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Aroal sighed as he steered his mount down the dark path leading up to the Darkmoon Faire. The young hunters mount, a beautiful Silver Covenant Hippogryph that his parents had got him as a farewell gift, seemed to sense its master's annoyance at this unexpected trip making a cawing sound.

Ahead of him was his brother Wimond, who was on his Charger, turned his head. "Come along lad," he said. "We're almost there." This only caused the eighteen year old hunter sighed, wishing his brother could have gone without him. It wasn't even a full year since Aroal had left Goldshrine to travel the world and help the Alliance. He had thought that he would get to do it on his own, like most young men and women do when they reached his age.

But his parents were worried and had asked Wimond to watch over him on his travels as well as to make sure nothing bad happened to him. Every day since then Wimond did nothing but order his younger brother around. Telling him how to do things he already knew but in some way was doing them wrong, what pets to capture, what profession he should be, and so on. So much for his independence. Very rarely was he ever left alone.

But when those rare occasions occurred, he made the most of them. Sometimes he would hunt for a pet he really wanted or would challenge others to duels. One of his favorite things to do was to hang out at a tavern and listen to the stories some of the adventurers would tell.

Not all of them were epic, but they were all more interesting than anything he had done. He wanted to see the Outlands, travel to Northrend, and see so many other places.


And sometimes he felt like these stories were the closest he would ever get. Today, Wimond was meeting up with some of his fellow paladins at the Faire. Aroal didn't know what they were going to do. Must likely get drunk and talk about how the Horde will never truly embrace the Light. He had heard it so many times in the past that it had become way too predictable.

Personally, he didn't care if the Horde believed in the Light.

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Aroal was a practical human and believed that everyone had the right to believe in whatever they wanted. So what if the Horde believed in the Light or not? How would the Alliance like it if some other race said that their religion was wrong? Soon the two came upon the opening gate of the Darkmoon Faire. In the center of it was a magic eye that was looking back and forth as if it were trying to find someone or something that wanted to interrupt everyone's good time.

Inside, the place looked like a mess. Junk littered the streets as well as in between the booths. But despite the messy grounds there was an excitement in the air that could not be explained.

Everyone was enjoying the games, the food, and the music. As the two rode by, Aroal noticed some of the women looking at them with interest. The young hunter was slightly shorter than most humans, about five foot three.

He had short brown hair and matching brown eyes. He wore dark mail armor that allowed him to hide in the shadows better so he could act like a sniper with his crossbow. His brother, on the other hand, had long blond hair, a matching beard, and blue eyes. His armor was silver and shined in the sun from the hours that he had spent polishing it the night before. By contrast, Aroal looked more earthly and rugged while his Wimond looked like he never left the temple.

As they neared the food stand, Aroal saw something that nearly caused his heart to stop.

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She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. She had long black hair the touched her shoulder and nearly hid the four tentacles on her neck and her two horns were curved back in a sweeping motion.

Her light blue skin had an exotic beauty that Aroal didn't see in the other races of the Alliance. She was wearing a green two piece dress that showed off her curves as well as her lovely stomach. The top part only covered her large breasts leaving the back exposed while the bottom part went from her hips to the ground. He watched as the Draenei walked towards a tent, her rear wiggling back and forth slightly in a sexy fashion.

She paused there for a moment and looked at Aroal, gave him a sexy smile, and then went in. "Here we are," said Wimond, his voice pulling Aroal back to reality. He looked around and saw that they were now in front of several tables, one of which had several paladins with mugs of beer already in hand.

All of them looked just over forty and seemed to be already in debate mode. Dreading staying with them, Aroal decided to try and make a desperate attempt to get away. "Hey Wimond, if it's all the same to you, I'm going to try my luck at some of the games," said Aroal.

Wimond blinked at this. "You sure?" he asked. Aroal nodded vigorously. "Very well, just be back in a couple of hours. Mother and father will have my head if something were to happen to you." Nodding quickly, Aroal sent off in the direction of the tent he saw the Draenei enter. On mount, it didn't even take a minute to reach his destination. The tent, he noticed, was one of the ones that since the Faire had moved to the island had been closed.

Now, however, a sign outside read Darkmoon Spa and standing in the doorway was an Orc bodyguard. Aroal hesitated for a moment, intimidated by the Orc's gruff appearance. But his desire to see that Draenei up close overpowered his fears. He got off his mount and then tied it to a nearby post. He was then about to enter when the Orc held up a hand to stop him. "Ten tickets to enter," he said in a gruff voice. Aroal began to search his pockets and bags.

Luckily for him he had been here several times in the past and easily had the needed ten tickets. He handed then to the Orc who inspected them for a moment to see if they were real or not.

