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This is a repost of the original as I felt I didn't give this story justice. I have changed a few words here and there to make it sound better the it did. The comments that were given made me think for months as to if I should redo some of the story. Things have been taken out and added in it's place. I tried to detail it more to what some readers requested.

I hope it sounds better this time around and sorry for those that didn't understand it. I will be redoing some of the other chapters along with the other story also. Thanks for those that gave me their support. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They say a persons life changes when they least expect it to.

Well my life changed the last part of July of 92. My father was killed in a car wreck coming home one day from work. Seems a 18 wheeler had jack knifed on a part of the same road my father would take coming home. My father never saw the trailer that was laying on it's side. There was no one around to warn other drivers or any flares on the ground as to show any sign of danger.

Dad impacted coming around the turn which didn't give him any time to slow down or stop. He impacted with the trailer which caused him his life. The officers that came to tell mom and I gave their deepest condolences. After the officers left and mom calmed down she started calling family and friends. I didn't know what to think as the man that taught me so much about life was no more among us.

My father Chad Cartwright 45, 6'2, 220 lbs short red hair with blue eyes. He was a business man, son, brother, husband, uncle, and a great father. He wanted his family to live comfortably so he worked and invested his money wisely. He was one of my role models in life as the other was my Uncle Damien. The next few days went by as Mom, Uncle Damien, and Aunt Cindy dealed with all dad's funeral arrangements.

It was one of the roughest things for them to do, but with the rest of us supporting them and each other they got through the arrangements. I tried my best to comfort my mother as we would sit together on the couch in the days that past.

The day of dad's funeral was the hardest as the preacher spoke his words of comfort to my family and friends of the family. Uncle Damien and Uncle Gus even spoke kind words of their brother and best friend. The grave side funeral brought more tears as we knew this was the final moment of closure. After the preachers final words were said everyone got up and separated to talk to those they knew. As mom and I still sat in our seats I couldn't help but look over to where Uncle Damien had went to.

He was standing with a man about his height and a woman who looked pregnant. " Mom who are those two that Uncle Damien is talking to?" I asked her with a curious voice She turned her head to see who I was talking about. She turned back to me looking into my eyes. " Alex the man in the leather jacket I think is a old friend of your father and uncle. And the woman looks to be his wife." She tells me in a sad tone " Oh yeah, do you think I should go over and introduce myself to them?" I ask her with wonder " I suppose sweetie, why don't we both go over and thank them for coming ok." Mom says in a calm but it suggestive voice I stand up helping my mother up at the same time.

Walking over to where Uncle Damien and his friends are standing all I could do was stare at the man's attire. He wore black jeans, black shirt with a leather black jacket. The lady wore a black dress that covered her belly that was standing out. Once there we hear them talking of old times as they notice mom and I standing there. Uncle Damien has a small smile as he places his right hand on my left shoulder. " My old friend please finally meet Chad's son Alex. Alex this is Gray a old friend of your father and I." Uncle Damien says introducing us as he continues " And this is Tessa his wife." Gray and Tessa extend their hands to shake mine.

I shake them their hands with a small nod. " It's nice to finally meet you Alex. I use to ride around with your father and uncle years and years ago." Gray tells me with a grin as he turns to look at mom " I am sorry Terra for your lose." " Thank you Gray and thank you both for coming." Mom says as Tessa steps up to her " No thank you's are needed hun.

It was our honor to come and pay respects to one of my husbands old best friends." Tessa says with a small smile " Well still thank you and when are you due? You look like your about to bust." Mom says asking Tessa in a concerned voice " Oh next month this will be our first. And she is a kicker as she is kicking me as we speak." Tessa answers with a hint of happiness " Aww I feel for you as Alex was a kicker as well." Mom says with a small giggle embrassing me " Mom jeez do you have to do that?" I ask getting a few giggles and chuckles Uncle Damien and Gray talk as Mom and Tessa do the same.

I just stand there listening to all that is going on. I learn of how my father use to be a crazy wild man when he was younger. How he use to pester Uncle Damien and Gray about this and that. I ask what happened and they answer by saying he grew up in college and met the woman of his dreams. I see mom blush as tears start to run down her face. Tessa comforts mom as I hear Gray speak up. " Excuse me everyone as I need to give my last respects to a old friend." He says stepping past Uncle Damien and I We watch as he walks to my father's coffin that is still above ground.

I see him talk to a person who nods his head. The man opens up my dad's casket as we watch Gray reach in his leather jacket to pull something out. I hear a gasp and see Tessa with her hands over her mouth.

I turn to see my mother crying as Uncle Damien squeezes my left shoulder. " Ok what is going on? What is Gray putting in dad's casket?" I ask being very curious " Alex he is doing something he has been wanting to do for a very long time." Tessa says to me with a hand on my right shoulder " And that would be what?" I ask as mom comes stepping behind me " Alex, Gray has been wanting to make your father and uncle honorary members of his club.

Although he never thought it would be like this. Gray loved your father as a brother as he does Damien. So your witnessing a great honor amongst true friendship." Tessa tells me as I watch Gray places the item on my fathers chest I feel a warm feeling sweep across me as a tear runs down my right cheek. That day brings sorrow, but it also brings a peace to those that knew my father as they all speak of the good times they shared with a man that meant the world to them in one way or another.

Gray and Tessa leave as she is a lawyer and has to be home by tomorrow for a court case. Gray told me if I ever needed him I just had to call. I thanked him again for coming. He rode his bike which is black with chrome.

Tessa drove a SUV as she was too far along to ride on a motorcycle. The rest of us that are still there go back to mom and my house to visit a bit more. My friends came over to give comfort to mom and I. I still can't get my mind wrapped around that my father is gone, but as they say ' A love one is never gone as they are always in your memories and heart'.

