Cathbbc slow motion cumshot tribute

Cathbbc slow motion cumshot tribute
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Jason caught himself thinking about her again. It seemed to be happening more and more these days, now that she was entering the final stages of her pregnancy. He knew it was wrong, he knew he shouldn't be thinking about his own mother that way, but he just could not help it. The more he tried to fight it, the more turned on he seemed to become. In his mind he was picturing his mother undressing, slowly and seductively, when all of a sudden his thoughts were pierced by a shout from downstairs.

"Jason? Are you up there honey?" "Uh yes Mom" Jason quickly replied, with a slight edge of guilt in his voice. "I'm just up in my room reading." "I'm just going for a shower" his Mom called. "If the phone rings, could you pick it up? I'm expecting a call from the hospital". "Sure thing" said Jason.

Jason lay back on his bed and turned on the TV in an attempt to turn his mind to something other than his mother. A few minutes later it seemed to be working - he was watching his favourite show and his mind was free of dirty thoughts. At least until he heard the shower. He carried on watching for another minute, but it was no good.


He was thinking about her again. All his friends teased him for having such a hot mom, mocked him with all the things they said they would like to do to her. Never in their wildest dreams would they have considered that he might want to do those things too, and more.

Unconsciously, Jason found his fingers drawn towards the TV remote control. He found the mute button and pressed it. Now all he could hear was the distant sound of falling water. As he imagined it cascading over her body, the sound seemed to get louder and louder, piercing his brain. With a great effort, he wrenched himself out of his revelry and went to shut his bedroom door to drown out the noise.

As his hand brushed the doorknob, he stopped. Looking down the corridor, he could see the bathroom door; it was open. Not wide open, just a few inches. But certainly enough for a quick look. Jason could feel tension in the pit of his stomach, an exciting an unsettling mix of fear and anticipation.

Was he really about to do this?


Was he going to spy on his own mother in the shower? With his mind a few steps behind, it was his feet which seemed to make the decision for him. Before he had even thought of the implications of his actions, he found himself creeping down the landing.

He wasn't even there yet, but he could feel his cock throbbing. He was finally going to see her, was finally going to glimpse the body which had plagued his fantasies for the past few months. After what seemed like a lifetime, he reached the door and taking a deep breath, turned to look. Within a second, he was completely hard. Harder than he had ever been before. The sight was incredible, better than he had imagined. She was breathtaking. His eyes wide, Jason tried to keep his breathing under control as he took in the view.

His heart was beating so loudly that he was sure she would hear it. But she didn't. She was facing slightly away from him, standing under the shower with her eyes closed. Her long auburn hair was slicked behind her head, reaching someway down her back. Rivulets of water were cascading over her body. She was simply beautiful. Her body was tanned perfection, bronzed from her career teaching yoga in the park. His eyes were drawn straight away to her breasts. As he looked at them, he could feel his shorts growing damp with precum.

They were whiter than then rest of her body, but they still looked great. She was in the seventh month of pregnancy and his baby sister was only one and a half. Her breasts were engorged with milk. She had always had a good cleavage, but after giving birth to his little sister, her breasts had ballooned. He had always wanted to catch a glimpse of her breastfeeding, to try and feast his eyes on those perfect mounds. He had almost given up hope when his sister had switched to the bottle.

But here they were, right before his eyes. He watched, mesmerised, as the water cascaded over her breasts. His eyes were drawn to her nipples. He couldn't believe his eyes, they looked big, and so dark.

The areolae around them were dark too, in contrast with the milk white skin of the breasts. But the nipples were so big and hard. Unconsciously he licked his lips, imagining taking one of those buds between his lips and sucking. Movement from in the bathroom gave him a sudden start.

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About to bolt, he realised that it was nothing to worry about. Quite the opposite in fact. His mother's hands had started caressing her body, foaming it up with a soap bar. She rubbed them it and down both arms, before tracing it gently over her rounded belly. At seven months' pregnant, her belly was taught and rounded. Far from ruining her figure, it made her look better. Pregnancy suited his mother, it gave her a glow, a slightly fuller and fleshier figure which made Jason just want her even more.

Jason's eyes drifted down to her ass. As she was standing more or less sideways on, he could only see one cheek. It was rounded and firm, and he had to suppress an urge to go in there and cup it.

