Nasty Girlfriend Gets Fucked From Behind Really Hard

Nasty Girlfriend Gets Fucked From Behind Really Hard
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You walk into the club, knowing you're going to go home with empty pockets and full. well. you know. but you have to see her. 'Her' is the rumored new girl that's lighting up the usually dim and boring strip club you frequent.

Long brunette hair, lit with red streaks, deep chocolate eyes that burn holes into the usually stingy customers' wallets. Most importantly, she had long legs, tight abs, and an ass that no man could rightfully not talk about. You take your seat towards the front of the stage. A blonde bartender walks up and hands you your usual- a straight vodka shot. You take it down, knowing you need to at least enjoy some perks of spending your entire paycheck.

The audience gets restless as the opening notes of the first song begins to play.


You hear the announcer: Give it up for LLllllooooolllllaaaaa. The pack of men begins to cheer as a masked dancer struts to the rhythm on the music onto the stage. Besides the red and black ventian mask, she's wearing a pleated jean skirt and a red plunging shirt with knee high boots with spikes for heels. She begins to dance to the song, just teasing, not removing a single piece of clothing.

She swings her hips, flipping her long hair over as she bends and shakes her ass, a pair of red and black boyshorts showing beneathe the skirt. The second verse starts and she hits the floor, crawling like a cat over to you.

"I guess nobody ever taught her not to speak with a full mouth." She's kneeling with her legs open, grinding her hips in the air, sucking on her finger as the verse plays. You can tell from her actions that she has no problem having a full mouth. The song ends way too soon, as she grabs a large peacock fan and fedora from one of the girls walking around away.

She sets the hat on the stage and open the fan while lifting her shirt. The next song comes on, and you make eye contact as she lifts her shirt, hiding her bra beneathe the feather fan. The audience groans, as she bends over, her clevage tempting over the fan. She puts on the hat, turns around and bends over, shaking her ass in your face. The skirt shakes off of her body to the floor, as she moves the fan to cover that beautiful ass. The red and black lace bra straps fall quickly, and the bra comes off.

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She turns around, her arm covering her breasts, the fan covering her panties. The boyshorts come down, and a black gstring is revealed. Your hard dick wishes that the gstring could come of too, but the club's been cracking down on that lately. She twirls around, giving the audience tempting shots of her ass, allowing the fan to slide slightly, a tease of a pink nipple popping through the white feathers. She lowers the fan as she sits on the floor, the fan covering her pussy as she spreads her legs.

The crowd goes nuts, her pert nipples showing her arousal at their cries. The song ends, and she takes off the gstring, tossing it to you as she walks off stage, the fan not allowing a single peek at her hidden treasure. But that ass. "ohhh shiitt that ass." Your dick is begging for a lapdance from that ass, and its wish is granted as Lola struts from the back room, wearing a short, red, halter dress that has no back and very little skirt.

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She walks directly to you, as the hoots and hollars of the other men turn to jeers of jealousy. "The lady's chosen!" she announces, grabbing your hand and leading you to the back private room. You see her eyes glittering behind her now jetblack mask.

You stare at her ass, following it to the plush 'champagne' room. She sits you in the chair, and asks, "Do you know the rules of the club, sir?" She purrs the last word, her lips grazing your neck. You gulp audiably, and somehow manage to get out a half-strangled "yes.

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no touching" "Ah, you can't touch me. but." Her hands slide up your inner thighs and begin to play with the crease next to your balls. ". I can touch you all I want." A song plays over the room's speakers, and she turns around her ass moving to the beat.


The dress shimmies to the floor as she unties it from her neck, revealing the black and red strapless bra she's wearing as well as another black gstring. She bends over, trapping your hands to the chair, her breasts in grazing your face as she moves to the music. Your dick is about to tear your pants, you're so hard. She makes things worse by undoing her bra clasp, her nipples grazing against your lips.

You lick your lips, wanting to taste anything she's touched, and 'accidentally' graze her nipple. She playfully pokes you, and moans to tease you. "Bad boy," she teases. Her hips begins to grind her ass into you, her tits only a few inches from your hands. She gets up for a second, and you take your chance to unzip your pants, your dick flying free. She sits again, and moans, feeling the skin contact.

Instead of saying anything, she just continues to dance, grinding herself into your naked cock. You test the waters futher, sliding your hands up her sides. She gasps, arching slightly at the touch. You hands make contact with those beautiful tits, your fingers playing with those pink nipples she teased you with. You tease her, pulling gently and flicking the hard nubs. You feel dampness on your cock as her juices soak the shoddy excuse for covering she's wearing. The gstring slides to the side, and your dickhead makes contact with her pussy lips.

A moan escapes her lips, and more juice slides down your cock.

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You slide your right hand down to her gstring, sliding past the fabric down to her pussy. Now she's whimpering as your fingers part her lips, finding her clit. She's moaning and panting, grinding against your fingers. Suddenly her moaning gets louder, her movements faster and she screams, coating your fingers in her juice as she cums. She shakes on your lap, collapsing back on your chest. You push her forward, and pull her gstring aside, sliding your fingers into her cunt. She gasps and moves against you.

"You want something better, princess?" She whimpers in response. "Hmm. you want a nice, hard dick." you shove your fingers deep into her wet cunt. "Yes GOD YES!!!!" she begs. "I dunno if you wa-" "JUST FUCK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!" You slam into her body, your cunt finding a warm, wet, and incredibly tight pussy.

You begin to fuck her hard, her tits bouncing at every thrust. You sit back and let her take control, bouncing on your dick, moaning and grabbing her tits.

SHe turns around, and you grab hold of her hips, pushing her hard and fast onto your throbbing cock. She grabs wildly at your shoulders and chest, trying to hold on for dear life as she screams again, sending pussy juice down your cock. You feel your cock beginning to beg for release. You push her on to the floor, and she begins to lap at your cock.

Her mouth is as warm and wet as her pussy as she begins to suck your dick. The door opens, but she doesn't hear it. Another girl walks in, her eyes wide at the sight in front of her. You motion her over, and she kneels between Lola's legs. You grab Lola's head to hold her from turning around as the girl's tongue makes contact with her clit. Lola bucks at the feeling, knowing that someone else is now taking advantage of her slick cunt.

The girl's hand wanders up Lola's body, caressing her tits, while her other hand fingers her own cunt. Lola moans on your dick as she cums, the girl's face covered in her delicious pussy juice. The mystery girl finishes her own orgasm, and scurries from the room.

You begin to face fuck Lola, loving the fact that she just got eaten out by another girl. You see the bouncer staring in the window, knowing he wants to fuck what you've got.

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The mix of the other girl, the bouncer watching, and Lola's wet mouth on your cock makes you finally cum, flooding her warm tongue with your cream. She swallows it all, and lays panting on your lap. You slide her mask off as you lift her head, sliding her a few hundreds.


Her face is gorgeous, staring up at you like an obedient pet. "If you promise to be my little slave, there's more where that comes from." She purrs like a cat, and collapses at your feet, exhausted from her activities. Then the bouncer walks in. hard dick in hand.