Goth Chick Baby Reed Makes A Nerd Cum

Goth Chick Baby Reed Makes A Nerd Cum
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My fetish for my love Names, location and venue has been changed to protect my loving girlfriend. Gracy and I got to know each other online and she has been my longest girlfriend ever of 9 years.

We met when I was 16 and she was 17, me being extremely extremely uncomfortable with girls. But I instantly was madly in love with her(ok blame teenage hormones she had C/D cup boobs then and my eyes were stuck whenever she wasn't looking). We met briefly on our first meetup in between her lesson as she didn't want to attend her econs class but had accounting class after.

She had on our first time meeting a yellow slightly translucent body hugging blouse which showed her yellow bra clearly and was taken aback on how nerdy I was. Gracy is a really quiet and shy girl who had rather low self esteem as she wasn't the tallest just 150cm, not the best figured girl around weighing 53kg and due to her large swollen chest she was unable to wear what other girls were wearing back then were spaghetti tops thin strap bras or body hugging tops.

She would always have on a M sized t-shirt and hot shorts or plain shorts and occasionally a S size blouse which would hug her figure the best but do not offer a lot of freedom of movement and because of this she hated her large breasts.


Shortly after our meetup, we met frequently cuddling in the movies or went to parks in the neighbourhood. One particular date we were in the movies when I accidentally brushed her large boob as I placed my arm around her. Instantly I had a raging boner as I have never felt a girl like this before and I picked up the courage to slide my palm from her right arm down resting on her right breast and she did not resist which gave me the encouragement to grope both her breasts, no thanks to her strapless bra her boobs were so large that they were spewing over the top half but gave me better access under her shirt to just pull down her bra.

The entire time I was groping her which caused her to moan and breath heavily from the start of the movie till the end, after which she asked if I wanted to go for another random movie was next and we picked the seats right at the top corner row which usually no one would choose that top corner as the angle and distance from there screen would not be enjoyable for most people.

After the lights went off, Gracy kneeled down and yanked off my jeans and took off my jacket to cover over my lap so that no one could see what was happening in the dark from across and gave me my first ever bj. It wasn't the greatest but being a first time receiving it it was one of the best feeling ever.

Gracy licked the tip of my dick till it started leaking pre cum and finally took the entire length till I felt my dick entered her throat which caused her to gag. My head was on fire and I felt that I could cum anytime when she stop and licked my balls teasing me for a good 5 mins before taking it in again.

This time she sucked my the tip of my dick hard and fast which by then the bobbing up and down motion of my jacket was noticed by the couple seated across from us and they too started fondling one another. It wasn't long before I felt my balls tighten and I gripped the seat with one hand and rest my other hand on Gracy's head which encouraged her to take the entire length which immediately I came into her waiting mouth.

As I was cumming the overwhelming pleasure made my blackout for a moment but Gracy just kept on milking my taking every last drop of my seed. It was also her first time giving anyone a blowjob.

Her ex boyfriend told her and showed her porn on how to give a blowjob and tried to talk her into it but she felt used by him and called it off as she did not feel the connection between them. We were having a stayover at her place as her parents weren't home that night and we finally did it for the first time on our first anniversary together. I shall not explain how mediocre our first time having sex was to save my embarrassment as we were both virgins xD but its the next best feeling I have ever had(tight, hot and super wet) though I couldn't say the same for her as I felt disappointed with myself(thinking back we always laugh at it) and she was in excruciating pain for having a dick in her(she didn't bleed maybe I didn't have the girth then and only the length and somehow today it seems I got bigger but slightly shorter ~TnT~ ).

Fast forward 3 years, Gracy and I have been very sexually active and adventurous(Always trying to fuck in the movies and in the park) or with her sis in the next room and occasionally when she stays over my brother would be sleeping across the room and we did it without him knowing. Since our first few love sessions and pregnancy scare though I have never cum in her and I have always been wearing a condom and have some standing by in my backpack in case the need of it arises.

We have been always open of our sexual thoughts and fetishes hers being rough sex(bondage) which we tried tying one another restricting our mobility and control and mine kinky slow fun with her in lingerie. Both of us always gave each other our fair share of play to satisfy our fetishes which we absolutely love and enjoy whenever we go on stay-cations or holidays.

One day I picked up all my courage and finally revealing to her that I started to have a new had a fetish of looking up her(and only her) skirt/dress whenever she slept.

She has always been a deep sleeper and I always fantasized on slowly undress her caressing her curvy body lightly kissing every part getting her nipples to stiffen under her bra. Slowly peeling the cup over and gently sucking her stiff raisin sized nipples, circling her large areola turning her getting her panties wet in her sleep and finally taking off her panties to lick her.

She wasn't too excited over my dark fetish and we didn't do anything about it and didn't say why.