I will always keep my father in my heart and keep the love he had for me locked there for the rest of my life. It's just my Mother and I now in our three bedroom house, I have no brothers or sisters as mom couldn't have anymore. So I was what my family say a miracle. It was a few days later that my mother and I was asked to come to my fathers will reading. It seems he willed to us Saving accounts, stocks and bonds that he invested his money in.

Seems my dad wanted us to be financially secure for the rest of our lives. My mother said it would be best if we didn't touch any of it, but only when we needed to.

My mother makes good money working as a nurse at the local Hospital. I agreed since I didn't want to be one of those typical rich kids at the age of 18 showing off. I was always the shy person amongst my family and friends although I had my times of being a joker amongst the family. Mom was a hard working person and always believed in hard work and wanted to keep that belief going through me and her grandkids when that time came to be.

About my mother her name is Terra Cartwright she is 43, 5'9, 160 lbs, long red hair, She stays in shape and healthy. She works days so she is home during evenings and nights. There are times when she is called in, but not all the time. She has a twin sister my Aunt Cindy the only way to tell them apart in the birth marks they have on the back of their necks.

My Aunt Cindy has medium red hair but she is basically built like my Mother. I have a girlfriend named Trina Maxwell185'10, 160 lbs, long black hair which she keeps in a ponytail and brown eyes. She is African American and beautiful in my eyes. We have been going together for two years now, and everyday is a good one for me when she is around.

It's the middle of August and the day before the first day of my last year of school. I'm sitting on the couch enjoying a action movie on t.v. It's the kind of movie which the good guy sneaks into a camp to save some important people. As the movie gets good there comes a knock on the front door.

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Being Sunday I wasn't really expecting anyone to come over. I got up and went to the front door. Once the door was open there on the porch was Trina. She was wearing her normal summer attire tight top and a pair of tight shorts with a pair of flip flops on her feet. I welcomed her in with a kiss from her lips.


She smiled at me as she stepped inside walking by me. I shut the door only to grab her hand in mine I leading her into the living room. I sat back down where I was pulling her to my lap. Trina made a squeaking noise as I caught her off guard by my actions. She placed her arms around my neck with that smile that just seemed to warm my heart.

I looked into her eyes as I spoke " So what brings you over today beautiful". She looked at me with sincere concern " I came to see how your doing baby, and see if your ready for our first day of school tomorrow." " I'm okay honey, and as far as for school I'll be glad when its all over" I told her being annoyed " I can relate baby as I want to start a life with you after high school." Trina says accepting my answer stating intentions after At that moment Trina and I heard the front door open and close.

My mom walked into the living room looking way exhausted as she went to her chair and sat down. It was 5 p.m. in the evening the usual time she came home from work. She looked at Trina and I with a so tired look on her face. " Hey Terra how was your day" Trina asked my very tired mother Mom looked at us giving a small grin.

" It was good, stayed busy hoping the day would just get over with quickly" Mom explained only to paused as she then added " How are you both doing today?" " Great we are discussing about tomorrow and life after high school." Trina answered with a smile at mom " Good just think of all the parties, Dances, and of course the prom." Mom said smiling seeing my eyes roll " YesI can't wait to get this cutie on the dance floor.

" My beautiful Trina said smiling ear to ear. I guess I had a look on my face and my mom caught it. " Alex what's wrong hun" Mom asked me being concerned I looked over at her and just shrugged my shoulders before I spoke. " Nothing mom I just want this school year to be over before it even starts." I tell her answering with a solemn voice before I turn to look in Trina's eyes continuing " And I can't dance darlin." " Baby it will be and I'll be with you all the way to graduation day and way after.

As for dancing I'll teach you honey." Trina says leaning over and giving me a kiss on my lips as my mother giggles I broke the kiss looking in her eyes then said " I hope so darling as I couldn't picture myself with anyone else." We all talked a little longer about small stuff in general.

It was getting close to 6 p.m. when mom got up and said she was going to start supper. She asked Trina if she wanted to stay which she declined saying there was still a few things she had to do. Trina got up and took my hand to follow her to the door. I opened the door for Trina watching her step out only to turn and face me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and looked in my eyes. " You know I love you baby right?" Trina asked me with a somewhat nervous smile " Yes i do know and I love you as much" I answered with a smile back looking in her eyes " Pick me up in the morning okay Baby I will be waiting" She said giving me a kiss.

We stood there kissing for a few minutes until she broke it, turned, and started walking off. I just kept my eyes on her sexy ass as it swayed back and forth until she was out of sight down the street. I turned shutting the door behind me walking back into the living room. I went back to my spot on the couch watching t.v. Mom came in about a hour later saying supper was ready. I got up and went into the kitchen to only sit down in my normal chair across from my mother. Mom had everything on the table ready.

She fixed pork chops, mash potatoesgreen beans, and squash. We dug in fixing our plates. I always loved my mom's cooking as I started in eating the great food in front of me.

After supper I helped my mom wash the dishes and clean the table. We made our way into the living room with me back on the couch and Mom in her chair just relaxing. We talked about some things in general. My mom gave me a serious look.

" Alex what are your plan's after graduation do you plan to go to college or what?" She asked me with a concerned look " I don't know mom, right now I just want to get this year of school out of the way then see where things take me." I answered with a small smile " I just wanted a idea of what was on your mind baby, Its a mother thing.

And I am sure your father would like you to further your education." Mom said smiling at me " I know mom and I know your concerned about me, it's just right now I'm going to focus on my grades so I pass with flying colors.

And your right about dad, but right now I don't know." I said with a reassuring grin She gave me a smiling expression as we continued to talk about holidays and family get togethers although our family wasn't all that big, but still it was just nice to be around them during the holidays.

