her head rolling from side to side against my chest " OHHHHHhhhhhhh,,, OOOOOHhhhhhhhh,,,UUUUUUUuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh,,OOOOOOOOOOooooooo". I pinched both of her nipples hard between my thumb and finger and then pulled straight out from her chest, trying to pull her tits all the way out." OHHHH GOD,,I'M CUMMMMMINNNG.AGAIN" The pussy juice just sprayed out from betweeen her legs with such force, that it splashed off the wall and flew right back to soak both of us!

" MMMMMMMMMM,,, MMMMMMMMM,, UUUUHHhhhh." I didn't think I would cumm again she said.


" You have been without sex for way to long Mariel". " You might be surprised at how much energy is pent up inside you that just needs to get out!". " I think you must be right Rick because I am still very Horney, even though I've had quite a few orgasms this afternoon". "Well Baby, we'd better finish up the shower and get out of here, besides, the water is cooling off quickly. We finished soaping and scrubbing each other, and then I got a couple of big towels to dry off with.


While we where drying and getting dressed, Mariel asked, " Rick, can I ask you something?". " Sure you can Baby". "Well,,,, what do you think of my pussy lipps? Leo used to say that they are way to big and I should consider having them trimmed. ". " You MUST BE KIDDING. They are VERY BEAUTIFUL, and something almost every man dreams of, a Woman with Big Lipps down there, all warm and slick and just waiting for my big cock to hold onto,, MMMmmmm,, makes me hard just to think about them !".

She just looked at me with those Sparkling Blue eyes and said, " Oh Rick, It makes me Very Happy to know that you like my pussy, because all these years, I've been ashamed of them.

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Leo used to tell me I was deformed and that they are UGLY, and even when I saw other women's pussiesthey where small and tight, quite the opposite of mine, so I thought Leo must be right.". " I had no way to know that there are men who LIKE big lipps". "Mariel, Your lipps may be big and beautiful, but your pussy is SOOO tight, I would have thought you to be a virgin, if I didn't know that you are married.".

" NOW, let's have no more talk of embarrasement about your beautiful 'Camel Toe'in fact, I think you should stop wearing those pads and trying to hide what mother nature has given you,, it's a marvelous gift and you should enjoy it as often as you can!". "I have an idea that could make you proud of your gift.".

" What's that?", she asked. " I will think about it some more and I will tell you when the time is right." "In the mean time, Let's get out of here, I'm sure we are going to be very late getting home." I looked at the clock and it was just past 7:30 pm.

We locked up the office and walked to our cars with out saying a word. As she turned to enter her car she smiled and gave me a wink with those brilliant blues, sparkling in the dusk.

" I hope you remember your blow job, and, see you next Monday she said." There is Much More to Cumm