Blowjob at the motorway parking lot

Blowjob at the motorway parking lot
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BASED ON A TRUE FANTASY "Carter?" "Hm?" "Do you mind if I take my pants off?" I lay there motionless, stunned. Whether or not the question should have come as a shock to me, I really couldn't say but it did. I tried to think of how I ended up in this situation.

Jennifer had always been my favourite cousin, but now things were getting as close to the edge as they could. For the last few years as she had navigated through puberty, I had found myself strangely and wildly attracted to her more and more with every extended family get-together. Now, it seemed that every fantasy was coming true. I wanted it, but at the same time I didn't know if I should take it. Maybe sharing a tent together hadn't been such a great idea. Two months ago, I had arrived home to a flood of cheers and greetings.

I had spent the last two years of college abroad on a European exchange and, unfortunately, hadn't had time or means to make it home once. There had been emails and phone calls from my parents, siblings and other family members which had kept me going, but there really wasn't anything like family. Ours was very close, and that included all my extended family as well.

You know the film 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'? Yeah, it was something like that. As such, we had a mini family reunion or 'family rebellion' as my dad liked to call it usually once a year, aside from the many other dinners, holidays and celebrations we usually spent together.

It typically consisted of a camping trip to a local campground that we would book out and spend a long weekend at. It really was a good time usually. As crazy as my family was, I truly enjoyed spending time with them.

However, for the last two years, I hadn't been able to go. I didn't think I would miss it as much as I did. It was really surprising the way I felt whenever I read emails from my family about the fun they were having at the lake or hiking.

Most surprising of all, though, was the pang of loss I felt when I would read letters from Jennifer. I was several years older than her, but, somehow, she was the cousin I was closest to even closer than I was with my two sisters. As far as I could tell, it was the same for her; I was the cousin that she related to best, even more than her own brothers. For whatever reason, our cousin-friendship ran deep, and I missed her terribly while I was away studying.

All I wanted was to be there for her through her insane teenage years, but opportunity and necessity drove the wedge of distance between us. Every picture she sent me of her (often with her friends) out carousing, I longed to be there with her.

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I didn't know what it was exactly, but she seemed to grow more beautiful every time I saw her. I left for Europe when I was 23. She was 16 at the time. Returning now, at 25, she was a strikingly beautiful 18-year-old young woman. If I hadn't been related, I certainly would have scooped her up and dated her in an instant.

I hadn't been home two days when my mom reminded me about the camping trip coming up. "Carter, are you planning on going?" she asked. "I don't know, Mom," I replied, scanning through pages of want ads on the computer. "I've got a lot to do. I'm thinking of going for a master's now, you know." She nodded. "I know. You mentioned that on the way home from the airport." She sighed heavily.

"The rest of the family's going, so there won't be anyone here to hang out with." "Yeah, I know. Don't give me more reasons to stay." "Oh, seriously," she chided me. I laughed, continuing to scroll endlessly down the list.

"I also want to find a summer job, too." "I'm aware," she told me. "It's something to think about, though. It would be good for all the family to see you." Nodding slowly as one advert caught my eye, I answered, "Yeah, I guess." Over the next month, I had found a job and applied for the master's program at the local university.

The job was simple data entry and bookkeeping for a lawyer's office, but it was something. It would build my resume. I wasn't proud; I'd take it. Besides, my plan was to leapfrog from my bachelor's in philosophy into law, so as rudimentary as the job was, it at least exposed me to the world and practice of law.

I was happy to accept. Beyond that, I had weekends and holidays off. My fear had been committing to the family campout without knowing what my schedule would look like. I had been prepared to take a job in the foodservice or even fast food industry, though it certainly wasn't my preference if I could help it.

This, though, was ideal, and I let my family know that, indeed, I would be joining them for our outdoors excursion. The day it had arrived, I had been required to put in some extra time that Friday afternoon. Some records and files needed to be assembled as they were going to be used by one of the lawyers in the office in a court case that coming Tuesday after the long weekend. Oh, the irony. By the time I had arrived home, my family had already left without me.

Still, I think it worked out in the long run seeing as how I wasn't even packed yet. The fortunate thing I kept reminding myself about was that I could drive out there myself. In fact, I preferred it that way. I liked being independent, and if I wanted to go somewhere, I didn't like relying on the schedules of others.

I ran around wildly, gathering up everything I could think that I'd need. "Did you forget anything?" I texted to my parents as I was finishing stuffing things in a duffel bag for myself. "Is there anything else you want me to bring?" "Looks like we'll need an extra tent," my father sent back. "Just bring one of the small ones.

That should work. And enough bedding for you." Oh, so you didn't even pack a tent with enough space for me, I thought semi-bitterly. "Yeah, sure. I'll do that," I replied as falsely cheerful as text would allow. Moments later, I had packed everything at least I had hoped and was well on my way. Half an hour later, I was out there at the campground.

The several adjacent sites were filled with vehicles, tents and campers. It would be difficult to find a place to set up. What was convenient was that each one bordered the lake, and already a number of family members were taking advantage of the hot, sunny weather and cool, refreshing water. Others were about the camping area eating food, playing games or just leisurely chatting with one another.

It was another typical family rebellion. I parked my car at the far end of our claimed camping area. I, of course, checked in with my parents first before facing the barrage of welcomes and salutations from all my other aunts and uncles. Even most of the cousins in the vicinity came over to say hi.

I'd seen most of them when I had flown in, but there were several that I hadn't had any contact with yet. My eyes, however, were darting to and fro, searching for any sign of Jennifer. She was one of the ones who hadn't been able to make it when I had come home, and I was understandably anxious to see her. Not seeing her anywhere nearby, I figured she must be down in the water.

Sure enough, that's where I found her. Once she caught sight of me, she half-ran, half-swam out of the lake as quickly as she could, ran up the beach and into the camp area to say hello. "Carter!" she yelled out as the current resisted her escape. "Carter!" As she ran up, I couldn't help but admire her physique. She had matured so gracefully. Jennifer had still been in that gangly and awkward mid-teenager stage when I had left.

The eighteen-year-old was anything but that now. She was an average height and build, but the last of her baby fat had melted away over the past couple years to reveal a slender and stunningly beautiful young woman. As she came running at me wearing just a skimpy, purple bikini, my untamed eyes wandered over her lustfully.

Jennifer had good hips, and her breasts, though a little on the smaller side, were perky and firm, giving just a slight bounce as she ran. I scolded myself. Jennifer was my cousin. Attractive? Of course! But it was highly inappropriate to allow my gaze to wander over her body so unrestrained.

Unfortunately, every instant I thought I had control, her dirty blonde hair had to shine in the sun. Each time, my eyes regained their own control and took a quick second to look her over from head to toe. "Carter!" she shouted again as she embraced me. The cold water she carried with her soaked into my clothes, but I didn't care. It felt so good to hug her. It had been far too long. I wrapped my large arms around her and held her closely. For an instant, I forgot myself again, and found myself more interested in the feeling of the smooth skin on her back than her as my cousin.

Jennifer's next words broke the spell. "Welcome home!" "It's good to be back!" I thanked her, ending the hug. "You've sure grown up." Jennifer shrugged impassively. "I guess. I'm 18, but it's only been two years, though. I couldn't have changed that much." "More than I have, I'll bet," I laughed. "I just turned 25. I'm old now." "No, you're not. You look great!" Jennifer laughed along with me, and scurried off to get a towel and some sandals. When she returned, we roasted some wieners over the fire and at a lunch of hot dogs and chips as we talked and caught up.

"So what's Europe like?" she inquired. I told her everything I knew that I couldn't include in the emails I'd sent to her. My exchange had brought me to a new university every semester. I had a hectic schedule to keep up, so I didn't get a whole lot of time to enjoy the sights and go touring. I could, however, tell her an awful lot about the campuses I'd been to. Every so often, though, I had enough time during the day to see a tourist attraction or two.

Jennifer was enthralled by my tales: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Coliseum in Rome, Buckingham Palace in London and several other locations. We both had a profound passion in history, so my first-hand experience with these sites was of particular interest to her.

