Molliges Mädchen wird gefickt und abgespritzt Muschi

Molliges Mädchen wird gefickt und abgespritzt Muschi
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Note: This is a continuation of "Diary of a Slave Merchant - 2007". It is recommended that you read it first, otherwise you might be a little lost for a while. Quick recap for the lazy: 40-ish year-old Edward divorced, bought a house, kidnapped two girls, forced them to become sex slaves, sold one (Slave name: "Star") to an old college friend named Wayne who is now wealthy, fell in love with the other (slave name: "Baby") who was abused by her foster father and who now helps Edward acquire and train new girls.

They have just acquired their first new girl, a "tough" girl with a bad attitude. Here are the last few entries from the 2007 diary: December 12th, 2007 8:34pm Baby has a couple of promising prospects at the runaway shelter.

She is working on one in particular. A blond with a streak of black in her hair. Nice body, attractive, very bad attitude. She has three or four piercings, dresses in black and is a real tough 'Nobody-fucks-with-me' hard-ass. Right up my alley She told the girl she was going to go live at her uncles house and that she would talk to him about them both staying there. December 22nd, 2007 2:18pm We spent a good chunk of money fixing up the basement.

It is now two separate finished rooms, both with chain rings and both suitable as slave quarters. We installed a larger refrigerator, microwave and some cabinets for food in the main room. The unfinished storage room has been partially finished and has several extra chain rings on the ceiling, a twin bed with a heavy frame and several padded beams of different heights made out of saw horses.

It will server as the punishment room. December 31th, 2007 11:34am Baby brought the blond girl home last night. We went the easy route this time and got her so drunk she was too fucked up to fight back much. She passed out during the struggle. She woke up this morning chained spread-eagle and face-down on the twin bed in the punishment room with a ball gag in her mouth. I think I'll name this one 'Cunt'. We went down to introduce her to her new life.

I explained her situation to her as she made muffled noises and her face turned red. I then removed the ball gag, only to be assaulted by the longest string of curse-laden insults and death threats I think I've ever heard.

This one is going to be fun. ============================================= Diary of a Slave Merchant - 2008.1 BY E.Y. Toad January 1st, 2008 1:14am Happy fucking new year!

And what a great start to 2008. My left forearm is still bleeding from teeth marks and Baby, my beautiful little slave/lover, was brought to tears and it broke my heart. Early this morning, or I should say yesterday morning (it's been a long day) we stirred our new acquisition from her alcohol-induced slumber. She was chained face down and spread-eagle to the twin bed in the punishment room, with a ball gag in her mouth. She was fully clothed. It took her several long seconds to realize that she was chained to a bed and gagged.

She swung her head around several times trying to determine where she was but could not turn her head far enough to see us. She made several grunts and angry, muffled screams as she pulled at her chains I climbed on the bed and straddled her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to prevent her from turning it. I put my mouth right next to her ear as she frantically tried to turn her head from side-to-side to see who was on sitting her.

"Stop struggling. You are securely chained and cannot escape." I said, almost in a whisper. She responded by doubling her effort to pull out of the chains and her muted screams got louder. I pulled her head back farther with a fast, forceful motion. She let out a painful yelp and stopped screaming. "STOP STRUGGLING!" I said angrily, pausing a few seconds for her to calm down. "You are now my property. Your life as you knew it is over.

You will learn to obey me instantly and fulfill my every whim without question or hesitation." After hearing this, she went crazy. She thrashed about so violently that I lost my grip on her hair and she flipped her head in all directions, flopping her body around as she made a desperate attempt to escape her bonds. I regained my grip on her hair and jerked her head back even further than before. She let out a loud yelp and started crying and screaming even louder, but more high-pitched.

Her tone was a sort of desperate, screaming plea, like she had something important to say, or at least that's what it sounded like to me.

I removed the ball gag to see what she had to say, and she had plenty of choice words for me. "Let me go you fucking pervert mother fucker! I'll fucking kill you, you cock sucking faggot! Don't you dare fucking touch me you old fucking cock sucker. I'm not gonna be your fucking mmffff." she yelled, her final words muffled as I replaced the ball gag.

