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This is my first try at writing. Be gracious. Comments, critisisms, pm's are appreciated. *-*-*-*-*-* I ran towards the car as fast as I could to get away from the sudden downpour that had been bought by the endless dark clouds suddenly hovering over the city. There was no forecast of any rain or any weather disturbances for the next two days. I checked the forecast this morning myself. Aldol Inc. was just coming in today to sign the deal with our company Greyhound Inc.

We were to travel together to a ruin which used to be a mill that Aldol Inc. had agreed to buy for a considerable amount of money. But no, nature had to be a bitch today. Especially today. There was a storm and a heavy downpour which caused a flood and many representatives of both the companies were taken with the flow.

I had to run for about a mile to get out of danger and reach my car. I am Damien Snow and I am a Sales Rep. here at Greyhound Inc. I have been working here for almost two years now. What can I say? They pay me well. Pretty well, considering the fact that I was the only living heir to old Mr. Greyhound when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had never married and his only living relative, me, was a distant one and the only rightful heir.

I refused the post altogether, considering myself good at being a Sales Rep. rather than a CEO of a weapons company. He finally gave in on one condition that I had my payscale upgarded to gold. It meant that after the owner/CEO of the company who had a diamond payscale, I earned the most.

I finally reached my car and the driver raced the car out of the ruins of the mill that was becoming a headache as everytime we were close to selling it, the deal was called off.


First, we had almost sold it off to Tanner Inc. but they all died in a horrible plane crash while coming down here, Baerlon. There's a list of companies who tried to buy it, but they were either killed before they could even see it or they drowned in the flood, like today.

Everytime, it was Mother Nature who did the honors. Luckily, I managed to save myself everytime. "Alfred, tell Mr. Greyhound that I would be travelling straight home instead of the company. I am seriously worn out. Motherfucking weather!", I instructed my butler-cum-driver. Entering the apartment, I fell straight onto my king-sized bed and slept for a solid 2 hours before finally waking up and finding a strange person on the nearby futon. "What do you call this thing? Its a tad uncomfortable." "Its called a futon.

Who are you and how did you get in here?", enquiring the obvious. "Oh, you know me, Damien." And just like that I seemed to recognise him. He was the one due to which I had sporadic sleep patterns and woke up tired each day. "You're him!" "Yes, i'm the one you see in your dreams but now its time." "Time for wha." Before I could finish my sentence the male figure sprung towards me and seemed to combine with me.

I felt a bit different. As in horny. Yes, I felt extra horny. No, super horny.

And I felt something else too. But I wasn't sure. Guess we'll find out. Wait, did I just say 'we' instead of 'i'? WTF is happening? Suddenly I felt a lump forming in my brain. I could feel it growing. Strangely, somehow all my thoughts focused on my horniness again.

I got to a bar as quickly as I could and seemed to jump on the first potential female for the night. "Hi, I'm Damien." "I'm Tara." I felt a sudden urge to rush things. "Wanna fuck?" She looked confused and my head began to hurt like a bitch. "Yeah, sure." With my pain withering away somewhat, I took Tara by hand and led her into the basement. Hey, I knew the bar manager. I think. Or had it been another headache when I asked him to take a girl with me in the basement?

What. The. Fuck.

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I hadn't noticed before but Tara was beautiful. She had green eyes, long flowing hair, an atheletic build and stood at 5'7" maybe. She was wearing a black tank top along with jeans and had her hair tied up in a neat little bow. All in all, she was a babe. I wasn't too bad myself. I was 6' tall, sturdy-looking, 27-year old millionare. My thoughts focused on Tara again.

I fumbled, taking Tara's top off and then uncusping her bra behind her back. Woah! Her melons were just perfect! They could easily have been a C-cup if not bigger. She had the most perfect nipples I had seen on a woman. She groaned as I pulled her pink nipples.

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As I sucked on her melons, her breathing became more heavy and she moaned even more loudly. My god, this girl was a screamer. I would have to explain the screaming to the manager later. Or maybe not. As I continued to suck her breasts, I started to take off her jeans with my free hand. Her panties came off with them.

This girl was seriously hot. She had a tattoo near her pussy with an arrow pointing towards her vagina saying "Boner Garage" reminding me of a comedy film. She also had a landing strip, a heart-shaped landing strip that looked extraordinarily inviting. As I pulled out my cock, I forced her down on my semi-hard member and she seemed to comply without any resistance. Ohhhh, she did give a great head. Bet she has done a lot of practice. She licked my cock and almost simultaneously seemed to put it inside her mouth.

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She used the right amount of tongue and mouth, no doubt she got me at full mast in under a minute. As I pulled her away, I could see her disappointment not being able to finish me off in her mouth.


But when I asked her to lay on the table nearby with her legs spread wide apart, she knew what was in store for her and she happily agreed. As I entered her love-canal, I felt her pussy muscles contract, trying to get me off. My god, the girl was a sexual devil. And was amazingly tight too. I thrust harder and harder with every motion and soon had all of my erection inside her.

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She moaned in ecstasy and was fingering her clit ,as I fucked her, trying to get off soon. Soon enough, we both came together.

I felt her pussy clench my shaft harder than ever. I released my seed deep inside her as she came hard on my cock. I suddenly noticed something. I was still hard. Rock hard. Ready for another session. As I again began to fuck Tara hard again, she groaned, not out of pleasure this time but out of pain. I immediately came to my senses and realized what I was doing. I slowly pulled out of her, apologised and ran out of there as fast as I could. I couldn't process the whole of this evening.

I walk into a bar ask a girl to fuck, she agrees within an instant and then I try to rape her? What had that man did to me that turned me into this Satan of a human being. I almost chuckled at the thought of being possesed.As I was making my way through the crowd, someone grabbed me by my arm and we were out of the bar in a blink of the eye.

But I wasn't at my apartment.

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It seemed like a vessel of some sort. "Welcome, Rand-al' Thor." These were the last words which I heard before I suddenly collapsed on the floor of the vessel and the lights began to fade out.