Skinny Redhead Touch Hahn am Strand

Skinny Redhead Touch Hahn am Strand
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I had just turned 21 and I was enjoying the sun at a nudist retreat that catered to adults, partially to work on my tan, but mostly to try to overcome my shyness at being nude.

As I became familiar with my surroundings, I noticed that the retreat was pretty busy with a higher ratio of women to men; just then my thoughts were interrupted as a hand slapped my bare ass. I whirled around and was shocked to see Sharon, a sexy cougar that had been my neighbor next to my childhood home. Sharon was a petite-yet busty 5'4" African-American woman with wide sexy blue eyes that seemed to smile at me, those same eyes that smiled mischievously when she'd caught me staring at her years ago while she was sunbathing.

"I thought I recognized that sexy booty !" Sharon said smiling; not having expected to see anyone I knew, I immediately felt self-conscious about my nudity.

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"Give me a hug baby" Sharon said as she advanced and hugged me, my cock making contact against her warm, oiled skin and becoming half-hard as her hands slid down my back and playfully squeezed the cheeks of my ass.

Stepping back, she said "Let me take a look at you" as her eyes roamed over me. "My, you certainly have grown." she said as she stared at my cock, which continued to grow under her gaze.

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I realized, I still hadn't said a word and stammered out: "H.Hi Sharon, you look great" and she twirled around, displaying her oiled,nude body, which was still sexy and tight for a woman in her 40's. We engaged in small talk for a few minutes, before Sharon said: "Baby, we've gotta get you oiled up before you burn" and then took me by the hand and led me to her towel, where she produced a bottle of tanning oil. As I reached for it she said: "That's alright sweetie, I'll do it for you."; I started to protest, but stopped after she gave a playful slap to my ass.

I stood there and blushed and felt extremely embarrassed as Sharon's fingers applied oil to my entire body (spending a lot of time on my ass, occasionally running a finger teasingly along the crack of it). When she got to my groin, I held my breath, waiting for her touch, but instead, she handed me the bottle and said with a mischievous smile "Maybe you should handle this part" As I started to apply the oil to my cock (with Sharon watching me do it, with half-lidded eyes full of lust), I heard a female voice yell "Hey Sharon, looks like your friend is putting on quite a show for you"; Sharon laughed and waved.

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Irene (a slightly thick black woman with sexy yellow nails), Connie (another black woman with short, reddish hair and a bubble-butt), Suzie (a slight, dark-haired woman) and Helen, a perky, short-haired blonde with expressive green eyes and huge, but firm tits. I felt a little surrounded as the ladies came over to exchange pleasantries with Sharon, with bare breasts making contact with my arms & back and with some of the ladies "accidentally" caressing and squeezing my ass.

Sharon introduced me to her friends and each one hugged me, which was awkward and embarrassing with my cock now fully erect, throbbing and twitching as it made contact with the ladies warm flesh.

Helen asked me how I was enjoying the retreat so far, which prompted Connie to say: "I'd say he was really enjoying himself" as she stared at my rock-hard and fully-engorged cock and this caused all the ladies to laugh and me to blush even more in embarrassment. Sharon said "you ladies are terrible; leave the poor boy alone !" as she laughed and led me away. As we were walking back to the commons, Helen joined us; with each lady taking one of my arms and putting it around her waist, I was unable to cover up my huge hard-on, which was getting attention from the other nudists.

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All the touching and teasing had me feverishly horny and I knew at some point, I had to get away from these ladies and take care of my throbbing cock. Sharon led us to a picnic table in the rear of the open dining area, which was pretty crowded because the center of it also served as the dance floor. After we sat down, with me between the 2 ladies, Helen put her hand on my upper-thigh and said: "I hope you'll dance with me later." As I tried to think of a reply, I suddenly felt a hand wrap itself around my erect cock it was Sharon's hand.

While answering Helen, I tried to squirm out of Sharon's grasp, but her hand just moved with me, kept it's grip and then started slowly moving up and down. As I struggled to keep my composure and escape Sharon's warm, oiled hand, I leaned over and whispered: "What are you doing ?" Looking forward, with a sly smile on her lips, Sharon said: "I'm punishing you for spying on me while I was sunbathing; you were a bad, bad, bad boy." and on each instance of her saying the word bad, her index finger tapped the very tip of my pulsing cock, causing me to shiver in delight.

As her hand rapidly and sensuously kept up its pace, the pleasure building, I realized it was too late, I was now a prisoner of Sharon's sweet hand.

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More people entered the arena and more people started dancing. Part of my mind was horrified of getting discovered, but most of my focus was on the exquisite torture of Sharon's handjob, that kept up it's unrelenting pace, keeping me on the border of bliss as sweat rolled down my face.