"You are going to be, and do, anything I say." I said, releasing her hair and getting off the bed. "You will soon learn obedience and will beg for the chance to please your master." Her muffled protests continued as I opened the cabinet to choose an instrument of punishment.

This girl is definitely tougher than Baby and Star were. I decided skip the paddle and go directly to the 1/2" dowel rod. I held the dowel rod in my right hand and tapped it in my left as I circle around in front of her. She looked up at me, saw the dowel rod and started crying hysterically, tears streaming down her face. "Your slave name is 'Cunt'. Your old name no longer matters.

You will answer to 'Cunt' and only 'Cunt' unless and until I give you a different name." I said, walking around to her left side. She followed me with her eyes as far as she could, but I moved just out of her field of vision. I didn't want her to see the strokes coming. "What I am about to do only has to happen once." I informed her, "Your first lesson is punishment. You are about to find out what happens if you break even the smallest of my rules, or refuse, or even hesitate to carry out a command you are given." "Baby, please stand in front of Cunt" I said, motioning to Baby.

Cunt looked around, surprised that there was someone else there. She made several throaty, pleading noises and looked at Baby as if to beg for her help. Baby turned her head away slightly. I believe Baby is 100% on-board with what we're doing, but she doesn't like the punishment part very much. "You are now my property!" I proclaimed loudly, bringing the dowel rod down hard across both of her ass cheeks at once.

Her whole body tensed and she let out a blood-curdling scream, even muffled by the ball gag. Her hands opened wide, fingers spread apart, and her hands shook as the initial pain wracked through her body. She panted and cried out several times as I paced a few steps back and forth. She started opening and closing her hands tightly over and over as if in anticipating the next stroke.

"I am your master." I continued, "You will follow my every command without question or hesitation!" Her body tense up, expecting another stroke. I waited a few seconds until she seems to relax her body a bit and then brought the rod down across the back of her thighs.

She screamed and thrashed around for a few seconds then looked up at Baby and renewed her pleas for help. Her pleas had the tone of "Why won't you help me!" Baby just looked away. "You will always address me as 'Master' and you will answer to 'Cunt'!" I yelled, bringing the rod down across her ass again.

Her whole body shook with pain as her voice changed to a low-pitched, moaning scream. I decided to give her a chance and see if we'd broken through that tough exterior a bit yet. I bent over and put my mouth to her ear again. "I'll give you one chance to end this now." I whispered, "I'm going to remove your gag.

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I want you to say 'I am your obedient slave and I live to please my Master.'" I started to remove the gag and before it was even fully out of her mouth she started sobbing and screaming, a long string of slobber dripping out of her mouth. "Let me go! <sob> I'm not your fucking slave! God damn it, let me. <sob> let me go! Please, Lisa.<sob> please make him let me go!" she began, as the rage resurfaced. "LET ME GO YOU FUCKING INSANE FUCKING PERVERT!" "Lisa" is the name Baby used with Cunt.

"That's not what I wanted to hear." I said quietly, replacing the ball gag. "Baby, help me over here." I said, grabbing one corner of the twin bed frame by Cunt's feet and motioning for Baby to grab the other.

Together we tipped the bed up on end and leaned it slightly against the wall so Cunt was hanging upside-down. "You had your chance. This could have been easier for you." I explained, "I'm done toying with you now." I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a two feet long piece of garden hose.

"I really wish it hadn't come to this, but you you will learn to obey me." I said, walking back over to Cunt. I lowered her tight, blue pull-over shirt down as far as I could. It bunched up near her shoulder blades. I then reached around and unzipped her pants, pushing them upwards toward her feet until they bunched up between her knees and ankles.

I left her white bra fastened and her light-blue panties in place. She thrashed around, crying and pleading, but I was no longer listening. Baby looked away. I stood back and looked at her. She has a very nice, tanned body. There were a few red marks from the rod, but no damage or serious welts. I caressed and fondled her ass a bit and ran my hands down her sides and back up to her ass. She shook her body and twisted, trying to pull away from my touch. I decided to remove her gag.

