Hot drilling with hard dong

Hot drilling with hard dong
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Hello, my name is Chaz. When I was seventeen and I'd played football as a defensive tackle. I was in really good shape due to the constant work out regime we did all year long. I am 6'1 about back then I was about 250 lbs of hard body muscle.

I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I guess I am pretty good looking. I say cause of that I was getting looks and flirts from the female body of my high school. I dated a little but nothing other than playing around I didn't have much of a sexual life. Though I had my fair share of girlfriends. Well it all started when school let out for my last summer break of my high school year. My parents were going to an business convention.

I chose to stay behind but they pretty much told me that they would feel better if I stayed at my Aunt's house for the two weeks they would be gone. Reluctently I agreed to the terms cause I knew I'd have a better time there than bring dragged around with the folks and my baby sister. Though she is only a year and a half younger than me I knew I'd have to babysit her if I went. My Aunt (her name is Rita) is my Step Father's baby sister.

She is a very good looking and is in excellent shape. her husband left her a few years ago for a younger woman he met at work. She has three kids two daughters ( Shelly and Diana) and a son (Nathen). Her daughters are twins and they love to use that identical looks to their advantage specially at their age of 16 years old. Nathen or Nate as we called him is a bit on the wierd side. He seems to know more than a 7 year old should know.

I hadn't seen them all in three years before Jason (her husband) ran out on them. I was really stuck at how much my cousins had changed from being beans poles to very beautiful women. In fact I was staring pretty hard when Nate spoke up and broke my trance by saying " Yes Chaz, they have fillied out there training bras very well.

" It was as if he was reading my mind. I laughed pretty hard though inside I was reeling from the fact if he could he'd know I was mentally ripping their clothes off. I know I wasn't suppose to think that way but I was a sexually hormonal 17 year old. just then my Aunt Rita comes from the backyard in a stunning two piece bikini that left little to my imagination. "Chaz!!! What are you doing here? I thought you weren't suppose to arrive until a few hours from now." Rita said as she ran up to my and wrapped her arms aroud me.

I was in heaven for a 17 year old. lol The feeling of her full breast (which later I learned were 38 DD) against my chest and squeezing me tight. That's when panic truly set in when I noticed my cock hardening to full mast in my shorts.

I just knew my Aunt Rita had to feel it pressed against her stomach. Then she pulls back still holding me by my shoulders eyeing me up and down and said " Oh my you have grown into such a handsome young man. I bet all the girls at school just throw themselves at you." I was blushing at her comments and the fact that I knew my short were indecently bulging from the hard on I was sporting.

Again, nate spook up saying " I would agree mother, he seems to be very excited about seeing you too." I wanted to run and hide in the corner from embaressment. I stood my ground and acted like I didn't hear him and said " Yeah sorry Aunt Rita, mom and dad waned to get a earlier start so I left before them and forgot to call you to let you know I would be driving up sooner." " Don't worry about it Chaz." she said.

"I was just getting out of the pool to take Nate to the bus for his summer camping trip." I looked down at Nate when he walked up beside me and said" Yes, I think the experience should be good for me. Plus the camp has a computer coarse I am very interested in getting into and working with." I was thinking what mad scientist created this kid from or reversed time on himself. That's when the twins bounced in not to be left out and said they wanted to go to the mall and they would take Nate to the bus for Aunt Rita.

"I couldn't let my little man go to camp without me seeing him off first. I'm gonna miss my lil man." Rita said at once. " Mother, I am fully able to get on the bus and go to camp without you having to see me off. Besides we have a guest in the house that needs attending to and made to feel at home." he said with a smile.

To say the hairs on the back of my neck was standing up would be putting it mildly. Here was a 7 year old boy talking to his mother like it she was a teenager. "if you're sure baby ok, but I'm still going to miss you my lil man." Aunt rita said and bent down and kissed his cheekand hugged him savagely. " I know mother and I shall miss you too." Nate told her.

With that Nate turned to his sisters and said " when you to vixens are ready we shall be off." We all laughed but the girls laughter seemed more forced. I just knew they had to be stewing from his lil jab. That's when Diana came closer to me and whispered to me "Hey would you like to go with us to the mall instead of being stuck here with mom? I'm sure we could be a lot more fun." then she pulled back and winked at me.

