Cuban huge titted honey fucked by nympho pawnkeeper

Cuban huge titted honey fucked by nympho pawnkeeper
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Disclaimer* New writer, 20 years old, and not very confident.

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Please leave any comments but please leave all feedback positive. (M/F, romance, preg?) True love is a hard thing to describe, you feel it but unless you're a poet or damn good with your words putting it down, expressing it, sometimes showing it just escapes you. My name is Jesse; I'm 20, strawberry blond hair, 5'10, with broad shoulders and, about 180, average in just about every way. Soft features and a strong urge to take care of those I care about.

And excessively paranoid. She is Victoria, my girlfriend for 1+ year. She is about 5'7, 18 years old, long straight brown hair, and 28-B. And the holder of my heart. It's a normal Friday night I just got off work, heading home to take along hot shower, but not before picking up Victoria. "Hell its cold out" Says Victoria as she climbs in my car "Hey babe, how was your day?" "Not too bad.

Better now" she says; as the happiness sings off her voice, She takes one hand and holds it like she is going to fall asleep on it right there in my car. I take a second to look her over as she holds my arm.

Her hair pulled up tight into a pony tail, a tight red shirt with a low v-cut, shoulder that didn't want to seem to stay up, and a back that she cut up and laced in to a XX pattern, and a pair of skinny jeans. All in all, amazing as always. I kiss the top of her head and pull out of her drive way. It's only a 10 minute drive and we were too lost in each other's presence to talk on the way over. I park in front of my house and walk in with her.

"So anything in particular you want to do tonight?" I ask as I turn on my shower "Well I brought a book with me, umm; we could watch that new comedian you told me about, orrrr" Her voice trails off as I notice her hands on my sides as she walks up behind me and holds me to her. I turn around and hold her. "Well hello there." I lean in and kiss her softly.

"Hi back." She says as she pushes me onto the glass door of my shower, and starts to passionately kiss me. Our tongs dance around each other while our hands roam and our legs push us closer.

Her arms over my shoulder, my hands on her ass. (Never said we weren't original) "My, my, you look like you could use a shower" she says as she slowly pushes away and lifts my shirt off my body. "I would love to, can you join me? Don't know if I can do this all by myself" I lean in and bit and suck on her neck as my hands explore her stomach and sides under her shirt.

Her response is to push me away and pull off her shirt. She is wearing a bra, her amazing breasts are open for me to see, and touch, and taste. I lean down without missing a beat and suck her nipple into my mouth. The sudden suck and moan I hear from her tells me it's well welcomed. I feel hands play threw my short hair and pull my face up for a kiss, our hot body's mash together. Our tongs meet again; her chest against mine feels almost molten.

The urgency in our movements and kissing is a clear sign to my male mind. I reverse our roles, press her strongly against the shower door and kiss my way down her body. My hot breath on her neck, my lips briefly brushing her cleavage. My tong flowing down her stomach, shortly circling her belly button which tickles her lightly. Finally my goal is insight.

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My fingers trace the joining of denim and flesh. I slowly unbutton and unzip her pants and pull them down. Her black thong with red lace right in my face. I pull her jeans all the way down without breaking eye contact with her panties. As she goes to lift her leg out of the pants, my lips make contact with her inner thigh. The small pleading moan is all the sound I need to know that I'm doing a good job. My lips kiss, rub, and nibble every inch or her thigh as I move closer and closer to her soaking pussy.

There is a long, deep moan as I move her panties out of the way and burry a finger into her followed right by my tong attacking her clit. But the sweetness only last a few seconds as I can feel her legs start to shake, from holding herself up with one leg. She whimpers momentarily as I rise, not ready to stop yet. "Aww, what are you doing?" I just smile at her sweetly and open the shower door to turn the shower off.

I take her hand, but it's too late she already see's what's going on.

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She practically runs to the bedroom with me struggling to not fall flat on my face as she drags me along. In one swift movement: she stops; I fall and spin so that I'm lying on the bed with my legs hanging off. She crawls up me and all but rips my poor jeans off. My briefs have an obvious bulge in them. She smiles sexily up at me and much more slowly pulls my fully hard 7 inch dick out. Her tong slips out between her lips and slowly twist its self around my shaft, her hand steadily jerking me slowly, as her other plays gently with my balls.

My eyes have long since been closed as I'm lost in passion. Suddenly all her hands and tong are gone, I open my eyes worried that she suddenly lost interest, or that I somehow dreamed it all. What I see next, almost made me shoot my load on the spot. With no hands she tilts her head sideways and with one movement takes my full dick into her mouth. As I'm suddenly surrounded by her hot breath and fire hot tong I loss it, and start to shoot my load into her mouth.


My head spins as shot after shot of my semen fills her mouth and she drinks it all down. My dick softens lightly, as it slips from in between her lips and falls in my lap; she crawls up me and lies down next to me. But there is no time for rest I role over on top and fill my mouth with her nipple and with 3 fingers, spread her pussy lips and press her clit.

The sudden barrage of information to her brain sends her into sexual overload, as I push 2 finger into her body starts to quiver from pleasure. Still right on the edge but not going over, I lead down a take both of her lips into my mouth and shove both my fingers as far into her as I can reach her orgasm washes over her from the sudden heat and pressure from my mouth. Too turned on to stop at just one she forces me onto my back and mashes my dick in between her lips. Grinding her hips into mine as my dick slides back and forth spreading her lips a little more each time.

Her body begging for what's to come next. She lifts forward, my hand snakes down in between us and grabs my dick putting it right at her entrance. She pushes back enough for my dick head to enter her and I remove my hand. Just as my hand has reached safety, our hips thrust at each other and in one mass of moans and groans from the both of us my penis is shoved deep into her, and her mussels grip at it never wanting it to leave its home. I look up into her eyes and put a hand on her cheek.

She opens her eyes and see's me staring at her.

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"I love you so much." I say "You know I don't like you saying that when we're having sex." "I know I'm sorry, but just wanted to say it.

I could never loss you" "I love you too" as she leans down and kisses me gently, she is reminded of my hard dick still deep within her.


She picks up her hip right to where my penis is just in by the tip and thrusts back down. The whole room spins momentarily as my body is slammed back into reality with heaven on my dick. I role top of her and don't hold back my penis pulling out and slamming back in at record speed, our hands holding each other, her legs wrapped around my waist, and our faces cheek to cheek. My balls slap her ass, and her pussy is giving of a delicious sloshing sound from my dick slamming in and out.

At this pace and intimacy no man I know can last. Finally my body gives, her legs pull me in tight, and she whispers into my ear. "Cum in me." I loss it right there.

Shot after shot of my baby maker fills her pussy, 4, 5, 6 shots deep into her. Going to do what they do best, give her my baby. Exasted I roll off next to her.

My leg over hers, my arm over her stomach and my head on her shoulder showering her neck and cheek in my kisses, all as my sperm slowly starts to leak out of her filled pussy. She turns over and looks at me in the eyes "I love you so much.

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Never leave me, please." She whispers "Never" I whisper back She roles over her back to me her legs closed tightly holding my sperm deep into her. To move my body tightly to her back and wrap my arms around her, knowing I could never loss her and would kill for her if she ever asked.

As we slowly start to drift off I place my hand over her stomach thinking of the future and all the things it could hold for us.

True love isn't something you just say, or think. You feel, crave, and know you would die without it.