Elena Koshka bonding blowjob step bros big cock

Elena Koshka bonding blowjob step bros big cock
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Last one to know, Chapter three A noise woke me and it took a second to realize it was the phone ringing. By the time I was awake enough to try to answer it Mom come into the bedroom and picked it up and said hello. I heard her say Hi Honey, then picked the phone up and walked away from the bed and was talking in a very love voice. It took a second to notice that Mom was only wearing her kitchen apron and nothing else.

I could feel a naked body touching my back and as I turned my head to see who it was Tammy raised her sleepy head and said Good morning dear brother. It all started coming back to me and I realized it really was not a dream. Mom turn to me and said your Dad wants to speak to you. I starting getting out of bed and realized that every part of my body has hurting.

Mom and Tammy started laughing at the look of pain on my face. Mom come back to the bad and handed me the phone. Good morning Dad, how are you doing this morning. Dad laughed and said good morning big guy and the big question is how are you? I told I was hurting all over but it was a good hurt. He ask what I thought of the new family arrangement. I told him I was a little disappointed that I was the last to find out but I knew the family rules and if I had ask I would have already known.

He said Mom had told him we had been very active since you had found out. Oh Yes I laughed, you need to get home to help me with these three perverted sluts. Dad laughed and said I see they have been teaching you the personal family language.

He told me he wanted to speak to Tammy and Beth before he had to go to class but he wanted to know if I had given any thought to he and I being together. I told him I had thought about it a little and thought it would be fun but to be honest with all the new things coming from three hot females I hadn't had much time to think of much of anything.

He laughed and said he understood and just keep in mind I would NEVER be forced to do anything that I didn't want to.

I told him I understood and thanked him then told him goodbye. I handed the phone to Tammy just a Beth walked in the room. I could hear Tammy telling Dad how excited we all were now that we all knew about the family secret. While Tammy was talking to Dad Beth walked over to the bed, lifted my legs to her small shoulderstook hold of my slightly rigid cock and spit on the head.

She started spreading her spit around the head and stroking my cock. She then pushed her face between the cheeks of my ass and pushed her tongue deep into my asshole. I was very tender everywhere she touched but I was not about to stop her. Just when it had started feeling good Tammy called Beth to the phone. Beth moved from between my legs and took the phone.

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Much to my pleasure Tammy took up where Beth left off only Tammy licked my balls and slowly pushed her middle finger up my ass. I heard Beth talking to Dad. She was giggling and telling Dad the she was jacking me off and tongue fucking my ass. She said "Oh yes Dad he loves it, he's gonna be a real pervy" and she continued with the little girl giggle. I looked over toward her and noticed Mom's great looking ass about a foot from the edge of the bed.

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I reached out and run my fingers down the crack of her ass. Mom backed up to the edge of the bedspread her feet further apart and lean forward a little more. This give me good access to her beautiful asshole and hot wet pussy. While Tammy was working out on my cock, balls and ass I reached between Mom's legs and pushed two fingers into her pussy.

For a Mother of three she was very tight but slick enough that my finger slipped easily inside her. When I had my fingers soaked well with her pussy juice I pulled out and covered her asshole with own her juice. I moved my two fingers back to her pussy then pushed my thumb into her asshole.

Mom let a loud moan and pushed back against my hand. As she did I slipped a third finger in her pussy causing her to groan out loud. Beth was laughing as she handed Mom the phone and said Dad wants to speak to her again. Mom took the phone and just as she put it to her mouth I pushed all four fingers a little deeper into her pussy and ass.

She moaned into the phone then laughed a little. I assume Dad ask her what was going on because she told him that I was finger fucking her pussy and ass and it was feeling soooooo gooooood.

I'm not sure what Dad said to her but she said Oh yes dear, thank you, love you too and look forward to you coming home. I was so absorbed in Mom and Tammy I had not noticed what Beth was doing until I felt her straddling my hips and positioning herself over my cock.

Tammy had continued to spit on my cock and had it very wet and slick. I knew Beth's pussy was off limits for fucking so I wonder what the hell she was doing. Just as my cock slid inside Beth I was able to raise my head and I could clearly see two fingers buried to the hilt in her pussy and knew that my cock was ball deep in her tight little ass. I could feel my balls tighten up as Tammy licked and Beth was riding my cock like a wild stallion.

