Shemale group fucking busty babe

Shemale group fucking busty babe
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Katia came to my law office to plead with me to take her fiance's case for appeal. Katia was slender attractive woman with hour glass figure. She wore a mid drift blouse that showed her breasts and nipples pressing aganist the fabric. Katia's short short's showed off her long legs and thighs.

I wondered to myself where to start. I felt my hands flutter across the front of my trousers. Katia crouched on the floor between my legs, loosening my belt.

What's your name girl ? I demanded in a gruff manner. Katia, sir she squeaked.Well you had better be good, or I'll put that belt to better use than holding up my trouser's. Yes sir, she murmured and swiftly drawing down my zipper.

She expected a limp cock to appear, but was suprised by a vigorous hard sizable cock leaping out of my trousers and filled her hand. Katia leaned forward, and gently ran the tip of her tongue around the purple head of my cock. A small drop of precum gave her a taste of what was to come, as she slowly opened her mouth wider to take the tip inside. Katia felt me tighten as I raised my hips, pushing myself deeper into her throat. Swiftly she sucked me inside, opening her throat as far as could, and began to slide her lips up and down my shaft.

Katia felt me stiffen, and my orgasm squirted a stream of hot cum into her mouth. Katia spied the belt, and remembering my earlier words, decided that swallowing would be the best course of action. Katia stood up and moved across beside me. Without saying a word, I signalled for her to turn around, face the desk, and bend over the edge of it. She smiled and soundlessly did so.

My hand slid down her back, inside her short's, and cradled a warm buttock smooth as silk to the touch. I pulled her short's down as Katia moved her feet back. Making herself lean lower in the process, and at the same time obeyed my unspoken command to seperate her legs and make my access easier.

My cock was still rock hard from the previous encounter. My hand glided between her legs and began to rub gently up and down her crack. To my surprise, one touch on her clitoris created a gush of fluid which flowed over my hand and eased my penetration of her cunt. Then, with a single thrust I slid the full length of my cock straight up Katia's pussy.

I ploughed up and down her cunt for what seemed a long time.

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Katia was taken completely by surprise by the fury with which she was being fucked. Any complacency she might have felt was washed away as the first orgasm, then a second orgasm sweept through her increasingly limp body.


I grunted loudly as I finally ejaculated spurting long and hard into her willing body. Taking a couple of deep breaths,I quickly wiped at the cum on her leg, throwing the tissue in the waste bin. I turned Katia around had her stoop down, thrusting my cock aganist her lips and instructing her to suck my cock. I pulled Katia to stand up and watched seat tricle down her cleavage.

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I placed my finger under her chin, and raised her face until she made eye contact. My eyes bored into hers, and she found herself unable to look away. I slid my finger down the smooth skin of her throat, across the neckline of her mid drift blouse. I smoothly untied it, opening it to reveal her beautifully formed breasts.

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I grabbed Katia's hands dragging them behind her. I pushed Katia on her back, I grasped both her legs, and bent them back over her head. She tried to struggle, but her arms, pinioned beneath her legs were useless. My free hand grabbed her breast, kneading and twisting it without haste.

Katia whimpered, just wanted to help my fiance. Pain speared into her lower body as I in one thrust, pushed my huge cock straight into her pussy. Katia had never experienced this pain before. Her pussy was as tight as a clam. With no pretence I began to piston in and out of her. Katia's body ached as my massive cock continued to rasp aganist her dry cuntwall.

The pain stopped as I withdrew, Katia began to lower her legs, thankful it was over. I quickly flipped her and she was face down on the desk, her sore breast cooled by the wooden surface. Relief was short lived. The trickle of oil on her asshole warned her of what was to come.

No! No! No! not there!, not my ass. I said No one asked you. Katia felt my knees push her legs apart as I settled in behind her again. I reached forward, grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled. I yanked her head back, and the surprise caused her to yell out. She felt me push the tip of my finger into her ass. Katia thought at least he is being gentle this time, she thought to herself. Unaware that I was simply ensuring that the oil eased into her ass.

She felt my finger withdraw., to be replaced by the bulbous end of my cock. Again the same quick thrust that caused pain before as I forced my way past her virgin sphincter. " Please stop, Please stop, Oh GOD it hurts" as I drove myself into her. Katia screams as I finally drove myself completely into her. Her head snaps back and her back archs in pain.

Katia 's legs snap stright and begin to quiver as my cock is now buried into her trembling body. My hips thrusting as I drive my self relentlessly into this beautiful young woman. Katia is pleading " Stop Uuuhh!


Uuuhh! P- please stop." tears running down her face. I began increasing the pace of my thrusts. Katia 's moans of increased pain and increased in frequency and volume as I drive into her faster. My groans begin deep in my throat as I approach orgasm. Katia knew it, too. P -please! Uuuhhh!

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Uuuhhh! Don't c-cum in me! Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh! P -please not ooohh - inside of m - me! Uuuhhh! Uuuhh! I continued driving into Katia, harder, harder, faster, faster, my grunts and groans of pleasure echoing in Katia 's ear.

Katia could tell I was getting close to coming, she could feel me swelling inside of her.

She frantically was trying to push me out of her, she was trying to get my cock out of her before I could cum. Uuuhhh!

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Uuuhhh Don't! Please Don't ! Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh!

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Not inside me! Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh!

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Please not Inside MEEEE OOOOOHH GOD NOOOOO!!!! Katia felt my cock throbbing, felt me shooting my thick, hot cum deep inside of her.

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Gradually I slowed to a stop and collapsed aganist a sobbing girl. Leaving her drenched in sweat and semen leaning aganist the desk.