Cute Hentai Creampie XXX Anime Handjob Cartoon

Cute Hentai Creampie XXX Anime Handjob Cartoon
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This is a continuation of 'fun in the dorm shower'. It's a story of two 15 year old school boys.

Please tell me what you think. As I promised him, the pleasure would continue later that night. Through the whole of prep instead of studying for my exams, I was thinking of his perfect tight ass which I had just devirginised( yes that is a made up word) I could still remember it like it was minutes ago and just like that the bell for supper at the boarding house went.


I had dreamt through the whole hour of prep to my excitement. I and the other 5 dorm members including James sat down for dinner. It was another kak boarding house meal but the thought of what would happen later that night got me through it and I ate as fast as possible to get out of there. The clock struck 11 o'clock in our recreation room and it was time for bed, lights out was 11:30. While we were all brushing our teeth in our bathroom I could help but starring at James tight boxers, we were all in our boxers at this point, because I could make our the outline of his dick and ball sack through the black and white stripes and to make matters worse he wasn't wearing a top, I quickly finished up and ran to my bed cubical fearing a boner in the open bathroom in front of everyone.

Lying on my bed for everyone else to come back from the bathroom, I closed my eyes briefly and then struggled to open them again and after I closed them for the second time and thought to myself James could wait until tomorrow night to pick things up where we left off.

The deed was done and I passed out obviously because I was tired out from my little bathroom workout with James and rugby practice.


I'm guessing it was a few hours later that it happened. I suddenly woke up to a feeling of immense pleasure but as soon as I open my eyes and moved my head it stopped.

I must have been dreaming I thought to myself. I was soon to find out that I was wrong because after few moments once It looked like I had gone back to sleep the feeling started again. Something was sucking on my dick!

I lifted my head to see that my blanket was removed from the bottom half of my body and my dick was out of the hole in my boxers. I still had to figure out who was sucking on my knob.

I knew straight away as soon as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I was James's beautiful blonde curls bobbing up and down over my dick. James I said, he stopped and looked up at me with a shocked expression on his face and he explains how he couldn't wait. I told him how it was fine and he went back to work sucking up and down on my raging cock. This was even better than the first time, he had certainly improved a lot and I could tell. I sat up in my bed and because he was on his hands and knees sucking my cock I got the full view of his glorious 5 inch cock which was so rock had it was up against his sick pack.

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I couldn't waste an opportunity like this and with my right hand I grabbed it and it sat perfectly in my hand. With the precum that was on the head of his uncircumcised dick and began to wank it, starting slowly and gradually picking up pace. With my left hand I started face fucking him again using my hand to push his head up and down just the way I wanted it to be done.

Moments later I felt his cock begin to throb in my hand and at the same time I had a tingly feeling in my dick. It was about to happen and it was about to happen at the same time for both of us, a very exciting thought.

I was first to blow my load and he got a sudden shock as the strong cum shot hit the back of his throat and a few seconds later I felt his magical cum squirting all over my stomach. His load wasn't very big because he wasn't fully developed yet but mine was gigantic yet he managed to take it all down much to my surprise again. He wanted more and proceeded to lick his own cum off my stomach which was a feeling that just added to my orgasmic felling.

Early that day I got to ass fuck him and he thought now would be the perfect time to cash in the favour I own him. He pushed me onto my back on my bed and then suddenly he put his hand on my now clean stomach and pulled me over so I was now lying on my stomach with my virgin tight ass exposed.

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He now took his tight boxers off from around his ankles and fetched the tub of Vaseline which I had next to the side of my bed for personal wanking. He walked behind my bed to where my ass was and I heard him pop open the cap of the Vaseline.

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Shiver were sent down the back of my spine as he inserted his finger imbetween my ass checks, making sure my ass was going to be ready to take his cock. He put some on his cock and off we were, I felt his cock been shoved imbetween my as cheeks and then against my hole. As I thought this would hurt, I had a pillow to scream into, boy was I right.

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As soon has his cock made into my ass after much pushing and once he began fucking me I started feeling the pain. I let my cries of pain out into the pillow not to let anybody hear what was going on. He spread my legs as wide as possible making my ass fell tighter will he was fucking me back and forward.

After a minute or so I started to enjoy it. My ass was much looser now and it was all worth it. He continued to pound my ass for the next 4 minutes and then I heard the sound of his balls clapping against mine which just gave me a flash back of when I was fucking him.


His pound began to get increasingly faster until his cock started throbbing and then he gave his final gigantic push into my and he blew his second load into his tight ass.

He fell on top of my back in exhaustion for the brilliant fucking with his cock still inside me. The feeling was one of the best I had ever had. I closed my eyes once again and slowly drifted off again into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the dorm morning bell in a huge panic, was he in my bed? What about the mess we made? I sat up and looked around. There was on one in my bed, the cum stains were clean and the Vaseline was back in its place. I looked under the covers and saw that my boxers were back on. He had obviously clean everything up and left in the night. It almost felt like it didn't happen at all until I stood up and was rudely greeted by a pain in my ass.

What a night.

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I walked into the bathroom to take a leak. The toilets are past the showers and some guys were showering. As I walked past I noticed an ass, not just any ass, it was James's hairless ass followed by a pair of nice muscle legs.

I felt my boxers rising from the view and rushed off to the toilet reminiscing the night before. Till next time