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Legends of Potter by Roff Chapter Eleven Back to School Everyone went home a few days before school started back up. They all planned to sit together on the train in their usual compartment. Harry spent his last few days at home continuing with his tough workout routine in the mornings and karate in the afternoons working with what Ben gave him. While working on his karate with a practice dummy Harry accidentally hurt his knee when he incorrectly performed a technique he was learning.

He sat on the floor and grabbed his leg where it hurt. Instinctively, Harry reached out with his magic through his hand asking what was wrong with his knee. His magic sent info back to him indicating it was sprained. Leaving his hand on his knee Harry concentrated his magic and sent the desire to heal the knee. His knee was healed almost immediately.

He stood up and tested it and he could not tell he even injured it. "I will definitely have to remember how I did that" said Harry. All the rest of his time was spent with Simon, Henry, and Elizabeth learning from them. He spent a little extra time with his grandma who was interested in his new found healing ability.

After Harry told her of how he was able to just touch an injury to identify the damage then let his healing magic flow through his hand to heal it, she became even more interested. She recalled a book she read when learning to be a healer. In this book was described a healer from many years ago that had much the same abilities as Harry.

The healer was able to detect injuries and illnesses without the use of her wand. By touching the patient she was able to use her magic to detect the damage. However, she always used her wand to heal the problem because she needed it for the extra power since she was not able to heal wandlessly.

Elizabeth could not recall the name of the book but would get with Simon and see if the library had it. She told Harry she would let him know if they located it. While reading and looking for more interesting spells he could learn Harry found one that he definitely liked but it was complicated so he took it to Simon and Henry to see if they could help. "Simon and Grandpa, can you help me with a new spell I would like to learn?" "Certainly my boy" they both chimed in.

"We are more than happy to help you" finished Henry. "What spell do you wish to learn, Harry?" asked Simon. "I wish to learn how to become fully invisible. I found it in one of my books but figured you guys could help me faster?" "That is very advanced magic, Harry, but I have no doubt you can learn it. You are powerful and smart enough to learn any spell you want" replied Henry. "That is correct Henry. Harry does not have to worry about how advanced a spell is.

He definitely has the wherewithal to learn it. Let's get started shall we?" As usual Simon and Henry were more than helpful. It took Harry a few tries with varying success before he finally could make himself fully invisible. Looking in the mirror he had no reflection or distortion in the air. It was amazing thought Harry, just as good if not better than his invisibility cloak. Harry continued to study and learn more spells with the help of his books and also his mentors when a spell was more difficult to understand.

He did this up until it was time to go to King's Cross Station. The night before he had to catch the train he repacked his school trunk and took it to his dorm room using his Potter portkey watch. That way he would not have to carry it while on the train. He knew he could shrink it down but this was just as easy and more comfortable.

After Harry set his trunk down he heard a familiar pop and turned to see Dobby standing there. "Master Harry Potter, sir! What are you doing here so early?" asked Dobby.

"Just dropping off my trunk Dobby so I do not have to worry about it on the train. What are you doing here?" "I was making sure Gryffindor tower was ready for the students tomorrow and sensed you were here so came up to see if you needed any help." "Thank you Dobby. As a matter of fact, I do need some help with something.

Give me just a second." Harry opened his trunk and pulled out Dobby's Christmas presents. In one box was his necklace and the other an assortment of wildly colorful and mismatched socks.

He handed both to Dobby. "I need you to open these Christmas presents because they are for you. They even have your name on them. You were not with us for Christmas at Potter Place but I had picked them up for you for Christmas. Dobby's eyes got even bigger than they already are.

He opened his presents and stared back up at Harry in awe. "Harry Potter is the best wizard ever and does more for Dobby than Dobby deserves." "Of course you deserve it Dobby. You are one of my best friends. The necklace has many enchantments on it for protection. When you put it on it will disappear but you can touch it and say 'show' to make it appear. If you want to hide it again, then touch it and say 'hide' and it will disappear.

I bought one for all of my other friends as well, including the Potter Place house elves. I want to make sure all my friends are as safe as they can be. The necklace will not stop an unforgivable curse but most everything else." Dobby ran up and hugged Harry around the legs. "The great Harry Potter is the best friend in the world to Dobby. Dobby will never hide this necklace that the great Harry Potter gave him.

Dobby will also proudly wear all his new socks." "That's great Dobby. I am glad you like your presents" replied Harry patting him on the back. Dobby stepped back and looked up at Harry. "If the great Harry Potter needs Dobby for anything please call and Dobby will be right there." "Thank you Dobby. See you around." Dobby left with a pop and Harry left about a minute later. Harry went to King's Cross Station a little early the next day so he could get on the train before his friends.

He made himself invisible and sat in the same place they always sat. He sat down on one of the benches and waited. Pretty soon his friends started coming in to sit down. He guessed right about where everyone usually sat so no one suspected anything for a good while. Hermione even asked if anyone had seen Harry and wondered where he was. Then Ginny sat down right in his lap. She yelped and jumped back up quickly. "What's wrong with you Ginny?" asked Ron.

"I just sat on someone Ron and it surprised me. I am guessing…now that my heart has slowed back down that Harry for some reason has his cloak on. Harry?" Harry was laughing when he took the spell off. "You know I almost grabbed you when you sat in my lap but figured I had better not risk injury on the first day back." Ginny nodded in agreement and glared at him.

"Wait a minute Harry" said Hermione. "Where is your invisibility cloak?" "Oh, it's in my trunk." "Where is your trunk?" asked Ron. "In the dorm. I took it up last night so I would not have to worry with it on the train." "Wait a minute" said Ginny sitting down next to Harry. "If you do not have your cloak then how were you just invisible?" "No way" said Hermione. "That is some of the most difficult magic ever.

Are you seriously able to make yourself fully invisible?" "Yes, I just learned a few days ago and it is very wicked" Harry said with a grin. "That is awesome Harry" said Neville. "Congratulations Harry" said Luna.

Harry looked at them all and said "Alright, usual drill. This has to be a secret. You cannot tell anyone. If everyone knows then this tool will be useless. I plan on keeping it a secret for as long as I can. It just might save my life or someone else's if I use it correctly." "No problem Harry. You can trust us like always" replied Hermione. They all nodded in understanding and agreement. "Thanks guys. I know I have a lot of secrets and I appreciate very much you keeping them for me.

It means a lot." oo0O0oo A couple weeks later, Ginny was walking back from the library late when she ran into Blaise Zabini in one of the dark hallways. "Well, hello Miss Ginny Weasley. What are you doing out so late?" asked Blaise. "Studying in the library of course. Why are you so interested?" asked Ginny. "Well, actually I was thinking that you and I should get to know each other better.

I've noticed how pretty you are and I have always had a soft spot for pretty girls" said Blaise with a wink. "Is that the best line you've got, Blaise? I believe I will pass on your offer. I'm sorry but I have no interest in you." "Come on Ginny.

One kiss and I bet I win you over." "Um…I don't think so. Now get out of my way and leave me alone." Ginny started to walk around him. Blaise grabbed Ginny's arm and asked "Why are you being so difficult? I do not normally have this much trouble with girls." "Seriously? Do you not know how to take 'no' for an answer? Now take your hand off me before I have to hurt you." "Just one kiss Ginny" replied Blaise leaning in. Ginny used the pressure point technique Harry had taught her in their karate class.

She dropped her books and dug her thumb into his forearm at the right place. Blaise yelled in pain and let go of her arm. "I told you to let go before I had to hurt you. You were fairly warned. Now get out of my way and leave me alone" said Ginny calmly. "WHY YOU LITTLE…" yelled Blaise as he swung to hit her but Ginny cut him off with a quick jab to the mouth. She busted his lip and drew blood. He staggered back away from her putting his hand on his lips. She then kicked him in the groin with a front snap kick.

He went down in obvious pain. Ginny walked over and stood over Blaise. "The next time you decide to mess with me I am not going to let you off so easily.

I am going to use my wand next time. I have a very mean bat-bogey hex that you will not enjoy. I was tempted to use it now but I figure you've had enough." She gathered her stuff back up and continued on down the hall back to her common room.

Blaise slowly got up from the floor a few minutes after Ginny left the vicinity and headed back toward his common room at a slower pace than when he left it. He was wondering why he let Draco talk him into doing that. He wasn't opposed to seducing Ginny Weasley since she is so pretty but he planned to never bother her again now.

He did not think of himself as a guy who would hit a girl but she just was not cooperating and he got so angry when she hurt him. Well, no more favors for Draco, he thought.

Blaise stepped into the Slytherin common room and saw Draco over on a couch with Crabbe and Goyle. "What happened to your lip, Blaise?" asked Draco. "She refused me, Draco, quite vehemently I might add. Don't ask me for any more favors" replied Blaise as he headed for his dorm room. Malfoy was disappointed that Blaise failed to seduce the little weaslet but he had other plans in the works. If St. Potty was untouchable then they would just go after his friends.

oo0O0oo Ginny entered the Gryffindor common room where she found Harry, Ron, and Hermione sitting on one of the couches studying together. She sat down heavily beside Harry. "You look like you have seen better days" said Harry. "What's up little sis? Anything wrong?" asked Ron.

"I'm okay. I had a late night in the library and was tired. I was walking back here when Blaise Zabini appeared in one of the dark hallways. He started flirting and messing with me telling me I was pretty and trying to get me to kiss him. I started to tell him that I only liked snogging one boy" Ginny turned her head to Harry and winked, "but I just refused him instead.

He grabbed my arm when I went to go around him. I told him to let go or I would have to hurt him. He didn't and tried to kiss me so I pressed my thumb hard into his forearm right at that pressure point you showed me, Harry. He yelled and let go. I told him that I warned him fairly but he didn't listen.

He then yelled and started to take a swing at me but I popped him right in the mouth with my fist. It busted his lip pretty good and made him bleed.

He staggered back a little and I kicked him in the bits with a front snap kick. He went down fast in pain. I told him I was not going to be as lenient next time if he tried it again and explained my talent with a certain bat-bogey hex." The guys had cringed when she mentioned the kick to the bits but all were laughing and congratulating her for her first successful self-defense situation when she finished the story.

"What was that wink at Harry for when you said you started to tell him you only like to snog one boy?" asked Ron worriedly. "That is none of your business Ron but if you must know I kissed Harry when he finally made me realize how stupid I was being about that gown he gave me.

When I figured out why it was so important to him I got a little excited, like Tonks did, and I snogged him pretty good." Ron's mouth was hanging open. "Tonks has me conditioned I think" added Harry. "When a friend kisses me now I just go along with it and kiss back. It is enjoyable and I guess there is nothing wrong with a nice snog between friends.

That is as long as Ron and Neville don't want to snog me" said Harry pretending to be worried. "No worries there, mate" Ron said laughing. Harry told Ginny how proud he was of her and gave her a hug and told her he was glad she did not get hurt which made her feel a whole lot better when she went to bed. She wondered if she was going to get in trouble but it appeared Blaise was too embarrassed that a girl had beat him up so he did not report anything.

oo0O0oo Harry's classes with the first and second years was going great. He was very proud of his students and how fast they were learning. The DA was coming along pretty good as well. Harry suddenly realized that it was not all that difficult for him to keep up with his busy schedule.

Currently he was teaching the first and second years in four separate classes, attending his own classes, doing all of his own classwork, working with the DA, and teaching his friends karate. This was in addition to his daily workouts and his own karate training.

He was amazed at how fast he learned things these days and he did not forget what he learned. Hermione became worried that she was no longer the smartest but Harry assured her that she was.

He explained that he basically only concentrated on learning spells and techniques while she learned everything she could get her hands on. She wondered if Harry even had to study anymore but appreciated his attempt to make her feel better about herself. Harry was getting better at encouraging his friends. Harry added a couple hours to his weekend schedule.

He started going to see Mattie for an hour or two so she could continue to mentor him on being Lord Potter. He usually went on a Saturday or Sunday but occasionally skipped a week depending on what was going on at school. As part of the training, Mattie started taking him to the different Potter houses so he could be familiar with them and meet the people who took care of the houses. Harry was amazed at all that he owned. Every place they went using his portkey watch was impressive.

There were no other houses as large as Potter Place but all the homes were special in their own way and each varied in size and look. Mattie hoped that Harry would take advantage and use the other homes for a chance to get away and relax on occasion. She also wanted him to have a choice of other places to go if he had to use them to hide. All the homes had special protections like Potter Place. Harry liked each one that he visited and planned to go back to some of them for a longer visit.

Harry also took a more active role on the Quidditch house team. The young seeker dropped out of playing because he had let his grades drop a bit and he needed to work to get them back up again.

Harry decided he needed to have a little fun so was back in his old spot as seeker again. He was not able to attend every practice but went to as many as he could. The team was not all that worried since they knew there was no one else in school who could match Harry at playing seeker. There was a scheduled match with Hufflepuff coming up in February that he was looking forward to playing.

oo0O0oo Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle attacked Luna toward the end of the month of January. They caught her late one night in a dark hallway. Harry was out taking advantage of his invisibility spell.

He had a feeling that Malfoy was up to something so was prowling around seeing if he could catch him in the act. With his Marauder's map he always knew where Malfoy was. He had cast a noiseless spell on his shoes and clothes so he made no sound.

He heard some voices up ahead and when he got closer he did indeed catch him in the act. Crabbe had Luna from behind with one arm around her neck and his hand tightly gripped her left breast. With the other hand he had a tight grip on her shoulder so she could not get away. She had a look of panic on her face.

"Look what we have here, a wee Ravenclaw who happens to be a friend of St. Potty. We are going to teach you a lesson about being friends with that scar head and then we just might have a little fun with you.

Are you enjoying Vincent's big hand on your little boobie?" asked Malfoy with his patented sneer. Harry moved around into a better position so only Luna could see him while Malfoy was talking.

He decided to not interfere because he wanted to encourage Luna to defend herself. He would act on her behalf only if she needed his help. When he was in the right position Harry became partially visible and got Luna's attention. He used gestures to encourage her to focus then pantomimed moves to remind her of the technique she needed to use before he disappeared again. She slowly got a steely look then stomped hard on Crabbe's foot. He let go of her breast and started yelling in pain.

Luna moved her hips out of the way so she could hit him in the groin with her fist using a downward and back swing. This shut him up as he could not catch his breath. She then grabbed onto his arm and shoulder that he had around her neck and using her leg strength she flipped him over her back to the hard floor. She threw him toward Malfoy causing him to get off balance while trying to get out of the way.

She then kicked Crabbe in the head with a short downward kick to try and knock him out. Without stopping Luna did a spinning back kick that landed right on the side of Malfoy's head. He dropped like a rock. Goyle decided to pull his wand but Harry (still invisible) wandlessly relieved him of it. Harry became visible again and caught Goyle's wand in the air. "Goyle, you are going to have to face Luna like a man and Luna will handle it without any help from me because this is her fight." Goyle stared at Harry then took a big breath and charged at Luna trying to tackle her but Luna side stepped him and kicked him in the solar plexus when he got close.

While he is bent over she kicked him with a hard round house kick to the side of the head which dropped him. Harry wandlessly stunned all three just to make sure they stayed out.

He did not let Luna know that he stunned them because he wanted to build up her confidence. He collected her book bag, placed it on his shoulder and walked up to her. He then put his arm around her shoulders as he led her down toward the hospital wing. "Well done Luna. I do not believe I could have done any better. Now, are you feeling okay?" "Thank you" she said as she gained control of her breathing. "Your praise is highly sought after.

I am glad I did not disappoint you, Sensei." Luna frowned then said "I am not completely okay though. He was squeezing my breast very hard." Luna rubbed her left breast carefully then doubled over in pain. "You can have Madam Pomfrey fix you up unless you would like me to fix it for you right now.

I do not like to see you in pain. We are not close but are headed to the infirmary though. We can also tell her about the idiots you just subdued." Harry turned Luna toward him with his hands on her shoulders. He could see the pain she was in.

"Luna, I apologize if I made the wrong choice back there. I saw how distressed you were and what they were doing and about to do to you. I decided that it would be better if you handled it on your own. I was not going to let them hurt you further but I had every confidence in the world that you could do what you just did." Luna took a big breath. "Now that I have proven to myself that I can do that when it counts, I will not be afraid anymore and will not panic like I did if it happens again.

Thank you Harry for teaching me to do this amazing stuff. And Harry?" "Yes?" "I want you to heal me right now. This hurts a lot and I trust you more than anyone else." "Alright, Luna, let's use this empty classroom." Harry led her into an old classroom and shut the door.

"Now Luna, you may change your mind after I tell you this. I will have to use my hand on your breast to feel where the damage is with my magic and to see what damage was inflicted. I cannot use my wand because I do not know the proper diagnostic spells. But if I can touch where the problem is my magic will show me the damage that I need to repair. I could do just a general healing spell and that would likely fix the problem but I do not know what the damage is and I have not tested how good that is to do when only one part of the body is hurt.

It may be too much healing which may or may not be good so I would not like to risk it. You tell me if you still want me to do this. I can get you to Madam Pomfrey quickly if you would rather do that." Luna immediately started disrobing.

She took off her Hogwarts robe then removed her sweater, her jumper, and then her bra. "Fix it Harry. It hurts a lot, plus it's a bit chilly in here." Harry did a quick warming charm. "Sorry, Luna. I will fix it as fast I can but I will be gentle. I see how much pain you are in." Harry gently cupped Luna's left breast then carefully felt all around it to find all the damage that was done. His magic flowed through his hand and fingertips to diagnose the problem.

The image and information was fed back to him via his magic. It was just severely bruised he found and he was relieved nothing more was wrong. He put both hands on her breast one on top and the other underneath. He then let his healing magic flow to heal the bruises. After a few seconds Luna sighed in relief. Harry gently let go and straightened back up. "You can get dressed now Luna. It was just severe bruising.

I believe I took care of all of it. You should be fine now." "Harry that felt so good" Luna said breathlessly standing there with her breasts exposed. "I could feel your magic flowing into me and the pain just disappeared completely." Luna's breasts were moving around while she was gesturing and talking. It was quite a distraction to Harry. Suddenly Luna got an idea. "Maybe you should do that to the other one as well?" asked Luna pointing to her right breast.

"Uh, Luna" Harry said quickly turning around so that his back was now toward her. He wanted her to have some privacy.

"I think your breasts have been touched enough tonight." "Just the one, Harry. I can't say that I am not disappointed but you are probably right. I'll get dressed so we can get to the infirmary." "Yes, thank you and you should still have Madam Pomfrey check you over just to be safe. She knows far more than I do." "Harry, you can turn back around if you want. You have already seen my breasts now so what's the big deal?" "That's okay, Luna.

I believe this is more proper. In fact, maybe I should wait outside?" "Oh no you don't Harry. You are not leaving me alone in this old classroom." Luna smiled. "You are such the gentleman aren't you?" "I try to be" replied Harry.

Luna finished dressing. "Well, I think it's darn cute" said Luna as she stepped in front of Harry and gave him a wink. She then pulled him to her in a tight hug. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Harry.

You are the best. That was really hurting and now I feel good as new. Maybe even better than new." "You are welcome Luna but it was rather embarrassing. I may know how to heal but I doubt I would make a very good healer given how embarrassed I can get over such stuff." "Oh Harry.

Don't be embarrassed. I wasn't. In that instance you were my healer and healers have to see and touch things so they can fix the problem. You are one of my best friends in the world and after the confidence you put in me to defend myself back there and then your amazing ability to take away all my pain, I wouldn't mind if you saw me completely naked!" "Um…Luna, that will not be necessary" said Harry quickly with his face turning red.

Luna cracked up laughing. "You are so much fun to tease Harry. The look on your face when I said that was priceless." "Great!

Everyone likes to pick on poor Harry" he said with his head down and his bottom lip pooched out in a pout. "Awe, poor little Harry." Luna put her arm around Harry's shoulders and gave him a little squeeze.

Harry perked right up, turned his head toward Luna and said, "Wow, I feel much better now" then he grinned at her. Luna laughed and gave him a big squeeze before letting him go. They finally arrived at the infirmary. "What are you doing out so late, Mr.

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Potter and Miss Lovegood?" asked Madam Pomfrey. "Madam Pomfrey I can assure you it is not me this time" said Harry. "However, my friend Luna has had a bit of a rough night.

She was attacked by Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. They managed to hurt her at first but once she got going she took care of the whole lot. They are back there several hallways away out cold on the floor where she left them. Luna why don't you tell Madame Pomfrey what happened and let her take a look at you." "Actually, I feel great now.

Crabbe had me from behind. He had his arm around my neck and his hand was gripping my left breast really hard. It hurt a lot. After the fight my adrenaline wore off and I realized just how much it hurt. Harry determined that it was just severely bruised and healed it right up. He took away all my pain. He thinks you need to take a look though just to be safe" said Luna. Madam Pomfrey took Luna behind a screen so she could run some diagnostic spells on her. She spent extra time on her left breast to make sure there were no problems.

She also had her expose the breast so she could check for any discoloration. "You can get dressed again Miss Lovegood" said Madame Pomfrey as she went back around the screen to Harry. "Once again Mr. Potter I am impressed with your healing ability. Can you tell me how you were able to determine that it was just severe bruising?" asked Madame Pomfrey.

"Well, I do not know the proper diagnostic spells so I had to…um…use a different method" replied Harry. "What method would that be Mr. Potter? "I would rather not say." "Merlin's beard, Harry" said Luna from behind the screen. "What you did was amazing. Why are you so embarrassed? You healed me perfectly!" "But…but…" stammered Harry. "Spit it out, Mr. Potter" demanded Madame Pomfrey. "Yes, ma'am. Well, since I do not know the proper diagnostic spells I have discovered that I can determine the damage if I can just touch the area with my hand.

Once I identify the damage then I let my magic flow to heal it." While speaking Harry slowly lowered his head and began staring at the floor. Luna had come back out from behind the screen putting on her robe. "So you are saying, Mr. Potter, that you had to feel Miss Lovegood's breasts to determine the damage and then you healed her using your bare hands on her breasts?" "Yes…I mean no.

I only had to touch the left breast. There was nothing wrong with the right breast." "And once you had your hand on Miss Lovegood's breast, about how long did it take you to determine what the damage was and heal the problem?" Madame Pomfrey said with a smile. "It only took me a few seconds" replied Harry still looking down. "Were you completely satisfied that you fixed the problem?" asked Madame Pomfrey. "Yes, ma'am." "So, it only took you a few seconds to feel Miss Lovegood's breast and be completely satisfied?" Madame Pomfrey asked with a grin.

Even Luna was smiling. Harry was about as embarrassed as he could be looking down toward the floor but when he heard that last question, he popped his head up to look into Madame Pomfrey's face. He saw her grinning and thought that there is always a first time for everything. "Are you having me on, Madame Pomfrey?" asked Harry. "Yes, Harry because you are so easy to embarrass. However, I am truly interested in your healing ability.

What you did is amazing." Harry was speechless that Madame Pomfrey was actually joking with him like that. Never mind the compliment. "Harry, let me tell her" said Luna jumping in.

"Madame Pomfrey, Harry is such a gentleman. He was so concerned and worried about me being in pain. When he told me that he would have to touch my breast in order to find the issue and fix it, he fully expected me to want to wait and see you but I just started getting undressed." Madame Pomfrey raised her eyebrows.

"I completely trust Harry. We used an old classroom. He was afraid he would hurt me when he touched it but he didn't. He was so gentle. He used just one hand to find the damage but used both to heal me. He put one hand on top and one hand underneath my breast so it was completely covered. He then healed me and I was in heaven. It felt so good I wanted him to do the other one but he did not think that was necessary, much to my disappointment." Madame Pomfrey gave Luna a questioning stare.

"I know the healing that fixed the damage felt great but there was something more. I believe there is something special about Harry's magic. When his magic flowed into me it felt so good. I was not trying to get him to feel my breasts…no…we are just good friends. I just wanted to feel his magic again because I have never felt magic like that before.

It was strong and felt very comforting." "That is very interesting Miss Lovegood. Now you two wait here while I inform the headmaster so the ones who attacked you can be collected." She went to her office and used the floo to contact Dumbledore. About 5 minutes later Dumbledore came into the infirmary and indicated that they should wait until more arrived. About 2 minutes later McGonagall, Flitwick, and Snape entered floating the three Slytherin boys ahead of them.

They placed each one of them in hospital beds. Madame Pomfrey immediately went to work checking them out and running diagnostics. "Potter, why have you beat up these boys again?" said Snape accusingly. "Wasn't the last time good enough for you?" "I'm afraid you are mistaken Professor. I was not the one who beat these boys up" replied Harry.

