Nude group medical erection movie gay xxx I told Ashton I was not

Nude group medical erection movie gay xxx I told Ashton I was not
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Before I moved in, we had a pretty normal sex life. She loved to be on top of me, fucking me. Soon she started to use me to get herself off with my cock and her finger and leaving me hard and dying to cum. After much begging, sometime she would give in, but for a price. She would mount me and keep me very close to cumming, then jack me off and finger my ass, or tittie fuck me. But she would make me lick my cum off her tits or fingers.

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At first smiling down at me while I did it, soon followed by asking me if I like eating my own cum. Then telling me I must be part fag or something. I would complain and bitch. She would just smile at me and tell me to be good. This was driving me crazy with lust for her.

Usually thow, she would get off, smiling down at me. Walk over to her mirror and brush her hair. Allowing me to consume her naked body keeping me hard. I would whine and complain that I needed to get off. She would just smile at me and say latter, maybe. This one day she got off me after she came. I was still hard and hadn't cum. She was at her mirror brushing her beautiful red hair. I was begging her to come back to bed. She was looking at me though the mirror.

She then said, OK Brian, want me to get you off? Oh yes, please come back to bed. Well you're in luck, because I want to cum again.


So why don't you come over here and lick my pussy, while I finish brushing my hair. In a second I was before her licking her sweet red trimmed pussy.

She looked down at me at grabbed my hair and drove my head into her pussy. If you do a good job maybe I'll get in the mood again!

Now I was going at her pussy like a wild man. She began to moan, pussy juice running down her legs! Soon she was bucking against my head, cumming all over my face. After she came again she pulled my hair back and looked down at with a stern look on her face. Look at the mess you made! Still wanta get off Brian? All I could do was moan. She said that she will allow me to get off but I must do as she wishes for the next 4 hours. I was stunned at these words but my straining cock ruled my brain and she new it.

I immediately said yes, I'll do as you like, just get me off! Ok Brian crawl over to the bed like a dog and get my panties. Bring them to me hanging from you mouth like a good dog, NOW FETCH! I was shocked at how fast my body reacted, without even thinking about it I was before her with her panties hanging from my mouth. She looked down and laughed and giggled at me. Now my little puppy take the panties and wipe all the cum off my legs and pussy! I did as she ordered. She spoke as I cleaned.

You know Brian there is something I really like that you have never done for me. Now is the time, since you promised to do as ordered for the next four hours.

Ok good job, as she patted my head. Now take the panties and put the around your neck! They will make a good collar for now.

She grabbed hold of the cum soaked panties at pulled me over to the bed. She lay down on her stomach over a big pillow and parted her legs wide. Now lick my pussy! This was a little strange as in this position my nose will be in her ass!

But I am not in a position to argue. I crawled between her legs and began to lick away. My nose sticking in her brown hole. Suddenly she reached down and grabbed hold of her panties and began to giggle and squirm. I think I have to fart. Then blasted away right on my nose. Awe does my little doggy have a brown nose, does it smell good? Oh I don't really care what you think.

Just keep licking. I continued on her pussy. Oh my I must be gassy today and let another one loose. I bet my ass needs cleaned after that one. Slip your tongue in their and clean my ass up! She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her ass. Lick my ass clean, my little slut! I had my tongue sticking up her ass as far as it would go! She moaned and squirmed on my tongue. After a while she rolled over and smiled at me. So did you enjoy licking my ass and pussy clean my little puppy?

Oh never mind I don't really care if you liked it, I know I did! So how does your cock feel? Wanta get your rocks off? I looked down and my cock is rock hard and I am dying to get off.


Ok I will help you get off like you never got off before! Get on the bed my little pet. I laid down and she tied my wrists to the head board while sitting on my chest. There now you won't get away. I must tell you some things Brian. While I really do love you and I think you are almost perfect for me in most ways. There is one short coming you have that can't be changed.

With that she grabbed my cock! See this little cock is just a tease for my pussy. I need some big cock to fill my pussy! Yours just doesn't do the job. Now on the other hand your oral talents are the best I've ever had. So my love I had a chance for a nice big cock to fuck me on a regular basis for the last six months. Yes that's right I have been getting fucked by my boss Henry!

As a matter of fact he even shared me with his friends. I was so shocked I just couldn't think of anything to say. Let me tell you a story my little pet. Remember last Friday when Jenny came over and we went out. Well she and I really went to Henry's house for a party.

It got pretty wild and everyone was drunk. Next thing I know we were the only two girls there among Henry and four of his friends.

I was dancing with Henry and he held me tight. I could feel his cock growing against my stomach. It felt so big! I was getting so wet and horny it was running down my legs.

He reached down and picked me up. I rapped my legs around him and he kissed me deeply. I just melted away. He could do anything he wanted.

He carried me off to his bedroom. I looked over at Jenny and she was on her knees sucking Joe's cock!

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As Henry carried me away my pussy just quivered in anticipation of a nice big cock! He laid me down and took my dress off. My panties were soaked. He looked down at me and said that he always wanted to fuck my brains out ever since he hired me! He grabbed hold of my panties and ripped them off me. I just screamed out in ecstasy. He stood over me and ordered me to take his clothes off. I got up on my knees and began removing his pants. I pulled them down with his underwear and his cock sprang out and smacked my face.