"Why. <sob> why are you doing this?" she asked, "I've never done anything to you. Let me go! <sob> Let me go!


<sob> LET ME GO! I"LL FUCKING KILL YOU BOTH!" she screamed. I took a step back and the room became strangely quiet. Cunt even stopped crying and screaming for a few seconds, probably trying to hear what was happening.

The first stroke broke the silence, crashing down upon her ass, followed by an ear-piercing scream as her ass clenched tightly. "PLEASE!" she begged, "Please stop! Just let me go and I'll never tell any." The second stroke interrupted her useless pleas. "PLEASE, OH GOD!" she begged, after a long scream of pain, "GOD, PLEASE STOP! PLEASE!" "HELP ME! HELP ME, PLEASE" she yelled to no one in particular, "YOU FUCKING INSANE MOTHER FUCKERS!

INSANE. <sob> INSANE. GOD DAMN IT, LET ME GO!" I had had enough of this. I began a flurry of strokes up and down her legs, across her ass and down to her shoulder blades.

Over and over the hose stung her skin as she flailed around and sobbed uncontrollably. I lost count of how many strokes I was up to when she passed out and her body went completely limp.

Baby and I lowered the bed. I hadn't noticed that she pissed her pants at some point. There was a wet streak from her crotch to her head; her hair and the bed sheet also damp. "Baby, clean her up and talk to her when she wakes up." I ordered, "Explain how things work here and try to save her from any further punishment, but do not unchain her." Baby was my lover, but she was still a slave and subordinate to me, especially in front of other slaves.

She was given freedom to move about the house because I trusted her but she knew her place and obeyed me as her master. We had worked out a good guy/bad guy routine that worked quite well with Star. I was obviously the bad guy; the strict master that expected unquestioned obedience and the administrator of punishment.

She would play the good guy that was on their side and trying to help them. It was a psychological game that helped to break them. I left Baby alone to her tasks and went upstairs to get some lunch. I made a sandwich and sat at my computer to watch Baby and Cunt on the video monitor. After a few minutes of Baby cleaning her up, Cunt began to stir.

I turned the volume up and watched. "Wha. Lisa? What the hell is going on, Lisa?" Cunt asked. "Why is he doing this to me?

What.why are you.Lisa, tell me what's going on!" "My name is not Lisa. My name is 'Baby'." she replied. "Who are you? Who is that man? What the FUCK IS GOING ON?!?" she yelled. "Listen to me, um. Cunt," Baby started. "That man is our master. We are his slaves. You cannot escape from here. We will train you and then sell you to a new master. You'll see, it's not so bad. You will get to live with a rich guy and have everything you ever wanted." "What?

You are in on this?" Cunt replied, "What do you mean I'll be sold? What the fuck is wrong with you people? Why are you helping him?" "Because he is my master.

He took me in when I had no one and he loves me." Baby said. "You are a fucking slave to that old man just because he acts like he loves you?" Cunt asked incredulously.

"What the hell is wrong with you? He's fucking older than my dad! You let that faggot fuck you just so you'll feel loved? You are fucking pathetic!" "It's not like that." Baby replied, visibly upset. I started to get a bit concerned that Cunt may start putting doubts in Baby's head, but decided to watch for a little longer.

"It's EXACTLY like that!" Cunt yelled. "You let that gross old fucker stick his cock in you so you can pretend he's your dad!" "Shut up, Cunt!" Baby replied angrily.

"What, you can't fuck your real dad any more so you found this ancient fucker to fill in for him?" Cunt taunted. Cunt apparently didn't know that Baby was adopted, or that she was sexually abused for years by her foster father.

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She either didn't know or was stupidly taunting her about it, but I don't know what she hoped to gain in either case. Baby looked as if she were holding back a flood of anger. "Do you think of your dad when you are sucking that wrinkly old cock, you fucking pathetic bitch?" Cunt asked rhetorically. "When he sticks it in you does it feel like." Baby interrupted her taunts, exploding in rage and jumping on her back.

