Roblox Lunar Girl being fuckby Martian

Roblox Lunar Girl being fuckby Martian
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MY LIFE WAS GREAT. I had lots of friends, a wonderful home, and lots of freedom. I couldn't imagine anything better. The town I lived in was pretty small with about twenty thousand people. I could do whatever I wanted. Go downtown, go to the park, hang out with friends. My parents never worried about me. I was an only child so I didn't have to worry about a sibling bothering me. All my friends were close to me and there were no secrets between us.

Because of that I told them about my new obsession. I enjoy playing with myself, and started doing it quite often. They all thought I was weird, and so did I. We were all 11 at the time so what did we know? Life went on and I was happy as could be. I spent my time out of school with my friends, usually just hanging out and doing whatever, and every night I would play with myself. I was discovering what felt good.

Only a few times did I make it to an orgasm and it was exhilarating. The first time I ejaculated I was frightened. I thought something was wrong with me. When I finally got up the courage to look all of this stuff up on the internet I was amazed. A lot of other people did the same as me and it was completely normal what came out of me. I learned it was called cum. I spent the next few days on the internet.

Looking at porn, reading about sex, and of course, playing with myself. This was all really cool and I thought I should share it with my friends and maybe we could do this together.

My birthday was coming up and I would be turning 12. I had it all planned out. I would invite all of my closest friends and we would do all the sexual things I saw and wanted to try out. I just had to get them to agree. I invited John, Danny, Emily, and Chloe.

Chloe. The first girl I had ever had a crush on. She was beautiful. Blue eyes and long blonde hair with slightly darker streaks. She had nicely shaped, round ass that I just recently started to notice. Her chest was just starting to grow, but was barely noticeable.

I hoped she would want to see what I had to show them. I really wanted to see what was between her legs. I had seen on the internet, but I wanted to see in person. The night before my birthday party I jerked off pretty hard thinking about Chloe the whole time. Again I came, and it felt better than ever. The next day I was up extra early because I was too excited to sleep. When I went upstairs for breakfast my mom told me the house was mine tonight and all my friends could stay over.

Her and dad were going to a bar tonight so they wouldn't be home until about 3:00 am. My friends finally arrived and I quickly led them downstairs to my room. I told them I had something to show them once my parents left. For now we just played games like monopoly. My parents called down the stairs that they were leaving. I was really excited and told my friends to come upstairs. I took them to the computer room and showed them everything I had seen.

When I looked at their faces all of their eyes were wide open except for Chloe's. She looked interested. That was it! I could probably get her to show me her pussy! "So how was it?" I asked, not knowing what I would get for an answer. It was silent until Chloe replied "That looked like a lot of fun!" Yes! I knew she would want to try it now! But would anyone else want to? "Uhh. Matt, how did you find out about this?" asked Emily. "Well, remember I told you I started playing with myself?

I looked it up on the internet, and one thing led to another." I told her. "That's just weird…" said Emily, shaking her head. "I think it looks cool!" John cut in. "Maybe we should go try it." Suggested Danny. "I don't know. I didn't see anyone our age on the computer. Maybe we're not supposed to do that" said Emily.

Emily has always been a goody two shoes. She never does anything without thinking about it first. "Come on just do it. If you don't like it then you can stop" Chloe told her. "Fine" She agreed. We all ran downstairs and paused. No one started to make a move.

This was all new to us and we didn't know what to do. "Uhmm, now what?" asked Chloe. "We have to take off our clothes." I replied. I started by taking my shirt and pants off and Chloe, John, and Danny followed. Emily was hesitant but finally stripped. I could finally see Chloe naked. She was beautiful. Smooth clean skin from her face down to her chest. Lovely pink perky nipples. A flat soft stomach. Then I looked lower. Her pussy was better than what I had seen on the internet. It had absolutely no hair on it.