"Then who did?" asked Snape. Harry indicated Luna by gesturing with his hand toward her. "Do you wish for me to believe that Miss Lovegood here was able to do all that to those big boys over there?" asked Snape with a snarl. "Yes, Professor" replied Harry calmly. "That is exactly what I expect you to believe because that is exactly what happened. What those boys did not know when they stupidly decided to attack Luna was that she is one of my self-defense students and I make sure all my self-defense students know how to defend themselves extremely well.

I am very proud of her for standing up for herself and not letting those boys harm her any more than they already did." Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Flitwick were smiling. Snape was fuming. Luna told all of the story to the professors when prompted, including her injury that they only mentioned Harry healing without the extra detail, much to Harry's relief.

Harry's invisibility was not mentioned. Snape informed everyone that the boys would still get their chance to tell their side of the story when they were awake again.

"Well, I am not in the mood to hear any more from those gits after what they did and tried to do to me. I wish to return to my dorm" said Luna. "That is fine Miss Lovegood" replied Dumbledore.

"You can head back to the Ravenclaw common room. We will not need you any further tonight. Professor Potter would you please be so kind as to walk Miss Lovegood back to her common room?

Please be sure she is not provoked by anyone else.

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I believe we have seen enough injuries for the evening. Oh, and I do not believe your services are needed any further as well, Harry." "Thank you, Professor" replied Harry. "I will be happy to escort Luna back to her common room before I return to mine. Goodnight professors." "Goodnight, Professor Potter" replied all the professors, except Snape who was still angry.

They woke up the Slytherin boys after Pomfrey healed them and heard their side of the story. They of course lied about what happened but Dumbledore was able to detect they were lying using legilimency. He confronted Snape with it when Snape tried to take the boys side. Dumbledore told him that he knew the boys were lying and that he also knows that Snape knows. Snape decided he could not win this one and shut up. The boys were given 8 weeks of detention and warned about any further errors in judgment.

They were also docked 50 points each which hurt Slytherin's chances at the house cup considerably. Harry thought they got off too easy when he heard but decided Luna's actions served a good punishment for them as well so maybe justice was served after all. oo0O0oo Harry made a great discovery in the Room of Requirement. He was able to get the room to give him practice dummies that actually fought back.

He could even adjust the level of their skill. He started using them himself for his own karate learning and then included them for his karate class when he taught his friends.

They became very useful for sparring since you did not have to worry about hurting the dummy. It greatly improved Harry's Isshinryu training since there was no one else around who was at his level.

Kingsley was a little closer to his level but he rarely had an opportunity to attend. Since Harry figured out how to make that work for karate, he then applied the same logic to the room to provide practice dummies that could also fight back magically.

None of the unforgivables could be cast by the dummy but it could do enough offensive spells to allow a good practice. And, once again he learned they could be set at different skill levels just by asking the room. Harry had been working for the past several days in the Room of Requirement on his pain management using any spare amount of time available. At first he was just trying to get into the right state of mind as immediately as possible and then eventually he wanted to learn to ignore the Cruciatus curse completely.

He wanted to reach that level of control before the curse ever hit him so he needed to get there in a split-second. He thought if he could then accomplish ignoring the pain completely then he could fool a death eater or even Voldemort by pretending he is hurting then surprising them with a powerful spell. Of course, having the ability to ignore Cruciatus pain would be a pretty big accomplishment in and of itself. He also wanted to be able to teach this to his friends when they reached that level.

While he was able to shorten the amount of time it took him to reach the control state he was not having much luck increasing his tolerance for pain.

He could not truly test it unless someone subjected him to the curse but he could tell from mental measurements he took that his tolerance for pain was not increasing. He was able to measure accurately the amount of time it took to reach the control state and he made significant progress.

Eventually after more days of practice he was able to reach the full control state almost instantly but he saw no difference in increasing his level of tolerance. There seemed to be only so far you can go using the Isshinryu technique. He was quite certain that would be sufficient for most pains but it would not be enough to ignore the curse completely, especially if Voldemort is behind it.

However, he was quite certain he could ignore enough of the pain to go on the offensive like he did with Rookwood but his goal was to ignore all of the pain, for obvious reasons.

Not giving up, Harry decided to allow himself to get hurt by one of the practice dummy's the room provided. It would not be as painful as the Cruciatus but the pain would allow him to measure the degrees of tolerance he applied to ignoring the pain. Hopefully by paying attention to the process of how he increases each degree of tolerance, he should be able to continue past his current highest level by applying that same method.

He also knew that he could always heal himself afterwards. Harry asked the room for a dummy that was a few levels higher than himself. He planned to engage the dummy then he would drop his guard and allow the dummy to strike him to cause an injury.

However, what Harry planned and what actually happened were two different things. Harry faced off with the practice dummy and they started their fight. The rules were open pretty much to anything except killing the real person - Harry. Harry exchanged some punches and kicks with the dummy for about a minute or two and noticed the dummy was quite good. He thought this would be easy to get an injury because it was hitting and kicking him really hard.

When he saw a roundhouse kick coming to his side he did not block it and allowed the dummy to kick him. However, the dummy managed to kick hard enough to break a couple of Harry's ribs. This caught Harry off guard and caused him to pause long enough in shock for the dummy to connect with his knee which broke his leg. The pain had now increased significantly. Next, he was kicked in the groin with a front snap kick that hurt even through his cup.

Next thing he knew he was flying back a few feet after the dummy kicked him hard in the head. Harry landed on his back and could barely open his eyes and raise his head. He saw that the dummy was walking toward him so he raised a finger and disintegrated the dummy with a very powerful stunner. Then Harry promptly passed out. He awoke a few minutes later feeling really bad. He finally remembered what he was doing and what had happened to him. This made him really angry that he could be that stupid to get into this mess.

He was lying there with broken ribs, a broken leg, sore bits, and his head busted open. How stupid of an idea was that he thought. As his anger built he let his magic swell up inside him. He then concentrated on pushing his healing magic to everywhere he hurt and he was healed completely and instantly. He laid there thinking and remembered that he had used his control before to ignore the Cruciatus tremors but it would have been better if he had used his healing magic which would have healed him and removed all the after effects of the Cruciatus like he did for Janet in Hogsmeade.

Carrying that thought further, Harry wondered if his magical healing could also be combined with his control state to increase his tolerance for pain. Essentially, if he could have his healing magic available whenever he had to go into his control state then perhaps with his healing ability and the control state combined he could completely ignore the pain of the Cruciatus.

He would just have to be careful with how he tested that he reminded himself. For now he would just work and see if he could successfully measure an increase in tolerance by adding his healing magic and also work to bring up his healing magic instantly.

That would be for next time though, he decided. He had to get cleaned up and remove the blood stains from his clothes before he left the Room of Requirement to go back to his common room. He decided he would not tell his friends immediately about this, if ever.

oo0O0oo Harry, with some help from his friends, had been teaching all of the DA how to produce a corporal patronus. Some had a little success but the majority were still trying to get their vapor to form. Only a few were not able to get even a vapor. Harry spent special time with these helping and encouraging them to succeed. Harry showed them an example again and produced his very large stag patronus for them. Some started complaining that of course he could do it because he is Harry Potter but Harry would just pull over one of his friends like Ron who promptly produced his dog patronus or he would use Hermione who produced her otter or Ginny would come over and produce her horse patronus.

Even Neville set an example by producing his corporal patronus, which is a bear. The complainers soon stopped using that as an excuse and went back to work on it.

"Remember" said Harry loudly to the entire group using Sonorus, "the happy memory you choose has to be strong and clear. The happier it makes you the better your chances of forming a full corporal patronus will be. If you are still struggling to produce one or to get it to form, try taking a break and finding a better memory before you try again. If I can learn this spell in my third year then so can everyone else in this room.

We already have several that can do it and most of you can produce a vapor. You are practically there. Just make sure you are using a powerfully happy memory." Some of the attempts died down as several decided to look for a better memory. After a while more attempts were made again and Harry started seeing more successful corporal patronuses. Pretty soon nearly all of them were successful. Harry began noticing two sixth years that could not get past a vapor. The boy, Mark, was in Hufflepuff and the girl, Stacey, was in Ravenclaw.

They were getting frustrated because most of the earlier years were able to do it now but they still could not. Ginny and Hermione had mentioned last semester how cute the two would be as a couple if they ever figured out that they liked each other.

After a while, even Harry who rarely noticed these things, began to notice they were correct. It was obvious the two liked each other but never did anything about it. Harry had spoken to each of them separately to try to help them with forming their patronus but they both told him that they just did not have a happier memory they could think of and use.

Getting a sudden crazy thought, Harry went over and asked both of them if he could speak to them for a minute together. He pulled them over to the side away from everyone else and cast a spell so they would not be overheard.

"I have an idea" Harry began, "that I think will get you guys where you need to be so you can produce that corporal patronus. Both of you told me that you could not think of a better happy memory. Well, I know of a way to produce a great happy memory right here on the spot.

Are you interested? They both nodded their heads in agreement. While Harry was talking they would look at each other shyly every once in a while. This did not go unnoticed by Harry so he pushed forward with his plan. "Here is what I want you two to do. I want you to snog each other for just a little bit." They both looked at him with big eyes.

"Let me explain. I have several happy memories that I can use for this spell. One of my most powerful memories involves me and a girl snogging. I have a good friend that gets excited and sometimes just plants one on me.

We are not in a relationship but it is quite enjoyable and a very happy memory. So, since you both need a better happy memory, why don't you take a few minutes and snog.

I guarantee you will like it and it will work to give you both a happier memory. Give it a shot." They both looked at each other apprehensively. Harry already knew that they both wanted to snog each other. The issue was getting them to take the plunge. Harry was just about to say something else that he hoped would help when suddenly they leaped into each other's arms and snogged each other like there was no tomorrow. Most of the class started noticing the snog session going on and stopped their practicing.

Harry was beginning to wonder when they were going to come up for air. He looked at the other students watching the display and just shrugged his shoulders like he didn't know. The snoggers suddenly broke for air and were panting heavily in each other's arms.

Harry started to suggest they try now to cast their patronus but they both just licked their lips and started snogging again. When they finally finished snogging they just stood there holding each other in their arms with great big smiles on their faces. Harry eased up beside them and whispered. "Now keep all that in mind and cast your patronus." The girl stepped back and cast first. She managed a full corporal patronus, which was a chimpanzee.

The boy tried next and his patronus was a gorilla. They hugged and kissed each other after they were both successful. The class broke out in applause and cheers for the new couple. They were slightly embarrassed at first but in the end they were more interested in each other over all.

Harry's close friends came up to him immediately after the DA session had ended and was questioning him on what exactly happened between Mark and Stacey. They knew he had something to do with it. "It's simple" replied Harry. "I had spoken to each of them earlier and they both told me that they could not remember a happier memory they could use. I kept watching them as others achieved a full corporal patronus.

They continued to only get vapor. They were getting frustrated as well and that will just make it harder." "Well, we all know that they have liked each other for a good while but they have never done anything about it. I got a brilliant idea and asked to speak with them together. I basically told them that I know how to create a great happy memory instantly and asked if they were interested. They said yes so I told them I wanted them to snog each other." "Snogging is enjoyable I explained and it creates very happy memories that work well to produce a corporal patronus.

They were shocked at first and hesitated but once they took the plunge there was no stopping them and you saw their full corporal patronuses afterwards." "Brilliant, Harry!" said Neville.

"Aren't you the little matchmaker" said Ginny with a smile. "I do aim to please" replied Harry very smugly as he smiled back. All the friends started laughing. Everyone noticed the new couple was practically inseparable after that. They could be seen holding hands in the hall, snogging, flirting, snogging, and more snogging. oo0O0oo Later in the week Harry finally made the major breakthrough he was looking for with pain management. Learning to bring up his healing magic instantly was easy enough but marrying his control state and healing magic together so they worked in tandem was the tricky part.

Not one to give up easily, Harry continued to press forward with a dogged determination that was unequaled. When he finally was able to do it he very nearly shouted in triumph. Instead, he approached the new technique like he did a new Isshinryu technique, he repeated it over and over and over again until he could gain muscle memory or in this case mental memory.

He had no true way to test it properly but felt confident that he had increased his pain tolerance significantly and the new technique would be a formidable force against the Cruciatus curse.

Harry almost couldn't wait to try it out…almost. Chapter Twelve Secrets Revealed Harry was flying high over the pitch searching for that elusive snitch. It felt good being back on his broom playing Quidditch again. The game had only been going on for about 15 minutes but already Gryffindor was pulling ahead on points. The Weasley twins were so much better than the Hufflepuff beaters and the Gryffindor chasers, especially Ginny, were flying circles around Hufflepuff.

The score was Gryffindor 60 and Hufflepuff 0. Ron, the new keeper, had not let any goals in yet. His boost in confidence Harry helped him with was really showing in his game play. Harry had not seen the snitch yet and it was certain the Hufflepuff seeker had not seen it either. She was new this year as seeker, a third year. All of her attention was strictly on Harry and trying to match his every move. Harry was tempted to do a Wronski feint but decided it would not feel right plowing the little third year so he decided to skip it.

After all she was in his DA classes. Even if the little seeker happened to see the snitch first Harry could still get there faster unless it just happened to drop right into her hands. Needless to say, Harry was not worried about his competition for today's game. When Harry did see the snitch just below the Hufflepuff keeper's broom he casually moved down closer to the pitch pretending to still be looking for it but actually keeping his eyes on the prize.

He was just about to take off fast and grab it when his broom started acting up. He took his eyes off the snitch to check on his broom. He pushed out with his magic and discovered it had been jinxed with a spell. Harry wandlessly removed the spell. However, when he looked up again for the snitch it was gone. He started moving around and slowly moving back higher while looking again for the snitch and at the spectators as well to see if he could determine who jinxed his broom.

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A minute later, his broom started acting up again. That's odd he thought, he did not see any spell. He immediately fixed his broom while keeping his eyes scanning for the trouble maker. He then took off at a moderate pace opposite the Slytherin section and out of the corner of his eye he detected a wand movement and then felt his broom buck again. He fixed his broom quickly and looked to where he thought he saw the wand movement.

He was looking right at Malfoy who appeared to be tucking his wand back up his sleeve while looking around to see if anyone saw him. Harry kept an eye on him while still looking for the snitch and watched to see if he pulled his wand again. He confirmed it was Malfoy on his next attempt. With a sudden inspiration Harry remembered a spell and cast it on his broom to make it impervious to jinxes.

It was the same one the professional Quidditch players used on their brooms. Next he decided he would fly close by Malfoy so that he would be tempted to hit him with another jinx up close. After all, he must be getting frustrated since his jinxes were not working for very long. If Harry started a slow fly by close to the stands level with Malfoy he would likely pull his wand ahead of time so he would be ready to cast the spell.

Making up his mind Harry came in level with the Slytherin section and flew slowly in front of the stands so he would pass right in front of Malfoy. He could see up ahead that Malfoy had pulled his wand already.

When Harry got closer he suddenly sped up quickly and zoomed in close to Malfoy. Harry then snatched his wand right out of his hand. Harry immediately flew over to McGonagall who was seated in the stands. Flying up beside her so he could still see the pitch while he spoke to her, he handed over Malfoy's wand. "Professor, can you hang on to Malfoy's wand until after the game is over? I caught him jinxing my broom.

He was using a spell that could not be seen." "Certainly, Mr. Potter. I will hang on to it for you and I will personally have a chat with Mr. Malfoy right after the game" replied McGonagall.

"Thank you, Professor. Now it's time for me to catch that snitch." Harry had seen it again and it was behind the other seeker who was unaware of it. Apparently she was only watching Harry so she did not see the snitch was closer to her. Harry took off toward the other seeker who thought he was just coming back up to where she was to look for the snitch again but Harry zoomed right past her. As she turned to watch him she caught a glimpse of the snitch and tried to get going but Harry had already wrapped his hand around it.

He told her "better luck next time" as he passed back by her again taking the snitch back down to the ground. Harry was met by his team mates and congratulated on catching the snitch. The score was 360 for Gryffindor and 30 for Hufflepuff. The Gryffindors were glad it was over as much as Hufflepuff did. If Harry could have caught the snitch sooner it would have been more sporting they thought. Unfortunately Malfoy caused the delay to an earlier end of the game. Hufflepuff with their newer team may not have been up to Gryffindor's level of play but Gryffindor knew that Ravenclaw and Slytherin would be much more of a challenge for them.

oo0O0oo The Gryffindor's threw a celebration party in the Gryffindor common room. Harry went over to the Hufflepuffs and invited them to join the party. At first they weren't sure if they should go but Harry kept at them and insisted they join the fun. After all it showed good sportsmanship to celebrate the victory of the team who defeated you, he told them.

They finally decided they would join the fun and be good sports. When Harry came through the Gryffindor entrance he brought with him the Hufflepuff team and several other Hufflepuffs. Everyone got quiet when they showed up. Harry nudged the Hufflepuff team captain, Zacharias Smith, toward Angelina Johnson, the Gryffindor team captain. Zacharias stepped up within a few feet of Angelina.

There was complete silence. "Miss Johnson, as team captain of the Hufflepuffs I wish to offer our congratulations to your team for a substantial victory." Zacharias held out his hand to Angelina. Angelina paused to study Zacharias for a bit then walked forward and shook his hand. "That is very kind of you Mr. Smith. Would you and your friends care to help me get this party cranked up to the proper level?

It appears that some of my Gryffindors have let it drop" she said with a wink. "It would be our pleasure Miss Johnson. We Hufflepuffs pride ourselves in our ability to party.

As a matter of fact we brought some butterbeer with us and would be delighted to share." "Well, by all means, LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED!" shouted Angelina.

The party got started up again quickly after that and many friends from two houses had a good time celebrating with each other. oo0O0oo Malfoy, on the other hand, was not having a good time. He was in McGonagall's office. "Mr. Malfoy, it was brought to my attention that you jinxed Mr. Potter's broom in the middle of a match he was playing. He caught you in the act and confiscated your wand. He handed it over to me in the midst of game time. I assured him I would keep it safe until after the game when I would confront you about your actions." "He can't prove I jinxed his broom" replied Malfoy.

"He never lost control of it so how could I have jinxed it?" "Well, you see we can perform a spell on your wand that shows the last spell cast and it clearly shows you cast a jinx that specifically would affect the control on a broom and that very same jinx is an invisible spell. A perfect spell for interrupting a Quidditch match. I wonder where or whom you learned that complicated spell from?" "I spoke to Mr. Potter after the game. Apparently he knows a spell that makes his broom impervious to jinxes but evidently he can feel the jinx when it hits his broom.

He caught you jinxing his broom not just once, but several times. What do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Malfoy? You obviously had your wand out when he passed by and snatched it from your hand." "I…I was simply performing a warming charm" replied Malfoy. "Really, Mr. Malfoy? Is that the best you can do? Your wand did not cast a warming charm.

It cast a jinx and I would bet if the Department of Mysteries took your wand and ran a test on it, they would tell us that the last few spells you cast with your wand were the very same jinx. A jinx that lends itself well to the behavior you chose to engage in today.

Now, do I need to get an Unspeakable to run that test or do you wish to be truthful this time?" Malfoy thought it over for a minute then started whining. "Harry Potter wins at everything" said Malfoy with a snarl. "He always gets whatever he wants. I just wanted to teach him a lesson." "Mr. Malfoy, I doubt seriously you have anything you could teach Mr.

Potter. As a matter of fact, if you would pay attention to how he handles himself and treats others you might even learn something important from him.

You are already serving detention so you will now have an additional month added to it and another 50 points deducted. I strongly suggest you get your act together Mr. Malfoy. Anymore of your nonsense and you will need to look for another school to attend because you will not be welcome here any longer. This is your last warning. Here is your wand.

Use it wisely. Now get out of my office." Draco left McGonagall's office in a bitter mood. She meant it when she said this was his last chance. There was no way he was going to let Potter get away with everything though.

He just had to find a way to get back at Potter but make sure no one could trace it back to him. This would take some real planning Draco thought and he could not let anyone else in on it either. He had to make it happen all by himself. oo0O0oo A couple weeks later Harry was running a little late for one of his first year classes.

Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle had followed one of the first year Slytherins to Harry's class and Malfoy was badgering him. All the kids were standing outside waiting on Professor Potter to arrive to let them into the classroom. "I told you to stop telling everyone in Slytherin how great your Professor Potter is. We don't like Potter in Slytherin.

Get it?" Malfoy poked the first year in the chest with his finger. "But I really like Professor Potter" replied Stephen. "He's a great teacher!" "Listen here Smith" said Malfoy as Goyle grabbed the first year by the front of the shirt with one hand. "You better watch your mouth are Goyle here is going to shut it for you." Kevin spoke up for his friend and classmate.

"Let him go and leave him alone." "Oh, oh, oh, look what we have here. Another firstie standing up for his classmate.

Take care of him Crabbe." Crabbe started walking toward Kevin. Lucy and Kevin quickly pulled their wands and cast the smokescreen. Soon the other first years did the same.

Goyle let go of Stephen and all three fifth year boys started wondering where all the smoke came from. While they were standing there trying to figure out the smoke, Kevin and Lucy hit all three with Petrificus Totalus. Harry heard part of the commotion and then the three Petrificus Totalus spells. He came around the corner and saw all the smoke. He flicked his wand and the smoke disappeared. He found Kevin and Lucy standing over Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle with the other students close by.

Kevin was telling them that they should not have messed with their friend. "Okay, class" said Harry. "What happened?" "Those three were picking on Stephen just because he likes your class" said Lucy. "They were roughing him up a bit when I told them to leave him alone. The blonde told him" Kevin was pointing at Crabbe "to take care of me.

He was walking toward me when Lucy and I pulled our wands and created the smokescreen. The others joined in and when the three of them started wondering about all the smoke, Lucy and I hit all three with Petrificus Totalus" said Kevin. "Good work everyone. Are you alright, Stephen? Do you hurt anywhere?" asked Harry. "No, Professor Potter.

I'm fine. Thanks for asking" replied Stephen. "Good now everyone into the classroom and wait for me there" Harry said while opening the door for them. "I will take care of these three." The kids walked into the classroom to wait all the while wishing they could watch their Professor Potter in action against those three.

They were counting on it being spectacular. Harry walked back out into the hall, cast a silencing charm on the door to the classroom, and removed the spell from all three boys. They got up quickly and seeing Harry's face they stood very still.

All were worried, especially Malfoy since he had no other chances left. His father would kill him if he got kicked out of Hogwarts. "Malfoy, I know your situation. You are dangerously close to leaving this place.

Crabbe and Goyle, you are not much better off than he is." Harry took a big breath and let it out. "I am going to let you guys off with a warning this time and no one else has to know." Malfoy was visibly relieved.

"You saw what my first years can do. Let that be a lesson to you. Oh, and one last thing. If you ever mess with any of my students again you will seriously regret it. I am warning you to heed my words because I meant…every…word …I…said." Harry stared at them for a couple seconds.

"I think you need to get to your class now." Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle walked off quickly. Harry was wondering why he even gave them a break. It likely did nothing but delay the inevitable. Harry walked back into the classroom as he put his professor face on. "Alright, who wants to learn something today?" asked Harry loudly.

Everyone raised their hands. They had big smiles on their faces. "That's the spirit!" oo0O0oo After everyone in Harry's karate class had stretched and warmed up he got all their attention so he could make an announcement. It was a good day for it because both Tonks and Kingsley were here today as well and he might need their help on what he had planned next. "We are going to start working on something a little different today.

It is something I have been developing for a little while in my personal training. I am glad Kingsley and Tonks are with us today because this will be right down their alley. I am hoping they will have some suggestions for us." "We are going to start combining our karate training with our magical training.

When you have to fight someone such as a death eater then I want you to be able to use all the weapons available to you. You should be able to attack with wand or body and be proficient at both." "What I want us to work on specifically is using the two at the same time.

I want our enemies worried and wondering what we are going to hit them with next. I want you just as fast and accurate with your wand as you are with your karate technique. This will slow us down a bit with our karate training and leveling but we will gain so much more. We will be tremendous fighters and death eaters will need to think twice about attacking any one of us. Of course, there is no need to let them know about this ahead of time, correct?" All of them had smiles on their faces.

"Kingsley, do you have anything you could add to this? I know the Aurors do this as part of their jobs.

