Alluring teenies in a casting scene

Alluring teenies in a casting scene
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"You really think Oregon will give me an offer coach," Xenos (X for short) asked his High School Football Coach Fred Banks. "I have no doubt, with their losses in the secondary and you being the #1 safety in the country, I repeat, I have no doubt" Coach Banks said as he shook his star athletes hand farewell. Xenos walked out of his coaches office with his head lowered trying not to capture the attention of his team mates as they came down from their Championship win high.

Xenos was the star of the game once again as the Clear Lake Florida High Pythons' defeated the Florida State High Gators with an interception to close out the game. Being a senior and #1 safety in the country, X had nearly all the offers from other players dream schools except his own, Oregon.

He's wanted to play for the Ducks as a kid and in more recent years, he converted to safety instead of running back. But, why wouldn't Oregon look at him? He had the grades, the ability, the potential… Making a clean exit from the locker room, he walked across the parking lot to his car which was thankfully untouched. Last game his car was covered in silly string and writing #1 all over his windows.

He was #1 on his team, everyone knew that without him, the team might not be so good. He got in his car and sat down, letting out a huge breathe as he sat. The only thing that was on his mind now was getting to sleep. When he pulled in his driveway to his house, he turned the car off and sat for a good five minutes, the only thing he really wanted was his parents back. Two months ago, after the 4th game of the season he lost both of his parents to a drunk driver who lost control and split his parents car in half, killing them instantly.

X rested his head on his steering wheel and let out what few tears he had for allowing them to bless him with his ability. He got out of the car and made his way to his aunt's door, where he was now living. She was on her own and took to taking care of him after the loss of his parents. As soon as he stepped in the house she hugged him and congratulated him.

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"Baby, I'm so proud of you, only you could've made that play to save the game, I'm sure your parents would be proud" she said after she noticed the look in his eye. "I did it for them Aunt Rach, I did it all for them" he replied massaging his temples. "Well, go to sleep honey" you have a big day ahead of you. "Really? What are you talking about" he asked unaware of his schedule tomorrow. "Oregon is coming to visit" she mumbled smiling.

"REALLY?!" X exclaimed making his Aunt jump, "finally they realize, took way too long to understand that they needed me." "Don't get cocky mister" she laughed. He went to his room all smiles and the first thing he did when he got to his room was text his best friend Lacy. Here's the scoop on Lacy, she's one good-looking girl.


Mixed with a light-skin complexion, smart, extraordinarily beautiful, long light brown hair, 3x all-state, 5'8" volleyball player. One of a kind body that no one in the school can keep their eyes off of. She has perfect tits and a bubble butt, think Paula Patton.

What X doesn't know is that Lacy doesn't want to be only friends with him, and this is apparent to everyone but, X. Even his other best friends, Tyler and Sebastian tell him but, he simply ignores.

Anyway, he text her. "Lacy, Oregon wants me, they're coming tomorrow" "Well no duh, everyone wants you, you big dummy" "I'm so happy right now, I probably won't be able to sleep" "You might want to come over here then.

I told my mom and dad the news and they want to see you." "Perfect, I'll be there in 20 minutes." he ended the conversation. He got up and threw on some Nike Sparq Combine gear, his favorite, and made his way over to Lacy's.


"Hey Big X, how are you doing man?" asked her father Mike when he answered the door. "I'm doing great, and how about you Mr. Mike?" he replied. "I already told you to stop calling me that X" he laughed,"that's my pops, making me feel old but, I'm actually doing quite well, Lacy told me about the offer from Oregon, came right on time after that great win tonight. I know you were upset you couldn't run that pick back" "I was happier we won but, I slipped turning around the edge.

I had them all beat." he laughed along with Mike. "Boy, if you didn't run so fast, maybe the Earth could grip you, give you some friction" he chuckled to himself, "running that 4. that uh 4…" he couldn't quite remember X's forty time. ".32 forty dash?" X finished for him. "Precisely, that's ridiculous for a high school athlete" he stated, "I was only running a 4.67 in my NFL days, still one of the best linebackers to ever play the game" he laughed to himself, "Lacy's upstairs by the way, her mom just left to go see her cousin in the hospital, she'll want to see you later, being your biggest fan and all" "Will do, Mr.