I thought that was pretty weird but blew it off. " Naw, I'm pretty beat from the drive besides that pool back there looks pretty darn good to me right now." That is when Aunt Rita chimed in and said " That's right girls Chaz has had a long enough day driving here.

I bet he want to relax and unpack before you two drag him off to the mall and everywhere else you two go all the time. Besides I want to catch up with my nephew before you two hog all his atention." I had to laugh and I promised them I'd be more than happy to go with them tomorrow.

They we more than thrilled and both came up and hugged me on either side. Then Nate came up and pushed his sisters out of the way and extended his hand to shake mine and said "I would have like to have stayed here with you but I can't reschedule my appointment.

I hope you don't mind but I shall see you before you return home. Oh, try not the let these women wear you out too much before I return.

I know they can be a handful at times." I laughed and shook his hand and told him not to worry cause I don't think they could do toomuch damage to me. With that all three of my cousins left out the door. Aunt Rita helped me unload my bags from my car.

That was were I got a great view of her bend over the back seat to get my backpack. I thought about what Nate had said and smiled inwardly to myself thinking I would love to have my Aunt wear me out in her bed anytime. Her bathing suit just barely contained that beautiful ass and I could see her camel toe underneth.

I also noticed there didn't seem to be any hair down there cause the bathing suit was to tight. As I was in another trance day dreaming about all the things I would love to do to her body I didn't realize two things.

One my Aunt had pulled my backpack out of the back and second I was sporting another massive hard on that could be clearly seen in my shorts.

" Ah to be young and so viril again, you seem to be having trouble with that thing today Chaz." Aunt Rita said with a laugh. I was busted as plain as day. I again turned the brightest red and the day seem to have gotten 100 degrees hotter in a second. This made my Aunt laugh even harder. Then she said "Come on young man before you scare my nieghbors with that monster you can't control there." With that we went back inside and she showed me the downstairs guest room they had all ready for me.


"I be out by the pool while you unpack. After you are finished why don't you come back and join me. It will be nice to have such a handsome young man around the pool instead of the twins." she said with a big smile. Then she turned around and walked out the room shutting the door behind her. I sat on the bed breathing heavily at how turned on I was getting over my Aunt Rita and how embaressed I was to be so busted like I was.

i unpacked all my stuff and beore I put on my swim suit to join my Aunt I peeked out the bedrrom window that was facing the pool and saw Aunt Rita oiling herself up and down as she prepared to lay in the sun.

As she would rub herself I took my hard cock into my hands and stroked my 8 in throbbing cock. Watching her rub just about every inch of herself wishing it was my hands exploring her body. I just had to cum cause I knew now if I didn't I would have a hard on the whole time i was with her by the pool. As I stood there spitting into my hand and beating the hell out of my hard cock.

Every once in a while I'd open my eyes to get a new view of how hot my Aunt Rita was oiling herself up. Her long reddish brown hair, her smooth golden skin, those perfectly round breast, and the image of her ass as she was bent over where racing threw my mind.

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Then I saw let her top down when I guess she was alone and no one watching she oiled her breast up and between them. I could have sworn she was feeling herself up as she rubbed the oil into her breast. Her nipples were hard and long as pencil erasers. They were also a creamy light brown in color. That drove me into over drive as I learn forward to get a better look at them. Then she pulled her top back into place and her hands went down her sexy stomach and went right between her legs.

I was crazied by then, and I swear my cock grew even harder and longer watch what looked like my Aunt Rita playing with herself. Well that did it for me and I came like a firehose. My cum shoot from my cock like a cannon hitting the window and spraying the wall under the window. I pulled myself away from the window to grab some sock and clean up my mess before anyone found out just how much of a prevert I was.

After I calmed down a bit I got into my swimming trunks and headed to the kitchen for something to drink with my towel over my shoulder. From there I was going to use the back door in the kitchen to go loudly out the back door so I wouldn't make a scene.

As I rounded the corner to the kitchen I bumped into my sexy oiled up Aunt. "OH!!" she exclaimed. "I was just about to come and see what was taking you so long." Standing there right in front of each other just inches apart I told her I was gonna get a drink before I went out to the pool. She smiled at me and said tat was a great idea. She then went to the fridge and bent over to get something for us to drink.

