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Stripped hunks are pleasing one another with homo blowjob
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The smell was almost rancid, and David decided to throw out his latest lab experiment. He only had a single beaker with the light-blue concoction, and like the last half dozen tries, was about to be flushed down the toilet.

His current standing in Chemistry deemed a successful completion to this experiment. Which was also his entry into the High School Science Fair. His experiment; to produce an aroma that allowed a change in mammals behaviour. Originally he thought it was a simple project, yet when setting out to create a new scent, his experiment became increasingly difficult. So far he was unsuccessful. His only pet, a Hamster by the name of Fuzzy, never reacted any different than could be expected. And the only reaction in mammals was his sister yelling about the awful stench coming from the basement these last few weeks.

David's mother had agreed, but the family compromised and they would put up with it until after the due date of his assignment. Making his way upstairs, with the unstopped beaker, David grumbled with disappointment that his "great" idea was not showing any results. As he passed the breakfast nook in the kitchen, his sister broke his thoughts, "What is that?" She asked while pointing directly at the beaker.

"Toilet water." Meaning this batch was about to join the porcelain toilet, as had the last several. He hadn't even looked towards his sister as he walked by. The light blue liquid disappeared down the toilet with a dismal flush. David sighed and resigned himself to return to his simple lab in the basement.

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When he reached the basement, Kerry his sister was there nosing about. Something she never did, come into his space, she always thought of him as childish and his experiments as "nerdy". "Do you have any more of that smell?" He pulled a book from her hands, annoyed with her. "What smell?" The question puzzled him. He brushed by her to sit back on his stool before the unorganized wooden table. "That blue one you just had?

I liked that one." She smiled and brushed a blonde hair from her face. Though he thought her as irritating, he could not help but noticed the attractive slim lines to her face, the way the swell of her breasts pressed against her shirt, or the way her jeans curved about her hips.

But, as a brother he would never admit this interest to anyone, especially to himself. "That one? I thought it stunk worse that the previous two." His sisters eyes twinkled. "I threw it all out." He turned about, thinking that was the end of the conversation. "Could you make some more Davy?" Davy? Why was she so interested in some noxious fumes that he could barely stand?

"I suppose so. But why?" He noticed she was twirling a lock of hair before her face, almost shyly. David was irritated at his sisters strange behaviour, as well as her invasion into his "lab".

"I kind of liked it. Maybe I will use it as perfume." She's gotta be kidding?! No one would get within thirty feet of her. "I need to get some work done Kerry. Get out of here!" His voice was beginning to rise, expecting the same from his normally abrasive sister.

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Normally, they could barely stand in the same room this long without a loud argument erupting. Surprisingly, she simply put on a pouty face and disappeared from the basement, allowing her brother to have the last word.

A rarity, the David never enjoyed. The Sweet Smell of Lust - II (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 "What is that smell?" David entered the kitchen just as his mother was coming home from work and asked her query. Kerry answered, "David's newest try. I kind of like this one don't you?" He noticed his sister had changed into her night clothes already, something she never did until minutes before going to bed.

Her long blonde hair was untidy and she looked like she had already taken a shower. "Oh yes. David", his mother smiled at him, "I don't know if you succeeded this time but it does smell.

different." Kerry nodded enthusiastically. "Not a good, or bad, smell. Just different." She hung up her coat and purse before helping out her daughter with supper. Still depressed from the failed experiments David snapped, "Well its gone, I flushed it just like the rest." He sat at the table, mentally tired from his hard work downstairs. Kerry contributed, "He threw it all away. I asked him if he could make more." The two ladies looked expectantly at him.

"That is a great idea, David why don't you make more of that batch? What do you call it?" The two ladies looked expectantly at him.

The direction of the conversation surprised him, why did his sister and mother not leave the topic alone. Besides the last liquid stunk awfully, didn't they realize that. "Toilet Water", he responded thinking of the only thing that came to him. It really didn't matter, since he hadn't any more. "I don't have time to make more, I have to try getting my lab right and I don't have many more ideas." Only a few minutes later, supper was on the table.

David ate heartily, and didn't notice that his sister barely touched her food or that no one was speaking. Mentally, the youth went over the last few tries of his experiment, and was puzzled that his hypotheses had been wrong to date. According to his own theories, a scent was possible within the boundaries of the last few tries. Again, he was excited at the usage of such a success on his part; help people stop smoking, decrease hunger in overweight people, make violent offenders more agreeable, etc.

He suddenly stopped counting money that he had yet to earn. Irritated at his own fantasies and disgusted at his last few failed lab attempts. When finally David was finished his food, he looked up to find his sister starring off into space, her hands below the table. While his mother had unbuttoned the top of her blouse to gently scratch her nails upon the skin of her upper chest.

Her other hand absentmindedly eating. Even though the two sets of clothes, the nipples of both ladies was plainly seen poking through the fabric, which was so evident that even the normally preoccupied teen noticed. Kerry was obviously not wearing any bra beneath her nightshirt. And his attractive slim mothers much larger breasts appeared to rise and fall perceptibly with every breath she took.

"Mom?" She shook her head, "Yes dear?" Kerry also returned to the conversation, her face flush and her hands shaking slightly. She looked at him peculiar. "Are you okay?" "Hum. definitely yes." Then giggled. A sound David had never heard from his mother, she also blushed. "I was thinking that I want you to make more `Toilet Water'." She took a bite of food. Kerry looked expectantly at her younger brother. "Maybe next week." He was very puzzled.

"After I hand in my experiment." "Why so long?" Asked Kerry. Before he could say anything, his mother interjected, "No that is reasonable. After your due date then David." The Sweet Smell of Lust - III (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 That very night, even before he fell asleep, David heard a noise.

A low moan coming from down the hall from his mothers room. At first he tried to ignore it, then imagined she was simply having a dream. But, ultimately he decided to see if she was all right. After the way the two ladies of the household acted at supper, he wondered if they had ate something rotten. Outside his mothers door, he could hear the noise much easier.

A low moan that definitely came from his mother. She must be sick? In case she was still asleep, David opened the door to her room slowly, only enough to peek in. His mother was alone. She lay in the middle of the bed, with the covers up to her chin. Her legs were widely spread beneath the light covering, and her knees bent.

Between the gap of her legs, below her stomach, her hands were moving beneath the bedspread. David's eyes nearly popped when he realized his mother was masturbating. Quickly closing the door in case she noticed her only son, he stood trembling before his single parents room. He could still picture her face as it was tightly clenched as if working mightily, which in a way she was.

The movements that he could only guess at, suggested his mother had both her hands between her legs while her hips pressed rhythmically upwards. The glistening of sweat upon her forehead her tongue whipping out to lick her lips, flashed through his mind. He was also amazed that he had a hard-on.

Quietly retreating, he stopped before Kerry's door and silently opened it. At this point he was wondering why the two ladies were acting differently this evening. His sister was not awake, yet neither was she clothed. Kerry lay naked upon her messy bed, a pillow stuffed between her legs, and her back to the door.

Only her white buttocks, and back, could be seen. Quickly he closed the door to his sisters room. The teen stood bewildered in the hallway for several minutes, the sound of his mothers self pleasure getting louder. Why had they acted different at supper? What changed that caused his mother to act so brazenly before her children? Why had Kerry been uncharacteristically docile with him? It didn't make sense to the youth.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - IV (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 The next day, everything was normal. So much so, that he sort of missed the silent attention he was part of at supper the day before. Kerry had screamed at him to get out of the bathroom, while his mother scolded both for not getting along with sister. It was at school, in his Biology class that a hypotheses came to him.

Why his mother and sister acted strangely yesterday? The "Toilet Water"! Didn't they consistently bring up his experiment, and that they wanted him to make more of the foul smelling liquid? David's instructor said, "Some smells get different reactions to different animals." David decided to make more!

Yet, why did his mother and sister display symptoms of sexual heightened awareness from the smell? It must have set off some reaction of its own in the chemistry of their bodies. And what did they have in common? Their sex, of course! Fuzzy was a male hamster and it was obvious that the small mammal was not affected by the scent.

Three o'clock took forever to come around, but when it did David ran home to start another batch of "Toilet Water".

The Sweet Smell of Lust - V (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 Since his mother had showed more outward signs of the sweet smell of his experiment, David decided to test it out upon her first. He resolved not to carry the experiment too far, if indeed it worked as he thought, he would halt the experiment and then document his lab. He would be done. It was just before bedtime and Kerry was in bed, his mother sat down in the family room reading.

David sat down across from her, his experiment newly unstopped and open to the air on a tray hidden next to a pile of magazines. He feigned reading. Only a few seconds after sitting, his mother began to shift about. Seemingly to get comfortable. Then she undid a few extra buttons of her blouse while licking her lips continuously.

Looking over the edge of the book, nothing else seemed to happen for several minutes, and David began to wonder if he was wrong about the aroma of this experiment. Then she moaned. It wasn't a tired, or content moan. But a moan that he had heard last evening. And he saw that her eyes were closed, though she still had the book up pretending to read. "Would you like something from the kitchen mom?" David put down his book and stood up. "Hum?" She opened her eyes and looked her son up and down minutely.

"Yes. Something wet dear." The word "wet" was emphasized. He left her alone for about two minutes, another of his tests. When he returned things seemed normal until he looked about. Sitting upon the carpet, partially tucked under the couch was a pair of panties, most probably his mothers.

Her blouse now looked wrinkled, while her skirt was pulled up above her knees. The awful stench was plainly in the air, and his mother finally asked, "Did you make more `Toilet Water' honey?" She looked feverish. "Yea. I left it down here somewhere. Your right the smell isn't so bad, what do you think maybe I should try it on Fuzzy again?" She licked her lips, "I like it." She looked about the room, the said quickly, "Maybe you should go to bed baby?" "I'm not tired yet." "Well, why don't you go and read in your room?" She was shifting her weight constantly now.

"I'm going soon, I just wanted to finish this chapter." David realized she wanted to be alone, and wondered if he should let her. He made a decision and stood. "Okay mom." He bent forward and kissed her cheek which caused a violent spasm to run through her body. It didn't look painful, rather it looked like she was trying to control herself but was barely succeeding. Leaving the family room, David only went so far that he could not be seen.

Almost as soon as he was out of sight, the familiar moaning began again. This time accompanied by the springs of the couch, which suggested his mother was repeating the sight he saw her do the night before.

Again, his hard on reminded him that this was more than just an experiment. Yet the young experimenter denied it to himself. The Sweet Smell of Lust - VI (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 Since the next day was Saturday, David was working in his "lab" as soon as he awoke. He found the evaporated beaker empty of "Toilet Water" just where he left it. Evidence of his mothers self pleasure was no where to be seen and neither was the discarded panties.

She hadn't come down for breakfast, but slept in until late in the morning. And when she did awake, she purposely attempted to ignore her son. Which he figured she did from embarrassment. So they both went about there business for half the day. It was just early into the afternoon when his mother came down into his "lab" while his sister was at her field hockey practice. "David, dear." Looking up surprised, "Oh, hi mom." She looked and sounded nervous, "I was wondering." "Yes?" ".if you have any more `Toilet Water'?" She looked relieved that she finally got the question out, but still would not meet her sons eyes.

This question took the teen by surprise, the fact that his mother appeared to enjoy the scent of his experiment, he would never have guessed she would solicit him for it. Of course he had made a larger batch for his experiment last night than what was actually used, but was not sure if he should use it.

He did grab a beaker from the shelf and then look up at his mother. "I have more, but I don't think I should let you have any." He felt on unsure ground, since he was unsure how strongly she felt about his experiment. Nor could he reveal to her, why he would not let her have more of the liquid. She looked desirable at the full beaker and licked her lips slowly.

"Yes that's it. David give it to me please." She attempted to look stern at her only son, but he could see pleading in her eyes.

"Listen young man!" Uh, oh. "You will give me the `Toilet Water' this instant or you're grounded for a week. Do you understand me?" What was happening? His mother was never the stern one in the house, nor had she ever spoken to him or Kerry in that voice either. A defiance rose within, "No." She looked surprised. David was unsure the scent was not causing any permanent damage to his mother, or sister, and until he knew the extent of the liquid he did not want the "Toilet Water" out of his controlled hands.

Something inside his mother changed, her eyes remained the same, but she seemed to "soften". Her hand came down and rested upon his, the other fell to his shoulder squeezing gently. She drew up close and kissed him softly upon his brow then whispered into his ear, "Please David." He didn't answer, but was only thinking of his experiment and the actions it caused in the women of the house.

Hoarsely, "I'll do anything for you!" Her emphasis on "anything" hadn't gotten by David. And for the first time he realized what was going on, his own mother was trying to seduce her son for more "Toilet Water". He felt a nervous shiver run through him and he froze, never before had a woman proposition or acted this way about him. Nor did he know how to handle it. Sure, he had been excited after witnessing his mothers, and sisters, bodies. But to actually think of a physical relationship with them never crossed his mind.

His experiment had gotten out of control. His own mother was turning into a addict for his lab attempt, and into a slut. David was more than a little confused.

He knew the right thing would be to destroy the remaining "Water" and then rip apart his notes, but something stopped him. Some inner voice or desire. After the nervous silence, he could almost feel his mothers triumphant smile beside him. "I just want a little bit baby." He hand moved down from his shoulder to his strong hard chest.

