Succulent eastern Chiwa Osaki cums from huge rod

Succulent eastern Chiwa Osaki cums from huge rod
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One morning, as James was showering, he forgot to lock the door to the bathroom. Seth really had to pee so he slipped in the bathroom without James noticing. Seth relieved himself and then suddenly had a sinister thought. The only thing separating him and the object of his desire was a thin, almost translucent shower curtain.

He knew James was soaping up his supple, young body right beside him. He debated for a second then quickly tore off his Mormon underwear and slipped into the shower behind James and snaked his arm around his companion to grab him. James yelped and almost fell over. Seth steadied him with his arm and then started taking over the task of soaping James' body from behind, the blonde boy offering no resistance. He rubbed his chest first, feeling the pecks on his teenage frame, then around to his arms.

Then he rubbed down James' sides and started kissing his neck under the hot stream of water, making James moan. James spun halfway around and then started kissing Seth on the mouth hard.


Water cascaded over their pink lips as James reached down and started stroking Seth's cock. Seth grabbed James' cock in return and both of them were stoking each other in rhythm as they made out. Seth used his other hand to grab the spot behind James' head to pull his mouth in more passionately.

The boys broke their mouth's connection to look into each other's pleasure-filled eyes. They were both panting and mewling like cats in heat. James couldn't help but think how hot Seth looked getting jerked off in the water.

Then Seth said, "I want to try something." He crouched down and spun James to face away from him. James looked back at him, curious.

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Seth pulled apart James' ass cheeks and started tentatively licking James' asshole under the shower stream. Then after a few licks he buried his face in between the perky white cheeks and shoving his tongue in the hole. Up until now the boys were pretty content just to play with each other's cocks, so James' little asshole hadn't gotten any play before. He almost doubled over with pleasure and had to hold onto the shower wall to support himself.

"Baby, that feels amazing." He said and used one hand to hold himself steady and he slipped the other hand down to his rock hard penis to start stroking himself.

Seth broke contact to say, "God, you taste so good." And he hungrily went back to tonguing the hole. "Ah! Oh my God!" James cried out, stroking himself harder and faster.

Seth was also stroking himself, crouched down on the tub floor. He had never been more turned on then right now. "I'm gonna come!" cried James. "Come in my mouth!" demanded Seth. James spun around again and shoved his cock into Seth's open mouth and started thrusting his hips until that amazing feeling washed over his whole body and he came over and over into Seth's warm mouth. James basically collapsed down on the tub floor on top of Seth, slippery and spent from his orgasm.

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As he lay there, he quickly regained consciousness and happened to find his face very close to Seth's erect cock. It was red, almost purple because his best friend was so hard. James snaked down to start tonguing Seth's balls and jerking him with his other hand. "Oh yeah baby, harder! Lick my balls!" Seth pleaded.

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They made eye contact but James' mouth was still buried in Seth's ballsack. He tightened his grip and stroked harder and faster. Soon, Seth bucked his hips and a shower of cum rained down on both of them, mixed in with the shower water.

James sucked the last few drops out of the head of his cock. They had to actually shower the cum off now without resorting to fucking each other, though it was very difficult for both. They were kissing and playfully lathering each other's hair with shampoo, giving each other little smacks on the bum and lightly grabbing their cocks. It was all they could do not to go back into the bedroom and go for round two. Though the boys had gotten very close lately, they decided that they would take their playtime slowly, and try to keep their anal virginities for as long as possible.

They knew if they had sex and fell in love that it would make their lives even more complicated than it already was. They may have to sacrifice their community if they both ended up getting into a gay relationship. It was not looked on favourably in the Mormon church, and they could even get excommunicated and kicked out by their families.

"What a very good morning indeed." James said, stepping out of the shower to towel off. Seth grabbed his towel and rustled it onto James' head, messing up his hair.

"Hey!" said James, with an annoyed but playful smile. "You look hot soaking wet." said Seth and pulled him in for a kiss. After a minute with his head in the clouds, kissing his sexy, naked companion; James broke the kiss. "Look you're making us late. Now we have to get out of here ASAP, we have a meeting with that lady on 7th Avenue." "All I want to do is fuck you right here on the bathroom counter." James gave a half smile.

"We talked about this.


Not yet." He said with a blush. "I'm sorry." Seth said sincerely. James wrapped his arms around Seth's neck and they kissed sweetly. "I just find you irresistible." "It's something to maybe look forward to when we get back this evening." James said with a wink and he kissed Seth one more time and then slipped out of the bathroom. Seth smacked him cheekily on the bum. It was only then that James noticed the time.

"Oh crap! We have to go right now or else we're going to be late and we're gonna lose this one." James had never gotten dressed so quickly, grabbed his satchel, and the boys headed out to start another day of work. They were talking to one pretty attractive older man in the park later that day, who had approached them to talk about God.

He could recognize them as Mormons by their distinct outfits and nametags. They were all seated at a picnic table, the man sitting opposite of the boys. As they spoke about the Bible, James could feel something pressing on his thigh. It was Seth's hand!


He couldn't believe his friend was being so bold as to do this in broad daylight, while they were working! It was so bad! But often, it's the bad stuff ends up feeling really good, and eventually Seth's hand was rubbing James' cock through his pants. James couldn't even focus on the conversation anymore, he was too busy focusing on the hot feelings Seth's hand was giving him, especially in the groin area.

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Anyone at the park could be watching, and the man was looking at him in the flushed face. Fortunately, Seth somehow managed to take over the conversation and getting James off at the same time. Seth had found the outline of his hard penis and was stroking it in the slow way that drove James wild.

At that moment he wanted nothing more than for Seth to rip off his pants and fuck him in the ass against the picnic table while everyone in the park watched.

He fantasized that the man they were talking to would drop his pants too and fuck him in the mouth from the other side. He would milk every last cock that would be brought near him until his naked body was covered in sticky, white cum and he got every last guy off.

He was so lost in this crazy fantasy that he didn't hear someone's footsteps walk up behind him. That was, until he heard a familiar voice from behind where they were sitting. "Elder Bradley." the husky voice said sharply. "You're late for our meeting." James' fantasy was instantly shattered. He and Seth both had a mini heart attack and slowly turned their heads around. Victor was standing there in a grey Armani suit and perfect hair, looking sexy and commanding as ever.

He had a fancy cane that was purely ornamental, so he just oozed wealth. "Come with me now." The man commanded. He was so forcefully hot. James swallowed dryly, and gave a desperate look to Seth before slowly standing up and urging his jelly legs to step towards the man. He tried to convince himself in his mind that Victor hadn't seen Seth's hand on his crotch from that angle, but either way he had lost track of time and kept the Mission President waiting, and he knew that the man wasn't going to be happy about that.

Victor walked a few steps ahead of him and James struggled to keep up. He was also dealing with a tent situation in his pants from earlier that he was trying to hide behind his cupped hands. He couldn't help but remember his last meeting with the Mission President, where the man had sexually humiliated and dominated the two boys, so he was oddly excited about that too.

He could feel his heart racing under his black tie. Victor opened up the door to his black car and motioned James in. The boy slid in nervously, he wished Seth was with him.

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Victor closed his door and came in on the other side. The partition was closed between the front and the back. The car took off as soon as Victor shut his own door. "To my pied-à-terre, driver." --- Author's note: I really appreciate and take your feedback into consideration.

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If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to tell me! Part 5 Preview Victor needs to teach James some discipline, but James has no idea how far he's willing to go.