Bukkake loving German whore gets spunked

Bukkake loving German whore gets spunked
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I was painting my nails when my brother barged in. Normally he'll knock first, but today he had a strange look in his eye. A look that suggested he wouldn't take no for an answer. Of course, so far, no had never been my answer. I told you—when I've got regular contact with a dick, I just get so horny, and even the fact that it was my brother's hadn't slowed me down. I'd come home one day with a startling revelation—the more we fought against our urges, the harder it was going to get.

The only way to beat this thing was just to do what we had to do—use each other to get off, at every opportunity. And so I'd started going to Craig every time I was turned on (which, as I mentioned, was a lot) and not leaving until I'd jerked him off.

Something about holding a cock in my hand is so fucking sexy, and the only thing that would have made it better was taking it in my mouth… So…I had. I'd started by just swallowing his load (another of my favorite things to do) but the more I got to hold it, the more I wanted to taste it. Pretty soon, I was putting Craig's cock in my mouth at the earliest opportunity.

Last night…last night I may have pushed it too far. Craig, of course, was so nervous about the whole "incest" thing. I, on the other hand, had managed to convince myself that it wasn't incest, it was just two people in need getting each other off. My kid brother, he wasn't as level-headed about the whole thing. I tried not to push it, I tried to move at a pace that he was comfortable with, but last night I just said fuck it—I was horny, and he was the only way I was going to get off.

He'd freaked out, of course, and so I'd tried to mollify him with some boob action. What guy doesn't like breasts, am I right? Well, after that, he was so turned on that I didn't even pretend to start with a handy. I just took his cock in my mouth, and gave him the best blow-job I know how to give.

A few minutes later, he was blowing his load on my tits. Fuck…I'm getting turned on just thinking about it. Why is it so hot, having a guy blow his load all over your body? There's something so masculine about it—like he's marking you as his property or something. Anyway, he'd avoided eye contact with me all morning, and so I couldn't help but be excited when he burst into my room that night, a fierce look on his face.

"Get up," he growled, and I eagerly obeyed. I don't know what had gotten into Craig, but he looked… Furious wasn't the right word for it. No, he didn't look angry, he wasn't mad, he just seemed to be so…so… Assertive. Dominant. A thrill ran up my spine at the thought of Craig dominating me, and I missed what he said. "Pardon?" I asked politely, and he rolled his eyes and sat on my bed. "Sit," he said, and when I went to sit next to him, shook his head. "Not there." I hesitated, and—clearly impatient—Craig pulled me onto his lap, bending me over like a child.

"Look," he hissed into my ear, "I don't know what you thought you were playing at last night, but that wasn't on, okay?" "Um…" I replied, and he sharply swatted my behind in response. I'd never been spanked as a kid, but some of my ex-boyfriends had been really into it…and so had I.

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"Oh!" I squealed. "Now listen," Craig said. "This isn't sex." He continued to spank me as he spoke, and I grew wetter and wetter. "This is just two people helping each other out, okay? Don't even think of us like brother and sister. I'm just a man, and you're just a woman. And what were women designed to do?" I was too busy moaning with pleasure to answer. "What were women designed to do?" he repeated, punctuating each word with his hand on my butt. "Pleasure men," I panted in response.

"That's right," he said, standing up and depositing me on the floor. I looked up to the delicious sight of him lowering his pants, his hard cock coming into view. Neither of us said a word—he just grabbed me by the hair and guided my mouth to his cock. I took his hardness inside my mouth, and enthusiastically did all that I could to get him off. He treated me as if I wasn't even a person, as if I were just a wet hole to be used for his pleasure, fucking my face as hard as he could. I felt so dirty, so used…and I loved it.

Before long, he was cumming in my mouth, and when we was done, he picked me up and threw me on the bed. I watched, wide-eyed, as he spread my legs, flipped my skirt up, ripped my panties off, and dove in-between my legs, fucking me with his fingers, and then leaning down to use his mouth on me. "Craig!" I cried in pleasure. "But…I thought…" "Shut up," he said, withdrawing his hand and spanking me neatly on the pussy.

"I told you—we're not brother and sister. If we go down that path, we'll never get through this month. We're just a man and a woman with a convenient arrangement, okay?" "Okay," I said with a whimper of pleasure. My mind was spinning—if we were treating each other like strangers, did that mean we had to stop at just oral?