While bent over and her head in the fridge she said" If you promise not to tell anyone I'll let you have a ice cold beer. Would you like that." I was floored. Here was this sexy goddess her sexy ass not 5 feet from me and it had all of my attention and now she was offering me a beer too? " You have a deal!" I said with excitement. I couldn't belive my luck. She turned around and handed me the beer and she looked me up and down then said " Good, cause I don't want anyone to know I was a bad influence on you." she said with a wink.

This brought out a big laugh from me and I told her this wasn't the first beer I have had. I opened the door for my Aunt being a gentleman ( and I wanted to watch that sexy ass again before I lost that chance) and we walked out to the pool. We both sat in the lounge chair and talked. Mostly I amswered her questions about school, football, if I was dating anyone, and all the normal question family member ask me about. I told her about how I ws doing pretty good in my classes and that I had been on the varsity team since my sophmore year when I hit my growth spurt a couple years ago.

I then told her I had dated a few girls from school but it wasn't nothing too serious. This seem to make her laugh and she said " I find that very hard to believe that one of those high school girls hadn't made more of an effort to make it serious." I was puzzled by the statement and asked her what she meant. " Well, from what I have seen today you are very well endowed. If I was in high school with you, you wouldn't have had a chance to say no cause I would attacked you." This seemed to be a day in which I was knocked to the floor by things that were said and done.

I just stared at my Aunt Rita and I was speakless. Then she hit me with the knock out punch and said" Why are you still and virgin?" What do you say to a sexy woman even though she is my Aunt. I blushed three more shades of red and got up and jumped into the pool. I swam underwater to the deep end trying to get a handle on the situation and give me time to think.

When I got the the end of the pool I felt a pair oh hands pulling my by the waist back underwater. It was my Aunt Rita and she pulled it twisted to face her I felt her hand slip and then get caught on my baggy swim trunks. Well they about down to my kneess on that pull.

There I was in the pool being pulled underwater by my Aunt from underneth. Her head was inches away from my stomach and my swim trunks pulled to my knees. Well I guess it was my Aunt's turn to get a shock cause just an ich from her face was my hard cock. She released her grip from me and swam up for air.

As soon as we were both treading waterand me pulling my swim suit up she began to apoligize to me about doing that. I had to laugh at her cause now she was the one turn red. With that she swam to the edge of the pool and got out and sat at her lounge chair taking a big drink of her beer. I got out and headed over to mine right next to hers and sat down. I took a drink of mine as well. We both looked at each other and laughed. We both knew we had got each other and that seem to be that.

I then told her that I was a virgin. Not because I didn't want to but my last girlfriend was kinda freaked out about how thick I was and that she was scared I'm hurt her. this seem to make me Aunt laugh even harder. She then turned to me with a almost too serious look on her face and said, " Years from now she will regret not having her way with you. I couldn't be so lucky to have such a handsome man in my life like you Chaz." I sat stunned again, but I recovered quickly and said, " Are you kidding Aunt Rita?

You are hot. Beyond hot in fact. In fact I don't know why you don't have a thousand guy lined up at your door right now seeing that you are single and all." Then I went on to say "I always thought Uncle Jason was an asshole and stupid to give you up for some tramp. I wish when I get older I could have a woman half as beautiful as my wife as you are." I guess this seem o strike a nerve with her cause she started to cry.

I shot out of my chair and was hugging her in my arms. I couldn't stand to see her cry. After a minute she looked up at me and asked " Do you really mean that?". "Of coarse I do Aunt Rita.

You are smart funny beautiful, and I know I'm not suppose to say things like this but I think you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen." I told her.

She seem to look at me for a long time searching my eyes for something. Then she lean up and kissed my cheek but it felt different than anyother time she had done this. It felt longer and with more feeling than a quick relative peck you give someone from your family. She then let go and took another drink of her beer until it was finished.

She smile up at me and asked if I would get her another beer and one more for myself if I needed it. I was more than happy to do it cause I could feel my cock once again stir and harden from the closeness we had shared. It would give me time to cool down and with any luck I wouldn't freak her out. So I went into the kitchen and got the beers and headed back out to the pool.

When I opened the door there was my Aunt laying face door in the lounger with her top laying next to her on the ground. I could see from there her breast mashed against the back of the seat. I swallowed hard and headed out to her. As I reached her she looked up at me with a huge smile and thanked me for the beer and then asked if I would mind rubbing sun tan oil on her back for her.

