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Big ass blonde Olivia Kasady
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The Awakening, Chapter 7. Jen flexes her muscles. The following day was Sunday and Jen and Matt took it easy.

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Jen said she was sore in places where she didn't know she had muscles. For some reason a couple places on her sides, where she no longer got much exercise since she quit playing sports, were stiff and sore. Her pussy lips were a little raw from forcing Jo all over them while holding her head against it and fucking herself with Jo's tongue. Matt smiled as they discussed it. "I'm not sore anywhere" he said jokingly. "Okay, smart ass" Jen responded, "if you want some more ass, be good!" Matt laughed.

"Yes, dear" he said snidely. They relaxed the rest of the day and most of the week, but on Thursday, Jen started getting really horny again.

She woke up thinking about sex and must have had a dream she couldn't remember, because she was determined to attack Matt before work. Alas, it was not to be. He came out of the shower and started rushing around because he remembered that he had an early meeting.

So she stripped, threw a robe around herself, and went downstairs to call Jo on her cell number. It would have to be fast, but it would have to do. "Hello?" Jo said sleepily. "Hello, Jo. This is Mistress. Do you have any toys?" "Yes, Mistress. I have several." Jo said, starting to awaken. "Grab them and get over here right now.

Don't bother getting dressed, just run over here with them. Immediately!" All Jo heard was click. She watched out the window and she saw Jo, who lived about 6 townhouses away, come rushing toward her house in a small, tight shirt and sleeping shorts that looked like boxers. Too bad Jo didn't sleep naked, Jen thought to herself.

That would have been interesting for the neighbors. By the time Jo got to her house, Jen was standing there with the door open. "Good morning, slave.

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How are you doing?" "Fine, Mistress." Jo looked disheveled and was carrying a small bag. Jen held out her hand to Jo and Jo gave her that bag. Jen looked at what was inside. There were four items. They consisted of: a small vibrator a couple of inches long; a medium sized dildo that looked like a real dick; a very large dildo, probably 10" long and very large in circumference; and a small item that looked like what Jen assumed was a butt plug.

Jen then pointed toward the den and said "Assume the position". Jo seemed to immediately know what this meant and went toward the den. Jen followed her. Once there, Jo took off her shirt, no bra was underneath, and then her shorts, no panties either.

She got down on all fours and bent over, placing her head on the floor and sticking her ass up in the air right in front of the couch. Jen sat down and patted Jo on the ass lightly. "Good girl. You are a very good slave slut. Unfortunately, I'm not going to fuck you with any of these this morning. I'm so horny I can't wait. I want you to reach up and start playing with your cunt.

Then I want you to take this oh-my-god-humongous dildo and shove it in there until you cum." Just being in control was an aphrodisiac for Jen, and she didn't need that much this morning. Jo started playing with her cunt without raising her head, running her fingers through her slit and rubbing her clit. Jen placed the enormous dildo next to Jo and picked up the medium one for her own use.

Jen pulled her robe open and started to rub her tits and pussy as well, watching intently as Jo did the same. She started copying Jo's movements. When Jo rubbed her clit, Jen did, too. When Jo finally placed the large dildo at her pussy entrance, so did Jen.

Jen slouched down and put her feet up on the couch beside her to make sure she had easy access to her overly wet and horny hole. Jo was slowly working the big one into herself, but Jen decided she couldn't wait to copy that and just started pounding her pussy with the one she had. She rubbed her clit with her left hand while she furiously fucked herself with the dildo in her right hand. She was so wet, she could hear the squishing sound her pussy made and she fucked herself.

She could fell the orgasm building and tried to continue to watch Jo fuck herself, but after just a couple of minutes she threw her head back and had a major orgasm. She couldn't stop fucking herself with the dildo and kept shoving it in and pulling it out until she could take no more. Her breathing was ragged and her robe underneath her pussy was getting soaked, but she still kept up a slow in-and-out movement.

It was just too enjoyable. She looked back over at Jo and Jo was only getting about 6 inches of that huge "weapon" into her pussy and she could tell she was trying to get to an orgasm, too. Jen decided to finish her off, so she reached over and slapped Jo's hand out of the way.

She removed the enormous dildo and took the medium sized one out of her own pussy and shoved it all the way into Jo's. Jo moaned and said "Oh, fuck. Thank you, Mistress. Please fuck me until I cum." "Cum quickly, my little dildo lover, because I have to get ready for work." Jen said.