It looked so soft and pure. My cock was getting bigger and hard. Chloe noticed and giggled "Your thing is getting bigger. Does that mean you think I'm pretty?" "Yeah, I really do." I said as I leaned over to kiss her.

Her lips were soft as silk and I stuck my tongue in her mouth. We made out for a while then I focused my attention somewhere else. I kissed her neck, and chest, and made my way down past her stomach. When I finally reached her pussy I tried licking it like I had seen on the computer. When I did she squeaked. "Are you ok?" I asked worriedly. "Yes that felt really good. Do it again!" She replied, excited. I was so preoccupied by Chloe's pussy that I didn't even notice the rest of my friends standing naked and staring at us.


Danny tried to make a move on Emily and she was frozen. And after a few minutes they started kissing. I continued to suck Chloe's pussy. My cock was so hard it felt like it could snap. I got up and asked if I could put my cock in her pussy. "Yes! Yes! Do it!" She cried. I slowly stuck my cock in. It was soft and tight around my cock. I had never felt something so good before.

I proceeded to dig my toy into her pussy until my balls hit her ass. I then began thrusting like there was no tomorrow. I was in heaven.

Soon John joined Danny and Emily. Danny was having his dick sucked like on the internet by Emily while John was lying down licking Emily's pussy.

I was in my own world while humping Chloe like a jack hammer. All I could hear were moans and grunts from everyone around. And then I felt a tingle in my balls as they bashed Chloe's ass. I was beginning to get familiar with the feel from playing with myself and I knew what was coming next. "I'm gonna cum!!!!" I screamed. And Chloe screamed too.

I shot my load into her pussy and collapsed on top of her. "How was that?" I whispered into her ear. "Fantastic!" she yelled. Danny, who was having his dick sucked my Emily came and collapsed, exhausted. Emily then went to john and got him to penetrate her pussy. She was on top and bounced up and down moaning.

It wasn't long before John came in her. They stopped and it was silent. We all just looked at each other. "That was amazing!" Exclaimed Emily. "Yeah, let's do it again some time." Danny said. It was 11:08 now and we were all ready to sleep. Chloe and I slept in my bed naked. John and Danny slept on the floor.

And Emily slept on the futon. I couldn't sleep and checked to see if Chloe was awake. She was so I put my arms around her and stared into her eyes. I got this feeling. It made my heart beat faster and I felt warm. My stomach was stirring and felt very empty.

I wondered if this was love. "Chloe. Do you want to be my girlfriend?" I asked. "Yes. I would love to." She replied. We cuddled up and went to sleep. This was something I was going to have to do again. The next morning we all woke up around 9:00. We were all still exhausted from last night so it was pretty quiet. We all got dressed and everyone left around noon. I went down to my room and started jerking off thinking about last night and my new girlfriend.

After I came I started to go upstairs and was stopped by my mother who told me she had something to tell me. "Honey, you know how your dad has been off of work for a while now?" She asked. "Yeah." "Well he found a new job." "That's good." "Yes, but it's not around here." "What do you mean, mom?" I asked, worried about what she might say.

"I mean were moving to another town so he can be close to work." "What? NO! I won't go!" I screamed and ran off to my room. MY LIFE WAS GREAT. I had lots of friends, a wonderful home, and lots of freedom.

I couldn't imagine anything better… But I'm sure there is a lot worse. I was going to lose my friends. And my girlfriend! Right after I felt love for the first time. I sat quietly in my room for a couple hours until my mom came in.

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"I'm sorry honey. I don't want to leave either. But we have to." We talked for a while and I felt calmed. I was told to pack because we were leaving in 2 days. Those two days were the shortest days ever as I wanted them never to end.

I said goodbye to my friends and gave them each a hug. Then I said goodbye to my girlfriend, Chloe. I kissed her slowly and passionately and told her I'd come back for her. We cried as I got in the moving truck and watched as I drove away from my life. This was like a nightmare but I was fully awake. The next few months went by slowly as I just moped around the house.