She grabbed Cunt's hair and jerked her head back farther than I had earlier, getting right in her face. "Don't you talk about Master like that!" Baby yelled. "He loves me and I love him and nothing you say can change that!" Cunt groaned loudly, her neck obviously in pain.

"Stop.stop.I was just.stop it, please!" she begged. " need to learn your place! I am the mistress. I am in charge of the slaves. You obey me just as you would him!" Baby said "No one. is in charge of me." Cunt said, twisting her head to ease the pain in her neck.

Baby was frustrated. She was not a violent person but couldn't bring herself to stand there and listen to Cunt's taunts. She left the room without saying a word. I met her on the stairs as she was on her way up.

She was crying. "Don't let her get to you." I said, embracing her on the stairs. "She is just trying to make you angry enough to make a mistake." I wiped her tears aways with my thumbs and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Do you want to go show her who is in charge? It's been a while since you know." I said, smiling wickedly. "Mmm-hmm." she replied, sniffing one last time and composing herself.

We walked back in to the room together, startling Cunt and she whipped her head around to try to see us. I squatted down at the head of the bed and faced Cunt. "Baby is your mistress. You follow her orders as you will mine." I said slowly, with controlled anger. "You are trying my patience." "We're going to turn you over on to your back.

Do not struggle or try to escape." I warned. I reached over and unchained her left arm and started to chain it up next to her right arm before swapping her right arm over to the left side. Suddenly, she stretched her neck out and bit down on my left forearm. She clamped her teeth down and tore in to my skin like a wild dog. It hurt like a mother fucker.

I instinctively smashed her upside the head several times and she finally let go, dazed and almost unconscious. "AH! Fuck!" I yelled, grabbing a towel from the cabinet. It was bleeding but not badly. I wrapped the towel around my arm and headed out of the room.

"You have seriously fucked up!" I said, "I'll be right back, Baby." I went upstairs to the bathroom and cleaned the wound, using a wrap-around bandage in place of the towel. I waited a few minutes and headed back downstairs. "Are you all right, Master?" Baby asked as I walked in to the room. "Yes, Baby.

Hand me the rope from the cabinet." I ordered. I didn't want to do what I was about to do, but this girl needed broken, now. I wrapped the rope around Cunt's neck and grabbed each lose end. "Do you understand that your time has run out?" I asked, pulling on the ropes a bit to cut off her air.

Her face started turning bright red, she tilted her head back and her eyes bulged out a bit. "Please.<gasp>.I don't want.<gasp> please don't." she said in strained voice.

I pulled the ropes tighter. "You are out of chances!" I said, in my most stern voice. "Say it now! Say 'I am your obedient slave and I live to please my Master!'" "! <gasp> . <gasp> PLEASE!" "SAY 'I AM YOUR OBEDIENT SLAVE AND I LIVE TO PLEASE MY MASTER'" I yelled, then put my mouth up to her ear again and pulled the ropes very tight. "Or you die.right here.right will die!" I was not going to kill her, but she didn't know that.

"I. <gasp> am your obedient <gasp> slave and I <gasp> live to please you!" she barely managed to squeak out, messing up the line. It was close enough. I loosened the rope but kept it around her neck.

She took several large gulps of air and panted loudly. "Say it again!" I ordered. "I am your obedient. <sob> slave. <sob> and. and <sob>. I live to <sob>. please you." she cried. She let her head fall face down on the bed and sobbed deeply. "Good. Now I'm going to turn you over on your back. If you move a single muscle I will fucking kill you on the spot.

Do you understand?" I asked. "<sob>. yes." she said meekly. I jerked her head back by her hair. "'Yes' What!" I demanded. She looked confused for a few seconds and then sobbed out a weak "Yes.Master?" I let her head fall back on the mattress and finished turning her over.

She did not resist. "Please.<sob> can I have some water?" Cunt asked. "Get her some water, Baby." I ordered. Baby got a bottle of water from the slave quarters fridge and fed it to Cunt while holding her head up for her. "You have been quite a handful today." I began, "You will stay chained here for the night. Tomorrow you will learn your place.