About 5 agonizing minutes later, I leaned over and whispered/gasped: "Sharon.please. I.I can't take much more of this" without stopping, Sharon whispered back: "You should have thought of that before running away those years ago and not accepting your punishment" "P.punishment ?" I gasped. "Yes, I was going to pull down your pants and spank your little ass" Sharon teased in fake anger as one of her fingers swirled just beneath the glans of my desperate cock.

Sharon's dirty talk and oiled hand had me on the verge of insanity ! Embarrassed and under duress, I whispered: "If you don't're.ah !'re going to make me cum !" Sharon laughed and said: "Baby, you'll cum when I let you cum. I know your dick better than you do" emphasizing her point by dancing her fingertips along the ridge of my cock, sending lightning bolts of pleasure through my system.

As she continued her ministrations on my helpless cock, Sharon asked "Have you ever heard about edging ?" "No." I moaned.

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"Well this, is edging. Keeping you on the precipice of orgasm. Yo' girl knows her Kama Sutra. Sweetie, I could keep you squirming for hours like this" she laughed.

As more people came in and more couples danced, we sat in silence as the delicious-yet-agonizing sensations continued to build to a boiling crescendo with Helen and everyone else being unaware of my predicament.

Sharon leaned over and asked me "Would you like me to stop ?" "" I whisper-moaned. "Then, beg me.

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Beg me not to stop" Sharon commanded as she smiled and locked eyes with mine. Having no choice: "Please don't s.stop" I begged. "Now kiss me" Sharon commanded. "What?" I gasped. Sharon gave me an "Oh come on now" look and said "You heard me. And make it sensuous." again, having no choice, I kissed her and her tongue invaded my mouth.

As we kissed, her hand still kept up it's maddening pace, but keeping me on the edge of heaven. Maybe feeling left out (and still unaware of what was being done to me), Helen got up, grabbed my hand and said: "Let's dance" as she started to pull me to my feet "No. n.not yet" I gasped as Sharon's hand started stroking me even faster. But Helen wouldn't take no for an answer and pulled me to my feet and away from Sharon's devilish hand.

Feverish with desire and having no control over my own body at this point, my own hand quickly replaced Sharon's and jerked my throbbing cock. Helen's eyes were wide with disbelief.

"I HAVE TO CUM !" I screamed as I jerked myself off to one of the most intense, powerful and prolonged orgasms I had ever experienced with pleasure so deep I thought I might drown in it.


The fact that I was being watched by everyone, might have made it even more intense; there were a few angry comments, but mostly laughter and a few catcalls from women (mostly) as I unloaded cum on the picnic table, with most of the crowd seeming to take some delight from my profound humiliation. As I ran out of the room, I looked towards Sharon who had a "whoops, sorry !" look on her face.

As I ran towards the front desk, I heard Sharon and Helen call my name. Angry and humiliated, I kept walking, until they finally caught up to me with each taking an arm. "I'm so sorry baby, I didn't think that would happen" Sharon said, trying to hold back laughter "I'm sorry too sweetie" Helen said as she patted my bare ass in a way that was pretending to be comforting as opposed to sexual.

"That was so humiliating !" I moaned. Helen squeezed my left butt cheek and said "For what it's worth, I thought it was really hot !" which didn't make me feel better. "Come with us, we have a VIP cabana suite where you can get some rest." Sharon said and that sounded good to me, not realizing what I would be walking into. We got to the cabana and once inside, I was confronted with Sharon's flirty and grope-y cougar friends that I met earlier and they'd been drinking.

Everyone in the room was completely nude. Irene was the first to see me. "It's him ! It's him" she said excitedly as she clapped her hands. "Hey there, jerky-boy" Connie said sarcastically. I was beginning to realize that Connie seemed to take great delight in embarrassing and humiliating me in front of others. Suzie smiled at me. Irene looked at me and said: "I'm sorry I missed your show" which made the ladies laugh and made me blush even more.

I could tell this was all they were going to talk about. Connie then stepped forward tapped Irene on the shoulder and said: "Don't worry, I'll send it to you" as she produced an I-Phone (!) "You recorded that ?!?" I said with alarm and started to stand up, but Sharon and Helen pulled me back down "You're not even supposed to have a smartphone in the retreat !" Connie looked me in the eyes, smiled and said: "Well, we're not supposed to jerk off our dicks in the middle of the dance floor either, but somebody broke that rule today too !" which caused all the ladies to laugh as I blushed even more and looked down, unable to meet Connie's gaze.

There was a brief minute of awkward silence that was broken by Helen whispering across the room to Connie: "Could you send that to my phone too, please ?", which led to Sharon and Suzie also requesting the recording of my masturbatory-humiliation. The worst was when the recording was displayed on a widescreen TV and I had to endure the comments: "I like how your buns clench just before you cum" (Helen) and "Check out homeboy's "O" face !" (Connie).