Mom grabbed my wrist and pushed my fingers deeper into both her holes. I could feel her pussy and ass tighten up as she let out a scream as she flooded my hand with her juice. This pushed me over the edge and I could feel my cum shoot load after load into Beth's asshole. She was humping her ass back and forth and let out a growl like a wild animal. I felt her wetness as her pussy squirted it's juice all over my stomach. Mom fell back on the bad then lay down beside me. As soon as Beth lifted her ass off my cock Tammy moved up and took my cock in her mouth.

It was only about half erect so she could take my whole cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked my cock, balls and ass clean. Beth set watching Tammy until she was through cleaning me. As Tammy set up Mom moved down the bed just a little and told Beth "come here baby girl and feed Mommy your brothers sweet cum". I thought NO WAY but I was wrong. Beth move up until her ass was just a few inches above Moms open mouth. I had a good clear view as Beth pushed down and a big glob of my white cum shot out and into Mom's mouth.

I rolled over to get a closer look as Mom stuck her cum coated tongue out then drew it back in and swallowed. My cock was rock hard again and as tender as it was it still felt good to have Tammy slowly stroking it as we watched Beth start to move back in place over Mom's mouth.

Then I shouted STOP!! Let me have it. Mom and both of my sisters had big smiles on there faces as Beth started moving over to straddle my head. When she was in place she told me to get ready. I open my mouth and I could see Beth's ass pucker up then push out causing another big glob of my cum to shoot out.


I didn't catch it in my mouth as Mom had done and it was sliding down my throat. I gagged a little before I could swallow. Mom and both girls applauded and cheered and I swallow and kept it down. Tammy told Beth to put her ass on my mouth and let me suck the rest of the cum out of her. I felt the little asshole as it touched my lips and I started sucking. I thought to myself, what the hell am I doing. I have my mouth on my baby sister's ass sucking my own cum out of her.

How much more perverted can I get than this. Then I smiled to myself and thought I don't know but I intend to find out because this is me, this is what I love and I want more. I guess I got a little carried away because Beth pulled away a little and told me to go easy dear brother you're gonna suck my guts out.

We all laughed as Beth moved from over my head. We all cuddled and talked for a few minutes. Mon told us all to get up and clean up a little then we would all go fix breakfast. After we ate and cleaned the kitchen we all settled in the den. We spent the rest of the morning talking and relaxing. We discussed different things we would like to do and how nice it was to have us all included now. I complained again about being the last one to find out but we all agreed that it was my own fault.

We all promised that we would do all we could do to make up for the lost time. A thought crossed my mind so I ask Mom if her and Dad knew any other families like us. Mom told the three of us we probably had many questions about her and Dad and their life growing up and before we kids come along. She said they would answer any questions we has questions about anything as soon as Dad got home. In the mean time they had agreed that she could answer any question or try any thing that relate to the five of us.

I thought for a minute then I ask the three of them if I could ask them some questions and they all said yes. I told them I would like for each of them to tell me what they enjoyed the most sexually and what their wildest fantasy was.

I ask Beth to go first then Tammy and Mom last. Mom said that would be fine to a point but I would be the one to go last. I laughed and said okay. Beth said, well let me start at the beginning. I always love not having to ware clothes at home. I loved watching Bobby and Tammy as they grew and filled out. When I was about seven or eight I started wondering what it would be like to touch Dad and Bobby's cock and feel Mom's tits and pussy. As soon as Tammy started filling out I can remember how I wanted to touch and suck on her tits.

It was about that time I started masturbating. I would fantasize about things like French kissing each of you.

Licking and sucking you all over your bodies. I got to the place I was masturbating two or three times s day. This included fingering my pussy and ass. I loved licking my fingers when I pulled them out of my pussy. I was have so many perverted thoughts about my family members that I was beginning to worry there might be something wrong with me.

That was when I talk with Mom and she told me not to worry that I was alright. She told me to come their bedroom later that night and not to let anyone know I was coming.

That night was when Mom and Dad told me about the family secret and that I was not to say anything to either of you, that you would have to ask on your own. They explained that from then own I could ask any question and do any thing I want to do with either or both of them. Mom explained the hygiene part and the first thing I did with both of them was giving each other an enamel.