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I googled and it made me feel horrible as forums who people voice our about similar fetishes to mine has responses saying it is equally as bad as raping your loved one as she isn't able to give her consent or if both parties does not agree to the fetish. Over the next few years our sexual adventures were lesser and love sessions was down to only when we had the opportunity at home or only when on vacation where we would go crazy as many as 3 times a day(if I recovered quickly).

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Gracy started gaining some weight(similar figure to Kate Upton but not so massive boobs) which made her more attractive from before as she looks gorgeous with the innocent look with her long silky copper red hair from which also gained attention from other guys which I love teasing her as we walk of all those dirty stare guys have for her because of her boobs always bouncing as we walked along shopping malls.

Whenever we went shopping for clothes I will not fail to walk in with her and pick whatever I fancied even lingerie which made some girls have the envy look as their partners would usually wait outside the lingerie boutique or just focus their attention on their phones not wanting to show others it's not manly or they feel embarrassed to be holding ladies undies in full view of everyone else. She loved the fact that I am open and not embarrassed when choosing lingerie and always asked for my opinion when we go shopping together.

Gracy's boobs grew larger to E cup resulting from the extra pounds and wore skimpier panties(at home she prefers girly panties or thongs) as I made her feel more confident in her body from all the complementing whenever we went on our weekly dates.

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On one particular night after our movie Gracy was on flu meds which made our evening rather uneventful and she didn't want to go home too early(it was 2am after watching 50 Shades Of Grey) and I was already turned on from the love making scenes(not bondage person).

I was driving my family's minivan which Gracy preferred over a regular car as she could lie in the back and she fell asleep as soon as I started driving out the mall's' carpark and decided to head towards the beach as we always enjoy the waves crashing on the shore.

Upon arrival, I killed the engine and clicked on the rear interior lights and looked at my sleeping beauty laying there peacefully hugging the stuffed piglet(in car friends as my mum call them) and I rocked Gracy gently but she was deep in her sleep.

I decided to turn off the interior light and watch her sleep instead which eventually set my mind thinking of my dark fetish never have we done anything about my fantasy as I have always deem she wasn't comfortable about it.

At that point of time I was really horny and needed a release but I felt guilty thinking of acting out my fantasy on my precious girlfriend which I decided to get out of the car leaving the windows open for the cool sea breeze to circulate just to calm my nerves.

After a good half hour of doing nothing but listening to the waves crashing, I decided to just call it a night parking there with blinds drawn and A/C running for security instead of leaving the windows open though we were the only car in the lot. I snuggled up alongside Gracy and wrapped my arm across her chest as she always loved the feeling of me holding on to her boobs as we slept and immediately my mind was set racing and I gently started caressing her curves which eventually I couldn't hold it in anymore and I turned her over on her back and started to unbutton the top of her dress to expose her lovely E cup melons covered by her sky blue non padded Triumph bra.

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Gracy was wearing a button up straight cut navy dress with a belt to complement(my favourite among all her dresses). As I fondled with her boobs instantly I could feel her raisins start to stiffen through the thin fabric and without much effort I folded the top half of the cup to reveal her nipples.

I sucked gently making large circles around her areola and occasionally flicking her nipples with the tip of my tongue on one boob and circling my palm and occasionally squeezing and gently tugging her other nipple which made her moan softly in her sleep.

Slowly parted her legs ever so slightly and started stroking from her calf up till her inner thighs; massaging and stroking or the next 15 minute while not willing to release her nipples and took turns on both nipples to prevent them from going numb from excessive sucking occasionally brushing against her moist panties which felt like silky/cotton spandex and listening to her soft moans really made me horny till the point I wanted then her no matter what(beast mode hahaha).

I gradually unbuttoned the remaining buttons holding her dress together which to my surprise she was wearing a pair of dark blue seamless thongs which I bought from Metro as a second anniversary present for where gathered the most courage I have ever gathered to walk in and picked the one which I liked most. She rarely wears it as she wasn't a fan of g-strings and thongs previously because it made her feel naked and also she has gained the extra weight it was a little tight although she says it's still comfy(she goes commando occasionally nowadays and some days without both bra and panties under her dress which I love groping her in the crowd).

I immediately spread her legs wide open to have a better view of her and started stroking, kissing and massaging her thighs and up till her wet most thongs which had her fragrance of the entire day of work and a hint of floral as she was cautious of her hygiene down below.

I sniffed and kissed her thongs and rubbed the most slit forming which became absolutely wet and i applied pressure for the next moment and gently raised her legs resting on my shoulders and slid off her thongs effortlessly.

To my surprise she was clean shaven which is a rare occurance as she didn't like it itching all day and waxing was just too painful for her she would always trim it but I have gotten to embrace her womanhood and love it whatever way she likes it.