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"Me, too, Mistress." Jo responded. Jen started shoving the dildo in as far as she could and pounding Jo's pussy. She kept this up for a couple of minutes.

Then Jen dipped two fingers deep into her own pussy to get them really wet. She had never penetrated another woman but decided that being in control was such a turn on, that she had to do it. She took her fingers out of her own pussy, dripping with her juices, and placed them against Jo's ass. Jo moaned again. Jen then worked the two fingers into Jo's ass while not relenting on the pussy-pounding she was giving with the dildo.

Jen loved it. The first time she had physically penetrated Jo was making her whole body tingle. She could definitely get used to this. "Oh, fuck, Mistress, I love a little morning ass play" Jo said. Jen smiled and kept it up until Jo had a body-shuddering orgasm.

As soon as Jo calmed a little, Jen removed her fingers and asked Jo. "When do you have to leave for work?" "Not for an hour and a half, Mistress" Jo said, not picking her head up yet. Jen grinned and stood up. "Good. I'm going to go take a shower and get ready. It usually takes me about 20 minutes since I don't have to wash my hair. During this time you will lay flat on the floor with that dildo in your pussy. Lay down and don't get up until I come downstairs." Jo groaned.

"Yes, Mistress." She slowly lowered herself until her stomach was on the floor. Jen stopped. "Did you just voice displeasure with your Mistress?! You little fucking cunt!" Jen walked back over to Jo and slapped her ass, first on the left cheek and then on the right. Both were hard enough to leave a handprint. "Don't sass me when you're my slave. Your ass, as well as the rest of you, is mine!" Jen got a fantastic thrill out of smacking her, and that was the hardest she has smacked her yet.

"Yes, Mistress" Jo said back, trying to sound very apologetic. Jen left and went upstairs to get ready. She finished in about 20 minutes and came back downstairs.

Jo was still there on the floor. "Okay, my pretty little slave, you can get up now." Jo slowly got to her feet. She was a little stiff. Jen went directly to Jo and very lightly kissed her on the lips, surprising Jo. "You'd better hurry home and get ready.

Hope you have a good day." Jen reached down and cupped Jo's pussy. "I'll keep the toys for now." Jo got dressed and left. Jen went to work. Later that morning about 10am, Matt sent Jen a text saying that his meeting went well and he was going to take a long lunch. He wondered if she could get away at 11am for about 2 hours. Jen had nothing high priority going on and confirmed immediately. Then she got a nasty thought. She had put the butt plug in her purse and thought she might make some use of it.

She called an old high school friend who worked in the mall to make some "special" arrangements. Then she called Jo.

Jo answered quickly. "Yes, Jen?" Jen figured someone was around if she wouldn't say Mistress. She didn't want to mess with her too much at work (at least not yet!), so she let it slide. "Are you busy?" "Not really. Most folks are going out to a luncheon soon, but I was going to go shopping.


I'm heading for the mall." There was no need to say which one. They all lived and worked near the largest area mall. "I'll meet you there.

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What time and where?" "How about at the Macy's entrance from the parking garage, say 11:15?" "Perfect" Jen said.

"I'll be there." She sent Matt a text saying to meet her there, not telling him that Jo would be there.


He said yes and Jen could already feel her anticipation on what to do next building. She was going to have fun with this! The Awakening, Chapter 8, The Mall. When Jen got to the mall, Jo was waiting.

It was only 11:10, so they had a couple of minutes to wait for Matt. Jen leaned in close to Jo, gave her ass a quick squeeze, and whispered "Hello, my little slave girl" and grinned. Jo looked around and hesitantly said, "Hello, Mistress." Jen backed off and said "So, Jo, what are you looking for today?" "Just some general shopping for underwear and bras." Jo said, watching Jen carefully, knowing that Jen was waiting to see if she uttered "Mistress".

Jen smiled broadly. "That's wonderful! We will have a very good time shopping for bras! I know just where to go." Jo eyed her suspiciously, and smirked. "Yeah, I guess we will." Just then Matt came in and came over to give Jen a quick hug.

"Hey, honey, how are you today?" Jo was surprised and stuttered. "M. Matt. W… what are you doing here?" Matt looked at her questioningly, then at Jen. "I didn't know it would be all three of us. What's up?" "I just forgot to tell you guys" Jen said, smirking at Jo. Jo frowned a little, trying to look a little put off. Jen continued. "We are going bra shopping and I wanted a man's opinion about a couple of them. Oh, by the way Jo, I see that you have a very nice skirt on, without hose.