They have to be able to use a wand proficiently and I understand you teach them self-defense so they can also use their bodies offensively as well" asked Harry. "That is correct Sensei. I think though what you have planned and especially given your amazing self-defense technique, this program has the potential to far exceed what we do with the Aurors.

Basically, the aurors just use magic but resort to self-defense if that is the only option they have left. If this turns out the way I think it will then I likely will be formerly inviting you to come to the ministry and train our Aurors in this method" replied Kingsley. Tonks was agreeing with him by nodding her head. "Once you are trained Kingsley…and Tonks, you will be able to teach them yourselves. You will not need me at all" replied Harry. "On the contrary, Sensei" said Kingsley.

"I have to admit that while I could teach them after I am trained, they would learn much more from you Sensei than I could ever teach them. You need to realize that you are a far superior teacher than I am." "Thank you Kingsley but I seriously doubt I am any better than you at this. However, should you need my assistance I might have a little time this summer to help you.

Just let me know and I will see what I can do." "Will do Sensei. Now show us what you've been working on" said Kingsley. Harry had them get behind him on one wall and he cast a protection spell in front of them.

"That should prevent any damage to you if a spell comes your way" he said smiling. "However, remember to protect yourselves at all times" he said in a serious tone. Harry asked the room for practice dummies who would be experienced death eater level. He asked for five of them and readied himself. The five practice death eater dummies appeared close all around Harry.

All five pointed their wands at Harry but he disappeared and reappeared several feet away in a corner close to his students. Harry hit all five with stunners in less than a second. "Harry, how did you stun all five that fast?" asked Tonks. "Harry, how did you apparate within Hogwarts?" asked Hermione. Others were gearing up to ask questions as well but Harry put his hand up to stop them.

"Hang on. That was not what I had planned. I only used magic that time. I was going to show the use of magic and karate at the same time but the room made it too easy. I guess what I asked for was not specific enough." "Easy?" asked Ron. "There were five death eater dummies attacking you and you took all five down in about 2 seconds. That may be easy for you but some of us might find that a challenge." "And that is why we practice and learn better ways to fight" replied Harry.

"How did you do that Harry?" asked Ginny. "Okay, let me answer your questions and then I will see if I can ask the room better for the next round so I can show you what I really had planned.

Let me answer Hermione's question first. You can apparate within Hogwarts if you ask the room for a more realistic situation. In normal settings outside this school you can apparate so for practice in here you can apparate as well. However, you or your opponent can still override it with an Anti-Disapparition Jinx." "Tonks asked how I was able to stun all five that fast. Easy.

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Practice." They all frowned at him. "Okay, a little more information. I have discovered that if you can cast spells silently then you can cast them a lot faster." "That is true" said Tonks "but I have never seen anyone who can cast that fast. How do you do it? You stunned five in about one second I think." "Once again, practice" replied Harry. "I had a contest last semester in the first and second year classes I teach. I conjured five bubbles and set them in a row. I had my students participate in a contest to see who could pop all five in the fastest time.

A miss would cost you five seconds. When it was over the class decided that they wanted to see me do it. I popped all five in a little more than a second. I realized after I did it that I could do it faster if I worked on it. The key is how fast can you think the spell over and over? If you can become real familiar with the spell then there is no need to silently say it in your mind. You just need to think it and you will find your thoughts can move at incredible speeds.

Of course you will need to be able to move your wand quick enough and have good aim." "That does not sound easy at all, Harry" said Hermione. "Hermione, I will admit that I came across this technique accidentally.

I was already casting quickly with spells I am very familiar with. When I setup that contest with my students I spent some time before I introduced it to them working out the logistics of it. During the course of doing that I went several rounds popping those bubbles and considering how difficult or easy it might be for my first and second years. Popping the five bubbles over and over I discovered I could do it faster if I just thought it instead of actually saying the spell silently in my head.

Try it yourselves sometime and you will see how much faster you can cast. It works well for Stupefy as you just witnessed." "That was wicked fast, Harry" said Neville. "Thanks, Neville. I have managed to improve my time. On that Hogsmeade weekend I was faster than in my classroom and just now I believe I was faster than that. However, I do not think I can make it any faster. Maybe one of you could" Harry said looking at Hermione who blushed, "but I am pretty sure I have peaked at my fastest time.

Plus, you need to remember that this kind of speed casting only works with simple spells like a stunner that does not require a complicated wand movement or a multi-word spell." "Right, very good information Sensei" added Kingsley. "Very impressive as well. I did not get to see you in action in Hogsmeade. I just heard the report.

I am glad I got to see this even though you were expecting to do something different." "Oh, I called you Harry" they all started saying at once. "Sorry Sensei" they all said. "No worries. This is different" said Harry.

"If you want to call me Harry in these classes I will not object. If this was strictly a karate class then I would insist on Sensei but it is no longer just a karate class so we will relax that rule. Respect for each other and this class still stands though. We do not want to get stupid and have someone get hurt accidentally. If anything the class has just become more dangerous." All of Harry's students came to attention and yelled "yes, Sensei!" "Merlin, you guys are good" Harry said with a smile.

"Now, let me see if I can get this room to make it a little harder for me" said Harry. His friends just looked at each other and shook their heads in disbelief. Harry had his friends get behind him again and he cast another protection spell in front of them.

He walked back out to the center and instructed the room in more detail. He encouraged it to do better than last time since he needed to show his class a mixture of karate and magic.

When he thought he explained it well enough he told the room he was ready. Suddenly seven death eater practice dummies appeared all over the room instead of bunched up together like last time. This is more like it, thought Harry. Before any of the dummies could mount an attack Harry leaped high in the air and kicked the nearest one in the head with a powerful roundhouse kick.

Some spells flew by behind Harry but they missed because he was moving too fast. The dummy he kicked actually flew sideways about three feet from the blow Harry delivered. While still in the air, right after the kick and before he landed, Harry cast a stunner at another dummy that was the closest to him, catching him square in the chest.

When Harry landed he had cast a strong shield. One spell flew by him missing again and one of the curses another dummy cast gonged loudly off of his shield. Harry, still on the move, saw two dummies close together over by the wall so cast a blasting hex at them before they could cast another spell.

His spell blew them both up against the wall with a loud smack. They slid down to the floor unconscious. Harry did a dive over the next two spells cast and landed next to the fifth dummy. He quickly grabbed it and swung it around in front of him just as two spells were cast from the other two dummies.

Both spells hit the dummy Harry held in front of him so Harry cast a double cutting hex at the sixth dummy on his left. The dummy put up a shield but the first hex cut right through it and the second hex cut him across the chest.

The seventh dummy cast another spell while Harry was running toward it. Harry dodged the spell and leaped into the air heading straight at the last opponent. The dummy tried to get off another spell but Harry's knee landed right to the chin of the dummy which sent it flying backwards about five feet.

When Harry landed he quickly stunned and tied up all seven in about three seconds. Harry turned toward his students, removed the protective shield, and asked "Any questions?" They were all standing there just looking at him. Some had their mouths open. Kingsley had a big smile on his face. Tonks shook her head to clear it then ran over to Harry and engulfed him in a big hug.

"That was spectacular, Harry" said Tonks. "If you can teach me how to do that I will be thanking you every time I see you. You were amazing!" 'Very nicely done, Harry" said Luna. "I was most impressed." "Wow, Harry" said Neville. "I am not sure I will ever be that good but I am sure going to try. You can count on that." "Good, Neville" replied Harry. "You have come a long ways my friend and I have no doubts you can accomplish whatever you want." Neville smiled.

He appreciated the praise. "Harry, you have been holding out on us" Hermione said accusingly. "None of us knew you could do that." "Yeah, mate" added Ron. "We've been keeping a lot of your secrets for you but it sure looks like you have held onto a few for yourself. I have never seen anything like that before in my life." "Me either, Ron" said Kingsley. "I did not know what he did was even possible. If I had not seen it for myself and one of you described it to me I doubt I would have believed you.

Harry, you definitely have to come train my aurors as much as you can this summer. This is huge. I am still not sure if anyone else can accomplish that at the same level as you did but that does not matter. Anyone learning to do that at any level will be a force to be reckoned with." "I could have sold tickets…again" said Tonks smiling.

"I will help you as much as I can this summer, Kingsley." Ginny was the only one that had not moved or said anything so far. This changed quickly as she headed straight to Harry.

"Harry Potter" said Ginny as she marched up to him with an angry look on her face. She stopped right in front of him and was invading his space somewhat. "You scared me half to death when I saw all seven of those dummies appear.

I was wondering what in the world you were thinking taking on that many dummies at death eater level" she said angrily. Ginny paused for a second and looked down.

She started shaking her head. "Then I saw what you did" she said softly looking him in the eye. "You were incredible. I have never seen anyone do that before. It was amazing what you showed us and you want to teach us that?" Harry nodded, somewhat bewildered at her changes in emotion. Ginny took Harry's face in her hands and pulled him into a short but soft sweet kiss on the lips.

She then grabbed him into a tight hug saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Harry." "You're welcome, Gin" said Harry still somewhat bewildered. "I will teach you to the best of my ability." oo0O0oo A couple weeks later… Harry's Gryffindors and Slytherins first year class was meeting and Harry was checking to make sure all were in attendance before he got started. He did not see Kevin and Lucy. That's odd, he thought. "Has anyone seen Kevin or Lucy?" Harry asked the class. Stephen raised his hand.

"Yes Stephen?" "Professor Potter, Kevin and Lucy are in the infirmary. Did you not hear that they were attacked and hurt badly?" asked Stephen. "No, I was not told about any of that. How bad is it?" asked Harry "We heard that they may not make it, sir" said Stephen.

"Um…um…class dismissed. You can leave or stay and work on anything you want but please be careful. I have to go check on Kevin and Lucy." Harry ran out of the classroom door and straight to the hospital wing.

Harry barged into the infirmary but Madame Pomfrey met him when he came through the door. "Madame Pomfrey, I just heard about Kevin and Lucy. How bad is it? Are they going to make it?" "Mr. Potter, calm down please" said Madame Pomfrey. "It is still touch and go. I have healed all their major internal damage but they are not strong enough right now and need rest. Their magical reserves are very low so are not helping the healing process. I am afraid to do too much at once in their weakened state.

They should strengthen after some rest and I will heal whatever is left." "Do you know what happened?" "All we know is that they were found by a couple seventh years at the edge of the forest. They had been severely beaten and all their clothes removed.

Since it is still February they very nearly froze to death. It was their magic that kept them alive long enough but they are not out of the woods yet." "They left them naked? Lucy wasn't…?" "No, Mr. Potter. I checked for that and she was not molested but they did a really big job of beating both kids nearly to death. Then with the freezing temperatures and no clothes that very nearly finished them off. Perhaps that is what their attackers were hoping for." "And we don't know who did this?" "Not that I know of, Mr.

Potter. Perhaps when they are well, if they make it, they might know who did this to them." "Can I see them?" "Yes, but keep in mind that their external bruises and swelling has not been tended to yet." She pointed him over to the beds they were in. They were next to each other so Madame Pomfrey could take care of and watch both easily.

Harry went around the curtain but was not ready to see what was before him. Madame Pomfrey warned him but he did not expect to see what he saw. Neither of the kids were recognizable. Their faces were bruised and swollen beyond belief. How they survived after that kind of beating and exposure to the elements was nothing but a miracle.

Harry knew he was letting his anger get out of control but he could not stop it. His magic started building and he barely kept it in check. He finally let out a loud "NO" then fell to his knees and cried. He then let out a roar that shook the entire castle. He roared again and the castle shook a second time. Students and teachers were pouring out of the classrooms and dorms wondering what was happening.

Madame Pomfrey quickly used her fireplace to summon Dumbledore. Her only words were "It's Harry." Dumbledore quickly made an announcement to the whole school for all students to stay wherever they are until he made another announcement. He also temporarily suspended all classes for the day. Madame Pomfrey went back to Harry and said, "Mr.

Potter, please control yourself. You are shaking the entire castle. Harry calmed down but was still not conversational. He just stared straight ahead. His magic was still at a high level even after he brought it down some. He was fighting to bring it down more and in control. Dumbledore arrived in the infirmary and went to where Madame Pomfrey and Harry were.

"What happened Poppy?" "Albus, I warned him that the bruising and swelling were not taken care of yet but I think he was just not ready to see them like that. I forgot that he is teaching the first and second year students defense, plus these two kids are Gryffindors as well. They are two of his students and from his demeanor he obviously cares a great deal for them.

After he went around the curtain, it was only a few seconds later that I heard him say a very loud 'NO' so I ran over here and he was on his knees like this on the floor crying.

He then put his fists in the air and he just roared like an animal which shook the castle. He roared again and the castle shook again. I went to call you then came back over here and told him he needed to control himself and stop shaking the entire castle." "Let me see if I can talk to him, Poppy." Madame Pomfrey stepped back a little so Dumbledore could talk to Harry.

Dumbledore conjured a soft chair for him to sit in and sat down next to Harry. "Harry? Harry?" asked Dumbledore. Harry slowly looked up at Dumbledore with tears in his eyes and asked "Why?" "We are still looking into that, Harry. Right now we do not have enough answers yet.

Perhaps when they are well they can provide some helpful information about their attackers." Harry nodded his head. "I wanted to talk to you about something else though, Harry. Madame Pomfrey said that you roared twice and each time you did you shook the entire castle. Please don't do that again, Harry." "I won't. I am in control now." "Thank you, Harry.

In order to do that you would have to be an extremely powerful wizard. I was aware you are powerful but I was not aware you had that much power. I can still see your magic rolling off of you in waves.

Is there anything you wish to share with me, Harry?" Harry looked down at the floor for a minute then stood up and faced Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey. "I suppose this is as good a time as any to tell you about my extra power." Harry cast a silencing spell around the three of them. "However, this needs to remain secret as long as possible. I would appreciate you not telling anyone." They both nodded.

Harry told them about the binding of his magic when he was a baby and the releasing of it last summer. He also told them how hard he worked and how he was instructed so he could control his power when casting, the dummies he disintegrated and blew holes through, then finally how he naturally casts with less power now but could go to full power or variations of it whenever he needs it.

Harry left off telling about his wandless ability since it was not necessary. "I dare say Harry" said Dumbledore "you may be the most powerful wizard alive today.

Based on what I have seen it is highly likely. You may even be the most powerful since Merlin." "Thank you sir but I doubt I am that powerful. "Harry, you must embrace this power.

It is part of you. It is what will protect you and others. Recognize it and use it for the good. You have already proven you are a great healer. I suspect that talent comes from all the power you yield combined with your desire to help people. With the amount of power and intelligence you have there is very little you cannot accomplish if you set your mind to it." "Healer?

Yes, thank you sir." Harry quickly went over to stand between Kevin and Lucy's beds. He pulled their beds closer to each other so he could touch both of them at the same time.

He laid one hand on Kevin's chest and one hand on Lucy's chest. Harry let his magic flow so he could diagnose their problems. They were both bad enough off all over that he felt safe sending a strong general healing spell. His hands glowed as the magic poured out of him and into his students. Dumbledore and Pomfrey watched in amazement as all the bruises and swelling just disappeared from both patients.

Harry stayed there about 10 seconds then took his hands off the students and stood back watching them. Slowly their breathing became normal and their skin color was back to normal. Suddenly, they both sat up quickly in bed and took a sharp intake of breath.

Both of them saw Harry and turned to look at his face. "Professor Potter, where am I?" asked Lucy. "You and Kevin were both attacked and beaten pretty badly. You are in the infirmary and since you are both awake can you answer a question?" "If I know the answer Professor I will" replied Lucy. "Do you know who attacked the both of you?" asked Harry. "No, Professor. I did not get a look at them" replied Lucy. "I did" said Kevin.

"I do not know any of them but there were five boys and I believe they were all third year Slytherins.

They all had Slytherin robes on. I remember seeing one boy before and he is definitely in Slytherin. I wasn't awake long enough to see any more than that. I don't think they meant for us to see them at all but I did not pass out immediately and was able to see that much." "Very good Kevin" said Dumbledore. "You did very well, Kevin" said Harry. "I am very proud of you, both of you for hanging in there. Now let Madame Pomfrey check you out completely to see if I healed everything properly." "You healed us Professor?" asked Lucy.

"I just healed the last part that Madame Pomfrey had not got to yet. I've had a few lessons, you see" said Harry with a wink. "If you gentlemen will give me some room I will run full diagnostics on both and make sure they are okay" said Madame Pomfrey as she pushed past Dumbledore and Harry. Harry started toward the door but Dumbledore stopped him. "Harry?" "Yes, Professor" replied Harry as he stopped and turned back around.

"Harry, I want you to stay here with your students and keep them company while you guard them in case their attackers find out they are alive and come back to finish the job. And, I think it would be best if you let me find those students who did this. You are way too close to this. I have ways that will be subtle so they are less likely to know they have been caught until it is too late.

Besides, I can see your magic has still not calmed down all the way." Harry hung his head down and stared at the floor for a minute. "I suppose you are right Professor." Harry looked back up at Dumbledore. "Do me a favor and check on my first year class. I dismissed them when I found out about these two but gave them the option to stay and work on what they want. I told them to be careful. I am sure they have been responsible but it would not hurt to check on them.

They should also know that their classmates are going to be fine. They were very worried. Would you do that please?" "Certainly, Professor Potter. I would be happy to check up on them and ease their minds about their two friends here. You stay here and make sure those two stay healthy." "Yes, Professor and thank you." "Mr. Potter" said Madam Pomfrey coming out to where Harry and Dumbledore were standing, "I do not know how you do that but both kids are fully healed, inside and out.

Not only that, somehow you managed to boost their magical cores as well. They are not just okay now but are better than okay. They look very happy. I have given them a sleeping draught so they will rest peacefully for a few hours. I know their bodies could use the rest. I suspect they will be able to leave this evening." "Thank you Madame Pomfrey" replied Harry.

"I am going to stay here and make sure they remain that way. We do not want any reprisals once everyone knows they are going to make it. Professor Dumbledore is going to see if he can track down the attackers now that we have a lead to go on." "I'll be back later Poppy. Talk to you soon, Harry" said Dumbledore as he headed for the door.

"Good luck, Professor" said Harry then he grabbed a chair and placed it between Kevin and Lucy so he could keep an eye on them. He had been sitting there for about thirty minutes when Hermione peeked around the curtain at him. "Hi, Hermione." "Can we come in?" said Hermione as she stepped around the curtain. "We?" asked Harry. Ron, Ginny, Neville, and Luna came up behind Hermione right at that time. "Oh, I see the whole gang's here. These two were given a sleeping draught but let's go over there so we do not accidentally wake them." He led his friends over to another side of the infirmary.

He stood so he could still watch Kevin and Lucy then cast a silencing spell around himself and his friends. "Harry" said Ron, "Professor Dumbledore told us you were here keeping an eye on Kevin and Lucy. What happened? They look fine." "They were beaten very close to death and left naked at the edge of the forest so they would freeze.

They nearly died out there. Luckily, a couple seventh years found them early this morning and brought them here. Madame Pomfrey stabilized them by healing the biggest internal injuries but they were too weak so she had to give them time to recover a bit.

It was not working well because their magical core was nearly drained just keeping them alive." "She warned me how swollen and bruised they still were because she was afraid to do any more for them yet until they gained some strength.

When I saw them though I lost it. You could not even recognize them they were beaten so badly. Their faces were completely swollen and their entire bodies were covered in bruises. They had broken bones and bruised organs. It was offal. Madame Pomfrey told me to stop what I was doing because I was shaking the castle. She said I shook it twice." "That was you, Harry?" asked Neville.

Harry nodded his head. "Harry, only a witch or wizard of incredible power could do that" said Hermione. They all stared at him. He just looked up at them and smiled. "Harry?" said Ginny. "Well, I ended up having to tell Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey so I decided it was time you guys knew as well.

Only I am going to share a little extra with you. Just remember to keep this to yourselves." Over the next few minutes, Harry told the entire story to his friends about his bound magic and the unbinding. They were shocked to say the least. "One other thing, Simon has a theory that says a witch or wizard with enormous power will also be very smart because the extra magic stimulates the brain in ways that helps the thought process, but also increases memory and retention.

You have heard how powerful Simon was and you know how intelligent he was and still is via his portrait. Think now about Professor Dumbledore. We all know he's very powerful but he is also very intelligent.

Now look at me again and try not to laugh." "When I removed the binding on my magic something started happening soon after that. I was able to learn an amazing amount of spells, I also learned wandless magic, I learned Isshinryu Karate, and I gained control over an enormous amount of magic. I did all of this in only one month. Oh yeah, I learned how to dance too." "Since I have been at school my heavy load has been getting easier to handle.

I do not have to study for my classes anymore. I can read through Hermione's notes on History of Magic just once and I retain it all. Think about it. I have learned pretty much everything Hogwarts has to teach and I am studying now at a level beyond seventh year. I am pretty sure Simon's theory is spot on the money because I was not able to do this last year." "I knew it, I knew it, I knew it" said Hermione.

"I knew you did not have to study anymore. This is so unfair, Harry Potter! I study all the time and work myself crazy to learn the extra and make the grades. You waltz in and don't even have to study! How is that fair?" "It's not fair Hermione but how can you say that? You are a very intelligent witch while Ron and I up through last year have been average at best. Before this happened to me we knew you had something we didn't.

Is that fair? No. It's genetics." "The same reason I have a lot of extra power and you do not is the same reason I have green eyes and Ginny has brown. I have messy black hair and Ginny has beautiful red hair." Ginny blushed. "I inherited my green eyes from my mum and my messy black hair from my dad. I have powerful ancestors. Simon is one and he knows of two others in the distant past before they had portraits that I am related to.

I would bet that if you looked at some history with Dumbledore's family you would probably find some powerful ancestors in his past as well. But none of this matters!" "Listen to me everyone. You need to understand this. It does not matter that I have extra magical power.

Are you jealous of Dumbledore's power? If you are then you never mentioned it to me before. So, if you are not jealous of Dumbledore's power then why would you be jealous of mine? It is just another trait in how we were born." "My grandpa told me this: Some people can sing and some are tone deaf.

Some can sing better than others. There are some you would pay to listen to and others you would not. You may wish to be a great singer but if you were born tone deaf it will never happen. Does that make your life not worth living? No. Not at all.

Your life can still be just as full even though you can't sing." "The same goes for magical power. You can still be a successful and knowledgeable witch or wizard and not be the most powerful.

There are tons of witches and wizards all across the world who are out there today doing that very thing." "I'm sorry, Harry" said Hermione. "I didn't really mean that. I just spouted off without thinking. You not having to study anymore has been driving me nuts trying to figure out why." She gave him a big hug.

"Now I can rest and stop worrying about it. It makes perfect sense now and I believe you are correct about Simon's theory. It sounds pretty solid to me." "Harry that was a great argument against pure blood status as well" said Neville. "We cannot do anything with traits we are not born with.

We can only improve on what traits we were born with. Just because you are born a pureblood does not make you any better than anyone else. It is no better than having white skin or brown." "Very good, Neville" said Ron. "And for the record Harry, I have never been jealous of your magical power." "Thanks, mate." "I've always just wanted your money" Ron said with a big smile. Everyone laughed. "Well, Ron you are welcome to visit me anytime at my impressive manor. I will gladly share of my worldly possessions.

That goes for all of you as well" Harry indicated the rest of them. "Now, on to important matters" continued Harry. "When Kevin and Lucy woke up Kevin remembered enough detail about the attackers that should help a lot.

Dumbledore has gone to see if he can figure out who did it based on that new information. I suppose he contacted you guys while he was working on it. I am staying here and playing bodyguard to the two sleepyheads over there in case their attackers hear they did not die and come to finish the job. They know that Kevin saw them and that may be the reason they tried to kill them." "That's terrible Harry that we have students here that would do such a thing" said Luna.

"My thoughts exactly Luna. That is what caused me to lose it for a few seconds when I saw them all broken up and unrecognizable" replied Harry. "If one or two of you can do me a favor I would very much appreciate it." "Sure Harry" they all agreed at once.

"I am going to get Dobby to bring me my books so I can get some work done while I am here. Actually, I'll do that now. Dobby?" There was a soft pop and Dobby appeared right in front of Harry.

Always At Her XXX Service

"Thanks for coming Dobby. I need a favor." "Yes Master Harry Potter sir. Dobby will be happy to do anything for the Great Harry Potter" Dobby said bowing. "What can Dobby do for Master Harry Potter sir?" "Dobby, I need my bag that I left in my defense classroom earlier when I found out about Lucy and Kevin. I hurried here as fast as I could and left my bag there.