Just as this nasty thought was permeating his mind, she turned away from him completely. Now he had a full on rear view, and both cheeks sitting there so plump and inviting was too much for Jason to taken.

He reached his hand down into his shorts and began to stroke his cock. It felt so hard, so good. Unable to tear his eyes away, he watched as she soaped her whole torso, and began on her upper thighs. He wished he could see her pussy. As if someone was listening to his thoughts, his mother spread her legs, and began to slowly was down her left leg, all the way down to the calf.

As she did so, she was bending over and a glorious sight was revealed.

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First he saw her arsehole, small, pink and puckered. And as she bent further still, her pussy appeared in view.

He had always wondered what it was like, whether it was smooth or hairy. Well, she had pussy hair, but it was trimmed. He could see her pussy lips, they looked like nothing he had ever seen before. Instead of a tight little slit, like the girls in the magazines, his mother's pussy lips were plump and swollen. Her inner labia poked out slightly from between a juicy looking pair of outer lips.

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It was as if her pussy was looking right at him, willing him to touch it. Jason closed his eyes and imagined sliding his cock into her delicious vagina. As he did so, he was conscious that the noise of the shower had stopped. In a brief flash, he opened his eyes and yanked his hand out of his shorts.

She was turning around, turning towards him. He ducked out of view and tried to make it back to his room as quickly and as quietly as he could. He was fairly sure that he had got away with it. Inside his room, the door safely closed, he let out a long breath.

His heart was racing, his cock was still throbbing. He needed release and he needed it instantly. He reached under his bed and brought out a shoebox. Ripping off the lid, he took out a porn magazine, something he had not looked at in the last two weeks.

That was because of the treasure that lay underneath. Reaching into the box, he pulled out a pair of black lace panties. His mother's panties. In a fit of lust, he had swiped them out of the laundry basket two weeks ago. He had looked through the whole basket, while his mother was busy downstairs, looking for the sexiest, juiciest pair.

These ones had satisfied him on both counts. Made of flimsy black lace, they were cut high on the thigh and would look unbelievably sexy on a woman. Especially on her. But what had really attracted him was the white stains on the gusset.

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His mother's pussy juice. As he had lifted it to his nose, it smelt fantastic - sweet, musky and heady all at the same time. Jason gripped his throbbing cock in one hand and lifted the panties to his face.

As he inhaled the beautiful smell, his mind lingered on the image of his mother's pussy that was still emblazoned on his retina. His hand jerked faster and faster on his cock, he felt his balls begin to tighten. He imagined is cock sliding in and out of that warm, tight, swollen pussy.

He felt himself on the edge, and before he could stop himself, he buried the end of his cock in the panties. It was as if his cock needed to touch her pussy. Unable to hold back, he began to cum, spurting wave after wave of thick spunk into the panties with a barely suppressed groan.

As he finished, he looked down at what he had done. The panties were dripping with thick white cum, there was no way that he would be able to sneak them back into the basket without his mother noticing when she came to wash them. Hurriedly, he hurled on the floor near his bed, pulled on his shorts and poked his head out of his bedroom door.

His mother was out of the bathroom now, so he dashed in there to clean himself up. He jumped in the shower, letting the warm water soothe his body. While drying himself, he made up his mind to throw them away. Hopefully his mother would never realise what had happened to them. Getting dressed, he opened the bathroom door just in time to see his mother fully clothed and coming out of his bedroom. "What are you doing!?" Jason stammered. "I'm getting all the glasses out of your room mister," she replied.

"Honestly, you'd think they find their own way to the dishwasher." With a smile, she was off, walking down the stairs in her sashaying walk with a hint of pregnant waddle that drove him crazy. Jason dashed to his room and looked for the panties. They were still there, thank God! While they were not quite under the bed, they were nearly under it. They weren't that visible, he told himself. In fact, she probably hadn't noticed them at all. Or else she would have said something, wouldn't she?

All through dinner, his mother was acting completely normally. She was talking about her day, bitching about his step-dad's new girlfriend. She must not have noticed the panties, he thought with some relief. Although at one point the did look up from his dinner and catch her looking at him, her head slightly tilted to the side and a quizzical look on her face.

But that must have been nothing. She wouldn't have let him get away with it if she had known. After dinner, with his little sister in bed, his mother followed her usual routine and went upstairs to her room for half an hour.

