Step Sister Makes Deal To Fuck Hard And Swallow

Step Sister Makes Deal To Fuck Hard And Swallow
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Opps messed up the last TOC for you guys. Here's the right order ************************************************************************* 10.A Night out Dancing.

11. Sunday 12. And So It Begins 13. The Party Pt1 14. The Party Pt2 15. Feeling Hidden 16. Raping Silk 17. Bad Day Sex 18. Club Cane - Coming Soon 18. Blurred Lines Defined - Coming Soon *************************************************************************** Please send me love. **************************************************************************** Michael had planned the night well.

He had told Silk he had to stay late for an a meeting and so she had said she would meet him later at his house but that she had to stop by her apartment to pick up a few things. This was perfect for Michael's plans. Silk had mentioned that the idea of rape sort of excited her.

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A controlled situation where she knew there was no real danger. Michael knew many girls actually found this erotic and didn't mind indulging her fantasy, but he also knew it worked best if it was early on in the relationship. While Silk trusted him fully the newness of their relationship added a certain element that allowed this fantasy to work best. Michael said good-bye to Silk around 5:30 telling her the meeting was at a coffee house nearby.

This allowed him to get to her apartment and get set up before she finished her shift. While he didn't need much for this fantasy, he still needed the element of surprise to make the right impression.

That in mind, he unscrewed all the light bulbs that he knew she would turn on including the bathroom. Totally darkness was needed for his plan to work right. At just after 6PM, Silk text him and told him she was on her way out of the Flight Deck. Just to be sure she meant to stop by her apartment; he asked how long she'd be at her place. She text back that she only needed a few things so about 20 minutes tops.

He text back he'd be home in about an hour and he'd see her at his place. Success sharpened his senses. A few last minute things such as all black clothing and he was ready. He took his place in her closet because he didn't want the little amount of light from the windows to alert her to his presence before he was ready to spring his plans on her. He also needed her to be facing away from him.

It took her the usual 20 minutes to get to her apartment. She parked her car and went in. As she shut the door, she flipped the light switch and sighed at the fact it was burnt out. Standing in total darkness she took off her coat and laid it over the couch.

Next she made her way to the hallway and tried the light there. It too was out which caused her to cuss out loud. Michael stood waiting for her in her bedroom laughing to himself when he heard her cuss over the lights being out. Come on Silk, come in the bedroom he thought to himself. He could hear her at the door but waited till she got farther in the room. Silk made her way to her bedroom and tried the light there, it too was out.


She finally glanced to her bedside table but her glaring alarm clock told her it wasn't a power outage. She then wondered if a fuse had blown. Knowing there was a flash light in the drawer of her night stand, she made her way there. Michael couldn't tell what she was doing when she went to her night stand. He saw her open her drawer and rummage inside. He couldn't tell at first what she took out but it didn't take him long to figure out she had a flashlight.

He had to act now before she could turn it on so he made his move and grabbed her up from behind. One hand over her mouth and the other grabbed her hand with the flashlight; pinning it to her body he also pinned her to his chest. He felt her body tense in fear so he spoke, "Just do what I tell you and you won't get hurt." Instant recognition of Michael's voice allowed Silk to relax minutely. While she didn't fear him, she felt a certain fear at the situation.

This caused her to struggle some. Michael felt her body relax for a second and knew to wait for her struggles. When she started he said, "Be still or else," and to add emphasis to his words he squeezed her tight.

At this point her breathing sped up but she ceased all movement. Michael spoke again, "Nod if you understand me. If I take my hand away do you promise not to scream?" Silk nodded so Michael removed his hand and continued speaking, "Make this easier on yourself and comply with my orders." She nodded again so Michael took the hand that had been holding her mouth and reached down to take the flash light from her.

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Tossing it away from them he told her with a laugh, "Wouldn't want you to get any ideas about hitting me with that." Silk almost laughed at that idea but caught herself and just nodded a no. She didn't know the plan but she knew he was fulfilling her rape fantasy so she tried hard to keep to her role. The very idea excited her so much her breathing picked up to an almost rapid pace. Michael had also noticed her breathing rate, not wanting her to hyperventilate he told her, "Calm down, this will not be over fast but if you cooperate you will enjoy yourself.

If you pass out, I'll still have your sweet body." Silk knew instantly what he meant and tried hard to calm her breathing.


Once before during play she hyperventilated and passed out; a combination of excitement and fear had caused her to breath heavy. Later when she came too Michael explained what happened and they had worked together to not let it happen again. When Michael felt her breathing and heart rate slow down he continued, "Reach back with your hand and feel what your hot little body is doing to me," he told her and as she did he added, "Don't get any ideas about squeezing thought, I promise you won't like me if you do." Silk did as he asked and reached back to cup his cock in her hand.

