House Party Turns Into A Hardcore Foursome

House Party Turns Into A Hardcore Foursome
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Jimmy had never seen anything like that before in his entire life.

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He still could not understand how the boys could do it. He felt the boy beside him tugging on his arm. The boy obviously wanted to tell him something, however, they could not understand each others words. The boy thought for a moment, and then smiled. Pointing to the sticks in the sand, he raised five fingers.

He then lowered two, looking a little sad as he did. The pointed to the remaining three fingers, and then closed them down into his little fist. He opened the five fingers again and then closed them.

Once they were closed, he waived his hand over the boys out in the clearing. He then pointed off towards the ocean and made movements like a boat sailing.

The little boy repeated this over a few times until Jimmy finally thought that he understood.

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To make sure, Jimmy decided to mime back to the boy. He pointed to the sticks and held up five fingers. Two he lowered and made a motion as if he were eating. He then held up the three, pointed off towards the little boys and lowered three more fingers and made motions of eating once again. He then made a motion of paddling a boat or canoe, motioned to all of the boys, and then made the boat sign again.

The little boy smiled and shook his head up and down. Jimmy smiled as he realized that they had "talked" for the first time. The boys would eat a total of five boys before they left. Once the fifth boy was eaten, they would leave the island.

Jimmy was still a little curious, and uncertain of one thing. He pointed to one little boy playing off with the others, and then motioned to the boy in an eating gesture. He was asking the boy if that child would be eaten. He did this several more times, and then repeated it pointing out other boys, making sure that the child understood his question. He was trying to find out if there were certain boys already pre-selected to be eaten.

The little boy watched Jimmy's mime for a few minutes, and then smiled as he understood what he was asking. The boy shook his head, and eventually made himself understood. There were no pre-selected boys.

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A random choice was made of which boys to eat. The little boy shuddered as he seemingly thought about this. Jimmy could understand what the boy was feeling. He knew that if he were still amongst the boys there, his head could be hanging on the top of one of the poles. Jimmy had another question which he wanted to ask, however, he was not sure if he wanted the answer to it. He knew that he had to ask it, and so he began the mimes, hoping that the boy's answer would not make him cry.

Jimmy managed to get through the remaining three boys being eaten and the boys leaving the island to go back to their home. Once he reached that point, he pointed to the boy and made two choices of what he was going to do. One was the boy staying on the island with him, and the other was him returning with the other boys.

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Jimmy sat holding his breath, as he watched the younger boy thinking about what was being asked of him. He smiled when he finally figured it out. Reaching out to hold Jimmy's hand, the boy pointed to himself, and then to Jimmy. He then pointed to the ground where they sat. Jimmy's eyes teared up as he pulled the child to him.


The boy was going to stay on the island with him. Jimmy was so happy that he could almost deal with the fact that children were being raped, killed, and eaten. He would have his young lover with him for as long as they remained on the island. Jimmy kissed the boy tenderly on the lips, took his head into his hands, and stared long and hard into his eyes. There was magic which passed between the two boys during that moment, a magic which could only pass between two lovers.

Jimmy was happy. He would have his lover for as long as he wanted. With the discussion complete, the two boys looked back out into the opening and watched the boys. Over where the little boys were playing, a few had broken off from the others who were still playing a game with little stones.

One little boy, who looked to be around eight or nine, stood on the sand. Another little boy, who looked like he was around seven, knelt down in front of him.

The two boys watching could not see them enough to see what was actually going on, but from the motions of the kneeling boy's head, and the smile on the older boy's face, it was obvious.

The younger boy was sucking the penis of the older. After allowing the younger boy to suck on his own for a few minutes, the older boy grabbed onto his head and holding it still, he began to thrust his penis in and out of the younger boy's mouth.

The little boy did not look like he was having any trouble handling being fucked in the mouth. Jimmy glanced over at his lover, and smiled when he saw that they boy had and erection.

The boy's eyes met, and they smiled. An understanding was reached. When they next played with each other sexually, they would take turns fucking each other in the mouth in that manner. A ways away from the sucking boys, three other boys settled themselves down onto the ground.

One boy rolled onto his stomach, and a second got on top of him.


The top boy fumbled around for a few minutes until he found his mark, and then he pushed himself into the rectum of the other boy. Once the two boys were in motion, the top boy beginning to fuck wildly into the other, the third boy moved behind the top boy, and climbed on top of him. The other two boys laid still as the third fumbled his way around, and then entered the rectum of the top boy. Once the third boy was in motion, the second boy began to fuck into the bottom boy as the other fucked into him.

Jimmy smiled as he watched this fuck. He had never experienced this type of fucking in this manner, but something about it invaded his memory, causing him to think for a moment that he was about to remember his past. The thoughts and feeling faded quickly, which left Jimmy depressed as always. Jimmy's eyes almost popped out of his head, when he glanced over the edge of the boy's camp, and saw four boys walking into the camp area. Obviously, they had been playing outside of the camping area.

Jimmy's dick jumped when he watched them walk towards the center of the camp, stop to look at the boys playing the game, the boys having sex, and then the sleeping boys.

None of the boys looked older than six. They were much smaller than any of the other boys that he had seen on the island. Between their legs rested tiny, acorn-like, penises and testicles. Jimmy was not sure just how old those boys were, but he was certain that they were no more than toddlers.

When he looked towards his lover again questioningly, he saw that the boy was smiling at him. The boy had noticed his lover's penis jump when the little boys appeared. He smiled, thinking that in matters of sex, his older friend was like the older boys of his tribe.

They would also get hard-ons when the little ones were around. Boy sex was nothing new to the boy. In his tribe boys had sex almost as soon as they learned to walk. Little boys had sex with other little boys, and with boys younger than them. Older boys had sex with little boys, and men could have sex with certain boys, as long as they were not married. The boy wished that he could explain his way of life to his lover.

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He realized, however, that it could not be done with mime. He knew that he would have to teach the boy his language, learn his, or both. ****** On his island, boy sex had been going on for as long as anyone could remember. In all of their history, there were stories of boy sex. Boys were, by far, the most popular for sex. Men married women and produced babies.

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They were not suppose to have sex with boys once they were married, but this did not often stop the ones who had fallen in love with it as boys and young men. There was strict ranking and dividing of boys on his island. Boys came of age for sex play when they were eight. Boys eight or older, up to the age at which they first produced semen, were fair game to anyone who could "legally" play sexually with boys.

Boys under the age of eight were off limits sexually to boys who could sperm, with the exception of brothers and relatives, whose job it was to teach them how to suck penises.

The brothers and relatives, however, were forbidden by taboo to ever penetrate the boy's rectums with their penises. Other boys under the age of sperming could freely play with boys of any age, and there were no prohibitions about fucking the little boys.

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Many older sperming boys and men were actually jealous of the little ones who could freely fuck the little boys who they found so sexy and erotic. Once an Island boy turned eight, he would be introduced to sex with an older male outside of his family.

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The night of the boy's eighth birthday, he was taken into a secluded part of the family hut by his father. The father would initiate the boy into the ways of an older boy.

The father would spend the night with his son engaging in sex. Once the son rose, however, sex would never occur between the two again. - End of chapter 14