I couldn't go out because I now lived in a large city. My parents worried that I could get lost or kidnapped. When I went back to school I had a hard time making friends and was pretty much a loner. I was miserable.

Life carried on like this for two more years. I slowed down on my masturbating. I was bored and depressed. After my fourteenth birthday new neighbors moved in next door. I heard the moving truck pull up and saw a happy looking husband and wife with a son who looked my age and a daughter who was a lot younger. My parents told me to go ask if they needed a hand with anything. I did against my will. They said they could use some help packing a few boxes into the house.

I packed a huge heavy box into the living room and set it down. The boy who was my age was there. "Hi. My name is Rick." He said "I'm Matt" I replied. "It's nice to meet you. This is Daisy, my little sister" I stared at the girl.

She was so small and innocent. She had blue eyes and long blonde hair with darker streaks. Something about this girl made me feel good. "Hi Daisy" I said "Hey" She replied with a large smile. Then it hit me. She looks like Chloe. The girl I haven't stopped thinking about. The rest of the day was different as now I had a friend. I stayed at Ricks house for a few more hours and helped unpack.

We made plans to walk to school together in the morning. The next morning I walked by his house and he came out with his sister. We dropped her off at the elementary school and carried on to the middle school.

School was much more fun now that I had a friend. After school we went to pick Daisy up from her school. Rick and I talked about boy things and Daisy was quiet. I noticed she was staring at me most of the way home and I ignored it.

I went to Ricks after school and he had homework so he told me I could go check the house out. I looked in one room that was very big and assumed it was their parents room. I walked further down the hall and found the bathroom. The last room I checked was painted pink and must have belonged to Daisy. She was not there so I went in to check it out. After looking around for a few minutes the door opened.

The little girl, about 4'4" tall entered. She looked at me odd. "Whatcha doin?" She asked. "Just looking around." I told her. "Wanna see my dolls?" "No thank you. I should go." I said. I felt really weird around her and thought that if Rick saw me playing with her he would think I was weird. "Please Please. I got no one else to play with!" "Oh all right." I said. She was really cute and I just couldn't say no. "How old are you anyway?" I asked. "Eight!

And a quarter!" She said proudly. "Cool. So what do you want to play?" "I wanna play house. You be the daddy and I'll be the mommy!" "Okay.

What do we do?" "We kiss!" After she said that she quickly reached over and kissed me. I really enjoyed it. And was starting to get hard. I knew this was wrong but I knew I could get more. Besides, I would just be thinking of Chloe so I'm not a freak.

"Now what?" I asked. "Now we should have kids!" She said, excited. "Do you know how?" I asked, thinking we would just play with a baby doll. "Yeah! You stick your peepee into my peepee." Wow. She would probably be tighter than Chloe. But I couldn't do it. Rick was a few doors down and should be done his homework any time.

"Maybe we could do that another time. I should go see how Ricks homework is coming along." I said. "Ok. tomorrow we can do it." She said, disappointed. She then walked over and gave me a tight hug. "No one has ever been this nice to me before." She looked up at me and smiled.

"I love you." I paused, thinking it meant nothing since she was just a child. She made me so hard but also gave me the feeling Chloe did. The first time I had that feeling I determined it was love.

So I replied "I love you too Daisy." And quietly walked away. Rick and I played video games until I had to go home for dinner. The next morning when we were walking to school Daisy tried to hold my hand.

I didn't let her because Rick would think I'm a freak or something. At school I thought about Daisy and asked Rick if I could come over again. He said he and his parents would be gone for a while to get him signed up for a few sports and then to go out for dinner. "What about Daisy?" I asked "If we can find a babysitter she will stay home. Or else she will have to come." Rick replied "I'll babysit.

I've got nothing else to do." "Cool, I'll tell mom" After school I went straight to Ricks. Him and his parents left. They said they would be about 4 hours and I could help myself to any food I wanted.