This cetainly had my heart racing as she handed the bottle to me. As she did part of her breast came into view and i could see the roundness as it settled back into place against the back of the chair. She put both hands under her head and I squirted the oil onto her back.

This got a coo out of her as the oil was cooler than she was and it brought out goose bumps across her skin. I began to rub the oil into her skin. Working her neck to her shoulder. All the while I was drinking in the sexiness of her body. She gave a slight moan and told me that my hands felt great on her back. " You should think about being a massuese that way you can massege my back for free." We both laughed at that.

I continue to massage my way down her back making sure I left no sin untouched. I could feel my cock hardening once again in my swim truck cursing under my breath at the netting restricting it's growth.

As, my hand went to the sides of her back I could feel the edges of her breast as I conitnued to rub the sun tan oil into her skin. It might have been the wind but I could have sworn I heard her whisper a moan from her lips. Now I had a true problem the angle was all wrong to continue the massage and either I could stradle my Aunt's perfect ass or turn my body were my crotch would be at my Aunt's head (noting my hard on would be in full view). Well seeing how her eyes were closed and her head turned the other way I chose the lesser of the two evils.

I turned my body towards her head and continued massaging her lower back. I know how much this area causes my mother problem and my girlfriends all same about the same thing so I made sure to press harder and rub in smaller circles down her spine and just above the area my eyes were fixated ( my Aunt lovely ass).

As I worked my magic into her lower back this time I heard a clear moan excape her lips. What I didn't realize was that she had turned her head and was looking at my crotch as I massaged her lower back.

"Mmmm.damn that feels so good Chaz. Do you get much pratice at this or am I just the luckiest woman to feel you like this? " Aunt Rita said.Almost broken out of my trance and my mind wishing I could remove her bottom you feel those as cheecks in my hands.

"Umm oh no Aunt Rita I massage my mother's back a lot and I have done several of my girlfriends over the years." I told her. Then I looked down to see her licking her lips and down right ogling my straining cock.

I guess cause I froze and my hands stopped rubbing Aunt Rita looked and and had this wicked lil grin on her face. " I mean your hard cock in my face Chaz.

Though I love the way you massaged me I have to say that big cock getting ready to rip your swimming truck right her in my face." she said in a suductive manner. I was mortified. "Oh god Aunt Rita.I'm so sorrry it's just your are so damn sexy how could I not get hard with such a beautiful woman laying here.

And then to let me run my hands up and down your back. I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed. This brought out such a harty laughter out of my Aunt I didn't know what to do. Then she said " I'll tell you what. You drop the Aunt part off and just think of me as Rita the neighbor lady at the pool, and I'll continue to enjoy everything you have to offer." I was like a deer caught in the headlights. I didn't know what to do. But she certainly did when she said " Here, let's get more comfrotable." With that she stood up and started to remove her bikini bottoms.

There stood in front of my a vision of every man's fantasy. I also notice just a thin strip of hair pointing my way to her shaved pussy. I stood there like a fish out of water. My mouth opening and closing and no sound coming out. Then she looked at me like she was waiting for something but I couldn't think of what to do.

" Are you just gonna stand there staring or are you going to join me? " she asked. Snapping out of my shock i asked her "What? What do you mean?" As the smile grew bigger sha said " Um your swim truck .off now." Not sure if any blood ws getting to my brain or not I just fallowed the orders and drop them without thinking what I was doing. " Oh my god Chaz. How did you keep that thing in those swim trucks to begin with?" Rita asked while openingly staring at me hard cock waving in the air after being released from it's comfines.

This time it was my turn to break the trance of my Aunt. " Trust me Rita it was extremely painful. But well worth it being near you." I told her. This brought another wicked smile to her face as she laid back down on the lounge chair but never taking her gaze off my cock. I guess it was only fair cause I was openingly staring t her ass and pussy as she laid back out.

"Well I guess you can continue with my massage cabana boy." she said with a laugh.

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"As you wish." I said with a laugh. "Your wish is my command." I told her as I moved back around to the front of the lounge chair. I noticed that my cock was only inches from my Aunt's face. "Err Aunt you want me to move so that my dick isn't in your face?" I asked.