I think that means that your panties are easily reachable. I want you to step behind that rack of clothes and take them off and hand them to me." Jo smiled. She knew as soon as she saw Matt that this was coming, but she was already getting a little turned on. Just as long as Jen took the decisions away from her, she knew she would do whatever she was asked.

She stepped behind the rack and skinned off her nice black thong. She came back out and handed it to Jen. Jen put it to her face and smelled it. "Hmmm. I think you smell wonderful today. What do you think, Matt?" Matt took the panties and sniffed. " I agree, honey, just wonderful." Jen said to Matt. "Honey, why don't you hold on to them while we are shopping?" Matt put the panties into his jacket pocket and as he did so, Jen grabbed a hand of both Jo and Matt and said "Okay, folks, let's shop!" Jen led them through Macy's at a pretty quick pace and out into the main mall.

She turned and led the group directly to Victoria's Secret. She looked at Jo when they got there and said, "A little pricey, but we're worth it, right? Let's each get a few so that we can go to the changing room." And she led them to the bras. Jo went to one aisle to find her size while Jen gathered a few for herself at another.

Jen was pushing 34C and Jo was only a 32B. Finally, Jo seemed to have a few, and Jen was waiting for her to head to the changing area. When Jo did, Jen followed right behind her.

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"There's nobody here since they just opened, so head for the large changing room" Jen said to Jo. There was always one larger stall than the rest and Jen wanted to get her and Jo in the same room. "You can sit out here, Matt" she said as she pointed to the obligatory waiting chairs.

Jo entered the changing stall with Jen right behind her. Jo knew that Jen was going to come in with her, so she didn't even flinch. They both started to try on their first selection. Jen watched Jo carefully, and vice-versa. Once they both had a new bra on, Jen said to Jo. "Let me see." Jo turned around toward her. "Hmmm. It looks very nice." Jen checked the tightness of the straps and then put her hands under it and cupped Jo's tits, lifting them and letting them drop. They were so small, they didn't drop much.

"Seems to fit pretty well." Jo stared at Jen, not knowing how far Jen would go with this. Jen had not reacted well to Jo's first attempt to have sex with her, but Jo was willing to do anything for this beautiful woman, her Mistress, and wanted to have sex with her in the worst way.

"Feel mine" Jen said. Jo wasted no time in cupping and feeling how Jen's breasts fit into the new bra. She ran her hands up to them and did the same cupping motion. They felt wonderful and Jo could feel herself getting excited. Jo ran her fingers across the nipples and was rewarded with instant hardness. Jen slapped Jo's hand playfully and said mockingly, "Don't get too fresh, missy. I have something for you." With that, Jen reached into her purse and took out the butt plug. "Okay. Bend over and lift your skirt." Jen put the butt plug in her mouth, wetting it as much as she could.

Jo stared at it hungrily. She was getting turned on by all this and wanted sex so she immediately turned and bent over, lifting her skirt up onto her back. She could feel the cool air on her ass and pussy, and then Jen's hand on her lower back.

Finally, she felt the butt plug being inserted until it popped past the largest part and settled nicely into her ass. Oh, fuck, that was hot! Jen watched it go in easily. She smiled. Jo's little brown hole had expanded easily over the thick part of the butt plug. Jen ran her hand down over Jo's pussy, just barely parting the lips.

She had been anticipating this for quite a while and was getting worked up herself. She was immediately turned on by it.

She also noticed that Jo's pussy was already starting to get wet. Jo moaned. She asked Jo to stand up and then went to the door and opened it. She looked around. "Matt, can you come in here for a sec to check out these bras?" Matt was there in two seconds, hoping that all three getting together meant that they were going to "play" a little. Once Matt was in the stall and the door was closed, Jen led him to the corner seat and then pulled Jo in front of him so that they were both facing him.

She put her arm around Jo and said "Well, what do you think about these bras?" But before Matt could answer, Jen continued. "On, never mind, you don't care about bras. But how about this?" She grabbed Jo and turned her around. Then put her hands on her back pushing her forward so that Jo knew she was to bend over. Jen bent her over and pulled her skirt up over her ass. "Now that's a pretty sight, isn't it?" She ran her hands over Jo's ass, coming to the butt plug, which she twisted and moved around a little.