I walked upstairs to see what Daisy was doing. She was playing with her dolls. "Hey Matt! Wanna play house again?" Daisy asked, delighted I came to see her. "Sure. What do we do now?" I asked. Hoping she would want to have a baby and I could take advantage of her.

I knew it was wrong but I was starting to get blue balls. "Lets have kids. Stick your peepee into my peepee." I could do it now. I haven't cum in weeks. My cock was rock hard as I thought about fucking her. But the consequences had me thinking. If I got caught I would be in serious trouble.

Rick probably wouldn't be my friend anymore. "Okay. But you know we have to take our clothes off, right?" I gave in. My cock was stronger than me. "Yeah I know. I saw mommy and daddy do it once. They looked really happy!" said Daisy as she started to strip. Her skin was smooth and her chest flat. Her pussy looked as soft as a baby. "Ok but you can't tell ANYONE. Or else we will both get in big trouble." I said as there was no turning back now.

I took off my shirt and pants then slowly lowered my boxers. "Woah! That's a boys peepee?" She asked. Staring with a smile on her face. "Yep now lay down. Before I can put it in you I have to get your pussy wet first." "My pussy?

Whats that?" She asked "Your peepee." I replied almost laughing at the way she said it. I started licking her pussy.

It was mesmerizing. She tasted so good and pure. She moaned as her juices started spilling. I dipped my tongue in and out of her hole while holding her thighs. She must have been enjoying it because she never told me to stop. "Ok now we can make a baby. I'm going to stick my cock into your pussy. It might hurt at first but it should feel good after." I slowly lined up and pushed.

I was holding her by the ass and when I broke the hymen she flinched and grabbed me. I started thrusting and my balls were slamming on her ass. She moaned and held me tight. I started going faster and the moaning grew louder. I told her we were about to make a baby. I then came gobs and gobs into her pussy. I tried to put her down but she held onto me. My cock was going limp in her pussy and cum and blood were starting to drip out.

"I love you" She said, still holding me. "I love you too. Now let's get cleaned up." I finally got her off of me and got a cloth and wiped her pussy with it. Then I cleaned the floor where cum and blood dripped. We sat down together, cuddling and she told me she loved that and wanted to do it again. I told her that we can whenever we get the chance if she wants but she cannot tell anyone.

"I promise I wont." She said. "I liked it when you licked my peep- I mean pussy. Can I lick yours?" "Sure but mine is called a cock." We got undressed again and she started licking my cock like it was a Popsicle and then tried fitting her mouth around it.

I was harder now than ever. It felt better than anything I could do to myself. I was moaning and telling her she is doing a good job. She tried talking while my cock was in her mouth and it caused it to vibrate.

That was it. I was going to cum. "Im gonna cum! Swallow it Daisy!" I yelled as I reached climax. I came gobs into her mouth and she swallowed it. She smiled. "That tasted good Matt, can I have more?" She said as she wiped a bit off her face and proceeded to lick it off her finger and swallow it. "Not yet. I can only do that every once in a while. Besides, your parents and brother are going to be home soon and they can't know what we did.

"Ok. You make me feel really good Matt. I love you." "You make me feel good too. I love you, Daisy." We got dressed and went downstairs and waited for Daisy's parents to get home. They were not long and when they offered to pay me I refused. I felt I had been paid very well already.

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That night I thought about Chloe. I still loved her. Did I love Daisy because she reminded me of Chloe?


Or was it just Daisy I loved? I slept little that night thinking about them. The next morning on the way to school I let Daisy hold my hand and made sure Rick wouldn't notice. At school we talked about boy things and then he mentioned Daisy.

My heart pounded because I thought maybe she told him. "You must have played Daisy's favorite game or something because she was extremely happy all night." "Yeah, we played some games. Played whatever she wanted. I didn't really pay much attention though." I said, relieved that he had no idea what happened last night.