"Don'tyou dare Chaz and I told you it's RITA." she said a little sternly. I had to laugh at the way she said this. I continued massaging her lower back but this time I allowed my hand to rub lower onto her ass.

I figured if she didn't mind being naked in front of me she wouldn't mind I gave her a complete body massage. It was then I notived that her tan lines weren't very noticable. I asked " Rita do you sun bath naked a lot?" Laughing she said " I see you noticed that now, huh?" I blushed a little and told her yeah I just did.

"Yeah I do when no one is around and I have the house to myself. I tke it you approve?" I could only groan and I squeezed her ass checks involintarly.

With that she reached up and took a hold of my cock holding it in her hand as if feeling it's weight and judging it's length.

This caused my to graon even louder as she began to stroke it lightly back and forth. " It's only fair since you are squeezing and playing with my ass that I get to play with this amazing hard cock." she said. With that in mind I used my oily hand to slide my finger between her cheeks of her ass rubbing from her asshole to her pussy lips and back. this time it was Rita's turn to moan loudly. Then i felt her shift her body forward a little and is when I felt the hottest wettest mouth engulf the head of my cock.

My eyes rolled in the back of my head. I hip automatically began to slightly move back and forth into my Aunt's mouth. She suddenly pulled of saying " Whoa there big boy. I haven't seen a cock this big in a very long time much less tried to suck on it." "You'll have to let me get use to it first beore you can even try to fuck my mouth with this thing." she said and popped the head back into her mouth.

Leaning over I nuzzled my face between her ass cheeks and started running my tongue across her sexy light brown rosebud.

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This caused her to maon around the head of my cock as she took another couple of inches into her mouth. Parting her ass cheeks further I licked the bottom side of her pussy and back up to her asshole.

This was the very best tasting pussy I had ever eat as her juices leked from her pussy. I lapped at it like a man dying of thrist. Rita start squirming in her chair even more as she bobed her head on my cock. Getting fustrated I couldn't eat her pussy better I backed away from her mouth hearing a loud pop as it left her mouth. "What's wrong Chaz?" Rita said. " I need to eat you Rita." I told her. I grabed a towel putting it on the ground and I laid down pulling Ritaover to me.

I had her stand over me and sit that beautiful pussy on my tongue and face. She continued to gring her pussy into my face letting my lick and suck her necture straight from the source. my nose was grinding against her ass asmy mouth covered her pussy lips driving my tongue in an out of her pussy. after about a minute she leaned forward and again attacked my cock driving it deeper in her mouth ad throat sucking me or all she was worth.

With one arm I wrapped it around her hips holding her pussy down to my mouth. I use my free hand to reach down and started plying withher partially exposed breast and nipple. Rita pulled back from my cock and slightly loud told me that she was gonna cum if I kept that up.

This bit of information caused me to renew my attack on her pussy with even more vigor. I used my left hand to grab her ass cheek and slip my finger down between them putting pressure on her asshole as my tongue flicked deep inside her pussy.

My chin was ginding on her clit as she start trembling into an orgasm. This aused her to moan loudly onto my cock as I felt it hitting the back of her throat on every thrust that she bobbed down on me. Then she lightly took holdof my balls fondling them as she sucked even harder. Feeling this I knew it wasn't gona be long before I would cum with her. True enough to my thoughts Rita came in my mouth flood with her cumming juices.

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It flooded like a river from her pussy. I drank as much and as fast as I could which was impossible.

My ace awas getting soaked with her cum. Just as she came she rammed her mouth down taking my entire cock into her mouth and down her throat.

The vibration of her cumming and tryng to scream with my cock embedded in her throat caused me to erupt straight down her thraot as I came.


The first shot was a poerful blast. It seemed as though me soul wa cumming inside her throat. Rita backed off my cock enogh to catch the second blast in her mouth. Tasting my cum in her mouth Rita shivered and orgasmed again on my tongue.

This caused her to start trying to suck the oul through my cock. Drinking my cum as it shot and shot into her mouth. I have never came so hard in my life, or so much in one time. As we started coming back down from our orgasmic bliss cleaning up each others sex.