Jennifer had had no shortage of experiences, either. I listened, though the stories about her and her friends hanging out at the mall, teasing the "cute boys" an even the male teachers at school with their provocative flirtations and the endless hanging she and her friends did together was like a replay of high school. Still, some of the stories were interesting, and it was to those that I paid more attention. When we'd eaten our fill, Jennifer stood up and removed her towel, carrying it in her hand.

The full magnificence of her soft, slender body was once again in view and my eyes rebelled forcefully against my control. Her butt was particularly appealing, the way it rounded out into a beautiful heart shape. My eyes rode up and down her gentle curves several times before I could regain the strength again to dictate their motions. It was just in time, too. Jennifer turned around to face me. "Well, I'm going swimming again, Carter," she announced, starting to walk towards the lake. "Wanna come?" I was only too happy to oblige.

"Sure!" I agreed quickly. "Just let me go change and I'll be right down." "Ok! See you down there!" And with that, we both ran off to our respective destinations. Finding a spot to change was a challenge in and of itself. I finally conceded to use the bathroom in my parents' camper and quickly tore off my clothes and was not surprised in the least to find a half-erect penis hidden inside my underwear.

Several minutes ago, I could feel him wriggling to life as I had liberally checked out my cousin. My sexual companion had calmed down a little since then, but the prospect of again seeing Jennifer in her cutesy little bikini had him resisting arrest.

I tried to ignore the obvious problem and went on with my task of putting on my black shorts and applying sunscreen to my exposed (and regrettably pasty-white) skin. Once down at the water's edge, Jennifer and my other cousins bade me enter the water. It was colder than I expected. For a hot summer's day, the water's temperature sure hadn't matched the air above it.

I took a deep breath and dove straight in, determined to get it over with. The terrific chill took more than just my breath away. I could feel my heated groin being instantly cooled, and my stubborn penis withdrawing back to where he belonged. Coming up for a breath, I swam out to meet Jennifer and the others. We played some games, had some chicken fights and generally just talked amongst ourselves. Our ages ranged substantially; I was one of the oldest cousins, while Jennifer was one of the youngest.

Still, because our family was as close as it was, age didn't overly matter to us, and we felt comfortable being together as a group as we enjoyed the summer sun. As the afternoon drew on, most of the cousins went back in to eat the lunch they had so willingly missed earlier. Eventually, it was just Jennifer and me again. We enjoyed the water and played around for most of the afternoon. She eventually ended up swimming circles around me in waist-deep water in an attempt to find an opening to where she could take me down and dunk me in the water.

I resisted her every effort. "Come on!" she strained, climbing onto my back and shoulders for the umpteenth time as she tried to use her body weight to force me under the water.

"Go down, damn it!" she laughed. I easily hoisted her into the air once more and laughed triumphantly as I threw her into the lake with a loud splash. When Jennifer resurfaced, she wiped the water from her eyes and asked, " much can you lift?" "Well, I'm 220, and can easily lift about 150 or 160," I explained, looking over her petite body again. Jennifer scoffed.

"Oh, well, that explains it," she admitted. "I only weigh about 115." I laughed. "I don't think your measly little 115-pound body is ever going take down this tank of 220!" I challenged her teasingly, flexing my arms and holding my torso rigid so that my muscles popped. I glanced back at her. Jennifer seemed to be in a daze.

"What?" She snapped back to reality. "Nothing," she dismissed with a wave of her hand. "You've just got a really good body, Carter.

That's all." A broad smile crossed my face. "I try to look nice," I told her, "for the ladies. I work out almost every day." "That would do it," she agreed, starting to charge at me.

I knew she was ready for another round of defeat.

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A hefty laugh escaped my mouth. "Are you kidding me!?" I mocked my younger cousin as she jumped up and climbed onto me again. This time, however, instead of clawing her way up my back, she scaled my chest. She was agile; I had to give her that. Within seconds, she had managed to get one leg onto my shoulder.

"Ah! Jennifer!" I shouted, feeling her lean back and attempt to throw me off balance. I fought back, which was no easy chore considering the torque she was applying. My eyes were closed, but I knew she was arching herself backwards as far as she could. Trying to be respectful, I was keeping my hands off of my cousin as much as possible. Unfortunately, I knew I couldn't hold this posture much longer without needing to brace her body from toppling me.

Then, without warning, she repositioned herself and brought up her other leg. In essence, Jennifer now straddled my face, a thigh on either side of my head. I had no choice; I had to grab her to keep from falling forwards.

Once I had braced Jennifer's body on my shoulders, I dared to open my eyes. There, only an inch or so in front of me, was the purple triangle of her bikini bottom. My beautiful younger cousin's lower abdomen was like a wall of amazing womanly beauty that obscured everything else.

I couldn't imagine I could be any closer to Jennifer's womanly treasure. Without warning and despite the cool water, my manhood sprang to life, stretching itself almost instantly into a painful boner. I was stunned. Whether she could sense my hesitation or not, I don't know, but Jennifer started rocking back and forth, trying to get me to fall forwards.

She knew she couldn't do it just from stretching backwards I was too strong for that but if she could ruin my centre of gravity, then I would be helpless. Her movements shoved her bikini bottom right up into my face. All that separated my mouth from her precious young labia was the thin layer of fabric she so proudly wore.

It was all I could think about. Despite my efforts, I was too bewildered by what was now happening to resist any longer. I fell, taking Jennifer with me, and the two of us crashed into the lake. We both splashed up out of the water, coughing and choking.

"What was that!?" I gagged, laughing. "What are you talking about?" she argued with an innocent, pretty smile. "I took you down, that whole tank of 220." She cheered herself in congratulations. "Yeah." I sputtered in reply.


"Yeah, but you.I mean. You were." My explanation was weak, and the hang gestures that accompanied it were even weaker. "I was what?" she asked, again with an air of innocence. However, there was a glimmer of mischief in her eye that I couldn't ignore. Jennifer knew exactly what she had done: exploit a man's weakness for sexy young women. "You—" I began, but was interrupted by her mother calling us from the shore.

"Hey, you two! You're going to miss dinner! Come on out!" I waved at her. "We'll be right out!" I turned to continue my accusation against my young cousin, but she had already begun swimming towards the sand.

I followed her. She reached the beach before I did and headed straight for her towel. After wrapping it around her, Jennifer looked at me with a wry, coy little smirk. Her attitude made me pause again when I looked at her.

She quickly stuck out her tongue jestfully and ran up the small embankment for the camp, giggling. I tossed my t-shirt back on and followed after her. She knew what she had done. I knew she knew. The family ate dinner together; a potluck meal that actually had some really good dishes to pick from. I retired to the campfire again after eating and started roasting marshmallows.

I liked them myself, but could only handle so many. I had a talent for getting them perfectly golden brown, though, and many of my younger cousins enlisted me to help them make a smore or two or seven each!

In the middle of the fifth batch of marshmallows, my aunt, Jennifer's mom, sat in a camping chair beside me. "Oh, I'm so tired," she complained. "You're probably dehydrated from all the time in the sun," I told her.

"It'll wear you out more than anything." My aunt nodded. "Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me," she agreed. "It's all this sugary, salty food, too," I continued as I checked the marshmallows I was roasting. "Your body needs water to flush it out, so you've got a double whammy right there." She chuckled. "Guess I should lay off the food and down some water." "That'd probably sure help," I agreed, smiling.

"Hey, listen," she started, changing the subject. "We've got a little dilemma." "What's that?" "Well, some of the other cousins want to sleep in our tent with our kids," she explained. We're really mix-and-matching it tonight." I wasn't quite following her. "Ok.?" I urged her on, hoping to get to the point. "Your parents had you bring out an extra tent, right?" I nodded.

"Yeah." "Well, there's not enough room in our tent anymore for Jen," concluded my aunt. "I'm wondering if you'd allow her to sleep in your tent." The question wasn't unreasonable, but it still startled me.