After school I went to Rick's again and we played video games. Daisy came in and asked if she could watch. "Yes." I said "No." Rick said at the same time. "Why not? She wont bother us, right Daisy?" I said, wanting to see her. "Fine. But be quiet!" Daisy sat right beside me.

Any closer and she would be on my lap. She was quiet for a few minutes then asked me what I had to do. "You have to kill the other team.

You push this to shoot and this to move around. Try it." I said as I handed her the controller. "What are you doing Matt? We're going to lose if you give her the controller!" "Don't worry about it." She was having a hard time so I put my hand on her hand and helped her out. Her small soft hands felt so good in mine. I wanted to take her clothes off and fuck her right then and there, but that was not an option. Rick went to the bathroom and left Daisy and I alone.

I could touch her any way now and Rick would never know. I put my hand on her thighs and she put her hand on mine. "Can we do what we did yesterday again?" She asked, with eyes wide open looking up at me. She looked so cute and sweet, I almost couldn't resist. "It's hard to find time for that because no one can know." I told her. "Rick is gone so we could do it. Please please." She pleaded.

"Just a sec. I'm going to go check on Rick." I said as I left the room. I knocked on the bathroom door. "Rick how long are you going to be?" "I'm not feeling too well. I won't be coming out. You can go home if you want." Score.

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If we were quiet we could do it. I walked back to Ricks room and told Daisy to strip. She quickly did with a huge smile on her face which made her look more innocent. Once she was naked she tried to take my pants off. I helped her and soon we were both there, standing naked. I was getting hard, fast. She grabbed my throbbing cock with her soft little hand and guided it into her mouth.

She swirled her tongue around my head and I started moaning. Her soft, fresh, young mouth felt amazing on my cock. Before I came said "Your turn cutie." "Yay!" she said. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs wide, revealing her incredible pussy. Her lips were asking me to suck them. I buried my head between her legs and licked away. The sweet taste of her pussy juices almost made me cum, but I held back to save it for her pussy.

I moved lower and licked her ass hole. She moaned from the new feeling. I looked at her face and told her it was time for my cock to go in her pussy. The look of excitement in her face had me more turned on.

I stuck my cock in her pussy and felt the warm, tight, fleshy walls hug my cock as I thrusted in and out. She rubbed her chest as I fucked her hard. She started screaming loud with joy and I came deep in her pussy. I was in a hypnotic state as we held each other tight. I didn't think much of Daisy's loud scream at first, but then it hit me. Rick probably heard and something like that would seem suspicious.

I told Daisy to get dressed quickly as I did. I'm sure glad I thought of it because seconds later Rick walked in. "What was that scream?" He asked. He did seem sick. I was stuck. I didn't know what to say. I was frozen and silent. "We were just playing a game." Daisy replied, saving us from a lot of trouble. "I should go." I said as I walked out the door.

Following me, Daisy said "I'm going to my room." We were safe. As I walked down the hall Daisy grabbed my hand and led me into her room. She gave me a hug and I picked her up, holding her tight. There was that feeling again, the "love" feeling. We kissed. I was getting used to this and felt really good about it. "I love you." She told me again. "I love you too. But I have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow." I said softly.

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As I walked out I started thinking about everything that has happened. She is eight. I am fourteen. I am a freak, a pervert, an all around horrible person. I had sex with an eight year old. She wanted it and loved it, but it was still wrong. I couldn't resist though and I really did love her. The next few months were the same.

We would fuck whenever we had a chance. We grew really close. When Rick started to notice how we were acting I explained I always wanted a sister and just enjoyed spending time with her, like she was my own sister.

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He thought it was kind of weird, but bought it. We talked a lot and she told me she didn't have any friends, and other kids picked on her a lot. I didn't understand why. She was nice and beautiful. I couldn't imagine anything they would on her for.


Her story made me feel sorry for her so I held her tight to comfort her. I told her I would always be there for her. She smiled and kissed me while we held each other. My cock was getting hard again. "Do you want to try something new?" I asked.