It was about 10 p.m. when mom suggested it was bedtime since we both had to get up early. Her to work and me to school. I gave her a hug and a kiss on her cheek as I always did through all these years. I went to my room picked out what I was going to wear.

Only to chose my cut kneed jeans, and a KISS t-shirt. Yeah I am a KISS freak as their songs were great. Laying down my eye looked up at the ceiling thinking of what the day coming would bring. As I drifted off to sleep all I could think of was Trina. How beautiful and sexy she was every time I saw her or was with her.

It was the first day of school which made it Monday. My morning classes were typicalbut not to boring. Lunch time comes and I find myself sitting with my two best friends Dusty and Maxine.

Dusty Tomlinson is 18, 6'1214 lbs lbs, short brown hair with brown eyes, Maxine Collinsworth is also 18, 5'9, 155 lbs, with short blonde hair and blue green eyes. We all three have been best friends for so many years that we just feel like brothers and sister.

Were talking about how our summers were and how life would be without dad around. My dad thought of them both as his own through the years of watching us grow up together.

Dusty and Maxine thought of him as a father since they were without one for so many years. Both have been from one foster home to the next not knowing their real parents. " How's Terra holding up " Maxine asked being very concerned " She's been keeping herself busy with work and making sure I stay out of trouble" I answered with a chuckle on the trouble part " That's good brobut your too shy to get in trouble, just as long as your keeping a eye on her" Dusty said " Yeah I know, But also Uncle Gus and Aunt Cindy also come over when they are in town and also Trace and Beth come over and hang when they are not working on the ranch" I said informing them both " Well Alex we just want to make sure all is going good, we care about Terra and you, we feel like we are part of the family" Maxine said with a smile on her face " You both are family and welcome over anytime you know that" I tell them with the truth We talked awhile longer when Trina came and sat by me.

I don't know where she was for thirty minutes, but I shrug it off. I put my hand on her leg as she did the same with me. Maxine gave Trina a weird look which I have never seen her give before. Trina was smiling at me as her eyes met mine as she started speaking. " Baby I was just told there is a party at David's Friday night.

Do you think we can go and have some fun at the first party of the year?" Trina asked rubbing her hand up and down my right thigh I looked at her and then to Dusty and Maxine. They had concern looks as we haven't heard of any party " I suppose we could go as it might get me out of my slump." I say answering as her face lights up " You guys coming to we can all go in the same car" Trina says turning her gaze to Dusty and Maxine as she asks our friends " Actually I can swing by and get Maxine and meet you both there " Dusty says answering my beautiful Trina " Okay thenBaby were going to have so much fun Friday night.

Just pick me up at 7 p.m. ok honey bunch." Trina tells me with a smile The bell rang letting us know lunch was over and it was time to head to our next class. We all got up and put what we didn't eat in the trash. I escorted Trina to her next class and gave her a kiss on her lips.

The rest of my classes went by fast. I didn't have any homework so I left my books in my locker after the last bell rang. Heading out to my car gave me a sight as I noticed a beautiful Trina waiting on me. Once I was at my car I opened the passenger door up for Trina and helped her in. I shut the door only to go around to get in myself on the driver side. I started my car and put it in reverse and was headed out taking Trina home. On the way all she talked about was the party Friday.

On how much fun we will have and all. We talked about the day and how this year was going to be different since it was our last year in school. I pulled up in front of her house. Once parked I got out and went to help her out of my car. I walked her up to the door and she gave me a kiss on the lips only to break it looking in my eyes. "I'd let you come in with me, but mom doesn't want any one here with me alone. Sorry baby, I love you ." Trina said hugging me tight " I understand honeyI will see you tomorrow have a great night ." I said squeezing her sexy ass getting a moan from her She walked in shutting the door as I turned and walked to my car.

I always was respectful to Trina's mom she was a old fashioned lady. I got in my car and left to go home. I was home fifteen minutes later and in the house and sitting on the couch watching t.v. Like always Mom showed up at 5 p.m. she had take out Chinese food in her hands. I helped her with the bags and took them to the kitchen. We got settled at the table with plates and forks. I told her about the party and she just told me to be careful. I told her I would be careful and home by a decent hour.

The week went by fast and before I knew it Friday evening was here. I pulled up in front of Trina's house and noticed she was waiting on the porch and smiling as I pulled up. Once I parked She ran to the car and got in all excited. She asked me if I was ready I told her yes and we were off. We got to David's at 7:20 p.m parking behind Dusty and Maxine.

We all got out of the vehicles we were in and walked up to the door. I knocked as we waited for it to open which a few seconds later it did as David Stevens 18, 6'3 197 lbs, short brown hair with brown eyes. He was the tight end of the football team. He greeted and let us in with a smile welcoming all four of us. As we made our way in, out the corner of my right eye I noticed Trina give him a wink. I thought for a minute then shrugged it off. Walking into the big living room I noticed some of our friends hanging around in different places.

At that moment Dusty and Maxine made their way to mingle while Trina and I went over by a few of her friends. They greeted us making room on the couch for us to have a place to get comfy.

As I sat Trina took the option of either sit in my lap or next to me. She picked the second as she seated between her friend Kiesha and I. My mind thought of it as odd, but since it was not the time to cause a seen I kept my mouth shut. After thirty minutes of talking which was mostly them as I listened Trina suggested I go get us some drinks.

I nodded getting up making my way to the kitchen. As my feet hit the doorway to the kitchen I noticed a Beautiful Asian Girl standing against the counter by the sink. She looked 185'10, about 145 lbs, with long black silk hair and brown eyes. I got closer and noticed she looked very familiar to me. My thought began to wonder of where I have seen her before when my mind went back to when I was younger.