"I've seen you looking at me, I'm not blind. What that delicious smell does to me. How it makes me feel. You can see what I'm going through right darling?" Her hand rubbing his stomach gently as he still sat frozen at his bench facing his mother.

"I know I am still attractive. Do you think I am pretty David?" She only paused briefly, but he didn't answer. His mothers hand slide down past his belt to firmly grasp his crotch, she could feel his organ growing beneath the denim of his jeans. "What you do not realize. is what I am willing to do for more `Toilet Water'." This time she took her other hand and pulled his towards her, she turned his palm until it was facing upwards then immediately pressed it upwards into the crotch of her shorts.

She also gave him a meaningful squeeze, his cock painfully confined inside his pants. "Is there anything you would like me to do for you baby?" She licked his ear slowly and seductively and wiggled her hips grinding her covered sex into his hand. "Mother?!" He sat frozen, but realized he would do anything for this woman now. His lack of experience with women did not help him with this situation.

Nor help him realize he held the "upper hand" and not her. "Let me have some David, please!" He reluctantly pulled his hand from between her legs and found a small vial and filled it with the foul smelling liquid she so desired. When he unstopped the beaker, his mother inhaled hugely and then sighed content. "Yes baby.", both her hands fumbled with his jeans, "if you make your mother happy, she'll.", her hands finally opened his pants and she pulled his rock hard cock from its confines, ".make you happy." She immediately dropped to her knees before him and pressed her face downwards his cock sunk to the root inside her mouth.

She moaned even as her face began to move up and down, sucking him hungrily. David gasped surprised, and excited beyond belief. A part of him felt this was wrong, that it was not his mother sucking his cock, but his experiment that had somehow altered her actions. Yet, another part of him, the teenage hormones, the animal passion, the lustful bastard within him won.

He reached out and held his mothers head, not wanting her to stop the delicious sensation. Though she showed no inclination at stopping. In fact she was sucking with a passion that suggested she needed this as much as David now did. When his orgasm exploded, all his resistance and energy went with it. His mother didn't miss a drop, instead swallowed loudly and hungrily.

It felt like an eternity when she finally stood, whipped her mouth with the back of her hand, then grabbed for the small stopped vial and quickly exited the small room. David sat gasping, contemplating his thoughts and feelings of what just happened. The Sweet Smell of Lust - VII (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 Perhaps an hour later, David stood before his mothers bedroom door.

Alone in the large house, David earlier could hear the sound of his mothers pleasure. Her sobs, cries of passion, the squeaky bed, and her loud sighs of pleasure.

When finally the house was silent he found himself upstairs. The teen didn't knock upon the closed door, but he attempted to be quiet, as he opened it slowly. Laying naked beneath a thin sheet upon the bed was his mother. Her skin was glistening with sweat, her body still quivered, and her eyes were starring up at the ceiling. David also noticed several smells, his foul smelling experiment was obvious as was the empty vial next to her bed, the smell of his mothers sweat, but the smell that he could not place right away was the smell of his mothers sexual heat and passion.

Standing there in the doorway looking at her, he again felt his penis rise. The almost forty year-old woman slowly looked down from the ceiling towards the foot of her bed. She looked her son over, her eyes no longer had that peculiar look to them any longer, including the obvious bulge in his pants.

David watched as her eyes again returned to his, then begin to water.

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She began to cry. A fountain of tears flowed down her cheeks as she threw an oblong object previously hidden from his sight over to the corner. She tiredly rolled onto her side, making sure her nakedness was fully covered from her son. David looked at what she had thrown, it was a rubber cock, still glistening with her wet juices.

Feeling horny, David didn't move for several minutes until guilt took over his previous emotions. Taking his eyes from the bed and his mother, he took a few steps over to the window and opened it wide, allowing fresh air to clean the large room.

Then he quickly departed, closing the door behind him. The sounds of his mothers sobs replacing the passionate sounds from earlier. The Sweet Smell of Lust - VIII (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 Two days went by, and David again threw himself into more attempts at his lab experiments. He hide the "Toilet Water" behind some books in his "lab", not wanting anyone to get their hands upon the dangerous liquid.

After the other days events, his guilt had not allowed him to consider any further attempts upon the women in his household. He loved them too much to make them do something they did not want to do.

His mother's tears were proof of that. Lucky for David, his mother had not spoken about Saturdays incident in his "lab". Nor had she said anything about the light blue liquid. He felt a tension between them, but he was happy that she treated him exactly the same as she always had. At least until her actions became controlled by the "Toilet Water".

His sister was the only one to bring up his experiments, she inquired into how long it was before his assignment was finished so he could make more "Water"? His answer, since his mother had not been around was a shrug then "soon". She smiled happily then left him alone - he knew that Kerry's desires were fuelled by the hungry for the "Water" and was not acting herself. After she left, he resolved to never allow either woman access to the liquid, under any circumstance.

A circumstance happened just Tuesday morning, hours before David's alarm even went off. A voice in his ear awoke him, "Wake up darling." In seconds, he realized his mother was in his bed, underneath the covers with him. Her mouth almost against his ear, her right hand already measuring his sex outside his underwear.

He realized she was wearing a silk nightgown, one that he knew she owned but had never seen worn before. Probably because it was practically see through, and his normally shy mother would never expose herself in front of her children.

Until "Toilet Water" that is. "I know your awake." She squeezed his cock, "Your mommy wants more of that wonderful scent." She quickly tongued his ear.

"And you know your mom will do anything to get it." Her hand drew out his penis, and began to stroke it even as her pelvis began to press into her son's hip. "Mommy knows what little boys want!" The wet tongue slid down his neck. David could feel the warmth of her crotch through the silk against his hip. Still in a half sleep stage and against his better judgement, his buttocks began to press up and down, his cock sliding back and forth in his mothers hand.

Yet, he was successful in muttering, "No", several times. "No?" She drew away from him, until she only lay next to him. Still whispering, "Will you give me more `Toilet Water' David?" She sounded like a little girl to David, wanting something she already knew was bad for her. "Go back to bed mom." Those simple words were very hard for him to say.

"Didn't you like my blow job?" It was a rhetorical question - the amount of sperm that shot out of him was proof enough to both. "I'll do anything David." He was beginning to understand just how strong those words were when the topic of his experiment came into play. "I know you want me, I can see it in your eyes. Don't all young men want to fuck their mother?" She quickly got off the bed and stood next to it for several seconds.

As if contemplating her next move. David was about to again tell her to go to bed, that she was not going to get any "Water" this evening. When she quickly pulled the sexy silk nightgown up over her head and let it drop to the ground behind her. Never before had he seen a frontal nude woman before, except in pictures. And even though his mom was thirty eight years-old she had a body on par with those young girls in magazines.

She stood with the outside light framing her body, she looked angelic and David felt his desire rising and his ethical beliefs drop. She didn't need to say anything, instead his mother began to roam her own body with her hands. She began to put on a show for her only son. To seduce him. To get what she wanted, "Toilet Water". She was the addict and her son was the only outlet to this addiction. David sat up in bed, near the edge, watching as his mom manipulated her large breasts and the dark nipples.

"Mom.?!" She reached out to him, and drew his head to her bosom. The nipple entered his mouth and he suckled from some natural instinct. He could taste her salty skin, her stall perfume, and even her sweat. David quivered in uncontrolled delight as the other breast was also presented to him. He brought up his hands to hold her heavy breasts up and together, while her hands simply stroked his forehead and hair lovingly.

When finally David sat back, taking his hands from her warm body, and could see the glistening saliva he left upon her pale fleshy breasts. His mother slowly turned until her back was to her son, then she bent over at the waist. One of her hands reached around and pulled a cheek apart, while the other reached between her legs to spread her vaginal lips.

Her exposure was complete, David could see everything even in the dim light. David extended one hand and touched his mothers warm smooth rear thigh. She didn't move as his hand moved to her buttock, and pulled it apart from the other. For almost a minute, he viewed the dimly lit blonde pussy and asshole. As he watched, the hand that was holding her outer vaginal lips apart moved and he watched as two fingers disappeared into her sex.

His mother jack-hammered them into herself for several seconds then brought them out. She stood back up and turned about facing her only son, the slimy fingers were offered to him. As he opened his lips, the juice covered fingers entered his mouth and he could taste the peculiar, and sensual taste of his mothers sex. She finally spoke after her long silence, "You can have this anytime dear." He hungrily sucked her fingers clean.

"But you know what I want." It was simply too much for the teenager, a naked woman offering herself to him was a dream come true. Even if it was his mother, his hormones now controlled his actions. Reaching out, mesmerized by her body, David slid a hand between her legs to cup her sex. He could feel the moisture there, as well as the furry bush covering a warm smooth slit.

The attractive woman lifted one leg to rest her foot on the edge of the bed, giving more access for her son.

"You like mummy's pussy baby?" The vaginal slit seemed to lead him to the wonderful hole he had only heard about. His middle finger entered her easily, all the way to the knuckle. She moaned lightly and moved her hips forward to allow easier access. "Go get the "Toilet Water" and I'll let you fuck me dear." She smiled uncertainly at her only son.

He simply looked up and then quickly ran from the room, his pussy juice covered finger already in this mouth. It took only a few moments for him to return with another small vial with a thimble full of his experiment. His mother spoke rapidly, anxiously, "Open it David, hurry!" He did, then set it down next to the bed. David's mother inhaled deeply, taking in all the musk. He watched as she began to tremble and concentrate upon the foul stench he could smell.

As was expected, David watched as his mother began to show signs of her excitement. The hardened nipples, the tongue upon the lips, the hard eyes, and the familiar scent of his mothers enjoyment. She turned her head towards her only son and looked down at his cock.

Feverishly she jumped for the bed and stood next to it, bent over at the waist, her bottom raised for her sons enjoyment. His mom was breathing extremely fast, and could not wait for some pleasure and began to use her own hand upon her wet sex. David could barely hear her mumble as she masturbated before him, "I don't care anymore I just want your cock baby!" And, "Fuck me David, use me as your whore!" As he stepped forward, she held open her vaginal lips to guide him to the pleasure hole he sought.

His hips shot forward and he found himself inside his mothers sex. The squeals of delight she made was proof enough that she enjoyed him inside her most private of places. She screamed into a pillow, as her first orgasm came upon her. David began to drive his hips back and forth, while looking down to watch his hard prick slide in and out of the sloppy wet hole below the pale cheeks.

It took only a few quick moments for his orgasm to begin, and he flooded his mothers love channel with an abundant amount of seed. While she ground her hips with enjoyment, and moaned out her pleasure as she also felt the sperm enter deep inside her. David awoke by the sharp noise of his alarm clock, then sat up to contemplate what had happened to him the night before. Next to the bed was the empty vial of "Toilet Water", and on the floor was the silk nightgown his mother had worn.

It was unmistakable what had happened here not long ago. Yet he was alone. Something inside of him had changed, he knew it. The respectable teenager whose morals included the acceptance of incest as a sin was disintegrated. His morning hard on pulsated with the immoral thoughts of his mothers sexy body.

He also knew his mind wasn't altered by any drug, but rather he had awakened to a new pleasure - sex. Rising, he found his sister already hogging the bathroom and a note from his mother saying she left for work early.

After a shower, the young man dressed and went down feeling superb. If not for his sisters normal grumpy reaction to him first thing then, he would have had a great day. Instead her initial snarl of discontent was enough for him to smile a knowing smile and tell her to "fuck off". She practically screamed for several moments at him. Then he simply said, "I made more `Toilet Water'." David received the reaction he was hoping for, his sister suddenly became docile and smiled warmly at her younger brother.

"Why didn't you tell me David?" "I just did." "Silly! Where is it?" She asked, he eyes huge and expectant. "I can get it - but are you sure you want me to?" He looked at the clock, he had to leave within thirty minutes. Kerry nodded earnestly. "Okay, but come down to the family room with me." He disappeared into his lab and poured another small vial.

His sister was waiting for him as he had asked, and he could see that she could hardly wait for the "Water" scent. Unstopping it, he set it down on the coffee table, realizing that this was the same place he had tested his mother with the liquid.

As he watched, Kerry's body relaxed and she lay back upon the couch - a huge smile upon her face. Soon she began to wiggle her thighs together, and giggle softly to herself. Nervously she looked over at her "baby" brother. David knelt next to his sexy slim sister and placed a hand upon her breasts. Smaller than their mothers, it was also firm and the nipple extremely pointy as it dug into his hand. "What are you doing David?" She asked, while having trouble getting the words out as she breathed hard.

Yet she didn't remove his hand and just watched him with a peculiar look in her eye. "I'm playing with your boob. I have always liked your boobs Kerry." He placed the other hand upon the free breast. She wiggled about while looking nervously at her brother. He could tell she was enjoying the attention yet knew she should not let her younger brother fondle her chest - she just could not do anything about it.

"Please stop David!" She sounded very serious, yet did not make a move to stop him. Nor did he intend to stop, the experiment continued to heighten his sisters sexual senses and ultimately his own. Only hours before his mother had taken his virginity. Applying his lust towards Kerry did not seem wrong in any way. "You don't realize what you are doing." Her lower half was wiggling about. "Take off all your clothes sis." He said it simply and then sat back taking his hands from her.

Kerry stared at him for several seconds, startled at her brothers words. "No Davy its wrong!" "If you ever want more `Toilet Water' you will do everything I say." He spoke rather abruptly.