Could we… Ew. As much I'd become comfortable with what we had done up until now, that was too far. I pushed the image from my mind, and focussed on the sensations that Craig's mouth and hand were causing on my soaking pussy. Actually having sex? That was wrong. It was crossing the line. It was something we could never do. So why couldn't I stop thinking about it?

* * * Before he left my room that night, I insisted on going down on Craig once more. After all, it was almost 9pm…I wouldn't get another chance to do this all night, and I didn't want any risk of him slipping. There was too much at stake. The next morning, I got up and sneaked into his room to wake him up with another blow-job. Like a gentleman, he insisted on returning the favor, and that pretty much described the whole week. Once or twice a day, my brother and I would find each other, and ensure that we weren't dancing with fate, letting our hormones build up.

And get each other off. All weirdness had passed by this point—the idea was firmly cemented in both our heads that this wasn't incest, it was just two people helping each other out. The fact that we were brother and sister was irrelevant—I was just a woman, with the soft curves and wet holes of a woman, and he was just a man, with the hardness between his legs that every woman craved.

Admittedly, our sibling connection was probably part of why we were able to read each other's bodies so well—I swear, Craig knew exactly how to turn me on. I'd admitted to him how hot I found spanking, and before he went down on me, he'd often start by using his hand on my ass until it was glowing red and I was dripping.

We continued to elude Mom and Dad without issue, although Craig would sometimes push it a bit. I'd have complained, but I found his daring so sexy…one time, we were sitting in the back seat of the car together when he reached over and pulled my hand onto his crotch. Another time, he excused himself early from dinner, and then texted me to come meet him in the bathroom a few minutes later.


I pretended that it was a friend I had to call back, and quickly joined him. A few minutes later, I was gulping down his cum. A few times we got naked together—Craig's got a surprisingly good body, and I fucking love how it feels when he runs his hands all over mine. At first I let him play with my tits because I knew he enjoyed it, but pretty soon, I was just as into it as him…if it wouldn't have made things weird, I'd have taken off all my clothes every time we got together.

Then one night (about two weeks after the night he spanked me for the first time) we had a sort of a…moment. We were both naked, laying next to each other on his bed, just sort of casually playing with each other's genitals…it wasn't a high-pressure "must make each other cum" kind of situation, we were just letting off a little steam. I was slowly stroking his cock, he was running his fingers up and down my pussy-lips (I'd started to shave, just to make sure going down on me was as easy as possible) and we were chatting about our day.

As things got a bit more heated, we both got quiet, and soon we were just laying there, looking into each other's eyes. I started pumping up and down his dick a little faster, he slipped a finger into me and watched my mouth with a smile as I moaned. Somehow, our bodies started to get closer and closer…until soon, my hand was coming into contact with my own stomach every time I pumped, and I could feel the heat of his chest against my breasts.

We were both getting closer and closer to cumming, and then it happened… He leaned in and kissed me. Now I should clarify—Craig had never kissed me before. I guess we'd both silently agreed it was too intimate, but there was something about it, the feeling of his tongue in my mouth, his stubble on my cheeks, the knowledge that he was my brother…it was fucking hot. And so I kissed him back. As I did, we froze. Every muscle in my body went tense, and I could feel his do the same.

I kept my hand on his junk, and he still had two fingers inside my pussy, but neither of us were moving…just laying there, completely still, not sure what to do next.

Finally, I pulled away, and opened my eyes to see him looking back at me…not in fear, just casually, coolly seeing how I was going to react. I considered running, or pretending nothing had happened, but then I remembered my mantra. It's only as weird as you make it. Unable to stop myself, I giggled, and practically melted with relaxation as I saw a slow smile spreading over his face as well. "That was hot," I said frankly, and he just grinned and nodded.

Letting go of his dick (reluctantly) I put both my hands on his face and started making out with him again.

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He put both his hands firmly on my ass—not as good as my pussy, but I certainly wasn't complaining. We just lay there for ages, macking on each other. It had been so long since I'd had a boyfriend, and everyone kisses differently…I'd missed tasting the new tastes, enjoying the idiosyncrasies. Every now and again, for instance, my brother would nip at my lip slightly as we kissed, which I loved, and soon I was straddling him, one leg on either side of his prostrate body, kissing him passionately, wondering if he could feel the heat emanating from my pussy.