"This plug here is probably turning her on a lot. Her pussy is already wet, see?" Jen ran her hands down over Jo's pussy and through her gash, getting them wetand holding the up for Matt to see. Jen held out her fingers for Matt and he immediately sucked Jo's juices off them. Matt sat back in wonder. Last weekend he had a momentary thought that he was in hot water when his wife first found that porno DVD, and now she was displaying her "slave" in front of him, running her hand over the slave's pussy, and offering her pussy-juice-coated fingers to him in a mall dressing room.

He was hard instantly and without being told he stood and starting taking his pants down. "Somebody's very turned on by this, Jo." Jen laughed a little. "But I think we need something else." She grabbed her blouse and with a quick flip of her hair and skirt, turned toward the door and started to leave.

"Matt, I want you to sit there and wait for me. Jo, you will stand there playing with your pussy. You two are not to touch each other while I'm gone." Jen left the stall and Matt and Jo did as they were told. Jo started playing with her cunt. She was very turned on by all of this. Matt sat there and started stroking his dick. It was so hard he didn't think he could sit and take much of this.

Jen was on a mission, however. She went over near the closest check out area, where there was a young man, probably about 19, who was talking to the saleswoman. She smiled and winked at the saleswoman and grabbed the young man's hand. She led him toward the bras, turned him and said "Did Suzy tell you that I need your help with something?" She had not bothered to button up her blouse; she was just holding it closed with one hand.

As soon as he nodded, she said "Look at this!" She pulled her blouse open and showed him her fantastic tits encased in a beautiful lace bra. "I need some help with my lingerie selection so come with me to the dressing room." He followed her like a lost puppy, having gotten the scent of tits and ass. Jen burst back into the stall, startling Jo and Matt, who looked up at her, both appearing to be in agony over not being able to touch each other. She could see that Matt's dick was leaking pre-cum and that Jo was almost flogging her clit to get to an orgasm.

"Both of you stop!" she commanded. They did. She led the young man into the stall, his eyes going wide at the sight of the other two. He stopped and looked and Jen grabbed his arm and propelled him over in front of Jo. "Slut, say hello to .

What's your name?" Jen realized she didn't know his name. "Jack" he said quietly. "Well, Jack, this is my personal slut, Jo, and that is my husband Matt. We needed a fourth for bridge and you looked available." Jen said with a smirk. Matt smiled, but the other two did not appear interested in her little jokes.

"Okay, slut, take his pants down and let's see what we have to work with." Jo reached out to do so, but the young man stopped her.

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"I don't think I can do this" he said. "Nonsense" said Jen soothingly. "We just need a little assistance this morning." Then with more forcefulness, she said "Now drop 'em". The young man complied and as his pants hit the floor, Jen smiled broadly, Matt just stared, and Jo giggled.

He was wearing a pair of black silk panties. And his boner was obvious. "Oh, my. I see you are quite interested in women's lingerie, aren't you?" Jen said. The young man was turning three shades of red. "My girlfriend likes me to wear her panties." He looked stricken as he realized what he just said.

Jen grinned. She walked over to him and grabbed his shoulder, turning him around. She ran his hand over his ass, feeling the silk right in front of Jo's face. Jo licked her lips and Jen said "Hmmm. Not as good as Matt's, but a fine, young ass, don't you think, Jo?" Jo nodded, staring at it right in front of her. She had been told to stop fucking herself, but she didn't think she could hold off much longer before she had to have an orgasm.

Jen spun the man back around. She reached down and cupped his package. Matt was staring at her. He knew that she had only fondled a couple of other boys back in high school before they started going out, and here she was fondling a guy's dick in front of him.

Jen then kneeled and skinned his panties down and his cock, already hard, jumped out, almost hitting Jo in the face. It was an average sized dick, about 6", nothing spectacular, but it was right there, right now, and Jo stared at it, wanting to suck it and fuck it.

Jen looked over at Matt and saw how he was staring at her overt actions with this young guy. She looked directly at him with a smirk as she ran her right hand down to the young man's dick and stroked it right in front of Jo. "What do you think, Matt? Should we let Jo suck him for a while?" "Ugh, sure" Matt said, still lightly stroking his dick. He was mesmerized by this scene.