Then Mom and I licked and sucked Dad's cock and tongued his ass. Then Dad and I eat Mom's pussy and tongued her ass. Then they eat my pussy and ass. Beth said she learned early on that she loved anything kinky and loved pushing it to the limit. She didn't know why but cum, piss and spit really turned her on.

Mom had fitted her with a butt plug and kept increasing the size until she could take Dad's cock in her ass and she really loved it. She told us a little secret that she had not even shared with Mom and Dad before. Beth told us Mom and Dad had told her about scat play and that was something that was off limits for them.

She said she was curious about it so she used a butt plug before she took an enamel and when she pulled it out it had a nice coat of shit on the end. She stuck it in her mouth and sucked it clean before she had time to think about it and swallowed. It was awful and made her throw up immediately She said she never wanted to try it again.

Her number one fantasy was to have the whole family in an all out orgy with everyone sharing everyone's cum, piss and lots of swapping spit. Then Beth really shocked me when she told us she had though about it and when she was ready to give up her virgin pussy that she wanted it to me be with me.

Then after that she would like to try DP with Dad and me. Tammy was next and she started by telling about Beth catching her masturbating one day and ask if she would let her help. Tammy at first was very embarrassed and told Beth to get the hell out of her room. She said Beth just dropped her panties and started rubbing her pussy as she walked toward the bed. Tammy said Beth started sucking her small tits and kissing her on the cheek and neck, then she kissed her on the lips.

Tammy said she couldn't help but kiss her back. Beth ask Tammy to PLEASE let her lick her pussy. Tammy didn't say anything so Beth stared kissing her way down across her breast, then her stomach and down to the top of her pussy lips.

Beth pulled Tammy's legs further apart and pulled her fingers out of her pussy.

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Beth then pushed two of her fingers into Tammy's pussy and started sliding them in and out. Tammy didn't know it at the time but Mom and Dad had taught her a lot about eating pussy. Beth used two fingers on her other hand to part Tammy's pussy lips and Beth flicked her tongue across her clit.

Beth finger fucked, licked and sucked on Tammy until she was moaning through the hardest orgasm she had ever had. She started squirting and Beth was licking up every drop of it. As soon as Tammy caught her breath she return the favor and licked her first pussy. Tammy didn't know it but Beth told Mom and Dad about their encounter and that she would like to continue. Mom suggest Beth spend one evening playing with Tammy and the next evening with them.

Tammy said she was surprised at how much Beth knew about pleasing her and she was learning a lot from her. She said they often talked about things they would like to experience with other people. One evening she mention how she would love to see Dad's cock when it was hard and get to suck it. Beth slipped up when she smiled and said "Oh Yes it is so nice". She picked up on what Beth had said and questioned her about it.

Beth told her she was just daydreaming but Tammy said she didn't believe her and continued to question her.

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Beth finally told her that she should talk to Mom. Tammy said she talked with Mom the next afternoon and Mom told her she would talk as soon as her Dad come home.

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I was out with a couple of my buddies that after so the four of them had their little talk as soon as Dad arrived home. First Mom and Dad scolded Beth for her goof up, then ask Tammy what she wanted to know. Tammy said she thought she would really shock Mom and Dad when she ask has Beth ever sucked Dad's cock. Turns out she was the one in for a shocked.

Mom and Dad looked at each other, smiled then looked back atTammy and Mom simply said "yes she has and eat my pussy also. Tammy said her mouth dropped open and she didn't know what to say.

When she recovered a little she ask them what was going on and why was she not included. They explained the same thing to her they had told Beth earlier. Tammy said she noticed Dad's cock was starting to get a little hard.

Seeing that and the things they had been talking about had really turned her on. Tammy said, let me get this straight. Now that I have ask and now know the family secret I am free to do anything I please as long as I keep it within the four of us and don't do any of the things that you all have said you didn't like.

Mom and Dad both nodded and Beth just smiled and started rubbing her pussy. Tammy reached and placed her hand around Dad's cock and told the three of them that she would like to have their help in learning how to give and receive everything.

Mom ask her what she means by everything. Tammy told her sucking cock, eating pussy, licking ass and anything else that might come to mind. She said they had all been good teachers and she had loved every minute of it.

She told me she was very pleased that I had finally ask and been told the family secret. She said Beth and Mom was better then her at taking Dad in the ass but she was getting better.