And since Kerry's body was sexually excited beyond her own control she had no choice but to accept her brothers orders. Even if, under normal circumstances, she would have rebelled. Kerry groaned in submission and then began to tear off her jeans, T-shirt, and socks. Breathing hard, with only her bra and panties, watching and waiting for her brother's interest she did not even realize her left hand was gently rubbing outside her covered crotch.

"Don't forget your underwear. How am I going to fuck you if you are wearing clothes?" Kerry had been reaching for the panties when she heard the last sentence. Her face showed shock, but her hands trembled and she scrambled to pull her cotton briefs off. Giggling she rolled over onto her stomach and wiggled her pert young buttocks at her younger brother. David recognized his sisters nervousness and playfulness. He concluded this strange reaction simply from her age.

Mother had been older, more secure about her body and its responses. While his sister was youthful and still in the learning stages for her own sexual awareness. Her sexual scent was strong in the large room, even overpowering the rancid odour of his experiment.

Unzipping his jeans, as well as walking about the couch, behind his sister, he sharply slapped her white buttock. She jumped and giggled nervously, then a long drawn out moan escaped her lips. Surprised at this response, he again spanked her bottom, enjoying the sight of her youthful buttocks clenching and jerking.

"Dave please!" Again the hand came down, and again. Each time was even harder than the last. He realized he loved spanking his sister, taking out the years of arguments and sibling fights with every blow.

Gone was the giggling, now she was just rotating her hips while pressing her pelvis against the hard cushion of the couch, her moaning constant. It was obvious, she was close to orgasm. "Please what?" David finally asked, baiting her.

Attempting to entice her brother she wiggled her buttocks up off the couch in back and forth motions, "Hurry, put it in!" He hadn't moved, but just enjoyed the sight of her blazing red ass that he had caused. "Please David, fuck me!" She almost screamed out. With that, he straddled his sisters thighs and used one hand to aim his cock and the other to pull apart one of her ass cheeks. It took a few long seconds until his aim found the overheated sexual hole that easily accommodated him.

"Thank you David! Thank you." She sighed very loudly then began to rotate her hips, anxious for his strokes. Kerry, quickly began to scream out. Her body loosing all control and trembling violently beneath him. She broke out in a sweat and attempted to clench her muscles, as the orgasm overcame her senses.

The visually stunning orgasm also started her brothers. He pulled his rock hard cock out of her and then placed it between the strong cheeks of her ass. The damp valley was firmly pressed together but offered a wonderful alternative to finish his strokes. His cock rode along her ass crack for a few more seconds before he felt the explosion exit from his body. Looking down he watched as his seed coated much of his sisters tail bone and upper crack.

She moaned contentedly, happy to feel his hot sperm upon her skin. Slowly standing up and stuffing his penis back into his pants he said, "Your going to be late for school if you don't hurry up." He quickly turned and began to leave her laying there. "If you want, I'll be waiting here when you get back?" He turned about to see her looking past her sweaty shoulder.

"I'd like to do this more often. How much more `Toilet Water' do you have?" He simply smiled as a response then turned about and departed. The Sweet Smell of Lust - X (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 David's day was spent reminiscing about the last few weeks with his mother and sister. The differences in both, the similarities. For instance; Kerry had a strong taunt body while his mother's was soft and curvy, then the taste of his mothers sexual juices were stronger and his sisters had a sharp taste, also the differences in the feel of his cock inside of his mother was juicier while Kerry had a tight hot pussy.

The day disappeared in these memories. After getting home, he settled down to distribute the `Toilet Water' to several tumble sized vials.

He was convinced his experiment was successful. So much so, that he wanted to enjoy the benefits of his success. The door opened and closed upstairs, and he heard the sound of his mothers heels upon the hardwood floor of the kitchen. "Mom would you come down here please?" He shouted up, then quickly hide the vials about his lab in different places. He listened as the heels descended the stairs towards him. Without a word, his mom entered his small lab and stood before him, her eyes looking everywhere but at her son.

David openly enjoyed the sight of his attractive mother in her "power" suit. The blazer and skirt, the white silky blouse, white nylons and heels. She looked professional and sexy, he realized. Also nervous. Reaching out he placed his hand directly upon her buttock and rolled it about her backside. She still didn't move. Ignoring her quiet nervousness, he reached out and lifted her skirt up to her waist. The white nylons covered her shapely backside and long legs all the way to her waist.

"I enjoyed last night mom." She still didn't move or say anything. "I especially enjoyed watching you finger your wet pussy." It looked like she was about to say something but bit her bottom lip instead.

"I would like to watch you rub your juicy cunt right now." The words made her jerk her head back, and she tensed up her buttocks beneath her sons hands. He knew of her reluctance, the same emotion she showed the last time he confronted her after an encounter. He also didn't care, his desires controlled his emotions now. And he knew what controlled his mother - his successful experiment.

As long as there was a chance for another "fix" she would put up with his attentions. And when the urge was becoming unbearable, she used any means at her disposal to get it. A hand came up before her to wave a small vial of light blue liquid. His mother licked her lips hungrily and starred right at the liquid as her son's other hand groped her shapely ass.


He could tell all her resistance suddenly disappeared after she saw the liquid. "I'll play with myself anytime you want darling, but wouldn't you rather I suck you off?" She turned towards him, using a sexy look that had worked the night before.

Smiling in triumph at his own mother, "I don't' like your underwear mom, take them off." She reached down and hooked both thumbs into the elastic waist band for her nylons. While looking into her sons eyes, she pushed then down and stepped out of her undergarments quickly.

Then still holding her skirt up to her waist, her hairy sex visible to her son's lecherous eyes, "Where do you want me dear?" She smiled seductively. Handing her the vial, "Here mom. Go upstairs and get ready for me." She quickly grabbed the small vial and then nodded happily at her son before rushing out of his lab and up the stairs. David felt his hardened cock press painfully against his jeans, then smiled knowing his loving mom would handle it for him.

The Sweet Smell of Lust - XI (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 To put it bluntly, David had sex at least twice a day. With his mother and sometimes with his sister. Anytime he wished, anywhere he wished. Though he would never tell Kerry, he desired the incestuous relationship with his mother more. She was easily more experienced, but mostly because it seemed "wrong".

In only a few short days, they had become his sexual playmates. Living only to please him so they can enjoy the scent of "Toilet Water". Kerry knew that her brother was fucking their mom, but didn't seem to care. While David's mother did not know about her daughter acting in the same way she herself was doing. David planned on changing that. Opening a large dosage of "Toilet Water", his sister couldn't keep her hands away from her sex.

And though she attempted to entice her brother to fuck her, he only watched for a few moments before leaving her alone. Kerry moaned loudly but then put all her energy into her cunt, and the huge sexual ache between her legs. His mother awoke with her son's words, "Wake up mother." She realized the covers were pulled back and her nightgown pulled up to her waist. Then she smelled the scent, faintly. Standing at the foot of the bed, David stood naked looking down at his attractive mother.

She smiled lovely at him before spreading her legs and then using her hands to manipulate her sex. She did this both from desire, as well as the knowledge her son loved to watch her play with herself. This show lasted for a few moments, until David saw, smelt, and heard the juice from his mothers sex. Her body was reacting as normal, in only a few moments she would be beyond control of her own body.

"Get up mom." She scrambled to comply. "And take that gown off, I want you naked." She stood before her son naked, not even thinking about what he had in store for her, just wondering where the wonderful scent of the "Toilet Water" was coming from. One hand held her breast and the other cupping her sex, they both helped her with the sexual urges she felt and could not control.

"Come with me." She followed her son out of her room and down the hallway. Before she even realized where she was, David had opened Kerry's bedroom door and pushed his mom before him just inside the room. Masturbating furiously was Kerry, the strong scent of pussy and "Water" powerful and obvious in the air.

David watched as the horror and understanding came to his mother, it was written upon her face. He also saw, that she could not stop playing with herself, even standing watching her own daughter finger her sloppy cunt.

The experiment took hold of the middle aged woman and she did not resist in any way, though her face revealed otherwise. He held his mothers breasts in his young strong hands, enjoying the texture and feel of her bountiful breasts.

"Kerry?" "Davy!" She opened her eyes, and after a brief glance of recognition at her naked mother looked right into David's. "I need it baby brother, come fuck me!" She whined and began to pump two fingers into herself with earnest, obviously wanting to please her brother. She also knew he liked to watch her masturbate.

"I'm wet and ready for your hard cock." David's mom could not take her eyes from her daughter, and the words from her mouth astonished and excited her. He knew she was almost at the point where she would not be able to control herself until she had at least one orgasm.

"Mom loves to use her mouth, don't you mom?" She simply ground her ample buttocks into her son's hard on. Kerry again looked at her mom with a new interest. Taking one hand from her breast, David used it to open her mouth. "Stick your tongue out mother, show Kerry what your going to fuck her with." His mother complied. Kerry groaned in anticipation. "Please mommy, fuck my pussy!" The teenager opened the outer lips of her sex allowing the two in the doorway an excellent view of her inner wet pink lips and hole.

David had guessed correctly, that his sister did not care where her orgasm came from. David felt his mom shudder also in anticipation. "Go ahead mom, I think you know what to do." He pushed her forward. "Fuck our mothers face Kerry and maybe I'll fuck your face at the same time." His mom knelt on the bed, her face quickly pressed between the youthful thighs and Kerry's response told him that the tongue was inside his sister.

His moms head bobbed up and down as she tongue fucked her daughter even while her bottom was almost straight up. David could see that she was still fingering her own vagina, unable to control her urges even now. Kneeling next to his sister, he guided her face towards his cock, and she eagerly took him in. The sight was fabulous and David moaned in enjoyment - this little play that he had put together.

Holding his sisters head still, the youth began to slam in and out of her tiny mouth. He heard Kerry gag several times when his dick was deeply embedded down the back of her throat, but it still seemed to turn the girl on. Even while bobbing her face between Kerry's thighs, his mom watched yearningly at her son fuck her daughters mouth.

Perhaps she wished it was she laying there. Pulling from the wet mouth, David crawled about behind his mother. She pulled apart her vagina to facilitate her son's access, while wiggling her buttocks about enticingly. "What a wonderful sight mother." David ran a single finger down the length of her ass crack all the way past her flowered open wet vagina. He moved it back upwards. "I wonder what it would be like to fuck you here?!" He pressed the digit firmly into her rectum until the nail disappeared.

The youth bent forward and pressed his face into his moms crack, his tongue finding her sweaty anus. She groaned out when his tongue slide into her asshole, "Not there darling, in my cunt." She had returned two fingers to her hole. Her son took his face from behind her, "Have you ever been fucked in the ass mom?" "N. no." "Well I'm going to fuck your ass.

I'm going to take your virginity like you took mine." Quickly the youth sat back onto his heels, and aimed his saliva covered cock at the dark pink anal hole. The blunt end entered with much resistance, until the head slipped past the rectal ring and the shaft easily entered until he was embedded all the way inside his moms bowels.

"Fuck, your ass's tight!" "Aggrhhh!" His mom could no longer continue with her mouth work and simply moaned loudly. David thought she may have even orgasmed. Kerry looked deliriously at the sight between her legs, her baby brother had his cock inside their mom's wide ass, in her asshole.

The thought was turned her on deliciously and she crawled out from under her mom. Laying practically upon her moms back, Kerry had her face but six inches from the invaded bum, her brother slowly fucking the tight cavity which clung to the sides of his hard cock. The young woman quickly rolled off her mom and knelt next to her, she want the same. Using her hands, she pulled apart the cheeks of her ass and then said in a girlish voice, "Davy?

Fuck my asshole too!" The youth simply grinned then pulled out, with a slit pop, from the tight confines of his moms butt hole. Quickly scurrying behind his sister, he forced the head of his slimy cock into her asshole. She groaned loudly from the pleasurable pain. The "Toilet Water" controlled the actions of the two overheated women. So much so that Kerry's perverse attraction to the sight of her mother's sodomy caused a quick succession of orgasms to rocket through her body.

She practically convulsed for two minutes before collapsing unable to move or say anything. David pulled out from his sisters asshole, and saw that his mom was still in the position he had left her in, but had two fingers again inside her vagina. The woman could not get enough. David again knelt behind his mom and aimed his cock back into the stretched anal hole.

"Thank god David!" She pressed back desperately when he again drove his penis home. The Sweet Smell of Lust - XII (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 David's home life had become every teenage boy's fantasy. To screw two attractive women at his discretion. In fact, his newest interest was to watch his mother and sister eat the others pussy.

This was often a preliminary to his joining in. And as long as he had "Toilet Water" about to reward the ladies, before or after the sexual session, there was little he could not do with their lovely bodies. About the house, the two women wore skimpy whorish clothing or nothing. The two sets of breasts were never held by a bra, and the only type of panty allowed to be worn was a skimpy high on the hips bikini type.

Outside the house, both were allowed to act and dress "normal". Yet, a firm warning by David, telling his mom and sister that if they showed their any interest in another man, besides himself, they would never smell the orgasm inducing scent again.

He threatened them by the simple fact that they could not control themselves when under the influence, and someone else may take advantage of this fact. The ladies became slaves to their own heightened desires. Mrs. Wilson was David's next attempt at control. The forty year-old science teacher expected an assignment by her students, entries for the lab that was due. When the teenager turned in a thimble sized vial with light blue liquid and the twenty page document, the other students in the class laughed.