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Jo was still bent over in front of him, both hands on her knees now as she was getting tired of that position, her beautiful ass and pussy on display with a butt plug in her ass. There was a young man, who had been wearing black silk panties standing almost directly in front of Jo, but posed just enough to the side by his wife so that he could see her stroking his dick. Shit! His wife was stroking this guy's dick and all he wanted to do was strip her clothes off and fuck her lights out!

"Come over here Matt" Jen said. Not removing her hand from Jack's dick. Matt stood up and slipped his feet from his pants that were down around his ankles. He wanted this to last, but he was starting to get a little worried about the fact that they were in a store fitting room.

He was a little afraid that somebody would come and check on them. As he reached Jen, she reached out and grabbed his dick as well. She pulled him over in front of Jo, and pushed Jack around a little so that she was in the middle jacking both of them off toward Jo.

Jo looked up and he could see nothing but pure lust in her face. He didn't say anything though, leaving Jen to run the show.

Jen looked down at Jo. "What do you think? Want to have a blow job race? See who can make their dick cum first?" "Whatever you want, Mistress" was all Jo said, but her face belied her desire to attack a cock, any cock, as soon as possible. "Okay. Jack move over a little more. Jo kneel down and suck Matt's cock." Jen positioned Jack just to the side of Jo and Matt moved forward and Jo immediately kneeled and took his dick into her mouth.

She was ravenous and he moaned at the contact. She immediately ran her tongue around the head and then ran her mouth over the entire thing and slurped back out to the tip. Matt stared as Jo started his blowjob, but he was also amazed as he saw Jen kneel in front of Jack and, after looking at his dick closely, looked up at Matt as she took it in her mouth.

He saw Jack jerk and moan as she did so. Matt did as well. He was getting a fantastic blowjob from Jo, but couldn't take his eyes off Jen giving a blowjob to Jack. He knew she was getting very good at blowjobs and he was shocked to see her sucking another man's dick.

But he was also very turned on by this blowjob swapping thing. By now Jo was running her tongue down the underside of his dick, and slobbering all over his balls. She licked and sucked on his balls and then ran her tongue back up the underside, making sure to go slowly on the most sensitive part just under the head, and then sucked it back into her heavenly mouth.

Jen kept looking at Matt. She took her mouth off Jack's dick, which was hard and soaked with her saliva. "So, honey, how's your blowjob?

Do you like getting one from my slave slut while I give head to a stranger?" She saw him groan and knew he couldn't hold off for long. She grinned and then renewed her attack on Jack. Jo was desperate to cum herself and began rubbing her clit while she sucked Matt's dick. She wanted to fuck something, right now, but couldn't. Suddenly Jack started moaning and although he wasn't vocal, it was obvious that he was going to cum. Jen yanked Jack's dick out and said to Jo, "Take your mouth off Matt's dick and suck the cum out of this one." And she pointed Jack's dick at Jo.

Jo barely managed to turn before Jack's dick erupted. She got the first shot across her cheek, but she got her mouth over the head to get the rest of his cum. "Swallow Jack's cum, baby" Jen said as she rubbed Jo's back and reached down to twist the butt plug. Jo groaned and kept swallowing until Jack had been milked dry. Matt watched it all wide-eyed, his own dick almost ready to spew all over Jo.

When Jo was finished and Jack backed off, Jen looked at him and said. "Okay, Jack, you're dismissed." She sounded like a school principal dismissing an unruly student. "Yes, maam." Jack said. He pulled up his pants, buckled them, and quickly disappeared out the door. Jen looked back at Jo and Matt. Jo had been paying attention to the interaction between her and Jack and was just now getting back to Matt's dick.

Jen walked behind Matt, and started rubbing his ass, talking to both he and Jo. "Fill that slut's belly with your fucking cum. Come on, baby. You can spew as well as any of the guys I've seen on that DVD." She continued as she reached down and started fondling his balls. "You just watched me blow a stranger until he was ready to cum and then I put it in this beautiful little slut's mouth to swallow.

Now, she wants to add yours to her stomach. Jo, take it all, but don't swallow everything. Just hold it in your mouth 'cause I want to taste it, too. C'mon honey, do it now!" And she reached down between Matt's legs and started teasing his anus. That put him over the edge. Matt had been holding it back for so long that the release was wonderful. He could feel Jo running her tongue around the head and sucking on the tip. His wife was playing with his balls, and he had been ready to cum for 15 minutes.