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Once satisfied he stepped to the side to allow the human to enter. Aroal entered the tent to find himself in a small, but comfortable waiting room. There was a sofa, a couple of chairs, and a table with a couple of scrolls on it.

There were also three other entrances to the room. Down each one of them way a hallway with several door on both sides. Sitting on the sofa was a grey hair Dwarf. He smiled at Aroal who returned the smile and then sat in one of the chairs. A minute or two went by before a green haired female Gnome in a bright pink dress entered the room from one of the hallways. She looked at the two of them with a smile. "Mr. Bluntbread, how nice to see you again," she said in a squeaky voice.

"I have your usual all sent up in room number five." The Dwarf nodded as he got up silently and walked down one of the hallways. The Gnome then looked at Aroal.

"Well I have never seen you before. Is this your first time here?" "It is," answered Aroal honestly. "Well then let me explain a few rules," said the Gnome.

"It's twelve gold for a half hour and seventeen for a full hour. You can have your pick of any girl here as long as she's not with anyone else. If you hurt or threaten any of the girls you will be kicked out by my friend up front and will never be allowed back in. If you wish for something…'special' you will have to give me at least a days notice to set it up.

Do you understand?" Aroal nodded. "Good. Now, I only have one girl available right now. Kluhina, would you please come in here?" Aroal heard a door open followed by footsteps down the one of the hallways until the girl called Kluhina entered the room.

She was an Orc, maybe seventeen or eighteen, dressed in a similar fashion as the Draenei he saw earlier except her dress was purple. Looking at her, he had to admit that she was more attractive than most of the other females of her race. Her face was smoother and her muscles weren't as bulky.

Like most Orc's, she had brown eyes that matched her long, braided hair that went down to her ass. Her figure was curvy, but not was curvy as the Draenei's. But her bust was larger.

She stood there with a slightly embarrassed expression before she looked away. "Kluhina here is new," explained the Gnome.

"You'll be her first customer if you choose her.

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Or you could wait for some of the others to become available." Aroal stood there for a minute thinking. He really wanted to meet that Draenei girl and have her rub his back for a while. But he didn't know how long she would be with someone else. Then there was the fact that he would have to get back to his brother before he came looking for him. Also, Kluhina didn't look that bad. "I don't mind," he said as he reached into his pockets to pull out the gold. He handed the Gnome an hour's worth of money which she accepted.

"Please follow me," said Kluhina. Aroal was surprised by her voice. It sounded soft and gentle, unlike other female Orc's he had heard that had a rough edge to their voices.

She then took his hand and led him down one of the hallways until they reached the door at the end. She opened it to reveal a table shower. "Please take off your cloths and put them in the basket," she said as she pointed at a basket near the table. "When you are done, please lay on the table." And with that she left. Aroal shrugged before he began to undress. He had never been to a spa before or anything like that.

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Perhaps this would help him relax and unwind a bit. Piece by piece, Aroal put his armor into the basket as well as his weapons. When he got to his loincloth he hesitated for a moment before he put that in the basket as well.

He then laid on the table on his stomach, waiting. After a moment or two, Aroal felt a pair of hands on his back. He could fell the suds on them as they washed his back, clearing off a thin layer of dirt.

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The young man closed his eyes as he savored the feeling as the hands began to rub lower and lower. Suddenly, Aroal felt her hands on his ass as she began to clean them as well as his thighs. When she was done, Kluhina dumped a bucket of warm water on the soapy areas. "Let's flip you over now," she said.

The hunter complied and moved so that he was on his back. As soon as he did this his eyes bulged as he realized that Kluhina was as naked as he was. Her skin was perfect, not a single scar on it. He watched as she then began to soap her own body up which caused his cock to become rock hard. She looked at the seven inch member with a small smile before crawling on top of the table.

Kluhina then positioned herself so that their chests were on top of each other and then began to rub her soapy body against his. The feeling was incredible, she was just so soft.

What she did next surprised him. She paused for a moment, looking into his eyes before kissing him. Aroal's eyes widened in surprise. He could feel her tongue pressing against his lips, asking for permission to enter. He allowed it in and as their tongues began to explore each other's mouths she continued to rub her body against his. Together they moaned into each other's mouths as the kiss deepened. Aroal could feel his arousal growing stronger as his cock began to press against her slit.

She felt it as well. After a while she pulled up from the kiss. Both of them were now panting and wanting more, but the table shower wasn't over yet. On all fours Kluhina walked backwards a bit while keeping a lusty gaze on her client. Once her chest was above rod she lowered her body and placed the member between her soapy breasts.