Finally Rita rolled off me onto the ground next to me. " God damn Chaz where the hell did you learn to eat pussy like that?" Rita exclaimed. Laughing, I told her that I have been with my share of women before but none so tasty or sexy as her. "Chaz, you've already gave me the best oragsms I've had in years. You don't need to use you any more lines on me." I sat up in sheer will power to moved and I looked at her and said " Rit that isn't a line, that is the god's honest truth." "I have had a crush on you since I was 13 years old, and though I know that I'm still fairly young you are the very best and I imagine I will never find a woman to compare to you in a very long time." With that said Aunt Rita sat up and leaned over and kissed my lips driving her tongue into my mouth kissing me like a lover should.

Our tongues dance in each other's mouths tasting each other. This on added to the passion and desires we felt for each other.

Breaking the kiss Rita pulled back and breathed labored looking at me. " I need a cooling off there stud." she laughed. " Come on there lover boy join me for a dip in the pool before we continue this.

" With that she grabbed my cock giving it a couple of strokes be fore letting it go as it harded in hr hand and ran to jump into the pool. Not wanting to be too far rom the naked goddess I ran after her and jumped into the pool with her. Just then her cordless phone rang on the table next to the lounge. "It's probably the girls at the mall calling to tell me about some sell they found." she said. Just then we heard a beeping in front of the house.

Knowing none of her neighbors should be home we could only guess it was the girls. Rita burst from the pool to the phone looking at the caller ID seeing it was the girls. She ran over grabbing our swim suits yelling for me to put it back on quickly as she ran to the pool house next to the pool. Peeking her head back out she told me when I fifnshed putting my suit back on to hide the beer bottles.

After a couple attempts trying to get my suit on in the pool I jumpedout of the pool grabbed the bottles and threw them over the back yard fence into the empty field behind her house.

I then jumped back into the pool to hide the errection I was still sporting before the girls would eventually come looking or us. Just as I came back up from my dive I saw the tw girls walking up to the edge of the pool. " Where's my mom at? " Shelly said as she bent down in front of me next to the pool. From my advntge point I could see right up her loose cargo shirt.

I saw the sexiest pink thong panty covered pussy. This didn't help my raging hard on, it seemed to make it grow even harder if anything. Not to be left out Diana squted down next to her sister with a wicked grin on her face and asked again where her mom was hiding at. Rita yelled from the pool house that her top broke and she ran in there. If one of the girls would be good enough to go get her robe from her room. She said that she was done tanning anyways.

Diana jumped up after showing me a matching thing covered pussy encased in a yellow. As she stood up she bent over all the way and asked " Did you get to see her titties?" I blushed a little and told her that she yelled at me to dive under the water before I knew what happen and when I came up that is when I saw you two coming out the back door. Shelly spoke next saying " That a shame cause momma has some very big tits.

I bet you would have loved to look at them huh?" This took me for a loop cause her was Rita's own daugter telling me I should have tried to catch her mom topless. I thought if she only knew I sw a lot more than just her topless.

I smiled and said "Well I'm here for a while so maybe I'll get another chance." and laughed. As Diana returned to the backyard and walked over to the pool house Shelly spoke louder for her mom's benifit saying " The reason we came back early was to see if Chaz would change his mind on cumming to the mall with us." Diana injected " Yeah we wanted his opion on some outfits we saw there. We wanted to model them for im and see what he thought of them." if I didn't know better I thought I heard double meaning in both of my cousin's statements.

The first was the word stressed when Shelly said "coming" and then Diana's "modeling" comment. "That was very sweet of you two girls." Rita said coming from the pool house in her robe.

I laughed and said " Thank both so very much but i think after the drive and the excitement of this afternoon I need to take a nap before dinner." "Oh speaking of dinner mom, what do you say we pick up some pizzas for dinner on our way back from the mall then." Shelly asked. "I think that is a great idea." Rita said.

Diana taking her position back next to Shelly squating by then pool said " Last chance Chaz." and winked at me . " Mmmm as tempting of an offer as that is I think that I shall take a rain check. How about you get your outfits and you can show m wehn you get home.

That way if you don't like them I'll go with you back to the mall tomorrow and we will exchange them then." This seem to please both of my cousins greatly. "Deal!" they said in unison. As they started to stand up Shelly whispered quickly" I promise you won't be disappointed later on." With that both girls were off and out the back door before i could wrap my mind around the meaning of that.