Jason had no idea what she did up there, but she always came down looking relaxed and almost fulfilled. This time, however, after five minutes she heard stomping up and down the landing. "Jason!" she yelled.

"Err, what Mom?" he replied, fearing that somehow he was in trouble over the panties. "Do you know where your step-father kept the fuses?

I can't find one anywhere." "I've no idea. I'll have a look. What is it for anyway?" "My breast pump. Now that your sister only likes to bottle feed I have to get rid of my milk. And my pump is broken, so will you please help me look!" she yelled, with a hint of irritation in her voice.

"Ok" Jason replied. They spent the next half an hour turning the house upside down, but the best they could find was an empty packet. "I always knew he was a useless bastard" she moaned, frustration etched all over her face.

"Oh well, I'll just have to hold on until morning and get some from the store." That night, Jason woke at around three in the morning. Stumbling out of bed, he tiptoed to the bathroom to take a piss. As he passed his mother's bedroom, the door was ajar and he could hear what sounded like sobbing, tinged with groaning. "Mom? Are you ok?" he called. "Yes!" she snapped, "go back to bed" Jason went for a piss and went back to bed.

But he couldn't sleep with wondering about what had upset his mother. After about twenty minutes, he had made up his mind to go and check on her when he heard an almost imperceptible tap at his door.

He held his breath and listened. "Jason? Are you awake? I need help?" He sprang out of bed and opened his door, his eyes completely unprepared for the sight before him. His mother stood framed in his doorway, her chest heaving and her face flushed. Her hair was wild and unkempt, and her lips were pouted in frustration. She was wearing red maternity pyjamas, strained around the middle of her rounded belly. Unable to help himself, Jason stole a quick glance down at her heaving breasts and was amazed at what he saw.

There were two dark wet patches on each breast, with the outline of a plump nipple beneath each one. Following the line of his gaze, his mother said: "I'm so sorry Jason, I don't know what to do. I've just realised that tomorrow is Sunday, the stores won't be open, and I'm in so much pain, I just don't know if I can…" And with that she flung her arms around his shoulders and began to sob into his shoulder.

Jason stood rooted to the spot. At first all he was aware of was the heat of her breasts pressing against his chest, intermingled with the cold of the wet patches on the front of each one.

As if in autopilot, he put his arms around her and pulled her towards him, holding her tight against him. As she continued to sob gently, Jason suddenly became aware that his cock was stirring. Just before it pressed into her, he broke away from her. "What can I do Mom? Can I help in any way?" "There's nothing that you can do Jason.

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My machine is broken, but I need to get this milk out. There's so much in there, I'm so tender and swollen. Your sister won't take it anymore, I just don't know what I can do." The thought must have entered both of their heads at the same time. Jason wanted it, but he couldn't say it.

Could he? Their eyes met. She looked deep into his eyes. "Jason&hellip.Could you help me?" Jason stood rooted to the spot. His mind was screaming yes, I'll help you, I'll bury my face in those spectacular mounds and drink them dry.

All he could manage, however, was a weak nod. His mother turned and walked back to her bedroom, with Jason following as if in a trance. Neither of them spoke, as if words would somehow bring reality crashing back. She lay down on the bed and motioned for Jason to lie down next to her. She looked away, as if she was ashamed to look him in the eye, ashamed at what they both knew was about to happen.

She slowly unbuttoned the pyjama top and let one side fall away. Her right breast was exposed, looking pale and succulent in the moonlight that streamed in between the curtains. As Jason looked closer, he could see the nipple was taught, almost straining, with a small drop of white milk dangling from the end.

Jason wanted to touch it, he wanted to suck it, but he couldn't move. After what seemed like a lifetime, his mother brought her eyes up to meet his. As she looked deep into his eyes, she reached up and guided his head down towards her breast.

At the last moment he opened his lips and took her nipple into his mouth. He held it their for a second, savouring how hard and engorged it was. The feeling of her hot breast pressing into his face was unbelievable. Then he began to suck. A barely audible sigh of pleasure escaped his mother's lips as she settled back into the pillows to seek relief from her torment.

Jason sucked and sucked, feeling the warm jets of milk spray into his mouth. It tasted sweeter than he thought it would, quite nice even. But what he was really enjoying was being able to suck his mother's tit, doing something which he had only ever dreamed of and had never imagined he would ever actually be doing.

