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Pretty shemale loves to fuck wildly and then take cum on her face
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My Second Story since I've begun writing. I feel that my second go at this will be more worth you guys' while, as well as finally being 18 and healthier at writing.

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(*let's face it the first story sucked reallllly bad*) I feel this story has some butter substance. Aside from that I've been highly anal (no pun intended) with getting all the wordage right. I'm writing this chapter by chapter and these stories will be posted slowly so bear with me. I'm also doing it this way so I know what your opinions are of it before hand as well as some *Constructive* criticism.

(No stuff like; "that was sh*t" or "lame" give me reasons) And without further ado and lecturing here it is *Warning there is no sex in this chapter. it will not be implemented until later in the story* Sara and Angie Ch.

1 Summer It was a cool summer day, worries of school and homework all drifted away on the coastal breeze. It was the sudden clicking of buttons that stirred Sara from her sleep. Angie was texting away again as usual. "Don't you ever take a break from that thing?" Sara asked looking from Angie's phone to the open ocean.

"Nah, not really?" Angie replied nonchalantly, shaking her head jet black hair swaying.


"Heh? figures?" Sara said shifting her weight in her seat. It's been a seven hour non-stop drive from Nevada to California and she and Angie had finally stopped for a break, the car she admitted was trash but it ran like a dream. Considering for its age she thought it drove real nicely. She remembered how her father had worked on it months prior to her birthday.

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Her mind wandered, Angie, still typing away, was missing the sunset. Sara once thought about chucking the thing out the window and saying to Angie. "Your sidekick just met sidewalk?" but she never did. Sara pulled the vanity mirror down and peered at her self. She had strong features; it seemed that living with two older brothers does that. She had always considered herself a bit of a tomboy, and she's never been afraid to admit either. She pulled a comb from the glove compartment.

Her hair was short and slightly auburn, not really a bowl cut but it was edging it. She went to a salon a few weeks ago to get it layered and texturized before she went on her trip with Angie.

In the end she knew combing her hair wouldn't do much, it really didn't need it. She was rather just finding something to do. She looked over at Angie, she had finally put the phone down but was this time fixing her makeup.


At least it's better than the phone. However, Sara always did feel that Angie used way too much for her face. Angie's small with normal Asian features and cute face, and her use of makeup seemed to take away from her natural beauty.

Sara once told her this but Angie never really listened. Sara, years ago, stopped pursuing this issue, because seeing it was pointless gave up. The sun was finally settling over the water and making its signature red ovals. And for once Sara knew for sure Angie had seen this wonderful occurrence. Sara started up the car, backed up and headed for the beach's exit to find a motel.

The drive wasn't too long but for Sara sleep was overtaking her.

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Angie was completely fine and snoozing away. She envied this fact but loved it too, because deep down Sara had always reserved a part of her heart just for Angie and the way she slept. As clich? as the word was Sara called her angelic. In any case it seemed to fit too.

It was about 7 when she finally found a suitable motel she figured that the time would have been slashed had she made reservations but that amount of forethought never was one of her strong suits. She went inside and paid for their stay, once back at the car she started hauling some of the luggage upstairs, she hadn't anticipated stairs?

Angie was still in the car sleeping really soundly. Sara wasn't really surprised however; it's happened before. Sara's dad called her a "hard sleeper." Sara recalls drawing on her face as a joke once. The following morning Angie wasn't happy and most definitely not much happier after the realization of it being permanent marker.

As for Sara she bent down and lugged Angie onto her shoulder, of course that didn't go without saying it wasn't without its troubles. It took Sara 3 times to get her out. When she did Angie was, amazingly, seemed ever more contempt to be in Sara's arms. Hauling her up the stairs was not impossible but it still proved difficult.

Finally through the door Angie is now semi-awake and giggling. Sara quieted her down. "Damn, Angie you are difficult!" Sara smiled. Angie caught this and giggled harder. Then Angie whispered "Sara, come closer?" Sara did, suddenly Angie grabbed the back of Sara's head and pushed her lips onto hers. Sara, stricken with surprise pushed her away. "What the hell? ok? I'm gonna dismiss that as you being really tired!" Sara walked away. Angie now full awake looked at her the down at her hands in her lap, with slight shame and rejection.

Sara, close to the bathroom entrance, saw Angie's look, as upset as she was Sara knew her boundaries.

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She couldn't go through with that at least her mind told her so, her heart, however, was questionable. The following morning was now more than any other usually road trip morning? waking up late and Angie texting again. However no words were spoken of last night's ordeal. But no matter how much the pretended there was still that air of tension. It was really just a matter of time before they'd finally have to talk about it.

Angie was on her phone as usual and Sara was now just waking up, well sitting there and looking up at the ceiling. She couldn't stop replaying the scene over and over again.

She's known Angie for a while and they've done peculiar things together but nothing to this extent. "Hey, I hear that they have some good restaurants here, want to go?" Sara said wanting to lighten the mood.

Angie was bewildered by the incoming voice but made no sign to Sara that she heard other than a? "Oh?" Sara downplayed this; she moved her covers, got out of her bed and walked over to Angie's and slid across to sit down next to her.

They were facing towards the window that overlooked the parking lot, a few birds passed by. Sara wanted to say something but didn't know how to.

Usually the two would be hanging on to each other and teasing. Sara taking Angie's phone or vice versa, innocent fun. But last night seemed to have put a slight dampen on things. And neither girl knew hot to react. Fortunately or unfortunately, take your pick, Angie broke that ice.

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"Look, Sara, I'm sorry?" Angie said. "No, it's fine really?" Sara objected. "No, it's not I shouldn't have done that" Angie said quickly.

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"It's fine? really?" "I don't know if it is?" Angie stumbled? "I-I-I I've been having these strange feeling for you too?" Sara stuttered. "I? wait? really?" Angie said, Sara nodded "I-I-I? oh boy? um? I've been kinda, how do I say this, I don't know?" Sara hesitated, now, realizing what she just opened. Angie, suddenly shoved herself onto Sara, giggling and hugging her almost as if the prior night and today's conversation didn't exist "Come on Sara let's go get something to eat." Angie shouted through her squinty, smiling face.

"Um? ok?" Sara let out before Angie dashed off to the bathroom to cleanup and get ready.