Sex xxx new ebony story big 2019

Sex xxx new ebony story big 2019
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Jason loved me and I loved him very much. He would do anything for each other. We would often spend the entire weekend in bed enjoying each others bodies, fucking, sucking and just kissing and cuddling. The only draw back tour relationship was that Jason wanted a child so bad and I wanted to give him a child but the problem was that we are both male. I remember the day it all started. Jason had just finished making love to me and was holding me as I felt his cum leaking out of me.

You see, I take the submissive role in this relationship. He was kissing my neck and wispering sweet things in my ear. Then he told me about a doctor at the university that was doing experiments with artificial insemination.

He planted the egg from a female mouse into a male and fertilized it. In a few weeks the male gave birth to a healthy baby. He was doing this for couples who could not have a child. The look in Jason's eyes was one of excitement.

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I didn't know what to think. I loved him so much but didn't know how I could handle being pregnant. I told him I would have to think about it. He smiled and kissed me on the lips. It was so passionate that it started another love making session.

As he slid into me and started fucking me I looked into his eyes and saw how much he loved me. My legs were over his shoulders and he was pumping into me pretty hard.

"OOOOO, fuck me, fuck me hard. Give me your cum and make me pregnant with your baby." I started to moan as he pumped into me. This must have turned him on because he buried his cock into me and I felt it twitch and he filled me with the biggest load of cum he had.

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When he finished he lay on top of me and started kissing me. We embrace each other until I felt his cock shrink and fall out of me. As it did, Jason looked at me and asked if it was true what I was saying or was it just my orgasm talking. I just replied that I loved him more than anyone and wanted to make him happy.

If that meant having his child then I would do it. He went and talked to the doctor who agreed to see us. We met in his private office and he asked us many questions. Finally he said that his experiments went well with animals but now he wanted to try it on a human. I quickly agreed to be his test subject and he took some blood samples to test. A week later the doctor called and said the test results were good and did I still want to be his test subject.

I told him I did and he made an appointment for the next night in his private office. When we got there, the doctor explained that he had an egg and was going to fertilize it with Jason's sperm, then implant the egg in my abdomen to grow into a baby. Jason surprised us when he asked the doctor if he could plant the egg in me and fertilize it like regular couples do. The doctor thought about it and then agreed.

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As told, I stripped and laid face down on the examination table. He said I would feel a pressure and a slight pinch inside me as he planted the egg. I felt the cold steel instrument enter my ass and some movement inside my bowels. With everything finally removed, the doctor told me to go home and for Jason to try and impregnate me. He told me to not go to the bathroom and to keep a tampon inserted so nothing would leak out and to come back in the morning for the next procedure.

When Jason and I got home all we could think about was making a baby. He was so loving and treated me special. After a romantic dinner we went home. Jason took me home and we made love four times before we fell asleep. I swear the first load of baby juice he unloaded in me I could feel the egg being fertilized.

He fucked me till he couldn't cum anymore and sucked me dry. I must admit it was a strange feeling going to sleep with a tampon and massive loads of cum in my ass but it was something I could learn to like and get used to. The next morning we went to the doctor's office.

After getting undressed and laying down on the table I once again felt the cold steel probe enter my ass.

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After some pushing and prodding the doctor pulled it out and went to his microscope. After some mumblings to himself he finally called out "There you are." On my back now, the doctor gave me a needle.

He said it was for the simple surgery to plant the egg in my tummy. When I woke up the doctor said congratulations and that I was the first man to be pregnant. I was sore for a couple of days after the surgery but Jason took good care of me. He did not fuck me for a couple of days as I was still sore but we sucked each other many times. I found that I was getting a craving for his cum in my belly, probably a craving due to the pregnancy.

When he finally did start to fuck me again he liked to plug my ass up with a tampon.

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He said it was sexy to think that I was walking around with a belly full of his cum, and secretly I loved the feeling too. Our lives returned to normal as normal could be.

As the first few weeks went by I started to get sick in the mornings. I told this to the doctor during my weekly visits and he said it was normal "morning sickness" and would quickly pass.

After the sickness passed the doctor started giving me some estrogens pills. He said it was to give the baby the needed hormones during the pregnancy. I told him that I didn't want to become on of those shemales and he assured me that the dose wasn't enough to transform me, just enough to keep the baby healthy. He said that I would grow some breasts but that they would be small and easily pass for manboobs. I agreed and took the pills to keep my baby healthy.


It might have been the hormones but I found that I had a craving for Jason to fuck me as often as possible and to suck and drink his cum. Jason didn't mind the increase in our sex lives and would often rub my belly while sucking me. I started having some mood swings and crying fits. Jason was so understanding and would comfort me in those times. I knew he would be a loving father and was proud to bear his child for him.