The minuscule size of the result of week's of work came in such a small container, while others had to set up complex exhibits. And David's teacher raised her eye brows when she held the experiment. David knew his experiment worked. Yet, others would also agree it was an immoral drug that must be banned. Also, the addicted ladies of his own household would be obvious under any scrutiny by authorities. David would be held accountable, and he didn't hold any illusions to the end result of that path.

Mrs. Wilson was a handsome, if not beautiful, woman. She always wore her wire rimmed eye glasses, had her graying hair pulled back in a bun, wore loose conservative clothing, and rarely showed any emotion except at the brilliance of science - her first passion. She had been married for twenty years, and had two daughters. David knew little else about the women, other than that.

It usually took a week for any experiments to be marked and returned, but it was only two days later that David knew she had "marked" his. Nothing was obvious, but Mrs. Wilson had a peculiar look in her eyes. "David may I talk to you after classes please?" He nodded in agreement, anxious to resolve this newest test.


Only hours later, "David, I must commend you on a successful experiment. It appears you did a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of her hypothesis and ultimately your results." He sat in the front row, and simply nodded, letting her take the initiative. "Yet, I don't know how I can recommend you represent our school at the science fair next month." Feigning surprise, "Oh, way?" "Ah.", she shifted uncontrollably, "well the lasting effects and the end result of your experiment would be unprofessional to include with the others." "What affects are those Mrs.

Wilson, my lab experiments showed it controlled mammals wonderfully?" "Yes, I'm sure it did." She rearranged the papers on her desk. "You mention, only in passing, the heightened effect it had on your animals?" He had never called his mammals, "animals", his mom and sister deserved more respect that At the same time, he had never let on in his experiment that a human was used. Again he nodded, unsuccessfully hiding his smile. "Last night when I marked it." "Excuse me.

Where did you mark it Mrs. Wilson?" "In the teachers lounge. Anyway, as I was saying, last night I noticed the affect on myself." She nervously cleared her throat. Pretending surprise, David asked, "You mean, the smell excited you?" She ignored the question. "And with this side affect, it would be unseemly to include your work with the others." She looked at him sheepishly. After a few awkward seconds, after it was obvious David wasn't about to say anything she continued with the main purpose of this meeting.

"There was so little, and it evaporated extremely quickly, I had little time to test your experiment. Could you submit more?" He allowed the question to hang in the air for a few awkward seconds. "Yes. In fact I have another vial with me." He pulled it from his shoulder bag, which he had been carrying since handing in his experiment. David saw the hungry look in his instructor's eyes. He opened the vial and set it down on the desk before him.

Mrs. Wilson attempted to act normal, yet David could see the familiar effect take hold of her. When it was obvious her self control was teetering towards her sexual hunger, he spoke up again.

"I was wondering Mrs. Wilson, did you have to masturbate last night?" He held her look expectantly. A look of anger crossed her face, and then embarrassment.

Mrs. Wilson turned deep red then spoke softly, "I don't see how that is relevant." "Then you don't have your hand between your legs right now?" David had seen the familiar movements behind the desk, and realized her body language spoke volumes. "Did you feel better after you fingered your pussy last night, or did you have to go home and have sex with your husband?" She blurted out, anxious to succeed on his mistake, "My husband was out of town last night." "Then you must have fingered yourself again?" The noise of her juicy sex was now obvious in the classroom, and other than the fact she was hidden behind the desk - Mrs.

Wilson didn't attempt to hid the obvious. She simply was not able to control herself. "Actually I had to do it two more times." She was becoming indignant.

David stood up and walked to the front of the classroom. His teacher looked extremely nervous the closer he came. "I like to watch women play with themselves." She closed her eyes and moved her second hand down between her legs. "In fact my mother becomes an animal when she gets like this." Mrs. Wilson groaned, and then worked even harder on her masturbation. Obviously the incestuous and immoral sex talk was exciting her. "Last night it I had to fuck her twice before she was satisfied." She gritted her teeth then gasped, "I'm going to come!" Bending behind his instructor, he placed his mouth next to her ear and whispered, "This morning, mother rewarded my efforts by sucking me off." Mrs.

Wilson grunted and then stiffened noticeably. The sweat upon her brow and the exhausted look in her eye was the after effects of her orgasm. David pulled his teachers chair out from her desk, and saw that Mrs. Wilson had pulled her conservative skirt up to her waist and pushed her nylons and panties down to her knees. Both her hands covered her crotch, yet the smell drifted up to the teens nose - her vaginal secretions.

The teen stood before his tired instructor smiling. She knew what there was no pretence now, she also knew the extent of the "Toilet Water" and how much it would change her personality and outlook. "Okay, what do you want David?" "You. Oh, and a good mark in this course." He laughed softly. Her exhaustion was already wearing off and was being replaced by the power of the still prevalent scent. Taking a damp hand from between her thighs she pulled up her blouse and bra showing a single pale teat.

The other hand spread the lips of her vagina while the knees spread as far apart as the seat would allow. Nothing was now hidden from the youth. "Is there anything you want right now?" The tinkle in her eye spoke volumes. Though she had much to learn about being seductive. Laughing to himself, at his triumph, "Okay get up and bend over the desk." She rushed to comply. The Sweet Smell of Lust - XIII (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 The other conquest for David was the hottest looking girl in the school.

She was a tall brunette that had a perfect figure and beautiful face. Many of the other girls envied and were jealous of her, while others outright hated the teen.

The guys lusted and often fantasized about the girl, but unless you came from a rich family and drove a hot sports car, the girl would never even look twice. She was also two years older than David, a senior. Leaving an expensive bottle of perfume and an anonymous note in her locker seemed to be a brilliant idea.

Especially to David, since the girls vanity and self righteousness would force her to flaunt and use the perfume. Except, it wasn't perfume at all, but "Toilet Water", enough for two thimble sized applications. After a few days, the teens normal cold and aloof attitude changed. She looked tired, desperate and hungry. No one really noticed, other than a few of her closest friends, but they hadn't a need to say anything. David asked Mrs. Wilson to request a meeting with Virginia after school several days later.

He thought she had been forced to wait long enough. His Chemistry teacher didn't care what was planned, just that this occasion would promise more of his experiment for her enjoyment. Nothing else mattered. When Virginia finally entered the classroom, only a few moments late. She found an underclassman, whom she didn't even know, seated behind the teachers desk.

"Hi. Is Mrs. Wilson here?" Nodding in agreement, he waved her in. "Well," she snapped at him, "where is she?" Pulling back the chair, Virginia saw the instructors head bobbing before the scrawny youth. It was obvious, if not hard to believe, what was going on. He placed a hand on the back of her tightly bound hair and helped the middle-aged woman keep the pace. "As you can see she is a bit busy right now." It looked like Virginia was about to run out of the room.

"Did you like the gift I sent you?" That halted her right in her tracks. After a few seconds of silence, which the beautiful teen was facing the door uncertain of the next few moments, but unable to leave. "I have more. Much more. At least for my friends." Virginia turned about and attempted to ignore the head in his lap while turning on her incredible charm.

"It was very nice of you to send me." "Ahh. god, I'm going to come soon!" He looked up in amusement at the teen before him. "I don't have the patience to play any games with you Virginia. In fact, I would like you to be my girlfriend?" The repulsion on her face was obvious.

"You can't be serious?" "I can, and I am." He placed a small stopped vial upon the desk before him, then pulled the lid from it. Virginia's eyes blazed at the light blue liquid, her desire obvious. "If you want that," pointing at the vial, "then you have until I come into Mrs.

Wilson's sweet mouth to get over here and replace her. If you don't then you will never get any more `perfume'." Virginia spun about and opened the door to leave. That's where she stopped, waited and thought, before turning and coming about the desk. Still acting haughty, the youth knelt down and bent between David's legs. He pulled his frantically sucking teacher from his lap, using her hair. Seconds later, Virginia replaced Mrs. Wilson and was sucking David's cock with less enthusiasm.

He grabbed the back of the pretty brunette head and forced her to speed up the tempo, her skill was less than adequate. If not for his instructors earlier efforts, it would have taken a very long time to come. Holding her face against his crotch, he felt the jerks and spasms of his penis as it shot the sperm into the cheerleaders mouth. She gagged and coughed even while the head of his cock was deep in her throat.

Behind Virginia, Mrs. Wilson gasped and David watched as she finished herself with her own hand - the skirt pulled up to her waist. He pulled the pretty face from his lap, and noticed with amusement that a large drop of sperm was attached to her lower lip. "That was adequate, now go help Mrs.

Wilson". He pushed her about towards the sitting teacher. "Go ahead, eat her out!" Virginia made less fuss about this assignment than her previous one, and quickly dived into her work. Mrs. Wilson cried out in enjoyment and pleasure.

"My god! Thank you David, thank you!" David found himself a girlfriend. t was Saturday morning. David awoke refreshed and pleased with the last few weeks experiments. That was what he was calling them still, "experiments". In truth they had become more than the test phase of his lab, and he knew and understood this.

The "Toilet Water" controlled him also, not the same as it did the ladies in his life. In fact reaching behind, he felt the warm skin of his sisters hip. She lay on her side facing him, her body exhausted after last evenings sexual bouts. The night stand next to his bed held an empty bottle of the wonderful elixir that was becoming a constant addition to enjoyment.

Nothing was forbidden him, when the vapours from the "Toilet Water" was inhaled by a woman. David smiled as he remembered his mother was left in her room last night, tied up so as not to interrupt his enjoyment.

Whenever the smell reached her, she would do anything to enjoy herself. Quietly slipping out of bed, David did his toilet then slipped into his mother's room. She was asleep, her naked body tied to the posts spread-eagle, and a dark vibrator could be seen still between her legs inside her sex.

A cloth gag was stuffed into her mouth and David knew she had suffered greatly by the lack of attention. Gently kissing her breasts, which tasted like dried sweat and stale perfume, he coaxed them to attention.

The teen then pulled the gag from his mothers mouth, which immediately awoke her. Tears quickly formed, "Thank god David!" Kissing her gently, "Its okay mother." He moved down to the knots at her ankles and unbound her from the bed. It was the first time he tied her, so his sister and him could be alone. "I thought I would die! I hate what I'm becoming." The tears increased and when she was unbound, turned to her side away from her naked son.

"What are you becoming mom?" A tiny part of the youth felt some type of remorse for his actions, but another part, a larger part looked upon his mothers naked flanks and felt a stirring between his legs. "A junky." She sobbed. ".and a slut!" "Then you want me to leave you alone? I can stop making any more `Toilet Water'." She stiffened noticeable at the mention of her burden. He smiled, "If that is what you want, I will of course follow your wishes mother." The sobbing had stopped, and his mom slowly turned back towards her son.

She looked directly into his eyes, "I hated being alone last night." She had changed the subject! "I wanted to enjoy Kerry by myself. You know that mother. And you would not leave us alone." Reaching out and taking a single nipple between his thumb and forefinger, "While other nights I like to be alone with you, Kerry respects that." "I can make you happy David." Jealousy? "I know what my darling baby needs." She reached out and grasped his soft cock firmly, the message undeniable.

"Kerry hasn't the experience." Interrupting, "I thought you hated what you were becoming mom?" She rapidly pulled her hand from his cock. Then slowly, he watched as her body relaxed and shrunk in upon itself. "I need it David." Meaning sex, and the experiment. "Just the mention of it gets me excited, and to see or smell the perfume I loose all control." She reached and grasped the hand which was fingering her nipple.

His mom pushed his arm downwards until she pressed it between her closed thighs, the dampness already coated his hand. David smiled and easily slide two fingers into his moms vagina. "You are a slut mom." She didn't say anything but smiled. "Are you my slut mom?" She nodded. "Are you my little fuck toy?" Again a shy smile and a nod. "I'll do anything you want David, I'm your slave." He smiled, "I like that, my `slave'." Pulling his hand from between her thighs, "Well slave, go to my room and have my other slave, Kerry, eat you out.

I don't want to have any horny sluts about." He smiled as his mom slide out of bed and then happily moved to comply. As she passed her son on the way to the door, "I love you my son." "I love you slave." The Sweet Smell of Lust - XV (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 David noticed and encouraged the rivalry between his mother and sister. It resulted in his getting to be between two ladies who were willing to do anything for his attentions.

And that meant the winner also received more of his mind controlling experiment. When Virginia became a part of his life, he made it clear the beautiful woman could have anything she wanted, that the two ladies of his house would also be her slave. It didn't go over well. Kerry pouted, while his mom simply became angry and tried to ignore his instructions.

They both did what was expected from them, yet they did not have to like it. The first meal Virginia attended at David's house was exquisite. Wearing a wonderful black dress and heels, Virginia looked absolutely gorgeous. David knew he had made the right choice with this beauty. It amused him when he saw shock on her face as Kerry came to hang up the girls jacket wearing only a gold chain about her neck.

Then when David introduced Virginia to his mom, the girls eyes could not believe what they saw. His mom wore stockings and garters, with heels and an apron. All white. Her large breasts swing freely about and often could be seen outside the kitchen apron. To greet David's new friend, his mom kissed the teen passionately for several long seconds, before Kerry came in to do the same. He could see his girlfriend was unsteady upon her feet. "Lets go into the living room and wait for supper. How much longer mom?" "Oh, about ten minutes.