I am watching over them so cannot leave. Can you go get it and bring it back to me so I can get some work done while I wait? "Right away, Master Harry Potter sir. Dobby will be back soon." Dobby disappeared with another pop and about 3 seconds later he was back handing the bag to Harry. "Thank you so much Dobby. I am not sure what I would do without you." "Can Dobby do something else for the Great Harry Potter?" Dobby said anxiously.

"Actually, I am very thirsty" said Harry. "Would you mind bringing me some pumpkin juice and whatever my friends would like as well? They might be thirsty too." "What can Dobby get for the Great Harry Potter's friends? Dobby is always happy to help." Everyone agreed on pumpkin juice but Hermione hesitated a bit before seeing Dobby's excitement at serving and giving in.

Dobby popped out to get the juices. "If any of you have some time when you are not in class and would like to keep me company" said Harry, "I could use someone to talk to and you could also give me a break guarding them so I can visit the loo if I have to. If one or two of you would like to join me for lunch later I bet I could ask Dobby to bring some food or you could pick up enough for yourselves and me and bring it here so we can eat." Dobby returned with the juice for everyone and popped out after he had served them.

"Harry, we all have a free period coming up because Dumbledore temporarily suspended classes for the day when you shook the castle" said Ginny. "He announced again a little while ago that classes would resume starting with the third period. I will be happy to keep you company until I have to go to class. I will also be happy to join you for lunch unless you think you will be tired of me and would prefer a different friend." "Now, that is just silly.

How could I ever grow tired of you, Gin?" asked Harry with a smile. Ginny turned red in the face but did not bolt. She stared at Harry and said, "Well, I did not want to overstay my welcome good sir." "Not a chance my lady. You are always welcome" replied Harry with a smile. "I guess we are going to go" said Hermione elbowing Ron and nodding at Neville and Luna.

"It looks like you guys have it all worked out." "Bye Harry, bye Ginny" "Bye guys." "Thanks for coming and checking on me everyone" said Harry. "I appreciate it very much." Neville, Luna, Ron, and Hermione left Harry and Ginny by themselves. Harry turned toward Ginny. "Your first job is to guard the sleepyheads while I go visit the loo." "Oh, so that was not just a 'for instance.' You really need to go?" "Yes, very badly, especially since I drank all that pumpkin juice." "Okay, Harry" said Ginny with a laugh.

"I will watch your students for you. You go take care of business. We don't want to have to clean up any accidents." Chapter Thirteen A Six-Pack of Slytherins Draco was feeling a bit anxious. He was confident the incident with the two first year Gryffindors would not get back to him but it was never his intention for those two kids to get beaten so badly. Yes, he wanted them to be beaten but to teach them a lesson, not beat them to the point of near death.

According to what he had heard it was a miracle they survived. The five Slytherin third years he used went too far and he still was not sure why. He certainly wasn't going to ask. He had played it well up to this point and was not interested in fowling that up. The five third years had no idea it was him that directed them to attack the two young Gryffindors. The note he left was not in his handwriting and it did catch on fire and burn up completely after they had read it.

Therefore, there is no way he could be implicated in this attack. This was one of his better plans and he would be proud of himself if it were not for the fact those third years went too far. Now more attention would be paid to the attack than Draco had intended. "I need to remember to keep my occlumency shields up just in case," he thought "and be more specific in the future with instructions. Who would have thought that third years would be so violent?" Draco asked himself. oo0O0oo "Please, please take your seats everyone.

Before we take part in tonight's lovely dinner, I have a few things to share" announced Professor Dumbledore. He waited until the noise died down and everyone found their seats. He noted that Harry, Kevin, and Lucy were still not present. Staring at the students until they were quiet, he began his announcement.

"I am sure some of you are aware already of the attack early this morning on two of our most delightful first years from Gryffindor House. Lucy Monroe and Kevin Johansen were beaten nearly to death this morning and left to die in the cold.

If it were not for a couple of our seventh years from Hufflepuff who found them when they were out for a stroll this morning they certainly would have died. Fortunately, they were taken to Madame Pomfrey in the nick of time where she was able to save them and cure them of their horrible injuries. Our Professor Potter was also able to help some in the healing of these young Gryffindors." "He took it personal that someone would attack any of his students. If you recall Mr.

Potter is currently teaching defense to all the first and second year classes. In addition, he is helping third through seventh year students with defense during meetings with the group he and Miss Granger started. It is called the Defense Association or DA for short.

This has been very helpful since we are currently without a full time defense professor. He is currently watching over his students in the infirmary while they rest." "Mr. Potter realizes how close he is to his students and has agreed to let me handle the investigation into the persons responsible for this heinous crime. Rest assured I will get to the bottom of it and the culprits will be found out. It would be wise if the ones responsible just stepped forward and owned up to their viciousness but I doubt that will happen.

What they did was an act of cowardice." He let his eyes pass over all the students for a few seconds before concluding. Dumbledore started to signal for the food to appear but stopped.

"I will give you one warning before we eat. If I were you, I would tread lightly around any of Mr. Potter's students or friends. He is very protective and you should not do anything to make him angry. Do I make myself clear?" There were quite a few nods from most of the students. "Then let's eat, shall we? Tuck in." The food appeared on all the tables so everyone dug in. About ten minutes later, Harry, Lucy, and Kevin walked through the doors into the Great Hall. They stopped because all noise ceased and everyone was staring at them.

Professor Dumbledore stood up and started clapping. He was joined by Professor McGonagall and then the rest of the faculty. Soon all the students were standing and clapping as well, except for some of the Slytherins. All the first and second year Slytherins joined in though.

Harry lead his two students to a spot at the Gryffindor table where they all three could sit together with Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Neville. Harry planned on keeping an eye on the two for quite a bit longer and appreciated the extra protection that his karate students could provide. They had saved Harry a seat and just moved over some more when he brought Kevin and Lucy with him. "How are you feeling Lucy?" asked Hermione. "I feel great, Hermione! I feel better than I did before I got attacked.

I am not sure what Professor Potter did to me but it sure works. I have never felt this good before. Right now I am just really hungry." "Well, alright then. You had better tuck in little lady because I just might eat it all" added Ron. "That's okay Ron. The elves will just bring us more" said Kevin. "Right you are my man" said Ginny. "Not even my brother here can eat more than the elves can cook." "You look like you are pretty hungry yourself, Kevin" said Neville who was sitting across from him.

"I sure am. This is my first meal today. I was not awake during breakfast or lunch so I am very hungry now" Kevin said to Neville then looked up at him. He froze his movements then leaned slightly to the right to see around Neville. He spotted someone across the Great Hall.

Standing up he said, "Excuse me for a second will you?" never taking his eyes off the one person across the room. Kevin quickly walked over to the Slytherin table until he came up behind a third year. Harry watched as Kevin left in a bit of a hurry and went over to the Slytherin table until he stopped behind a third year. What happened next had Harry and the faculty scrambling to get over there. Kevin grabbed the third year by the hair and dragged him backward off the bench where he was eating.

As soon as he landed on the floor Kevin kicked him right in the gut. Then he jumped on top of him and started pounding him with his fists as hard as he could go. One of the other third years threw Kevin off of his friend and was just about to attack Kevin when Harry picked the third year up from behind by the back of his robes.

Harry lifted him clear off the floor with one hand. "SIT DOWN NOW!" yelled Harry then plopped him back on the bench. Harry then went over to Kevin and checked on him. "Kevin, are you okay?" asked Harry. "Yes." "Why did you attack this boy?" asked Dumbledore who had arrived right behind Harry.

"He is one of the ones who attacked Lucy and me" replied Kevin. "When I saw him it just all came flooding back. I remembered how bad they beat Lucy and I just lost it." No one noticed the red face of one Lucy Monroe when she heard what Kevin said. "Given what you have been through today Mr. Johansen I am quite surprised you had the energy to do what you did" replied McGonagall. "I see that you did not do near the damage that was done to you or Miss Monroe but I suppose that will have to do for now.

After all we do not condone this sort of behavior." Kevin looked down at his feet. "I believe Professor Dumbledore is heading up this investigation so why don't we let him take it from here, shall we?" She led Kevin back over to Lucy and the other Gryffindors so he could finish his meal.

Harry picked up the third year Slytherin that Kevin had attacked and stood him on his feet. He looked up at Professor Dumbledore and said, "He is all yours, Professor." Harry walked back over to his seat and joined the others once more to finish his meal. After he sat down he put his arm around Kevin's shoulders and gave him a squeeze.

He leaned in close to Kevin's ear and whispered "You can be on my team anytime you want. I am very proud of you." Kevin smiled real big then dug into the food he had been ignoring since he sat back down. Dumbledore stunned and tied up the third year Slytherin and left him right there on the floor where he landed.

He then went back to his seat to finish his meal. When all were just looking at him he said, "He's not going anywhere and I would like to finish my food. I will take him to the infirmary after I have finished. Eat up!" After about 5 minutes, Harry stood up.

"I realize this is unusual" he said loud enough for everyone to hear, "but I would like to propose a toast." They all stopped and looked at Harry. Harry raised his glass of pumpkin juice high and said "To Kevin Johansen and Lucy Monroe, I salute you! You are true Gryffindors. This morning we were not sure if you were going to make it but here you are tonight good as new. Kevin even faced one of his attackers and gave him what for. Now if that is not a Gryffindor I don't know what is.

SALUTE!" There were many "here, here's" and "salutes" in response but pretty much everyone (other than a few Slytherins) took a drink to toast the two young Gryffindors. Kevin and Lucy turned red in the face at all the attention. The praise coming from their Professor Potter meant the most to them though.

Professor Dumbledore was in no hurry to collect the accused Slytherin. He took the opportunity while eating to observe the third year Slytherins behavior in regards to their fellow Slytherin laying on the floor next to them.

There were quite a few who looked at the accused Slytherin in a worried manner but there were four third year Slytherins (Mr. Pugh, Mr. Cram, Mr. McGruder, and Mr.

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Spencer) who kept eying him the most. Dumbledore took note of this. When done eating the headmaster unceremoniously left his seat and floated the third year Slytherin to the infirmary where he let Madame Pomfrey heal the young man's minor injuries caused by Kevin.

He then had the young Slytherin walk with him to his office where Dumbledore invited Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape to join him. Professor Dumbledore began to question him about who else was involved in the attack. "So tell me Mr. Whiddon, who else was involved besides yourself in the attack on Lucy Monroe and Kevin Johansen?" asked Dumbledore. "We know that there were five of you involved and that you are all third year Slytherins.

Care to enlighten me?" Dumbledore was tempted but refused to use legilimency on the child. He was hoping Samuel Whiddon would own up to his actions and give a reason for them. Besides, he was still waiting on a report from a trusted house elf who he sent looking for evidence. Given the severity of the beatings there is no way the culprits escaped without getting some blood on their clothes.

He suspected he would be hearing from that house elf soon. "No, sir. I will not give up my friends that easily" replied Samuel Whiddon respectfully.

"Ah, that is as I expected, Mr. Whiddon. I will be sure to tell the Aurors that you were uncooperative in regards to giving up your partners in crime" replied Dumbledore. "I am sure that will get you off the hook with your friends." Samuel Whiddon began to look very worried at the mention of the Aurors getting involved.

"Have no fear, Mr. Whiddon. We shall soon know the names of the other four shortly" replied Dumbledore. "Surely you did not think I was totally dependent on your testimony, did you?

As soon as we have all five of you together we will summon the Aurors to arrest you. If found guilty of the crime you and your friends will be expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in addition to whatever punishment is deemed necessary by the Wizengamot. So tell me Mr. Whiddon, why did you and your friends attack Miss Monroe and Mr.

Johansen? Keep in mind that there is no question about your involvement in this. There is an eye witness that will testify to that after all." Samuel Whiddon thought about it for a few seconds then finally giving up he replied. "We received a note but did not know who sent it. It was very convincing. It basically told us we should beat up Monroe and Johansen so they would be taught a valuable lesson and that we should do it in a manner that they would not know who attacked them.

Given they were just two Gryffindors, a mudblood and a half-blood, we did not need much convincing. The note burned up and disappeared right after we had completed reading it." Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore both bristled at the statement "Given they were just two Gryffindors…" showing the Slytherin's obvious bias against another house and blood purity. "But, why, Mr. Whiddon" asked McGonagall "did you and your friends beat them so severely then strip them of all their clothes and leave them naked in the freezing temperatures to die?

What would ever possess you to do that?" "We were sure that Johansen saw us so we did not want to leave any witnesses" replied Samuel. "Besides after we got started kicking them it was difficult to know when to stop." Even Snape raised his eyebrows at this statement from the third year. "They did not look like they were going to make it anyway." After this statement, there was a pause so the professors could collect themselves. "Severus, please take this student to the empty classroom across from my office and stay with him to make sure he cannot leave.

I am expecting a visitor" said Dumbledore with a heavy sigh. "I will see you shortly." Snape led the student to the classroom as instructed. As soon as they were out of the office a house elf appeared in front of Dumbledore. It was Dobby. "Headmaster, sir and Madam Professor, Dobby has the information you was looking for." "Thank you, Dobby. You may proceed" replied Dumbledore. Dobby pulled from behind his back a sack with several robes, shoes, and socks that had a lot of blood on them.

He placed them on the floor in front of Dumbledore. "I found all these clothes and shoes covered with blood sir. They belong to five third year Slytherins just as you suspected. Their names is on their robes but Dobby can tell you who all five is if you want Headmaster, sir." "Yes, Dobby. Please let us know the names" asked Dumbledore. "We will allow the Auror office to sort through the evidence without the rest of us touching it." "Sir, the names of the five third year Slytherins is Charles Spencer, Samuel Whiddon, Isaac Cram, Roger Pugh, and Timothy McGruder.

All of them had bloodied clothes that they had hidden but Dobby knows how to find hidden things." "Thank you, Dobby" replied Dumbledore. "You have been of invaluable service to the school. A great job as always, Dobby. You may go now." Dobby bowed and made a soft pop as he left. "Oh, Albus" said McGonagall "what is wrong with these kids today?" "I suspect it has a lot to do with their parents, Minerva. Come with me please" said Dumbledore. He led her to the empty classroom where Snape was holding Samuel Whiddon.

"Severus, I want you to come with me to Slytherin House to collect Mr. Whiddon's friends. That will be Mr. Spencer, Mr. Cram, Mr. Pugh, and Mr. McGruder." Samuel Whiddon hung his head after hearing they knew exactly who else was involved. "Minerva, I would like you to stay here with Mr.

Whiddon until we come back with the other four. Come Severus." "Yes, Albus" answered McGonagall. Snape and Dumbledore walked together to Slytherin House to collect the other third years. "Severus, since you are the head of this house then I will allow you to handle collecting the students we are looking for. I will simply accompany you." "Thank you, Headmaster" replied Snape. "If you can bear with me I would like to say a few words while we have their attention." "Certainly, Severus.

I expected you would need to do just that." Snape and Dumbledore entered the Slytherin Common Room and all noise stopped. Everyone looked at the two professors with worry. "House Meeting" announced Snape loudly. "Make sure everyone gets down here right now." They waited for a few minutes as all the Slytherin students gathered in their Common Room.

Snape stared hard at the four third year Slytherins. "Roger Pugh, Charles Spencer, Timothy McGruder, and Isaac Cram will come forward and surrender your wands to the Headmaster. You will then stand here next to me until we leave." All four did as they were told and waited patiently by their head of house with their heads hanging down.

Once the four were in line next to him, Snape addressed the rest of his house. "See these four before you and remember Samuel Whiddon? These five students have brought shame to the House of Slytherin. Let me warn you all. Be very careful you do not do the same." Several of the Slytherins shuddered at the look and tone of Snape's address. "By the way, Mr. Whiddon did not give up his friends. He refused. But, he did not have to. There is plenty of evidence against them." "Follow me, please" said Dumbledore to the four students.

"We have a few questions for you." Dumbledore led them to the classroom where McGonagall held Samuel Whiddon. The four Slytherins followed behind him with Snape bringing up the rear. When they reached the classroom they saw that Mr. Whiddon was seated in a chair and very quiet with his eyes staring down at the floor. He looked up at his friends when they entered the room. "I didn't tell them, I swear." "We know, Sam" replied Roger Pugh.

"Professor Snape let the whole house know that you did not give us up." Whiddon looked only slightly relieved. Dumbledore had the four boys sit down in chairs as well so he could question them. He sent McGonagall to floo the aurors while he talked to the five Slytherins. No one knew the identity of the sixth who sent the note.

It was troubling that there was one more out there that they could not track down. One thing that was certain is the one who sent the note was likely older, especially since the note burst into flame and disappeared completely after it was read. It is doubtful the attack would have even taken place had the five third years not received the idea from the one who sent the note.

The aurors arrived and collected the five boys along with the information Dumbledore had gathered. They took the boys with them back to the Auror office. The five Slytherins were still very young but the crime was very serious. The Wizengamot would have to put them on trial and decide their fate. McGonagall fetched Lucy and Kevin, who insisted Harry come along too, so they could meet with Dumbledore in his office where he informed them of the five boys who had all been arrested and taken to the Auror office for questioning and trial.

Dumbledore let Lucy and Kevin know that it is very likely they would be called on to testify at the trial but he would let them know if and when that was necessary. He then wished them a good night and had Harry escort them back to their common room. Dumbledore met with his staff early the next morning to bring them up to speed. They also wanted to know what caused the castle to shake but Dumbledore assured them that secret was not going to be revealed no matter how many times they inquired about it.

"But Albus that is a potential threat to all of us when something can shake the entire castle. Would we not have the right to know what caused it?" asked McGonagall.

"Normally, Minerva yes you would, but in this case the cause is a highly kept secret that must not be revealed. Rest assured the problem has been rectified so it will not happen again but I cannot reveal the cause, at least not at this time.

That will have to be sufficient for all of you for now." The staff did not like it but they could see the headmaster was not going to budge on this. They all filed out and went to breakfast. oo0O0oo A couple days after the five Slytherins were arrested, Auror Tonks showed up at the school on official business.

She told Harry she was there to speak to Madame Pomfrey about the incident involving Lucy Monroe and Kevin Johansen in regards to the injuries caused by the attack. She then would need to get a statement from Kevin and Lucy as well.

Harry asked if he could accompany her and she agreed. They found Kevin and Lucy and asked them to join them as they all walked down to the infirmary together.

Tonks took Madame Pomfrey's statement in her office with Harry while the two first years waited in the infirmary so they did not overhear Pomfrey's statement. After she gathered all the medical facts from Pomfrey, all three joined Kevin and Lucy in the other room. "Now, Mr. Johansen and Miss Monroe I just have to ask you a few questions and take your statements about the incident that occurred a few days ago" said Tonks pleasantly.

"There is a good chance that you will not have to attend trial. We believe that your statements and medical record will suffice. Now don't be nervous. I just want to chat with you for a bit." "Yes, ma'am" they both said together. "Oh, we will have none of that" exclaimed Tonks.

"My name is Tonks. Well, actually that is my last name but it is what I prefer to be called and Harry will not utter a word, nor will Madame Pomfrey, letting you know my given name. If they know what is good for them." Madame Pomfrey and Harry snickered a bit but straightened up when Tonks gave them the stare. Tonks then turned back to the kids with a big smile. "So, just call me Tonks and we will be great friends!" "Okay, Tonks, you can call me Lucy." "And, you can call me Kevin." "It's a deal Lucy and Kevin.

Shall we get started?" Harry was impressed with Tonks' easy way of putting the kids at ease and leading the conversation so she could get the facts she needed. Of course, Kevin had a bit more to add due to him recognizing the attackers, especially Samuel Whiddon, and his subsequent attack on the third year.

Harry added his involvement, playing down his healing ability for the statement. He did not mind Tonks knowing but the rest of the wizarding world could wait. When they were done Tonks promised she would be back later for his class and Kingsley planned on attending as well. All his karate students were excited about the new lessons that included magic and looked forward to them.

oo0O0oo Things seemed to slow down a bit, at least excitement wise, for a few weeks. It appeared the Slytherins were afraid to put a toe out of line so they were being quiet. Most every Gryffindor kept an eye on Lucy and Kevin then all the other first years were put on the protection list as well it seemed. If a first year was seen walking down the hall alone pretty soon you would see an older Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, sometimes two, offer to walk along with them and start up a pleasant conversation.

The first years never knew they had so many older friends. The trial of the five Slytherins came and went. Lucy and Kevin were thankful they did not have to testify. The evidence was overwhelming and the young third years were not very good at hiding their guilt although they were a lot more tight-lipped around their parents and their lawyer. The defense lawyer did not want the two first years there either since he was afraid they might garner sympathy so it was in agreement to keep the two Gryffindors at Hogwarts and spare them the ordeal of the trial.

When all five were pronounced guilty on all charges, Professor Dumbledore announced immediately that they were no longer welcome at Hogwarts and officially they should consider themselves permanently expelled. The Wizengamot on the other hand took strongly into consideration their age and decided that all five would simply have to pay a fine of 1,000 galleons each and be under house arrest for the next 6 months.

The parents were strongly instructed to keep a very close eye on their children. They were warned that another infraction and the boys would not get such a lenient sentence.

Of course, it was obvious the Wizengamot was not going to do much to the Slytherins. None of the families would have a problem paying the fine and the purebloods had the numbers on their side in the Wizengamot.

Later on the rumor was that all five boys were now attending Durmstrang. At least they were no longer at Hogwarts and that was acceptable to most of the students who found their behavior against the two young Gryffindors appalling. Harry thought the Wizengamot was way too lenient on them but knew the nature of things at the ministry and took what he could get.

Things went back to normal and everyone settled back into the day to day routine until one Saturday morning at breakfast Dumbledore made an announcement. "Today will be a Hogsmeade weekend." He paused and waited for the noise to die down.

"By announcing it at the last minute we will not give the death eaters a chance to plan. You will find a few aurors and professors in Hogsmeade today and I believe our Mr. Potter and his DA will be around as well. Also, no students will be allowed to owl any messages until this evening after the Hogsmeade visit.

That should hinder any word getting into the wrong hands. Nevertheless, be careful and come straight back to the castle at the first sign of any trouble. Be sure and let any third year students and above who did not join us for breakfast know about it. You are welcome to leave when you are ready. Have a great day!" Everyone was excited and talking about their change of plans but Harry quickly left to go to the front entrance. His friends decided they had better follow him.

Luna saw them leave as well so caught up as they were headed out the front entrance and onto the grass. Harry stopped there. "Why did you suddenly come outside the front entrance and just stop, Harry?" asked Hermione. "Ah, your question came just as I expected. Funny you should ask too" replied Harry.

"What's so funny about that Harry? Hermione always wants to know what is going on if she has not figured it out yet and I must say neither have I…figured it out I mean.

You did just leave suddenly without a word" added Ron. "I don't mean funny ha, ha, Ron. I mean…you know…it's just a phrase. Anyway, the reason I came out here quickly is because I want to catch all the DA members going to Hogsmeade to remind them to stay alert and to remember their training should anything happen. Since you all followed me as the great friends you are, although I suspect it was more out of curiosity than anything else, then you are welcome to join me and talk to the DA members as they exit the castle and head toward Hogsmeade.

We also need to have them pass along the message to any others we might miss." "And you want me to see if there is anything I can do with the coins to send this message?" asked Hermione. "Yes, Hermione. I doubt there is a way but knowing you I would have to let you have the final say on that. I have noticed you know a lot of tricks and can figure out how to do amazing things." "Thanks, Harry.

That is very kind of you to say. However, there is no way I can make these coins do that unless we came up with a number that all the DA knows about. We could then assign that number or come up with a few numbers that we assign to different generic messages. This one could be 'Stay Alert'" replied Hermione. "See, what did I tell you? I knew you could figure it out. So, we cannot use it today but if we come up with a few numbers we could use it next time.

We probably should use no more than five different numbers for five different messages. After that it may get difficult for some to remember more unless they kept a cheat sheet which would not be a good idea. I would not want them to have to write any of this down." "I like that" said Ron. "If we think this through carefully we could come up with some very good messages that instantly go out to all the DA and we will all be on the same page at the same time, ready for whatever." "Very good, Ronald" said Luna.

"I like how you are thinking." "Uh…, thanks?" replied Ron. "I see one" said Ginny as she hurried over to catch a DA member headed to Hogsmeade. "I see a couple more" said Neville as he did the same. "Okay, let's spread out and cover the entry from both sides. We should be able to go ourselves in a short while after we catch enough to spread the word to everyone" said Harry.