As time went on I found that my jeans were getting tight. In fact I was wearing them without a belt and they were still a little tight.

It was after one of our love making sessions that Jason noticed it. I had an ass full of his cum and he was sucking me and rubbing my belly that he stopped and said that he could see that I was starting to get a "baby belly" as he called it.

I looked at myself naked in the mirror the next morning and saw in profile that my belly was definitely starting to show. By this time I had to start wearing sweat pants because my jeans were too tight.

Jason loved the way I was looking and would continue to rub and massage my belly as he sucked me dry almost every night. The doctor was pleased with the progress and I got used to the weekly visits. Jason was just over the moon at the sight of my growing belly and the thought of our child. The well toned six-pack I once had now looked like a beer belly and I found that with the right clothes I could hide it pretty good.

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I knew that as the pregnancy went on it would be impossible to deny it. At the doctors office I told him of my concern about stretch marks. He said that rubbing my belly with coco butter would help. Jason took to that task as he sucked my cock every night. After he'd massage my belly he would lift my legs over his shoulders and fuck me good. He loved to feel his stomach rubbing against our baby as he slid into me and filled me with his love.

As my belly grew it became a little uncomfortable to take Jason on my back so when he wanted me I would be on my hands and knees in a flash. I enjoyed feeling him take me from behind and he would reach around and hold and rub my ever growing belly as he pumped into me. He would also rub my chest, which was becoming sore at times although no growth was showing. I still had a craving for Jason's cum. I wanted it everywhere, in my butt or in my belly. Jason didn't mind as I would suck him dry every morning and he would fuck my dry every night.

Our sex life definitely increased, now I know what they mean by pregnant women are horney as hell, I know I sure am. I am in my seventh month now and because of the size of my belly I can no longer wear any of my pants. Jason doesn't mind as he loves to look and feel my belly ripe with our child.

Usually I just wear my robe but mostly I walk around the house naked, showing off my ever growing belly. At the weekly examination the doctor said that things were going normal. I told him of my chest getting sore and he told me it was due to the hormones and pregnancy.

He said that my body was trying t produce milk for the coming baby and it was normal. He said it would be possible for me to even breast feed the baby although I would not be producing enough milk to completely feed it we would have to add formula. I expressed that I didn't want to look like one of those transsexuals you see on TV. And he assured me that as soon as I stopped the hormones that my breasts would stop producing milk and go back to normal.

This made Jason happy 'because he loved me, not some wannabe girl. My belly was big now and I have to pee a lot, I know it's the baby putting pressure on my bladder. I was getting tired and needed to sit down; as I waddled into the living room and sat down I felt it. It was like someone had just punched me in the side.

I started to massage my belly when I felt it again, the baby was kicking. I got all excited and couldn't wait for Jason to get home.

When Jason got home I told him of the news.

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He got so excited he got between my legs and started sucking me and rubbing my swollen belly. With Jason's expert mouth on my cock sucking me all the way in I knew I wouldn't last long.

Well, the baby kicked again and that sent me over the edge and I unloaded into Jason's willing mouth. He sucked me dry and then moved up to kiss my belly. As he was kissing my belly the baby kicked again and this sent us in a love frenzy. He led me to the bedroom and positioned the pillows under my belly for support. Jason wasted no time in burying his cock in me and he fucked me hard till I was full of his cum.

That's the way it went the rest of the night till we couldn't suck or fuck anymore.

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My belly was now so big we thought my skin would rip open and burst. It has even become uncomfortable for Jason to fuck me so lately I'd just have to keep sucking him dry.


Lately I have been getting cranky and my back was constantly sore from the weight of the baby. I was ready for this to end; I missed Jason fucking me so much. I was finally happy when on my last visit to the doctor that he said I was ready to have the baby. He had made arrangements at his private clinic and when we arrived he had me get on the table and relax.

I felt the prick of a needle and then was out like a light. When I awoke I was groggy and had pain in my tummy which was bandaged up. Jason was sitting beside me holding our baby; he had such a smile on his face that I had never seen him so happy.

When I had recovered enough I was allowed to go home and, in bed for two weeks, Jason cared for me and our son. Finally I was ready for Jason to make love to me. We had a candle light dinner and after our son was asleep we retired to the bedroom.

He lay beside me and kissed me deeply. As he moved between my legs I rested them on his shoulders. Jason reached between us and I felt him guide his rock hard cock into me. It had been a long time since I felt him in me and was loving the feeling of him enter me.

He started to move in and out of me, fucking me with a passion I missed. Then, suddenly, the baby started to cry. Jason pulled out of me and I got up to take care of our son. I guess that's how it goes when you have kids, but, we were still in love.