I hope your rebellions are over." "Come on, Baby. We're done here for the night." I said, motioning her to come back upstairs with me.

I turned the light off and closed the door, leaving Cunt chained to the bed, lightly sobbing and in complete darkness. January 1st, 2008 4:12pm Baby and I woke up, had some breakfast and then went down to play with our new toy. I had planned on breaking her in last night, but my arm hurt too much to think about sex. It is feeling much better today. It was not as deep as I originally thought and it's starting to heal. I opened the door to the punishment room and Cunt turned her head towards us.

"Please. please unchain me." she begged, "I won't resist you any more, I promise. Please, my back is hurting." I had forgotten that I left her all night on a partially wet sheet, lying on her backside that had been severely whipped.

She was probably still quite sore. "Soon.maybe." I replied. My arm hurt too, so I didn't have a lot of sympathy for her at this point. I grabbed the dowel rod from the cabinet, walked over to her and whacked her across the front of both thighs. She let out a short, sharp scream and looked at me in confusion. "Please unchain me.what?!?" I yelled. "Wha?. I don't. I mean. Please unchain me, Master!" she stammered. "That's better!" I said.

"Will you unchain me now." she started, followed a few seconds later by "Master!" as she remembered to say it. I turned back towards her and brought the rod down across her thighs again.

She yelped loudly again and looked at me with a mixture of confusion and anger. "What. why was. what did I DO?!?!" she demanded, with a tone unfit to use when addressing her master. "Explain it to her, Baby." I ordered. Baby walked over to her and sat on the edge of the bed. "You do not speak to Master unless you are asked a question, or as an acknowledgment of an order." Baby began.

"If you have something important to say, you must first say 'Master?'. If Master decides to respond, he will reply with 'What is it, Cunt?' and then you can say what you wanted to say." "But if Master decides that what you said was not important enough, you will be punished." Baby continued. "Also, you must always use a respectful and submissive tone of voice." "You may speak more freely to Baby when I am not around." I added, "But, you will address her as 'Mistress' and be respectful to her at all times.

You will obey her as you do me or she is authorized to punish you however she sees fit. Do you understand all of this?" "You people are insane." she mumbled, almost inaudibly. She turned her head away from us and started to cry.

I grabbed her head with both hands, spinning her face toward me with a hard jerk. "DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?" I demanded. "Yes." she replied, deeply sobbing several times before finally getting the word "Master" out. "Ok." I said, "Baby, undress her." Cunt looked at me with shock on her face. I'm not sure why she was shocked. I thought I had made it clear why she was here.

Baby grabbed a pair of scissors from the cabinet and straddled Cunt's waist. "Ok, Cunt, I'm not going to hurt you, but I need to cut you out of these clothes." Baby said, as she slipped the scissors under the bottom of Cunt's shirt, near her navel. Cunt turned her head back away from us and started crying louder. "Look at me, Cunt!" I commanded. Cunt slowly turned her face back toward me. "Clear the hair away from her face, Baby." I said, "I want to see her face too." Baby brushed the hair from Cunt's face.

She really was quite pretty. "Do it slowly, Baby." I ordered, "Make it sexy for Master!" Baby very slowly cut through her shirt, one snip at a time, pausing for a few seconds between each snip.

Cunt looked downward in shame. "Look at me!" I yelled, "Look right in to the eyes of your master! Do not look away again or you will be punished." Cunt quickly looked me in the eyes as the flow of her tears increased. This was thoroughly humiliating for her.

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Good. Baby finished cutting through the shirt and sat up straight, putting one hand under each half of the shirt. She slowly moved her hands up toward Cunt's chest, caressing her stomach as the shirt fell away to either side. This girl knows how to be sexy! Baby then cut through the sleeves so the shirt was fully open. I reached over and pulled it out from under her. "Mistress thinks you are pretty!" Baby said, caressing Cunt's upper body with both hands, circling her bra-covered chest with light strokes of her fingers.