His cock was harder than it had ever been before, straining at the flimsy shorts that he slept in. All he wanted to do was pounce on her, to stuff it in her mouth, between her tits, anywhere in that hot pregnant body. After a while he began to grow bolder. He could hear his mother's breathing, quick and shallow.

He carried on sucking but gently brushed his tongue against the end of the nipple. He immediately felt his mother's body tense up. The nipple swelled further in his mouth, and he heard a sharp intake of breath. But she said nothing. Spurred on by this, a minute or so later he licked it again, swirling his tongue around the swollen teat. His mother tensed again, but still she did nothing.

So he licked it more, sucking it and twirling it around his tongue, letting his tongue run all around the puckered flesh of her areola. All of a sudden she pulled his head away from her. Fearing he had crossed a line, Jason was unable to meet her gaze.

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"I need you to do the other one now honey" she said, her voice seeming somewhat deeper and huskier than normal. Jason grinned, and moved closer on the bed. Where previously he had lying next to her, their position on the bed meant that he had to crouch in between her legs to access her left breast. As he did so, his mother removed her pyjama top. "Well, you've seen them both anyway, I might as well be comfortable!" she giggled. Jason took in the sight before him.

His mother lying topless in her red satin pyjama bottoms, her beautiful rounded belly poking out over the top and her massive breasts rising up and down with each breath, the swollen brown nipples standing proudly to attention. He lowered his lips to the other breast and began to suck.

Soon he was licking, sucking and doing his utmost to pleasure his mother, to fulfil his fantasies. Her breathing had become faster, and where she had seemed so relaxed before, her body was tensed, her back arched. All of a sudden Jason smelt something familiar. He realised that it was the smell of his mother's panties.

He could smell her pussy, this was turning her on! The thought sent a quiver of electricity down his body and his cock felt as if it would explode. He began to lick and suck faster, even beginning to brush his teeth against the nipple.

The faster he licked and sucked, the quicker she breathed and the stronger the sweet musky odour became. It felt as if the air was thick with it, was thick with the combined sum of their lust.

Without even realising what he was doing, Jason shifted his position slightly, so that his thigh was in between her legs, and pressed up against her pussy.

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He thought of the image of her pussy bent over in the shower, those puffy swollen lips - now they were pressed against him, separated only by a thin layer of satin. A few minutes passed this way, neither of them moving, Jason carrying on sucking. Then Jason realised that he was moving, ever so slightly.

He was rubbing his thigh against his mother's pussy, and what was more, he could feel her hips gently grinding against him. He went a bit faster, and so did she. Emboldened by this, Jason reached up and cupped her other breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. As his fingers found the nipple and pinched it, a low moan escaped her lips. She arched her back, pressed into him harder than before, and slumped back into the pillows. He had made her cum!

This was turning her on just as much as him! The thought of this was so horny, so overwhelming that Jason lost all control. Before he realised what was going on, his cock began to jerk and spasm. The best orgasm of his life ripped through his body, shooting out of his cock.

Eyes still closed, he felt her tense up from him, her hands moving his head from her breast. Opening his eyes, he looked down at his cock. At some point it must have escaped his shorts and it was sticking out in front of him, more engorged than ever before, firing jets of hot spunk straight out in front of him. Onto her. They both froze as wave after wave of spunk flew from his cock and landed on her swollen belly.

One spurt made it as far as her breast, sliding slowly and seductively down its shapely form. It was as if a spell had broken.

"I'm sorry Jason, this wasn't a good idea" she mumbled, grabbing her pyjama top and covering herself. "I knew that you had thoughts about me, I saw you watching me in the bathroom the other day.

I know you took my panties and used them." Jason said nothing, feeling the shame burning in his face. "It's OK honey," she soothed, "it's not your fault. It's natural to find any women attractive at your age, even your mother. I must admit, I do find it kind of flattering.

But it's naughty, so tomorrow I'll try and take care of these myself and then Monday I'll go to the store and get my pump fixed." The next day, both of them carried on as if nothing had happened.

After dinner, his mother went upstairs to her room. Only this time he knew what she would be doing. He imagined her sitting there, her beautiful tits straining to release their sweet nectar.

How he wished that it could be him up there, helping her, loving her, pleasuring her. After half an hour, Jason knew that she didn't need him, so was surprised to hear her call his name. "Jason? I'm sorry honey, I just can't do it on my own.

Would you mind helping me again?" To be continued&hellip.