I just groaned. He took it his hand and stroked it a few times. Drool escaped from the corners of my mouth. He looked down at me lifted my chin and said suck me off bitch! I just devoured his cock as deep as I could. He grabbed my head and forced it in further until it was sliding down my throat up to his balls. He groaned out load. Oh yes I really like this!

I want you to be my cock sucking bitch! Everyday you will come to work early and suck me off! Oh ya, that's it swallow my big cock my little slut! Soon he shot down my throat. It was so wonderful! He then called in his friend John. He came walking in already undressed.

His cock was semi-hard, and shining as it swung. It was a very fat cock! Big heavy balls hanging below. He walked up to me and told me to lick his cock and balls clean! I stuck out my tongue and began to lick away.

He looked down at me and asked how does Jenny's pussy taste? I just moaned and he thrusts it deep into my throat. Henry just smiled down at me and called me a cock hungry slave. He positioned me on the bed doggy style with John's cock in my mouth and Henry fucking me like never before from behind! I came so many times I just couldn't believe it. Then Henry thrust deep and cums in my pussy. John soon unloaded in my mouth. I was so well fucked I just collapsed on the bed after they pulled out.

I could feel his cum running out of my pussy. He called in Jenny and ordered her to get on the bed with me. He said now we all have filled up your pussies with cum, get in a 69 and clean each other up! I have never eaten pussy before, and was scared at first. Jenny jumped up and sat on my face. Oh it was nasty looking, someone must have fucked her ass too as it was still hanging open with cum oozing out.

Get to it bitch, Henry yelled! I stuck out my tongue and began licking a little bit. Henry sees this and smashed her ass down hard on my face.

It forced out a big glob of goop right onto my tongue. From this point on I just went crazy on her pussy and asshole. She was down at my hole cleaning up Henry's cum.

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He began to tell me that he owns my pussy and mouth and that I will do as I'm told! His little cock slave. I just moaned in agreement.

Then he said something that completely took me by surprise. He said, you know I may need you more than your boyfriend will like. So I think either you will drop him like now. Or maybe we can bring him into are little circle of love as a wimpy little cuckold.

Ya I like this idea as I never intend on marring your or anything. You will just be my little cum hole. And your boyfriend will like it or leave you I guess.

Don't really much care what he does. But it would be cool to make him be our little sissy while we fuck. So I want you to make him either become our sex slave and do as you and I wish or kick his ass out!

OK so did you like the story my pet? Well no I didn't, you're a gangbang slut for your boss. Yes that's right and you will like it or pack up your shit and go. Cause as I would love to marry you someday, but your cock just will not do. I need big cock to stretch my pussy and fill it with cum! Visit Porn Site She reached around and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. So Brian still wanta get off? Oh yeeesss, I doooooooo. So my love, are you going to be my little wimpy puppy dog?

Or are you leaving me?

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Ah god what choice did I really have? I loved her deeply and couldn't imagine life without her. And I knew she needed a big cock to keep her happy. So I gave in and told her that I needed her and will be there for her as she needed. OK great, so let the fun begin! She got off me and got some more ties from my drawer. She came over and pulled one foot over my head up the headboard and tied it off. Then the other leg.


She giggled at my position, oh what a nice ass you have. She then reached in her drawer and pulled out a vibrator. She held it to my lips, Kiss it my slave. I kissed the end of it and she said open up. Next thing I know is it is deep in my mouth. Get it nice and wet. After a few minutes she pulled it out of me. I heard her turn it on and soon felt it against my ass. She pushed it in about half way. I streamed out.

Ah my babies poor virgin ass. With that she shoved it in the rest of the way. I could feel it vibrating my ass and balls. She began running her finger nail up and down my cock and balls. So I have some rules for you my pet. I just moaned out. See since your little cock is too small for me after being stretched out by Henry's cock I won't be needing it until further notice.

Maybe once in a while I'll take pity on you and let you fuck me. But trust me it will be rare and you must be a good slave. I will be out fucking anyone Henry says too as I am his slut.

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So I will be coming home with a pussy full of cum. You will be here waiting for me on your knees. You will basically take care of my pussy anyway I like any time I want. Yes a pussy slave. I will teach you to shave me, douche me and change my tampons as needed.

I may even bring a friend or two home now and then for you to service. It may even be a guy. You will do as ordered. I will make you watch me being fuck and clean us up after!

Feed us, get our drinks etc. I was lost in her words as she slow stroked my cock and fucked my ass with the vibrator.

Ever had a real cock up your ass or suck someone off Brian? I moane out. Oh you like that idea, as she squeezed my cock hard. It was too much and I squirted all over the place. She laughed at me, so you like the idea of a cock up your ass.

Well I must say so do I. I doubt Henry would fuck your ass, but I bet I can find someone who will.Just then the phone rang, she picked it up and it was Jenny. Hi, how are you Jenny? Great I was just telling Brian about our night at Henry's. He's all tided up with cum all over his chest.

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Quite a sight. I was fucking his ass with a dildo and stroking his cock. I asked him if he ever had a big cock up his ass or suck someone off.

In seconds he squirted all over the place. He has agreed to be my cuckold pussy slave! How's your pussy Jenny? Need a good licking? Come on over!!! You know Jenny, maybe we should both fuck him, let him understand the pleasure of a big cock fucking each end.

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I seen some strap-on's at the book store, stop by and pick up two. Get them with 10" black cocks. I'll make him pay you for them. Then we'll fuck him all day. Break him in as my pussy slave cuckold!