She told me that I was a little smaller than Dad and she though she I would fit better in her ass. That was part of her fantasy, Dad in her pussy and me in her ass while she was taking turns of eating Mom and Beth's pussy until everyone had come all they could.


Then they would all share in the cum and pussy juice. By the time she was through telling all this she was pinching and pulling hard on her erect nipples and had two finger busy fucking her pussy Mom smiled and ask me if we could take a little break on sharing our thoughts and fantasy while we eat a little pussy.

I didn't answer, I just moved over between Tammy's legs and buried my face in her soaking wet pussy and started licking and sucking. I could see out of the corner of my eye Mom was on her back on the floor next to me and Beth was moving to a 69 position and they were starting to devour each others pussy.

After a couple minutes of this Beth said hold on as she moved from over Mom. She pulled me away from Tammy's pussy and told me to lay down and eat her pussy. She told Tammy to come down and eat Mom's pussy. Mom just smiled and move around until she was in line to take my cock in her mouth.

Beth told us that we would all be changing around in a few minutes then she buried her face in Tammy's pussy. We were all moaning and growing from time to time and just when I was about to shoot my load in Mom's hungry mouth Beth told us it was time to change. Tammy reminded us to be careful with ass play because we hadn't had our enamel for the day. We continued to rearrange until we had indulged in every combination we could think of. I was eating Tammy's pussy at the time and she was working on Mom.

My cock was in Beth's mouth and Mom was busy on my little sisters pussy. Tammy thrust hard against my fingers and tongue and started squirting her sweet juice in my mouth. I heard Mom and Beth let out a loud moan about the same time and Beth took my cock almost down her throat as I shot load after load of cum into her mouth. We all just laid there for a short time catching our breath and enjoying the after effect. Beth let my cock slip out of her mouth and moved around until her mouth was directly over mine.

I knew what was coming and open my mouth. Just as the first drops of cum hit my lips I felt Mom's tongue cleaning my cock and balls. Tammy moved around until her head was next to mine. Beth leaned across me and started giving Tammy her treat. Beth's little bumps that would soon be a great set of tits was right there at my mouth. I licked her left little nipple and heard her inhale quickly. I took the little nipple between my teeth and bit down lightly.

Beth give out a little scream and pushed her little nipple hard against my mouth. Mom had stopped licking me and moved around until she was kneeling beside Tammy. Beth pulled back from Tammy and I then moved around to Mom. Tammy and I watched as Beth stuck her tongue out and we could see a large blob of cum on the end and just before it slipped off Mom sucked Beth's tongue into her mouth.

They kissed for just a second then Mom pulled back, open her mouth and showed us the cum was still in her mouth. Then she threw her head back and swallowed. Tammy said "Holey Fuck That Was Hot". We all went to the kitchen to get something cold to drink. We set at the kitchen table and talked for a while. Tammy ask Mom "don't you think we should get our enamels and start getting Bobby ready?

You know Dad will be home in about a week so that don't give him much time to prepare. I was not sure what Tammy was talking about and I looked at Mom with a puzzled look on my face. The three of them started laughing and Mom ask if I had liked getting finger fucked in the ass. I told her up to two fingers felt great but anything more was a little uncomfortable.

She ask if I had give any thought to Dad fucking me. I told her I had and I was both nervous and excited about trying it. She told me that's what Tammy was talking about. Once she had me cleaned up she wanted to use the butt plug that would be just a little larger than her two fingers and she would increase the size about every other day.

I ask Mom how long I would keep it in at the time. Before Mom had a chance to answer Tammy spoke up and informed me that I would keep it in all the time except when I had to shit. Then I would let her know and she would take the plug out then clean me up before putting it back in. I looked at Mom as she smiled and nodded.

That is what Tammy would love to do if you will go along with it. I thought about it for a minute then looked at Tammy and ask would you fuck my ass a little each time you put it in. Tammy smiled and said " damn straight baby". I didn't say anything else, just got up for the table and headed for the guest bathroom. Tammy almost fell she jumped up so quick and Beth was right behind her telling us all that she was going to watch. On the way to the bathroom I was thinking to myself, I can't hardly believe all this is happening.

The way we talk so open and honest and all the great sex. I thought, what a wonderful life and how much I was in love with my family. End of Chapter Three