I laid her legs open as wide as they could go without making her uncomfortable and began licking slowly long straight strokes from her vagina opening till her clit than zig-zag down which caused her to moan slightly louder and back up taking in all her sweet nectar pussy juices and circling at the top of her clit gently sucking it and working it down to her dripping pussy while occasionally squeezing her nipples which she moaned and twitched slightly.

I kept licking and sucking her love hole, thrusting my tongue into her, groping her and listening to her moans growing louder and twitch response and all of a sudden while licking and sucking her clit, her thighs clamped my hard hard and she came into my mouth. I kept on drinking her cum which went on for about 10 seconds where I kept the pressure on and she kept cumming till it subsided and released me from her grip.

At first I thought she had woken up but she was still fast asleep and was aching badly to fuck her. In the back of my mind I told myself that it was wrong and I can't bare to lose her. But I really wanted to take her then.

I gave in and undressed taking off my berms and looked for my condoms and to my disappointment which was just an empty box and immediately I went limp. I decided to just eat her to have her cum in my mouth again which she did and it didn't take long as she was already aroused in her sleep and I decided to just do it raw since she just had her period a couple of days back. I rubbed my semi hard dick till it was full attention again and I slowly penetrated her tight pussy.

I lifted her but slightly so that the angle could provide a better fully be in her and hit her g-spot and slowly gave shallow thrust for a few minutes as I was worried she would wake all of a sudden.

Gracy's vagina started responding by tightening up slightly which made me filled with ecstasy and lust for her. I got off her and gently rolled her over to her side and spooned her from the back which was much tighter and warmer which drove me over the edge. She started moaning again louder and more frequent which encouraged me to thrust harder and faster till her pussy tighten up, her thighs wanted to clamp shut again but I held her open and she moaned out loud "HONEY DON'T STOP!" her vaginal walls gripped me so tightly it felt as if it was the very first time when I took her virginity.

I pounded her hard and fast and she started shaking violently wrapping her legs around me and moaned "BABY CUM! CUM! I'M CUUUUMMMMMMING!" and she finally squirted(just a little) I felt her hot cum all over my belly and onto the carpet till her shaking orgasm had subsided.

I flipped her on her back, raised her legs high up in the air to fuck her missionary and started pounding the hardest I have ever fucked her, determined to make her go wild and immediately she moaned out loud "OMG DEAR NO MORE I CANNOT TAKE IT" and to bring her to her next orgasm faster I pounded repeatedly harder, faster, deeper while applying lots of pressure rubbing her clit and she kept moaning "OMG YES YES" and just after 30 seconds from her first squirt her pussy tightened again and she dug her nails into my arms and screamed "BAAABBBYY!

PLEASE!! NO MORE I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!!!" "AH AH AH! OH MY FUCKING GOD BABY!! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMMMMING~~!!!" she wrapped her legs wrapped around me tightly and felt her pussy flow and got tight yet slippery and I could no longer hold back and needed to withdraw to cum on her face but she kept on shaking and her legs didn't let go of me and I yelled "MY LOVE LET GO I'M CUMMING I'M NOT WEARING CONDOM!" for a split second Gracy pulled me in deeper into her gushing pussy and I could no longer hold it in and yelled "HONEY I'M CUMMING!" and shot my hot seeds deep into her vagina.

I spread her legs quickly got off her after exploding in her and still cumming on her belly in shock and ecstasy and lust and looking at her telling her "omg honey I creampied you. I'm sorry I made use of you while you were sleeping". With fear and shock written all over my face she replied "Andy I have been waiting to feel your cum dripping out of me for the past 5 years." Me with surprised and guilty face saying "But I raped you to satisfy myself".

Her reply "Although this is not right but I love how wild it felt and I came 2 times both shortly after. I know you sometimes take away my blanket to stroke my butt and grope me from time to time when i sleep and it has been your fetish for many years.

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I'm sorry I did not tell you how I felt all this while cos I thought it was weird and don't know if it was ok because I dunno what will happen. But I accept and love you for having me in your heart and not going round looking for others to satisfy your needs".

In reply I kissed and hug her with my dick still throbbing and she playfully slipped it into her again and I jumped and she sucked off my cum till I go limp. She giggled saying, "Dear you have already shot your load inside me, it will make no difference even if I sit on you.

Clean up and quickly drive home and I'll take the pill my doctor gave for my irregular flow". Which reminded I had cummed in her and I told her I was sorry again.

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We cleaned up and I drove her home. At the lift lobby of her apartment, we hugged, kiss and exchange our goodbye ritual saying how much we loved each other and I added on "I really whole heartedly love you Gracy.

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I promise I won't use you like this again". She smiled, "Though it was weird but I am yours and I actually I enjoyed it. But on one condition, you need to fuck me like a beast like how you fucked me at the beach". With that said she kissed me one final time and entered the lift and playfully flashed her blue thongs at me. END