Deutsch tiefer Oralsex anal Creampie von bretonischen

Deutsch tiefer Oralsex anal Creampie von bretonischen
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Persuading the Girl Next Door Chapter Three During school the next day I continued to practice my ability. At lunch I sat with another older boy and again pushed him to tell me more about sex.

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He seemed more sure of himself. His parents had the talk with him and had given him a booklet that explained more. Perhaps because I was young, or because of what Kim and I were already doing together, I didn't feel in a rush to fuck. I could not see how it could feel better than being sucked off and the risk of pregnancy was another reason to be cautious. Someday I would try sticking my penis in her but there was no rush.

After school I grabbed a clean towel and headed out to the clubhouse in the back yard. I was shocked to find Kim waiting there already naked. I was already hard anticipating our afternoon together but the sight of her bare body made my shaft swell more and throb. Again she spoke without any prompting from me.

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Can I ask a favor, she said. Sure, I replied thinking that perhaps she wanted me to stop doing something. She mumbled a bit and seemed to be having trouble saying it and I finally told her to just say it. "Could you use your mouth on me down there?" she said pointing to her pussy. She went on to explain how good it had felt when I fingered her and how she noticed that I really liked it when she sucked on me and she wondered how it would feel if I did it to her but if I didn't want to then it would be OK but I had been so nice to her.

I said "Yes, I would", just to try to stop her babbling. She went on to say how she always heard that boys would be mean and I had made her feel good and didn't hurt her or say mean things and how she appreciated that I had not taken her virginity. I started undressing until I was as naked as she was and then moved forward to put my arms around her and kiss her lips. This finally stopped her talking as she responded holding me tight as our tongues danced in each other's mouths.

I caressed her nude back running my hands down and grabbing her ass with my hands and she moaned into our kiss.


Moving my hands to her hips I pushed her backwards until she was sitting on the chair. Sliding my hands to her knees I spread them and knelt between her thighs. My hands slid back up her legs, hips, and sides and then to her tits all without breaking the kiss. Her nipples were so hard they felt like little rocks and she broke our kiss and panted when I rubbed them.

Pulling her hips forward I went from kneeling to sitting in front of her. With her legs spread on either side of me her pussy lips spread and gazing at it I wondered why I hadn't thought to do this before. The sight and smell were overwhelming and I leaned in and gave her a lick right up the middle of her opening. Kim flinched a little from my touch but then settled back down as I continued to lick.

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I had no real idea what might feel good for her so I slowly worked my way around licking with various amounts of pressure. When I got to her little pleasure button she groaned and said "Oh yes!". I focused on it and began using my lips and tongue to explore every crevice of it. Remembering how she had reacted to my finger in her opening I brought my right hand under my chin and rubbed down her slit until I found her opening. She was slippery wet and the tip of my finger slid inside and she moaned again.

I, of course, wanted to explore her cavity. About an inch in there was an obstruction. How would my penis fit in such a shallow hole? Eventually I found a small opening in the obstruction. My finger was slippery enough that I could slip into this opening though I felt the skin stretch around it.

About this time Kim grabbed my head and began pulling my lips against her button. I knew how good it felt when she sucked my shaft so I wondered if it would feel as good for her. Sealing my lips around her nub I gently sucked. She pulled my head closer so I think she liked it. I increased my sucking, stroked my index finger in and out of her and rubbed my tongue across her button.

Her hips began to churn making it hard to keep up what I was doing.

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She made a small whimpering sound and then clinched every muscle before collapsing back into the chair. Pulling my finger out of her caused a shiver to run through her body.

I sat back and gazed up at her feeling good that I had been able to give her such pleasure. I liked Kim and wanted her to feel good.

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It was also exciting to suck her and make her cum. I was still rock hard and noticed that I had been dripping fluid from the end of my penis onto the floor. I knew she would need some time to recover but I wanted my turn soon. She finally sat up and looked down at me. Taking the towel she wiped my face and then kissed me on the lips. As soon as she broke the kiss I asked her to suck me and I sat while she kneeled between my legs.

She went right into long strokes and sucking and I didn't last more than a minute before jetting onto her tongue.

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She sucked and swallowed until I was done and asked if I would "do her again?". As exciting as making Kim cum was I wanted to cum again. This one had been so quick I hardly got to enjoy it. I wondered if we could do each other at the same time.

I had Kim lie down on the floor and then lay down next to her in the opposite direction.

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Rolling over her I applied my mouth to her pussy and began kissing and licking her. After a little while she seemed to get the idea and took hold of my cock and pulled it to her mouth.

I moved my hips closer and felt her warm mouth engulf the head.

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We were both awkward at first. It was difficult to concentrate on doing her with the distraction of her doing me. Gradually we became more skilled at sucking while being sucked. At this point I was sucking her button while prodding her opening with my middle finger.

I started flicking my tongue across her button and she stopped sucking me. Holding me with one hand she began panting and moaning.

This was exciting but I was disappointed that she had stopped sucking me. I understood why she was distracted and continued to stimulate her hoping that after she came she would resume.

Kim came, bucking against my face, and then reached down to push my head away. I gave her a moment and then pushed my cock against her mouth. She took it inside and began sucking and soon it was feeling good. I resumed licking her pussy and in less than a minute was sucking her clit again.

Again she stopped and came. When her hips stopped bucking she went back to sucking me. Again I sucked her till she came and again she resumed sucking. This time I allowed her to continue until I felt myself spasm and shoot my seed into her waiting mouth.

She continued to suck and swallow and after the last spurt we both collapsed. Eventually we recovered, cleaned up the best we could and got dressed again.


Kim kissed me and said "That was wonderful!". Then she left.


As she walked away I realized I had not pushed her once. It was definitely hotter having her as a willing, no active participant. I was definitely thinking about what was next.

Tomorrow was Saturday so we had the entire day to play around. How many times could we make each other cum in a day?