Flashback: 10 years earlier " Alex I like you." She tells me as we hold hands " I like you to Mina." I say back seeing a smile on her face We are standing there under the oak tree that was standing in the playground.

She stands there with a dress on and her hair in pig tails. Her hands were soft at that time. Mina stares in my eyes and smiles. " Alex I know we are not old enough to date, but can you give me my first kiss." She asks me in a shy voice " As long as you give me my first kiss Mina." I answer her in my own shy voice " It's a deal cutie." Mina agrees with a beautiful smile I remember that kiss being one of a caring and loving nature. It only lasted a few minutes until the class bell rang.

End of Flashback: Present time I am brought out of my memories as I hear her speaking to me. " Alex Cartwright is that you cutie?" Mina asks me with a smile stepping a few steps to me as she continues " Its me Mina Chou remember we gave each other our first kiss under that oak tree?" " Under the shade tree at recess." I said with a grin as her eyes gleamed " YesYou do remember we use to hang outDusty, Maxine, You and I." She said grinning at me with a sparkle in her eyes " YesWhat happened to you after that summer.

I missed you that summer?" I asked as she looked in my eye " My dad got a transfer at his new job back then. We just got back in town a month ago." She tells me smiling answering " Well im glad your back Mina it's been so long." I told her with a smile We talked for a bit longer as I grab two soft drinks.

I told her Dusty and Maxine were around here some where and Mina said she would find them and catch up on the past years. I gave her a hug and then went with two Dr. peppers in my hands back to where I left Trina sitting.

I get back to the spot to find Trina not in the place I left her at. I looked around and still didn't see here. I asked Kiesha where my girlfriend went. Kiesha tells me Trina went to use the bathroom upstairs to pee. I sat the Dr. Peppers down on the coffee table not caring who took them as I made my way over and up the stairs. Making my way to the bathroom I find there was no one in there and no sign of my beautiful Trina.

I stood there thinking and at that moment heard a loud moan. I turned to walk down the hallway in the direction of the moan I heard. Coming up to the bedroom door I placed my ear up to the smooth surface. I listened for a few seconds and heard the moans again plus voices that seemed familiar. Taking my ear off the door I placed my hand on the doorknob only slowly and quietly turning it. I eased the door open to where I had enough room to look in.

What I saw at that frightening moment made me stand in shock as well as horrified. There on the bed with her face towards the door was Trina. She was holding herself up while riding what looked like David's dick in her ass while Chase was in her pussy. Zack was on his knees on the bed with his dick in her mouth. Her C size tits bouncing up and down as she rode both dicks that were in her holes.

I felt my heart crash into the pit of my stomach. Chase and Zack were two of David's best buddies. I felt my blood flowing hot in my veins. I placed my left and right hands on the door and with all my strength I push it so hard the inside doorknob smashed into the bedroom wall. I walked over to the foot of the bed and started in on Tina. " IS THIS WHY YOU WANTED TO COME TONIGHT TO CHEAT BEHIND MY BACK." I yelled saying as her eyes locked onto mine They all looked at me wide eyed.

Trina got off David with a grunt and grabbed a cover and clutched it. " Baby its not what you think." She exclaimed to me trying to calm me " Not what I think well it sure does look like it.

All this time you been a Cheating slut and I trusted your sorry ass." I say spitting venom at her with my words " Alex please let me explain." Trina tried to say until she is cut off She doesn't get a chance to explain as that exact moment I feel arms wrapped around mine, and holding me in place.

David is in my face with a angry expression. He stared into my eyes and without saying a word he started in on me.

I didn't even see the first punch hit me until it was too late. The impact was fierce to my face as it came quick. The second one wasn't any better as he uppercutted me causing my jaw to pop.

He focused on my face at first then worked himself down to my ribs and to my stomach. Chase and Zack just kept a tight hold of my arms as they started laughing. I couldn't move my arms as they had them held tight. It was like David knew where to hit me without thinking about it.

My ears were ringing still from the first blows to my head. My jaw was throbbing with pain as my ribs also throbbed with each hit. My mind raced of how to get out of this, but there was no easy way. " Don't hurt him please .I still love him please stop." Trina says begging pleading for David to stop " Too late for thatHe interrupted our fun and now were going to have some fun with him." David says to a crying and shocked Trina She got on her knees on the bed still holding the blanket up to her and witnessed hit after hit being put on my face as well as my upper body.

David didn't let up and then he had me stood straight up. Chase and Zack was cheering him on to keep it up. David only obliged them more by ripping my shirt off and started hitting me more he focused on my ribs with both of his fist.

I was not big in physical appearance I was small for a 18 year old. I felt each hit impact my body as David was using me as a punching bag.

After the hits were stopped he went to kicking me in my stomach which made me double over each time. I was already bleeding from my nose and bottom lip in which he busted open. " Let this be a point taken that no one interrupts us when we are having our own party. YOU HEAR ME WIMP." David yelled out making Chase and Zack laugh more I didn't even answer I just looked at Trina who was on the bedshe was still on her knees watching in horror.

David pulled his fist back and hit me in the nose again. As he did I heard a snap and felt pain that ran through my head. They let me go and I placed my hands down on the carpet trying to catch my fall. I tried to keep my senses together and tried not to pass out. My body was in so much pain that it was hard to breath at times.

I looked up and noticed Trina had gotten up dressing as fast as she could. She picked up my shirt in her left coming over to help me up. I shrugged her away with anger. I slowly tried to stand up and turned to get out of the room. Trina was trying to help mebut again I shrugged her off.

" Baby please let me help." Trina pleads to me while standing close by my side I looked up at her and gave a ' Go to hell ' look. She stepped back away,but stayed close. I stepped in the hallway with her getting a little ahead of me.