Normally it wouldn't have, but with the situation I'd just found myself in with my cousin, something about the idea made me feel uncomfortable. The idea that Jennifer could be deliberately provoking my needs as a man, flaunting her sexuality quite literally in my face, gave me a sense of foreboding and with how beautiful a young woman she had become, I didn't entirely trust myself not to try anything that would end up hurting her emotionally in the end.

I had to refuse the offer and find a different solution. "Sure, I don't see why not," I heard come out of my mouth instead. Somehow the little head had done the thinking for the big head, just to satisfy his need to be close to a woman.

"Great! I'll go let her know that the problem is solved," she announced, and got up and left. I was left there to stew in my thoughts about what I'd just agreed to. There was no way in hell I would ever hurt any of my cousins, Jennifer in particular. This, though.this was something different. I'd had my fair share of women, particularly over the past couple years.

Europe was full of liberal ideas, and the scores of women who adhered to them was astounding. As complex and demanding as my schedule was, and as little as I was able to get out and explore the sights, my bed was filled more often than not.

Usually it was other university students that I was working with. It's not like I went out of my way to woo anyone. It just seemed to happen. We'd be working late at my dorm or home one night, and before I knew it, the girl and I would find ourselves in bed together, only to wake up naked the next morning.

Other guys that I knew had been jealous of me, but there was really nothing to be jealous about. I just seemed to have a natural knack for getting girls into my bed. It couldn't happen that way with Jennifer. My cousin meant more to me than a good time and getting laid. She was my friend, a confidant. She was like a sister without all the living-under-the-same-roof drama.

Even though she had deliberately diverted my attention by parading her maturity, I didn't want to let myself think of her as someone I could simply consume my lust with and then both be on our merry way.

The situation would be far more complicated than that afterwards. Our relationship would never be the same. Still, it wasn't like I was going to be outright sleeping with Jennifer. I'd be sleeping alongside her. We'd have our own sleeping bags; we'd only be sharing the tent. Nothing could happen; nothing would happen. I repeated this idea to myself over and over, working desperately to convince myself of it. Nothing would happen nothing! Jennifer dropped herself into the chair beside me. Her sudden appearance startled me and broke me from my maelstrom of thought.

I looked up at her with a smile, trying to hide the conflict within. She had put on a heavy, grey sweater, but I could see she still wore her bikini. Her legs were bare and I could just see the purple bottoms peeking out from beneath the hem of the thick shirt. "Are you going to turn those?" she asked, pointing to the marshmallows on the roasting stick.

I had been so preoccupied with my thoughts that I had all but forgotten about my responsibilities. Just as she spoke, one marshmallow burst into flame, quickly spreading to the adjacent ones. Within seconds the whole end of the stick was ablaze, and I had nothing to show for my skill but a half-sticky, half-crusty, black charcoal mass of grossness.

"Oh, good job," Jennifer teased. I smiled sarcastically at her. "You distracted me." "Distracted you!?" she scoffed, giggling. "I just got here! You can't blame me!" "I can blame whoever is guilty," I answered succinctly, removing the failed creation from the stick carefully.

She didn't have an answer, and just scoffed again. "So, you get to sleep in my tent, huh?" "Yeah!" giggled Jennifer. "Oh, this is gonna be fun! We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning.I'm making waffles!" I raised an eyebrow at her. "Shrek." I couldn't help but laugh. "I know." I added a new batch of marshmallows to a clean, cool stick. "I could go for some waffles tomorrow morning, though." "I think that's what we're having, actually." "Nice!" I extended the marshmallows over the fire.

"So you're really not weirded out by staying in the same tent as me?" Jennifer shook her head. "No. Why should I be?" I shrugged. "I dunno. I just thought you might think it's a little odd sharing a tent with your cousin." She scrutinized me for a second. "Are you uncomfortable with it?" "No," I answered quickly, and not entirely truthfully. "I think it's fine." "Then I think it's just fine, too," she acquiesced.

A steady stream of incompatible thoughts began streaming through my head again. I tried to keep my concentration fixed on the marshmallows and away from comparing Jennifer to the girls I'd been with during my European exchange.

"Yeah," I lightly agreed. It was all I could manage to get out. "I think it'll be fun, though," she surmised. I looked up at her again. She was grinning. It was such a pretty smile. Why did Jennifer have to be so pretty? Keeping an air of neutrality, I asked her, "Why's that?" "Because we can stay up late talking!" she clarified like it was obvious. "We always enjoy doing that, right?" I laughed again.

"For sure!" I took the marshmallows away from the fire. They were perfectly golden brown. I called over my younger cousins and let them take one each to complete their desserts before standing up. "C'mon," I invited Jennifer, seeing as how the evening was getting on. "Let's go set up our tent and get it ready.

It's starting to get dark." A short time later, the tent was set up and our gear stored neatly inside, with a single, large foam mattress beneath our two sleeping bags.

Out of necessity and space, we were forced to pitch it at the far edge of our booked campsites. It was far enough away that, if we did end up having a late-night conversation, I doubted whether anyone would even hear us.

The sun was long down over the horizon by the time we finished, and we joined the rest of the family back over near the campfire. The evening wore on, and much of it was the same old, entertaining humdrum of family get-togethers: age-old conversations about life and science and politics, things people planned to in the future or dreamed they might have one day did, and an off-colour joke or two that went right over the youngest cousins' heads.

My grandfather even broke out his old guitar for a bit of late-evening singing. As predictable as it all was, I never tired of it.

The crowd about the fire began to dwindle. Soon it was only Jennifer and me and a few of the other older cousins. We amused ourselves with things that mattered to us before even we started to succumb to the call of night.

When Jennifer announced she was going to bed, I followed right after, leaving just two other cousins left beside the campfire. I steeled myself, bracing myself to expect the unexpected. I rapped on the tent door with my fingers. "Jen?" I announced myself.

"Can I come in?" "Yeah, that's fine," she invited me. I unzipped the tent door and entered. In the cloudless sky above, the nearly-full moon overhead shone brightly, even though the thin tent wall, bathing Jennifer in dim light. She sat there, picking out what she was wearing for bed. Maybe it was just how tired I was feeling or the memory of her legs around my head, but as she sat there, my beautiful cousin looked more radiant in the moonlight than in the brightness of the day.

As I crawled over to my side of the tent and started rummaging through my things, I couldn't help but steal glances at her out of the corner of my eyes from time to time. On more than one occasion I thought I caught her doing the same to me. In the darkness it was hard to tell. "Alright," Jennifer announced, pulling the grey sweater off over her head.

Her sexy, young body came into view again, her most appealing features still hidden only by the thin purple clothes. "I'm going to change. Don't you dare look," she commanded with mild jest. Against my most basic urges, I turned my back completely. "I won't," I assured both her and myself. I busied myself looking for my own underwear and sweatpants when I heard her growl softly. "Can you get this?" she asked.

"What?" She indicated the knot her bikini top was tied up in behind her back. The one that had been behind her neck was already gone. "This knot here. I think it's still a little wet.

I can't get it undone." "Sure," I agreed, and pried the stings apart. I struggled, but eventually the small cords gave way, and the whole purple top went slack. The only things holding it to her body now were her hands as they cupped themselves around her petite breasts. Her bare back was wonderfully shaped, showing off a small pair of back dimples as she knelt there on her sleeping bag. I felt a stirring in my shorts as I looked her over.

I knew it shouldn't be there, but I didn't have the capacity to resist. She turned her head to look at me and caught me staring at her. "Turn around," she ordered with a playfully sneer.

There was a slight smirk on her face. "You shouldn't be looking at me. I'm your cousin." "Shouldn't," I agreed, again turning my back in angst. There was nothing more I wanted to do than just let my eyes take in her beautiful figure. "You keep turned around, too," I ordered her just as light-heartedly. With that, I removed my shirt and swimming trunks, gave myself a quick wipe down with a towel and put on my boxers and a pair of sweatpants to sleep in.

"You done?" I asked as I finished. "Yup. You?" "Yup." We turned around again. She wore a white tank top, complimented by a loose, earth tone-green pair of sleepwear pants. It was obvious that she didn't have a bra on, but that was to be expected for going to bed.