She found him raging hard, so hard she could feel his heartbeat. She smiled to herself but said nothing. "You like that don't you slut?" Michael asked her, when she didn't respond he grabbed the knife at his back and put it in from of her face knowing the light from the window would allow her to see it now that her eyes were adjusted to the darkness. He felt her swallow hard before she responded. When he spoke she didn't realized he wanted an answer so when he flashed the knife at her she almost jumped out of her skin to answer, "Yes, yes I like it," then added after a second or two of silence, "Please don't hurt me." Michael laughed softly and said, "Just remember who's in charge here and no one gets hurt." Taking her hand that was behind her back still, he pinned it in such a manner that caused her to thrust her chest out.

This also caused her t-shirt to rise up and expose her belly. Michael ran the knife dull side across the exposed skin. When he felt her flinch he laughed again but put the knife away behind his back for a moment. Next he pulled her back to the bed where he'd left the handcuffs he'd brought over for this evenings fun. Normally he didn't use real cuffs because they hurt the wrists but tonight's plan called for them.

As he grabbed for the cuffs, he got a surprise. When Michael used the knife on her, she felt a bit more fear, then he pulled her back she thought to herself trying to run might make things more interesting so she waited and the moment presented itself beautifully. When she felt him reach from something on the bed, she bolted. She didn't get very far though as he caught her before she reached the door and pinned her against to the wall. Michael didn't expect her to run on him but he caught her quickly.

Little vixen, he thought to himself. She knew how to play this game well. He let this new turn of events play right into the fun and grabbed her arm hard, twisting it a bit he told her, "Now now, just for that I'm going to have to be rough." He then slapped the cuff on her wrist and pushed it down tight.

"Are you going to make nice and give me the other hand or do I get rough?" He told her with menace in his voice. Silk could only nod yes this time and give him her hand. She felt the cold steel close around her wrist then wondered what he was doing as he seem to be fussing with the cuffs.

She didn't know he was locking them so they wouldn't go too tight and cut into her skin.

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Michael pinned the cuffs so they wouldn't go any tighter. He wanted her to feel trapped but he didn't want to mark her skin which he knew could happen with these types of cuffs.

When he was done he pulled his knife out again and pressed it dull side to her throat and pulled back on her arms, "Come over to the bed. While taking you pressed like that against the wall holds merit I think the bed would allow for much more fun," He growled in her ear.

Once next to the bed he slid the knife down her chest to the collar of her shirt. Twisting the knife so that it was sharp side out, he quickly cut the fabric.

As he did this he heard her gasp so to calm her he said, "Just do as you're told and only your clothing gets cut." He then put the knife behind his back once more and then used both hands to rip her shirt the rest of the way open.

When that was done he grabbed a handful of her breasts and squeezed, "Hmmm so firm." He then groped them for a few moments while giving her time to calm her breathing once more. Silk was unsure how to proceed but decided to just follow Michael's lead. When he cut and ripped her shirt open her heart rate picked up again causing her breathing to do so also.

Quickly she caught herself though and tried to calm herself. She was thankful that she knew she could trust Michael. When Michael felt her relax once more he continued and reached down her stomach to the hem of her skirt. There he yanked it up and felt for her thong, gripping it he tugged once to let her know he was going to rip it off, then ripped them clear of her body. Tossing them down; he wasted no time in getting a finger inside her hot wet center.

He smiled to himself at her wetness and told her, "You're so wet. Do I excite you?" She nodded once so he added, "I bet you've never felt like this before, not even with your boyfriend." Silk nodded again causing Michael to laugh. When he said boyfriend she was thinking Reed and thought, nope I've never felt like this with him. Michael knew what she was thinking and was pleased that she was thinking it.

He wanted to be better then Reed in all things. Michael continued to finger her for a few moments before stopping just shy of her orgasm. He wanted her panting for it when she came so he had to hold her off a while. He took his finger and brought it up to her mouth, when she didn't open he grabbed her hair and ordered, "Clean off my finger like a good little slut." When she did as he told her, he groaned and said, "You are so good with your mouth.

Maybe I should fill it before I have my way with you." He then turned her around to face him and growled, "On your knees slut," then push her down. Silk dropped to her knees and then waited to see what Michael would do.

Before she could wait long, she heard him open his jeans and then felt his hand in her hair. Michael reached back and took the knife from his waist band of his jeans and set it on the bed. Next he opened his jeans and took out his cock then reached for Silk's hair. Gathering it up he pulled her face up to meet his cock and told her, "Don't even think of biting me," then pressed her into his crotch. Silk opened her mouth as soon as she felt him push her head forward. Taking him deep in her mouth she almost laughed when he said not to bite.

This caused her to choke and she pulled back. Michael allowed her to pull back but laughed at her.

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"Am I too big for you slut?" He asked but waited till she stopped coughing, then pressed her forward again. As he slid into her mouth he couldn't suppress a groan of pleasure. Gripping her hair still, he used it to fuck her mouth. As he did this he told her, "What a good cock sucker you are. Maybe I'll have to come back and visit you again." Silk relaxed her throat to allow Michael free reign with her mouth.