At that time I felt a push to my back making me lunge forward a few steps. I tried to catch myself on the wall except they kept pushing me down the hall. Finally at the top of the stairs I felt a hand on my back. I didn't know what was next as the next thing to my horror David spoke.

" Here let me help you out wimp." David said giving me a slightly hard push My hands weren't fast enough to catch my balance in time as my body fell as I started rolling down the stairs. I tried to protect my body, but could only protect my face. My ribs would hit every other step as my body would hit. I heard Trina yell 'NO' as I got closer to the bottom of the stairs.

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It was to late as I was down at the foot of the stairs flat on my stomach and face. My head was throbbing so much it hurt to think. As before I slowly got to my knees, I heard gasp and eeks. I turned my head only to notice fellow class mates just staring at me mortified. Trina ran down the stairs just to get to me and a final time I just shrug her off. I finally got up to my feet holding my ribs and walked slowly to the door. I opened it up to only walk out leaving it open.

I stumbled to my car holding my sides as the pain was unbearable. Once to my car I propped myself up against it. I looked to notice Trina holding my shirt as Kiesha stood by her with arms around the crying cheating slut.

It was a bitch to get in my car as was the drive home, but I made it about thirty minutes later after having to take a break to keep from blacking out.

What was also a pain was turning the steering wheel as my ribs would ache. Pulling up in front of the house I noticed my mothers car in the drive way. Once parked and out of my car I made my way up the sidewalk that led to the porch. I stumbled a few times but made my way up to the front door. I so hoped my mom was in bed asleep for she would rush me to the hospital which maybe I should of went to, but I didn't want to deal with a thousand questions from the police.

I slowly and quietly opened the front door. I made sure not to let no blood would drop with one hand over my nose. I gently took a few steps in and saw the t.v. on and then noticed my mom sleeping on the couch.

I took this as my chance and slowly and patiently walked all the way up the stairs and to my bedroom which was a chore to do. Once inside my bedroom I quietly shut and locked the door.

I stumbled a few times to my bed and just lay down not caring about the dried blood on my jeans or chest. It was hard to get comfortable to sleep, but once I found a comfort position I fell asleep and stayed that way. I don't know what time it was, but I was woken up to knocks on my door which sounded more like pounding.

Probably because my head was still hurting from the hits it took the night before. I heard my mom's voice thru the door. " Alex open this door this minute. You have guest and the expressions on their faces I'd say they are worried about something." Mom says through the door " Tell them to go away mom I don't want to see anyone today." I said wincing in pain scooting to the edge of the bed " I will do no such thing now come open this door or I'll open it myself." She tells me very sternly " Okay give me a few minutes." I told her trying to stand up Once up on my feet I make my way to the door.

I took a deep breath which hurt like hell, but kept myself steady up against the door. I unlocked it and slowly opened the door that stood between her and myself. Once it was all the way open I noticed my mom's face get a look of horror.

She glanced my face and my bruises that were upon my body. She let out a gasp as she notice my left swollen eye. " OH GOD ALEX." Mom screamed out loudly then added " What the hell happened to you?" " I don't really want to talk about it mom." I answered her with shame " Your going to tell me young man as I am your mother, I should just take you to the hospital and let them check your wound out." Mom exclaimed taking steps towards me " No Hospital mom please." I pleaded in broken voice " Okay but let me help get you in your chair downstairs so I can look you over." Mom says to me being very concerned Mom had me put my right arm around her left shoulder and neck.

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We slowly got down the hallway and to the top of the stairs. Once we got half way down we heard gasp and shrieks. Once down the stairs and over to my chair mom gently helped me down upon the soft cushion. She went quickly to get the first aid kit that she had in the kitchen. Dusty, Maxine, Mina, and Trina all just sat and looked at my beaten face and upper body.

I guess they were trying to figure out what to say. Mom came back with the kit and started to check me over. Mina stood up and took the few steps over to me. Her eyes had that very concern look upon them.

" Can I help Ms. Cartwright?" Mina asked with deep concern not taking her eyes off my good one " Yes pleaseHe is really beat up and rejects going to the hospital." Mom answers worried as her hands check my ribs " What happened to you man?

We went back in the house and you were gone." Dusty asks being very curious I kept quiet just sitting there while mom and Mina worked on doctoring me up.

Mom checked my left eye only to see it swelled up and closed. I didn't know what to tell them as I just wanted to forget it all had happened, but it didn't help with Trina sitting not far away.

" Alex your left eye is swollenyour nose looks broke, you need to please tell me what happened." Mom tells me pleading for a answer " Please Alex tell us what happened last night all we were told you were hurt, but not how you got hurt." Maxine concerned begs for a reason for all that happened I looked at them with my good eye and saw Trina just sitting there.

She had her head lowered not able to even look at me. At that moment my anger was coming back to me. " Why don't you ask Trina, ask her what I saw last night and why I look like I do right now." I said coldly and bitter They all looked at me with growing wide eyes, because of my words I said about Trina. Then all at once they all looked at Trina who had fear in her wide brown eyes. Maxine got up and went over standing right in front of Trina looking down at her.

" What does Alex mean by all that Trina? What did he see last night? What did you have done to him?" Maxine asked sternly at the cheating bitch Trina glanced up at Maxine with the same look and then stared at my hurt felt face as I was wincing in pain from the pressure of the sports bandage being put around my ribs.

Trina took a breath and made a sigh. " Last night Alex saw me in bed with David.and David's friends." Trina says with shame on her face They all looked at her at that moment with angry pissed off expressions. Without a word or voice Mina went over to Trina. The next thing I hear was a smack across Trina's face. The slap made Trina's head hit the back of the couch.

" You stupid Bitch you used a great guy just to cheat on him to get your holes fucking filled how dare you, you fucking slut." Mina says very pissed off Trina just looked up at her holding her left side of her face.