They split up with people on both sides until they told about thirty people and asked them to spread the word. A few other DA members hung back and helped catch others as they left the castle. This prompted Harry to decide that it was time to enjoy Hogsmeade for themselves. They all went in a group together up to the small town and reminded any other members they ran into. No one really expected to see trouble today since it was a surprise outing, plus the aurors and professors milling about served as a deterrent to any would be death eaters.

However, there was never an excuse to slack off being alert if there is a possibility for trouble. After all, you can enjoy yourself and maintain a level of alertness at the same time.

Harry and his friends were enjoying themselves in Hogsmeade visiting the different stores and just generally hanging out together, having a great time. Their day was about halfway over and they had just come out of Honeydukes when Harry spotted Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle walking near the post office. (Draco had just tried to send an owl but was not allowed.) "Give me a minute guys," said Harry. "I need to speak to Malfoy." Harry headed over to where Draco Malfoy and his goons were.

Of course, Harry's friends decided they would tag along just in case. "Malfoy" said Harry when he got closer to him, "a word, please." Draco stopped walking and waited on Harry to reach him. "What do you want, Potter? I am trying to enjoy my day in Hogsmeade." "Don't get your knickers in a twist, Malfoy. I just want to ask you a simple question." Harry stopped within a meter of Draco.

Malfoy put his mental shields up as strong as he could get them. "Well, what do you want to know?" Draco said with his typical sneer. "I want to know if you had anything to do with the attack on Lucy and Kevin. We know there was another person involved, someone older. I want to know if it was you, Malfoy, because my gut tells me it was.

They humiliated you and these two as well" Harry said indicating Crabbe and Goyle. "You certainly had the motive, now did you do it?" Harry was staring Draco right in the eyes. "Oh, sod off Potter" replied Draco. "That's not my style. When you let us off the hook that day I realized how close I came to getting kicked out of here. And, if I get expelled from Hogwarts, my father will kill me and I mean that. I haven't done anything else since then. Now, leave me alone so I can finish enjoying my day." "Somehow, I don't believe you.

I have no proof though so there is nothing I can do. Let me tell you this" said Harry taking a step closer which caused Draco to flinch even though he was determined to stand his ground. "If I ever find proof that you did instigate that attack there will not be enough of you left to give back to your father." Harry stared at him for a few seconds before turning around and walking away.

Harry stopped after a few steps and turned back around. "Oh, enjoy the rest of your day, Malfoy. You too, Crabbe and Goyle. Hopefully, it won't be your last Hogsmeade visit." Harry then joined his friends again and walked away down the street.

"When did Harry Potter get so scary?" asked Goyle. "Yeah, did you see his eyes?" asked Crabbe. "Oh, shut up you two!" demanded Draco. "Potter is not going to do anything because I had nothing to do with what happened to those first years. He will never find any evidence against me." The three of them walked on down the street putting distance between Harry and his friends.

"Harry, do you really think Malfoy had something to do with the attack on Kevin and Lucy?" asked Neville. "Yes, I do" answered Harry, "but I have no proof so he will likely get away with it." "He is such a wanker!" exclaimed Ron. "Language, Ronald" interjected Hermione sounding just like Molly. "Blimey, Hermione, you sounded just like Mum!" Ron quipped. "Sorry" replied Hermione sheepishly. "It just sort of came out that way." Then they both slowly started grinning at each other.

Everyone else in the group began staring at the two of them. "Would you two like a moment?" asked Ginny. "We can always wait for you over there" added Neville.

"Be careful" said Harry. "If you ever get them started they may never stop." Both Hermione and Ron looked at Harry with a shocked look on their faces until Luna put in her two cents. "That would not be a problem, Harry. Eventually Ron would get too hungry." They all started laughing after that. They decided to head over to The Three Broomsticks for a bite and something to drink. Harry remembered he needed to pick up some more supplies for potions. "Hey, I need to run to the Potions Shop for more supplies.

I am running low so I will meet you guys there. Save me a seat?" "Sure, Harry" replied Hermione. "I might need some more myself" said Ginny. "You mind if I tag along, Harry?" Ginny did not really need any more supplies but no one else needed to know that. "Not at all, Gin. You are welcome to come with me.

We will see you guys in a few minutes." Harry and Ginny walked together to the Potions Shop making small talk while the others headed over to The Three Broomsticks. "What do you need to get?" asked Harry. "Uh, well, I…uh…do not exactly remember but once I see the supplies it should come back to me" Ginny replied with a nervous smile.

"Oh, okay. Well, I definitely need a new utensil for stirring. I let Neville borrow mine and he somehow melted it. I also have been thinking about setting up a potions lab of my own so I can work ahead on some more advanced potions. The pace in class is too slow for me. Of course, I need a place to setup my potions lab.

I will have to give that some thought…" As Harry continued to talk about potion supplies and his plan for a potions lab Ginny's mind drifted to more important matters, in her mind anyway. She had been slowly noticing a change in her feelings toward Harry. He was definitely a different person from last year and she freely admitted (plus Harry already knew) that she has had a crush on him since she was a little girl but that had now changed. If anything though, her feelings were even stronger.

After all, the changes in Harry did not take away from his yumminess but had actually added to it. She also realized that when she was a little girl she had a crush on The-Boy-Who-Lived but now that she knows the real Harry she no longer moons over The-Boy-Who-Lived.

She believes with all her heart that she has fully fallen in love with the real Harry Potter. However, it was obvious to her that Harry was not quite ready for that. While he was very intelligent and could learn things at an amazing pace now, his emotional state, when it came to girls at least, was still that of a young teenager.

Plus he had that horrible upbringing with his relatives that did not help the situation. Harry was never shown love when he was with the Dursleys. He had it now at Potter Place but even then that was from elves and portraits, not regular people.

Being so young still and a little wise beyond her years due to past experiences, she realizes this could just be a first love that is not meant to last but as far as she knew right now she was very committed and the opportunity to pursue it had not presented itself yet. She resigned herself to be patient and see where it goes. Harry, on the other hand, was an enigma. She had no idea how he felt about her besides being a good friend and Ron's little sister.

Harry used to wear his emotions out so everyone could see. He just could not hide them and he was very easy to read. Now, with the change in him his emotions were not out in the open anymore. She could not tell how he felt about her other than being good friends and little Ginny Weasley wanted so much more from the hunk she was walking next to.

She let out a sigh and thought "Oh well, I will just have to be patient." "Did you say something?" asked Harry. "Oh…uh…no. I did not say anything" replied Ginny. "Sorry, it appears I have been running off at the mouth and probably boring you with my less than stimulating conversation." "No, Harry.

That is not true. I always enjoy talking to you and you are never boring." "Thanks, Gin. You are too good to me." "There it was again" thought Ginny.

"He called me Gin…again. I get shivers from my head to my toes whenever he calls me that. No one else has ever called me by that name and if anyone ever tries they will find themselves on the end of my Bat-Bogey hex. Of course the twins have sometimes called me Gin-Gin.

My parents call me Ginny (sometimes Genevra or Genevra Molly Weasley when I am in trouble). Bill calls me Ginny or some other pet name most of the time. Charlie calls me Ginny as well but Percy, the great git, calls me Genevra. Ron calls me Ginny too. I only want Harry to call me Gin so he is the only one I will allow that privilege. Oh, that man.

I am just going to tackle him some day because I will not be able to control myself…Keep it together Genevra." Harry and Ginny were able to pick up their supplies in the store.

Ginny found something to buy that she pretended she needed. Harry went ahead and purchased extra plus some additional cauldrons of varying sizes for his lab he wanted to create. He paid for Ginny's as well since it was just one small item. When they walked outside Harry had quite the load in is hands. He started to shrink the items so he could put them in his pocket but he got a better idea.

"Dobby?" Harry called out. "Pop!" Dobby appeared before Harry and Ginny.


"Yes, Harry Potter, sir? What can Dobby do for the Great Harry Potter and his Wheezy?" "Dobby, so nice of you to come. You are looking quite spiffy today with all your hats and socks. Can you do me a favor?" "Why, yes Harry Potter sir! Dobby will do anything for the Great Harry Potter!" Ginny snickered. "Thank you Dobby. I would like you to take all my purchases and place them on my bed since I now have too much to carry.

Could you do that for me?" asked Harry. "Dobby will be most pleased to do that for the Great Harry Potter. Does Harry Potter's Wheezy need Dobby to take hers back too?" "Gin, do you want Dobby to take your purchases back to your dorm as well?" asked Harry.

After she slightly shivered again she looked at Dobby and said "Why, yes, Dobby. That would be great if you could do that for me." "Right away, Miss Wheezy. Dobby will send your packages to your beds. Is there anything else Dobby can do for the Great Harry Potter?" "No, Dobby. That will be all.

I very much appreciate your help. I do not know what I would do without you" replied Harry. Dobby blushed and snapped his fingers. Dobby was gone along with their purchases. As they were walking to The Three Broomsticks, Ginny said "It is so funny how he calls you 'Harry Potter, sir' and 'The Great Harry Potter' all the time." "I know.

I have tried numerous times but I have not been able to get him to stop calling me that. Dobby is a free elf and has no master so I do not know why he insists on it." "Weren't you the one that freed him?" "Yes, but he is free now.

He is a friend and not a servant or slave. All the elves back at Potter Place are bound to the house but they call me Harry as I requested them to do. Dobby, on the other hand, is a completely different story." "From what I know about house elves they are all bound to a family, a house, or a person.

Granted we never had one so my knowledge is somewhat limited. If I had to guess I would say that Dobby somehow bonded himself personally to you Harry. He may be free but it is likely he did this without knowing it because it is natural for house elves to be bound. He certainly doesn't seem to mind and he holds you in the highest of regards.

I do not know how he would come when you summon him otherwise." "Thanks, Ginny. That helps a lot to understand my relationship with Dobby. You know, I do not mind having him around either. I could do less with the worship but I pretty much ignore that now since he will not stop doing it." "He is kind of cute and very helpful as well." "That he is." They arrived at The Three Broomsticks and found it extremely crowded.

It took a few seconds for them to find their friends at a table in the back of the room. They walked over to them to sit down but only saw one chair.

"What happened to all your stuff?" asked Hermione. "And, I thought you were getting more at the Potions Shop?" "I did Hermione" replied Harry. "I bought a whole lot more including extra cauldrons and extra supplies. I will tell you guys about that later. They were going to be too bulky even if I shrunk them so I called Dobby and asked if he could take them back to my dorm for me. He took mine and Ginny's as well.

It was very nice of him." "So, just because Harry asked for you to save him a seat and I didn't, you only saved a seat for Harry?" asked Ginny.

"No, Ginny" replied Ron. "The place is so busy there is only one extra chair we could save for you guys." "We can share" said Harry. He sat down on half the chair and indicated for Ginny to take the other half. She tried but the chair was too small for both of them so she and Harry stood back up. "Harry, this is not working" said Ginny. "I want you to sit back down on the chair fully." Harry sat back down and looked up at Ginny.

"Perfect" she said then promptly sat on Harry's lap. She sat cross ways with her right arm around Harry's shoulders and her legs hanging off the side of his to the right. This way Harry's right arm was free for him to use and Ginny would just contend with using her left.

"Ginny" said Ron. "What do you think you are doing?" "What Ron?" replied Ginny. "As you so eloquently pointed out there are no more chairs available so Harry and I have to share this one. Is this uncomfortable for you Harry? Do I weigh too much?" "No, not at all Ginny.

You hardly weigh anything. I am very comfortable. I hope you are as well." "I am very comfortable Harry or maybe I should say you are very comfortable since I am sitting on you." "Well, I have been called many things before but 'comfortable' has never been one of them." Harry knew he could simply conjure another chair or even expand this one but what would be the fun in that?

Plus, he had no desire for certain people in the room to see he has those advanced abilities. They had some Butterbeer, sandwiches, and crisps. Harry and Ginny had to turn the chair sideways so that Ginny was facing the table head on and Harry was sideways to it but could reach everything so he could eat and drink without too much hassle.

After they finished eating and the small talk continued Ginny decided to see just how comfortable Harry is. She scooted down so she could lean into Harry and rest her head on her arm and his neck. It was not too much longer that she fell asleep. Her breath was caressing Harry's neck where she rested and it was all he could do to pay attention to the conversation.

Some chairs became available as people started leaving. Ron decided that his sister had sat in Harry's lap long enough. "Ginny, you can get your own chair now" announced Ron. "Ron, be quiet" replied Harry in a quiet voice.

"She fell asleep. She must be tired so leave her alone for now. I will wake her when we are ready to leave." Harry had already put his left arm around her back and had his hand on her waist to support her. He now used his right hand to hold onto her legs to keep her from sliding off. "This is more like it" thought Ginny. She really had not fallen asleep, not completely anyway. She was just dozing and taking advantage of her situation as best she can. She heard perfectly well what Ron had said but ignored him of course.

She appreciated what Harry said and really appreciated his touch to make it more comfortable. Ginny just snuggled in closer and let out a sigh pretending to still be asleep. Ron quieted down and left his sister alone for now. They finished up there food and drink and decided it was time to head back to the school.

Harry began quietly talking to Ginny to wake her up. She really had fallen asleep this time and snuggled up closer to Harry automatically.

He kept talking to her and told her it was time to wake up so they could head back to the castle. "I hope you enjoyed your nap, Gin, and I hope my lap was comfortable enough" Harry told her.

She finally woke up all the way. "Sorry, Harry. I did not mean to fall asleep on you but I must confess you are very comfortable. I hope it wasn't too much trouble with me curled up in your lap like that." "Not at all. I am glad you were able to catch a nap. It was no trouble for me. Let's head back everyone." When they were walking back to Hogwarts Hermione asked the question she had on her mind for the past couple of hours.

"Harry, why do you think Malfoy had anything to do with the attack on Lucy and Kevin?" Harry told them about what was done to Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle outside his classroom that day when he let them go without telling McGonagall or Dumbledore, and how his first years humiliated Malfoy and his two goons.

"When have you ever known Malfoy to let something like that go?" he asked. "It was maybe two weeks later that the attack happened. Plus, when I was questioning Malfoy, I probed his mind and he had it locked tighter than a drum. He has obviously been taught occlumency but there were no tricks or an attempt to subtly hide anything. He just put up a wall.

I was not going to force my way into his mind. I just wanted to verify whether or not he was lying. I backed off when I found the wall so he would not suspect I was probing.

I still think he is guilty. We know an older student was involved. Who else had a motive? Maybe he did not intend for the five Slytherin third years to go that far but I would be willing to bet he was the one who gave them the note." "You may be right, Harry" replied Hermione.

"You just have no proof, like you said, so you can't do anything." "It's very frustrating" said Harry "but I imagine he was extremely careful this time so he would not get caught. McGonagall told him he would be kicked out of Hogwarts if he messed up again. To Malfoy that just means he should not get caught. I doubt her warning even slowed him down. And, I seriously doubt Malfoy even knows how to do the right thing and be good.

As far as I can tell he has never shown any interest in that regard." "I agree with you on that, mate" Ron said. "Malfoy is one piece of work." oo0O0oo In an unknown location… Voldemort was standing on a slightly raised platform in front of one of his followers.

This particular Death Eater had long white hair and was one Lucius Malfoy, father to Draco Malfoy. Currently he was bowed low on the floor in front of his master hoping against all hope he would not have to experience again his master's wrath. If there was one thing Lord Voldemort was good at it was the Cruciatus curse. This curse might even be the dark lord's favorite.

If not, it ran a close second to the killing curse. He throws that one around quite frequently as well, thought Lucius. "Lucius?" "Yes, my lord?

I am here to serve only you" he said groveling. "Do not fail me this time, Lucius. I have an important task for your spawn. Draco is his name, correct?" "Yes his name is Draco, my lord. What would you have me do?" "Have Draco spy on Harry Potter.

I have heard some interesting rumors about our young Harry Potter and I need eyes in Hogwarts to find out what is true about him. Apparently he is different from last year. Have Draco find out all that he can. I want to know what Harry Potter is up to." "Yes, my lord.

Right away, my lord. I will not fail you and I will make sure my son does not fail you as well." Lucius remained where he was in his submissive stance.

"Go. Leave my presence and see to this matter. I am looking forward to what information Draco can provide." Lucius scooted back away from his master before standing up and quickly walking away. Voldemort was known to Crucio you even when you were leaving just for the heck of it.

Lucius was hoping he could get out of the room before that happened. He was just about to turn the corner when he heard his master call him. "Lucius." Lucius Malfoy stopped suddenly with a grimace on his face.

He slowly turned back around and meekly said "Yes, my lord?" "Send in Wormtail on your way out" commanded Voldemort. "Yes, my lord." Lucius let out a big breath after he turned the corner. He was very relieved he was not hit with another Crucio. He found Wormtail quick enough and instructed him to go see the dark lord as requested.

Wormtail went to his master right away as he knew how bad it could be if you kept the dark lord waiting. Going up to his master he dropped to his knees and bowed low before him. "You wish to see me, my lord?" "Rise, Wormtail. I have a job for you…" oo0O0oo Draco received an owl from his father telling him what the dark lord expected of him.

It was sent with a warning to not fail on this assignment. His father assured him he would not like the consequences. Draco began planning right away. Spying on Potter could be very dangerous, he thought, but Draco was not worried. He was a Slytherin after all. After some thought, he wrote his father back and told him he would need an invisibility cloak to really pull this off.

In addition, he wrote about what he already knew. He told his father about Potter somehow getting rid of Umbridge the first week she started and how he now was teaching defense to the first and second years along with his DA group for everyone else. He sent it off with his own eagle owl and went back to planning. The next day Draco began sitting as close to Potter or one of his friends whenever he could, hoping to pick up any information that the dark lord could use. It wasn't easy.

Gryffindors and Slytherins usually sat the furthest away from each other just to keep things more pleasant and prevent fights from breaking out. This was especially true for Malfoy and Potter. Nonetheless, Draco did what he had to do. He even drafted Crabbe and Goyle into the mission and instructed them to listen to any conversation they could involving Potter or about Potter but make sure they did not get caught. They were to report everything to Draco.

oo0O0oo Later that night after everyone had gone to bed, Harry had another vision of that hallway and door that he saw when he saved Mr. Weasley. This time there was no one in front of the door. He just had a strong desire to open it and go in.

Harry would repeatedly continue to have this dream over the next few weeks. Try as he might he could not figure out what the vision meant. Chapter Fourteen Special Projects "Class dismissed." Everyone was gathering their things and leaving when they heard the professor say "Mr. Potter? A word please." Harry went up to Professor McGonagall. His friends were hanging back waiting on him. "I need to speak with Mr. Potter alone. He will catch up with you later." Harry's friends nodded and left through the door.

McGonagall cast a quick silencing spell around Harry and herself. "Mr. Potter I have noticed, and you have said so yourself, that you are beyond your fifth year level in knowledge. You do not have to study for your classes now so I would like to give you a special assignment." She put up her hands in front of her to hold him off from saying anything yet.

"I understand that you are very busy with all the classes you teach and extra-curricular activities you participate in, including the DA, but I believe you would be more than capable to take on this special assignment." "It is true, I am very busy Professor but what exactly did you have in mind?

I do my own personal studies as well in areas I wish to learn or improve on. I am currently beyond seventh year in the core areas. It could be your special assignment would be in line with my personal goals." "It just might at that Mr. Potter.

Before I tell you the assignment though I want you to know that I expect you to still attend class. I can use you in class to help the students with the practical application of what they are learning. I have noticed how good of a teacher you are Professor Potter" she said with a smile "and I could use your expertise in my classroom. This is your Owl year and the other students could use the time to prepare rather than taking so long learning the spells." "Now, don't get me wrong.

I am more than capable of teaching my class without assistance but I was hoping with your help we could speed up what they learn so they would have more time to prepare and therefore do better on their Transfiguration Owl exams, both written and practical.

I believe Miss Granger would be able to lend us a hand as well on occasion." "That she could professor. She works hard to stay ahead. I like your idea so far. So, you will handle the theory and I and Hermione will pitch in on teaching the practical that way the ones struggling can get individual instruction and help speed up the learning process." "Very good, Mr. Potter. You understand perfectly.

Now, would you like to know your first special assignment?" "Yes, Professor. I am curious to know what you have in mind." "Mr. Potter, I want you to study to become an animagus." Harry paused for a second. "Funny you should pick that. I have that on my agenda but I have not managed to get around to it yet. I understand how difficult it is to accomplish so have put it off for now." "I think you are more than ready. Now, keep in mind that not everyone can become an animagus.

James, your father, was one but Lily was not. Of course, I never knew if she even tried to attempt it. Still I think you have a better than average shot at it." "It would be fantastic if I could make it happen. I would love to keep Remus company during his transformation. I understand that Sirius still does so on occasion like they did when they were here in school with my dad." "Yes, it is still difficult to believe that those boys were able to learn that on their own.

The Animagus Transformation is extremely difficult as you alluded to just now. Normally, people learn from a mentor such as myself who has already accomplished it. Yet, they did it all on their own to keep it secret but mainly to keep their friend company while he went through his change each month.

Those boys really cared for each other and apparently would do just about anything for the other." "Yes, I feel the same for my friends and I believe they feel the same way for me." "I have no doubt about that Mr.

Potter. Now, would you like to get started? I have some reading I want you to do on the subject to begin with." "Actually, Professor I have a book on the subject that my parents left me. Shall I bring it by sometime and let you have a look?" "Yes, that would be good.

I have some books as well on the subject. Stop by my office sometime with your book and we will look at that and the ones I have and see which one you should start on first." "Sure, Professor. I plan on talking to the Headmaster right after dinner tonight.

Would it be okay to come by your office after that?" "That will be fine. I should be there by then." "One last thing though. If I should manage to succeed and can become an animagus then I insist on not registering with the ministry and keeping it a secret, at least for the time being. If I am to be fighting Death Eaters and possibly Voldemort again then I need all the advantage I can get." "Normally, I would say 'no' Mr.

Potter but given the circumstances I quite understand. What we can do is have the paper work done up but we simply will not file it with the ministry until you are ready and it is safe to do so. That way it will not be your fault but a simple clerical error." "Thank you Professor. I will bring my book by your office later." "Thank you, Mr. Potter. I am looking forward to what you can accomplish with this task for I believe you can do anything you want if you put that mind of yours to it." She said with a smile as she cancelled the silencing spell.

Harry smiled back and left through the door to find his friends. "See you later, Professor." oo0O0oo After another grueling training session with his close friends Harry waited until Kingsley and Tonks left then asked his friends to wait for a second as he had something to ask them.

They all stopped and waited to see what Harry wanted. "Can everyone meet in the Gryffindor Common Room tonight at 8:00?" asked Harry. "Luna, just show up at 8 and one of us will let you in. I have something I want to discuss with all of you." "Sure, Harry. Not a problem." "Wait, Harry" said Hermione. "You never told us what McGonagall spoke to you about. What did she want?" "She just wanted to have me work on a special assignment and due to the nature of it she wanted to keep it private for now." "So, what did she want?" asked Ron.

"That is what I want to talk to you guys about tonight. It is too much to go into right now. We need to get cleaned up and go eat and then meet again at 8:00 tonight.

Agreed?" Everyone nodded in agreement. "OK. Let's go. I'm starving" said Harry. oo0O0oo "Come in, Harry" Harry opened the door and walked into Dumbledore's office. "Professor, you always know who is at your door." Dumbledore chuckled.

"My little secret, Harry." "Got a minute for a chat?" "Sure Harry. Make yourself comfortable." "Thank you Professor. I will not need much of your time" Harry said while sitting down. "I only want to run an idea by you." "Care for a lemon drop?" "No thank you sir. I just had dinner and am quite full and satisfied." "So, what idea do you want to share with me?" "This came to me while working with the DA. Now, first of all this is an idea for next year not this year.

There is barely enough time for it this semester and I do not want to rush it. Plus, we have the rest of the semester planned out for the DA already." "What I was thinking about was having a dueling contest inside the DA so they are exposed to that and have the experience of performing a duel in front of everyone.

Plus they would experience the pressure to win and all that. I think it would be good for them and promote good sportsmanship." "After I had that idea I immediately asked myself why not open it up to the entire school? There is no need to make it just a DA event but make it a school wide event and try to get everyone involved, even the first and second year students.