I had seen a guy stick his cock in a girl's ass on the internet years earlier and thought it would be fun to try. "Sure, but what else can we do?" asked Daisy. "Could I try putting my cock in your bum?

I think it would feel good." "Yeah! That sounds different, but we can try" She said as she was taking her clothes off. She was so young, but wanted sex so bad. I didn't think that girls her age even knew what sex was. This turned me on more.

I told Daisy to suck my cock before I stuck it in her ass. She did without hesitation. She was getting better at it each time and continued to slam my cock into the back of her throat. She licked my shaft as it was deep in her mouth. Once I thought my cock was lubricated enough I pulled it out of her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees. She did and spread her legs wide. Her small soft ass cheeks looked beautiful.

I stuck my cock slowly into her ass hole and she groaned. I asked if she was ok and she said she liked it. I was standing on my knees as I pounded my cock into her tight ass. She groaned loudly. "Yes! YES! Harder!" she cried. My balls started tingling as they slammed on the lower part of her ass cheeks. "I'm cumming!" I yelled as I pulled out and rolled her on her back and let my load out on her chest.

I lay beside her and watched as she wiped her finger through the cum on her chest and put it in her mouth and swallowed it. She must have loved that taste considering she swallowed it whenever I didn't cum in her pussy.

Once she scooped up all the cum and swallowed it she hopped on top of me and lay her head over my heart. I rested my hands on her lower back. I started thinking. I really cared about her but I wanted to know more. "Why do you like it so much when we do this?" I asked, breaking the silence. "I like how it feels and I like being close to you." She replied, looking up at me with her big eyes looking in mine. She looked so cute and innocent and although it was wrong, it turned me on.

"You know, girls your age shouldn't even know about this stuff and you shouldn't be doing it." "But it makes us both feel so good! And we love each other." She was right. We did love each other. But it was so wrong that no one could know. "You said that if I didn't tell anybody we could keep doing it!" Again she was right. And I couldn't say no to that pretty little face looking at me. "Okay. If it means that much to you I'm not going to say no. I want you to be happy." I told her.

With her head on my chest her ass was right above my cock. I started getting hard again and my cock stuck up against her cheeks. "That tickles!" she giggled. "Could you stick it in my pussy?" "Yes, sit up." I told her. She was going to be on top this time. Daisy placed her little, tight pussy of gold on top of my cock. She lowered her body and my cock penetrated her. I stared down as she bounced up and down, groaning. Her pussy juices were spilling out onto my balls and I felt an orgasm coming on.

I moaned and slapped her ass while she continued humping. I moaned louder and louder as I came deep in the back of her pussy. My cock couldn't take any more. I put my knees up and she leaned back on my thighs. My cock went limp and cum started to drip out of her pussy. She notices and scoops it up with her fingers again and swallows.

Two more months passed and we only got more attached to each other. I spent more time with her than Rick. Him and his parents thought nothing of it. This was too easy. We grew more familiar with every part of each others body. We told each other everything. MY LIFE WAS GREAT. I had a girl I could trust with anything.

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She pleasured me, loved me, and comforted me. Although she was much younger I started to accept the feeling. I felt less like a freak and pervert. Everything was consensual.

I forgot all about Chloe and my friends back at home. I was happier here with Daisy than I had ever been before. Our love making got more and more intense and passionate. "Ohhhh! Fuck me harder!" Daisy screamed as I pouded my cock deep in her pussy. She was still extremely tight and the feeling of her pussy hugging my cock and contracting never got old.

We were in her room. This is where the magic usually happened. No one ever noticed and Rick didn't care when I spent time with Daisy. It was getting late and I would have to leave soon so I thrusted harder and faster while Daisy moaned, rubbing her perky nipples. Just as I felt the cum releasing into her pussy in about 7 waves of warm wet juice the door opened……… To be continued……………