Mike, will do" said X as he made his way up the stairs to Lacy's room.

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As he opened the door she had just finished pulling a thong up between her ass. She proceeded to bend over to pick a pair of basketball shorts, giving X an unintentional show of pussy and bare ass cheeks.

After pulling those on she turned to see X at the door.

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"Damn Lacy, when are you ever going to put some clothes on" X joked looking at her straight in the eye. "No one told you to walk right in Faxonwells" she laughed in his face (always calling him by his last name) before walking over to hug him and pecking him on the cheek, "nice win tonight, when you caught that pick, I threw up the peak sign" she walked over to her bed and sat on it, crossing her legs and tying her long hair up.

"You are such a dickhead yo" X laughed sitting in his bean bag positioned next to Lacy's bed. The same bean bag chair had been there since they began middle school six years before,"yeah, I know you saw me point to you in the stands when I got up after my teammates tackled me." "Yeah I pointed back" she laughed throwing her head back at the name he called her.

"I didn't see you but, I know where you usually sit" he chuckled. "I know you do, so what's up with this Oregon deal?" she asked curiously. "Well, I don't know yet, I just hope they want me for football and not track" he sighed. "Yeah, you are pretty fast" "Faster than your slow ass" "Shut up you pussy, at least I'm committed to my dream school already" "Wow, that's deep" he said pretending to cry. "Mhm, I'm not even slow, you're just a guy." "I've seen you race plenty of guys in our relationship, you're fast for a girl, I'll give you that" he laughed, leaning back in his bean bag chair.

"Yeah so suck my ass X, Florida State ain't ready for Lacy Taylor." "I'm pretty sure, they're good without you Ace" he said making fun. Ace was his nickname for her and she absolutely adored it, more than he knew. "Thanks for the support babe" she said jokingly, blowing him a kiss. "No problem love" he replied.

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After a few moments of awkward silence, Lacy stood up, stretched and walked over to her dresser and grabbed what looked like a photo album. Indeed it was, she brought it over to X and he looked at the cover photo. It was him and Lacy after his biggest football game of his career, she was kissing him on the cheek, him smiling with the trophy in his hand, so far.

In the state championship game, as a freshman, the starting safety got injured on the last drive of the game. The other team was in position to win at their 18 yard line.

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Xenos was put into the game and the opposing teams quarterback threw it up for the other teams star receiver; right at X.

This receiver was one of the best in the nation, standing at 6'5". At the time, X was only 5'10" and 175 lbs. As the ball came towards X he leapt as high as he could knocking the ball out of the receivers hands and catching it as it came down. He landed on his feet and ran as hard as he could for the other teams goal line 107 yards away, scoring. At the end, his parents took that picture. "This is our album, and I wanted to give it to you" she said pecking him on the cheek. She blushed, her light-skin complexion making her look even more beautiful.

"No way, thank you Ace" he smiled flipping open to the first page. "It's in chronological order" she added in, As he flipped through the pages he was fighting back tears. He was looking back through all of their memories together, the birthday parties, the sporting events, the embarrassing and the honorings.

"Why?" he asked, nearly choking in his own shock. "Well." she said, already having tears running down her cheeks,"I love you and I'm going to miss you when we go off to college" she barely finished putting her head into his chest and crying.

"I love you too, I'll miss you more" he managed, holding her head and resting his chin in her hair. "We still have the entire school year together, fortunately" he laughed. "You're right, and I expect to see you at my indoor volleyball games too" she sat up pinching his closest nipple.

"You betcha dickhead" he laughed fake wrestling her head and giving her a noogie. "Stop you bitch!" she squealed trying to free herself. When she did she grabbed him and laid him on his back on the floor. She straddled him and looked straight into his hazel eyes. He stared back into her light browns and knew what would happen next. She leaned down slowly and gave him a long,passionate, and wet kiss. he didn't refuse.