As a matter of fact I was going to require all the DA members to participate and do the same to my first and second year classes as part of their grade. What do you think? I was hoping it might get some of the others to join the DA and improve their defense. "I like that Harry. Sounds like a good idea. What other details have you worked out? I am starting to see some potential problems but maybe you have already given it some thought?" "Yes sir.

I saw a few issues myself. Obviously, a first or second year should not be going against a seventh year or just about any other year that is several levels above them, unless they are some defense prodigy of some sort. What I thought we could do was start with the first years and let them battle it out until they come up with a champion. We do the same for the other years so that now we end up with a champion for each year.

The first and second year champions duel each other next and the winner takes on the third year champion. That winner takes on the fourth year champion and it keeps going until the winner takes on the 7th year champion. Whoever wins against the seventh year champion is the school champion. Like it so far?" "Yes, that sounds fair.

What else do you have? Do you plan on participating, Harry?" "No, sir. I will not participate. There may be some others in the DA, like some of the ones who help me instruct, that should sit out as well.

It would not be fair at all sir if I were to participate." "That confident are you?" Harry just nodded his head.


"I work hard every day to improve and help my closest friends so they can improve as well at a much advanced and faster pace than the DA. Those are the ones who should likely sit out with me. That group includes Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Luna." "Neville Longbottom is that good?" "Yes sir.

Neville has probably come the furthest than any of them. Once I got his confidence up he has come into his own ever since." "That is good to hear, Harry. I would wager that he has a good amount of power as well, not at your level of course, but I believe Neville is using his father's wand. If he were to get one of his own, 'the wand chooses the wizard' as we have been told, then he would likely see some of that extra power he carries around." "Thank you, Professor.

I did not realize that. I will keep that in mind." "Perhaps the winner should be thrown in with your group and another competition take place with them? You could either be in the drawing or the winner of that round of duels could take you on." "I am not sure professor. I agree that my friends should not be made to sit out completely but I like your idea as them being held back but the overall champion having to defend his title against them in another round of duels. The problem that I see is I do not want word getting out about my abilities to fight.

I need every advantage I can get against these Death Eaters and Voldemort so I would rather no one knew what I can truly do." "I see your point Harry. Having your friends duel will likely expose them as well. No worries, we do not have to decide everything tonight. We can discuss this more another day and I will inform the staff at our next meeting about the event that will be held sometime next year.

I will not mention your name yet. I will just say one of the students suggested it." "Thank you, Professor. I appreciate you hearing me out on this. I think this could be very good for the school. I was even thinking this could lead to a dueling club where the members could constantly work on improving their dueling skills." "Another great idea Harry. We all need as much preparation as we can get with this coming war. Thank you for working so hard to be prepared Harry.


You are taking on a whole lot of responsibility for someone your age but I see that you are doing it with ease. I am very proud of you and I know your parents would be as well." "Thank you sir. That means a lot. I will try my best not to fall on my face" he said with a smile. "No worries there, Harry. I am sure you will just shake it off." "We'll see Professor…we'll see.

I have to be off. Enjoy your evening." "You too, Harry. Thanks for coming by and sharing your great ideas. I am looking forward to seeing them in action. That reminds me, could I stop by sometime and look in on your special training with your friends? I am merely curious." "Certainly, sir. You are welcome to join us. Stop by anytime. I am sure you are aware that Kingsley and Tonks join us regularly?" Dumbledore nodded.

"See you later then." Harry left Dumbledore's office and headed to his dorm to pick up his book. He then went to McGonagall's office to show her and discuss the project more.

Knock, knock. "Come in." Harry opened the door. "It's just me Professor. I have that book I told you about." "Oh, come on in and have a seat.

Let me take a look at it." Harry handed her the book. "This is a really good book Harry. I have the same one on my shelf but I like yours better. It appears to be a rare edition. Hang onto that and don't lose it." "Yes, ma'am. I will." Harry took his book back and looked at it carefully. He began handling it better than he did before now that he knew it was worth something. McGonagall was pulling some books down from her shelves and placing them on her desk in front of Harry. She turned back around and picked up one of the books.

"This book is the one I want you to read first. When done with that book, I want you to read your book. It will likely answer any questions you have after reading the first one. The first one will give you a good introduction though.

Of course feel free to come and visit me if you have any questions that you do not find an answer for in the books. Also, do not attempt to transform unless I am present. It is not likely but sometimes things can go wrong so someone who knows how to fix it needs to be present when you try to transform. Got it?" "Yes, ma'am.

Got it!" "Good. Now read those as soon as you can and familiarize yourself with the theory. Once you are done I will work with you on the practical. Keep in mind though, this could take a while before you can fully transform.

We will likely be working on it next term as well." "I am looking forward to it, Professor." "Me too, Mr. Potter. I am anxious to see what animal you are to be. I have a feeling it will be something spectacular." "I will be happy with just about anything but I would prefer something that would either allow me to escape or fight back or maybe even a little of both. Somehow I think that would be more beneficial given the way my life goes." "Indeed, Mr. Potter, indeed." oo0O0oo At 8:00pm Harry opened the door to let Luna into the Gryffindor Common Room.

His other friends were already there with him. He looked around the room and saw it was too crowded for the six of them to have enough privacy for their talk. Dean and Seamus were in the Common Room so that left his dorm room empty.

"Everyone follow me. We need more privacy." Harry led them up to his dorm room. He took his trunk and stood it up against the wall so that it turned into a door. He then cast a modified disillusionment spell on it so it looked like the rest of the wall. The door knob was now invisible. He was able to find it easy enough and opened the door for everyone. They all filed in. Harry turned and put a strong magical lock on the door. He did not have to silence it since the trunk automatically did that when the door was shut.

"Welcome to my hideaway again" said Harry. "There are things to drink and eat in the kitchen if you want a snack…Ron." Ron smiled at Harry. "You will find butterbeer and pumpkin juice in the cooler. There is fruit and other things available in there as well. I gave Dobby some money and he purchased the items for me." "Very nice Harry. A little home away from home" said Luna. "I thought it was about time I started using it more.

I plan on using it for studying when I need some peace and quiet. As a matter of fact I am thinking of expanding the fourth compartment to use for several different things, one of which will be my own potions lab.

Class is moving a bit too slow for me and I want to work ahead mainly because I want to know how to brew certain advanced potions. This will give me a chance to learn how.

Anyone who wants to join me is welcome. I will likely buy more cauldrons, more potions equipment, and lots more potion ingredients once I get the lab established." "Nice, Harry" replied Hermione. "That's sounds great. I would love to take advantage of that but having to go through a boys dormitory kind of makes that difficult." "What's the matter Hermione? Are you afraid you are going to see something?" asked Ron.

She started shaking her head up and down. "Yes, I am." Harry started laughing. "Just remember to knock first." "I'm not worried Harry" said Ginny. "Me either" said Luna. Harry started laughing again. "Somehow I knew that about you two." They just smiled at him real big. "It really is a problem Hermione. We boys would not like all the disturbances that might happen depending on the hours you wanted to use it.

I will think about it and see if I can come up with a better alternative. Right now I don't have one. The other issue is I do not want Dean and Seamus knowing about the trunk. I may include them later on simply because if it stays here it will be easier if they know.

However, as much as I like them I prefer to keep the lid on this. So, for now we stick with that being a secret just among us." Everyone agreed. "Now, just so you know, that was not what I wanted to speak to you about.

I have a question for you all." They looked at him expectantly. "Animagus anyone?" "What?" they all asked at once. Harry grinned. "I want to know if you would like to see if you can become an animagus." "That is huge Harry and quite difficult" said Hermione. "What made you think of trying that Harry?" asked Neville. "I know your Dad and Sirius were able to do it but what made you think of trying it?" "That is what McGonagall talked to me about.

She wants me to study this as a special assignment. I thought I would give you guys the opportunity to study with me and work on it together. I have a couple of books I am to read first before I meet with McGonagall again." "I would love to be an animagus" said Ron. "I don't know if I can do it but I certainly will give it a try with you Harry." "Me too, Harry" said Ginny.

"I want to try too." "Count me in then" said Neville. "I will give it a go." "I am not sure if I can do it Harry" said Luna. "I have a feeling my animal will be very difficult to achieve but I will be happy to study with you and help any way that I can." "Harry, I have enough to do. This is our Owl year, you know. How am I going to be able to study enough if I work on this too?

You already got me excited about the potions lab but another assignment as well?" "Alright Hermione, I am not going to push you to do it but I will be terribly, terribly, and even more terribly disappointed. We all need your brains on this. This could be one of the most difficult things we ever try. Some or all of us may not even be able to do it. It has a great potential to be one big headache. But, it is a challenge I am willing to take on and not just for extra credit." "It will probably be easy for you the way you learn.

Plus your Dad was an animagus so you will likely be one as well." "Not necessarily. My Mum was not an animagus and I have just as much of her in me as I do my Dad.

Of course, we do not know if she ever even tried but it is more likely she was not able to do it since few in our society ever achieve it. This makes the challenge even bigger." "Harry, stop making me feel guilty" said Hermione. "Hermione, I am terribly, terribly, and even more terribly sorry for making you feel guilty.

Really I am" he said with a smile. Hermione looked at Harry for a couple of seconds. "Okay, I will help you as much as I can but I may not be able to work with you every time you guys meet for this. That is the best I can do." "Thank you Hermione. That is very acceptable. You are too kind to give in to my machinations. I know how busy you are. You truly are my big sister in all the right ways." "Oh, Harry. You nearly make me cry every time you call me that" Hermione replied as she shuffled over to Harry and wrapped him in a big hug.

She then kissed him on the cheek and hugged him tighter. Harry looked up at the others. "We are not kissing cousins. We are simply a very close brother and sister team." He put his arm across Hermione's shoulders. "As a matter of fact I believe Tonks is the one who fills the role of kissing cousin." They all started laughing, remembering Christmas at Potter Place. "One last thing before we depart" said Harry.

"McGonagall also told me that she wanted me to continue to come to her class, even though I do not need it. Her idea is that I can help her with teaching the practical part of the class. She will handle the theory as usual and then I will pitch in when we work on the practical side. She also mentioned that my big sis here could help as well on occasion. I fully agreed with her as I know how hard Hermione works to stay ahead. Transfiguration also happens to be one of her best subjects.

She always gives me a run for my money." "So, my point is this all of you in that class need to do the same. Ron and Neville if you are not struggling with the practical then you should get up and help as well if you are needed. Let's get our class on a faster pace so there is more time for it to sink in and prepare for OWLS.

Luna and Ginny, you should do the same in your class if you can. Let's help people be better prepared. We might even win some friends while we are at it." Harry cast a spell on the door so that they could see through it from their side.

They did not see Dean or Seamus so they quickly exited the trunk and went back downstairs to the Common Room. "I am going to walk Luna back to her common room so she does not run into any foul trouble" said Harry. "That's okay Harry. I can take care of myself" replied Luna.

"Of course you can take of yourself. I know that because I taught you. However, that is not the point Luna. A gentleman always walks a lady back to her place so as to see her safely home.

Plus, it is after curfew and I am allowed to be out. Not to mention, if there is any trouble out there then I do not want to miss out on the fun." "Do you plan on kissing me goodnight, Harry?" asked Luna. "Um…I did not plan on it. Were you expecting me to?" "I might." "Uh oh, I might need a chaperone for this little walk." "Luna, you be nice to my little brother" said Hermione. "You heard her.

You have to be nice to me now" said Harry. Luna looked at Harry in a real sultry way and said in a low and slow voice, "Oh, I can be real nice." Ginny was barely holding herself in check. Harry gulped nervously (playing along). "Come on Lover Boy. Walk this way" she said swinging her hips walking toward the portrait hole. Harry turned to his friends. "I will see you guys in a little bit…hopefully." He then turned and followed Luna walking the same way, swinging his hips.

When he heard people laughing at him, he turned back around and explained that she said to "walk this way" which prompted even more laughter. Harry quickly exited through the portrait hole, following Luna.

About 10 minutes later he returned to his own common room. His friends were waiting on him. He went over and sat down next to Ginny on the couch. "Well, did she have her way with you?" asked Ron "because if she did that was really quick." "Did you kiss her goodnight?" asked Ginny. "No Ron and yes Ginny. I planted a big wet sloppy one right on her…cheek. She kissed my cheek as well and thanked me for playing along.

She said it was great fun to pretend and carry on. She is one goofy girl but a really good friend. I never knew she could play around like that but I thought it was pretty funny." "Yeah, real funny" said Ginny dryly. Hermione looked up from her book and gave Ginny a look. Ginny immediately put on a big smile, pretending that she was just kidding with her tone.

"Well, I am going to get a head start on my reading and my book is upstairs. It's getting late anyway so I am going to head that way." Harry got up and went over to Hermione. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on her cheek and said "Goodnight Sis." Hermione smiled real big at him. Next he walked over to Ginny, leaned over and whispered breathily in her ear so that he caused her goose bumps.

"Good night Ginny. Sweet dreams." He then quickly kissed her on the cheek while she was tilting her head away due to the sensation he caused. "Hey, you did that on purpose!" exclaimed Ginny. "Hmmm…yes I did. That's because you were being cheeky." "Well, that kiss on the cheek needs to be done right. I was moving my head when you kissed me because what you did to my ear tickled. So, kiss me again and no whispering in my ear and giving me goose bumps this time.

Do it right." "Yes, ma'am." Harry leaned in again and just when he was about there she turned her head and their lips met. They kissed and Harry raised back up. "That did not feel like your cheek at all.

In fact, that was downright sneaky." "I got you good, didn't I?" "You certainly did Ginny. If I did not know better I would swear you and Luna set all this up." "No, I had no clue what Luna was going to do. Besides you tickled my ear and stepped into this all by yourself. I just took advantage of you and I am not the least bit ashamed of myself." "Ginny!" said Ron.

"Hush, Ron. You are not part of this conversation. I am picking on Harry right now." "She is doing a right smart job of it too" said Harry. "Yep, I am the best! I'll teach you to mess with me." "You might need to remember little lady that I, Harry James Potter, am the long lost son of the head of the Marauders. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve and when you least expect it I could strike." "Is that a promise Harry?

Because I am up for a challenge. Bring it on." "Ooh, you just may be worthy little lady. You may be worthy indeed." "Why thank you, Harry. I appreciate that." "See you in a bit Ron and Neville.

Goodnight Ginny…and thanks." "OK mate. We'll see you in a bit." "Goodnight, Harry" said Ginny sweetly, still thinking about the stolen kiss. oo0O0oo On Saturday morning after Quidditch practice, Harry took his trunk with him to the Room of Requirement. Luckily no one was using it. He wanted to work on his trunk to expand his fourth compartment then have a way to get to that area from the fifth compartment. He felt confident he could enlarge the fourth compartment but was not sure how to get to it from the other.

It would not be that big of a deal if it could not be done since he could simply exit and come back in the fourth compartment. Anyway, his goal was to get it setup the way he wanted. He planned on creating a very large space. He would then start creating rooms or sections inside that space. The first room was going to be his new potions lab. Before he could have a potions lab, though, Harry needed to expand the fourth compartment to as large as it will go. Harry had no idea if the trunk had limitations on how large you could expand it but he was about to find out.

Harry opened the fourth compartment and pointed his wand into the space. "Here goes nothing." Harry cast the Undetectable Extension Charm and put a bit a power behind it. When he looked inside he was quite impressed. The compartment appeared to be around 30.5 meters (100 feet) high from floor to ceiling. It was also around 91.5 meters (300 feet) long and about 61 meters (200 feet) wide.

"Wow that is a big space. Looks like I can do a lot in there. Now, let me see if I can join it to the fifth compartment. He climbed down inside the big space and lit his wand with a very powerful Lumos that lit up the entire space. Harry had to make sure he did not look directly at his wand tip since it was so bright so he kept it above his head out of eyesight. He tried to figure out what direction the fifth compartment would be but he had no clue. He gave up after a bit and decided to go into his fifth compartment, sit at the table and draw up plans for his potions lab and what he was going to use for lighting and other conveniences.

Harry exited the large room and put his trunk on its end against the wall so that it formed a doorway, He entered his trunk home and was headed toward the table when he saw a glow coming from the middle of the hall opposite the small loo that was on one side of the hallway. Harry went to check it out and discovered it was a doorway.

He opened the doorway and entered into his large room he had just created. "Excellent!" said Harry. "The trunk did it for me and notified me of the change. Man I love magic!" His biggest problem solved, Harry went back to the table and began his layout for his potions lab and started thinking on how he would light up his large space.

Harry had never done any of that type of magical construction or create lighting for a room. He was hoping he could figure it out. Not getting anywhere for several minutes, it dawned on him that he was in the Room of Requirement so he walked out of his trunk home and into the Come and Go Room, as it was sometimes called.

He then asked for books on creating magical lighting for buildings and construction guidelines for walls, doors, etc. He also wanted to know how to build his potions lab with proper ventilation.

Suddenly a large bookshelf with a whole bunch of books appeared on the wall. Harry walked over and picked out some books to read to get him started.

He soon found some of what he needed. One book he looked through showed him multiple ways to setup lighting. It went over the spells to use and diagramed the wand movements. Thirty minutes later Harry had excellent lighting throughout the entire large space. Another hour later, Harry had walls up for his potions lab and a door leading into it.

Harry walked back into his trunk home and retrieved the shrunken cauldrons and potion tools and supplies. He expanded them once he had them in his new potions lab. He could see where he wanted to put his potion ingredients and where he wanted to store his potion tools.

He could also picture where additional cauldrons could go and made a note of how many more to get and what sizes he needed. It was time for lunch so he shrunk his trunk again, pocketed it, and headed to the Great Hall for lunch.

Harry sat down next to his friends and started filling his plate and building his sandwich. "Where did you sneak off to after practice? You just disappeared" asked Ron. "I was working on my…expansion charms" Harry replied with a look at Ron so he knew this was not something he could discuss.

"Oh" Ron replied realizing what Harry was talking about, "how did that go by the way?" "Spectacularly! Remind me to show you guys later" he said with a smile. "Can we have a look right after lunch?" asked Hermione. "Sure, I have more work I want to do on it today but I'll show you guys after we get done eating. I've been working on it in the Room of Requirement.

We can go back there after lunch. I like all the books it provides when I need a little help figuring out how to do something." After everyone was done eating they grabbed Luna and followed Harry back to the Room of Requirement. Harry walked three times in front of the troll tapestry that included Barnabas the Barmy trying to teach the trolls ballet. A door appeared on the opposite wall to the tapestry and Harry lead his friends in.

Harry walked over to a wall, took out his trunk and kissed it so it expanded. He then placed it on its end against the wall so that it turned into a door. He opened the door and let his friends in. "Harry, I thought you were going to expand the fourth compartment?" asked Neville. "I did." "So you can get to it from in here?" asked Ginny.

"Yes." "How did you manage that?" asked Hermione. "I didn't." "Then why are we in here?" asked Ron. Harry had reached the middle of the hallway with the loo on the left and the door to the large space on the right.

Harry opened the door and had his friends enter. "Whoa! Harry, this is huge!" said Ron. "This is incredible, Harry" said Neville. "I thought you said you did not figure out how to tie the two areas together?" asked Hermione.

"That is correct. I didn't. The trunk did." A collective "Huh?" was said by all of Harry's friends. Harry chuckled. "Well, I expanded the fourth compartment with the Undetectable Extension charm and I put a little bit of power behind it so it would be large.

I was somewhat concerned about limitations on the trunk but it worked out nicely." "I'll say" said Ginny. "I was concerned about tying the two areas together without having to exit one to get to the other.

I looked around in here before giving up and going back to my other compartment. I was going to sit at the table and try to figure it out along with how to create my potions lab but when I got closer to the table I saw a glow in the hallway.

When I went down there I saw a new door that was glowing. I opened it and the glowing stopped. Of course it was the door to my new area. The trunk did it for me and notified me that it had. Pretty cool, huh?" "What are you going to do with all of this space?" asked Luna. "Oh, I'll think of something Luna. As a matter of fact, I already have.

Please step into my brand new potions lab." Harry opened the door to his potions lab and gestured for them to enter. "Wow! Very nice and spacious" said Hermione.

"I have a lot more to do on it but I need to consult a few more books so I make sure I get it right. I have to conjure some permanent work places and cabinets for storage.

I also need a potions ingredients storage room. Last, but not least, I need to magically vent this room so the fumes and odors dissipate properly.

I requested some help from the Room of Requirement before to get this far so I was planning to do the same this afternoon to figure out how to do the rest." "Do you need any help?" asked Ginny.

"Well, I was not going to ask for any but I certainly will welcome any that is offered." "I would love to stay and help Harry" said Hermione "but I have too much studying to do. Plus, I promised Ron I would help him with his studies too." "Sorry, Harry" added Neville.

"I promised Sprout that I would help her this afternoon in the green houses. Otherwise, I would love to stay. What you are doing sounds really interesting." "Luna?" asked Harry.

"I can help" said Luna. "Great! Tell you what…if you and Ginny will help me research how to do it and help me get it setup, then I will help you two tomorrow for a couple hours with any classes you need to study for.

Deal?" "Deal!" they both replied. They will take Harry's help with classes anytime. "Okay, we will see the rest of you guys later." Hermione, Ron, and Neville left the Room of Requirement. "First of all ladies, let me tell you what I have in mind. Since I have a potion's lab figured out already, I thought I would add a second floor on top of it and let that be where the bulk of my potion supplies are kept.

I can make some stairs to get to the second floor. Of course, we have to figure out how to properly vent both of those floors." "I've never built a potions lab before. This sounds like fun" said Ginny. "Can you two conjure items permanently yet?" "Harry, we have not even been taught how to conjure yet, much less permanently. We are just in fourth year. Isn't that a seventh year spell?" asked Luna. "Yes, sorry, I believe it is. No problem. I will do all the conjuring. You guys just help me with the research and the design.

Although, maybe by the time we are through you will be able to conjure something as well." Ginny and Luna smiled at that. Looks like Harry was going to teach them how to conjure.

"Alright, I need someone to find out how to ventilate the lab. Who wants that duty?" "I'll do that Harry" said Ginny. "Thanks, Gin. The job is yours." "Luna, could you find out how to conjure stairs?" "Sure Harry. Sounds like fun." "Thanks, Luna. That leaves me with all the cabinetry, shelves, work spaces, and storage which should all basically be the same type. Just think of what you need and the books should appear." Harry started thinking about what he needed right away and the books started appearing on a book shelf against the wall.

Ginny and Luna followed suit and they saw books they needed added to different shelves. The room provided some nice comfortable chairs and a couch for them to sit on so they grabbed some books and went to work. Harry figured his part out quickly so asked the room for a table and parchment to start drawing a design for his cabinets, shelves, work spaces, and storage.

He was about three quarters of the way finished when Luna, then Ginny, indicated they had located the information and had their assignments figured out.

Ginny believed she could actually do the spell herself for the ventilation. "Let me see the information ladies and while I read through it I want you two to take a look at the design I have been working on.

Make improvements and add whatever you think it needs. I was almost done." Harry read through the spells to ventilate the potions lab and how to create stairs. Conjuring was not an issue for Harry but the problem was you cannot properly conjure something you do not understand well enough or not know enough detail about. Most likely Harry could conjure the stairs without any research but since he does not know how stairs are built and supported then the stairs he conjures may not be safe to use.

By understanding how they are made and supported he can follow that detail when using his spell and the stairs will be sturdy and safe. Harry completed his reading and joined the girls to finish up the design. They had come up with a few changes that Harry completely agreed with since it would make it more organized and look better as well. They finally decided on everything and were now ready to get the project completed. "Follow me ladies and we will finish up this project." Harry took the girls back to his potions lab.

On the way he explained the concept of conjuring. When they arrived at the lab, he told them to watch while he created a sturdier roof over the lab and then created the walls and roof for the second floor.

After he completed that, they wanted to see some more conjuring and have him explain it again while he did it so Harry took them into the lab on the first floor and explained it all over again before he created the work spaces as an example. He then conjured the cabinets, the shelves, and storage.

All the while, he explained every step. Harry then took a break and gave a simpler lesson about conjuring so they would understand better.

He conjured a small pillow then worked with them to get them to do the same. After about 20 minutes of constant trying both Ginny and Luna were conjuring a pillow of their own. Their pillows were not as nice as Harry's but they were pillows nonetheless. They made a few mistakes at first but eventually got the hang of it. They would need a lot more practice to get to Harry's level but they were well on their way. Harry started to conjure the stairs but Luna asked if she could try first.