"Oh God!" Cunt cried, momentarily diverting her eyes away from me, "Please." Baby slid the scissors under Cunt's bra and with one quick snip, the bra was loose but still covering her tits. Baby took one bra cup in each hand, slowly pulling them away to reveal Cunt's well-rounded and firm tits. "Very nice!" Baby said, cupping each one with her hands. "Don't you think so, Master?" "Yes, very nice." I replied.

And they were, but I was looking more in to Cunt's tearful eyes than at her tits. I can see her tits any time. I want to see this bitch's face as she learns who is in control. Baby bent over and lightly kissed each of Cunt's nipples, then slid off the bed and moved to Cunt's feet.

Cutting each pant leg up to her hips and then positions herself between Cunt's legs. Running her hands up Cunt's legs, she parted the split in each pant leg, turning her hands as she made her way up Cunt's thighs, fingers point toward her crotch.

Baby ran her hands up under the front of Cunt's pants, all the way up to the zipper, but carefully avoided her crotch. She then pulled her hands out and unbuttoned Cunt's pants and unzipped them slowly. Cunt renewed her crying, diverting her eyes momentarily several times to look down at Baby.

Baby cut away the rest of Cunt's pants and they fell away. I grabbed them and pulled them out from under her. Cunt was now lying there naked except for her light-blue panties, sobbing and pleading with her eyes for me to stop.

"That's good, Baby." I said, motioning to her to get off the bed. Baby reached down and pulled Cunt's panties down just enough to see the hairline of her pussy. She bent over, planted a light kiss on the newly exposed skin, looked up at her and said "Master will have you now." I retrieved the special anti-biting clamp I had made a few months ago to use with Star and Baby. It was a large 'C' clamp with pegs attached that pushed the persons cheeks inward when tightened.

This forced their cheeks between their top and bottom teeth, preventing them from biting without biting through their own cheeks first. It makes them look a bit like a fish, but allows almost full use of their lips and tongue. I tightened the clamp to Cunt's face, crawled on to the bed and straddled her chest, my crotch a few inches from her face. "Baby, put a pillow under her head." I ordered. Baby complied, positioning Cunt's head about an inch away from the zipper of my pants.

"Lick me!" I commanded. Cunt looked at me with fear in her eyes. "Iii oooowwwnn wuuunn oooo.peeeezzz!" she wailed, unable to form words properly.

"LICK ME!" I yelled. Cunt stuck her tongue out and quickly licked my pants, then stated to sob again. I sat up straight, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.

"Now, lick this!" I ordered. "Aaaah aaaccckk eee oooth!" I have no fucking idea what she was trying to say. She did another quick thrust of her tongue, barely touching the head of my dick. "Stick your tongue out and lick me!" I yelled, "And do not stop until I tell you to!" She sobbed once and stuck her tongue out, daintily rubbing it against the underside of the head. "Stick it out farther!" I commanded, "Lick it good, like an ice cream cone!

Baby, give me the dowel rod! "Iii iiiyinnn" she cried. She then stuck her tongue out all the way and started to lick better than before. My cock was throbbing and pulsing as she tickled the underside with her wet tongue.

Baby handed me the rod which I held in my right hand and tapped in my left hand. "Now, Cunt, what do you think?" I asked tauntingly, "Do you think you'd like this 'old' dick in your mouth? Or would you prefer more of what you had last night?" I tapped the rod in my hand again for emphasis. "Iiiy aaarrrry!" she said. I think it was "I'm sorry". "Well, from what I heard, you don't like old, wrinkly cocks." I said, "Maybe you don't want his one?

"Eth. eth. iii ooo." she said.


"Ask me for it." I demanded. "Eeezz Mathter, eeezz yet meee uck iii" she begged. "Ok, you may suck it." I replied. She hesitated, sobbed once and then lifted her head to take my cock in to her mouth, but could only get the head in because of the way I was sitting. She sobbed quietly as she bobbed her head up and down the two inches or so she could manage in this position.

"There you go, that's a good slave." I encouraged. "Keep it up! Use your tongue too!" She started sliding her tongue across the underside of my cock as she continued to glide her mouth up and down the head. "Look at me!" I demanded. She looked up at me and blinked a few times to clear the tears from her eyes. "See? Old, wrinkly cock doesn't taste any different than young cock, now does it?" I asked.