She had tears as Mina stayed standing in place. " Why uh, Alex is one of the kindest and loving men I have ever known. Any girl would want him for who he is. Seems you never cared or loved Alex why?" Mina stated asking the cheating woman sitting in front of her " Because." Trina trailed off looking away " Because why?" Maxine asked helping her old friend At this time Dusty came over to help mom.

He went and got some water so I could take some pain pills mom had in the first aid kit. He came back and sat on the couch next to my chair. Trina looked at me then at Maxine and Mina. " Because I always thought he was always to nice." Trina finally answered with her lame ass reason They looked at her in shock.

I felt more hurt because of her statement. Mom got up and joined Mina and Maxine. She looked straight into Trina's eyes. My mother shocked everyone even me as she got behind Trina placing her hands on either side of her head making her look at me.

" Look at my son Trina is that what you wanted to happen? Look at his eye and bruised ribs. Look at what your selfishness led up to. Did you not think he would catch you?" My mother asked coldly to my once beautiful girlfriend " Ms.

Cartwright please don't as I am already feeling bad over all this. And no I didn't think I would get caught as I was always cautious." Trina states as my mother lets her go Mom stood back up and looked down at the slut that was now my ex. " Trina I think it's best that you leave and don't show your face around here again." Mom said sternly at the cheating slut then continued with cold eyes " I always thought of you as a daughter, but that ends as of now." Trina went wide eyed at mom's words she couldn't believe my mom would say all that.

She looked at me, but didn't see my face because I hid it with my hands. Trina looked at them standing there.

She gave me a look of fear. She lowered her head and in a soft quiet voice she looked at Dusty. " Dusty can you give me a ride home. I have a lot the think about?" Trina asked softly to my best friend He looked at her and then at Maxine. " Care to go with me taking her home. Cause I don't want her to try her shit on me?" Dusty asked Maxine who stared at her once friend " Yes I'll go along." Maxine answers then looks at me and adds" Dusty and I will see you later hun get some rest okay cutie" Did Maxine just call me cutie.

I looked at her facial expression and she had a smile that looked genuine. I just nodded my head and gave a small smile.

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Dusty stood up and stepped to me and shook my hand. He said him and Maxine would be back soon to check up on me. Maxine looked at Mina before she spoke. " You coming Mina since we will be going by your house?" Maxine asked a very protective Mina Mina looked at them then at me and Mom.

Then lowered her head as if she was thinking. She raised her head and looked at them. " No I'm going to stay and help Alex's mom take care of him, I'll see you both in a few days." Mina said with a small smile to Maxine Dusty, Maxine, and Trina left a few minutes later. Mom went and made me some tea to relax me.

Mina sat at the end of the couch that was by my chair. She sat on her side with her legs up behind her. Mom came back with some warm tea to relax me. Mom sat in her chair across from mine.

We all talked and chatted I think mom was getting to like Mina because all she could do was smile at her. It was about 2 p.m. I started to feel sleepy. Mina helped me up and to my bedroom.

She helped me lay down and then covered me up with a sheet. She stood there by my bed looking at me. " Get some sleep Alex for there are any number of women who would be a lot better then Trina and any one of them wouldn't cheat on you." Mina says walking out the bedroom door I just laid there with my eyes closed. I thought of what happened earlier everything that was said and done.

I felt numb and depressed as I just wanted to hide, but I knew that was out of the question as I had school to contend with. I felt tired and before long I was asleep. I don't know how long I was asleep, but I felt a hand on my arm.

I slowly opened my eye and saw a beautiful face looking down at me. It was Mina she had a smile that could light up a dark room. She sat on the bed next to me and helped me sit up. " Feeling any better Alex?" Mina asked then added" Supper is done I came up to get you since you need to eat something so the pain pills help better." I looked up at her and just nodded my head.

She helped me up and we made our way to the kitchen I was sat in a chair and Mina helped mom set the table. As they both sat Mina was next to me across from mom.

Mom caught this and seemed happy that I had a true friend in Mina. Mina started fixing my plate. We always had a good supper when my mom always cooked.

We were in the middle of Supper when mom started to get a bit serious. " Mina I'm sure your parents are getting worried about you. Shouldn't you call them and tell them your okay?" Mom asked in a concern voice " Yes I will it's just I wanted to make sure if I could stay here until Alex was feeling better and was healed up?" Mina exclaimed asking my mom Mom looked at me with a concerned look, but also had a smile.

I sat there eating and sipping on my Tea mom fixed. " I don't see why not I'll be at work in the morning and Alex I am sure will need some help with breakfast and anything that considers lifting which there shouldn't be any. And maybe fix him a bath since he can't actually bend without pain." Mom says explaining to Mina Mina looked at mom and agreed she would help me with some things I couldn't really do at this point.

" I can do all that." Mina said with a smile at mom Mom looked at Mina and agreed with the comment. About thirty minutes later I found myself in the living room at 8 p.m. watching t.v.

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Mom and Mina came in a bit later after washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen table which was normally what mom and I did together, but I was so sore I couldn't stand up all that long. Mina sat where she did earlier today and Mom sat on the other end of couch. We were all talking and chatting when Mom glanced over at Mina and saw she had on tight jeans and a blouse.

" Mina you didn't bring a change of clothes in your purse did you?" Mom asked with a giggle " No I didn'tI never thought I would be staying for a few days, Why do you ask?" Mina asked with a blush " Well Alex and I have a thing in this house we get comfortable. Its bad enough at work and school, but in a person's own house they should be comfy and relaxed." Mom explained to Mina which was true Mina looked at me and saw I had no shirt on, but was still in my blood covered jeans.