And that's when it happened. That's when things got weird. I was getting more and more turned on as we made out, and when I'm turned on, I tend to…thrust, slightly, I guess. Well there I was, naked, on top of him, and as I thrusted, my pussy came into contact with his erection. It felt amazing.

It was just the slightest of slight brushes, but it was like a bolt of electricity travelled between our bodies. I gasped with pleasure, and—heaven help me—went to do it again when we both realized what was happening.

We were almost fucking. I pulled back in shock, and even my normally-unflappable brother was staring at me, wide-eyed.

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There was a long silence, and I could tell that this time…we wouldn't be breaking it with laughter. "I should…" "Yeah." Nothing more was said as I gathered up my clothes and left for my own bedroom. Up until then, the second week of DeGraves' challenge had been the trickiest.

My hormones had started to take over, I'd started to see everything as sexual, and it had been a genuine struggle to stop my hand from slipping between my legs at night. But that night, as I got back to my own bed, sexually unfulfilled for the first time in weeks, I almost gave up the full four million. All I wanted to do was touch myself, get it out of my system…but since I couldn't, I just tossed and turned, the image of Craig fucking me running through my mind over and over, getting me far more hot and bothered than I felt comfortable with.

* * * Despite getting hardly any sleep, I awoke early the next morning, and immediately knew what I had to do. I had to go in and wake Craig up with a blow-job. Partially, to remove any temptation he might have to touch himself, but more importantly—to ensure that things went back to normal between us.

You know, where "normal" is defined as pleasuring each other whenever we're horny. Fuck you, DeGraves, I thought, grumbling, as I put on a set of lingerie that I knew Craig would like. Why can't you just be a normal billionaire?

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Why do you have to play with people like this? Making sure the coast was clear (getting caught sneaking into my brother's room in Victoria's Secret underwear would, I knew, be pretty hard to explain) I made my way onto Craig's bed and lifted up the covers… And as I did, I saw a truly horrifying sight.

As he'd slept, his hand must have drifted into his underpants. His dick was still hard, but softening—his hand was resting on it, and his underpants were wet.


From the incredibly familiar smell, I could tell that he'd only just cum. "Craig!" I said in shock, making sure to not be too loud. "Oh, fuck…" he said when he awoke saw what he'd done. "Oh, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck! Does this count??" I tried to remember the exact wording of the contract that we'd signed, but I couldn't. For a brief moment, I was furious. "What the fuck, Craig? How could you do this?" "How could I do this?" he replied, sitting up and staring intensely into my eyes.

"This is your damned fault—I dreamt all night about your little escapade last night. I couldn't close my eyes without thinking about how good it felt, about how much I wanted to…" He trailed off, and—not for the first time—I wondered what was wrong with me. Why did I find that strength of character, that dominance, so…so… I took a deep breath, trying not to think about what he'd just said—or how much how he'd said it had affected me—and replied as calmly and rationally as I could.

"Look, it's no one's fault. I'm sorry for winding you up…we'll just have to go see Lord DeGraves, and see what he says." "Fine," Craig said, avoiding eye contact. "I'll make an appointment." * * * The earliest DeGraves could see us was the next morning, and Craig and I avoided each other's company until then. I knew we were both turned on—well, I knew that I was turned on, and I couldn't imagine that my brother wasn't—but it was too awkward…we didn't want to risk using each other to get off needlessly.

If it turned out that we'd already lost. After a brief conversation, we agreed not to masturbate either…just in case.

One more almost-sleepless night later, the morning finally arrived. I went in to check on my brother, and was amused to find him laying asleep in bed wearing pajama pants…and a belt.

At least he was taking this seriously. "Wake up," I said, throwing a pillow at his head. He woke up, looked around sleepily and glared at me. I would have said it felt just like everything had before the wager, except for the pulse of arousal that passed through me at Craig's glare. Our parents let us borrow the car, and half an hour later, we were sitting in Lord DeGrave's office, sipping the tea he'd insisted we take, waiting for him to get off the phone. "Fine!" he finally said, rolling his eyes at whoever was on the other end.