I realized I was staring. An instant later, I noticed that Jennifer's eyes were wandering over me, too. "What?" I inquired. "Nothing," she stated. "Just your.your arms and chest are just so." With her main concern being her eyes, Jennifer seemed lost for words. She stared as though she'd never seen a man's body before. "So.?" I prodded. "Strong," she completed. Her eyes travelled over me in wonder. "Can I.?" she asked quietly, reaching towards my body.

I could sense my male member stirring again. I honoured her request, though it was probably against my better judgment. "Sure." Jennifer's smile was wide and beautiful as she scooted towards me and let her hand wander over my bare chest, wandering through my chest hair.

Her fingertips took in the bumpy contours of my abs before exploring my chest and pecks and then gliding down one of my arms. All the while, I had to keep a conscious repression against my male member. It threatened to explode to full size at any second if I didn't keep my primal urge in check.

"Wow," she gawked. "I don't think I've ever touched a guy who's been as built as you are, Carter." I cocked an eyebrow at her. "You've never had a boyfriend?" I asked. Jennifer shrugged. "Well, sure I've had a boyfriend, but he wasn't this," she breathed softly, as though trying to subdue wayward emotions of her own.

"Must just come with getting into your twenties," she postulated, crawling into her sleeping bag. I laughed softly. It felt good to be in my prime, no matter who the female taking notice was. "Must, I suppose." Wriggling into my own sleeping bag, I rested on my side to look at Jennifer.

She was looking back at me. There were no words between us. I breathed heavily. I couldn't help it. My heart was racing, beating faster and harder than I could ever remember. For whatever reason, we just laid there, staring into one another's eyes. Those baby blues that she had were glorious, shining like a pair of perfect sapphires in the night. I couldn't resist the smile that came to my face.

Jennifer smiled back, contentedly. It melted my heart. "Are you sure you'll be warm enough without a shirt?" she asked. All those times I'd slept with someone, and none of them compared to the restless emotion I was now feeling. Maybe it's because those were more often than not just sex. It was just a pleasurable experience to share together, don't get me wrong, but there was rarely, if ever, any emotion to it.

We didn't know each other well enough for there to be a lasting passion. It was only ever superficial at best. This was different.

As my cousin and I laid there, looking deeply into one another's eyes, I couldn't help but feel something much deeper and much more profound than the superficiality I'd experienced with others. There was a passion, a connection.

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It grew like the incoming tide on the seashore, getting deeper and deeper with each succeeding wave. Yet, I knew innately that I should resist it. We were so closely related that we couldn't afford to do this with one another.

Regardless of how close we felt, these feelings had to be contained. "I should be ok," I assured her. Unfortunately, the smile began to dissolve from her lovely face.

It wasn't replaced by pain exactly, but there was a slight sadness. It seemed more like disappointment or a degree of frustration. "Ok," she acknowledged, laying down onto her back. I felt the strain from wanting to walk the line between appeasing and respecting her.

I decided that if I were to do it right, I should let her have control of the situation this evening. Then, I wouldn't feel guilty about pressuring her into doing anything she wasn't uncomfortable with. "Will you be warm enough?" I returned to her. Jennifer rolled her head over and looked at me again. The smile was back, and it was wonderful to see. "I think I might get a little cold," admitted Jennifer. With a slow nod, I digested the information and looked for a way to fulfill her request.

"Well," I started, putting an offer on the table, "sleeping bags can usually zip together. If you'd like, we can make one big one out of our two smaller ones." With a furrow of her brow, Jennifer asked, "They do?" "Yeah," I confirmed, starting to unzip mine.

"Just make sure you undo it all the way." Beside me, Jennifer crawled out of her sleeping bag and followed my lead, unfastening her sleeping bag completely. In no time at all, I had rezipped the two together, making a nice joined bed for the two of us. We crawled back inside, now sharing a bag instead of being separated as we were before. As I laid down on my back, Jennifer snuggled up next to me and rested her head on my shoulder. Partly out of instinct and partly out of a desire to keep her close to me, I put my arm around her.

It felt surprisingly good being physically able to touch one another. "Much better," Jennifer sighed, putting her free hand on my chest. At once I felt her rubbing my muscles again, as though she was making sure they were still there underneath the covers. "Nothing like having my big, strong cousin right beside me all night to keep me warm." I put my free arm on hers in an effort to stop her from feeling my body too much.

Whether she knew what she was doing or not, it was arousing me. "What's with you and rubbing my chest?" I asked her.

"I dunno," she giggled, wriggling her hand free of mine. "I just really like how it looks and feels. Can't I just play a little bit?" she asked, tickling her fingers through my thin forest of chest hair.

"Hm." I tried to ignore her actions and go to sleep, but it was no use. With every hard heartbeat, blood was building up inside my penis, making it more and more erect by the second. It was extremely difficult to keep a level head with this beautiful, adoring young woman beside me. Cousin or not, this arrangement together was intensely gratifying.

"Carter?" "Hm?" "I know what I did," Jennifer suddenly said, letting her hand come to a rest. "What?" I asked, though I figured I knew what she meant.

"When?" "When we were playing in the water," she explained. "I know what I did. When I climbed on you." "When you had your legs around my head." "Yeah," she confirmed nonchalantly, "when I was pushing my crotch into your face.

I was doing it on purpose." Her impassive indifference for the entire situation was staggering. Did she have any idea what sort of conflict she had put me through that she was still putting me through? "And what was the purpose?" I demanded with a smile. Her succinct answer was cutely unbelievable. "To distract you." "It worked." Jennifer giggled in satisfaction and curled up a little more tightly next to my chest. I could feel myself getting warmer and warmer, and it had nothing to do with the heat Jennifer was giving off.

It was all about the heat I was feeling just snuggling with my eighteen-year-old cousin. I pecked her quickly on the head. "Do you know why it worked?" I asked her. She giggled again. "Because you're a guy and having a girl's pussy in your face is very distracting," she deducted. "Yeah, pretty much," I responded with a chuckle of my own.

"That's the only reason you won that round." Jennifer inhaled deeply and patted my chest. "Whatever works," she sighed. All was quiet for a moment. I thought for sure Jennifer had decided to leave me alone and go to sleep. The hope, unfortunately, was in vain. All too soon, my cousin started asking questions again.

"Did the girls in Europe keep you.distracted?" "Well, not the way you did, for sure," I answered. We laughed together. "I tried to keep myself focused on my studies," I continued, "but they were.distracting at times." "How so?" "Well, always being.attractive while I was trying to study." Jennifer focused her questions. "Being attractive?" she zeroed in, turning onto her stomach and laying half on top of me. She rested her chin on my chest and looked up at me.

"You mean being sexy?" "Yeah." I confirmed with a shrewd grin. The way my cousin looked at me in the darkness was mesmerizing. Her beautiful blue eyes looked at me admiringly and her dirty blonde hair seemed to shimmer on its own accord. Forget rubbing my chest, just Jennifer looking at me this way was giving me a complex! Pursing her lips, Jennifer considered me carefully. "Carter?" "Hm?" "Did you sleep with them?" Her stare was intent.

I didn't know what she was thinking. Usually I at least had some idea. Either way, that was it. There was no inhibiting my manhood now. Memories of the sex I'd had over the past two years flooded into my mind. It was impossible to keep them at bay and they overwhelmed the control I was exerting over my erection. It was involuntarily stretching to its full seven inches. "Some of them, yeah," I replied.

"Well, quite a few, actually." "Hm." Jennifer studied me for a moment again. "Was it.good sex?" I frowned at her. I didn't like where this conversation was headed. It was arousing enough to be alone with her while she cuddled against me. Talking about sex, though? That was just throwing gasoline on the fire. "When did you all of a sudden become so interested in sex, Jen?" I asked pointedly. "I don't know," she shrugged with another dazzling smile. "I have been for a while.

Since I entered puberty, I guess." "And this is the first time we've discussed it?" "Ew!" she exclaimed in revulsion. "You're like a brother to me, Carter. I wouldn't talk about sex with my brother." "We are now," I pointed out. "Well.yeah." stammered Jennifer, rolling her eyes. "But it's.I don't know. It's different. We've grown up now." I just kept looking at her with an expectant, wry smile.