She looked at mom and saw mom was in loose sweats and a loose shirt. " Do you maybe have anything I may where for the night, I usually sleep in a long shirt." Mina says blushing looking at mom " Yes I do hun let me go get them." Mom said with a grin on her face Mom got up and went to her room a few moments later she came back with a long shirt and handed it to Mina. Mina excused herself to change and get comfortable. Mom looked at me with a odd look.

" Alex may I ask you a question?" My mother asks me being somewhat serious " Sure mom what is it." I answered being curious " What are you going to do with Trina?" Mom asked me with a concerned look I sat there thinking on what she just asked. I thought of everything that happened last night and today and at that moment I knew what I was going to do.

I looked at mom and spoke. " Mom, I am done with her after the past two years I have loved her and she treats me like that." I said coldly pausing for a moment then continued " Let David and his buddies have her as their whore." " Then son if that's the way you feel I will make sure she doesn't step through that door when I am here." Mom says to me with determined caring eyes I smiled at my mother when she said that.

She was right I didn't want Trina anywhere around me. Two long years she used me for her own fun. At that time Mina came back into the living room and sat back down on the couch.

We all sat and talked although it was them two mostly talking as I just listened and watched t.v. When the time reached 10 p.m. I went to bed with Mina helping me up to my bedroom. She gently helped me into my bed which was nice. I was covered and said good night to her. But she stayed standing there. I gave here a odd look as she moved on to the bed and lifted the cover off me and moved it to the foot of the bed.

" Mina what are you doing?" I asked her confused at that moment " Alex just enjoy the moment and relax." Mina tells placing her hands on my jeans She pulled my jeans down to my knees and went wide eyed.

She was looking at my dick. I am not bragging or anything but I am 9 inches and 4 girth. She slowly took me in her right hand and started stroking me. " Oh my Alex you are big, and Trina never tried to see what you were hiding under your clothes?" She asked as I shook my head no " Nope never we would make out, but she would never go further." I answered very honestly to her " Well guess I get the liberty to be first to taste this beautiful looking cock." Mina says with a smile as she leans over Mina started working on my flaccid manhood.

She started kissing the head and with soft kisses worked her way to my balls. She did this all around it while stroking my cock licking the skin that held my balls. Each lick was a new sensation to me. She used her left hand to massage my right inner thigh. She kept a steady pace stroking the shaft while taking each ball into her mouth and sucking on them.


All I could do was hold my ribs as I watched her intently. She kept looking up at me with those green Asian eyes. She let my balls go and licked her way up the underside of my dick slowly as she did this. I could feel my cock get harder. When she got to the head she twirled her tongue over the slit sending tingles through my body. Mina looked up into my eyes giving me a smile then opened her mouth and took my cock head into her mouth.

Oh god her mouth felt warm and wet. I felt her tongue around the head. She was so into relaxing me she started to bob her head up and down faster. " Oh fuck.Mina." I moaned saying her name She kept working my cock while massaging my balls at this point. I could feel new sensations coming to me. Never as a woman done anything to me. And what Mina was doing made me wanting a beautiful woman doing this everyday to me. I held onto my ribs tighter. Mina tried to deep throat me, but wanted to make sure I was so relaxed.

She would look up at me every so often. I could feel I was getting close my body was tensing up. I think Mina knew because she kept goingbut a bit faster. " Mina" I moaned again her name I could feel her give a small smile on my cock. " Mina.I'm cumming." I moaned out letting her know At that moment I erupted in her mouth. I held onto my ribs arching my back as my waist thrusted upward and my cock went a inch more in her mouth.

That moment was so erotic to me. I went back laying on my back, breathing heavy and hard. Mina milked my cock for all the cum she could get. I just laid there relaxed and slowly caught my breath. She took her mouth of my cock and smiled.

" So how was that hun, did it feel good?" Mina asked in a sweet tone All I could do was smile and nod my head.

She pulled my blood covered jeans off leaving me naked. She moved off the bed and covered me up. She gave me a small kiss on my lips. She stood up and started for my bedroom door and opened it then turned her headto look over her shoulder. " Sleep tightand before the weekend is over you will forget all about Trina and be able to move on.

And find a woman that will accept you for you." Mina said walking out and shutting the door behind her. I just looked at the door then closed my eyes. I fell asleep with a big smile on my face. It was 8 a.m. when I woke up. I slowly sat up to scoot over to the edge of the bed. I sat there thinking of last night, of what Mina did it felt so good. I hope she didn't regret it and then I remembered what she said about all she was going to do to me this weekend to get my mind of Trina.

All I had to say was it was starting to work. I steadily stood up holding my ribs with my right arm. I went to my chester drawers to get some sweats on. After I got them on the best I could I walked to the my bedroom door. Once open I stepped into the hallway turning to the stairs. I made my way finally down the distance to the living and eased my way to sit in my chair. Mom was already up as was Mina.

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They were fixing breakfast which smelt good. I turned on the t.v. with the remote and just relaxed. About 25 minutes later Mina was holding a tray in her hands as she walked out of the kitchen and into the living room.

She saw me in my chair relaxing. She walked over with a smile on her face ear from ear and placed the tray in my lap. I looked up at her confused. " What this for Mina?" I asked looking up at her eyes " That's your breakfast Alex I helped Terra make it." Mina answered with a smile I looked up at her and smiled.

" Thanks Mina." I said then added but yelled " THANKS MOM" " YOUR WELCOME SON." Mom yelled back as Mina giggled Mina went back into the kitchen and brought a plate out with her which was her breakfast. She sat on the couch near my chair and we ate breakfast together.

It felt different as Mina would smile at me between bites from her plate, but nice at the same time. Mom came in to me and gave me a hug leaning over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I gave her one back on her cheek. She thanked Mina for staying to help out. Mina told her your welcome as my mom left to head for work.

