Semen en cara final hermanos tez

Semen en cara final hermanos tez
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While on a recent business trip I found myself in a hotel bar with a local band playing. I was surprised at the numberf of people there. Evidently the band had a pretty good local following and I had to stand for some time waiting for a seat.

After twenty minutes or so I was approached by a very nice looking lady who asked me it I'd like to take a seat at the table with her and her husband.

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I accepted her generous offer and we talked for quite some time. They were both very personable, and we found that we had a lot in common.


At one point the two of them did a lot of whispering between themselves, and then he excused himself to go to the men's room. As he left he gave her a sign sort of like "Go ahead".

When he had left she asked me if I would consider joining them at their house for some special fun.


I asked what she had in mind and she replied that she was very sure I would enjoy it. I agreed, and when he returned she said for me to folow them to the parking lot and they would show me the way to their place.

When we got there Cindy made us drinks and sat next to me instead of next to Jim.


She said that they had been thinking about trying a threesome and that I seemed like a nice enough guy and asked if I was up to trying something new and different.

As she did she put her hand on my leg and slowly moved it up toward my crotch. I looked at Jim and he said "It's OK. I realy want to see her with another guy." By this time she was rubbing my balls and I was growing a serious hard-on. I asked how different, and Jim said that Cindy had a number of ideas but that we could take everything slowly and see how it went. By then I was in no mood to turn them down, and when I indicated that I was OK with it Cindy proceeded to take off her sweater and then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out as Jim shed his pants and started stroking his cock.

Her breasts weren't extremely big, but they were nice and full with erect nipples which I carressed as she stroked my cock and then bent down and took it into her mouth.

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As she did, Jim's stroking got quite a bit faster and he began breathing more heavily, watching every move she made. He was obviously enjoying the show.

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She toyed with the head for some time, and then took it all the way down her throat. I almost came, and I noticed that Jim's cock started oozing pre-cum as he watched Cindy work me over.

We all progressed to the floor and Cindy and I ended up going 69 side by side while Jim laid behind her.

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He was watching her suck my cock while his own dick was pressed against her ass only inches from my nose as I ate her pussy. Pretty soon I felt him holding my cock in her mouth, so I grabbed his dick and watched it leaking more pre-cum as I sucked Cindy's clit.

Then on an impulse I put it in my mouth and started sucking for all I was worth. Cindy realized what was happening and slipped out from between Jim and I, guiding my cock into his mouth as she did.

and within seconds he started to cum in my mouth. He was moaning and grunting, and Cindy came down to my end and told me to swallow it all. That's what she wanted to see. And that's what I wanted to taste.

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When he had finished he rolled onto his back and Cindy gave me a really deep tongue kiss, tasting his cum. and then switched to a 69 position on top of me.

I worked her clit with my tongue while my nose was pressed against her asshole. I really love that smell. She sucked my cock, paying a lot of attention to the head, and then took it down her throat. As I felt her reaching an orgasm I started my own, and while her clit pulsated against my lips I unloaded down her throat. As we were both finishing, I saw Jim jacking off and shooting another load of cum.

He really did like seeing her with another guy's cock in her mouth. We had another round of drinks while Cindhy told me about all the times she and Jim had talked about doing a threesome, and how much it turned her on having him see her suck my cock, and also how much she liked watching him with my cock in his mouth.

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She said that she wanted to see me cum in his mouth, and asked me if I had ever had a real blow job. I told her that I thought the one she had just given me was pretty good, but she wanted to know if I had ever had somebody actually blow into my cock.

She and Jim both said that it was the ultimate sensation and wanted me to let her do it to me. I agreed to try it. She got on her knees in front of me and used her fingers to spread the end of my dick open, them put her lips around the head and took a deep breath and started to blow into it like it was a balloon. At first she just filled my cock with air, but then I felt something open up inside and she emptied her lungs as my bladder filled up with air.

The sensation was fantastic. She took another breath and did it again, and I began to feel like i really had to piss. When she ran our of air the second time she told me to relax and let it all come out into her mouth.

She put her lips around the end of my cock and I felt piss coming out for a few seconds, and then all that air. She swallowed my piss and then the air started flowing.

She was so right. The sensation was fantastic. After the air was all out there was a little more piss, which she swallowed like she had the first shot.

You just can't imagine how good it felt. She raised up to kiss me and gave me a pretty good mouthful of my own piss, and I really did like it. I guess I would have liked just about anything right then. Then she had Jim take her place and she held my balls and stroked my cock while she coached him on how to get me to cum.

He ran his tongue around the head and then bit by bit he took more and more of it into his mouth. As she played with my balls I felt a finger moving back towards my asshole. She pressed the tip of it in a little, then more and more until it was pressing against my prostate, and after a few strokes back and forth she produced the desired results and I came again, right into Jim's mouth.

I hadn't even finished when she pulled him away and kissed him to taste my cum in his mouth. Now I know what a real blow job is. It's great.

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I'll definitely call them the next time I'm in their area.