You kids go on and I'll call you when its ready." She smiled pleasantly at the new woman in the house and then turned back towards the kitchen. Her white buttocks swaying as she walked. Kerry spoke up, "Would you like anything to drink Virginia?" "N.

no thank you." She sat down on the large comfortable couch, David sat next to her. "Don't you go to school with us?" Giggling, "Yes I do. We don't hang around in the same crowds, but everyone knows you." She knelt before the seated woman, hands upon her legs. "David's lucky to be going out with the best looking girl at school." Virginia didn't respond.

"Everyone's talking about you two." Virginia winced noticeably. Noticing the reaction, Kerry continued.

"Oh, don't worry. All they really know is that you and my brother are going together." She reached out and took a shapely calf in her hand, in sort of a compassionate hold - but she didn't let go. Rather, Kerry simply ran her hand slowly up and down the shapely leg. David interrupted, "They also know Virginia needs some practice sucking cock, right babe?" He reached about and grasped his girlfriends breast. "Kerry can you go see if mom is almost finished supper?" "Sure!" She bounced up and left.

It was obvious what was expected from the teen, "Right here with your mom in the next room?" He looked at her sternly - it was a stupid question. She sighed then bent at the waist and pulled his soft cock from his pants at the same time. As she knew what was expected from her, Virginia attempted to use her mouth to great advantage. His soft cock easily fit within her mouth, but as soon as she started to apply suction - it began to grow quickly.

Now, she used her head, moving it up and down, to stimulate the cock inside her warm wet mouth. David sighed and moved his hand down to cup one of his girlfriends perfect buttocks. In the short time they had been together, she had gotten better with her mouth. Especially since the one time he would not give her a fix of "Toilet Water" for the pitiful performance that she gave.

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She knew that if she was to get a fix of the drug, she would have to do the best she could with the cock. Though it was always easier to allow him to simply fuck her, less involved for her. And when he opened a vial of perfume at the same time, she finally knew happiness.

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The two times he did that, she was in heaven. As long as she had his cock inside her, she didn't much care. "David, Virginia, supper time." The teen jerked her head up, embarrassed to be seen by her boyfriends mom. Looking calmly over his shoulder, David called out to his mom standing in the doorway, "Thanks mom." Smiling at Virginia, "Well lets go eat." She nodded affirmative. Virginia and David sat at the table, she to his right. His mom began to spoon various foods onto the two teens plates.

Even though she appeared to act normal, David's mom was seething with jealousy. She didn't feel like this girl was good enough for her little boy, and that with the addition of another woman in her son's life may lessen the number of times she enjoyed her drug and his cock. A few times David slid his hand down to his mom's exposed thigh or buttock, enjoying a quick feel of her warm white skin. She encouraged this behaviour and often rubbed herself up against him.

He knew of the jealousy that his mom felt towards Virginia, and wanted to encourage it even more. "Kerry." He simply nodded at his sister, who was standing over by the wall out of the way.

She smiled then seductively walked over to the other edge of the large hardwood table and began to climb on.

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Turning towards Virginia as she was daintily eating, "My sister is going to put on a show for us while we eat." Slowly, with feline moves, the slim teenager moved about the table until she eventually positioned her self according to her brothers earlier orders.

She lay upon her back, knees bent and legs spread to either edge of the table. Kerry's hand began to slowly touch herself as she gently masturbated herself to the small audience. Virginia tried not too look, but when she turned the other way, she saw David fondling his mothers generous bottom.

Both sights sickened and excited her. Then she noticed the faint odour of what David and his family called "Toilet Water". The anticipated tingling between her legs caused her to shift about.

The teen beauty wondered if she would become like David's mother and daughter, virtual slaves to his desires. The smell again reached her nose and she felt her nipples harden painfully, her vagina begin to moisten hotly, and her breathing quicken, and she realized she was becoming a just such a slave. "Are you enjoying your dinner Virginia?" Momentarily lost in her thoughts, Virginia returned, "Oh.

Yes, its fine. Thank you." Taking a few more mouthfuls, while keeping half an eye on Kerry's show. The girl was wiggling about enthusiastically, her sex leaking great amounts of liquid, which Virginia found to be an exciting sight.

David's mom nodded to her son and pointed him towards his girlfriend. The attractive teen was cupping one of her full breasts while still eating daintily. Her eyes, all the while, watching hungrily at Kerry. David smiled lecherous, "Virginia?" She jumped and turned towards her "master".

"Is your mom as pretty as mine?" He gave the middle-aged woman a smack upon her generous ass which caused his mom to giggle girlishly and wiggle her buttocks about.

Looking at his mom up and down, she finally answered, "Not near as attractive. She could not take her eyes off the wide pink nipples, which were easily the largest of the three ladies. "You have three sisters, which ones do you think are pretty?" She paused before answering, wondering why these questions.

"Well my older sister is beautiful, but I would say Samantha is the best looking out of the four of us." She felt a lump in her stomach, a part of her knew what was coming, and feared it. David was again fondling his moms bottom. "How old is Samantha?" "Fifteen." "I was wondering which of your family I would like you to have an affair with." Virginia jerked her head up, unsure if she heard correctly.

But she saw the smirk on his moms face, and knew it was all true. She finally realized David's mom didn't like her for some reason. David took advantage of his girlfriends silence and continued, "Samantha sounds great. Could you seduce her sometime within the next month?

I would like to add her to my harem." He laughed lightly. He reached up and roughly squeezed his moms nipple, "Besides, mom has Kerry. I think you should have someone." The teen felt her face drain of blood and she froze. "You will, of course, be properly rewarded." The only answer she could manage was to nod.

She was indeed becoming his slave, and hated herself for it. David noticed his sister's impending orgasm, and asked Virginia, "Perhaps you should help her out?" Nodding towards his sister. The beautiful teen wasn't sure what was expected of her, but knew she had to participate in some way. So reaching out she easily slide her index finger into Kerry's sloppy sex. Quickly using it as a small cock, she helped Kerry achieve her orgasm only a few seconds later. Kerry lay panting upon the table, regaining her strength.

She ignored his brother' girlfriend and the finger, but hoped David enjoyed the show he had commanded. Since he controlled the flow of "Toilet Water", it was only his opinion that mattered. When the exhausted teen finally stopped spasming and groaning out, Virginia retrieved her finger.

Thinking no one was around, she quickly slipped it into her mouth to taste the juices coating it. David noticed and was amused. "So you like pussy huh?" Virginia blushed but didn't react any other way.

He already guessed his girlfriend was sexually inclined towards other women. "I think mother would like you to eat her pussy?" His mom licked her lips then moaned out, "I would love her tongue inside me." "See Virginia?" He motioned for his mom to climb up upon his lap.

Smiling, the middle-aged woman quickly complied. She straddled her son's lap, facing away from him and then with his cock pointing out of his pants, lowered herself upon him. "Get down between our legs and eat mom out Virginia." She complied, though she did it slowly. A large part of her was sickened by these actions, another was extremely excited. She had hoped her boyfriend would command her to eat out his sister Kerry. She feared the older woman for some reason.

The beauty climbed beneath the table and crawled up between David's legs. She pushed her face in towards the two joined bodies and saw the junction where they were joined.

Tentatively, she poked her tongue into the top of the feminine slit, trying to match the slow speed the two were moving.

"Come on honey, lick my clit." His mom reached down with both hands and grabbed the teens head to force it roughly against her stomach and sex. She felt the tongue finally reach the right spot.

"Yes, that's it. Fuck me with that pretty face of yours." Kerry, finally recovered, had gotten off the table and came about beside her brother. She wished it was her between the legs of her brother and mom, she wanted to be part of the coupling in some way. Her sex was responding yet again. David saw his sister standing a foot from him, her hands again manipulating her sex as she watched the show. Motioning to her, he pulled Kerry next to him to allow her small hard nipple to enter his mouth and his hand to reach between her sweaty thighs to replace her frigging finger with his own.

The sounds of mounting excitement and pending orgasm was loud within the room. It was even loud from beneath the table, her head between two sets of thighs. The fingers in Virginia's hair felt like it was ripping large chunks out, as they roughly forced her to eat out the wet vagina.

She could hardly breath as her forehead was pressed against the lower stomach and her open mouth directly around the spot of the woman's clitoris. The teens tongue manipulated the clitoris quickly, and felt it grow. The smell of sex, the sound of sex, and even the taste of sex was overwhelming. David knew his mom was being rough with his girlfriend, but didn't care. It actually excited him. His cock was speeding up, the explosion soon approaching.

Kerry could tell this, by the speed of his fingers, as well as the familiar noise her mom was making. Her mom and brother almost always came together, and she was determined to also finish her orgasm with her family. The two ladies of David's family squealed and gasped out their passion as orgasms finally reached them. David jerked and then froze his body when his sperm began shooting out of his hard cock. Virginia was thankful the episode was almost over, but felt herself blanking out from the pain of her hair being pulled.

When finally the hands withdrew from her, and the body before her stopped spasming, she finally sat back to catch her breath and wipe the large amount of pussy juice covering her face. It took a while before David asked his mom to move.

With tired muscles she complied. Moving the supper dishes out of the way, she lay back onto the table, her buttocks at the edge. Then she spread her legs and bent her knees before placing her heels also at the edge of the table. This exposed her flowered open sex perfectly. Virginia was still breathing heavily when she had an intimate view of Kerry, as the other teen brought her mouth down to clean her brothers cock.

Lovingly she used her tongue and lips to, both, clean and excite her brother. "Virginia?" The beautiful teen crawled out from beneath the table and stood next to her boyfriend. She could not help but notice the bobbing head in his lap.

"Clean mom's cunt." He smiled in her direction. She knelt next to Kerry, facing the other way, and brought her face again between those familiar legs.

Virginia could see the pearl coloured sperm seeping the sloppy wet wide cunt. Though she had tasted both, and didn't fear either, the sight looked less than appealing.

Normally the sight of an attractive woman in such a position would excite her, but this time it only caused a shiver of fear to run down her spine. He watched with amusement until he was satisfied his girlfriend had cleaned his mom's sex thoroughly. Kerry was beginning to excite him again, and he could tell his mom was also getting excited. "Well Virginia?" His girlfriend brought her dishevelled face up and wiped her face. Kerry also looked up smiling with pleasure at her brother.

"I think its time we went upstairs and left these two alone." Kerry made a pouting face. He pulled a vial from his shirt pocket and placed it upon his mothers sweaty stomach. All the females in the room looked at the liquid like starving animals. "That's for you and Kerry, mom." He pulled out another vial, "And this is for Virginia and I." Standing, "Come Virginia lets go to my room, I want to introduce you to the joys of anal sex." Reaching out he pulled her after him.

Though she willingly came, the young woman hadn't heard a word he said, all her attention was focused upon the vial in his hand and the enjoyment she would soon feel when it was unstopped. It was a long evening. The Sweet Smell of Lust - XVI (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 It was Sunday morning and David watched as his girlfriend and sister seated themselves across from him upon the living room couch.

Virginia looked embarrassed while Kerry waited patiently for her brother to talk. "So, what are we going to do about this?" David resisted the smile that started to appear. He doubted he could scare Kelly with this attitude, knowing she would enjoy the punishment too much, but Virginia may be a different story. Neither girl said anything, "Did I not say I never want either of you to have sex with another person?" It was Kerry that spoke up first, "Actually, you said we could not have sex with guys?" "So?" "Well, we didn't think there was anything wrong with what we were doing." Kerry reached over and took Virginia's hand.

While the gorgeous teen simply nodded, the blood draining from her face. David was the sole supply for the highly addictive drug that she now relied upon and his displeasure could halt her supply indefinitely. David wasn't mad at all, rather amused that at this situation. Both young ladies were wearing oversized tee-shirts and socks, both white. Only moments before he had found them laying side by side, with their mouth pressed to the others mouth. A very exciting sight - yet David wasn't sure if he wanted any of his ladies to have sex without his knowledge.

It was his mother that alerted him to what was happening in his sisters room. He also knew why his mom told him, jealousy. Before David could say anything, the doorbell upstairs went off. It was the visitor he was waiting for. He looked to the girls and said, "Mom will get it." He waited patiently, enjoying the discomfort of his slaves. The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs caused all to look up.

The girls beauty was breathtaking. The young woman who descended towards them, with a smile, looked almost like Virginia, but younger. She looked innocent, ready for devouring by David and his slaves. David pulled two vials from his pants and placed them on the coffee table between him and the girls. Kerry already noticed the small vial of "Toilet Water" and her eyes hungrily froze upon it. Virginia was staring upwards towards her sister with surprise and horror.

David stood, "Hello. Its Samantha right?" The girl came to the edge of the couch and smiled angelic at him, "Yes." Her voice was tiny, quiet, shy. She looked to her sister, "Hi Virginia?" The statement also had a question to it, her sister was spending a lot of time away from home. David yelled up towards the ceiling, "Mom?!" He waited a few moments then heard his mom coming.

When she finally appeared, he picked up one vial and held it out to her, "Here mom, will you take Kerry upstairs and leave us alone for a while?" His mom smiled sweetly at her only son, "Of course dear." Then reached for the vial. "Come on Kerry honey." Kerry stood up and followed her mom, almost anxiously. "Oh, and ladies, can you please keep the noise down?" They both giggled as they ascended the stairs. Samantha had taken Kerry's seat next to her sister.

David also noticed Virginia had finally seen the vial of "Toilet Water" and was staring at it, but would look uncertainly at her sister infrequently. David reached out and unstopped the vial and left it upon the table between the two couches.