"I didn't want to talk to you about this stuff with you when I was still in high school, I mean." "Oh," I chuckled. She was quiet a moment, just staring at me in suspense. "So?" she said at last.

"So what?" "So was it good sex?" I realized I was stuck. I couldn't get away with a non-answer or diversion. "Yeah. Usually," I admitted. Jennifer's expression seemed to fall a little bit, but I saw no point in lying to her. I had nothing to be ashamed of. "European girls are.pretty open to things, especially having sex with someone you'll never see again." Jennifer nodded thoughtfully when I was done.

"Could have been better, though," I added, feeling my stiff cock ache. I could see she was intrigued now. "How?" "There wasn' do I want to put it?" I mused, searching for the right words.


"There wasn't any emotion to it. It was good sex, but that's all it was: sex." Jennifer stared at me, looking for more. "It lacked the bond that comes with making love instead of just having sex," I summarized.

She raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean by making love?" she queried. "I guess I'd define it as having sex with someone you're not only physically attracted to, but emotionally or intellectually attracted to, too." Jennifer took a deep, contented breath.

"And you didn't have that with them?" "No, not really," I admitted with a slight shake of my head. "They were hot, but we'd just let our hormones run away with us as opposed to actually building any kind of relationship. That's the difference." "Oh." Jennifer slid off my chest and curled back up beside me.

Was the conversation done? I hoped it was, but I couldn't be sure. Where was she going with this interrogation of my escapades in Europe? I had an inkling, though I wanted desperately to be wrong.

I was hoping this lull would last long enough to quell the sexual urge I was feeling, but I didn't have a lot of hope. Sure enough, just as I felt my turgid partner start to settle, she spoke again at last. "Carter?" "Hm?" "I'm starting to get a little warm now." This wasn't what I expected.

Maybe the danger was over. " you want to take the sleeping blankets apart again?" I asked her. "No," she giggled sweetly. "Then I'd get cold again. I just need to find a happy medium." "Oh." Just then, Jennifer started rubbing my chest again.

There was no stopping it; whatever length and girth my raging erection had lost, it regained it instantly. As if that wasn't enough, I then heard the words I simultaneously yearned for and dreaded. "Carter?" "Hm?" "Do you mind if I take my pants off?" I hesitated, and swallowed hard with nervousness. There it was: the heavy dilemma I was now faced with. This single, potent question was what had caused me to reflect on this entire day.

What was I to do? Deny Jennifer her comfort? It was a compromising situation, but obviously my cousin felt comfortable with it. I wouldn't force her into anything, but she could act how she wanted, right? She was, after all, eighteen now. I repeated my mantra in my head: Nothing could happen. Nothing would happen. "Yeah.I suppose," I permitted. " think it'll help you be comfortable." "Oh, I know it will," she responded, reaching deeply down inside our shared sleeping bag.

A moment later, she brought the pants up and out, and tossed them off to the side of the tent. She laid down again and embraced me. There we lay, together: me naked from the waist up, her essentially naked from the waist down. My heart was racing faster and harder than ever. My breathing was long and deep, trying vainly to calm myself down. I was overheating myself, trying to radiate out the warm apprehension I was feeling. In my pants, there was a raging beast, fighting angrily against the chains that bound him.

I couldn't release him not yet. Not unless I knew for absolute certain that that was what she wanted. "Carter?" "Hm?" "You're not uncomfortable with this, are you?" "No," I half-lied, trying to keep a straight face and my voice flat.

It wasn't completely false; it's not that I was uncomfortable, just apprehensive. I knew she could see right through me, though. There we were; Jennifer's body pressed so close to mine, my arm around her abdomen, her arm atop mine.

There was no way she wouldn't be able to feel the tenseness I was feeling. Without speaking further, she took my hand in hers and led it gently down her body. Together, we crossed the thin strip of her panties around her waist. I nearly had a heart attack just from feeling it. Then, I felt skin Jennifer's skin. Her bare hip was waiting for me, inviting me to explore it. Jennifer's flesh was warm and soft. I squeezed her hip, pulling her closer to me. Never had I craved feeling a woman's body so much.

She sighed in my embrace. "Carter?" "Hm?" I turned to look at her. Jennifer was already staring at me. She moved in closer, closer to my face.

I turned slightly towards her, anxious to accept whatever her mouth had to offer, whether it ended up being words or something wordless. Our mouths were so close together. I could feel the softness of her breath on my lips as it escaped hers. Slowly, the gap disappeared between us. I saw her eyes close, and mine followed suit. Our lips touched. Her plush mouth was incredible to feel pressed against the roughness of mine. The kiss we shared was long and deep. The satisfaction it gave me was terrific.

The warmth and affection was undeniable, filled with the passion, honesty and sense of unity that had been built up over years of restraint. Our mouths slid perfectly against one another, expressing a mutual affection for which words failed us. A second intense kiss passed between us, then a third, before I finally came to my senses.

I broke away reluctantly, putting my hand to her mouth. Jennifer kissed my fingers instead. It was a few seconds before I was able to speak. "Jen." I addressed tenderly. "Hm?" she answered with a peaceful smile, mocking the reply I had been giving her. I breathed slowly a few times before I continued. The heat of the moment was overwhelming.

"Should we really be doing this?" Jennifer sighed heavily, closing her eyes in shame. "I know." she agreed ruefully. "We're cousins." "Yeah. We're cousins." I lamented with her. It just didn't seem fair, but I had to do the right thing. "And I'm seven years older than you. I'm just trying to be responsible." She furrowed her brow in frustration. "I'm sorry, Jen." The words hung heavily in the air like an invisible weight of disgrace.

It was only us, no one else had seen the romantic gesture, but the stifling, taboo nature of it was a sledgehammer to the chest, knocking the wind out of me. It had been so wonderful, felt so right and so comfortable. Because of just how breathtaking the moment had been, I found myself questioning just how wrong it could possibly be. Wasn't this love? Jennifer must have been reading my thoughts. "Carter?" "Hm?" "Do you regret kissing me?" "No!" I exclaimed as quietly as my emotions would let me.

Jennifer's face lit up. "How could I, Jen? I could no more regret kissing you than I could graduating college." Those sparkling blue eyes were filled with wonder and affection for me, more than I'd ever seen before.

"Do you regret it?" "Not at all! I've wanted to kiss you all day! Like, really, truly kiss you!" she cried out quietly. "Then.when I learned we'd be sharing a tent together. Oh, it just seemed like the perfect opportunity." I embraced her tightly. "I know, Jen." I lulled her, holding her head squarely against my shoulder. "I know." We laid there for another moment, basking in the realization of just how we felt about one another.

Damn social norms! Damn them to hell! Why did natural, perfect affection like this have to be held in such contempt? If a man could love another man and a woman could love another woman, then I could love my cousin, damn it! "Carter?" "Hm?" "Do you think I'm pretty?" I backed my head away to look at her, struggling to comprehend as to whether I'd heard that right.

"Jen." I admired her. "I think you're absolutely beautiful!" "Beautiful like your European girls?" "Jen," I complimented her, "they honestly don't hold a candle to you." It wasn't flattery.

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I truly meant every word. "Remember what I told you?

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I had a physical connection with them, but lacked that connection on a deeper level, an intellectual attraction?" She nodded in reply. "That's what I have with you, Jen." "And the physical attraction?" "You don't have anything to worry about there, Jen. Not a thing!" Jennifer just smiled and smiled. "You have had that covered for years. You are so beautiful, always have been!" I brushed the hair away from her face so I could see her better.

"And in the past couple years. Your body.bloody hell, Jen! You've matured in a way that blows my mind! You are incredibly sexy! You're absolutely gorgeous!" "Even with only these?" she asked bashfully, staring down at her chest with a pout. I looked down. Jennifer had never been a chesty girl, and having stretched up and lost her baby fat through adolescence, her breasts had remained relatively the same size for years.