Rita followed suit and went through the backdoor into the house. I was left alone in the pool trying to figure out everything that had happen this afternoon. When i heard the car beep and sped away I figured it was safe now to get out of the pool.

i picked up everything from the backyard and i even went out through the back gate and retrieved the beer bottles from the field and made my way inside the house.

When I got inside i heard the shower going upstairs. Rita must be in the shower i told myself. This gave mea great idea to finish what we started cause my errection hadn't gone away.

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As I walked by the guest bedroom I took off my swim suit and wrapped it up in my towel. i threw it into the floor and made my way up the stairs naked in search of Rita. When I got to the top of the stairs i heard the shower cut off. Rita's door was left ajar and I could see her standing naked in her bathroom brushing out her hair.

Leaning forward she couldn't see me entering her bedroom and closing the door. I made sure the door was locked and moved my way into her bedroom. As I rounded the corner of her bed by the bathroom door Rita came walking out wrapped in a towel. She gave a startled yelp as she bumped into me. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer into my naked body.

"Wha.what are you doing in here Chaz?" Rita said. "I'm finishing what we started outside my beautiful lover." I told her. " No we can't do this Chaz." she said as she tried to give me a weak shove backwards. I laughed and told her that she can't think I was going to be satisifed with a blowjob from the sexiest woman I knew. I turned us around and backed her against her bed.

When her knees touched the bed she fell back onto the bed. As she was falling I took hold of the towel and watched as it fell from her perect naked body. I didn't want to give her a chance to gt away so I got between her legs before she could close them to me and pressed my naked body on top of hers. "Chaz, we can't do this. It's wrong and what if the girls come back home again." she pleaded.I answered her with a long kiss as I wrapped her into my arms grinding my hard cock against her body.

In mer seconds she stopped struggling and kissed me back with a greater force than out by the pool. her legs responded by raising up to my waist and wrapping them around me. I hunched up and put my hand between our bodies as I lined my cock up with her pussy lips. Running the head of my cock up and down her wet lips I knew that they weren't wet cause of the shower but cause of her excitement of me there. Being lined up and my cock at the enterance of her pussy I put my hands both side of her body and moved forward.

I pushed about half my hard cock into her pussy. God she was so wet and tight at the same time. It felt like I was sticking my cock in a velvet wet glove fresh out of the oven. I moaned hard inot her mouth. She moaned back into mine as I worked my hips in circlesloosening her pussy up to get more of my cock dee inside her. I short stroked my cock getting it wetter and pushing deeper with each thrust. Rita was shaking and moaning louder witheach thrust. I kept this up until I had all 8 inches deep in her small pussy.

Her pussy was milking and spasming around my cock as I fucked her slowly. Rita's breathing was very labored so I put my hands above her shoulders lifting myself up of her but pinning her body between my cock and rms.

I start fucking harder into my Aunt's pussy. They were long slow hard strokes that was driving her pussy crazy. I felt her hands gave me by the back and scratch me as she dug her nils into me. Looking down into Rita's eye as she looked at me fucking her I saw the lust and love in her eyes.

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I leaned don and kissed her lips. I then moved my way along her jaw to her ear lobe sucking it in and nibbling it as I quickened my strokes. This seem to put her into over drive and she started fucking me from the bottom. Raising her pussy up to meet my downward stroke of my cock. Our bodies were a mass of sweat and limbs as we fucked harder and faster racing towards the unimaginabl orgasm. I pulled my body up just leaving my cock inside her I picked up her legs and put them on my shoulders and fucked her deeper and harder still.

I could feel the her pussy getting tighter but I didn't think that was possible. The wet sucking sound from her pussy filled the room and the scent of sex hung in the air.

I then rammed her pussy for all I was worth fucking her as hard as i could driving her body around the bed. The only thing that saved her from having brain damage fro the headboard was the fact I had a superman grip on her legs. "OH GOD Rita I'm gonna CUM." I managed to say before I felt my cock swelling up and the cum churning from my balls.


"That's right you fucking big dick son of a bitch. Fill my pussy with your hot cum baby!" she yelled back at me. Just as the words left her mouth she gave off a halp shreek and moan annoucing her orgasm. Her pretty lil pussy clamped down on my cock not letting me the freedom to fuck her any more. As her pussy spasmed I shot my cum deep inside her pussy. i continued to jam and thrust my cum deep inside her pussy coating her cervix and womb withmy seed.