Virginia took a deep breath to get as much of the scent into her lungs as possible, then spoke gently and seductively at her boyfriend, "Why don't we let Sam go home David?" The younger sister was frowning while taking deep breaths, her knees uncontrollably rubbed together. "I'll make sure you won't be disappointed." The smile she gave would easily melt other men's hearts - yet David could have her and her sister without any discussion.

"What is that smell?" Spoke the younger girl in a whisper. They both ignored her. "My dear, don't you want to enjoy Samantha as much as you have my sister Kerry?" Virginia shivered uncontrollably, the scent quickly taking affect. "She is not ready." The girl had trouble keeping her mind on her objective to get rid of her sister, but the inhalant was winning.

"Of course she is ready, look at her!" Both turned to look upon the violently shivering teenager. The girl was unconsciously squeezing a single breast with her hand while rubbing her thighs together to stimulate her vagina. Virginia lost what resolve she had left after seeing her sexy young sister. "Ready for what?" Everyone ignored the younger girl again, looking at the two faces staring at her.

Virginia was lost in her addiction, nothing else mattered at the moment. She moved next to her sister and then bent over and forced her mouth upon the younger girls, a tongue quickly entering the pretty mouth.

Trying to push her sister away, "Virginia? Please!" She still fought her sister until the elder girl pressed a hand between the younger lady's thighs and pressed upwards into the crotch of her jeans.

That was all it took for Samantha to give up the fight and allow her elder sister to return her tongue to its former spot. It was not so much a learning lesson as much as an attack for Samantha. Her elder sister's hands were everywhere, unbuttoning shirts, unzipping pants, pulling off socks. All the while, the tongue enjoyed Samantha's mouth, neck and ear.

The young girl was surprised at the assault, and embarrassed that her sisters boyfriend simply sat watching the two girls with a smile. But the teen could not help herself, never before had she felt such power and passion from anything. In only moments, Virginia lay upon her sister pressing her wet sex against her sisters. They both were gasping for breath and humping quickly like animals. Both desperate for a climax to their heightened emotions.

It didn't take long until the orgasm both were driving for exploded within both bodies. They clenched, squealed, and clawed at the other until the high ended and they lay in a sweaty heap in each others arms. Both came out of their clouded state when they heard someone clapping. David gave applause at the enjoyable show he just saw. Virginia smiled, while Samantha hid her face behind her sisters mane of hair in embarrassment.

"That was great!" He stood up and pulled his jeans and T-shirt off. "But if your anything like your sister Samantha, you also need to be properly fucked?" Samantha was peeking from beneath her sisters hair, and gasped in fear from his words. Though her eyes could not pull from the sight of his hard cock and her inexperience obvious to all. Virginia surprised her by groaning out, "I need it!" And then rolled off her sweaty young body.

The eldest sister, Virginia, crawled upon her knees to the youth. Her tongue licking her lips in anticipation for the manly rod that thrust forward from her boyfriend. Without any thought, the beautiful young woman hurriedly moved until she knelt almost beneath the standing man, before moving her face up to take him into her mouth. "I don't think so Virginia." David held her head back a few inches from his cock.

She whined slightly and looked up into his eyes with pleading desire. Seeing that his desires were paramount, she stretched out her tongue to flick the tip of it against the hard underside of the manhood.


Smiling, knowing the situation, nor the scent, was finished with the two ladies and David was about to take full advantage of it. Seeing Samantha laying on her back, wide eyed and using both hands to stimulate her young hard body, he knew what was next. Looking back down at his horny girlfriend, "Position your sister over the couch, ass up." With but a quick apprehensive glance, the eldest girl crawled back to the couch and man handled her sister about.

Samantha simply panted sensually when her sister approached and grasped a reaching hand to press it into her overheated groin as an invitation for more feminine contact. Virginia rushed to comply to her "masters" commands, feeling the pressure in her sex from the powerful aphrodisiac in the air.

She forced her sister up upon her knees on the couch, facing towards the rear of it. She made sure her sister's knees were well spread and the back arched, so as to highlight the shapely teens ass. With a sexual admiration, she hesitated, simply by looking at her innocent and sexually excited sister. "Make sure she is ready for me," David commanded. Using her index finger, Virginia followed the trail of her sisters spine down into the crack of her bottom. Past the tightly clenching muscle of her anus.

Until it traced itself through the thickly coated lips of her sisters inner vaginal lips. And then finally down to the protruding and enlarged clitoris. All the while, Samantha as pressing her backside outwards, in a natural rhythm which desired a more personal contact. The youth moaned loudly, and pleasantly, at the incestuous touch. Her mind almost gone to the heavy scent that delivered the most exquisite pleasure that she had ever experienced.

David could see the juices running down the inside of the slim thighs. The same juices that covered her sex and now her sisters hand. He watched with amusement and excitement as Virginia could not control herself, so aroused by "Toilet Water" that she knelt behind her sister and pressed her face into the flowered open sex.

"Yes! Yes, Virginia, yes!" The youth screamed out as she felt a tongue enter the tight wet confines of her sex. Knowing that it was her sister who was first to taste her nectar, and that simple knowledge caused an extra shiver to run through her body.

Two hands pulled apart the muscled cheeks allowing easier access to the treasures hidden there. The tongue now followed the same path the finger had done earlier. David took a few steps until he stood behind the kneeling girl. His girlfriend took a loving hold upon his cock and aimed it towards the readied sex.

He lunged. Samantha screamed loudly as the cock entered into her, her cherry mercilessly broken. The scent made her head swim and the pain quickly turned to pleasure. When a warm fuzzy object was thrust against her face, she didn't realize it was her sisters pussy and kissed it lovingly. A hand grabbed her hair and roughly pressed it into the slimy cavern hidden beneath the hair, but still Samantha was unable to comprehend what was expected of her.

Instead she joyously groaned loudly in unison with the thrusts of the cock into her. Virginia was shivering in pent up desire, and began to wiggle her clitoris against her sisters face. The nose and chin making the most contact that sped up the inevitable release. David held her sisters face steady as she pulled upon her own nipples, frantic for an orgasm. The sweet smell thick in the air could be felt flowing through her veins as her orgasm fast approached.

She hadn't even noticed David disengaged himself from Samantha until she spoke, "Come here and clean me off Virginia." He was seated on the table, his semi-soft cock hanging down between his legs. The traces of Sam's virgin blood obvious. Yet, the beautiful woman didn't even wait, she threw herself before her boyfriend and took his cock quickly into her mouth. She relished the taste of female spend and virgin blood. It excited her, knowing where this came from.

Virginia finished her orgasm with her hand. After a few moments, "Come with me Samantha." David held out his hand for the exhausted teen. Her elder sister curled up upon the carpet, mindless to her surroundings. Obediently, not even conscious that she wore no clothes, the pretty young girl followed him. Mingled juices flowed from her sex down inside her thighs give her a shiver. Samantha followed David up to the top level of the large house, and could smell the faint odour of "Toilet Water", she inhaled hugely.

Then she noticed sounds of passion, the same sounds she had made earlier with her own sister. She knew it was wrong, but her body began to tingle enjoyably again, and desired another encounter with her dark-haired sister.

David threw open the door to his mothers room. And held tiny Samantha before him. "I've brought you a new toy ladies!" His mom spoke up from between gasps as Kerry's head was pressed between her sweaty thighs, "Bring the slut in." Samantha's mind was again overwhelmed by the scent that would become very familiar to her.

She only barely noticed David gently press her towards the soiled bed, and the two ladies. She was surprised when she realized the woman reaching for her was David's mom. Hands guided her face to the large breast and the wide nipple, and Sam's mouth opened to take it voluntarily. Virginia was obviously not happy with her sister joining David's growing harem.

In fact, she would attempt everything to seduce David before his attentions focused towards the young teen, as they often seemed to do. Every seductive move and action she attempted, often to success. Only when the scent was upon her, did all her reasoning leave and she, again, became her boyfriends slave. Samantha, on the other hand, could not get enough.

Fawning over David and instantly doing whatever he wished. Her youthful energy and bubbly personality drove her towards the life of debauchery that was forced upon her. She volunteered to do anything, and when "Toilet Water" was in the air, would fuck until she dropped from exhaustion. This often made Virginia's' attempts at distracting David almost impossible. Often, the sole man in the house watched as some or all of the ladies attacked each others bodies. He especially enjoyed watching his mother with both young girls.

While his girlfriend used her mouth upon him or sat astride him, even while watching the show. More and more, Virginia became subservient at the orders of David. He knew she did not like having her beautiful young sister used as a sex toy by him and his mother. It was also obvious that his own mother pleased him in a way Virginia could never do. This in effect left the eldest woman as over lord of the rest.

Perhaps it had been her attitude when she first met, the attitude she held for everyone not in her circle of friends.

The same friends she no longer had. Virginia was also responsible for giving Mrs. Wilson a "fix" once a week. David had attempted to ignore the elder teacher but found her addiction far to uncontrollable. So with a simple promise and a thimble size of "Toilet Water", she was a ductile slave, like the rest of David's girls. It was more interesting that David inadvertently taught his girlfriend to control her urges when she delivered a vial to Mrs.

Wilson. Normally, the sight of the "Toilet Water" would send her in a desirous passion that could only be fulfilled with the smell of his experiment. Every Friday, Virginia delivered her small package to the forty something year-old teacher with the promise of her own vial when she returned.

"Here you go Mrs. Wilson." The gray haired instructor snatched the vial from her hand. "David told me to tell you, he wants proof of your desire for him." Attempting to withhold her urges with the week long awaited drug in her hands, the middle-aged woman nervously nodded. She looked upon the beautiful teen, hardly waiting for her to leave so she could enjoy the scent properly.

"I'll make sure David has results for his experiments. Do you know what he has in mind?" The stress of being about the drug was heavy upon the teenager and she was moving to leave.

"He did mention something about you having daughters?" Mrs. Wilson gasped then looked down at her addiction in her quivering hands. Her daughters were her only treasure in this world, but this drug was more important than anything else she owned or loved. Virginia knew the power of the drug and wasn't surprised when Mrs. Wilson said, "Of course! Anything for David." It was time for the teen to leave. The Sweet Smell of Lust - XVIII (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 Virginia awoke covered in dried love juices.

Her own, her sisters, David's, his mothers', his sister, and even Mrs. Wilson and her two daughters. Sitting up, the beautiful teen vaguely remembered the orgy of sexual debauchery that happened in David's family room only a few hours before. She also remembered the sweet smell of "Toilet Water" and shivered in disgust and desire.

Slowly, with quivering tired muscles, the slim teen crawled over to the couch and sat next to it. Only one of her white stockings remained upon her body, with the garter belt still about her waist but unattached to the legging. She wore no other garments. Virginia took survey about the warm, pillow covered room. Her sister, Samantha, lay on her side, tied facing Mrs.

Wilson's youngest daughter, Jill. Both young ladies, were inverted and faced the others pretty young pussies. Which both were now well acquainted with. Mrs. Wilson's other daughter, Mary, was cuddling with her naked mother.

A wide nipple still near her open mouth. Last night, Mary could not get enough of her mothers mature body and devoted her incestuous desires solely upon her mom.

Kerry had slept cuddled with Virginia and was now sleeping soundly in the fetal position. Memories returned and the exhausted brunette shivered in disgust at the actions she had no control to stop. David had retired, with his mother, to her room hours before the other ladies had dropped from exhaustion. Even with the only male in the group gone, the drug induced desire of all the other ladies forced their actions.

Now that the drug was out of her system, but the memories could never be erased, Virginia realized just how much she hated David. How could anyone do this? The group of them had sat around and watched as Mrs.

Wilson and her two daughters fingered and licked themselves delirious at David's directions. Later, David's mom had strapped on an artificial cock and fucked both young newcomers as their mother, Mrs. Wilson, held them down. All during this Kerry, the only person Virginia actually felt attracted to, fingered and pawed her body.

It was a show put on by a drug that only David controlled. Last evening, when a large vial of the potent aphrodisiac was opened, Virginia attempted to control herself.

It was useless, that much was obvious to the beautiful teen. Again a shiver of disgust ran through her as she remembered her own actions. How many times her body was rocked by an orgasm was uncountable, since she could only remember a part of the evening. The pain between her legs reminded her of one event that had occurred. Virginia had sat upon David's lap facing him, his hard cock inside her overheated vagina.

She was happily enjoying herself, bouncing wildly upon her boyfriend, when his mom came up behind her and inserted the strapped on dildo into her rectum. In her delirium, Virginia forgot the pain and allowed the two "cocks" to fuck both her holes until the feeling of David's hot sperm shooting into her womb caused her own orgasm to explode.

Of course Virginia knew what caused her, and all the other ladies, to act this way. The only thing she had not figured out yet, is why David never seemed affected by the scent. She guessed it was his experiment and he knew what to do to get the smell to affect others. Since David definitely enjoyed female companionship, that seemed the obvious reason it was never used on another male.

The fact that it only worked upon females never occurred to her. Jill awoke silently and looked up from between the firm young thighs towards the seated elder teenager. Virginia saw the wide friendly eyes looking her over, with inviting desire they seemed to remember how the elder girl had used her mouth to please her.

A movement for another portion of the room caused her to look at Mrs. Wilson. The middle-aged woman slid out from her daughters grasp and wrapped a blanket about her nudity. Shyly, with a nervous tired body, the teacher backed out of the room. A few tears already coming to her eyes. Virginia felt sorry for the science instructor, how she had pimped her daughters sexuality for the pleasure David gave her with "Toilet Water".