"Don't mention horses…just get me a farm girl!" Slamming the receiver down, he turned his attention to my brother and me.

"Now," he said with a sickly smile upon his face.

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"What can I do for you two?" I opened my mouth, but my brother put his hand on my arm, wordlessly silencing me, and leaned forward. "Lord DeGraves," he said confidently—why the hell was that confidence suddenly such a turn-on? He was my brother, for Pete's sake… "Lord DeGraves, we've got a potential problem." "Oh yes?" the old man said, licking his lips with glee.

"Knocked her up already?" "No!" I said angrily, but again Craig silenced me with a squeeze of my arm, and I obediently shut up. "No, it's not that. It's me. I woke up to discover that I…" "Came in your sleep?" DeGraves said, finishing my brother's sentence with a cackle.

"And it only took you a month!" "That's right," Craig said. "We want to see the contract. We want to know if it breaks the rules." "Well…" his Lordship drawled. "I can have a look at that for you, but first I want to ask a few questions." "Anything," my brother said, ignoring the daggers my eyes were shooting in his direction. "This nocturnal orgasm—is this the first time you've cum since you were last in my office?" "Of course," my brother deftly lied, and I tried not to let the surprise show in my face.

Well, I thought, mentally steeling myself for what was to come. If that's the way we're going to play it… "So you two haven't…fooled around." "Certainly not." He even managed to sound indignant, and I nodded along.

"Remember, I warned you what would happen if you lied to me…" Lord DeGraves said, and that dangerous tone appeared in his voice once more. Craig, however, held his ground, and I did too. "So let me ask you one more time—in the past month, you two haven't touched each other sexually at all.

No hand jobs, no licking, no sucking, no biting." "Of course not," Craig said, and I shook my head in agreement. "No…kissing?" My cheeks went slightly red at that, something that I hoped the old man hadn't noticed, and when Craig hesitated, I spoke up. "Lord DeGraves, my brother and I aren't animals. We've done nothing wrong." "Well, except the squirt in his sleep." "Yes…that's what we wanted to talk to you about.

Does that count?" "Hmmm," Mason DeGraves said, placing one wrinkled, old finger on his lips. "I'll have to ask my lawyer. Petra m'dear, I'll get you to wait in the garden while I do.

Craig, you can stay here…" * * * I had no idea why he needed to split us up—I just hoped it wouldn't be for cross-examination, to see if he could pick any holes in our story. I stepped outside, marveling at the manor's beautiful garden (why did such a cretinous man have so much money?) and sat on the bench, admiring the flowers.

I'd been sitting there for a few minutes when I jumped with fright—a huge man had practically sneaked up on me. He looked mediterranean—I couldn't quite tell from where, but his naked torso had the olive skin and swarthy stance of a man from Italy or Greece, or…I don't know, Malta.

"Pardon, madam," he said, his voice thick with a sexy European accent that I couldn't even come close to placing. "I hope I did not to disturb you." "No," I said with a laugh, "it's fine." I blushed, and took a sip of tea to cover it—it had been two days since I'd gotten off now, and it was driving me up the wall. "I am just to be…trimming the bushes." He held out a pair of shears, but I couldn't stop staring at his chest.

"Of course," I said. "Let me know if I get in your way." The next twenty minutes were, I can tell you, most pleasant. I just sat, sipping tea, watching as Hugo (or Pablo or Mario or whatever his name was) worked…the man was practically a work of art. His huge muscles bulged with every motion, his long dark hair blew in the breeze, and as he snipped away at the bush, a strange sort of pollen started drifting toward me.

It smelled nice, and though I don't have any allergies, made my mind slightly hazy. As I watched and drank the tea and smelled the pollen, I couldn't stop thinking about the mostly-naked man in front of me…how attractive he was…how good it would feel if he'd turn around, bend me over the garden bench, and do what my baby brother was too afraid to do… He was totally absorbed in his work, and it would have been so easy to reach down and play with myself as I watched him, imagined him roughly taking me, fucking me, cumming inside me… But I didn't want to do anything rash until after I heard what the lawyer had to say, and so I (barely) managed to stop myself, and just sat there in a delightful haze until I heard the old man's creaky voice calling for me from inside.

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