Homemade teen first and hardcore double penetration up shits creek sans a paddle

Homemade teen first and hardcore double penetration up shits creek sans a paddle
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This is part two, please read the first story to gain an understanding. First story: http://stories.xnxx.com/story/25051/Snow_storm%2C_home_alone_from_school_all_weekend_with_Jackson_%28Part_one%29. After cumming all over Jackson's face, we left my bedroom for the bathroom.

I lifted up Jackson, one hand under his knees, the other on his upper back, taking a condom and the bottle of lube. I carried him to the bathroom and put him down on his two feet. I turned on the hot water in the shower and then began to lube Jackson up again. I sat on the side of the bathtub with him upside down, resting his head and back on the floor and his ass pointing up, resting in my lap.

I started lubing up his tight little hole, poking into him and watching his eyes close and breathing deeper.


I lifted Jackson up, turned him around and kissed him softly on his sweet back and pushed him into the shower. We sat on the shower floor, with the warm water running down my back.

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I kissed Jackson again on the back, turned him around and started kissing him on his lips, rubbing my nose against his, forehead to forehead. I pushed his head down onto my dick and he got a sweet grip of it with his lips. I pushed his head up and down, I pushed his head right down onto my hard dick, I could feel my dick go down his throat.

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He then moaned heavy and I pulled his head up and start to kiss him. I turned him around again and stood up, lifting him with me, this time, with both of his arms pushing against the wall, I held him around the chest and starting wanking him off.

I went faster and faster, he moaned deeper and deeper. His moan was really deep, I held his head back with my arm around his neck and he came on his stomach, into his belly button. We sat back down onto the shower floor, with the hot water running down my back and Jackson facing me, I licked the cum off his stomach and kissed him, I repeated this until all of his sweet cum was gone.

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We stood up, Jackson rolled a condom onto my hard dick, I turned him around, pushing him against the wall and I kissed him softly on his back. He took a deep breath and let it go. I rubbed my four-skin back and forth up against his asshole, rubbing more lube on it.


I kept on rubbing my four-skin back and forth against his tight asshole, he knew any second now that he was going to be fucked. I rubbed my nose through his soft hair and against his ear, grabbing him around his chest with my left arm and gripping onto his leg with my right arm, I thrusted into his tight lubed asshole.


Jackson made the most sweetest and loud moan. He felt the deep pain, but it was pleasure. Every breath that Jackson tried to gasp was shallow. I fucked him harder every thrust, with every moan he was making got louder and louder, his loud moans of pain from every deep-thrust were no substitute for the snow storm outside.

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I kept fucking Jackson. I was about to cum, I very quickly turned Jackson around and came all over his face, neck and stomach, I rubbed the cum around on his face and chin, kissing him on his lips. Jackson and I cleaned ourselves thoroughly and I cleaned his ass out with the water. I dried myself and Jackson. I grabbed the bottle of lube and lifted Jackson up in my arms. He was exhausted and fell asleep in my arms, I softly dropped Jackson onto the bed, lifted up the blankets and sheets and softly placed him into my bed.

I got in on the other side and kissed him and whispered quietly: "Good night Jackson", with my arms and legs around him.

I fell asleep with his warm body against mine with deep gratification. We had fallen asleep during the afternoon, I woke up. It was snowing hard. Jackson was sleeping still, sound asleep. The sight of his smooth body made me hard. I kissed him on his forehead and lubed up his little asshole. He instantly woke up and made a small moan.

He knew where he was and what he was in for. I fingered him, he was tense again. I put a condom on, stood on my knees in my bed, put his legs on my shoulders and continued to finger him. He was easing up.

I started to wank his dick, I wouldn't let him come yet. I rubbed my four-skin along his sweet little lubed hole.

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I put the head of my hard dick into his little hole. I got 3/4 of my dick into him and said I'm halfway in. I pushed into him harder, he started to breathe shallow again and close his eyes. I kept pushing into him and said that my dick was completely in him, but I was only half way.

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I slowly pulled out to the tip. I gripped hard onto his hips and thrusted my hard dick right into him. I tricked him. Jackson made yet another sweet, painful, loud moan, yet again, his cries were not heard.

I continued to fuck him hard. I vigorously wanked his dick, I was about to come and so was he. I continued to wank him off and he came in my hand and I came whilst I was still fucking him.

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I pulled out and tied the knot on the condom and threw it on the floor, Jackson rested in my bed after freshly being fucked. I went and washed my hands, I headed back into my bedroom and Jackson was still laying flat there, I put on a pair of jeans and a shirt then headed downstairs into the kitchen.

I was making toast for breakfast and put on the kettle and made two coffees.

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I turned around to get the butter from the fridge and Jackson was slightly limping down the stairs and walking slowly. We sat down and had our toast and coffee.

Jackson said "I better head home before my Mum gets angry", I said "Ok, come back tonight" and got up and scruffled his soft hair. I started heading upstairs and got to the hall and grabbed some fresh sheets from the linen closet.

I heard the front door close. Jackson had went home. I went a remade my bed and went and watched TV for the rest of the day and could only think about the sweet love I made to Jackson.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ More to this series coming next.