She felt that she understood what she had read well enough and wanted to give it a shot. Not one to stand in the way of progress, Harry readily agreed. Luna concentrated for a few seconds then conjured the stairs. When she finished there were some weak looking stairs but she did at least conjure stairs.

Luna sat down on the floor. "Whoa! That took a lot out of me" she said. "Are you alright, Luna?" asked Ginny. "That must have drained you a bit" said Harry. "That was some impressive conjuring for someone who just learned how to do it. Those are definitely stairs. I am not sure I would want to use them but since you cannot do permanent conjuring yet then I will have to redo them anyway." Harry waved his wand and the stairs disappeared.

He waved it again and some very nice stairs, exactly how they had designed them, appeared. "After you get a better handle on conjuring it will not take so much out of you for bigger and more complicated items like stairs. Give me your hand." Harry reached down and offered Luna his hand. She put her hand in Harry's and was expecting him to help her up but instead he concentrated for a second.

His hand that was holding Luna's glowed for a couple seconds then he opened his eyes and smiled down at Luna. He helped her up then. "Do you feel better now?" "Yes, Harry. Did you just boost my magical energy?" "Yes, you needed it. All the conjuring you were doing before plus the stairs used too much of your magic." "Wow that is awesome.

How do you do that? I feel great!" "I don't think it is something I can teach. I do not fully understand it myself. It is all internal and I can somehow push it externally. It is the same with my ability to heal. When I first started healing it was from learning spells my grandmother taught me. After a while I discovered I can heal without using spells. I can detect what is wrong then send healing magic to heal the problem, like I did for you that one time." "I have discovered that I can share some of my magical power as well.

It is easy for me, I think, because I have an abundance of it and it builds back up quickly after I use it or share it. In fact, I am certain I have already recovered what I gave you.

You see, the more magical energy you have the faster it can build back up to capacity. When your energy is low then it takes longer to build back up. Once you have some built up though, it speeds up the process. Therefore, the more magical energy you have the faster it regenerates." "That is incredible, Harry" said Ginny. "One question though. When do I get a sample? Luna has experienced it twice now. That's Luna two and Ginny zero. Why am I being neglected?" Luna started smiling.

'Well, Ginny, Luna was injured the first time and this time she used too much of her magical energy. Since you have not been injured or drained your magical energy then I have not had the opportunity to give you a sample, as you called it.

Keep in mind though that it is too dangerous to give you some of my magic if you are not in need of it. Your energy should be full now and there is no room for any of mine. Forcing on you more than you can handle would be very dangerous indeed. However, I will be very happy to heal you if you are hurt or share some of my power if you are low.

Please do not make any of that happen on purpose though. It would be dangerous and not a smart thing to do." "I was joking. I would not do anything like that on purpose. However, if I get injured I am coming straight to you." "It's a deal. Now it's your turn. I believe you said you could cast the spell for the ventilation. Since we have stairs we can do both the lab and the storage above it. After you my lady" Harry said with a bow. "Thank you kind sir." Ginny did a curtsy and went up the stairs to the second floor.

Harry and Luna followed her up. Once inside she cast the ventilation spell she found in the book. Harry then cast another spell that checked to see if the ventilation spell was working.

"What spell was that?" asked Ginny "That was the other spell to check and see if the ventilation spell was working properly." "I don't remember seeing that one." "I read a little further and discovered it. The book said to cast it right after the ventilation spell to check and make sure it was working.

Your spell worked perfectly by the way. Let's go down and you can do the lab." The three of them went back downstairs and Ginny cast the ventilation spell on the lab. Harry checked with his spell to verify and it was working perfectly. He then taught the spell to the girls. "I believe that is all I want to do on this today. I need to read the rest of my assignment on becoming an animagus so I can start Monday with McGonagall learning the practical side. Plus, it is almost time to eat again." "I am getting a little hungry" said Luna.

"I hope there's pudding." oo0O0oo The following Monday afternoon in McGonagall's office… "Any questions after reading the books, Mr. Potter?" "Just one. I was wondering about the potion. The books were a bit vague on that part.

What exactly does the potion do?" "Excellent question, Mr. Potter. I thought you might want to ask about that. I had the same question when I first read those books myself. The potion is simply a tool that helps speed up the process. As your book explained, your animagus is predetermined. The potion shows you what the animal is that you are to become. If you do not see an animal then it is likely you cannot be an animagus. Well, it is either that or you brewed the potion wrong.

Once you know what animal you are to be then it is easier to change into that animal because you can picture it in your mind and you will know your end goal." "For centuries, before the potion was invented becoming an animagus was even more difficult because no one knew what animal they were to be. Therefore, the process took even longer.

Oh, they had a spell but it was not very accurate most of the time. Some of the ones who could never be an animagus wasted years of their lives trying to be one. If they had the potion like we do now they could have known that it was not possible for them and could have moved on and used their time more wisely." "So what will the potion do to me and where do I get it?" "You will need to take it before you go to bed.

You will then have a vision that will either show you the animal you are to become or there will be no animal and only you will be there as yourself. When you wake up you will remember the animal vividly. It is that image that you will use to work on changing yourself into.

Where you get the potion is questionable." "Questionable?" "Yes, you see normally I would have Severus prepare the potion for any student who is trying to become an animagus.

That way the potion is guaranteed to be prepared correctly by a potions master. The potion is not difficult to make and it does not require a long time to brew so it is an easy one for him to do on the rare occasion we need it.

Given, however, your need for secrecy I thought it would be better if you prepare it yourself. I believe you are more than capable and your secret would remain that way." "That is acceptable to me. I definitely do not want Professor Snape knowing about this…at all." "Somehow I knew that would be your answer" she said with a smile. "Where do I find the recipe?" "Here is the next book for you to read. You actually do not have to read all of this one since it mostly repeats what you have already read but the recipe for the animagus potion is in here.

That part you will need. Now do you have a place to privately brew the potion? If not, I can provide you with one." "Yes, ma'am, I have a place. That will not be a problem." "Good, then I will need to meet with you again after you have had your vision. I will give you the first steps you need to work on.

When do you plan on taking the potion?" "Is there enough time to brew it tonight and take it?" "Yes, plenty of time." "Then I will take it tonight." "Excellent! I will see you tomorrow afternoon." "Thank you Professor. I appreciate all your help." "Sweet dreams, Mr. Potter. I can hardly wait until tomorrow." Harry left McGonagall's office and headed straight back to the Gryffindor Common Room.

Some of his friends were studying and others were chatting. He told them what he had to do and left them to go to his trunk and use his new potions lab.

Harry opened the book and skipped over the parts he had already covered until he found the potion recipe. It was a rather simple potion that could be made in about an hour.

Harry read through it carefully so he had a complete understanding of it. He then setup his cauldron and gathered all the ingredients he would need. He prepared the ingredients as instructed and began making the potion. After an hour the potion was finished. Harry then used a test found in the book that showed how to check and make sure the potion was correct. It tested positive so Harry measured out the amount he needed so he could take it before bedtime.

Harry had made extra of the potion since it would last a few weeks. He was going to have his friends take the potion as well to see who could move forward and become an animagus. He stoppered his potion vile and went back down to the common room to find his friends. He quietly told them about the potion and his plan to take it tonight.

Hopefully, he would know something tomorrow. His friends were anxious to take the potion as well but Harry insisted they read at least the first book before taking the potion. He promised he would answer any questions they have after reading the book. Right now the book was making the rounds as fast as everyone could read it.

Harry had to return it to McGonagall pretty soon before she became suspicious. At bedtime Harry readied himself for bed and climbed in. He took his potion and laid down. He found himself feeling a bit nervous about it all. He started thinking. "What if I cannot become one?" He contemplated that for a minute. "I will be fine because it's no big deal.

Nothing would change in my life since I will be no different than I am now and I can live with that." Harry turned over onto his side. "I wonder what it will be?" After a few minutes he turned back onto his back again. "Merlin, calm down and just go to sleep!" he told himself.

He remembered his Occlumency about that time and soon was relaxed and dosing off. Harry opened his eyes and looked around. "What is this place?" It looked like an open field with wild flowers and some lilies.

Harry looked around for a minute and slowly he realized that this was his animagus vision. He searched all around him but did not see an animal anywhere. "Oh," he thought. "I guess it is not to be. It is just me here." Harry heard a noise behind him and turned quickly. There was a pale looking, but magnificent stag walking toward him and behind the stag their trotted another pale looking, but beautiful doe. They walked right up to Harry and stopped. "I thought I was only supposed to see one animal that would be my animagus?

And I thought it was supposed to be a vivid image that I could recall easily and remember all the detail. No offense but you guys are very pale and practically translucent." The stag and the doe were standing right next to each other just staring at Harry who just stood there and stared right back. "Wait a minute. Dad was a stag animagus." The stag nodded his head. "But I thought Mum did not become an animagus." The doe stepped up close to Harry and licked his cheek before stepping back. "Mum?" The doe nodded her head.

"Dad?" The stag nodded his head. "Unbelievable! So Mum was an animagus after all?" The stag nodded his head again. "Well, it is too bad I cannot be one. It would have been really cool to do it as well. I hope you guys are not too disappointed in me." The stag and the doe shook their heads and walked past Harry.

The stag moved his antlers in a waving motion as if trying to get Harry to look up and over a certain direction. Harry stepped around the two of them to see what his Dad wanted him to see. He looked up in the air and what he saw brought him up short.

There was something large flying up there and it was coming in for a landing. It landed on the grass in the middle of the field and immediately Harry could see that it was an animal in vivid colors but it was an animal Harry had never seen before. Harry just stood there for a minute taking it all in. He walked over to it to get a better look.

The closer he got the bigger it looked to be. In fact it appeared to be a little larger than a horse. It was very strange looking as well. It had the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. The powerful back legs had paws like a lion and a long tail like one too, if not longer. The front legs were different. They came down like a lions then changed suddenly at the end to very large, sharp talons like an eagle.

Its color was almost entirely black with a lion's mane around its shoulders that gradually changed into feathers as it moved up to the head. Its head, like a giant bald eagle, was black with a myriad of red and gold flecks. It had emerald green eyes like Harry and a small white lightning bolt scar over his right eye.

It's huge, magnificent wings had the same red and gold flakes and the underside of the wings were more red than any other color. The creature was magnificent to behold. It looked fierce and proud, and would give anyone pause to come across it.

Harry was not afraid of it though. He knew this was what he would be and he needed to get a good look at all the detail so he could recall it fully when attempting the change. He looked at it very closely, at every detail, every contour.

He had made his way all the way around when he heard a voice in his head. "How about a ride?" The creature lowered itself down until it was completely laying down. It moved its wings out of the way so Harry could climb aboard.

Once Harry was seated it stood back up and took a few steps until he walked in a complete circle. It then leaped into the air and its huge wings began to lift him higher and higher before it took off in a straight line.

Harry could feel the rhythm of the beat of the wings and let it mesmerize him for a minute. He noted how the body responded to every little change and movement. After a few more minutes, the great beast landed again and lowered itself so Harry could dismount easily. He found his parents still in animagus form watching. Harry turned back to the creature and watched as it took off again flying higher and higher until it was completely out of sight. Harry turned around and found his parents had come up behind him.

"This is amazing! I'm not sure what that was but I will figure it out. Thank you both for coming to see me and helping me see what I am to be. I can feel the vision is coming to a close." Harry reached over and hugged both the stag and the doe at the same time. "I love you guys and I know that you love me, otherwise you would not have done this." He was hugging them when the vision faded. Harry immediately woke up and sat up straight in his bed. The clock said it was a little after 3am. Harry could not sleep so he grabbed his robe and headed down stairs.

There was no one in the common room so he sat on the couch in front of the fire thinking about what he saw. His eyes wandered to the fireplace then around the room looking at the wallpaper when his eyes stopped on a creature that looked familiar. He got up and walked over for a closer look. Now he understood. The creature in the wallpaper is a gryphon (sometimes spelled griffin or griffon) and that means his animagus, that magnificent creature he saw in his vision, was also a gryphon, a very powerful and majestic creature.

Chapter Fifteen The Animal Farm "Wake up Harry. Come on sleepy head" Ginny whispered in Harry's ear. When he did not wake she did it again but this time with lots of breath right in his ear so that it tickled. Harry woke up this time, shooting straight up and sitting on the couch rubbing his ear and then rubbing his eyes.

Seeing Ginny standing there smiling Harry decided to speak. "You just could not resist, could you?" "Nope, it was payback time anyway and you were in the perfect position for it." "Well, there are worse ways to be woken up, believe me, I have had far worse. Thank you for waking me up, by the way. I must have dosed back off." "What are you doing down here on the couch?

Wait! You took your potion last night. Spill it!" Harry waved his hand and a silencing charm covered them. "Shush, Gin. Be quiet. There may be someone listening." "Oops! Sorry, this is the common room." Then she whispered "Did you just wandlessly cast a silencing charm?" "Yes, but I am going to cancel it right after I tell you this. You will have to wait until I tell the rest of our group.

There is a bit to tell so I want to wait until I can tell you all at one time." "Can you at least tell me if you can become one?" "Yes." She rolled her eyes. "I did not phrase that right.

Can you become one?" Harry cancelled the silencing spell and looked at Ginny and grinned. He then nodded his head with a big smile on his face. She grinned back. "I can't wait!" she said excitedly. "Thanks for waking me up Gin. I could not sleep after that so came down here to think it through.

I have to go back up and get ready. See you at breakfast?" "Sure, Harry. I'll save you a seat." About fifteen minutes later Harry was showered, dressed, and ready for the day.

He walked down to the Great Hall with Ron and Neville who had just cleaned up as well after their workout. They asked the same questions but he had them wait. They found Ginny and Hermione already there eating breakfast. After everyone had their food and was enjoying the meal, Harry looked over at Luna sitting at the Ravenclaw table. She saw him looking and he motioned for her to come over. She mouthed "Now?" but he shook his head and mouthed back "No, eat first.

Come afterwards." He was using hand signals while he mouthed the words. "Harry, what are you doing?" asked Ginny. "I was having a quiet conversation with Luna over there. Surprisingly, we were understanding each other. I just asked her to join us after she eats. I want to ask you guys something." "So, Harry, did you have any special dreams last night?" asked Hermione.

Ginny smiled. "Don't ask Hermione" said Ron. "He is not telling yet." "I will tell everyone at one time" interjected Harry. "There is a good bit to tell. You will likely have to wait until tonight." "Oh, okay, but…" "The answer is yes, Hermione, yes I can." "Great! I guess I will have to wait then." "I have a meeting with McGonagall tonight so I will see you guys after that." Luna came over and joined them. She sat down next to Ginny.

Harry pulled out his wand and waved it to cast a silencing charm around them. "Now that you are all here, I have a question for you. Have any of you noticed Malfoy, Crabbe, or Goyle hanging around nearby on occasion? You know, a little closer than they normally are, close enough to hear what is being said?" "I haven't noticed anything" said Ron. "Now that you mention it" said Hermione "I have noticed that. Why do you think that is?" "Oh, he probably got an order from his Death Eater dad to pick up any info he could about me so he could report it back to Voldemort.

What I need to know is have any of you said anything in public that needs to stay secret? Have you spoken to anyone else or have you spoken to each other but did not make sure you could not be overheard?" They all thought for a minute and then shook their heads no. "Good. Let's be extra careful then. Malfoy does not need to overhear any conversations we have." "Maybe we could give him some bad information?" asked Ron. "That will set him up really nice." "Well, I don't think I want to get him killed but perhaps we could think of something.

That is all I had this morning. I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware and remind you to stay on your toes. We better get to class." Harry cancelled his silencing spell. oo0O0oo Later that day after dinner, Harry went to McGonagall's office for his first practical lesson in becoming an animagus. Knock, knock. "Come in." Harry let himself in and shut the door behind him, casting a wandless silencing charm at the same time. "Hello, Professor. I am here for my first practical animagus lesson." "So, I take it the vision went well for you?

You saw the animal you will be able to transform into?" "Yes, ma'am, I did." "Great! But before we get into that I need to get some other business out of the way." McGonagall began looking for something. "What business is that Professor?" "I need to know your plans for the Easter holiday week which starts this weekend.

Do you plan on staying here or going home?" "Oh, I will be going home." McGonagall stopped looking for the form she needed. "I have quite a few things I need to tend to while there. I have also invited my closest friends to join me but most are going home first and cannot join me until the end of the week." "And how do you plan to get there, Mr.

Potter." "Pardon me Professor, but do you normally require this much information from the other students?" "Of course not, Mr.

Potter, but you are not just any other student and I believe you know that as well even though you wish it were not true." "Yes, ma'am, I do and you are right. I wish I never had to have this much attention." "The Headmaster and I would simply like to know where you will be just in case there is a problem and we need to contact you right away. Given the danger you constantly find yourself in, the Headmaster would prefer not to be in the dark if it becomes necessary to find you or lend you a hand should the situation call for it." "Thank you Professor.

I know you and the Headmaster mean well and only wish to help so I will fill you in on my general plans. In case you do not know, this watch that I carry all the time was given to me by my father and I want you to keep the next bit of information secret for me." McGonagall nodded.

"This watch is a portkey that has no end to the amount of times it will work. It takes me straight back to Potter Place where I am safe. I was going to skip the train and just portkey back but I decided to spend the time with my friends and I would also like to be on the train in case anything bad happens." "I can mobilize the DA very quickly and my closest friends, whom I have personally trained, are a force to be reckoned with.

I'll take the opportunity to meet their parents at King's Cross so we can discuss the end of the week. It will be good to see them again as well. I will use the portkey to get home after that. The rest will just be Potter Place business and I hope to have some time to work on my transformation." "Very well, Mr.

Potter. I will inform the Headmaster of your plans. Shall we get started?" "Yes, I thought you would never ask" he said with a smile. "Very cheeky, Mr. Potter. So tell me what animal did you see in your vision?" "I think I want to keep that as a surprise, Professor. Plus there is a bit of a story that goes before I saw my animagus. Would keeping it a surprise hinder you helping me?" "No, Mr. Potter, it would not. I will be looking forward to the surprise as I am assuming it will be something special?" "Yes, ma'am, it will be." "So what is this story you need to share first?" "When my vision started I did not see an animal anywhere.

It was just an open field with wild flowers and lilies. I was all by myself I thought. I had just started thinking that it was not meant to be when I heard a noise behind me. A magnificent stag and a beautiful doe came right up to me." "I was confused at first because there were two of them and they were pale, not in vivid color like my animagus was supposed to be.

I was also thinking that since my patronus was a stag like my dad's animagus then maybe my animagus would be the same as his but it still did not make much since based on what I read and you explained. It then clicked that my dad was a stag and I actually said that out loud and he nodded at me.

I then mentioned that Mum was not an animagus and she stepped up and licked my cheek. I asked if she was my mum and she nodded her head. I asked if the stag was my dad and he nodded his head." "Both my parents were capable. Mum must have never told anyone. They were the ones who showed me my animagus. It was simply flying around but when I saw it the thing came in for a landing.

I got a real good look at it then and afterwards said goodbye to my parents before the vision faded." Harry concluded and sat there smiling at his professor.

"Mr. Potter, do you ever do anything the normal way?" "I try Professor, I really try." "Well, I guess you would not be Harry Potter if everything that happens to you was normal." "I like that Professor. That helps me realize that I just need to deal with it.

However, I am not upset that I got a visit from my parents that way. That was actually pretty cool." "I take it your animagus was a bird of some sort?" "Are you trying to make me give it up Professor?" McGonagall just smiled at him. "Okay, I did say it was flying and landed so yes, it was…a bird…of sorts." "Alright, Mr. Potter, I want you to concentrate on picturing your animagus in your mind. Get the vivid picture crystal clear. Focus on it. Concentrate on what it looks like, every detail.

Do you have it?" Harry shook his head up and down. "Today we are going to start small by just changing your left hand. You will need to concentrate real hard on it. This will take some time to change everything but after you achieve the full change it will come much easier and faster.

But, for now concentrate hard on it and let's just see if you can change your left hand." Harry had his eyes closed. He was excited but he was concentrating as hard as he could. He could see his animagus perfectly in his mind's eye, every detail was there.

Harry pulled up a little of his magic and focused it on the animagus in his mind to see if that would help him some. McGonagall was watching Harry when she started to see his left hand begin a change. She watched as it was transformed into giant talons. "That is one big bird" she said to herself. "Wonderful Mr. Potter. That is probably the quickest I have ever seen anyone do it." Harry was still concentrating and he poured a little more magic into his animagus image.

"Mr. Potter? Mr. Potter? You can stop now. You have successfully changed your left hand into very large talons." "Whoa!" McGonagall screamed and fell back into her chair at the sight of a very large gryphon standing in her office. It barely fit and definitely could not move around due to the lack of room. "Mr. Potter, I have never in all my days seen anyone achieve full transformation on the first time they try it. Can you understand me?" Harry turned his large eagle head toward the professor and nodded.

"Surprise is right!" she said catching her breath. "I do not believe I have been that surprised in quite a long time. A gryphon of all things. A magical creature is the most difficult to transform into and it is extremely rare when any animagus is a magical one. Very well done, Mr. Potter. Very well done." "I dare say there is not enough room for you in here. Shall you turn back and let's find a bigger place for you to transform so you can explore some of what you can do?" Harry nodded.

"All you have to do is reverse the order. You wanted very strongly to become your animagus. Now you simply need to want very strongly to be yourself again. Just concentrate." She barely got the word "concentrate" out when Harry was suddenly standing there as himself. He had a big grin on his face that he could not wipe off to save his life.

McGonagall started laughing which caused Harry to join in. When they finally got a hold of themselves Harry asked a question. "How was that Professor?" "Spectacular, Mr. Potter, spectacular! Shall we find a bigger place for you to transform?" "Yes, ma'am. How about the Room of Requirement? It will get as big as we need it." "Excellent idea, Mr.

Potter. Would you mind if I asked the Headmaster to join us?" "Not at all Professor. He will need to know sooner or later." "Good then we will meet you up there in about fifteen minutes." Harry walked up to the Room of Requirement and asked for a room big enough to fly in and let the room know that he would be joined later by McGonagall and Dumbledore.

The door appeared so Harry let himself in. He immediately changed into the gryphon. It took him about one minute this time. He began running around the room getting used to how it felt in his new body. He had never felt so much physical power in his life. He tested his wings by stretching them out and flapping them a couple times.

They were so big and powerful that he felt them lifting his body off the floor just from barely moving them. Harry suddenly leaped into the air and began flapping his wings as fast as he could. He lifted up in the air quickly and was at the very high ceiling before he knew it.

He then slowed his wings down a little before concentrating on flying forward. He figured that out soon enough then started soaring around the room a bit before beating his wings again. He found that his wings could keep him aloft for a long while before he would need to flap them again. After a few more minutes Harry came down carefully into a landing that was not very smooth but he knew he would get it right in the next try or two.

Harry changed back to himself in about fifteen seconds, much faster than changing into the gryphon. He asked the room for some water to drink and a chair and small table appeared with a glass of water. He sat down for a breather and drank it quickly.

He had worked up a thirst and felt tired in some muscles he did not know he had. The door opened and in walked Dumbledore and McGonagall. Harry put down his empty glass and stood to greet his Professors.

The table, chair, and glass all disappeared after he stood up. "Hello Professor. I am glad you could make it." "So am I Harry. Minerva told me that you made your animagus transformation on the very first try.

That is most impressive Harry. I do not recall anyone else being able to do that." "Really? Well, if someone is going to be different it seems it will always be me. However, I am glad that I did not have to toil over this for a long period of time.

Getting it on the first try suits me just fine. Makes me wonder what was so hard about it all." "Indeed, Harry. I guess it was fairly easy for you. Nevertheless, it is an amazing feat. Now, I believe you will need to show me this animagus of yours because Minerva refuses to tell me what animal you can become." "I will walk over here a little ways so you will be able to see me better when I change." Harry walked away from Dumbledore about twenty steps and turned back around.

He concentrated and in about thirty seconds instead of Harry standing there a magnificent gryphon appeared. Dumbledore's eyes got really big.

"Oh my, Harry!" He looked over at Minerva who was smiling and nodding her head up and down. "A gryphon and a mighty fierce and magnificent one at that. This is incredible. I am sure Minerva told you how extremely rare it is for an animagus to be a magical creature but I guess I should expect no less from you Harry." Harry wished for a large mirror on the wall and one appeared.

He walked over and took a good look at himself. He saw exactly what he saw in his vision. He was so big, standing taller than a large horse. He could see the scar and his emerald green eyes. He then leaped into the air and flew around for a bit before coming back down for a much smoother landing.

