Hot and horny blonde teen slut and nasty

Hot and horny blonde teen slut and nasty
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First story I have made, let me know If I should continue.

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My girlfriend is hot there is no doubt about it, but every once in a while it is nice to spice things up. One day we were going to hangout and be all alone, a week prior to this I was asked the normal question 'what do you want to do?' I normally give the same answer that I always do which is 'I don't know'. So when she called me up,and that question came into play, I answered with my regular 'I don't know' which normally gets her a little pissed off but not today.

Today when I had said 'I don't know' she simply said "ok". Being as confused as I was I decided to ask "what do you want to do?" which she responded with a "you'll see". This made me pretty eager so I tried to get it out of her, but she kept it a secret. All she said was "we're gonna try something new", this excited me but I really wanted to know what was going to happen. Today was the day we were all alone, and when we had got in the mood. I thought it would be like any other time so I took control.

I took my shirt off and slammed her against the door, that's when the change happened.

She grabbed me by the throat, shook her head and threw me on the bed. "I'm in control this time" she said with a seductive look on her face. She grabbed my pants and pulled them off, I was now naked on the bed. That's when she saw that what she was doing was making me really hard, it made her smile. She pounced on me, "stick your tongue out" she said. But I was frozen from everything she had just done, she was an animal and I liked it.

"I said stick your tongue out" she commanded and slapped me in the face. I was loving the idea of being dominated for once. I stuck my tongue out, and she began to suck on it.hard.

As she sucked my tongue she jerked me off, this was new and I loved it. She then stopped and got off me, she went over to her bag that she usually brings with her. She then pulls out 4 pairs of handcuffs, I was in shock of what she had planned next.

She chained each of me limbs to a separate corner of the bed. She then took out a ball gag and put it on me. I was loving it right up to the ball gag now things were just a little weird for me. She crawled over to my nuts and started milking them with her mouth. She then grabbed them in a tight hold, she tied them up with a black rope and said " as long as you wear this you are my bitch".

This point down the line I was helpless and needed to do what she said, it started to freak me out but soon I fell back into loving it. She then took a key ring, and slid it down my dick. Then she started jerking me off, until my dick was rock hard.

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With the ring at the end if my cock there was no blood flow, and now when it was hard it was staying hard. I was now at my girlfriends control, where she can do whatever she wants to me.


I was her slave, her bitch.and I liked it. "For the time being you are to call me mistress when you speak to me" she said, it was hard to speak through the ball gags but I at least mumbled the words "yes mistress". "You are probably wondering why I'm doing this." She said. I nodded, basically wanting to know what came over her. "Well it's the fact that the last time we had sex, I dominated you a little and you loved it. I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoyed it myself too, possibly more than you do as you can see.

I wanted to take it to the next level, and by the looks of it I did just that." She came over to me and ran her index finger over the ball gag "you've been a bad boy" she said "and now you get punished" she slapped my nuts and my dick.

"If I take that ball gag off, you gonna be a good boy?" She asked.


I nodded my head, I was fine with all she was doing I just didn't like the ball gag. She took the ball gag out of my mouth, and I swallowed the saliva that had built up in my mouth because if it. I couldn't help myself, now was the time to beg.

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"Please let me suck your tits!" I yelled, she looked at me came over and looked angry. With every word came a slap to my tied up dick and balls "I TOLD YOU TO CALL ME MISTRESS!!!


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I was in pain now, and quickly went to correct myself. "Please let me suck on your tits mistress" I begged, she looked at me with a smile on her face and said "no".


It drove me crazy, "I've got a better idea" she said as she started jerking off my cock. "Ask to cum, understand?" she said, I was in a whole lot of pleasure that I wasn't even listened. She firmly grasped my nuts and jerked off faster, "UNDERSTAND?!?!" She yelled. "Yes mistress, oh fuck I'm gonna cum" I yelled "can I mistress?!?!?!".

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She stopped jerking me off and said "no". "It's time satisfy me" she said, all she was wearing was a red thong and red 2 sizes too small bra. Which both looked to be coming off. I started to believe one thing and one thing only and that would be that the key ring was gonna break due the pressure applied to it by my rock hard cock. It hurt but I couldn't help it, just the look of her body alone was enough to send me off the deep end.

To be continued.