Though, she realized, she had not fought very hard when David had introduced Samantha into his "harem". Now, remembering, she also felt sorry for herself. Everyone in the room now appeared to be awake or beginning to rise. Mary untied her sister and Samantha while Kerry leisurely rubbed between her legs. It was the only sexual action in the room, and it almost seemed out of place.

Even with the tired, mostly naked bodies, the young ladies did not seem to expel sexuality. Mary appeared to be embarrassed, while her sister Jill like a kid that ate too much candy but still wanted more.

Samantha retired to the distant wash room. Mrs. Wilson soon returned. She was again clothed in the skirt and blouse she wore last evening when her sole desire was to seduce David with her body, and her two daughters. Now, with the dishevelled face and hair, wrinkled skirt and untucked blouse, she looked like a woman who was rushing home to her husband from her lovers arms.

She stood next to the couch, "Virginia, would you tell David I had to go? I want to be home before my husband shows up." She was blushing fiercely. Virginia realized the older woman was ignoring her two daughters, even though they appeared to be awaiting her attention.

The things she did to her daughters last night, it was no wonder she now acted this way. "David likes us", she wanted to say `slaves' but caught herself in time, "to say good-bye `properly'." He, in fact, often liked to view his woman when the effects of the drug wore off. At that moment David stepped into the family room, dressed and ready for the day.

His mother, also cleaned up and clothed, stood behind her only son looking sternly at the lounging group of naked youths. Everyone in the room seemed to notice him at the same time, and Mrs.

Wilson spoke quickly, "I thought you would be still asleep or I would have come up to say good-bye. I have to get home." She appeared even more nervous Virginia noticed the two sets of reactions that the ladies in the room did when the sole outlet for "Toilet Water" stepped into the room. Even without the scent in the air, Kerry, Samantha, and Jill suddenly focused all attention upon the "master". All sat straight, arched their backs, pressed their chests out, lifted their chins, pouted their lips, smiled sweetly, and struck a sexy pose.

The other group, appeared to be nervous and embarrassed, and attempted to hide from the teenagers searching eyes. David's girlfriend wondered what her initial reaction had been? David's mom spoke to her son, "I don't think she had any intention of saying good-bye." Virginia hated that attractive older woman almost more than she hated David.

He smiled over his shoulder at his mom, love in his eyes, "No she probably didn't. What do you think we should do to her?" Before his mom could answer, Virginia spoke up, "We thought you were still asleep David, or I think a few of us would have come up to join you." She struck "the" pose for her boyfriend.

David smiled gently at her, almost knowingly, and it made the Virginia shiver in fear. What would happen to her if he should ever stop giving her "Toilet Water"? The young man turned towards Jill who had been rolling a nipple between two fingers while smiling sweetly at her possessor.

"What punishment should we give your mom Jill?" Mrs. Wilson looked nervously at her daughter. Jill ignored her mom and concentrated on her masters attentions, "She used to spank us when we were bad." The young woman beamed when David smiled with pleasure at the statement. "I think that is a wonderful idea. A spanking." Mrs.

Wilson shivered and stared down at her own feet. "But I think Mary should deliver it." That shocked most in the room, except perhaps, David's mom, his sister and Virginia. Mrs. Wilson started to cry, and dropped to the couch next to Virginia, holding her body in her own arms. Between sobs, "My god David please let me go!? Don't make my own daughter spank me. I can't take any more." Ignoring his instructor and speaking to her daughter who looked startled.

"Well Mary, do you think your mom should get a spanking?" The cute young woman quickly stole at look at her sister, Jill, but received no help there. Then she looked at Virginia, almost as if her eyes were asking for help. Virginia simply nodded affirmative, it would go easier on the older woman if David got his own way. It was obvious why David had picked on Mrs. Wilson's daughter.

Everyone in the room saw how the cute, shy Mary had been obsessed with her mom's naked body hours before. How she had degraded herself for the pleasure of an incestuous joining with her own mom. Mary may be shy, but she was bright. She knew why Virginia had nodded for her to do the spanking. "Get on your knees mommy." Pointing, "Over there against the couch." Mary walked over, now ignoring her own nakedness, and helped her sobbing mother to kneel facing the crowd.

David's mom came over and handed Mary a light cord from the wall coverings. It would take many strikes for the cord to harm the middle-aged woman's buttocks.

The current drama was more for effect than to harm. Mary's shaking hand lifted her mom's loose skirt up over her ass and lay it upon her back. Mrs. Wilson hadn't worn any underwear last night, in her frantic obsession to enjoy the scent she had only used infrequently. She now wished she had. "Jill hold your moms head," ordered David's mom.

The youth, knowing who was in control in the room smiled as she complied. Jill sat before her mom and held the others hands firmly. Mary whispered, though all in the room could hear her, "I'm sorry mommy." The first strike startled Mrs. Wilson and she jerked in response. Jill pressed her moms head between her youthful upper thighs, inches from her sex. The strikes continued, about two every ten seconds. A slow torturous beating, by her own daughters caused Mrs. Wilson to cry out, not from pain, but from humiliation.

To stifle her cries, Jill pulled her moms head the last few inches until it pressed right into her newly excited sex.

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Virginia felt her face smiling, but didn't feel happy in the least. She knew if David had asked her to whip her own mother she would have to take the place of Mary.

A part of her was very glad her mother had not aged well after several kids. The spectators watched in silence - almost all were affected in some way. David's mom hugged her son from behind, rubbing her body up and down his back. Kerry and Samantha were openly fondling each other, fingers manipulating the others sex. Virginia hated the sight she watched, yet felt her own juices beginning to coat the inside of her thighs.

Mary began to sweat from the effort she put into each swing, but from the look on her face she knew it did not hurt her mother and the she was greatly enjoying herself. Jill was moaning while humping her mothers face, the nose pressed into her tiny sensitive clitoris. Both daughters didn't even notice anyone else in the room.

Finally David spoke up, "Stop!" Everyone turned their attention to the single male in the room. "Jill, Mary, take your mother up to my sisters room and enjoy her. On the table in the kitchen is another vial of `Toilet Water'. Use it." Jill let go of her mom and quickly stood up.

Mary dropped the cord and then lovingly helped her mother up. Everyone in the room could see tears humiliation and her daughters sexual coating upon Mrs.

Wilson's bright red cheeks. It was doubtful she would ever disobey her young student again. This time, Mrs. Wilson didn't fight her directions. Jill ran over to David and have him a devoted kiss before bouncing, happily, up the stairs.

Mary helped her mom's unsteady legs also go up the stairs. The three of them were in for a long few more hours. Yet, the two daughters both looked anxious rather than burdened.

David also turned to go, obviously with his mom. Since they were dressed, Virginia guessed they were leaving the house. David's girlfriend heard a familiar noise and turned to see her sister and David's in a sixty nine. Both frantically humping the others face for another orgasm. Virginia stood and decided to clean the smell of sex from her body. The Sweet Smell of Lust - XIX (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 David's home had become a den of addicts and sexual deviants.

Within the household, every woman seemed to instinctively know the hierarchal order of David's ladies. At the top of all the addicts, was David's own mother. She had come to terms with her previous worries and used her power, as mother, over her son.

It gave her many freedoms within the house, a few none other enjoyed. Also David showed his mother more sexual attentions than any other woman that was addicted to his lab experiment. The sexy older woman had proven herself capable of doing any sexual action that her own son had an interest in.

These reasons coupled with the fact that David enjoyed the sinful aspect of there relationship had given her also the power over the other ladies within the household. Every woman in that house knew of her power over her son. It was only Virginia that challenged David's mom to the head position within that house. Simply because, David showed great fondness towards his schoolmate and girlfriend.

In contrast to his mom, David's girlfriend was probably had less sexual duties assigned to her. Of course, Virginia still lost her self control and was willing to do anything when the scent of "Toilet Water" came upon her. Yet, those were more compassionate couplings, with mostly the other ladies.

Rarely did Virginia and David's mom ever acknowledge the other or have intercourse. It was only David's explicit instructions or the sexual drive of the drug that caused them to use the others body to release sexual tensions. On the other hand, she had less freedom than any other woman in the household also. David liked his girlfriend to keep close by, practically at all times. Since first becoming David's slave and girlfriend, Virginia's expertise in giving oral sex had increased many times.

This was true in both the female and the male oral enjoyment. All but David's mom desired Virginia's mouth between their legs. And she was used this way more than any other by her boyfriend. "What do you think mom, is our house getting overly crowded?" David groaned pleasantly while holding Virginia's head above his lap as it moved rhythmically up and down.

The older woman smiled towards her only son and pulled apart Samantha's buttocks so he could see between the youthful crack. There was no "Toilet Water" in the air and the mature mother used the young teen more for her son's visual enjoyment than her own sexual pleasure.

Sitting back upon the couch, naked and looking sexy, David's mom had strapped on a toy they had purchased a few weeks ago.

It was a six inch fake cock, with a leather belt that held the phallus in the proper place. Straddling her thighs was the hard bodied young woman, the fake cock inside her sex and her back to her sister and boyfriend. Samantha groaned pleasantly. David's mom had told her to mount the cock, and even without any scent in the air, the teenager gratefully did it.

She was conscious that David was in the room, and she wanted to please him. Whoever pleased the only man of the house had an endless supply of the "Water". Looking over Samantha's shoulder, the middle-aged woman replied, "Sometimes I think it is." She moved a finger further between the tight buttocks and pressed the digit against the hard muscle of the youthful anus.

David smiled at the sight, just as his mother had wished. "I always love being alone with you darling." The finger pressed deeper into the tiny rectum as she spoke. David smiled at his mothers comment, but his eyes hadn't left Samantha's violated asshole. "Damn that looks hot mom!" She giggled at his comment, the same girlish giggle David had first heard the night after his mother had first smelled his experiment.

"Feels hot." The experienced woman began to fuck the young asshole with the single index finger. "And tight too!" Samantha groaned out in mixed pain and pleasure. Her young body still bouncing over the synthetic cock. The young woman knew what it meant to disappoint David or his mother.

Virginia heard her younger sisters groans of pain mixed with pleasure and, again, felt sorry for the teen. She was an innocent in her eyes, someone that David had involved simply because he desired another kink to add into his very sexual lifestyle. She felt the throbbing member slid back and forth between her lips and knew all she had to do was bit down and it would all be over.

Yet she also knew she could never do that, not while he controlled the supply of "Toilet Water" "Why don't you come over here dear?" Virginia could hear that certain quality in the middle-aged woman's voice that she only used when seducing her only son. David pushed Virginia's face from his lap and quickly jumped across the few feet to kneel behind Samantha.

The older woman held the girl in place while also pulling apart her buttocks. Her son aimed his cock and pressed it against the tight asshole.

Virginia watched in horror as her own sister was impaled from both directions while she bit into the cushion of the couch to hold back her cry of pain. David never seemed to notice when his enjoyment conflicted others. While his mother watched the young girls face and smiled maliciously. Soon, the three on the couch were coupling to a new rhythm.

On that the young man led. "Fuck mom, I can feel you inside her!" "Does it feel good baby?" "Oh yea!" David sped up. Virginia knew from her own experience that her boyfriend never lasted long whenever he enjoyed anal sex.

The older woman noticed the girlfriend kneeling on the floor watching the affair and nodded for her to join in. Virginia pretended she hadn't seen the look, when David's mom ordered her to, "Stick your tongue up David's ass." David grinned, "God your so kinky mom!" Virginia knew she had to comply, and that her boyfriend would never had thought of her without the parental help.

The older woman leaned over the young woman's shoulder to look into her sons face. "And you love me don't you baby?" Virginia pulled apart her boyfriend buttocks and stuck her tongue out. She aimed her face and closed her eyes as she leaned forward to comply with her orders. "Yea mom. I love you." The tongue pressed against his hard virgin asshole, the pleasant feeling surprised him.

"I love your tits, I love your ass, I love your legs", he groaned out as the tongue forced itself a centimetre into his asshole, "and I especially love your cunt!" "Come here lover?" David leaned towards his mothers face and allowed her tongue to slid into his mouth. At that same time, he felt the familiar tightening of his balls and the sudden clenching of the muscles in his cock.

The long awaited orgasm was upon him. Virginia knew her boyfriend was shooting his sperm into her sisters asshole, by the clenching of his own anal muscle, the grunting noise he made, and the fake sounds of passion his mother made. It wasn't long before Samantha felt the thick cock pull finally from her sore rectum. It popped as it came out and the older woman's voice beneath her spoke to her elder sister, "Why don't you clean your sister up Virginia?" After David had disengaged from the young teen, he rolled onto the couch next to his mother.

He was normally tired after an orgasm, but usually had enough energy to enjoy a more gentler passion. His mother, knowing exactly what pleased her son, reached over and grasped the flaccid dirty penis and milked the remaining drops of come from his body. Seeing that Virginia was hesitant on following her wishes, David's mom, added, "After that, come over here and clean my son up." The middle-aged woman leaned sideways to bring her mouth to the young man's and kissed him gently.

"How does that sound David?" "Wonderful mom." He never saw his mother's smile of triumph, nor Virginia's sour face as she leaned into Samantha's spread cheeks to tongue her sister clean. The Sweet Smell of Lust - XX (Part 1) by Caesar, Copyright © 1995 David noticed a lot of what was going on within the house.