He changed back into himself in about 5 seconds. "Very impressive, Mr. Potter" said McGonagall. "You have already significantly shaved off a lot of time to make your transformations. With a bit more practice you will get it down to a second or less going both ways. I suspect since you are going home for the holidays you will have ample room to practice." "Yes, Professor.

I thought I would spend some time working on my transformation but I believe I am much further along than I originally thought I would be.

Now I can use all the land and woods on my property to explore a bit in my new form. Of course, I will have to spend most of my time like this because my horse Rolly expects me to ride him often.

He is very stubborn that way." "I should like to meet your horse Rolly someday" replied Dumbledore. "I hear he is quite the specimen." "That he is sir, very much so in fact.

Of course, the real problem is he knows it." Dumbledore chuckled.

Gran culo 2

"Then I really do need to meet him." "We will have to arrange that some time sir. I am sure you would enjoy it. If you will excuse me I find myself growing tired after all the flying. I flew a bit before you arrived as well. It looks like I will have to get lots more practice so I do not get tired. I am feeling muscles in places I did not even know I had muscles. Good night Professors." Harry exited the Room of Requirement to go back to his common room. "Albus, what do you think? Did you ever imagine?" "No, Minerva.

I did not imagine anything as big as that. Harry is very intelligent, very powerful, and very wise for his age. Let's just hope that with all the tools he has at his disposal he will be able to use them wisely when he most needs them." By the time Harry got back to his common room he was feeling a little better. With his conditioning his body recovered a lot faster than most people.

He was still a little tired but that was more due to it being late in the evening than anything else. He was fairly certain though that his back would be feeling a little sore in the morning. That would be where the wings were. He climbed through the portrait hole and found his friends waiting for him. Luna was already there with them. "Hey guys." "Hi, Harry. Did you have a good lesson?" asked Hermione.

"Yes, I did. It was a great lesson in fact. I learned quite a lot." "Are you ready to share with us now?" asked Luna. "Yes, follow me up where we can have some privacy." Harry still had his trunk setup like he did before with the door hidden from view.

He let them in and took them to his large space. "We can talk out here. I just want to check on a couple potions I have brewing before we start." Harry went on into his lab and checked on his potions. "What potions do you have brewing?" asked Neville following Harry into the lab. "I have Polyjuice Potion here. It has about three weeks more to go. Over here I have Veritaserum which has a few weeks to go as well.

Next up, I have a Wolfsbane attempt just to see if I can do it. And, last but not least, I have a cauldron full of Animagus Potion ready for you guys so you will have your visions.

It lasts a few weeks so it is ready to go." "Wow, Harry, you really are taking on the difficult ones. Veritaserum and Wolfsbane are two of the most difficult potions to make" said Hermione. "Well, I wanted to push myself so picked those and gave it a go. Are you guys ready to hear my animagus story?" They all nodded anxiously. "Let's go back out there and I will tell you everything that happened." They all walked back out into the large space. Harry conjured a large couch and chairs for them to sit on then added a nice throw rug as an afterthought.

All this was done wandlessly. He then stood before them after they sat down and began his tale. He told them about his vision and his parents and then added more detail for them that he did not share with McGonagall when he got to the part of the vision where he saw his animagus. "…anyway I saw Dad motioning for me to look up and over. Something was flying up there.

When I finally saw it, it came in for a landing and landed right in the middle of the field. Do you know what it was?" They all shook their heads no. "I wish you could have seen it. It was magnificent and fierce looking. It was so amazing, I was shocked. You should have been there to see what I saw." "We got it Harry" replied Ron. "It would have been great to be there and see for ourselves but we couldn't. Can you speed it up please and just tell us what animal you saw?" "Oh, right.

Hey, I have a better idea!" Harry changed into his animagus in about five seconds. All his friends jumped back and nearly tipped the couch over backwards because he was not that far away from them when he transformed. "Merlin's beard, Harry!" exclaimed Ron. "You nearly gave me a heart attack." Harry leaped up in the air and took off flying around in the large space for a couple minutes before he landed again and changed back almost instantly.

Harry started laughing to beat the band. When he stopped laughing he said, "You should have seen all your faces when I changed. It was priceless!" "Harry, how did you manage a full transformation so soon?" asked Hermione. "It usually takes months or years." "I actually did it on my first try. I really did not find it that difficult to do. Plus, since both my parents achieved it then I knew I could. It's in my blood." "That is amazing Harry!" said Ginny.

"And, a gryphon no less. Aren't magical animals even rarer?" "Yes, evidently it is practically unheard of but not impossible." "Tell us the rest of the story Harry. I would like to hear the rest of it, especially about your parents in their animagus form." Harry told them the rest of it including his good bye to his parents, the Room of Requirement, and Dumbledore.

"Harry, can you change back again so we can get a good look at you up close?" asked Neville. "Sure, Nev but I am not going to fly again tonight. It is making me too tired. Those muscles need to be strengthened more so it does not tire me out so much. I will try to do some flying every day for a little while to build up my strength there. Give me a little room and I will change again." They all took a couple steps back.

Harry changed almost instantly this time and was standing before them again as a gryphon. They looked at him closely and saw all his features, his scar, eyes, and massive wings.

Everyone was finished looking at Harry but Ginny could not seem to get enough. Finally Harry laid down and opened a wing to offer her a seat on his back.

She readily climbed on. Harry stood up and began walking around the room. He even trotted a little then slowed back down to a walk. He brought Ginny back to the others and laid back down again so she could get off. When she moved away a bit Harry changed back into himself instantly.

Ginny ran up to Harry and grabbed him in a hug. "That was awesome Harry. Thank you! I can't wait to try that flying." "That's not a bad idea, Gin. Let me increase my flying stamina and we can try that. It will likely feel a little different flying with someone on your back." "Super cool!" she replied.

"I tell you though, the physical power I feel as the gryphon is amazing. I have never felt anything that powerful. I am anxious to discover what else I can do in that form." "Awesome, Harry, nothing short of awesome" said Ron. "Okay, who's next? Who has read all of McGonagall's book?" Harry said raising his hand.

"I hope you guys are about done so I can give it back." They all raised their hands. "Excellent! So the next step is questions. Who has questions about what you read?" Harry was tired but spent the next hour answering all their questions until they were satisfied. "The next step is taking the potion and seeing whether or not you can be an animagus. If you see an animal in your vision, then that will be your animagus. Study it real hard so you can recall every detail.

It will be in vivid color. If you are the only one in the vision and no animal shows up then you are not to be an animagus. Please, do not take that as a failure. If it is not meant to be then that just means you are still the same person because nothing has changed. Evidently, you are meant to be better at something else. Plus you get out of all the extra work to become one. I think it is safe to say that my experience will be different from most so do not look at my experience as the best example." "Thanks Harry for saying that.

I think we all are a little nervous about it. We all realize how few ever achieve this" said Hermione. "I would not be surprised if all of you have the ability. I think this notion of so few becoming animagus is due to the way it used to be before the potion and also so many out there who are afraid to even find out. Then there are those who are simply not interested in transforming into an animal. Plus, who wants the Ministry knowing this about you?

In other words, I think the numbers are somewhat skewed. How many are registered and how many are not could be skewing the numbers as well." "You could be right Harry" said Neville. "So, who wants a vial of potion for tonight?" They all raised their hands eagerly. Harry doled out the potions and sent them on their way. Tomorrow should be an eye opening experience in more ways than one. oo0O0oo The next morning Harry found Ron and Neville already gone from their dorm when he woke up.

"Strange" he thought since he usually gets up before them. He went ahead and got into his workout clothes and headed down to the common room. What he found was a bit funny. Neville, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were all sleeping in the common room on couches, chairs, and the floor.

"I wonder if Luna had the same issue?" he asked himself. "Obviously, they had trouble sleeping after their visions." Harry decided he would let them sleep and miss today's workout.

He knew how much sleep they likely lost and he did miss his workout after his vision yesterday. He headed out the door and saw that the weather looked pretty good so did all of his running outside. When he finished running he headed to the Room of Requirement and finished his workout on the equipment it provided. Harry noticed his back was sore just as he thought it might be so was happy when the exercises worked out the soreness.

Doing his pull-ups helped the most with it. After he was done with his workout he decided to add an extra routine to it. He asked the room to expand then changed into his animagus and took off flying around the room. He flew for a good fifteen minutes before coming back down and transforming back into himself. His transformations were around 1 second either direction now. He felt that the flying helped his back and planned to do more whenever he got the chance so he could continue to build up his stamina.

He went back to his dorm and showered. He noticed his friends were gone from the common room. They were not in the dorm either so he quickly cleaned up, got dressed, and headed to the Great Hall where he found all of them eating. Luna had joined them as well.

"Nobody invited me to the slumber party" Harry said when he came up to them. "Luna did you sleep in your common room as well this morning?" "No, Harry, even though I had a very interesting dream I still stayed in my bed and went back to sleep." "I would expect nothing less from you Luna.

However, it appears our friends had the same issue I did the night before when Ginny woke me on the couch yesterday morning. I missed my workout yesterday so was not about to miss today's. I decided I would not wake you this morning since you all obviously needed sleep." "Thank you, Harry" said Ginny. "I still need more sleep but I am anxious to get to the library as soon as I get some time today.

I have to research something." "I see. So I take it everyone was positive?" asked Harry. They all nodded their heads and smiled at him. "Excellent! I somehow knew it would be unanimous. Hang on to those thoughts and let's plan to meet up later tonight so we can discuss it in detail and get started on the next step. Right now I need to eat and get to my class. I am running short on time since I added another routine to my workout." Harry filled his plate and began eating his breakfast.

Ron went for another plate full. The rest were finishing off their juice. "Are you guys ready for next week?" asked Harry between bites. "Yes, I am quite looking forward to it" replied Neville. "I will be there on that Friday." "Me too" said Hermione. "I sent my folks a note about spending the next weekend before we come back at your place Harry. They liked the idea. They really had a great time there over Christmas holidays." "Daddy said to do whatever makes me happy so I will be there at the end of the week as well" said Luna.

"Daddy will be busy with the paper anyway." "Mum and Dad did not mind at all, Harry" said Ron. "In fact, they asked if it would be okay for them to pop in for a visit just so they can see you." "That would not be a problem.

Tell them just to give me a heads up before coming over. I have a lot on my plate to accomplish this week at home so I want to make myself available if someone wants to come and visit.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to ask you guys if it would be alright if I invited all your folks to come over as well for the weekend. Would anyone mind?

We can always find some private time to ourselves if we need it and let your parents entertain themselves for a bit. After all they have been there before and the elves will take care of anything they need." "That would be great Harry! Mum and Dad will like that" said Ginny. "My parents would love it too" said Hermione. "I am not sure about their schedule but if they can take that time off I am sure they would love to come for the weekend." "Gran will appreciate the invitation but it is doubtful she will come for an overnight stay, but it will not hurt to ask" replied Neville.

"Daddy has to work but he will appreciate the invitation. He likes you a lot Harry" said Luna. "I was just going to portkey home but I think I would rather spend the time on the train with you guys and then invite your folks over before I take my leave." "Everyone done eating?" asked Hermione.

"We had better get ourselves to class." Everyone got up and headed to where they needed to be. oo0O0oo That night, Harry met with his friends again in his trunk. They used the same couches and chairs Harry had conjured the night before since Harry had to check on his potions again before they got started. "Who wants to go first?" asked Harry. "I'll go" said Neville. He stood up and Harry sat down. "When I had my vision I was shocked to say the least.

I saw the biggest bear I had ever seen, well actually that was the first bear I had ever seen but it was huge. It stood about 5 feet tall on all fours and at least 10 feet tall standing on its hind legs. It was a dark brown color. I had to go look in the library today to see what type of bear it was.

I found out that two of the biggest bears in the world are the Polar Bear and the Kodiak Grizzly. The Polar Bear is all white. The Kodiak is brown. It has to be a Kodiak because the other bears do not get that big. They are part of the North American brown bear species and the largest of the bunch.

They are found in the Southwestern part of Alaska. I can't wait to transform." "That is awesome, Neville! I can't wait either" said Harry. "Who's next?" "I'll go next" said Ron standing up. "I was quite impressed with the animal I saw in my vision. It was a lion. A big lion with a huge mane that had a touch of red to it on the ends.

He was powerful looking and his roar was so loud it was scary. He was at least eight feet long and his tail probably added another three and half feet. I'm just glad my animal was not a rat or something small like that. That vision was one I will never forget." "You were a lion?" asked Hermione standing up and going over to Ron with a grin.

"Yep" he said nodding his head excitedly. "Well, I think it appropriate that I follow Ron since my animal was a lioness." Ron was headed back to the couch to sit down but when he heard what she said he went back up to Hermione and hugged her, picking her up off the floor and spun her around.

"That is awesome, Hermione!" said Ron excitedly. Hermione laughed and hugged him back. "Thanks, Ron." They looked at each other with big grins on their faces. "Can you put me down now?" she asked with a big smile. "Oh, sure, sorry about that. I guess I got a little carried away." "No problem, Ron.

I appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm. I was excited when I saw my animagus in my vision too. It was beautiful. She had such grace in her movements and you could just see the power in her every move. She was about six feet long and her tail was probably 3 feet long. You know the lionesses do pretty much all the hunting and finding food for the cubs and the lions. They are the hunters while the lions are the protectors.

I was so excited when I saw my animagus but I am even more excited now that I have heard what Neville and Ron are to become. This is going to be so much fun and here I thought I would not have enough time for this. Oh, it's going to happen. I guarantee it." She sat back down on the couch.

"This is exciting isn't it? A bear, a lion, and a lioness so far. Pretty cool, don't you think? Okay, who is next? Ginny or Luna?" "I'll go next" said Ginny standing up. Harry traded places with her and sat back down. "I had to go to the library after I had my vision because I had no clue what my animagus was besides the obvious fact that it is a bird, a very large bird. I could tell that it was a type of eagle but I had never seen this one before or even read about it.

Anyway, I studied it real close for as long as I had time in the vision and memorized every inch of it." "When I got to the library I was able to find out what kind of bird I will be changing into it is called a Harpy Eagle.* Harpy eagles are one of the largest birds in the world. They can get up to three and a half feet long and weigh over twenty pounds. The females are larger than the males.

They have a cute tuft of feathers that stick up behind their head. These feathers are longer than the ones on their head so stick up at the back.

Mine, while it was mostly a dark gray color, with a white underbelly, the long feathers on the back of the head had red tips. It also had a red and gray pattern of lines on the legs. Plus, I found out that they are known for being the strongest, most powerful raptors.

They can capture prey that weighs as much as they do and fly off with it. They are also the national bird of Panama and their talons can be as large as the claws of a grizzly bear" she noted while nodding at Neville.

"I get to fly!" she said jumping up and down. "Great! Finally someone who can fly with me. Very nice, Gin. Looks like you will be having a lot of fun with that one. Alright, Luna, you are the last one.

What are you going to wow us with?" Luna stood up and Ginny sat down. "Remember when I said that I had a feeling my animagus will be difficult?" They all nodded their heads. "I was right. My animagus is a magical animal which normally would make it more difficult to transform into but since Harry's is magical too I feel more confident now that I can do this.

I think Harry's is even more difficult than mine so this is definitely doable. My animagus is a unicorn. "A unicorn!?" asked Hermione standing up.

"That is amazing!" "Congratulations Luna" said Neville. "That is going to be spectacular to see when you transform." "What can you tell us about your unicorn?" asked Harry. "She was white and about the size of a small horse or pony. Her horn was a golden color, it was over two feet long, and it was very shiny.

She can run very fast. From what we know about the unicorn they can be very gentle but fierce if necessary and the horn is supposed to have some healing properties. They are said to not like men but will come up to a girl who is a virgin. I am anxious to see what attitudes my animagus will have along those lines when I transform. Currently, I am a virgin so I wonder if my animagus will have different attitudes once I have sex." "Uh…thank you Luna" said Harry standing up.

He let Luna sit down before he started. "Okay, very exciting stuff. Now who wants to get started on their transformation lessons?" All five of them raised their hands.

"I thought you might. First thing we have to work on is wandless magic." "What?" asked Hermione. "We need to work on transforming into our animagus forms, not work on learning wandless magic." "Really?" asked Harry.

"How many animagus do you know that use their wands to transform? Have you ever seen Sirius use a wand to transform? McGonagall? Me?" Harry changed into his gryphon then changed back. "See no wand used." "Oh…I didn't think about that. None of them use their wands." "Correct, so transforming into your animagus requires magic but you do it wandlessly." All five of his friends/students were silently thinking that over.

After Harry gave them enough time for that to sink in he continued. "Now, let me ask you guys a question. How many of you can feel your magic?" "Come on Harry" replied Hermione. "We have had this discussion before, you are the only person I have ever heard say they can feel their magic.

I don't feel my magic." "Anyone else?" asked Harry. "Can any of you feel your magic?" Harry saw them shaking their heads no then afterwards they all heard "Maybe." Harry looked at Neville and everyone else followed suit. "Expound on that a bit Neville. Why did you say maybe?" "Sometimes I think I can feel something if my magic builds up before I release it. Sometimes when I get angry my magic builds up and sometimes I think I can feel it.

I don't really know what magic is supposed to feel like but I think that is what I am feeling." "Bingo Neville! You have hit the nail right on the head. And, I believe you are correct that you are feeling your magic. Neville, you are a powerful wizard so it should be easier for you to feel your magic since you have plenty of it in your body. I know that I have a bit of an advantage since I have so much magic.

That makes it easier for me to distinguish what magic feels like." "But how are the rest of us supposed to feel our magic?" asked Hermione. "Are any of you squibs?" "Come on Harry. You know we are not squibs" replied Ron. "Right, so you all have magic inside you. Your wand is just a focus. It does help increase your power a little but the magic comes from you. We know that it is there.

You just need to learn how to distinguish that feeling. Neville said he can feel it when his magic builds before he releases it.

Have you never let your magic build or put more power into a spell?" "Wait, Harry" said Ginny. "I do recall now feeling something when I was angry and my magic built up.

I did feel something. That was magic wasn't it?" "That's it Ginny. You are getting there too. We all know what it feels like to be angry but how did you know your magic built up?" "Because I…felt it…" "Right! You felt it. Remember what that felt like. Do the rest of you see the pattern? Neville and Ginny felt their magic after it built up.

So if it builds up then it is sort of pooling in one spot ready to be let loose. If you have a bunch pooled up then you have more than usual and you should be able to feel your magic. The problem is you are focusing on the spell and not paying attention to your magic buildup. You are ignoring the feeling while focused on the spell incantation and wand movement." "So you are saying we need to build up our magic and then pay attention to what it feels like so we can recognize that feeling?" asked Luna.

"Yes, Luna. Exactly!" "Why is it so important that we be able to feel our magic?" asked Hermione. "Excellent question Hermione. There are several reasons why you need to feel your magic. Here are just a few. Number one, if you cast a spell with your wand and you know what that spell feels like then you can learn to cast it wandlessly by using that same feeling in your magic.

What you will find is that nearly every spell feels a little different." "Number two, if you need to control how much power you should use normally then you need to feel your magic so you do not accidentally kill someone with a simple stunner." All of his friends eyes widened in surprise. "Number three, if you can feel your magic then you can control it inside you and use it for such things like healing or pushing a little bit of it toward your effort to transform into your animagus and succeed on the first try." They all lit up after his last point, realizing that Harry was able to do a complete animagus transformation on his first try because he used the same technique he was trying to teach them right now.

"So, that's how you did it?" asked Ron. "Yep, I just pushed a little to my image that I was focusing on, then pushed a little more and boom I was transformed.

I think I nearly gave McGonagall a heart attack and it was a tight squeeze inside her office as a Gryphon. I could pretty much only move my head." They all laughed at that after getting the picture of it in their minds. "Here is your assignment boys and girls. Work on feeling your magic. Without a wand begin to cast a spell and pay attention to what it feels like when you pull up your magic to cast it.

Memorize that feeling. If you have to build up your magic before you can feel it that first time then do so. Practice all you want at home next week as long as you do it wandlessly. When we meet at my house the following weekend I would like to see if you guys can at least change your left hand. Got it?" They all nodded excitedly.

Hermione went up to Harry and gave him a hug. "Harry…little brother, I am so proud of you. Your knowledge and teaching ability has grown so much over this year it simply amazes me. With you teaching us I think we will be able to make the complete transformation in short order." "That is the goal, big sister." oo0O0oo On Friday they all boarded the train to take them back to King's Cross Station to meet their parents and guardians and go home for the week of Easter break.

Harry worked with his friends on the train to get them more comfortable with feeling their magic. He put a silencing charm around the room, magically locked the door, and made it so no one could see in through the windows while he worked with them.

After a long session where Neville accidentally stunned Ron wandlessly, they decided to take a break since they would arrive soon. Harry was going to remove all the spells he had cast to prevent being heard or seen but decided to check and see if anyone was outside their door first.

He cast the spell so that they could see through the door of the compartment. Low and behold if Malfoy was not out there trying to listen in at the door. "Would you look at that? Malfoy is trying so hard to hear something he can report back to his Death Eater dad.

I almost feel sorry for him. Is there no tidbit of information we could let him hear?" No one offered a suggestion. "Nothing? Oh well, I will take care of it." Harry stepped up to the door and jerked it open real fast. Malfoy almost fell through since he was leaning on it. He caught his balance and stood up straight. "Malfoy tell your Death Eater dad that we are onto his schemes. We are not about to let you hear or see anything that we do not want you to hear or see.

So, go back to your friends, if you have any, and quit trying to spy on us. It is not working." "I wasn't " "Oh, don't even try Malfoy" said Harry as he shoved him out the door and closed it in his face. Harry removed the spells with a wave of his hand then waved with his fingers to Malfoy through the window. Malfoy gave up, turned, and went back through the train to his seat.

"Do you think it will work?" asked Ron. "Who knows? Let's hope so but I will still be watching what I say in public whether he is spying or not. He is not the only one I do not want knowing my secrets." They arrived at the station about thirty minutes later. Harry asked his friends to all meet together with their folks in one spot so he could talk to everyone.

All their luggage had been shrunk down and was in their pockets so all they had to carry were their familiars. Harry had told Hedwig to head back to Potter Place so she did not have to ride on the train but Hermione had Crookshanks and Ron had Pigwidgeon. Hermione's folks were not magical so they could not get through the barrier without help.

They usually waited near the parking lot for Hermione. Ron and Ginny, along with Harry, had managed to get Molly to follow them out to where Hermione's parents were. Luna brought her father over and Neville brought over his grandmother. When Harry had all of their attention he waved his hand and cast a silencing charm around the whole bunch. "Thanks everyone for meeting together like this on the spur of the moment. I just wanted to offer an invitation for all of you to come to my house when your kids come next weekend.

Come along with them if you can and want to. There will be plenty of room, much to eat, and lots to do that is fun. I realize some of you may have to work but I will guarantee you that this will not be your last invitation.

If you cannot make it in a week then we will try again another time." "Thank you Harry" replied Emma Granger. "We greatly enjoyed Christmas there and if I remember right" she said looking at Dan "I think we can take next weekend off and join you." "That we can, my dear.

We have nothing that cannot wait until Monday. Thank you Harry for your generous invitation. Emma and I would be delighted to join you next weekend." "Thank you Harry" replied Xen. "Unfortunately I have to work but I will definitely try to visit next time." "No problem, Xen. I know it was short notice. Likely we will plan something for this summer." "Harry, you are quite gracious and I truly appreciate the invitation but I must decline.

I will try to be open for your next invitation though" replied Augusta. "I understand, perhaps next time it will be more convenient. We will definitely work on planning it better." "Harry, I am not sure if Arthur has to work but if not we will be there. I may just come over anyway if he does have to work." "You do that, Mrs. Weasley. Mr. Weasley can join us afterwards if he has to work.

That way he will get a good meal if you are not at home." Everyone said their good-byes and hugged each other. Harry got a hug from Emma and a handshake from Augusta, Dan, and Xen. All his friends hugged him and the girls gave him a kiss on the cheek. Molly gave Harry her customary bone crushing hug that he soaked right up.

Afterwards, they all headed their separate ways. Harry found a secluded spot away from prying eyes and muttered "Legends of Potter" which ported him back to Potter Place and a waiting Mattie. * The Harpy Eagle was the inspiration behind the design of Fawkes the Phoenix in the Harry Potter film series.