She didn't mind the roughness by now as it was becoming the norm for her. Even his words just added fuel to her excitement. She already decided she liked playing rape with Michael. As Michael fucked her mouth he felt himself fast approach orgasm but knew this wasn't how he wanted to end things so he kept going for a moment or more then pulled her head back using her hair still, "Not so fast slut.

I told you this won't be over quick." He then jerked on her hair indicating he wanted her to stand up. Silk stood up but as she did, she stumbled forward into his chest.


She couldn't help look up at him. She tried not to smile when she saw that he was as excited as she was, but couldn't help herself. She then noticed his smile. Michael caught her little smile so he gave her a sadistic grin of his own and told her, "I don't think you're taking me seriously here." He then picked up the knife and pressed the dull side of the blade to her throat, when she swallowed hard he asked, "Are you scared now?" At her nod of yes he reached back with his other hand and leg swept her at the same time.

Catching her weight he dropped her to the floor and followed her down pinning her with his body weight. All the while he kept the knife at her throat. Next he pushed his pants farther down and kicked out of them.

Then he turned his attention to her and jerked her skirt up farther. When he had her like he wanted her, he set the knife down and grabbed her hips. Pulling then up to where he wanted them he pressed the head of his cock to her wet opening and leered at her, "Ready slut?" Before she could utter a no, he slammed the whole length into her glad for her wetness.

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With a growl at the contact he didn't let up and started thrusting hard into her. Gritting his teeth at the sudden need to cum he knew he had to slow things or this would be over real quick. He was amazed at how quick she could bring him to the edge.

He then noticed the signs of her approaching orgasm so he stopped all movement. When she looked at him, he cocked his head to the side and said, "Are you expecting company?" When she shook her head no, he said, "I thought I heard someone at the door. Wouldn't want someone to spoil our fun now would we?" He then leaned down to her neck and nipped her hard. When she yelped he barked a laugh and said, "I knew you'd agree with me." He then took her legs and pressed them over her head and began a slow thrust that didn't quite reach bottom, knowing she wouldn't be able to achieve orgasm this way.

He wanted her to cum but first he needed her crazed with her need for it. His final goal was for her to pass out from it. This in mind, he alternated between driving hard thrusts to gentle ones that wouldn't allow her to orgasm. While he did this, he bit at her neck and pinched her nipples, slight pain here and there to keep her fear and excitement running high. Finally he could tell she had reached her limit; her breathing was ragged and she had a crazy look in her eyes.

He pulled back and flipped her over on to her stomach. While he positioned her he told her, "Almost over slut.

Bet you wish it would last forever huh?" She only grunted an answer. Again Michael thrust deeply into her and began to savagely fuck her. He brought her close to orgasm a few more times but would seem to find reasons to stop such as a sound or that she had slid forward too far, it was all part of his plan thought.

Finally he knew she was ready so he lifted up and really gave it to her hard. When he felt her cresting he leaned down and bit hard where her neck met her shoulder. She screamed and exploded. Michael happily let go also. While he came, he felt her body go limp. He knew she'd passed out. Knowing he didn't have long, he jumped up and grabbed his jeans and put them on then felt in his pocket for the little flash light he'd put there and turned it on then felt his pocket again for the keys to the cuffs.

Next he uncuffed her but left her on the floor. He then fixed the light bulbs and turned on the bedroom light. He grabbed all the stuff he'd brought and dropped it into a dresser drawer.

He also spotted her ripped thong, grabbed it up, he stuffed in his pocket. Checking to make sure all evidence of him was gone, he grabbed some lipstick off her vanity and left her a message on her mirror; that done, he left and went home to wait for her there.

He knew the night was a success. Silk awoke about 10 minutes after he left. At first she couldn't remember what had happened but as she lifted up from the floor and saw her ripped shirt it all came back to her. She smiled to herself and looked up expecting Michael to be sitting on her bed. When he wasn't there, she looked around confused. She got to her feet just as she heard her cell phone chime.

She had a text message. Going to the living room she looked around but found no sign of Michael anywhere. As she walked she noticed a slight soreness in her body and smiled at the memory of why. She found her coat where she left it on the back of the couch and took her cell phone out of the pocket. She had a message from Michael. It read, "I'm home.

U still at ur place?" Silk smiled at this. So this was how we played this game she thought to herself as she text back. "Yes. Got caught up in something. Be there soon." She went back to her bedroom to change and as she did she noticed the message on her mirror.

"Thanks for a good time slut. See you again real soon." She laughed loudly, but then stopped suddenly as she caught her reflection in the mirror. The reflection showed bite marks across her shoulder and up her neck. As she turned she saw a larger one on the back of her neck. This sparked a memory, Michael biting down hard as she came just before she passed out. She couldn't help but smile even in light of the nasty marks left on her body.

She finished getting dressed and grabbed the items she'd originally came for then left her apartment to head over to Michael's place. She wondered what next as she drove away.