Aroal moaned in pleasure as Kluhina began to move up and down. The soap allowed for a more slippery sensation to her already soft skin. The feeling was…indescribable. The young hunter shut his eyes tightly as he tried his best to keep from cuming too soon. He wanted it to last as long as possible. But then, without warning, she stopped. The Orc masseuse got up, filled up the bucket once again, and poured it on his body.

"I don't think you want this over yet," she said as she produced a towel and began to dry off his body. "After all, you did pay for the hour." Once Aroal was nice and dry, he was taken naked down the hall to another room. This one had a normal looking massage table.

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There was able a table that had a couple of candles, a bottle of oil, and several other items. Kluhina told him to once again lay on his back on the table.

As Aroal did, she walked over to the table. A few moments later he felt her hands on his back. The massage was descent, but after what he had seen thus far told him that he wasn't here for a massage.

Aroal had heard about these kinds of places before. According to one tavern, there was a place in Stormwind like this place. Well, except there was most likely no Horde masseuses there. He did know that both the Alliance and the Horde had made prostitution illegal. He also knew that they checked out neutral towns like Booty Bay and Rachet, performing raids to ensure that nothing like that happened there.

Aroal didn't know how they managed to get away with it, considering they had no claim to neutral goblin towns, but he knew they happened.

Aroal never thought he'd ever find one of these places, let alone be serviced at one. But he was. Suddenly Kluhina stopped the back rub. "Are you ready for the main event?" she whispered into his ear in a husky voice.

Aroal nodded. "Then turn around." As soon as Aroal was face up on the table, Kluhina climbed up with her rear facing his head. With her hands she began to stoke his member a few times before putting it in her mouth. As soon as it entered it became harder than it had even been before. Kluhina let out a happy moan as she began to bob her head up and down while she sucked on it.

Every once and a while she would release it just to lick the shaft and play with the humans balls. While this was going on Aroal was staring at her pussy, watching it slowly begin to drip.

He licked his lips before he reached out and grabbed both sides of her ass. He pulled down and brought her lower lips closer to his face. Once he had done this he gave her pussy a slow lick. Then he gave another. Once Aroal decided he liked the taste he went to work on her slit, lapping it with his tongue. Kluhina moaned in ecstasy as he seemed to know where all the right spots were.

It wasn't long before she found herself grinding herself against his mouth. Then he began to suck on her clit. Bells and whistles exploded in her mind as she cried out in pleasure. She tried her best to regain control of her senses and tried to focus all of her efforts into making him cum first. Kluhina sucked harder than before as well as increasing her pace.

And before long Kluhina came on his face while Aroal shot his load in her mouth. "You're good at this," panted Kluhina after swallowing his cum.

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"I don't know how your girlfriend can survive this." "I don't have one," replied Aroal. This caused Kluhina to snap her head in his direction. "Seriously?" she asked in amazement.


Aroal only shrugged. Kluhina couldn't believe it. She had been with many others in the past and none of them had ever made her cum. Most never even tried! Could he be a natural? "Well then, let's see if you are as good with your cock as you are with your tongue." Kluhina smiled as she turned around, pressed her sweaty naked body against his, and began to kiss him deeply once more. As Aroal returned the kiss he felt the Orc's hand reach down towards his cock which was slowly regaining its stiffness.

As the two explored each other's mouths her hand went to work pumping his shaft until it was nice and hard once more. It didn't take long under Kluhina's skillful hand for it to stand at attention once more. She then broke the kiss as she got into a sitting position before raising her body up above the human cock. Using one hand to hold it in place Kluhina lowered her body onto the member slowly. Aroal let out a gasp of pleasure as he felt her warm, wet insides surround his cock.

It felt so good he felt that he could cum at any second. Yet he held on, determined to make this last as long as possible. She then began to move, slowly at first. Little by little she began to move faster and faster. "Fuck," shouted Kluhina as Aroal began his own thrust which caught her by surprise. "It feels so good!" "It's time," said the Gnome at the doorway.

"Please finish up." Both of them grunted in frustration as they were forced to stop and both left very unsatisfied. Kluhina helped Aroal get dressed and then walked him to the door. Before he left she gave him one last kiss. "I hope you come back soon," she whispered in his ear. "I'd love to feel you cum inside of me." About ten minutes later, after playing all the games and getting more tickets, Aroal was back at the food court. His brother and his friends were all drunk off their asses and thus making asses of themselves.

One of them kept calling a Blood Elf serving girl a slut and another kept laughing about how their chief was a cow. All Aroal could think about as he watched them was that the next time he came here it wouldn't be with them.