I never realized that they might be something she wasn't proud of. The thought had never even occurred to me. As far as I could tell, the beautiful, womanly set was something she worked and worked well. "Jen." I gasped in disbelief, not knowing what to say. "These?" I reached to her chest with my free hand. I expected Jennifer to halt my attempt, but instead she moved her arm out of the way. I ran my hand over her, lightly stroking the curve of her breast through her shirt.

"These are absolutely stunning!" With a careful, light touch, I spun my thumb around the point of her nipple. I could feel it harden through the fabric. Jennifer closed her eyes and drew in a deep, sharp breath, exhaling it in a shiver. "I can't believe you'd ever be disappointed with these, Jen." I let my hand stop and cup her firm breast completely, giving a gentle squeeze.

Jennifer closed her eyes again and whimpered softly in delight. "These natural beauties?" I admired. "They're incredible!" Jennifer opened her eyes again and half-smiled. "But I'm only a 32B," she mourned. I shook my head in compassion. "Then own them!" I told her, releasing my grip and continuing my tender caress instead.

"Guys are attracted to all kinds of shapes and sizes. At least I know I am. No matter what size, if a girl works them with what she wears, her breasts are always amazing!" I gave her chest one more affectionate squeeze. "Be proud of them, Jen. You should be!" With that, I couldn't help myself. I indulged my senses and Jennifer's in another long, succulent kiss. The passion was too sweet, too pure to be wrong. Again and again our lips danced in harmony and love. Our free hands found one another and our fingers interlocked firmly, symbolizing the harmony our emotions were feeling.

Several minutes passed by, I don't know how many. Jennifer and I couldn't get enough of one another's kisses. Just as I thought we'd had our fill, one of us would provoke the other and we'd begin making out all over again. Our hands eventually let go and wandered. Up and down Jennifer's entire body my hand would roam, from taking in the silky smooth feeling of her legs, all the way up her body, running through the lacy strands of hair on her head.

Jennifer let her own hand have free reign, allowing it to knead the bulging muscles on my back and feel the rough contours of my chest. Up and down my arm her hand also ran, squeezing my strong bicep. When I moved my head back to try and calm myself, Jennifer wouldn't have it. She immediately grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards her again, restarting our romantic expression.

Once our passion started to ebb, though, our lips were finally able to let go and back away from one another. We looked at one another, stunned with what had just taken place. Genetically, we were cousins. Emotionally, we were now so much more. A moment or two passed where all we were able to do was breathe. "I've wanted to share this with you for a long time, Carter," she whispered softly to me.

I smiled affectionately. "I'll be honest; me, too, Jen." "I think we've both just been too shy to initiate it," she giggled tenderly. "Probably because we're cousins and all." "Probably," I agreed with a slight laugh. "Is this incest?" she asked me, examining my face for any hint of regret or remorse.

I shrugged lightly. "In a way it is, I guess," I thought out loud, "since we are cousins, but I don't think it's as frowned upon as when siblings do it." Jennifer smiled lovingly at me, reached up and stroked my short, dark brown hair.

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"It's just not a social norm," I ended. "Damn social norms!" she sneered contemptuously at society, expressing exactly what I had been thinking only moments before. "Damn them to hell!" I let my fingers travel up and down her bare arm, tickling her lightly. "Exactly what I was thinking," I told my young cousin. "As long as no one else knows, no one else will care." Jennifer grinned broadly and let out a quiet squeal of delight. "I like that idea!" she said rather excitedly. Leaning forward, I was about to pamper her lips with another long series of kisses, but Jennifer wouldn't have it.

Instead, she sat up and grinned mischievously. I knew instantly what she had planned. There was still a trace of hesitation, knowing that if we crossed this line, we'd never be able to go back. Before I could react, though, Jennifer grabbed the bottom edge of her tank top, pulled the white shirt up and over her head and casually tossed it aside.

Immediately I was privileged with a view I could only have envisioned in my wildest dreams. Jennifer's two succulent, ripe breasts hung there in all their splendor. The pair of firm, feminine maturity stared at me, begging to be given attention. I fidgeted, trying to relieve the uncomfortable feeling of my restricting clothing, and glanced up at Jennifer.

She was watching me watch her, regarding me with an inviting expression. I needed no further offer. I sat up and took my younger cousin in my hands, holding her by the sides of her chest. My thumbs could just reach over her lovely young breasts, and I gave them free range. Jennifer cooed softly as my hands played. After a few seconds, she laid down on top of me, and our bodies pressed right up against one another.

The skin-to-skin feeling I shared with my eighteen-year-old cousin was as intoxicating as I imagined any narcotic would be. "Now where were we?" asked Jennifer unnecessarily. Our lips met once again, engaging in a long succession of slow, warm, passionate kisses.

This time, however, there was very little clothing to inhibit us. It was coupled with the most intense feeling of intimacy I'd ever experienced. "Ah, yes." enjoyed Jennifer during a brief pause in our making out. Hands wandered. They couldn't be stopped, nor did we want them to stop. Jennifer lay there on top of me, wearing nothing but a pair of panties. My hands felt every detail of her young, slender frame. Her soft skin was so warm and inviting.

I couldn't imagine any other woman giving me such an unadulterated feeling of completion. Jennifer's hands ran over my chest and arms again and again. They couldn't get enough. The trail of heated passion they paved was a decadent pleasure. Up and down they explored, until finally Jennifer could resist no longer.

She led one hand down into the unexplored area below my waist. An instant later, I felt her palm and fingers as they traversed over the significant bulge in my sweatpants. She immediately stopped kissing me and giggled on my mouth. "What's this?" Jennifer asked pointedly, lifting he head. "Is somebody pitching a tent for the second time today?" I tried suppressing a grin, but it was no use.

The smile stretched over my face. "Maybe." I admitted. "I guess we should do something about that, then," offered Jennifer as she grabbed the elastic waistline of my pants and shoved it down my legs. I lifted my pelvis to help, and the sweatpants easily slid down to my thighs.

"Wow." Jennifer admired, laying her head to rest on my chest. "That's a lot of pre-cum," she noted. I couldn't see what she was doing with her head in the way, but I could sure feel it. My muscles twitched as Jennifer's fingers wrapped around my hard digit and started rubbing up and down. It had been leaking its lubricant for some time. The generous quantity let Jennifer moisten the entire inside of her hand. Stroke after stroke, my cousin built the fire of love and lust inside me. "Oh, Jen.

Ohhh.Jennifer.!" I moaned in intense pleasure. "That feels.incredible." Wanting to double my enjoyment, I reached out and took the back of Jennifer's head in one hand, and one of her breasts in the other. "Is this what you've been looking for?" Jennifer teased, speeding up her efforts. "Mm.hmmm.!


Oh.mnnn.oh, that's good.!" I cried quietly in reply. I twitched and writhed underneath her as I felt the pleasure awaken my every sense. Having my teenage cousin touch and pamper me was sheer heavenly bliss. "Jen.! Mmmm. Oh, Jennifer.!" The rhythm Jennifer was using was driving me insane. She alternated from a tight squeeze to a gentle caress; from rapid, quick strokes to a long, drawn out massage.

Wherever Jennifer learned to pleasure a man or if she was just improvising as she was going along, I didn't care. My cousin's loving, spoiling treatment to my body was intensely gratifying. "Oh, look at that," complained Jennifer. "He's drying up." She moved her hand to the base of my seven-inch member and scooted her head down my body.

"Guess I'll have to take care of this another way." I felt the heat of her mouth surround the head of my thick shaft even before her lips closed around me. I took a deep breath, hoping to brace myself for the onslaught of pleasure sure to follow. When Jennifer's mouth closed and began to suck gently on my swollen cock, it took the breath right out of me. "OHHH!" I grunted like I had been punched in the gut. "Jennifer.! Oh, my sweet.sweet cousin.!" Beneath her sexy, naked body, I squirmed more intensely than before.

It was unavoidable. The pleasure was just too intense not to. I was putty in my cousin's hands. "Keep going, Jen.! feels so good.! Mmmm.! Oh, keep going.!" Jennifer increased the suction, making me want to orgasm all the more. If I didn't get the release I was looking for, I was going to explode.