She shook her head and continued sucking my cock. "In fact, I'll bet you really like old, wrinkly cock now, don't you" I gloated. She nodded and moaned "Mmm-hmm." The vibrations of her moaning felt really nice and it gave me an idea. "Hum a song for me!" I ordered. "Mmmm?" she moaned. "You heard me." I replied, "Hum a song for me.

Maybe some 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. You know that one don't you?" "Mmm-hmm." she replied, sobbing loudly. "Do it!" I said firmly. "Mmm mm mmm mm hmm hmm hmm." she hummed. It felt quite good. "Louder!" I ordered. "MMM MMM HMM HMM MM MM MMMMM." she continued. This was feeling too good. I wasn't ready to get off yet. We still had more fun planned. January 1st, 2008 7:52pm I climbed off of Cunt and bent over close to her ear.

"You're catching on!" I exclaimed, brushing her hair out of her eyes. "Cooperation is much more pleasant for you, don't you agree?" "Uhh-huh." Cunt replied. "Do you think I could removed this clamp and count on you to not bite?" I asked. "UHH-HUH!" she said, anxiously.

"Ok," I began, "but know this: If you bite. if your teeth even scrape too hard, I will torture you to death. slowly. I am not *even* bluffing. Do you understand?" "Uhh-huh." she answered. I removed the clamp and Cunt contorted her jaw several times to ease the stiffness.

"Baby, it's your turn!" I announced. Cunt snapped her head around to look at me with twisted confusion on her face. "What do you. what does *that* mean?" she asked. I considered using the rod on her for speaking without permission, but the look on her face was priceless. "Baby. continue." I ordered. "Yes, Master." Baby replied as she started to unbutton and unzip her pants.

"Oh my God! you can't. you never said. Oh GOD, I can't do this! Please don't make me do this!" Cunt begged, the tears starting to flow once again. "Cunt." I started, but was interrupted. "I can't do this! PLEASE!" she pleaded. Baby slid her pants down and stepped out of them, now standing in just her white panties and a t-shirt.

She paused for a moment as Cunt continued her pleas. "Please. M-Master. we can. I'll. I'll do you. whatever you want.

please, Master!" she implored. "Continue, Baby." I said, motioning with a pointed finger to Cunt. Baby slid her hands down both hips, rolling her panties down her thighs and stepped out of them. She then stood up straight and spread her legs just slightly. If I'm not mistaken, Baby was enjoying lightly taunting her, probably in revenge for the mean things Cunt had said to her earlier.

"OH GOD, NO!!!" Cunt yelled, turning her head away from Baby. "CUNT!!!" I yelled, raising the rod, "YOU WILL." again I was interrupted, this time by Baby. "Master, please let me talk to her?" she asked. I nodded. Baby knelt down on the bed, getting close to Cunts face.

"Cunt. Cunt, listen to me." she said, waiting for Cunt to quit sobbing. "This is what Master wants. It will happen, either with the clamp or without it. Please. I don't want to see you punished again." "But I. I'm not like that! I don't. I mean, I'm not a. I can't do that!" she replied. "You can, and you must." Baby assured her. "I'll help you through it. It's not that bad. I thought it was going to be horrible my first time, too, but it wasn't. Please. just follow my directions.

It'll be over soon and you'll see that it's not that bad." "I. can't." Cunt sobbed, but with resignation in her voice.

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"Let's start with a kiss." Baby suggested, slowly planting her lips on Cunts mouth. Cunt pulled away slightly, surprised at the initial contact. Cunt made a token effort to receive the kiss, but did not exactly return it. It was a long, slow kiss, as Baby tried to get her used to the touch of a woman. Baby slowly moved to straddle Cunt's waist as she continued to kiss her for several long seconds, then started lightly sliding her tongue across Cunt's lips, occasionally dipping it in to her mouth.

"See how I'm doing this with my tongue? This is how you do it." Baby said, "Stick your tongue out a little now." Cunt cautiously stuck her tongue out an inch or so.