A Rita felt my cum deep inside her she orgasmed even hard thrashing about under me. I could see that her eyes rolled back into her head as she came harder again. I felt her pussy quiver around my cock and my balls were washed with her orgasm. Just then realization hit Rita like a Mack truck.

She shook then began pushing against my chest telling me to stop and not to fill her pussy any more. Leaning back but not pulling out I said" What's wrong Rita? I thought you want me to cum in you?" "Oh god I do Chaz but I stopped taking my birth control pills when your Uncle left me.

I haven't needed them in such a long time. I love having you fill me up.don't get me wrong but what would happen if you get me pregnant?" she almost cried out.

This stopped me mid-stroke with my semi hard cock in her cum filled pussy. I thought for a second and the idea of her carrying our child got me harder. I felt my cock growing again inside her cum filled pussy. Rita felt this too and graoned in a mixture of emotions. On one hand she wanted to be fucked by me again and the other was the fact we were still unprotected having sex. In my seventeen year old mind I told her" Well the is no turn back now.

I have cum deep insie the tightest pussy I have ever had and we will come to that bridge later. But, right now baby I want you and I need to make love to you again." Something in my words spurred her forward and she shoved me harder forcing my off to the side but instead of running off she threw her leg across my waist and sank her wet pussy back into her pussy. She fucked me from on top like a md woman.

She was going up and down and then ginding her pelvic bone into mine. Rita was fucking me now for everything she was worth. I reached up and began to play with her hard nipples as she fucked me hard and faster.

After a long time she collapsed onto my chest breathing like she just ran a marathon. I was so close to cumming I kissed her lips as I wrapped my arms around her body.

I then bent my kness a litle planting my feet on the bed and like she had done while on the bottom I thrusted my cock into her pussy fast hard and deep. I jack hammered her pussy from the bottom and Rita went into an orgasmic seizure.

She started shaking and maoning louder. I came a second time in Rita's wet pussy. This time we came together As we laid there breathing heavily recovering fromour orgasms Rita told me" That has to be the most intense orgasms I have ever had in my life. Thank you Chaz, for every thing. I just hope the girls don't noticed me walking funny tonight cuase you have made my pussy so well fucked I'm so sore right now." I laughed so hard my soften cock came out of her cum filled pussy with a pop.

I could feel our combined juices leaking from her pussy as we laid together in bed.

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Finally after what seemed like forever she said. "Ok you stud lets get cleaned up before the girls get home." "It's bad enough I'll be walking bow legged about for them to see you in my bed and your cum still dripping out of my pussy wouldn't be a good thing at all." With that we slowly got out of bed and got into the shower to clean up.

Even after cumming three times in such a short time I got hard in the shower as we washed each other's bodies. I even got Rita to take the head of my cock in her tight ass ater some rubbing and biting on her neck.

She woudln't let me go any further saying that will have to be for another time. Reluctantly we got out of the shower and dried each other off. I wnt down stairs and got dressed in some loose short and a muscle shirt as she got dressed in sweat pants and a tight tee-shirt. We met in the living room and sat down to watch some tv before the girl came back home. We were poking and teasing each other when the girls walked int the house carrying the pizzas.

I jumped up and took the pizzas from Shelly before I realized my cock had gotten semi hard and was showing in my shorts. Diana was the first to comment on my state as I grabbed the boxes saying " I could get use to being greeted at the door with that every day if I could." as she openly stared at my crotch.

This of coarse cause everyne to look at what she was talking about. Realizing this I quickly took the pizzas into the kitchen as i heard Rita playfully scolding Diana for embarressing me. All three women seemed to laugh at that and I heard them whispering amongest themselves.

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Having had a chance to calm down I grabbed some paper towel the pizzas and 4 plates and walked back into the living room. I saw all three sets of eyes stare at me once I came into the room. I felt like I was naked standing there holding dinner. Rita jumped up from the couch and took the pizzas and brought it around to the coffee tble in the living room. She sat on the couch and scooted Sheey to the floor to mke room for me to sit between her and Diana.

We ate and watch tv during dinner. Diana turned to me at one point during that time and said she was sorry for embarresing me like that. I laughed it off telling her that it has a mind of it's own sometimes and not to worry about it. Please let me know if I should continue.

All comments are welcome since this is my first story.