My mind reeled with tidal wave after tidal wave of sheer sexual bliss. I was drowning in ecstasy. My little cousin's mouth treated me so deeply and entirely that pleasure was the only thing on my mind.

"Yes.YES.!" I groaned to urge her. "Jen.I'm getting so close.! Oh, cuz.! I'm getting close.!" Over and over Jennifer fellated my turgid phallus. She didn't take beyond what she could handle, but instead concentrated on what she could reach.

Her tongue slithered over the top and along the bottom of my thick bulb. My hard penis tingled with stimulation. Suddenly, I felt myself reach the point of no return. Jennifer had tipped the sexual scale inside me. The pressure built. My muscles tensed up. This was it! "Jen.! Jennifer.!" I breathed heavily, trying to warn her. "Here it comes.! Oh, don't stop.!" I gritted my teeth in anticipation.

"DON'T STOP.!!! Oh, Jen! YES.YES.!!!" The orgasm electrified me like a lightning strike. My sexual rod felt like it sizzled with heat as blast after blast shot from the end of it into Jennifer's waiting mouth.

I could feel her accept my warm seed, swallow it as quickly as possible, then prepare for more. "Mmmm.ohhh." I heaved intensely, reveling in the overpowering feeling of love and gratitude for my young cousin. "Oh.Jen.!" Jennifer kept stroking my softening penis with her hand as she turned to look at me. She wiped the last traces of my fluid from her lips with her tongue and swallowed. "How was that, Mr. Tank of 220?" "Incredible, Jen!" I honoured her. "Oh, that was incredible!" She smirked graciously and crawled back up along my chest.

"As good as your European girls?" she inquired. I scoffed. "What European girls?" Jennifer and I exchanged smiles and a soft laugh. "Don't compare yourself to them, Jen," I warned her, getting slightly sombre. "Or, rather, don't compare them to you.

You are so far above them, in a league all your own!" She gave me a tender kiss as she accepted the compliment. "Thank you." "No," I returned, brushing her hair back once more. "Thank you." We kissed some more, and slowly I worked Jennifer onto her back, instinctively working my sweatpants and boxers off without looking. Once I was situated above her, I left her mouth, planting kisses all the way down her neck and onto her chest.

Jennifer breathed heavily, feeling the burning sensation of my affectionate gestures. I made it to her breasts. Each in turn, I gently squeezed and fondled them, touching Jennifer's hardening nipples tenderly.

When I lowered my mouth to them, I felt Jennifer tense up. She breathed in sharply. "Oooh.oh.mmmm." she hummed softly, basking in the stimulation to her areolas. "Oh, Carter. That feels so nice." Pausing briefly from titillating her body, I assured her, "I'm just getting started." We smiled at one another, and then I began to descend her beautiful figure. While my hands kept caressing her flawless breasts, my lips planted kiss after kiss over her smooth abdomen.

"Hm.mmmm. Carter." she sighed happily. "Keep touching me. I love it, Carter. I love it!" With the way Jennifer cringed and twitched, I knew the heavy foreplay was strongly arousing her. Her every young muscle clenched in time with her long, deep breaths.

Finally, I made it to her light navy blue panties. They were a plain, generic design, but however they looked, I wanted them off her. I looked at her squarely. Her blue eyes reflected her anxious emotions. I clutched her last article of clothing with my fingers. Jennifer lifted her hips to assist me. Slowly and carefully, I stripped Jennifer's panties off and flung them to a random corner of the tent.

We were now both naked, exposing our entire body for the other to see. I felt no shame. Looking at Jennifer, I could tell she felt the same way. It was truly a singular, unifying moment one where no one and nothing else mattered but the love we shared as cousins. With a gentle urge, I spread her legs apart with my hands and crawled between them.

With careful touches of my hand and long, meaningful kisses, I made my way up her soft, silky legs, starting at her knees. Jennifer murmured gracefully, a little louder with each kiss as I neared the tender spot where they connected.

"Are you." she choked, obviously a little nervous. "Are you going to do what I think you're going to do?" Lying down on my stomach, I brought myself within inches of her sensitive love entrance. "Mm-hm." I answered without stopping my rain of kisses to her body. I was close now. I could feel the heat her beautiful flower radiated. I could smell the pungent scent of her arousal. Even in the moonlight, I could tell Jennifer's labia were wet with arousal. We had been teasing and exciting one another ever since we had entered the tent.

It was time now to release the pent-up energy in Jennifer's groin. She was mostly shaven. Just a small strip of well-trimmed hair pointed me where to go. I needed no directing.

I navigated my cousin's body like an expert, as though I'd always known where to go. My lips made contact with her gorgeous womanhood. Jennifer twitched something fierce as she worked desperately to keep her voice from carrying. My tongue pierced through the fleshy curtain into her vagina. Jennifer couldn't hold back anymore. "Ah.ahhh.! Oh, Carter.!

Ohhh.oooh.! Ohhh, Carter.!" she seethed hoarsely as I nibbled affectionately on her hot skin. I shushed her gently, reminding her to keep quiet, then returned to my duty. "Mm.! Mmmm.!" she squeaked. Jennifer's feminine cove tasted like ambrosia, a delicious blend of her personal moisture and mature body. I lapped hungrily, leaving no crevice unexplored with my lips and tongue.

Beneath me, my eighteen-year-old cousin kept moaning quietly, heaving rapidly with shallow breaths to keep her voice under control. "Carter.! You' at this, Carter.! Oh.yes.!" groaned Jennifer, rubbing the back of my head with both her hands. "Oh.ohhh, yes.! Mmmm.!!" I didn't let up.

I brought my fingers in closer and stretched her youthful pussy lips apart. I could see the stiff, sensitive bud that every woman loved to have touched so much. I closed in on it. Sealing my lips on her clitoris, I let my tongue do the work. It flicked and fluttered, filling Jennifer's body with inexpressible pleasure. The effect was magic. "Carter.Carter.! Ohhh.yes.! Keep.eating me, Carter.! Oh, yes.yes.yes.! Keep.eating your cousin.!" Jennifer encouraged me. "Carter.oh, I think.I'm getting close.!

Ohhh.YES.!" Her breathing became rapid and erratic. I knew Jennifer was on the brink of an orgasm. It hadn't taken long.

"That's it, Carter.! Oooh.oooo.! OHHH.CARTER.! I'M.C-C-CUMMING.!" I ravaged her womanhood with my mouth. Jennifer's body tensed all around me. I lashed my tongue on her tender bud over and over again. My lips chewed softly on the velvety folds around it. I could feel perspiration on my cousin's young body as she treated herself to the climax yet tried to keep herself anchored in reality. Jennifer stopped breathing altogether as the feeling overtook her.

Still I kept wrestling my mouth across every inch of her delicate flesh.

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Jennifer whimpered and gasped until her seizure subsided and muscles relaxed. She took several deep, calming breaths as awareness settled back in. Lifting my mouth from her body, I looked up her naked, sexy body, waiting for her to see me. Jennifer's eyes eventually fluttered open and she looked at me with the most surreal, dreamlike expression. My cousin stroked my hair with her fingernails affectionately, still working to get her breathing steady.

At last she spoke and said four words I didn't even expect. "I want another one." I chuckled and started to lower my face to her hot, sensitive skin again. Jennifer stopped me with surprising abruptness. "No," she resisted, sitting up and pressuring me to lie down on my back. "Not like that." My beautiful, eighteen-year-old cousin positioned her adolescent figure over me, kneeling on either side of my masculine body.

Her fiery groin hovered only inches over my mine. "Like this," she insisted. Without being invited, she took my penis in her hand and pointed it straight up towards her. It had become hard and inflexible again. In the heat of Jennifer's frenzied orgasm, I hadn't noticed just how rigid I'd become.

My erection stood out, ready to join with my cousin in passion and love. "Wait," I stalled. Jennifer halted, just as the very tip of my thick staff began to penetrate into her waiting flower. "Jen.are you sure?" I tried reasoning. "If we do this, there's no going back." Jennifer's mouth stretched into her gorgeous, trademark smile.