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Baby began to flick her tongue on Cunt's tongue, circling and teasing it. "And do like this on the clit." Baby instructed, returning to her tongue movements. I was about to come, right there, in my pants. I fucking love this girl. Baby sat up straight, lifted her arms and removed her t-shirt. She then bent down, laid a long, slow tongue kiss on Cunt's mouth, both of their tits smashing against each other. After several seconds of this, Baby sat back up and crawled up to straddle Cunt's face, her pussy about an inch from Cunt's lips.

"I don't know if. I. I." Cunt stammered. "Do it like I showed you, Cunt." Baby directed. "Let me feel your tongue, just a little." Cunt stuck her tongue out and tentatively touched it to the lips of Baby's snatch. "It. it. the smell." Cunt protested. "You get used to it quickly." Baby assured. "I want to feel your tongue now." Cunt slid her tongue back out and ran it up most of the length of the lips, immediately withdrawing it back in to her mouth.

"There you go!" Baby encouraged. "That's a great start. Keep it up!" Baby started rocking gently, closed her eyes and grabbed her own thighs to give her something to squeeze. Baby has a tendency to go wild during orgasm, sometimes forgetting there is another person involved.

She almost suffocated Star once in the throes of her ecstasy. "Now, work my clit, like I showed you." Baby instructed. Cunt let out a quiet grunt and complied. "Mmmmmm! Yes!" Baby exclaimed excitedly as she started rocking more forcefully.

My balls were aching from watching this, and I decided Baby needed a distraction to calm her down a bit, so I walked around in front of her and guided her mouth on to my cock. "Mmmmm-Hmmmm!" she moaned approvingly, sliding her mouth down, taking it in almost to the hilt. As Baby swallowed my cock over and over, I could feel that she was starting to get too wild, but I was lost in my own world and didn't care.

Baby took her mouth off of my cock just long enough to bark out new orders. "Stick your tongue out. all the way. yes. fuck me with it!." she demanded, returning to my cock. Baby started to moan deeply and rock violently on Cunt's face. The vibrations of her moans sending me to the point of no return.

I could hear Baby's muffled orgasmic screams as my cock tightened and began to explode. Load after load of come shot down her throat, and she, as usual, didn't spill a drop. After we wound down and I pulled out of her mouth, Baby still rocked gently against cunt's face, caressing her own shoulders with her hands. I lifted her chin with my finger and motioned for her to get up. Cunt lie there sobbing, face completely covered in pussy juice and saliva, trying to spit the stray, curly, auburn hairs from her mouth.

Baby got a towel and wiped Cunt's face dry. "I'm sorry," she said sheepishly, "I sometimes lose control a little. " I transfered Cunt to a collar and long chain attached to one of the the ceiling rings.

I gave her permission to shower with Baby's supervision and went back upstairs. I took a quick look at the bathroom video monitor. Cunt was just standing in the shower, staring at the wall and sobbing while Baby washed her with a sponge. =============== January 2nd, 2008 12:37pm I got a call from Wayne this morning. He and Star are doing fine. He called to ask if I had another girl ready yet. He has a friend who is very interested in buying a slave, and asked me if I took trade-ins!

Apparently, this guys wife is one of those typical bitches that can marry in to money because of their looks. But after she moves in to the big house and the BMW is delivered, the sex soon dries up and she devotes her time to spending money and social events.

The guy wants her gone, and assures me she has virtually no family, no close friends, and claims he can cover our tracks with anyone who asks about her. He would schedule a trip to Europe for just her, several weeks in advance to give her time to tell casual friends about it. The day of the trip, they will both come by here and he will leave with only his new girl. If anyone asks about her later, he will claim that she met someone in France and refuses to return. I told Wayne to go ahead and have him schedule the trip, but did not commit to taking her yet.

She's 31, but definitely attractive, and I would love to get my hands on one of these spoiled bitches, but it seems very risky. And at 31, she would be harder to sell and would bring less money than a younger girl. I also told Wayne that taking the guys wife would not change the price of the slave.


I need to think about this some more.