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The day went pretty good with Mina helping me when I needed it. I took my bath which Mina fixed for me. I walked into the bathroom and noticed Mina standing there. She gave me a look that I have never seen her have before. She walked up to me and started lowering my sweats.

" What are you doing Mina?" I asked being some what confused She looked up at me and smiled. " Relax Alex let me help you hun." Mina exclaimed looking up at me smiling She stood up and started to take her top and bra off. All I could do was watchshe had some C cup breast with pink nipples, her aerolas where medium in size. I was in awe as she stripped in front of me. She pulled her shorts and panties down and what I saw was beautiful.

She had hair on her mound between her legs. She saw me looking and gave me a smile that was bright. She got in the tub and placed her back against the back of it. She motioned me in and had me place my back up against her chest.

" Relax Alex let me take care of you sweetie." Mina tells me with care I laid back on her, feeling her breast on my back. I could feel her hands caressing my chest. She had the soap in her right hand and was washing me like that. I closed my eyes just taking in what she was doing.

Her hands were soft on my skin. after a few moments she had me stand up so she could wash my backside and my front below my waist. Her hands went to my cock and she washed it clean. Then she focused on my balls then reached behind and washed my ass, but the whole time she was smiling up at me. After about twenty minutes she had us get out.

She got a towel and dried us both off. Then she took my right hand in with her left hand and had me follow her into my bedroom.


She helped me lay down on my bed. She stood there naked smiling. " Mina?" I asked the beautiful Asian my eyes gazed upon " Alex relax, this weekend has been all about you, Now relax and enjoy me taking care of you." Mina tells me in her sweet seductive voice She moved to the bed and crawled up to me and laid by me. She reached down and grabbed my cock in her left hand while placing her lips on mine.

Her lips felt like a soft rose petal to the touch. She slowly started stroking me to get me hard. She slowly started kissing her way to my left earlobe and nibbled on it.

Mina then went to my neck and start licking in circles softly. Then she went back to my ear then whispered. " How does all this feel, how does what I am doing feel to your body?" Mina asks me being a temptress to me " Feels so good Mina." I said with a soft moan " What do you want me to do to you Alex? What is it that no woman has tried to do you?" She asked seductively as I felt her hand squeeze my shaft " Make love to me Mina please make love to me. Take my virginity please take me" I answer her with a plead " You got it handsome." Mina said to me with a kiss Mina got on her hands and knees and crawled over to my waist and straddled me.

She reached down between our legs and took my shaft and placed the head at her entrance. She smiled down at me then went downward on my cock. She impaled herself on it as she let out a small yelp and stayed in that spot for a moment. Mina then moved forward and placed her elbows on each side of my chest. She looked in my eye and gave me a small smile.

" Alexnow I am going to make love to you." Mina says as she slowly starts rocking back and forth She started going back on me, her pussy felt so tight and so wet. She was grinding her pubic area against mine, her clit rubbing against me also. She was giving of soft moans. I wrapped my arms around her, Her breast on my chest I could feel her nipples being hard. " You like this Alex, you want my pussy more on your beautiful cock?" She asked me with a sexy smile " Yes.oh god." I answer with a moan Mina went back more on my cock.

She was doing what she said making love to me.

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She was being so loving I ran my hands to her nice beautiful ass and spread her ass cheeks as I felt the urge to thrust in and out of her. She let out moans and lifted her head and looked in my eyes. Those green eyes were so beautiful. She let out another moan at that moment. " Alex.I .am gonna. cum on your .cock." She said with a long moan I kept at what I was doing as she squirted on my cock and my balls.

It felt so warm that it drove me to the edge. "Mina" I moaned her name as I felt my body tense up " Yes cum in me, cum deep inside me, give me your delicious cum." She says smiling at me with encouragement At that moment I held her down on my cock and erupted deep inside her pussy canal.

She tensed up feeling my load hit her womb. My body shook from my climax. My arms went up to her back and I held her tight. I had no words for this moment except Wow.

Mina laid on me softly not wanting to hurt me. After a few long moments she sat up and slowly got of me. There was a plop noise as I came out of her. She laid on the left side of me and snuggled up to me. She laid her head on my shoulder. " Mina.I." I tried to say but was cut off by her " Alex, I enjoyed it to. How do you feel handsome?" Mina asked me with her hand over my heart " I feel great, I have never experienced anything like that before." I said with a hint of sadness " Me either Alex it was wonderful, and it was with a great guy." She said smiling at me We laid there a little longer.

About a hour later we got up took another bath this time with a few kisses. The kisses weren't like boyfriend and girlfriend just friends enjoying a moment. We dried and dressed. Mina took the bed covers and sheets and went to the washing machine to wash them. She put new ones on my bed. It was about 5 p.m. when Mom got home she went to her chair after shutting the door and sat.

She looked at me and smelt the air. " Who's cooking?" Mom asked At that moment Mina came into the the living room smiling. " I am Terra I thought I'd help you out by cooking tonight." Mina replied " That is so sweet of you Mina thank you so much." Mom said with a smile Mina went back into the kitchen and continued to cook.

Mom and I talked until supper was done.About 15 minutes later Mina announced supper was ready. Mom got up and came over to help me up and to the kitchen. I sat in my normal spot as did Mom as Mina sat next to me with a smile. We ate supper and talked for a while.

Mom checked on me after supper my left eye and my bruises. She said maybe one more day. I told her tomorrow was schoolbut she didn't take no for a answer so I caved and Mina said she would stay home with me. She called Maxine to see if she could get our homework assignments and Maxine agreed asking how I was and everything. Mina told her I was healing but would be another good day of nothing straining or a lot of moving around.

She hung up and came and sat on my lap. The night went by and I found us laying in bed. Mina was snuggled up to me and sleeping away