"Of course I'm sure," she told me, slowly lowering her body to mine. Inch by inch, her womanly depths engulfed me, igniting my lustful need for our sexual union.

I couldn't help but moan. Her slick, tight interior felt like fire around me. We fit together like a single-fingered glove. She exhaled a deep breath. "If I didn't want this, I wouldn't be doing it," she concluded.

"Ohhh." I groaned deeply in my throat. "'ve already done this.?" I remarked, noticing I hadn't felt any resistance inside my cousin as I entered her. Jennifer giggled softly. "Yeah." she answered, starting to rock back and forth.

"I told you I had a boyfriend last year." "Mmmm." I groaned in realization. I put my hands on my beautiful cousin, caressing her firm, young breasts again.

"He popped you?" Nodding rapidly, Jennifer giggled again. "Does your mom know?" Jennifer stopped instantly. "Are you kidding?" she asked incredulously. "Mom would freak. Dad would probably cut his nuts off." The image gave me a vivid hallucination, but Jennifer started rubbing our reproductive organs together again.

The vision ended as quickly as it began as I was brought back to the here and now. "No." she sighed in content. "Neither of them knows. It's better that way." I ran my hands along the length of her body. Jennifer's smooth, teenage skin was like warm porcelain.

I didn't want to force the moment; I felt like I would shatter my delicate cousin. All I wanted was to enjoy this moment with her. All I could think of was the deep, pacifying love we now shared. With a deep sigh, I admitted, "Probably a good idea." With slow, deliberate thrusts, Jennifer pushed against me, then eased off again. I could feel my firm erection sliding in and out of her.

Our hands wandered wherever they chose. I would feel Jennifer's breasts, then down her body to glide across her magnificent legs, then back up again.

Jennifer's would imitate mine, still not sated with the feeling of my brawny chest and arm muscles. Every so often, I would lean up or Jen would lean down and we would kiss with all the passion and fervor that expressed just how much we meant to one another. Through it all, I let Jennifer control the speed. I had always considered sex to be all about pleasing the woman if a man wanted his greatest pleasure; give enough to her and it'll return with interest.

Using the tactic here, I wasn't disappointed. Jennifer seemed to be experiencing the time of her life. "Ohhh.oh, Carter." she moaned softly in the dark night. " good.!" "Oh, I know, Jen." I echoed, feeling the passion rise between us.

"Oh, Jen.!" She ground our bodies with a steady pace for a couple minutes when, suddenly, her efforts began to heat up. Jennifer thrust against me with more pressure. Her predictable rhythm accelerated relentlessly. The air itself seemed electrified with the heat of forbidden pleasure that existed between us. Jennifer and I caressed one another with a greater intensity. With all the stimulation across my body, I was quickly approaching my second climax of the night.

Studying her expression, I knew Jennifer was, too. "Oh, Carter. Ohhh.oh, Carter.!" she gasped wantonly. "Yes.yes, Carter.! I'm going to.cum again.!" I leaned up and kissed her neck, hoping to spur on the incredible feelings in her body. "Hurry, Jen.!" I urged her, desperate for her to feel my love shake her entire body. "I'm getting close, too." I warned her, reaching up to caress and squeeze her tender breasts again.

My eighteen-year-old cousin gasped. When I brought my mouth down to kiss them, spinning my tongue in circles around her susceptible nipples, I tipped the scale. Jennifer clung onto me, her mouth hanging open in a suspenseful expression of pleasure and ecstasy. She pushed hard against me, pushing my tingling rod deeply into her love channel.

I felt it squeeze all around me, still burning with a lustful fire. Then, I couldn't resist anymore. The feeling with Jennifer was simply too much. I climaxed. I let loose a few primitive grunts, enjoying the sensation wash over and pamper every cell in my body. My hands instinctively found Jennifer's round bum, and I held her hard against me. My muscles were clenching, and I felt whatever was left of my manly juice get launched into Jennifer's vagina.

My cousin's body accepted my offering of love willingly, and I felt her gasp and tense up one last time before the emotions settled between us. I laid back down on the mattress, touching Jennifer lightly with my hands. I couldn't believe it.

I'd made love to my beautiful cousin, the one I'd been lusting after and fantasized about for a few years now. We'd shared the precious moment together. It was an experience that I knew would draw us closer and into a secret, taboo love that we could share for many, many years together. I opened my eyes to look at my illicit lover.

Jennifer was biting both of her lips together in apprehension. I certainly hoped she didn't regret this passionate encounter together. "It felt too good," she explained. "It felt too good for me to stop." She looked at me, hoping for the deep understanding that I usually offered her. "That just felt too good.and now you cummed inside me." A broad smile crossed my face instead as I carried a secret that I hadn't told any other member of my family yet, not even her.

"Yeah.!" I cheered breathlessly. I could see her discontent. She was worried about getting pregnant. I shook my head at her. "Don't worry. It's ok." She laid down on my chest, then rolled off me, curling up beside me again as she had before our passionate encounter started.

"How is it ok?" she demanded. "I'm not on the pill or anything." "No," I acknowledged. "But I can't get you pregnant." Surprise crossed her face as she looked up at me. "What?" she gasped.

"Why not?" I smiled warmly at her, stroking her hair tenderly. "Because," I whispered tenderly as I stroked her hair, "I got a vasectomy before I left for my exchange." Her jaw dropped.

"That's why." "Really? Why would you do that?" "Because I didn't want to be leaving children all over Europe," I reasoned matter-of-factly.

"I knew there'd be a lot of girls to chase over there. I didn't want to get them pregnant, so I took steps to prevent it." "But that means you can never have kids." "It's semi-reversible, but, yeah, it's highly unlikely if I just leave things the way they are," I told her. "Better than having unwanted kids all over the continent over there or having a kid with my beautiful cousin, as sexy as she is." Jennifer looked away bashfully.

When she looked up again, I could tell she was blushing, even in the low light. "You're sure?" I nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah." I put a long, lingering kiss on her cheek.

"It's perfectly fine, Jen. You won't get pregnant from this." "Ok," she sighed trustingly and cuddled up to me warmly. I put my arms around my young cousin. She snuggled up more tightly, putting a hand on my chest. Her luscious breasts pushed up against me.

She felt calm, but after what we had just shared, the last thing I wanted was for her to feel distressed or worried. "You don't regret what we just did otherwise, do you?" I asked, wanting to clarify her feelings.

Jennifer's free hand rubbed my chest, playing with my hair again. "No," she whispered softly, kissing my shoulder. Her hand wandered down my body and found my limp male appendage.

"As far as I'm concerned," she giggled in the night, "we can do this whenever we like." She lifted her head up and kissed me full and softly on the lips. I was only too happy to return the affectionate token. "I love you, Carter." I brushed her hair from her face. "I love you, too, Jennifer." My cousin smiled and laid back down.

Before long we were both fast asleep. Morning arrived way too early. The first thing I completely became aware of was a far-off voice I recognized as my aunt's saying, "Go check to see if your sister and Carter are awake yet." "Ok, Mom." It was Jennifer's younger brother, another cousin, coming to check on us. Unfortunately, I wasn't entirely conscious enough to understand what that might entail. A few seconds later, terror gripped me as I heard someone walk up to the tent and start to unzip the door.

Panic ensued, and I lunged for the zipper, pulling it back down. "We're awake," I told Jennifer's brother, hoping he wouldn't try to force his way in. The two of us being naked in a tent together, wrapped up in the same sleeping bag would be very difficult to explain away. "We're just getting dressed," I lied, willing him to be satisfied with the answer.

"Ok, I'll let Mom know." I heard him leave. Jennifer had, of course, woken up from the commotion. We looked at each other gravely. "That was bloody close," I commented.

"Yeah," she gasped with a stunned expression. She searched around for her clothes. I did the same, zipping apart the sleeping blankets. "This might be awkward if someone sees it," I explained, separating the two. "Yeah," repeated Jennifer. As she pulled on a shirt, she looked at me.

With a sultry twinkle in her eyes, she asked, "So.are we sleeping in here again tonight, Carter?"