In particular, the power struggle between his mother and his girlfriend. He also knew that his mother was winning the struggle, while Virginia became the confidant and friend to all the other females in his household. A part of his animal aggression enjoyed the competition, since he was the ultimate winner.

Another part of him felt sorry for his girlfriend, the same part that allowed her more freedom than he would normally grant one of the addicted ladies. David lay awake in his bed, warmly snuggled between Virginia and her sister, Samantha. It had been months since his discovery of the "Toilet Water" and the effect it had upon every females who smelt it. Time had passed so quickly that he fully realized the total control he now enjoyed over "his" ladies.

A part of him, a distant part, felt a small twinge of guilt at the actions he requested from every woman he ever desired. Another part of him wondered just what the future held for the ladies in the household. Virginia had also been awake and watched David as he stroked her sisters mane of hair and gently kissed her slim shoulder. Rarely did he ever show such gentleness, and the attractive teenager wondered what he was thinking.

The light of dawn was just starting to filter into the unshaded window and David softly sat up in bed and looked back at the two sisters on either side of him, they were still asleep. He smiled as he climbed off the bed, remembering the passionate evening only hours before. Then he opened his bedroom door and left to shower.

The elder teen also slide from the bed and silently exited the room. She felt the dried proof of her boyfriends desire upon her smooth skin and the ache in her well-used loins. David was taking a shower, the water wasn't loud enough to hide his awful singing voice. Past the closed door, Virginia was about to descend down the stairs when she saw that the master bedroom door was still ajar.

More inquisitive than anything else, Virginia took the extra two steps until she could stick her head into the dimly lit room. David's mother lay in the middle of the large bed, her body covered in glistening oil and several discarded toys lay beside and beneath her. An empty vial, of the addictive scent, lay on the table next to the bed. Sleeping at her feet was her daughter Kerry, also still covered in massage oil but with her hands tied behind her back. Virginia was about to depart, disgusted by the sight she saw, hating the middle-aged woman who controlled her son and this house.

The wronged teen saw more of the cloth cords on the floor and stooped to grab two of them. Bending over the bed, she slowly and gently tied David's mother to the oak headboard above her.

Virginia knew well how much enjoyment the older woman extracted from her sexual play and smiled knowing the older woman was exhausted. Then she found Kerry's discarded French-cut panties and very quickly opened the woman's mouth and stuffed it with her daughters undergarments.

The older woman hadn't time to scream out in surprise or anger. Nor did she realize that she was tied until after Virginia sat next to her, the attractive teenage eyes smiling. The middle-aged woman didn't try to scream or escape, she only smoldered in her anger.

While fantasizing about the expected revenge she could extract. She was surprised when her son's girlfriend simply sat up and walked out of the room leaving her to quietly lay waiting for someone to untie her.

David felt the presence before he saw it, when the shower curtain suddenly opened. "Hi! Can I join you?" It was, of course, Virginia, but wearing a bubbly smile that he hadn't seen on her for months. "Of course." She stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain closed behind her. He, again, enjoyed a quick view of the toned sexy teenager. Proud that the best looking girl in school was also his girlfriend.

Virginia stuck her head under the water and allowed her face and hair to get wet. "Did you enjoy yourself last night Vee?" It was his pet name for her. The topic of conversation rarely changed within the house, and it was almost always about sex. Virginia didn't tell him the truth, and kissed his lips passionately. "You know I did silly. How did he", she grasped his flaccid penis, "enjoy himself?" She then pressed her wet smooth body against him and again meeting his lips with her own.

After they broke the lip lock he continued, "That question didn't need an answer." They both laughed, though Virginia felt more like cringing than laughing. His hands had found her firm round bottom and preceded to fondle it mercilessly. "You haven't laughed like that in weeks." More like months actually, she thought. "What do I owe this honour to?" She had to be careful, David was an intelligent, if not naive young man.

He was an egghead before he ever discovered "Toilet Water". Virginia hid her face from his eyes, worried that her hatred could seen. "I was thinking about skipping school." "Again?" "I'd rather stay home and play some more. I was never very bright anyway the only important class is Mrs. Wilson's." Nothing else needed to be said in that area, both of them would excel in her class without taking another step in her classroom.

Before he could speak, she feigned embarrassment and asked, "Could I have another vial David?" Her hand felt between his legs and squeezed his manhood, "Please honey?" Laughing, more at his own importance than anything funny.

"So your just horny huh babe?" That was something that always disgusted Virginia, how all guys seemed to be blatantly blunt about sex. She pressed her full, but trimmed, bush against his thigh while still stroking his cock. "I was thinking about making up with your mom." He paused at that, then continued, "That's a good idea babe.

But I don't know if it will work?" "I just thought it was worth a try. after the fun last night, I wondered what it would be like to relax and enjoy a day with your mom." A finger slide between her firm buttocks and pressed playfully against her abused anus. "Well, I guess its fine then. As long as you try to get along with her okay?" She nodded shyly into his shoulder. After these months of kinky possession and sexual slavery to this teenager, she was starting to knew how to get her way with him.

Hot babe loves to play with her cunt masturbate and fingering

In fact, she only had to watch his mother to learn how to manipulate David. Playfully she reached for the soap and asked if he missed any places. They spent a long twenty minutes in the shower lathering up and enjoying the others wet body.

They didn't have intercourse, because his manhood was exhausted and Virginia felt disgust at his "thing" again being inside her. Yet, like she had learned from watching his mom, anything was possible when he was in a good mood. Virginia saw him to the back door, waving as he left in her sports car for school. Finally when the squeal of tires could no longer be heard, she against ascended the stairs.

"Okay bitch, lets see if we can't make up." The older woman's eyes immediately found Virginia's as the door again opened. The teenager opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. In her hand was a vial, that was the moment when the middle-aged woman became worried.

"Well mom," everyone in the house had been calling her that for over a month since David had called her the "den mother", "today you are mine." Virginia opened the bottle and inhaled deeply as she stepped into the room. The scent quickly drifted into every corner of the master bedroom and the three woman felt the desire within them rise.

Only Kerry didn't know what was going on, but even asleep her sex moistened and her mind began to fantasize. David's mother pressed her thighs together, moaning into the gag.

Virginia's hands reached for her sex and she tried to slow her fingers manipulation of her clitoris. Stepping slowly towards the bed, "I'm going to treat you like the slut you are mother dearest." She rolled up onto the foot of the bed facing the bound woman. She pushed aside a tiny vibrator and moved her foot up between the woman's rapidly wetting sex.

Her big toe easily found and entered into the loose folds of the middle aged vagina. "You slut will have to learn your place, right bitch?" She shoved her toe harshly into the cunt causing a sharp reaction.

"Your here for my pleasure today whore." The movement beside her startled her, until Virginia saw that it was Kerry watching everything while humping her young sex into the bed for some type of stimulation. "Look at her mom, your slut of a daughter can't get enough." The laugh was malicious as Virginia grabbed the older woman's closest foot and brought it to Kerry's face.

The young woman attacked the toes with her mouth, hungry for any attention. David's mother feared his son's girlfriend very much, but she could not stop the desire she felt from the stimulating scent. When her daughters warm wet mouth enclosed upon her big toe she thought she was about to orgasm, but then the sharp pain of the other toe, inside her sex, stilled that pleasure.

She also saw, before Virginia did, Samantha standing in the doorway frantically rubbing her own sex. The still developing teen looked sexy with the weary worn look of the `day after'. "Sam, go get some clothes pins, a belt and a cloth." Ordered the older sister. One thing about Samantha, she always did what she was told. Virginia saw that the young teen quickly departed before disengaging herself and jumped out of bed. The tiny vibrator still on the bed gave her another idea, and Virginia took it with a wicked smile on her face.

Bending down over the bed and between the older woman's attractive legs, the teenager brought the dry plastic toy towards the humping sex. She bypassed the flowered open very wet dark pink vaginal lips and pressed the pointed tip against the dark wrinkled asshole down lower.

The juices of the woman's excitement had lubricated the area excessively and the fake phallus easily entered into the mature woman's anus. The young woman didn't stop pressing it into the hole until only the last centimetre of it lay exposed. David's mom was grunting now. Eager for an orgasm. From the hungry mouth sucking mercilessly on her toe, to the rough handling of the vibrator inside her asshole, she simply needed a gentle touch to her clitoris to bring her off.

Humping the air and pushing her toe into Kerry's mouth, the woman was almost beyond reason as her sole thought was of an orgasm. The older vagina was very familiar to the young attractive teenager, she had often serviced this `cunt' while being under the influence of "Toilet Water". And when she pressed three fingers into it, she knew it would be a tight fit.

When the fourth finger stretched the skin and forced itself into the hungry hole, David's mom screamed with surprised pain into the dirty panty. Virginia laughed as she added her thumb and felt the vaginal walls holding her tightly until the knuckles slide passed the outer muscles and her hand was immersed inside the attractive older woman. The teenager could see the wide pain filled eyes of the bound mother, and smiled to her.

Even delirious from the passion brought on by the scented stimulant, Virginia was amazed where her hand was. Just about then, Virginia heard the gasp of astonishment quickly followed by a moan of lust from her younger sister. Samantha held the objects her sister requested but could not help but look dumbly at the sight before her. "Sam, get over here and put those clothes pins on the `Den Mothers' tits!" Samantha quickly opened the first wood clip and let it close about the hard nipple of the tortured middle-aged woman.

The other quickly followed. The young woman wasn't sure what to do since her sister was taking great malicious pleasure in tormenting David's mom while rubbing her own pussy with her free hand. Feeling the heat of her loins drawing her towards some action, she saw that Kerry was faced down and tied. She also saw the attractive round bottom as it ground into the bed. Sam could hardly control herself and jumped behind Kerry, quickly pulling the firm cheeks apart and spearing her tongue into the tight muscle of the other's tiny anus.

Kerry simply groaned out her surprise and enjoyment from this unanticipated attack and lifted her hips to allow her friend easier access to her bottom. It was like her brothers hard cock, only smaller and wetter - as it began to penetrate her body. With disappointment, Virginia saw that David's mom was starting to enjoy herself. And was humping her pelvis up to meet the thrusting hand and fingers deep inside her body.

Without any thought to the older woman's pleasure, Virginia pulled her hand from the clenches of the wet hot folds. The towel her sister had brought came in handy to wipe off her hand. The teen saw the older lady's eyes plead with hershe needed an orgasm.

This is how David feels, Virginia thought. This power and control was almost as enjoyable as the orgasm which he often gave as punishment or pleasure. Her own body was frantic with the desire to climax. Virginia pulled the damp panty from the older woman's mouth. "Make me come Virginia, please!" The last word was almost a scream. Yet it still sounded like an order.

The very attractive teenager moved about upon the bed and was soon able to straddle the bound woman's head. The woman tried to move her face to the side, having a clue why her son's girlfriend was mounting her head.

The dripping sex lowered and forced itself directly over her mouth. Virginia motioned to the Kerry, "Suck you mother's cunt bitch!" The young woman was only too pleased to follow that instruction and crawled away from Samantha's mouth so she could place her own upon her mothers hot sex.

When the young woman's mouth started to enjoy the sloppy sex of her mother, Virginia felt the woman beneath her scream out in pleasure. The sound dampened considerably by her own body. David's mom could not stand it and shoved her tongue up inside the vagina above her. Next, Samantha crawled around and pulled a clip from the nearest wide nipple, her mouth quickly encircling and sucking the sensitive skin. That was enough for the `Den Mother' and she began to orgasm loudly and violently.

Her body jerking about the three other teenagers until she lay exhausted. Two mouths continued to lick and suck upon her body, and a wet hot cunt was rubbing up and down her face quickly making it difficult to breath.

The older lady managed to get a few words out, "Please. stop!" Her own orgasm quickly approaching, Virginia heard the words and it pulled her out of the luxurious fog of her excitement.

The eldest teen rolled off the sweaty cunt-juice covered face and immediately thought of the next enjoyment. "Sam, Kerry.", she gave quick detailed instructions to the two attractive girls. Then she leaned over the glistening face of the `Den Mother' and asked, "Are you going to do as I say or should I get nasty?" While she said this, her fingers found and twisted the hard nipple which was still covered in Samantha's saliva.

"I'll do anything! Anything you want Virginia. Please god, I'm so horny!" It was partially the scent of the lab experiment and partially the pain talking. The teen also wondered if she had found the answer to the problem of this woman's dominance over the house - fear.

Virginia untied the older woman's body than quickly gave her instructions. After the woman was finished, it was amusing to be able to see the older lady as she lay above her daughter.

Upon their backs, Samantha and Kerry pressed each wet sex together, their legs intertwined like rope. Kerry's mom straddled her daughters head and then bent over, her own face right in line with both young beavers. What was more amusing about the situation, was the sight of the phallus still sticking out of her bottom and the single clothes pin on her hanging nipple. As usually, Kerry could not control herself and immediately pushed her face up into her mom's sex.

Her youthful but energetic tongue easily finding the enlarged and sensitive clitoris. This caused David's mom to groan out loudly and then press her own face down onto Samantha's clitoris. Virginia simply fingered her own sensitive clit and found her orgasm quickly approaching. She wanted something for all to remember this moment by, for everyone here to know who was in charge. Even as the belt landed upon the raised bottom, Virginia's orgasm exploded.