He finally said "Oh, fuck, here it cums, baby!" and he started jerking and jerking into Jo's mouth. Jo was trying not to swallow, but had to swallow the first couple of spurts because it just kept coming. Matt had built up more than she could handle. Finally, he finished and he slowly pulled his dick back. Jo kept her mouth full of a couple of spurts worth. "That was great, Jo." Jen said. "Now come up here and give me some of my husband's delicious cum." Matt watched intently as Jo stood up slowly, her legs a little shaky, and stood in front of Jen.

Jen leaned forward and kissed her, opening her mouth for the cum swapping. Jo and Jen both groaned and starting kissing each other hard, swapping what cum was left. Matt thought he might get hard again watching this. Jen backed off. "Wow, that was great." She turned to Matt.

"Honey, your cum tastes fantastic from Jo's mouth. But now I'm horny and my slave and I both need to cum." She got a thankful look from Jo and a questioning one from Matt. "Jo, get on all fours. Honey, you get behind the cum slut here and eat her to an orgasm.

I want my little bitch here to eat me to one." Jen lay on the floor, pulled up her skirt showing that she had not been wearing panties, and Jo immediately buried her face in Jen's cunt. Jen threw her head back and moaned.

"Oh, fuck yeah. That's what I need. My little oral slut needs to make Mistress cum hard. Do it, baby. Fuck me, suck me, and make me cum on your face." Matt got behind Jo and looked at his target. With her head down, her beautiful little ass stared up at him with a butt plug in it and her soaking pussy lips on display. He ran his fingers over the butt plug and pulled it out. Her ass gaped a little before closing. He ran his hand over her gash and realized that he was getting hard again. He sank two fingers into her dripping cunt to get them very wet.

Then he ran them around her ass to get her asshole wet. He was going to fuck her ass again, so he got behind Jo and started feeding his cock into her. She moaned into Jen's pussy, but didn't relent.

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He got it all the way in and started pumping slowly, enjoying the tightness. Jen loved what Jo was doing. Jo was attacking her pussy and ass. She would shove her tongue into her pussy hole, fucking her with it, and then lick up over her clit, which made Jen jerk a little each time it happened. Then Jo would go to her ass, lick around it, try to push her tongue into it, and start over again on her pussy. God, she was dripping and needed to cum badly.

Finally, she just grabbed Jo's head and used it once again as a masturbation tool. She just forced Jo's head into her pussy and ground it against her clit, completely covering Jo's face in juices. She could feel Jo's head moving like she was being fucked. She figured Matt must have gotten hard again and was fucking Jo, but she didn't care about anything but her own orgasm at that moment.

After a few minutes, Jen finally came. It was a fantastic release and she held Jo's head as still as she could with Jo's tongue on her clit while she jerked and released her female cum. Her clit was extremely sensitive and whenever Matt would pound forward, Jo's head would move a little and that little movement was exquisite torture to Jen.

It made her orgasm so much better to be dragged out like that. She finally relaxed and released Jo's head. Jo was so glad when Jen finished cumming, because she had been unable to fully concentrate on the ass-pounding that Matt was giving her. She reached up between her legs and started mashing her clit, knowing that she was close to orgasm. She loved being controlled and was so worked up that it only took a couple of rubs and she was cumming like crazy.

She tried to be quiet since they were in a dressing room, but still moaned loudly as she came. Matt could feel her cum, obviously, because he let up when she started jerking. It was a great release and her legs were shaking from all the bending, kneeling, and fucking.

Matt could see Jen relax and then feel Jo get off quickly after. He was staring directly at his wife's soaked, gaping cunt as he felt Jo get off. He looked down and watched his dick going in and out of her ass and could see and feel her muscles contract on his dick. He pumped a couple more times and then held her by the hips very still as he pumped her ass full of his cum.

"Okay" Jen finally said, starting to get up. "I think we should get dressed and get something to eat. I really worked up an appetite with that!" Everyone smiled and got dressed. They had to wipe each other down, too, with all the cum and juices that were spread around. They left the bras there. When they were leaving, Matt and Jo got a surprise. As they walked out, they went past the saleswoman in that area.

"Thanks." Jen said to her as she passed. She shook the young woman's hand and pressed what looked like a $20 bill into it. "Your little boy toy was nice, too." Matt and Jo shared a surprised smile as they left the area. Coming next: Chapter 9: Jen goes wild!